Best Zumba Shoes Reviewed and Tested for Performance

Having the right shoes for any situation in life is important. Your feet deserve to be comfortable all the time, everyday. But when it comes to Zumba, having the proper shoes that offer flexibility and support is absolutely essential.

This is one of the top fitness regimes on the planet. It’s helped people lose weight and become trim, and it’s also a lot of fun!

But if you don’t have the right zumba shoes, this sport can be a literal pain. Those that are too tight, not properly cushioned, or lack support will be glaringly obvious after only a few minutes into your workout.

Don’t let your shoes stop you from getting fit and having fun with this fitness program!

What zumba shoes are best for this kind of routine? You can pick the right shoes for you by using our comprehensive guide to find the perfect pair. We’ve done the grunt work so you don’t have to. Now it’s just a matter of choosing!

Our Top Picks 3 For Women

Zumba Impact Max
  • Zumba Impact Max
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Z-slide technology
  • Price: See Here
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Bloch Boost
  • Bloch Boost
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • DRT cushioned heel
  • Price: See Here
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Rykä Influence
  • Rykä Influence
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dual-impact midsole
  • Price: See Here
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Our top 3 Picks for Men

Nike Men's Free 5.0
  • Nike Men's Free 5.0
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Breathable and flexible design
  • Price: See Here
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Zumba Men's Z1
  • Zumba Men's Z1
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Low top and molded footbed
  • Price: See Here
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Zumba Street Glam
  • Zumba Street Glam
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extra support in the ankles
  • Price: See Here
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Zumba class in action

How Do They Differ From Other Footwear?

Zumba Is Dancing AND Aerobics

You may be wondering why these should be any different from a regular old pair of tennis shoes. But the truth is, they are different. Why? It is a type of dance, yes, but it is also a type of fitness workout. In particular, routines typically combine agile dance moves with intense impact cardio fitness.

Feet hurt by bad shoe choice
Original photo by Caitlin Regan, under CC 2.0

Why Simple Dance Shoes Won’t Work

The dancing part this workout might make you think that you’ll need to have some jazz dance shoes for your workout. These would be a great idea if you were only going to a simple dance class.

If you wear dance shoes through a full class, you can almost guarantee that your feet will be swollen and sore afterwards. The best shoes to dance are not necessarily the most ideal choice. Dance shoes fit tight to your feet with thin and flexible materials. They slide well on the dance floor and allow you to look elegant and graceful while moving.

But the fact is that dance shoes alone simply do not provide enough support.

People running in a competition, wearing athletic shoes

So Will Simple Athletic Shoes Work?

The answer is no, basic athletic shoes won’t work either. Dance shoes are too thin and lack support, so naturally, many people just assume that because of the aerobic portion of the routine, a pair of regular athletic shoes will be best.

It is true that there is a lot of impact cardio involved. This implies that you will most likely be jumping, hopping, and bouncing around during your workout.

In this vein, a pair of athletic shoes seems wonderful, right? There is always great support, and cushioning with these types of shoes. But there’s a catch.

Most athletic shoes are bulky and large. They are also heavier. Imagine doing jumps and hops with a clunky pair of shoes that weigh several pounds.

Here’s The Answer

What you need is a pair of zumba shoes that combines all of the great things about light and flexible dance shoes with all of the great things about supportive and cushioned athletic shoes.
Zumba shoe

Why Is It Important to Wear the Most Appropriate Footwear?

The benefits of this genre of exercise are amazing, and that’s why this workout regime has taken the fitness world by storm. People are using it to lose weight, get more toned, relieve stress and improve their coordination. It’s also a great way to meet new people and improve your confidence levels.

Zumba Shoes Determine How Well You’ll Do in Class

Surprisingly enough, your success will be largely determined by your shoes. This might sound a little crazy, but if you have the right shoes for the class, it is over 10 times more likely that you will be successful with the program. Why? It comes down to several factors.
Female Soldiers from 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade perform dance during Zumba class

1. The Brunt of the Workout Pain Will Be on Your Feet

Sure you’ll probably have some sore glutes and aching abs after a good session. But for the most part, you’ll be on your feet the whole time, and your feet will take a beating. To keep them comfortable during your workout, you’ll need cushioning and cradling in your shoes.

