Best Work Boots for Men Complete Guide and Reviewed

What Are the Best Work Boots for Men?

The world of shoes offers many different options for all sorts of various uses. While many might not think there is much to it, the shoe market is actually much more expansive than one might initially think. Although all of the different items of clothing we wear are important, few are as important as the particular pair of shoes that we are wearing. Similar to the way you wouldn’t wear a nice suit to a baseball game, you wouldn’t wear worn down sneakers to a professional business meeting. The shoes that we choose to wear are defined by the activity and situation that we are participating in, and each different type of shoe out there is designed to serve its own unique purpose in whatever activities we are involved in.

If you’re someone who works in the construction field, out in the woods, on a field, or really anything else where strenuous or serious work is being done, you are only all too familiar with the importance of having a solid pair of work boots by your side. These sorts of environments require specific types of shoes that allow you to get your work done in the most comfortable, safe and efficient way possible, so things like sneakers and dress shoes simply won’t suffice under these particular circumstances.

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Maelstorm Work Boots
  • Maelstorm Work Boots
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  • Leather and Fabric
  • Shock-Absorbent
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Caterpillar Work Boot
  • Caterpillar Work Boot
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  • Steel Toe Boots
  • Comfort and Durability
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Work shoes are those which are designed specifically for use in these types of environments. Work boots are often rugged, durable, and come equipped with many different features. They are created for a hard working person in mind, and as a result, they come built with different specifications that generally suit this type of work quite well.

There are many different types of work shoes out there, but in this guide today, we are going to focus primarily on work shoes for men, more specifically, the top boot choices that are currently available on the market. There are no shortage of similar products out there, and as a result, it’s important that you choose the one that is going to be best suited for your needs. With so many different types, styles, and brands to choose from, it can often be difficult to decide on the best selection for you.

So, today, we’re going to help you do just that. We’ve put together an in-depth guide on suitable choices that you’ll be able to currently find available on the Internet today. We’ve done the research, asked the questions that need to be asked, and have compiled it all together in order to answer any questions that you may have about this particular type of boot. So, let’s take a look and see what we have come up with.

Our Top 10 Work Boots for Men

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best work bootsWolverine Men’s Moc-Toe 6” Work BootSee Review & Ratings
best work bootsTimberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Soft-Toe BootSee Review & Ratings
best work bootsCaterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work BootSee Review & Ratings

Work Boot Types

When looking at work boots, you might initially think that all work boots are created equal. It is true that all of them serve the same general purpose, but if you take a closer look at things, you’ll quickly realize that there are actually some pretty big distinguishing factors between the different work boot types that are out there. Just like how not all work or jobs are the same, not all work boots are identical either. Different jobs require different types of boots, and that’s why the market is filled with as many different types and flavors of work boots as it is.

One of the most common type out there is that of steel toe boots for men. Steel toe boots for men are named because of the protective, reinforced steel that is found at the toe of the boot. If you’re a person who works around a lot of heavy machinery or other heavy objects, you’re more than likely familiar with the importance of keeping your toes and feet as safe and secure as possible. The work zone can often be a dangerous place, so steel toe boots for men help to protect your feet from any outside dangers that they may encounter. Steel toe boots for men are some of the most durable and reliable work shoes for men that you will be able to find, and this is even more noticeable when we look at how steel toe boots for men also come equipped with a plate in the mid sole to protect your feet from any possible punctures that would occur from below. Although steel toe boots for men are often some of the heaviest options when it comes to the world of work shoes, the sheer amount of durability and safety that they bring to the table is truly second to none. If safety is a main concern of yours, few work shoes will deliver in the same way that steel toe boots for men do.

