Best Fall Boots For Men Reviewed and Rated

When it comes to fashion and functionality, you will want to make sure that you focus on the best footwear! After all, these will be what protect your feet and have you looking in style. But with the many types of footwear, what’s the best to invest in? While women have heels, boots, shoes, and the like, men have their own designs as well! You can find the best fall boots for men, perfect for the middle of the year. Not only are they warm enough to protect you from the cold, but will still offer breathability despite the thickness. Plus, they’re very comfortable to wear as well. But with the many brands that claim to have the best boots, which one is the best to invest in? It might be a bit confusing, especially for those who have no idea how to test boots!

Our Top 3 Picks

Timberland Men’s City
  • Timberland Men’s City
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sturdy construction
  • Price: See Here
Thorogood Men’s 814
  • Thorogood Men’s 814
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • American style
  • Price: See Here
Rockport Men’s Boots
  • Rockport Men’s Boots
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Classic design
  • Price: See Here

In this article, we show you the ultimate guide you need to know how to get the best fall shoes for men!

What Makes The Best Boots for Men So Important?

You’re probably wondering: How does wearing fall boots end up being beneficial? Can’t you just use any normal shoes or slippers while walking around?

Fall is a time to bundle up and prepare for the winter. Your feet will want to be part of those preparations! Here are some of the benefits boots can give you:

  • Boots are a timeless and classic piece that will always look great. No matter what you wear it with, so long as you pair it carefully, you WILL always look great. Not only does it exude manliness, but you look fashionable without effort.
  • Boots keep your feet warm, but not moist or sweaty. They have better cushioning that have your feet fit snugly, no matter what size you are.
  • Boots keep your feet supported, preventing you from getting into any form of injury, may it be wounds or muscle sores. The right boots are perfect for any occasion, may it be for the intense physical job, or simply strolling around town during a cold day.

Basically, the right fall boots will keep your feet snug and painless without spending oodles of money on accessories and the like.


1. Timberland Men’s City 6″ Side-Zip Boot

1. Timberland Men’s City 6″ Side-Zip Boot
Timberland is known for their sturdy construction and these boots hold no exception! What we love about these boots is the fact that it is side-zip, making it easier to take on and off. With its classic design, it’s perfect for fashionable pieces or when working. You can choose between dark brown or plain black. With its rugged features, you’ll definitely look manly and stylish at the same time.
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  • Has that rugged and simple design that prioritizes on the environment.
  • Has moisture-wicking lining made out of organic and recycled materials. It has Green Rubber material so you aren’t only assured shoes for environmentalists, but one that prioritizes comfort as well.
  • It’s very soft and lightweight, but still with the durability you need for long walks.Sole holds up very well, lasting for a long period of time.
  • It is water resistant and can handle cold weather, holding up well with intense usage half a day at times!

Sizes run large, so order half a size down. If you have wide feet, then you will need to order your size or a size up.

2. Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot

2. Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot
Thorogood is known for its authentic American style boots that don’t look flashy, but create a good statement. After all, it’s created in the USA! With its strong sole, you don’t only have extra height, but strong and comfortable boots to last for years. It’s THE working boots you need, especially for those who have intense physical jobs. It is slip and oil resistant and has an ankle-length for breathability and ventilation.
  • Made out of leather with a synthetic sole. It has a cushioning wedge sole and a moccasin toe.
  • Slip-resistant and can be used for running or walking. Even when using it for long periods of time, the shoe will remain free from damage and our feet painless.
  • It has ultimate shock absorption and vamp lining for breathability and comfort. The fiberglass shank gives support to your feet during the daily grind.
  • Lightweight as compared to other working boots.
  • They run large, so it’s best to order half a size down, or a full size down if you have small feet.
  • The side stitching may rub blisters on the outer toes

3. Rockport Men’s Waterproof Storm Surge Toe Boot

3. Rockport Men’s Waterproof Storm Surge Toe Boot
What we love about these pair of Rockport boots is its functionality and classic design that truly make it the working man’s boot. Imported and made out of leather and synthetic materials, you are assured a soft and strong pair of boots to last for years. Plus, it’s waterproof and comes with a flat lace and plush collar for extra comfort and ease of use.
  • -It feels comfortable to wear for long periods of time. You don’t feel pain as you walk or run, no matter what type of job you have.
  • -They are very durable and will hold up to whatever weather condition there is, may it be during the summer heat or snow. The construction is sturdy and will help support your feet as you walk.
  • -It won’t lose traction and is slip-resistant, great when treading on ice.
  • -There’s no sound as you walk, so you won’t feel bothered by squeaks or hard clicks.
  • -The laces feel cheap and its material seems over the top for the price it sets.
  • -The scuffs mark easily after a few weeks of using it.