2. You’ll Need to Be Able to Pivot and Swivel

You know that this requires a lot of movement, and many of the moves can be rather complicated and involved as is the case with other dance variations. Your shoes should be there to help you nail every turn, pivot and jump with grace and ease.a Zumba dance fitness demonstration for Airmen and their families

3. Good Shoes Will Keep You Cooler

No, we don’t mean cooler as in more awesome although a snazzy pair of shoes never hurts! What we mean is that a great pair of shoes will be well vented and breathable so that your body doesn’t overheat while you’re on the dance floor.

Do you see now why they are so important?

Take a Look at Some of The Brands

When searching through all of the choices, there are going to be some key brands that you’ll see mentioned all the time. Each brand has unique features. For example, some tend to make shoes for particular foot types, like those with high arches or those with broad footbeds.

It’s important to note this because you may fit into a certain brand’s shoes much better than you fit into other brand’s shoes. For this reason, below we have outlined the most important features of 6 of the top brands on the market right now.


Company History

BLOCH shoes are a staple in the dance and fitness world. This company was founded in 1932 by Jacob Bloch when he made and sold a pair of pointe ballet shoes for dancers.


These shoes are made for dancing, and that’s a fact. BLOCH produces ballet shoes, jazz slippers, dance boots, ballroom dancing shoes for men and women and dancing sneakers, which are great for dancers.

Keep in mind that these shoes tend to run a little small, so many buyers like to purchase their shoes a little bigger than usual. Reviewers like that BLOCH shoes don’t require very much break in time as well. The shoes are best for those with narrow feet.

2) Reebok

Company History

Reebok is a tried and true name in the athletic wear business. The company began over one hundred years ago in 1895 in England. It was founded by a man named W. Heron.

Reebok Shoes

Reebok makes shoes for all sorts of sports, including walking, running, CrossFit, and training. They also make an amazing line of dance shoes.

One thing that a lot of reviewers have loved about dance shoes from Reebok is that they offer shoes with high ankles. When moving and pivoting on the dance floor, shoes that support the ankles are perfect because they help you to avoid falls and sprains.

A lot of the dance shoes from Reebok are also especially light weight. This makes them great for beginners and helps to provide more breathability for the feet as well.

3) Zumba

Company History

One thing that many dancers don’t know about is that the Zumba Corporation actually makes their own line of shoes and clothing as well. They began making clothing shortly after the creation of their workouts in the 1990s.

Zumba Shoes

Shoes from the Zumba company that are specially made for specifically for classes, range from low tops to high tops. They often have a mesh fabric design that promotes aeration and breathability.

The shoes also come in many different styles for men and women, and there are a variety of bright colors and color schemes to choose from. The soles of these shoes are particularly fabulous as they were especially made for dancing on gym and dance arena floors.

Keep in mind that this line of shoes can be a little pricey, but you will be getting what you pay for in most cases.

4) Nike

Company History

Nike is one of the best known names in the athletic wear business. It began in 1964, and Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight were the founders. Nike makes many styles of shoes in addition to sports clothing and athletic equipment.

Nike Shoes

Nike has some great options out there, including the Nike Flex and the Musique 3 and 4. These shoes are perfect for dancing with just enough traction to keep you stable without hindering your performance.

The fit of Nike products tends to be extremely comfortable. And with all of the advanced sports technology available to this multi-billion dollar company, their shoes are lightweight while still being durable. In fact, this is one of the best features in the Nike line. Add to that a range of interesting color combinations and unique styles, and you’ve got a great choice to get you through each intense session.

5) Rykä

Company History

Rykä is a somewhat new company that began in 1987 in Irvine, California. Founded by Sheri Poe (who created shoes for Princess Diana among other famous individuals), is now a famous sporting goods company with great designs for women’s athletic shoes.

Rykä Shoes

Rykä makes some of the best shoes. Because they are marketed to women only, they pay attention to the major and minor differences in women’s feet. For example, women have narrower heels and a wider relative forefoot. Their skeletal structure also means that women’s arches tend to be slightly weaker. They require more support.

Both high tops and low tops are available from this manufacturer. Their color scheme tends to be a little smaller than other bigger brands, and prices are slightly higher as well because of the smaller name brand. But these shoes are worth it.


6) Capezio

Company History

Capezio is one of the oldest dance shoe companies in the world. The business was started by Salvatore Capezio in 1887. Today, they still make amazing dance shoes, accessories and apparel items for ballet dancers and other performance artists.

Capezio Shoes

As stated, Capezio has some wonderful products. Because of their top notch status among dance shoe companies, their footwear may be a little pricey, but it will be well worth it. They pride themselves on making very breathable shoes as dancers’ feet must be able to breathe.