Along with steel toe boots for men, another popular type of work boot is that of the construction boots. As the name would imply once again, construction boots are work shoes that are tailored specifically towards men who are employees in the construction world. With cranes, front end loaders, jackhammers, and other powerful tools involved with this line of work, it should come as no surprise that these work environments are often filled with hazardous and dangerous materials that could be harmful to your feet if they are not properly protected. Thankfully, construction boots set out to take away any worry or fear that your feet might be facing in such an environment. Unlike steel toe boots for men, construction boots generally don’t have that reinforced steel plate at the toe. Instead, construction boots are often created with rugged, durable material that doesn’t weight workers’ feet down at the same time. This is important as a construction worker, as you often need to do a lot of walking and move from place to place as quickly as possible. Because of this, workers need a shoe that will keep them safe and mobile all at once. For just such situations, construction boots often prove to be the ideal choice for just such occasions.

Best Work Boots for Men Reviews

1. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

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Steel toe boots for men are some of the most popular kinds of work shoes for men that are out there, and as a result, it can often be quite difficult to find steel toe boots for men that aren’t cheaply made and poorly constructed.
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Thankfully, the Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot doesn’t fall into any of these two categories whatsoever.

As we’ve seen with most of the boots on this list, the Second Shift is created out of a leather construction. This leather build allows for the work boot to strike an excellent combination between both looks and durability, and it’s a combo we wish was featured in every single shoe that’s available.

The shaft of the shoe comes in with a measurement of right around 6-inches from the arch of the boot, and the rugged leather with the plush collar create for nice added elements of both comfort and durability. And, since this is a steel toe work boot after all, the reinforcements found in the toe of the Second Shift make it extremely durable and long-lasting through even the most intense work situations. And, to make matters even better, the reviews for the Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot suggest that the work boot comes in at a very accurate size.
  • Stylish
  • Durabale
  • Genuine leather
  • None

6. KINGSHOW GW Men’s 1606ST Steel Toe Best Work Boots

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When looking at steel toe boots, there’s a bit of a conundrum that faces a lot of them. Because of how the work boots are made, their price is generally quite a bit higher than that of regular construction boots.
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It’s an unfortunate truth, but the higher price is often quite understandable when you consider the fact that real steal is being used inside the shoes. However, what if you’re someone who can’t afford to throw down a lot of cash for a steel toe work boot, but you absolutely need one for the job that you have. This can often put you in a bit of an unfortunate situation, and one that’s never any fun to be in. Finding cheap steel toe boots that aren’t made cheaply is one of the most difficult combinations to find in the world of work shoes for men, but after a load of searching around, we were able to find something that’s just what the doctor ordered. If you’re on the hunt for cheap steel toe boots that are still of a high quality, you’re absolutely want to take a look at the KINGSHOW GW Men’s 1606ST Steel Toe Work Boots.

Despite the lower price tag of these work boots for men, we can see that they are made up out of real leather. This is often something we see reserved for more expensive work boots out there, so it’s a really nice treat to see it make an appearance on the 1606ST. The boot comes equipped with premium water resistance to keep is functioning perfectly when trekked through puddles and snow, and the added slip resistance helps to ensure that you will have a secure and snug grip no matter what kind of surroundings you find yourself in.

Numerous owners have commented on how surprisingly comfy these boots are, and of course, they have steel reinforcements in both the toe and sole in case of possible punctures from the underside. As a whole, these would be an excellent pair of steel toe boots for men, but when you then factor in the price of these things, that deal becomes an absolute killer. If you’re looking around for cheap steel toe boots and have been disappointed by what you’ve seen so far, you won’t want to look any further than these ones are truly the best work boots for men choice.
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent traction
  • Comfortable
  • High price

5. Maelstorm Men’s LANDSHIP 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper

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When you embark on the hunt for your next pair of work shoes for men, you’re going to be met with two main factors that you’ll want to do your best to satisfy at the same time – durability and comfort.
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While there are numerous shoes out there that solve one of these topics, it can often be more difficult than you’d like to find a pair of work shoes for men that do a solid job at meeting both of these equally important needs. We understand how frustrating and challenging this can often be, so as a result of that understanding, we set out to find a work boot that was rated to be both comfy and long-lasting at the same time. After all of that searching, we came up with the Maelstorm Men’s LANDSHIP 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper.

