Alegria Debra Slip-On For Women Review & Verdict


Best Conditions for the Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On

Most of the women who wear this shoe are nurses. Other medical care professionals appreciate the shoes as well. These individuals include doctors, radiologists, office staff in hospitals, dental hygienists and eye care specialists. Even some hospitality and food service workers appreciated these shoes.
Alegria Women's debra Slip-On

How to Care for the Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On

The quality leather on these shoes is made specifically to be stain proof, so for that reason, there should not be a lot of care involved in the upkeep of the shoes. With that being said, accidents can happen in a hospital or doctors office, so it’s smart to have a plan of action. If you do get a stubborn spill or stain on your shoes, use a leather cleaning wipe on the leather portion and a damp sponge with a bit of soap on the rubber portion. You should also detail your shoes at least once per month to keep them in good shape. Doing this will allow you to keep your Alegria Debra Slip-Ons for years to come.

Locating Your Pair of Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On Shoes

The best place to look for these shoes is online. You can try the shoes on in stores if you can find them, but they are more readily available on sites like Amazon. Check the return policies before purchasing several pairs with the intention to return the sizes or styles you don’t want. If you are looking for a great shoe to wear on the job as a nurse or to nursing school courses, look no further than the Alegria Women s Debra Slip-On.

Let’s take a look at a few more products from Alegria that also make great options for many different purposes.

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1. Debra Slip-On clog

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The Debra Slip-On clog has gorgeous detailing and is lab rated to be safe on even the most slippery of surfaces. Nurses and other health professionals love this clog for its cute look and immense comfort. Below we will examine this shoe based on its basic specs first. We will look at sizing, material, heel and platform height, comfort and arches and safety features. From there, you can read about the pros and cons of the Alegria Deabra Slip-On based on reviews from other nurses. In addition, you will learn about the best conditions for this shoe. Finally, take home care will be discussed, and you can find out where you can get your own pair of Alegria Debra Slip-Ons as well.
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1. Sizing

Alegria Womens Shoes are measured in European sizes. This means that your size will be more likely to be somewhere in the 30s as opposed to a 7, 8 or 9. For example, a size 37 in European sizing is approximately a size 7 or 7.5 by US shoe sizing standards. Just be sure to reference a conversion table before ordering your Alegria shoes.

2. Material

The clogs are made of a quality leather upper, and they have a man-made sole. The leather is certifiably stain proof. There is stylish contrast stitching on most of the color choices of this shoe, which adds to the appeal as well. In addition, there are small pieces of elastic on either side of the shoes to help make slipping the shoes on and off easier. Many slip-on clogs don’t have this feature, and they can be difficult to get on and off.

3. Heel and Platform Height

This shoe has a platform height of 1 inch and a heel height of approximately 1.5 inches. The makeup of women’s legs, ankles and feet tends to require more height and cushion than the makeup of men’s lower limbs, so this shoe was made to cradle and cushion the female foot as much as possible. This accounts for the 1 inch platform all the way around the shoe.
Alegria Women's debra Slip-On

4. Comfort and Arches

Alegria shoes are made to be soft, cushioned and comfortable for long hours of wear, and women nurses adore this clog for its comfort. The best nurses shoes are lightweight, and this one certainly is. The reason why these nurses shoes are made to be lightweight is that it makes each step easier. Each step can become a chore if you’re walking around for twelve hours with even slightly heavy shoes on. These clogs also have a removable cushioned latex and cork footbed, so if you’re looking for a little less softness in the footbed, you can simply remove the inserts and replace them any time you like. The Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On was made more for flat-footed women and women who have mid-sized arches because there is not much arch support in the shoe. Women who have higher arches and who are looking for more support in their arches might consider some other models of Alegria shoes.

5. Safety Features

The biggest safety issue with nurses shoes is the possibility of losing traction on the floor and slipping. Nurses may be in environments in which the floors are wet with water or other spilled liquids. These shoes are equipped with lab rated slip resistant outsoles so that you can walk on any dry or wet surfaces without worrying about falling. There is also extra traction on the rubber of the shoe bottoms to help make each step stable and secure on the ground.
Female nurses love the Alegria Debra Slip-Ons. They say that they are lightweight, comfortable and safe for the workplace. They also love the plethora of colors, fabrics and designs that are offered with this shoe type. In terms of comfort, women nurses love this shoe. They like the height that is offered and the rocker sole, which makes each step easy and fluid. Many women mentioned having past nurses shoes that made their feet sore by the end of the day. Some women even used to get daily blisters with their old shoes. When they found these slip-ons they no longer had that problem.