Some reviewers of Capezio shoes have noted a thinner toe box, so these shoes may fare best for those who don’t usually wear wide shoes. Other reviewers have said that it is advisable to buy a size larger than you usually wear when it comes to ordering.

Our Top Picks For Men

What to Look for When Buying Shoes

1. Grip Is Key

You’ll need to look for a nice grip, but remember not to get too much of a grip, or you could find yourself on the floor. You will need to be able to twist and swivel as you perform the moves.

A pair of trainer shoes with a special split sole

2. Shock Absorption and Cushioning

If you execute the routines correctly, you won’t run as great of a risk for injuries, but watch out! Shoes that have bad shock absorption could cause you trouble.

3. Make Sure You Have a Spin Spot!

Shoes that have not been especially made for Zumba don’t tend to have a spin spot. Make sure that the shoes you choose have a spin spot on them so that you can protect your knees and ankles from experiencing too much pressure.

Split sole on a fitness shoe

4. Split Soles Are a Good Idea

Not all of ideal shoes have split soles, but many of the best types do. This makes the shoes more flexible, and it can help you to maneuver and point your feet for some of the more difficult positions and moves.

5. Avoid Bulkiness

This is certainly an aerobic activity that will give you a lot of cardiovascular exercise, but it is also a form of dancing, so it’s important to make sure your shoes are light enough to dance in. Avoid clunky and heavy shoes that will be hard to move quickly in.

Bulky lifestyle shoes by Isabelle Maranta

6. Check Out Arch Support Before You Buy

Everyone has a different arch to their foot, so making sure you pay attention to this feature is vital. Those with high arches need support in the inner middle section of each shoe, and those with flatter feet need to avoid too much support in this area.

How to Find Shoes That Will Fit Your Needs

1. Check out this guide and review

Of course, reading reviews and other documentation tends to be the best place to start when it comes to picking a pair of your own. You can start here with this comprehensive guide, but don’t be afraid to branch out on your own.

Five point checklist vector drawing

2. Pick 5 pairs of shoes to try out for yourself

Next, narrow your list down. You will probably start by considering 10 or 20 pairs of shoes that look good to you. But you’ll want to narrow things down to 5 shoes that you like.A lot of sneakers

3. Choose your size and order

You’re going to need to order your top 5 list next. Picking your correct size will be the hardest thing here. Make sure to read this guide and other reviews to see which shoes tend to run big or small.

If you want to be very comprehensive, you might even decide to order a range of sizes for each shoe. For example, if you normally wear a size 8 in women’s shoes, order a size 7.5, a size 8 and a size 8.5 in each of the 5 shoes you have chosen to try out.

When it comes to ordering, just make sure that the shoes you are ordering can be returned if they are not worn outside.
A cupboard full of bowling shoes

4. Choose your shoes!

Finally, once you receive all of your shoes, take comprehensive notes on each type and size. Pick the pair or pairs that fit the best, and return the rest. You’ve found what you need!

Are the choices for Women Different From the Men’s?

Yes!  The options available for women are definitely different than those for men. As with many types of footwear, there are several key differences that you are going to see when it comes to men’s or women’s shoes.

A woman in pink shoes standing in front of a rusty metal door

The Shape

The biggest difference between men’s and women’s shoes is the shape. The shape in this context is mostly referring to the width of the shoes. Women tend to have wider forefeet. This means that their toe area is wider overall, so the toe box of the shoes needs to be wider to accommodate for this.

On the other hand, women tend to have narrower heels, so the heel area of women’s shoes tends to be thinner.

Weight lifting logo

The Weight Effect

As a rule, men have 15 percent more muscle than women. Of course, this means that women tend to weigh less than men as well. Shoes should always be durable, but when they need to support the weight of an entire human body, just a slight difference in weight can be important when it comes to shoe design and material and structure choice.

It is for this reason that men’s shoes need to have midsoles that are able to take 15 percent more impact. This means having thicker and heavier materials in the midsole.

The Q-Angle

Q angle skeleton showcaseWhat is the Q-angle? You might be asking yourself this, and you have a right to. The Q-angle is not a well known feature of shoes, but it is definitely important. It is the incidence angle of the kneecap relative to the muscles in your quad. Women have wider hips than men, so they tend to have wider Q-angles than men as well.


This is linked with pronation. There are two types of pronation. Underpronation means that as you lift your foot off the ground, most of the weight falls to the outside of your foot. This can cause serious injuries over time.