This particular boot is constructed out of a combination of both genuine leather and fabric. It’s a unique combination for sure, but it creates for a rather nice looking boot. The overall look is that of a tactical boot – something along the same lines that you see soldiers wear with their uniforms and gear. The leather that’s used is able to be polished, and the fabric is used to create for the air mesh section in the upper part of the shoe. This allows the LANDSHIP to be incredibly breathable, preventing your feet from getting overly hot while you’re wearing them. The inside of the shoe is also able to get rid of unwanted moisture, and the rubber outsole found on the outside is resistant to any oil that it may or may not come into contact to while you’re wearing them.

Moving to the inside of the shoe, we’re met with a cushion insert that’s incredibly shock-absorbent. So, when you’re demanding a great deal of work from these shoes, they’ll be able to keep up with you no matter what. And, to top all of this off, the Maelstorm LANDSHIP also comes equipped with a lightweight midsole that’s also sock-absorbent, a heavy duty zipper, and a composite shank that creates for even more support and stability. The Maelstorm LANDSHIP comes in both Tan and Black, and is actually quite affordable when you consider all of the features that it’s packing in.
  • Shock absorbent cushion insert
  • Lightweight midsole that’s also sock-absorbent
  • A heavy duty zipper
  • None

2. Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Soft-Toe Boot

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If this work boot looks a bit familiar to you, that’s because it’s nearly identical to the other Pitboss shoe that we previously looked at on this list.
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It features nearly the exact same design as its brother, but rather than feature a steel toe, this one features a soft toe – as if you couldn’t already tell that by the name of the shoe. While steel toe boots are great for some people out there, they aren’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Steel toe boots are quite different from regular soft-toe boots, so if you liked what the other Pitboss had to offer but weren’t a fan of the fact that it was a steel toe boot, this might be the perfect solution for you!

As with the other Pitboss, this one features a leather construction that’s quite high-end. It makes the Pitboss simultaneously durable and stylish, and that’s a combo that cease to get old. The shaft comes in at a measurement of about 6-inches from the arch, and the heel measure in at around 1.25-inches. The leather that’s used here is that of a full-grain style that’s been oiled down already, and the speed-lacing system should create for incredibly easy and snappy entry and removal of the Pitboss when it comes time to take them on and off.

The Pitboss also comes equipped with an inside that’s soft and roomy around the toe, a padded collar, and a cushioned insole for maximized comfort. Whereas the steel toe version of Timberland PRO’s Pitboss had a bit of a focus on durability and security, the soft toe version of the shoe seems to have more of a focus on overall comfort when being worn. Both of these are excellent points to focus on, and it’s great to see that Timberland PRO has created too boots of the same caliber, with each one putting a bit more focus on durability and comfort.
  • Leather construction
  • High-end material
  • Durable and stylish
  • None

3. Wolverine Men’s Moc-Toe 6” Work Boot

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If you work at a job where you seem to be constantly on the clock with little to no break time, you know the importance of owning a comfortable work boot far too well.
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In fact, you probably know the importance of this better than anyone out there. The folks over at Wolverine have a solid understanding for this as well, and as a result, they decide to create the Men’s Moc-Toe 6” Work Boot. This is one of the most popular work shoes for men out there, and it comes with some pretty good reasoning.

First of all, the shoe is made up out of leather with nice, decorative stitching that can be found all along the work shoe. The sole is that of a crepe style, and there’s a padded collar up to top to further enhance the overall comfort that these shoes are able to deliver. The outsole also features a crepe design, and the Wolverine Men’s Moc-Toe comes in color options of Brown, Black, and Russet.