A few of the reviewers of this shoe mentioned needing to break them in. They said they were a little too rigid and structured at first, but after a few weeks of wearing them they wore in. Other women had trouble finding their correct size with the European sizing. That’s why it’s wise to get a few different sizes when you order these online for the first time. This is true even when your shoes come in American sizes. Because each brand of shoe is different, you may be one size with one brand of shoe and a completely different size with another brand of shoe. Finally, some women did not like the price point for the Alegria Debra Slip-Ons, but it should be mentioned that quality nurses shoes that are made to last for years tend to be a little more expensive than every day shoes.

2. Alegria Women's Paloma Flat

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A lot of jobs today require us to stand on our feet for prolonged periods of time.
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Whether your shift lasts 4 hours, 12 hours, or somewhere else in between, wearing the right shoes for the job is absolutely critical for the well-being of your feet. While you can technically wear any old pair of shoes that you have, only certain types and brands are made to provide you with the necessary support and comfort that you feet so desperately need when working long shifts at whatever job you may have. Because of this, you need to make sure the shoe you choose is created specifically for for allowing your feet to be comfy throughout your workday, no matter how long or short it may be.

When looking for a shoe like this, Alegria's Women's Palaoma Flats just might be the pair for you. Comfort and support is key when it comes to supportive work shoes, and the Alegria Women's Paloma Flat shoes have exactly that. The first feature we're going to look at has to do with that material that is used inside the shoe. Alegria has used a naturally breathable leather insole that prevents your feet and toes from getting hot and sweaty while you work. We've all been there once before. We're working a long shift at work on a hot day, and that mugginess creeps into our shoes. The odor and discomfort that comes along with that is no fun for anyone, but with the Alegria Women's Paloma Flats, you shouldn't have to worry about that ever again! Another feature that's included here is built-in arch support that provides the extra security your feet having been longing for. And, as if that wasn't sweet enough already, you have the option to add in your own custom orthotic insoles thanks to the removable footbed that's found here. That means that, if for some reason you aren't a fan of how the shoe feels on your foot or want even more protection that what's already included, you can add in virtually any orthopedic insole to make this shoe fit your most precise needs.

In regards to looks, the Alegria Women's Paloma Flat is also rocking it in this category. While many of these types of shoes come in bland, boring colors, the Alegria Women's Paloma Flat comes in an extremely wide variety of colors, patterns, and other various designs. There is honestly something here for everyone, and the designs here look very well-made. Whether you want something more professional or a little fun, your work shoes don't have to be boring just because they're meant to keep your feet supported at your job! Have a little fun with what they look like and get something that represents who you are. Who said work shoes couldn't be fun?

As with most shoes of any brand or type, the actual cost will be entirely dependent on the size and color you select. While you may pay a bit more than the starting price to get the shoe in the exact size and color you want, the comfort and support that these things will bring to your feet while working a long shift at your job is priceless.

3. Alegria Women's Jill

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A clog design and sandal appearance may be nice for some people, but what if neither of those designs are right for you?
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The traditional clog design is nice for those who want something that's simple and subdued, but the sandal form factor is great for those who are looking for something that looks a bit more casual. Those options are both great, but what if you want a design that looks a bit more professional than either of those choices. Having a nice, professional pair of shoes on your feet is great if you have a job that has a more professional setting, but even in an office or bank, you need something on your feet that is still going to offer you the necessary support and stability throughout your work day. From meetings to running errands around the office, you're still on your feet. If you've been looking for a professional-looking shoe that has excellent support features for your feet, look no further than the Alegria Women's Jill shoe.

The overall appearance of the Alegria Women's Jill is extremely stylish. The upper part of the shoe is made out of leather, and there's a nice shiny finish that looks quite nice. The instep strap uses a hook and loop design that looks quite exquisite, and the button accent adds a nice little design flair that you can't really find on other Alegria shoes. These shoes will go nicely with any professional attire, and the array of neutral colors that the shoe comes in will help you find just the right color for any of your outfits. The overall look of the shoe is actually quite stunning, and we haven't even gotten into the support features that are included here.