On the other hand, overpronation means that as you lift your foot off the ground, most of the weight falls to the inside of your foot and onto your big toe. This does not spread the shock of each of your steps evenly, and injuries can occur here as well.

In short, women pronate more than men because of their wider Q-angles, developers of the best shoe brands work alongside designers to make sure that different materials are used for women’s shoes so that they can help them pronate less.

Top 5 Picks For Women

1) Zumba Women’s Impact Max Sneaker

1. Zumba Women's Impact Max Sneaker

Read Reviews & Buy on
Zumba Impact Max shoes are some of the best shoes on the market.
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Most reviewers of the shoes say that they love the comfort levels offered with this shoe, and the Z-specialties make it unique in design. These features allow you to slip the shoes on easily, get great support for shock absorption and keep your foot securely in place at all times.

A lot of women reviewers of the shoe also loved the way that they fit in general. Some women with high arches noted that they did need a little more support in these shoes though. They also noted that use on carpet with these was not recommended as the grip levels were great for use on wood or gym floors but not for home environments.

Product Details and Specifications

Purchase these shoes in a variety of colors, including dark slate, black, mazarine blue, fuschia and white/black. Sizes range from 5 to 11.

My Review

This shoe is number one on the list of women’s shoes for a reason. In addition to its other pros, it is comfortable with padding on the collar and tongue, which not a lot of others offer. Others are more utilitarian. This a great shoe even if it is a little expensive.


The Zumba Impact Max is an excellent buy for those who is ready to give fair amount of money for a more than ideal pair of shoes.
  • Special Z-compress return of energy system
  • Easy slide on all surfaces
  • Special Z-brace for secure foot hold
  • Cushioned rubber sole for extra support
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Synthetic sole is sometimes not optimal
  • Some buyers not pleased the shoe is manufactured in China
  • Can be pricey

2. Bloch Women's Boost Dance Sneaker

Read Reviews & Buy on
We’ve added this BLOCH Boost review as our second nomination in women’s shoes because of its great value and because it tends to be a great shoe for women who have high arches on their feet.
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Again, BLOCH is a great name in women’s dance shoes, so they always tend to rate high.

It’s a sturdy shoe with lightweight yet durable cushioning. There is a variable lacing system that helps to give an optimum arch fit. In fact, many of the reviewers of this shoe especially loved how it cradled their high arches and helped to elevate them and even out shock absorption.

With a lightweight midsole, there is even cushioning as well. A pivot point allows for a complete range of easy movement. This is something that not all shoes offer. Some reviewers found the heel height of 1 1/4” slightly high so that the shoe was somewhat chunky, but others liked this feature.

Product Details and Specifications

These shoes come in only two colors. You can purchase them in black or pine. Sizes range from 4 to 12.5.

My Review

Depending on the size and color that you choose from this shoe when shopping on Amazon, you may be able to get a great price, which makes this shoe a great choice if you can’t afford the previous brand in the first spot.


The BLOCH Boost dance sneaker is an excellent choice for those with high arches. Those with flat feet may prefer another brand.
  • Great value for the money
  • Great for high arches
  • Maximum cushioning present
  • Beautiful suede on the upper
  • Mesh lining allows for breathability
  • Presence of pivot point
  • Comes in only two colors
  • A little clunky and unattractive for some

3. Rykä Influence

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The Rykä Influence is perfect for more advanced practitioners because it provides super support for the highest impact moves.
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As noted above, the routines get progressively more difficult with more jumps and complex moves as you go on. These are an excellent pair of shoes to start using as you hit the more advanced levels.

With a special ergonomic design in the instep, this shoe lets you glide easily across most any surface. It also provides the ability for more natural movements with its flexible soles and lightweight build.

Reviewers of the shoe mentioned that a middle of the road arch fit best into the insole. Some reviewers felt that the shoes ran one half to one whole size too big, and they recommended ordering a size smaller than usual. The pivot circle featured on these shoes was especially praised.

Product Details and Specifications

The Rykä Influence features many color choices, including black, sharp green, metallic iron grey and forge grey. You can purchase this shoe in sizes 5 through 11 for women.

My Review

For intermediate to advanced users, this is a great shoe. Many instructors wear them. But in this Rykä Influence review, we should point out that some reviewers did not feel it had enough ball of the foot cushioning for the highest impact moves.The solution for many instructors is simply wearing cushy socks.


This is a perfect pair for when you advance to the higher levels and need additional support. They are also great for mid-level arches.