When reading through numerous reviews that customers have posted online for the Wolverine Men’s Moc-Toe work boots, it becomes obvious right away that these are some of the most comfortable work boots out there for a lot of folks. Some people have brought up the fact that they have a tendency to run a bit big, and in some cases, you might have to order as much as a whole size up from what you normally get. While this can prove to be a bit of any annoyance, it certainly isn’t enough to detract from the overall package that you’re getting here with the Moc-Toe work boots by Wolverine.
  • Crepe design
  • Comfortable
  • Genuine leather
  • Not as sturdy

4. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

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In our work boots review guide, we’ve already taken a look at a pair of work shoes for men that were created by Timberland Pro.
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imberland Pro is a section of the company that focuses on creating work shoes for the most intense instances of work and tough environments, but what about Timberland proper? What does the main section of the company have to offer in the line of work shoes for men? As you might expect because of the iconic Timberland name, the White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot more than easily deserves a spot among some of the best work boots on the market.

Right off the bat, we’re looking at a shoe that is made up of both genuine leather and a textile material. The leather makes up the majority of the upper part of the shoe, and as we’ve seen with similar constructions, this goes a long way in making the shoe both stylish and extremely durable at the same time. The shaft measures in at around 4.75-inches from the arch of the shoe, and the collar being used here is padded for added comfort. The overall style of the boot is not that of construction boots, but rather a hiking boot. Just what differentiates a hiking boot from other types of work boots though? One of the most notable aspects is easily its waterproofness, allowing the White Ledge to come into contact with puddles, snow, and mud without deteriorating whatsoever.

On top of all this, Timberland has also packed in a removable EVA footbed that’s dual-density, a leather finish that’s covered in an oil covering, a lace-up vamp, and even a rear pull loop for added functionality. The Timberland White Ledge have received rave reviews form customers in regards to it sheer durability, as these work boots appear to refuse to give up no matter how much is thrown their way. This is an excellent feature to have when talking about work shoes for men, so it’s fantastic to see the White Ledge exceed in this category.
  • Removable EVA footbed 
  • Leather finish
  • Lace-up vamp
  • Rear pull loop for added functionality
  • Somewhat expensive

7. KINGSHOW Men’s 1551 Water Resistance Rubber Sole Work Boot

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When it comes to getting work done, the tasks and projects at hand don’t stop when the colder, winter months come rolling in. In fact, it seems like work only becomes busier and busier as the weather gets colder and colder.
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This is just a fact of the matter, but it does create for some less than pleasant working conditions. Bundling up with coats, gloves, and hats certainly helps to keep the majority of your body warm and snug, but what about your feet? You might think that the same work boots you wear during the summer would suffice for use during the winter months, but if you want to ensure that your feet stay as warm and safe as possible, you really do need to opt for a work boot that’s tailored to be used specifically when the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall. One such boot that excels at performing during this time of year is that of the KINGSHOW Men’s 1551 Water Resistance Rubber Sole Work Boot.

The outer part of the shoe is made up out of genuine leather, and the outsole is constructed using durable leather and multi-directional lugs that create for excellent traction when you find yourself walking on different types of varied terrain. The shaft of this shoes measures in at around 5-inches from the arch, and the heel of this shoe comes in at a height of just about 1.5-inches. And, to wrap things up, the platform measures at just 0.75-inches high.

One of the most notable factors of the Men’s 1551 is its premium water resistance that KINGSHOW has included. This helps to keep your work boots performing without any trouble even during the heaviest snowfall possible, and this proves to be a much-needed feature when the flakes refuse to stop falling from the sky. Additionally, the 1551s also feature a microfiber, heat-reflective lining inside. This allows the shoes to stay extremely warm and comfy even during the worst of winter conditions, and it’s a feature you’re going to want to have by your side every single time the weather drops. KINGSHOW was also able to bring these work shoes for men in at an affordable price point, further increasing the overall sweetness of this package.
  • Durable leather
  • Multi-directional lugs
  • Excellent traction 
  • Poor quality

8. Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot

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The above two options are certainly worth your consideration, but it has to be said that construction boots just don’t offer the same amount of durability and protection that steel toe boots for men can provide.
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The added reinforcements from the steel in these shoes is honestly second to none, and if you work in a very extreme work environment, you really can’t wear anything but these. However, shoe manufacturers are well aware of this as well, and as a result, they have flooded the market with heaps upon heaps of steel toe boots for men. While this is certainly great for consumer choice, it also makes finding a steel toe boot of high quality a bit of a chore. We’re also aware of this fact, and after a bit of digging and researching, we were able to find the Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot.