So, let's talk about them! The interior of the shoes uses an ultra soft leather construction, and the materials that are used here helps to promote great health for your feet while you're going about your day. When talking about the health of your feet, we mean that the Alegria Women's Jill shoe helps to keep your feet dry while going about your day. That means that, even when it's hot and muggy in your office or work space, the Alegria Women's Jill shoes will prevent your feet from getting sweaty and muggy. Helping your feet breath like this is often an overlooked feature when it comes to these kind of shoes, so we're really glad to see that it's still present here in the Women's Jill shoe. On top of this, the Alegria Women's Jill shoe uses latex and cork footbed that has the unique ability to form and contour to the exact, natural shape of your foot. And, if you aren't pleased with the standard one that's included out of the box, you have the option to swap in your own custom orthopedic insert if you so choose. Finally, the outsole that is present here on the shoe is crafted to reduce any heel and central metatarsal pressure that occurs along the bottom of the flat of the shoe.

When compared to other Alegria's on our list, this comes in as one of the most affordable options you can find. The design here certainly won't be for everyone, but if you already like the design and features that are included, the price should make this purchasing decision a no brainer. Being able to find a shoe that looks this good and has so many comfort features for such a low price is quite rare when looking at Alegria shoes - making this one of the best finds in its class.

4. Alegria Women's Classic Clog

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Let's face it. When looking at Alegria shoes, one of the biggest differentiating factors comes in the form of the overall design that's present with said shoe.
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You may want something a bit fancier, you might be hankering for something that looks like a sandal, or you may be in the market for something else entirely. Whatever the case may be, we can pretty much all agree that the design plays a big role in whether or not a certain shoe is for us. With that in mind, some people often turn away when they hear the word 'clog'. For whatever reason, a great deal of people don't like the look that clogs traditionally have, so they generally try to stay away from them as much as possible. However, you'd be a fool to turn away from the Alegria Women's Classic Clogs! While these might technically be clogs, these are some of the cutest and flashiest Alegria shoes we could find on Amazon.

For starters, this is first and foremost a clog. The classic shape is there, but there's a nice cloth-covered buckle found on the top of the shoe to add a nice little flair to the overall look. And to add to that look even more, the Alegria Women's Classic Clog comes in a great assortment of colors and pattern designs. Half of the fun when buying these shoes is searching for your favorite color option, and with all of the ones that are available here, you shouldn't have a hard time at all locating a color that fits your exact taste and personality. As for the actual build of the Classic Clog, the heel of the shoe measures in at just around 1.5 inches, and the platform of the clog comes in at just about 1.00 inches. The outside of the shoe features a leather construction, and the sole is made out of rubber.

Now that we have a better understanding of the overall look for the Alegria Women's Classic Clog, it's time to take a look at the actual features that are included here. After all, as a great of a design that this shoe may have, it isn't any good if it doesn't do a solid job a making your feature comfortable and stable. So, does it succeed in those regards? In a short answer, yes! But just what about it makes it a solid shoe for protecting and comforting your feet? Let's take a closer look. For starters, Alegria's famous removable footbed allows you to swap in and out your favorite pair of orthopedic inserts. The ones included by default are rated to be extremely comfortable, but if you've grown used to a pair that you already own, you won't have any trouble at all fitting them into the Alegria Women's Classic Clog. On top of this, the shoe features a leather insole that keeps your feet nice and cool throughout the day. Few things are worse than hot and sweaty feet, and the Alegria Women's Classic Clog helps to ensure that you never have to put up with muggy feet ever again! However, perhaps one of our favorite features comes in the form of the rocking outsole. This is created specifically to help you reduce pressure found on the heel and central metatarsal in a very natural manner. And, as if that wasn't enough, this rocking outsole technology even helps to promote proper posture and a normal gait while walking or running. Since that's a lot of information to take in at once, we'll break all of this down into a very easy-to-understand manner. If you want comfortable shoes that will do everything they can to help the health of your feet and back, these are most definitely the shoes for you.

These are a bit pricier than the Alegria Women's Jill shoes, but the wider selection for the design does make up for the higher cost. While the Alegria Women's Classic Clog isn't trying to be a sandal or fancy flat, the tried and true clog design really does shine through here. If you're looking for maximum comfort in a classic design, this is the shoe for you.