  • Features a comfy padded collar and tongue
  • Great bounce on the insole and a dual-impact midsole
  • Support layers create durable cushioning and support throughout
  • Can be seen as a bit clunky and large
  • Might be too much traction for practice on a carpeted surface

4. Nike Musique Vi

Read Reviews & Buy on
The Nike Musique Vi is one of the best selling fitness shoes on the market, and it’s excellent for dance.
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In fact, many trainers use this shoe while they are learning their routines and steps. This shoe features excellent support for quick moves in training.

There is also a pivot point to help with agility and overall quick movement on the studio floor surface. Do not worry about marking up those gym floors either because the soles are non-marking.

Some reviewers found the shoe to be a bit narrow for wider feet, so those with wide soles might want something that is a bit looser around the toe box. Many wearers love this shoe because it allows for a lot of foot swelling room.

Product Details and Specifications

The Nike Musique Vi comes in only one color scheme, which is white and red-plum. Sizes range from a women’s 5 to a women’s 11 in general.

My Review

For the Nike Musique review, we would have to say that even though this shoe is toward the end of the list, it’s a great purchase if you will be taking a class. You may want to consider another shoe that has a non-rubber soul for working out at home on a carpeted surface.


The sleek and simple design and easy pivot point of this shoe provides a graceful shoe for women.
  • Simple design and color scheme
  • Flex grooves on the ball of the foot add flexibility
  • Many like the basic and organic profile
  • Non-marking sole
  • Pivot point
  • This shoe is expensive for many
  • Can be difficult to find
  • Does not have a split sole

5. BLOCH Amalgam

Read Reviews & Buy on
Here’s another BLOCH review for the list. The BLOCH Amalgam is considered a quality shoe for practice at home or at the gym.
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These mesh and canvas shoes offer wonderful breathability for when you’re sweating it up on the dance floor. There is a thin rubber sole that’s great for making the shoes light and delicate as well.

These shoes are in the last spot, though, so there are a few things that some of the reviewers did not like about the shoes. First, some found the rubber sole had too much marking on the bottom so that it stuck to certain floors, making them difficult to maneuver in when doing some of the moves. In addition, a few reviewers who don’t like split soles were uncomfortable with the lack of midsole support.
With that being said, these are great shoes for beginners because of their low price and sleek and simple design.

Product Details and Specifications

These shoes comes in green, black, hot pink, blue and white. Sizes run from 4 to 12.5.

My Review

My BLOCH Amalgam review is that these shoes are priced perfectly for beginners who need a quality Zumba shoe.


Definitely buy these shoes if you are a beginner, but if you stick with the sport, consider moving up to a more advanced shoe as you progress.

  • Non-marking sole
  • Split-sole for those who prefer this style
  • Thin heel and sole at 1/4” and 0” respectively
  • Mildew and odor resistent
  • Some don’t like the split-sole design
  • Might be too much traction on the soles
  • Could run small for some



Top 5 Picks For Men

1) Nike Men’s Free 5.0

1. Nike Men's Free 5.0

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The Nike Men’s Free 5.0 shoe is our number one pick for men this season when it comes to Zumba.
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We love the way the mesh upper blends seamlessly with the lightweight design of the footbed. We don’t have high tops here, but these are not necessarily low tops either.

One of the things that reviewers found most lovable about these shoes is that they have a molded flexible design to the inner footbed. They are certainly breathable in all sense so that you never get too hot in them either. The sizes run true so that you won’t have to size up or down depending on what you are used to. These are shoes that have been active in the dancing world for many years and continue to be the most popular.

Product Details and Specifications

Shoes come in a range of colors that can even be customized. Sizes run 5 to 13 for men.

My Review

Even though these shoes may be a little more expensive than others, they are certainly worth the money, and reviewers say that they truly last a long time.


If you have the money, purchase these shoes whether you are an advanced dancer or just starting out. These could make you fall in love with the sport.
  • Flexibility in the footbed while still providing strength
  • Sliding is easy on any surface (including carpet) because of the excellent traction scheme on the soles
  • Molding footbed is supportive, yet it adjusts to your individual feet
  • Reviewers found the moldable arch support perfect for any foot type
  • Awesome array of colors and designs available from Nike
  • These shoes can be customized
  • These shoes are so worth the buy, but they may be a little bit expensive.