Timberland is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to work shoes for men, and the Pitboss is no exception to that rule at all. First off, the boot is made up out of a genuine leather material. As we’ve seen time and time again with other shoes, leather helps to strike a great balance between both looks and durability – something that’s always and excellent feature to have with a work boot. The shaft of the Pitboss measures in at around 5-inches from the arch, whereas the heel comes in at a height of about 1.5-inches.

The style of the Pitboss is that of a lace-up shoe, and the midsole is created using a polyurethane material that helps tremendously when it comes to getting rid of unwanted moisture and absorbing as much shock as possible. Plus, when this is combined with the outsole that’s most slip and oil-resistant, we’re looking at a package that creates for one of the best work boost out there. And, don’t forget about all of the extra reinforcement that’s here because of the steel toe nature. This might not be the classiest boot out there, but if durability and safety are two of your main concerns, the Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot is unlikely to disappoint.
  • Great for working extreme work environments
  • Polyurethane material
  • Absorbs shock  
  • The outsole is oil-resistant
  • None

9. Ever Boots “Tank” Men’s Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Insulated Work Boots Construction Rubber Sole

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Similar to the KINGSHOW Men’s 1366 above, the Tank by Ever Boots is also constructed out of a leather material. As with all leather shoes, this particular construction helps to create a phenomenal blend between both high-end looks and excellent durability when worn in rough work conditions.
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The Tank comes in two different colors, Dark Brown and Tan, and features a construction boot design with a soft toe.

While there’s no denying the importance of durability when it comes to work shoes, what if you’re someone that’s in the market for the most comfortable and best work boots? Construction boots are things that you generally will be wearing on end for pretty lengthy amounts of time, and as a result of this, you’re going to want to ensure that the shoes you’re wearing are as comfortable as possible while also offering security and stability when you’re out working. According to numerous reviews from actual owners, Ever Boots’ Tank is a pair of some of the most comfortable work boots that you’ll be pressed to find – especially for this price range. They offer excellent insulation for the winter months that help to keep your feet warm when the weather outside is nippy, and the insole is also equipped with a comfort cushion for maximum softness and support when being worn.

Ever Boots also included a set of speedy hooks on the back look of the Tank for a nice added touch of ease-of-use when being worn, but you will want to keep in the mind the bit fitting nature of the Tank. Ever Boots is well aware of this fact, and recommends that you order about a ½ size larger than what you’d find with a pair of work boots made by Timberland and Caterpillar. However, that’s an extremely small price to pay when you consider the extremely affordable nature of the Ever Boots Tank as a whole.
  • Very comfortable
  • Great Price Value
  • Excellent insulation
  • Comfort cushion for maximum support
  • You need to order  a ½ size larger

10. KINGSHOW Men’s 1366 Water Resistant Premium Work Boots

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When we look at the design, overall it appears quite similar to most typical construction boots. These are constructed out of leather, and as we mentioned with any sort of shoe that is made out of leather, this material is an excellent choice when looking for an excellent combination of both durability and a high-end appearance.
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Leather is one of the most durable options out there when it comes to the construction of shoes, and the one being used here on the Men’s 1366 makes the boot extremely sturdy and supportive no matter how much use you put it through.

The overall appearance of the shoe is both simple and elegant at the same time, creating for a construction boot that looks quite stunning without being too flashy. To add to the overall durability of the shoe, KINGSHOW has made the outsole of the shoe oil-resistant – further increasing the ruggedness of the work boot as a whole. Despite the toe being soft and not having a steel reinforcement there, this is still a very rugged and durable boot to keep you safe out on the field or work area.