5. Alegria Women's Karmen Wedge Sandal

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We've already looked at a sandal on this list, but not all sandals are made for everyone. Just like with everything else, everyone has their own unique and personal taste when it comes to shoes.
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If you like the idea of an Alegria sandal but weren't super hyped about the previous one on our list, you might want to consider taking a look at the Alegria Women's Karmen Wedge Sandal. It's home to pretty much the exact same features found on the previous sandal, but features a bit of a different design that may be to your exact liking. Let's take a deeper look.

To kick things off, the Alegria Women's Karmen Wedge Sandal features all of the same technology that Alegria is famous for. With a removable comfort insole, memory foam, cork and suede top, resistance to slippage, posture and gait support, and the promotion of a natural heel to toe walking motion, the Alegria Women's Karmen Wedge Sandal has it all when it comes to safety and comfort features. When looking at Alegria's that come in the form of a sandal design, people often dismiss them as not being as great for support features than traditional Alegria designs. However, that simply isn't the case here. The reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive in regards to how well these shoes feel when worn on your feet. In fact, many owners of these go as far to say that they're the most comfortable sandals they've every owned! Alegria has been in the business of shoes for quite some time, so they know exactly what it takes to make a sandal that can look good and have the same robust safety features that their other shoes have!

Speaking of looking good, let's take a second to talk about the actual appearance of these sandals. The Alegria Women's Karmen Wedge Sandal uses a two hook-and-loop design to help ensure that you get the most precise fit possible with this sandal. And since this is a wedge sandal after all, it sits a bit higher off the ground like you'd expect (the heel measures in at 1.75 inches, while the platform comes in at just around 0.75 inches). As for the color options that are available, you have eight to choose from. While that may not be nearly as many as are found with the Classic Clog, all of the options here are different enough from each other that you should still be able to find a design just for you. Whether you want something flashy, or a sandal design that's a bit more laid back, there's a design here for you.The price tag entirely depends on the size and color option you go with, but even at its highest price, that's not the most expensive Alegria shoe you're going to find. And when you consider that you get all of the traditional Alegria safety features along with the unique sandal design, these deal becomes sweeter and sweeter by the second.

6. Alegria Women's Essence Sneaker

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So far in this list, we've looked at Alegria shoes with a slip-on, clog, flat, and sandal design. We've already covered a wide variety of shoe types, and chances are you've already found a shoe on this list that's going to be perfect for you.
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But let's say you haven't. Clogs may not be your thing, slip-ons may not be as secure as you like your shoes to be, flats might be a bit too fancy for your taste, and you may be one of those people who simply doesn't like the look of sandals. We get it. The shoe types we've looked at, while perfect for some, are still not for everyone. If you haven't been a fan of what you've seen on our list this far, and you're in the market for a more traditional type of shoe, the Alegria Women's Essence Sneaker just might be the perfect pair of shoes for you. These boasts all of the excellent Alegria safety features that we've been looking at in all past pairs of shoes, but packs all of that into a classic sneaker design. If this already sounds like something you might be interested in, keep on reading to see exactly what the Alegria Women's Essence Sneaker has to offer aside from its classic sneaker appearance.

For starters, we have the tried and true removable memory foam insole that is found in all of Alegria's products. The one that's included by default has gotten rave reviews on Amazon, but the ability to insert your own custom orthopedic insert makes the shoe extremely customizable, allowing you to craft the shoe to your own precise liking. And, as you'd probably expect, there's the rocker bottom that helps you to maintain a proper posture and even aids in the reduction of stress on your muscles. That's all fine and dandy, but we've seen these features on all of the other shoes on this list. Thankfully, the Alegria Women's Essence Sneaker throws in some bonus features that are exclusive home to it. One of those is the the fact that, thanks to the sneaker design, you're able to use the laces to get an extremely precise fit on your foot. Slip on shoes and flats are nice, but only a true sneaker with laces allows you to get a truly precise fit. Additionally, the nappa leather found in the bottom comes in a unique floral design that's not found on other Alegria shoes.