2. Zumba Men's Z1

Read Reviews & Buy on
Below, we have a comprehensive Zumba Z1 review of this awesome men’s shoe. These shoes, unlike some of the other men’s shoes, are not high tops.
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This makes them a unique option for men, as most men prefer to have the ankle support. But in some ways, structured ankles can mean limited mobility for certain moves, and if that’s the case for you, the Zumba Men’s Z1 might be just what you have been looking for.

Wearers of these shoes who created reviews loved the molded footbed, which cradles the foot in all the right places. There is also TPU for the ultimate in supportive technology. Pivot points on the soles are super tough for lots of spinning and swiveling as well.

Product Details and Specifications

Shoe sizes for the Men’s Z1 go from 5 to 11, but it’s much easier to find the higher sizes. The most prevalent color scheme will simply be black for this shoe.

My Review

There are not a lot of color options with this shoe, and it’s been one of the most popular shoes on the market, so you know it’s tried and true. We love the way these shoes swivel and pivot especially, so this is why we put it in the number 2 spot.


If you are looking for a low top version with great quality, this will likely be your best bet for men.
  • Bouncy and durable rubber sole
  • Super flexible outsole and thin lining for easy maneuvering in complex moves
  • Simple, elegant design
  • Molded footbed with easy sole grip
  • This brand tends to be slightly more expensive than other brands
  • No high top ankle support for those who prefer that style

3. Zumba Fitness Street Glam

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The Zumba Fitness Street Glam shoes are excellent for those who love high tops.
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In addition, because of the extra support in the ankles and upper feet, these shoes will allow advanced dancers to do major moves on the dance floor. The lightweight rubber soles also let you slide easily on any surface. If you are practicing at home on the carpet, these shoes are a must have. Other shoes won’t cut it on carpet.

Remember that shoes made directly by the Zumba Corporation tend to be slightly superior to many of the other designs. They promise a shoe that is catered directly to the fitness program regime that is offered. For this reason, these shoes are a great choice if you have the money, but remember that they can be slightly pricey for some people. Check Amazon for the best deals as always.

Product Details and Specifications

These shoes come in gold/black or silver/black, and sizes range from 5 to 11 in men’s sizes.

My Review

We love this style. It’s urban and fun while providing excellent support and strength for even the most difficult moves. Again, they might be pricey, but they’re worth it.


Purchase these shoes if you are looking for ankle support and a super easy glide on the soles. These shoes are best for more advanced dancers.
  • Lightweight sole for ease of movement
  • Z-Slide sole keeps traction but allows for quick sliding moves
  • Fashionable design can be worn on the street as well
  • Great for use on carpet
  • Useful spin spot
  • Can be slightly expensive for some

4. Reebok Men’s Dance Les Mills

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For something a little more funky on the dance floor, try the Reebok Men’s Dance Les Mills shoe.
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This is a great cardio shoe for those who are looking to cushion their feet in a high impact scenario. There are slightly higher tops on these shoes, but they can’t necessarily be considered high tops as they do not come all the way up to cradle the ankle as some of the other shoes do.

The arch support has been praised by many reviewers as has the strong heel support for agile moves that require a lot of flexibility and strength. There is a special technology called AdaptAMove in the upper that allows dancers to move multi directionally while they workout without causing injuries.

Product Details and Specifications

These men’s dance shoes are available in a wide variety of bright and vibrant colors. Sizes range from 7 to 11.5.

My Review

Many reviewers mentioned wearing these zumba shoes for Zumba class as well as outside of class, making them a wonderful choice for fashion-conscious Zumba dancers.


For more advanced dancers and those looking to glam up their dance wardrobe, these are a hot choice!
  • Lightweight sole and upper
  • Plenty of room in the toe box but snug enough for ample support
  • Vibrant colors and designs
  • Fashionable for street wear as well
  • This is a more expensive shoe
  • Some reviewers mentioned too long laces

5. Asics Gel-180

Read Reviews & Buy on
The Asics GEL-180 shoes for men look like a basic cross-training shoe, but they are very popular for those who love Zumba.
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Lower prices on some of these shoes make them excellent for beginners who aren’t positive yet that they want to stick with the sport. This is because the shoes can also be worn for other sports.Reviewers of the shoe were slightly disappointed that the design was not more fashionable and up to date in terms of trends. But for all intents and purposes, the shoes still get put into this top 5 list because of their durability and strength when holding up to these intense workouts at home or at the gym.

Product Details and Specifications

Sizes for this shoe run from a 7 to a 16 with options for wider shoes as well. You can purchase the shoe in white/black/gold, white/navy/silver, black or white/blue/black.