4. Skechers USA Men’s Verdict Waterproof Boot

4. Skechers USA Men’s Verdict Waterproof Boot
While Skechers is known for they walking shoes, they also offer a line of men’s boots for you to walk around or use during intense physical jobs! They’re perfect for keeping your feet warm during the winter. All this while encouraging comfort and style, no matter where you for. It comes with a variety of colors to choose from, from a light shade of wheat down to black.
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  • – It is made out of quality leather for comfort and durability. It’s imported from overseas.
  • – The shoes have a lightly padded insole that still promotes comfort and great for a wide fit. No need to worry about having to order a size up, especially for those with wide feet.
  • – It offers superb support that keep your feet painless and free from injury. We would recommend this for those who suffer from high arches.
  • – They make for a great pair of hiking boots and for walks that lasts for miles.
  • – After a few uses, they won’t repel water as much as it was promised the first time.
  • – No pull tab to easily put the boots on.

5. Clarks Men’s Montacute Duke Chukka Boot

5. Clarks Men’s Montacute Duke Chukka Boot
Looking for something a but classy and Western? Then Clarks is the one for you! With quality leather and features that provide comfort and protection for your feet, these are the boots you need. It also has a small heel to have you look taller and professional as you walk around. They’re great for commuting to work during cold days, or for walking around hard terrain.
  • -Very sleek design, shiny leather and looks professional but sturdy. The sole is rugged and fit for intense use.
  • -It’s great for flat feet, as it provides the proper support.
  • -They are durable and able to withstand miles of walking around, built to last for years of use.
  • -They are very comfortable and can cushion the shock from walking. While it won’t exactly be fully pain-free, it will free your feet from discomfort.
  • -Leather has a very oily finish, so it may be more susceptible to scratches. We recommend you to spray it on with leather conditioner to lengthen its shine and lifespan.
  • – They run a bit large, so it’s best to order half a size smaller, especially for those with narrow feet.

6. Chippewa Men’s 6″ 20028 Lace Up Boot

6. Chippewa Men’s 6″ 20028 Lace Up Boot
Chippewa offers a six-inch pair of boots that run above the ankles for ultimate protection and support from the cold. They are as strong as they are durable, offering ultimate performance no matter what you use it for. May it be for working or for hiking, you’ll definitely appreciate its comfortable soles and quality leather built for many wears to come. Plus, we love its classic black boot design that makes you look manly and stylish at the same time!
  • It is made out of leather and with a Vibram lug sole for extra support and comfort. They give off a very solid feel, assuring sturdiness no matter where you use it for.
  • It’s made out of high-quality leather, so it’s less susceptible to scratches and has a longer life span.
  • They provide ultimate comfort and make a perfect pair of working boots.
  • The sizing may run a bit larger than expected, so it’s best to order it half a size down, especially if you have narrow feet. Or, you can wear thick boot socks.


7. Rockport Men’s Ledge Hill 2 Chukka Boot

7. Rockport Men’s Ledge Hill 2 Chukka Boot
The most notable feature we noticed about the Rockport would be its very classic and professional design. It looks and feels perfect! It doesn’t look like the working boot you need for physical jobs, but it’s great for dress up boots and going out during cold weather. They are sturdy as they are comfortable, and they are pretty durable as well. Plus, it comes at an affordable price and variety of colors to choose from, making it one of our top ten best fall boots for men!
  • It has an EVA outsole for shock absorption, so it cushions the blow when trudging through hard terrain.
  • The lace-up chukka boot gives off a better heel for added height. It’s also easier to put on.
  • They come at a very reasonable price, even if they are made out of leather.
  • They are lightweight and comfortable, with a slightly rugged design to look fashionable.

It isn’t a pair of working boots and not as durable. After over half a day of walking, you notice that the heels won’t hold up too long after.

8. Original Penguin Men’s Merle Boot

8. Original Penguin Men’s Merle Boot
Penguin’s Merle boot offers one of the most quality boots that will be able to get you the comfortable and throng shoes perfect for a casual day out or a professional design that’s also great for work. Though the price may look a bit steep, it’s definitely worth the investment, especially if you’re looking for great dress boots for the cold weather. After all, Penguin is known for their long-lasting and stylish footwear.
  • It comes with a  pull up tab and laces that make it easy to put in and take out.
  • They are a pair of all-around boots that can be used for work, play, or events. It’s comfortable and stylish!
  • Made out of top quality leather and rubber soles, with the soles bonded and the heels held with brass nails. This promotes strength and durability all throughout its long lifespan.
  • They run a bit large, so it’s best to order a size smaller than usual.
  • If you happen to suffer from high arches, then it may be uncomfortable after using it for long periods of time.