KINGSHOW has managed to make the Men’s 1366 incredibly affordable for nearly anyone out there, and when we combine the affordable price tag with the high quality used to create these construction boots, we’re looking at a pretty sweet deal as a whole.
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Soft toe

Factors to Consider when Purchasing your Work Boots

When you come to order your next pair of best work shoes for men, there are a number of different factors that come into play. Buying a new pair isn’t quite as simple as simply going to the store, picking up the first pair that catches your eyes, and calling it good at that. There’s a considerable greater amount of work that goes into the whole process, and as a result, there are many different factors that you need to keep in mind when ordering your next pair of works boots. We understand that this can be a lot to take in at once, so as a result, we’ve created a list of some of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind when you set out to buy your next pair of work shoes for men.


With work boots, you’re often going to be wearing these in areas that aren’t the most welcoming or inviting. Work boots are meant to be worn in areas and environments where work gets done, and as nature goes, work isn’t always the prettiest or cleanliest thing that takes place. So, when you go about getting your next pair of work boots, make sure you take a look to see just how durable they actually are.

The first way to go about ensuring their durability is by checking the material that the work boot in question is made up out of. A shoe made with synthetic leather is bound to be nowhere near as durable as something that’s made out of genuine leather. Additionally, check with user reviews online to see what they’ve put the boots through and how they held up.


Because of the way that they’re made, it can be easy to assume that all work shoes for men are able to go through water without any harmful results. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. While a great deal of work boots are created to be waterproof, not all of them are. And, unless explicitly identified, it’s best to assume that your work boot is not waterproof and do your best to keep it away from water and other liquids as best as you can.


While durability might be the most obvious factor to keep in mind when looking for your next work shoe, the overall comfort of the work boot in question is just as – if not more – important. Work boots are shoes that are usually worn for long periods on end without any sort of break. If that’s how you’re going to wear your work boots, you’re going to want to ensure that they’re going to be comfortable enough for you to wear like that. Owning a work boot that isn’t comfortable is result in a bad experience no matter how durable they are, so make sure this isn’t a factor that gets pushed to the wayside when you go out to purchase your next work shoe.

Steel toe

With work shoes for men, there are two types of work boots that are the most distinct among the rest – steel toe and soft toe. Steel toe boots are ones that have steel reinforcements in the toe area of the shoe, and as a result, they are much more durable than that of soft toe boots. However, they are also generally a lot less comfortable and lightweight. Steel is a pretty heavy duty material, and while it might be great for added protection and durability, it can also create for an unpleasant wearing experience if you’re someone who doesn’t have past experience with them. Steel toe boots are certainly unique, and if you’re new to them, it might be a good idea to try them on first before throwing down your cash for a pair.


This might not seem like a big deal to some people, but it can be a deal-breaker to many folks out there. Because of the market they’re designed for, work shoes for men often don’t come in a wide variety of different color options. What we usually see if a choice of two colors with most work boots, with very few offering any more than that. If you’re someone who likes having a wide array of colors to choose from, you might have to do a bit of savvy shopping in order to satisfy this need.


Last but certainly not least, price plays a big factor when you set about getting a new pair of work boots. Because of how many safety and comfort features they generally provide, work boots are usually not very cheap purchase. In fact, if you decide to opt for a name brand, they can prove to be rather expensive little buggers. However, you also don’t want to cheap out on your work boots just to save a buck. Work shoes for men are essential to offering safety and comfort when you’re out and about working, so don’t cut corners if you don’t have to. There are a good selection of affordable work boots out there that are still made quite nicely, so if you have a bit of a tighter budget, be sure to see what the reviews are for less expensive work boot options out there when it comes time to buy.

Most Popular Work Shoes Brands


When it comes to work shoes for men, one of the most easily recognizable brands is that of Caterpillar. If you work in the construction or renovation industry, you’re more than likely familiar with the line of machines, tools, and vehicles that Caterpillar is responsible for creating. The folks at the company have been involved in the earth moving industry for more than 20 years at this point, and over that time, the company has a gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about what goes into that line of work.