My Review

Again, this shoe would be great for beginners because of its cross training abilities. The heels are thick to provide ample cushioning for those who may have extra weight at the beginning of their workouts also.


If you are not used to dancing, purchase this shoe over some of the other more advanced dance shoes.
  • Sturdy rubber sole
  • Excellent breathable mesh
  • GEL cushioning system in the rear foot
  • Bounce-back provided with the SpEVA midsole
  • DuoMax support system in the midsole
  • Some reviewers don’t like the fact that they’re imported
  • Others stated they wanted more support for the ankles
  • Too narrow for some


 Why You Should Listen to Me?

Ok, so now you’re wondering why you should listen to me when it comes to picking out the appropriate shoes for your workout. You certainly do not want to be getting advice from someone who doesn’t even know what they are talking about. It’s important to know your sources when it comes to matters like these.

A photograph from Zumbathlon with a large group of people performing a dance
By Claude PERON (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Teaching Zumba Has Helped Me Learn About The Need for The Right Shoes

For starters, I have been practicing and teaching the dance for over ten years. I first started working out in 2003 when I heard about the fitness program from an old college friend. We were both lamenting about having gained a lot of weight since high school. I had not lost any of the baby weight I had put on, but she said that she had actually lost 20 pounds recently!

Of course, I wanted to know how she had done it, and she told me. It was with Zumba. She said that it was a great workout, but what I remember most is that she liked how fun it was.

Having the Wrong Shoes Can Kill Your Feet

So I thought I’d give it a try. My first class was rough. I hadn’t been working out, and I had brought a pair of hiking/running shoes that I owned. By the end of the class, my feet were killing me. I kept taking the classes because it was so fun, and I was losing weight fast, but my feet always hurt. Finally, my instructor sat me down after a class and talked to me about shoes. She lent me a pair of her older shoes for the next class, and I was amazed! My feet felt like they were floating on clouds from them on.

Photo of Aerobathon 2014 Zumba routine session

I’ve Done the Research so You Don’t Have To

After that class, I did a ton of research on this subject, and actually ordered almost 15 different pairs to try on. I finally found a few pairs that I loved, and I have been obsessed with them ever since. I lost all my baby weight within that first year, and I became a trained and registered as a class instructor shortly after. I’ve been participating and teaching classes ever since! I always keep up to date on the latest trends. I want to do the work so you don’t have to.


There can be a lot of questions when it comes to finding the right choice of footwear for you. That’s why we have compiled the list of frequently asked questions below for you to peruse at your leisure.

Q: Can I wear running sneakers?

A: No, we generally do not recommend that running sneakers be worn to this kind of exercise or when you are doing your workouts at home. There are many reasons for this.

First, these types of shoes are too heavy and clunky. They are not sleek and lightweight to make for easy dancing. Instead, they will hold you back and keep you from being graceful and picking up the steps easily. There are many shoes made for certain tasks. Like for example there are nursing shoes for when you need to work 12 hours a shift, there are shoes made for standing all day long with minimum fatigue and this is one of those occasions that might go better off if you have the appropriate equipment. Running shoes fulfill entirely different role.

In addition, running does not require spinning, pivoting or turning on a dime, but this type of exercise routine may require these things. For this reason, running sneakers tend to have major grips on their soles, and that’s not what you want in a good shoe. You’ll be stuck to the floor and could fall over if you choose something specifically designed for running. If you are interested in choosing the best shoes that are also good for running, there are other reviews for those types of shoes online. In general, what you probably need are simple dance sneakers.

Q: What shoes should I choose if I have bad knees?

A: It is true that your knees will be affected by practicing as well as by the shoes that you wear. If you have bad knees, as a rule, there are three things you’ll want to consider.

First, look for cushioning. You might end up practicing for more than 45 minutes or even an hour, so this means your feet are going to pay the price if you don’t have cushioning.

Next, make sure you have great support. This means extra support in the middle of the foot if you have a high arch. Yes, this can affect your knees. Finally, make sure you look for a stable shoe. In other words, try to find one that has a wide and thick sole. You should feel balanced and stable on your shoes at all times.

Q: What shoes should I look for if I have flat feet?

A: If you don’t have high arches and instead have flat feet, there are some special considerations that you will want to make as well. Namely, you will need to consider shock absorption. You cannot allow the middle of your foot or your arch to absorb all of the shock placed on your feet.