However, perhaps one of the most notable things about these shoes are all of the various designs and color options that are available to you. Whether you want something flashy, fun, unique, or subdued, you can find a selection here that is tailored to your exact liking. Between the various patterns and lace colors, some of the best color options we've seen with an Alegria shoe are found here with the Women's Essence Sneaker. It's worth noting that some owners of the shoes have reported that the design starts to wear away if you're a heavier user of the shoes, so just keep that in mind depending on how you plan to put these to work. Wearing them around the office or walking all day shouldn't result in any noticeable wear, but going for long and frequent runs could age these a bit quicker than you may like. If you're still interested in the shoe and the possible issue of wear and tear isn't a big concern to you, then these are an excellent choice.

7. Alegria Eliza

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Alright. Now on our list, we've looked at Alegria shoes that come in the form of clogs, slip ons, flats, sandals, and sneakers.
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Clogs are great for normal day-to-day use, the slip ons are great if you want added convenience, flats add a nice look of professionalism, sandals offer a nice hint of style and fun looks, and sneakers are great for those who want a more traditional shoe design. With all of those bases covered, you probably think that there's no other shoe type to cover. Well, if you were thinking that, we're sorry to say that you're wrong. While we may have covered a lot of shoe types already on this list, we've yet to talk about boots! The Alegria Eliza are one of the newest additions from Alegria, and they pack everything you know and love about Alegria shoes into an extremely cute boot design.

The Alegria Eliza only comes in two colors - Regal Copper and Black Beauty. Both feature floral patterns and are neutral enough that they could go with just about any outfit you can think of where boots would be an appropriate companion to whatever else you're wearing. The shaft of the boot measures in at around 3.5 inches from the arch of the shoe, and the upper part is constructed entirely out of leather. The classic ankle boot design is very strong here, and its such a unique take on what we usually see from Alegria. There's a zipper on the side and laces on the front of the boot, meaning that you'll be able to get an extremely accurate and precise fit when putting these puppies on. And, since this is a shoe made by Alegria, there are of course all of the wonderful safety and comfort features we've come to know and love from the company - one of the most standout ones being the removable footbed. The one that's included by default is made out of polyurethane, cork, and memory foam, so you already have a snug and comfy place for your feet to call home to. However, if you have a custom pair of orthopedic inserts you got from your doctor, you won't have a hard time at all inserting them to the Alegria Eliza boots. And, since these are boots after all, you're more than likely going to be wearing these during the fall and winter months. With the fall and winter months comes less than nice weather, and when that wet and snowy weather occurs, the slip-resistant PU outsole will help to ensure that you have excellent traction no matter where you're off to.

Since the Alegria Elizas are relatively new, the are far from the cheapest shoes on our list. However, we feel that the Elizas are well worth the price point. Being able to get all of your favorite Alegria features in a boot that will keep your feet warm and secure during the colder months is a truly wonderful idea, and that dream is now a reality thanks to the Elizas.

8. Alegria Eva

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When shopping around for shoes, one of the greatest things about the buying process is the sheer amount of choices we have.
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Thanks to sites like Amazon, it's incredibly easy to find the exact type and color of a shoe that you're searching for. The Alegria Eliza we just looked at is a really solid boot, but there might be a couple reasons why you wouldn't purchase them. One reason might be that they're too expensive, and the other reason could be that you really aren't a fan of the laces that are present on them. That last one may seem like a small thing to be picky about, but there are a lot of people out there who want the look of their boots to be as clean and minimalistic as possible. If that sounds like you, the Alegria Eva boots could be the ankle boots you've been looking for.

It's worth noting that the Evas really aren't all that much different from the Elizas. Both feature a traditional ankle boot design, both have a shaft that measures just about 3.75 inches from the arch, and both have an upper area that is made out of leather. However, where these two boots really differ comes in a couple different areas. One of the biggest differentiating factors is that the Alegria Evas do not have laces while the Alegria Elizas do. There's still a side zipper found on the Alegria Evas, bur rather than laces, an adjustable buckle is used here. This is really just a cosmetic change more than anything, but it does give the Eva a drastically different look when compared to the Eliza. Additionally, the Eva comes in a much wider variety of colors. While there are only five available, the solid, muted colors have a much different look when compared to the floral design that is found on the Alegria Eliza boots. Deciding which boot looks better will come down to your own personal preference, but it is rather nice that we have two drastically different designs to choose from when looking at Alegria boots.