Earth moving is no easy task. It results in situations that are often quite hazardous and dangerous, so it would make sense that these guys would know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting a high-quality work boot. Caterpillar work shoes for men are some of the most durable options you’re going to find when you go about shopping, so if this is a high concern of yours, this might be the company and brand you want to side with.

Timberland Pro

Timberland is a company that’s been around in the world since as early as 1952, and during all of that time, the company has come up with a pretty solid recipe for creating one heck of a work boot. Timberland Pros are most recognizable for the athletic look that they are frequently accompanied with, and they are some of the most unique-looking work boots that you’ll find when you go out shopping. Timberland has crafted an incredible blend between both comfort and durability with their shoes over the years, and that expertise is only highlighted even more with the Timberland Pro line of shoes.


Although they might not carry the same household recognition as a brand like Caterpillar or Timberland, Wolverine products are some of the most highly regarded ones in the work shoe industry. Along with creating a great combination between comfort and durability, Wolverine-branded products are most recognizable thanks to their modern design and construction. They are quick to turn heads in the stores, and once to spot a pair, you’ll be able to pick it out among the crowd of other branded boots in the store or online.

Work Boots FAQ

Q: Are all work shoes for men waterproof?

While we understand why it can be easy to assume that all work shoes for men are made to be waterproof, this simply isn’t true. Unless it isn’t advertised to be waterproof, it most likely isn’t. So, if this is the case, it’d be best to try and avoid water and other liquids as much as possible with a pair of work boots that aren’t rated to be waterproof.

Q: Is there really a big difference between steel toe and soft toe boots?

Yes! Steel toe boots have reinforcements in the toe are that are made out of real steel. These reinforcements allow the boots to be extremely durable and protective, but they also have a tendency to add a bit of weight. As a result of this, some people find steel toe boots to not be as comfortable as other soft toe options.

Q: What does it mean if a work boot is shock-absorbent?

If you see that a work boot is rated to be shock-absorbent, this means that the boot is made to be able to withstand intense instances of stress that you put on it. If you jump down from a high platform, run, or walk on uneven surfaces, this is all stuff that’s putting extra stress and shock on your shoes. With shock-absorbent technology, work boots are able to absorb all of that and prevent it from making its way to your actual feet.

Q: Are all work shoes for men sized the same?

Absolutely not. Each brand sizes their shoes slightly differently from everyone else, and even different types of shoes that are made by the same company can vary in size. It’s best to try work boots on in person to avoid any issues with size, but if this isn’t possible, seeing what people have to say about the sizing online can also save from a lot of potential headaches.

How to Make the Right Decision When Choosing Work Shoes for Men

So, just how do you know that you’re making the right decision when choosing work shoes for men? We know that we went over a lot of information today, but if you take it all in a little bit at time and process everything that we talked about, you’ll quickly realize that buying a new pair of work shoes for men isn’t as painful or complicated of a process as you may have initially thought.

When you set out to make this purchase, some of the most important factors to keep in mind are the overall durability and comfort of the shoes in question as these factors determine the best work boots around. Ensuring that you have a good balance between these two things will go a long way in ensuring that you have a quality work boot on your hand. And, in tandem with this, you also need to make sure that whatever you’re buying is well within your price range. Just because you have a tighter budget doesn’t mean that you still can’t snag a quality boot for a low price!

And, finally, make sure you take a look to see what other people have to say about the best work boots or work shoes you’re looking at. And, if at all possible, go to your local retail store and try on the boots in person before you buy them online to make sure that they fit the way you want and expect them to.

Although we covered more info that just that, that’s a really quick breakdown of the big points we went over. Feel free to read through this guide again, or save it in a place where you can quickly access it again. This is all info that’s never going to go out of date or style, so feel free to refer back to it as often as you want.

Good luck and happy shopping!