But this will happen if you don’t have the right shoes. A flat foot demands more of a flat shoe, so find those that do not have intensely high middle arches. These are not for you.

Q: I was told to get shoes that have decent grip. Is this true?

A: In some ways, this is true, but remember not to get too much grip. Too much traction on the bottoms of your shoes could cause a serious injury.

This is because these workout routines require a lot of pivots, turns and twists. You need just enough grip to keep you from slipping while still allowing you to perform them with grace, swiftness and ease.

Q: What Are the Best Shoes for Carpet?

A: A lot of people participate in this workout through special classes at a school, community center or gym. However, some people prefer to exercise with videos or video game consoles from the comfort of their own home. In this case, a lot of people end up doing their routines on a carpeted surface. So, should what you wear on carpet be different than what you would wear on a harder surface, like wood? Yes.

In general, it is recommended that you choose shoes that have the least amount of traction if you’re going to be on carpet. Of course, we know that the best fit for this type of activity needs to have a medium amount of traction to allow some sliding, but carpet tends to have a lot of pull and drag, so you’ll need to have a smoother sole to account for this.

Q: Why can’t I do this in my bare feet or in socks?

A: Some people assume that if you can dance in your bare feet or socks, you can dance in your bare feet or socks. Unfortunately, this is not true, and it’s mostly for safety and health reasons.

Zumba is in large part a dance form, but it is also cardiovascular exercise like running. You will have high impact on some of the intermediate and advanced moves, and you could really hurt your feet, toes, ankles, legs, hips or back if you didn’t have the proper support on your feet. You can’t perform in bare feet or thin and flimsy shoes. You need  shoes which are ideal for both dance and aerobics combined.

Q: Are more expensive shoes simply better than more affordable options?

A: For the most part, the answer to this is no, just because one particular pair is more expensive, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better. You should always aim for getting the best comfort and support in your shoes.

If the price is low on the pair of shoes you like best, that’s just an added bonus! With that being said, chances are that you typically won’t find the premium options in the discount or clearance bin.

Where to Buy your Footwear

There are a number of places where you can find reviews on some of the optimal choices out there. Most people look in local shops first. For example, sports and athletics stores at the mall tend to carry dance shoes for fitness programs like this. Department stores might also have a few pairs on hand.

Three similar shoes on a shelf

The Problem With Shopping a Store

But the problem with this way of shopping is that you will not have a very vast variety. Most of the time, one store will have little more than 2 or 3 pairs of shoes that fit the criteria and could be worn to a class. This means that you might have to hit 5 or 6 stores before you found a pair that was halfway decent.

The Internet Should Be Your Go-To Shopping Source

On the other hand, the Internet has nearly endless choices when it comes to finding the best ones. In addition, sites like Amazon have items from multiple sellers all in one localized place. You can find specialty shoes on Amazon that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Reviews on Amazon are also available and can help you tremendously when it comes to picking out which pair is right for you.

A man wearing high-quality black & white Nike sneakers
By Phil Roeder [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Making Your Decision

Since the fitness program’s inception in the 90s, this aerobic and dance fusion style of working out has swept the nation. If you’re not already into it, you should be!

But there’s one thing to keep in mind. If you’re going to get into it, you’ll definitely need one piece of essential gear: great footwear. Without the right shoes, you might as well forget it. In fact, many men and women end up quitting prematurely (when it could have really helped them to lose weight or get fit) because they were wearing the wrong shoes.A shoe sole vector drawing

Whether you are already a member of the Zumba fitness world or thinking about joining a class or getting some of the videos, we must reiterate again just how important it is to find something that will fit your needs. Finding the right pair could make or break your experience with this fitness program.

We hope that the review system you have found here has been comprehensive enough for you so that you can find a pair of shoes that fits all of your needs. There are certainly many things to consider when it comes to picking out any piece of athletic equipment, so we invite you to keep a notebook of the things that matter most to you when choosing these shoes. It will make all the difference!

A lot of these features are those that you should look for when shopping for any pair for sports or dance. But some of the features you should have your eyes peeled for are particularly unique to this type of shoe.

Now that you have read our comprehensive guide, go back and take another look at the section on how to find the best shoes. As always, Amazon will likely be your best bet for finding a great pair at a reasonable price. Order some of the pairs you’ve had your eye on, and find a pair that fits like a glove. You won’t regret all of the time and energy you have put into this endeavor. We hope that you have enjoyed this guide to help you find the best sneakers for your workout, and good luck!

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