Speaking of Alegria, the Eva is home to all of the great technology and features that are present in every other Alegria shoe on the market. The removable memory foam footbed, slip-resistant rubber outsole, and gait and posture support are all present here on the Alegria Eva. The only thing to take into consideration before purchasing these boots is that may reviewers on Amazon have reported that the sizes tend to run a bit on the small side. Some careful shopping and research should help you to easily find a size that will fit your foot the best, but it's still something that's worth noting.

Like we mentioned when we first started talking about the Eva, one of the main reasons why you may purchase this over the Eliza is that it costs less.

9. Alegria Women's Pesca Fisherman Sandal

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To finish up our list, we'll be taking a look at the Alegria Women's Pesca Fisherman Sandal. We've already looked at a number of sandals on our list today, but the design here is considerably different from the previous sandals that are on our list.
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While past Alegria sandals we've looked at have been suited more towards going out around town, the Fisherman Sandals would be right at home on the beach or on a boat. The heel measures 1.5 inches up off the ground, while the platform measures in at just about 0.75 inches - meaning that these are much lower to the ground than the wedge sandals we looked at earlier. Also, the added slip resistance helps to ensure that, if used around water, you will still maintain excellent traction to keep you safe when walking around the beach or on a dock. And, like we've said a thousand times already, you get the removable memory foam footbed, arch support, rocker bottom, and breathable fabric inside of the shoe to help support a healthy foot.

As for the actual design, it's a bit more casual and unique than past sandals we've reviewed. Some of the designs and nice and subtle, while others are a bit more flashy and loud. At the end of the day, the design here is very laid back, and you can make the Fisherman Sandals as loud or as quiet as you'd like with the color selection that you choose.

10. Alegria Women's Carina Wedge Sandal

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When we look at work shoes, we often look at designs that have a very 'work-shoe look'.
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They are often similar to the look of clogs, and while that isn't a bad thing by any means at all, not everyone is a fan of that design language. If that sounds like you, then you might be familiar with how hard it can sometimes be to find a shoe that will keep your feet properly supported, but also don't have the clog-like appearance to them. Finding a shoe that gets the support and looks right can be quite difficult sometimes, but thankfully, we've done that hard looking and have found a shoe that not only supports your feet throughout your long shifts at work, but also doesn't have that clog look to it. Instead, it looks just like a sandal. This is the Alegria Women's Carina Wedge Sandal.

Unlike many of Alegria's shoes, the Women's Carina Wedge Sandal has the appearance of an actual sandal. The heel for the sandal measures just around 1.75 inches from the ground, and the platform for the sandal rises just around 1 inch from the ground. It's certainly much higher than you might find with your standard flip flop, but it comes with good reason. Normal sandals and flip flops are so low to the ground because they don't generally have any features built in that support your feet properly. In fact, sandals can be some of the worst kind of shoes to wear if you're worried about making sure your feet get the necessary support that you need. However, that is with most sandals. The Alegria Women's Carina Wedge Sandal may be a sandal, but at it's core, its main focus and goal is to deliver unparalleled support for your feet.

The footbed that is present in the Carina Wedge Sandal is made out of latex and special memory foam. These materials are then covered in leather, and the end result in maximum comfort for you feet. Whether you're standing or walking around at your job, one way or another you're on your feet. The longer you're on your feet, the more support you're going to need. Thanks to the high quality materials and construction that is used with the footbed here, you can pretty much guarantee that you'll never have to deal with aching or sore feet ever again. Additionally, you can remove the insole of the Wedge Sandal to add in your own personal orthotics. While the standard one that is used in the Carina Wedge Sandal is already extremely comfortable, being able to swap in your own personal or custom one really does help if you want to get even more protection for your foot than you already have here. And, as if all of this support wasn't enough, the Alegria Women's Carina Wedge Sandal also features a mild rocker polyurethane outsole to add even more stability to the sandal. Despite not having the traditional clog design, the Wedge Sandal still has all of the support and stability features that you could ever ask for.

With all of that out of the way, we have to talk about the look of these sandals. The overall appearance is much more casual than a standard pair of Alegria shoes, and the wide range of colors and designs that are available to you are phenomenal. All of the color choices are extremely unique and stylish, meaning that you shouldn't have any trouble at all finding the shoe for your own personal taste.


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