9. Georgia Boot Men’s Cedar Falls Work Shoe

9. Georgia Boot Men’s Cedar Falls Work Shoe
If you’re looking for a casual pair of boots for work or walking, then Georgia Boot has what you’re looking for. This is the ultimate working shoe that won’t only look great, but provide excellent performance for the most intense of jobs. Quality leather and welt construction equals to a shoe that will last for years of work. With two different colors, a professional design and an affordable price… It’s definitely one to consider investing in.
  • One of the most comfortable shoes you will feel. They last for hours when walking around without it failing on you. You won’t feel a thing.
  • It has Goodyear welt construction for extra strength and durability. They are lightweight and won’t feel heavy on the feet.
  • It’s oil and slip resistant, so no need to worry about fumbles or falls from the ice or any slippery terrain.
  • Made from overseas from quality leather and with a rubber sole. The upper is made of full-grain leather, adding style to comfort.
  • They run a bit large, so order half a size to a size smaller than usual.

10. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

10. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot
Timberland offers one of the best and most durable of work boots. Not only is it for work, but also for extreme sports, such as hiking. The White Ledge waterproof boot holds no exception. Not only is it constructed and designed to look like a manly boot, but it also performs as well as one. With the genuine and quality leather and strong features, you will definitely feel comfortable and protected as you walk or hike wearing these.
  • It has an oiled-leather finish for extra strength and durability. It also has a padded collar and removable EVA footbed.
  • They feel comfortable as you wear it becuase of itspads and cushioning. You won’t feel any pain even when hiking for hours.
  • They are oil and slip-resistant, making it perfect for work orwhen walking on ice and slippery ground.
  • It has metal lace hooks to easily keep the laces in without it breaking.
  • No steel-footbed so it is too flexible.
  • Though they promote a waterproof featre, it stil lets in water, especially if you pass through rushing rivers.

How to Make the best Decision

It will take some research and testing before choosing the best for you. Here are some factors to consider in order for you to get the right boots for you:

Strength and Material

Make sure that the boots are made out of the quality material to keep it durable and perform well no matter the intensity of your work! The better the performance, the more they will be worth the investment to use for years.

Size and Fit

Measure your feet and look at the sizing charts. Make sure that you choose one that is your size or a bit looser for some room and extra comfort. This is to also assure comfort and support as you use it.


Does the boots’ construction and design make it easy for you to slip it on or off? Consider its style and how attractive it looks on you as well. Find attractive designs and colors that suit you.

Ease of Cleanliness

Look for boots that are easy to clean and maintain, without the fuss. Machine wash-friendly shoes are your best bet. Focus on boots that are less likely to cling on to dust or other particles.

Brand Reputation and Customer Review

The more positive the reputation and brand from real customers, the better! You can search up on legitimate customer reviews from reputable blogs, or trusted sources from shops.


Don’t overpay for a pair of shoes that have features you can’t take advantage of, but don’t scrimp on a pair of shoes that look like they’ll break any second. Create a fair budget from the range of prices you see from your chosen pairs of boots.

Tips on Wearing Fall Boots

Wearing fall boots isn’t exactly rocket science, but it does require a bit of knowledge in order for it to last and look beautiful for years to come. Here are some tips on how to care and maintain for your boots:

  • Make sure that you keep your boots in a high place at room temperature to avoid moisture and smells coming into it. This will also avoid it from getting damaged from floods or your pets from getting into it.
  • Machine wash your boots (if permitted) at least once a week or if you use it after an intense day. This is especially if you step on mud or anything that can cling on to your boots. Dry it by natural air and sunlight for a few hours before using it. Polish it to keep the shine and quality of the boots after.
  • Let your boots rest for a few days to avoid the usual wear and tear. Don’t leave your boots alone for long periods of time or leaving it unworn will also break its strength and performance as well.

These are just some of the ways you can care for your boots properly and have them last for years.

In Conclusion

Having the best fall shoes for men will have you be able to walk around in comfort and style. Your feet will keep warm and at ease no matter how long you walk for! With the best boots, you can reap a ton of benefits and be walking no matter where you are or what you use these boots for.

Hopefully, this article on the best fall boots for men and how to purchase it will have made you learn the different boots you should invest in and how to choose the perfect one for YOU! You’ll be able to purchase any of these best fall boots for men from reputable online shops, or in your local footwear store. So what are you waiting for? Get the best fall boots for men today and brace yourself for the breezy season in style and support. They are definitely worth the investment.

Did you enjoy this article or have any other comment on these best fall boots for men? Then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to think about these boots.