How to Find the Best Yoga Shoes for Yourself

Yoga is a traditional art of relaxing your body, making it more flexible, and, ultimately, healing your mind. Now, this magnificent training method can be performed by everyone, everywhere. If you’re training individually at home, or at a special gym, or even if you have a trainer, there’s one thing you should know – you need proper equipment.

Yoga consists of various exercises that will stretch your limbs, so you can’t possibly think of doing it in your casual trainers or sneakers.

The whole point of this review is to provide you with knowledge of how to choose your yoga shoes, why are they important, what are the things you should look out for, and more.

Our Top 3 Picks for Women

Rahabsox Non Slip Yoga Socks
  • Rahabsox Non Slip Yoga Socks
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 4 pack non slip cotton socks
  • Price: See Here
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Great Soles Women’s Ballet Grip Socks
  • Great Soles Women’s Ballet Grip Socks
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Non slip & comfortable
  • Price: See Here
Check on Amazon!
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Gaiam Non Slip Yoga Socks
  • Gaiam Non Slip Yoga Socks
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Affordable & breathable
  • Price: See Here
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Our Top 3 Picks for Men

CompressionZ Non Slip Yoga Socks
  • CompressionZ Non Slip Yoga Socks
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High quality non slip yoga socks
  • Price: See Here
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Crescent Moon Non Slip Yoga Socks
  • Crescent Moon Non Slip Yoga Socks
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Versatile & durable
  • Price: See Here
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Apex #1 Non Slip Ankle Sport Socks
  • Apex #1 Non Slip Ankle Sport Socks
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Breathable sport socks
  • Price: See Here
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What are the main benefits of yoga shoes?

Surely enough, there are a lot of advantages you can benefit from when we speak about yoga shoes, but what exactly are they? Can they be worn every day? Can they be worn as regular socks/slippers? Are they expensive? Let’s find out.

  • Yoga shoes are practically a bargain

Even though the market of yoga shoes is vast, most manufacturers offer their yoga shoe models at a very affordable price. Even the most expensive models still fall into the “affordable” price point category.

  • You can wear your yoga shoes every day

The design of most yoga shoes resembles the design of casual slippers. Now, you can literally wear them every day like a pair of casual slip ons, without having to fear that they’ll tear, or get damaged. Most models are made of premium-quality materials, and they’re built to last.

  • These shoes are extremely comfortable to wear

Believe me, once you’ve tried these shoes, you’d struggle to get them off. They’re so comfortable and cozy that your feet will be thankful.

Some of the greatest names in yoga shoe industry

There’s a lot of diversity between different models of yoga shoes, and there’s also a manifold of different brands and manufacturers. We’re going to mention just some of them (some of the prominent leaders in the branch), so that you may know quality when you hear about it.


TOSBUY slips are one of the best yoga shoes on the market. They’re a soft mesh material that’s comfortable. Perfect for physical activity or just to slip on, these shoes are lightweight, practical, and fashionable. With a TPR bottom, they’re also shockproof and anti-slip. In addition, the shoe pad is made of linen, allowing it to be breathable – a perfect solution to wear year-round.

The soles of the majority of their products are flexible and soft, enabling the wearer to bend and curl the shoe naturally with the movement of the feet. This is imperative for yoga, which often incorporates different foot positions. Wearers can practice yoga with added support and comfort, anytime, anywhere.

TOSBUY has 20+ years of experience creating high-quality shoes in the athletic industry. The shoes can even be worn for more than just yoga – they’re great for water sports and outdoor activity, including water skiing, surfing, and hanging out at the waterpark.

The TOSBUY slip shoes are surprisingly comfortable – exactly what I wanted. I’d heard they were the best, and there were different types available, including slip style shoes and sandals. Since I’d rather have a shoe that’s practical all year long, I decided on the slip-style.

They’re breathable, comfortable, and lightweight. I don’t have issues practicing my daily yoga poses in class or outdoors. In fact, the shoes provide more possibilities for practicing outdoors. While I do bring my mat with me outdoors, it can still be too thin and I often feel rocks and uneven parts of the ground, which can be painful and interrupt my practice.

I also suffer from back issues. Just wearing these day-to-day helped my back tremendously. I can walk and stand for longer periods of time. I’d read great reviews on the product, and thought I would give it a try. I’m not disappointed.

Beech Sandal Company

Sandals by Beech Sandal Co are the go-to sandal for people interested in a performing shoe, or those seeking a shoe to add comfort and alleviate back pain.
These sandals have propriety-patented technology that allows for optimal foot and arch support. In addition, the unique design of the sandals with toe separators, often dubbed “pedicure sandals”, enables toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

This offers more support to the feet, legs, and back. They’re unisex, allowing anyone – man or woman – to enjoy the many comforts these sandals offer. For yoga practitioners, whether experienced or not, they will help with the things that it rigorously tests and requires – stability, alignment, and balance. They’re also health-friendly and are geared toward helping wearers live a healthier life. Beech Sandal Co. designed a shoe to keep health in mind – both for the wearer and the environment.

I’ve heard from several people these shoes really help your feet and back. Now, I can stand for longer periods of time. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable, have a fantastic grip, and can be worn day-to-day. These yoga sandals have been known to alleviate leg, hip, and spinal discomfort, and work for all foot types – wide, narrow, high arch, low arch, etc. The toe separators are soft and do not rub or irritate the webbing of the toes – a major plus for me.

The arch is also firm so they can be worn for long periods of time, and they’re durable. And, the price is great. Products that are comparable in quality are much higher in price. But Beech Sandal Co makes their products affordable and available to those who need them. One thing to keep in mind is that for some the toe separators may take some getting used to – it isn’t a traditional sandal or thong. Each toe is separated to evenly distribute weight.

Women Yoga Shoes Reviews

1. Rahabsox Best Non Slip Skid Yoga Pilates Socks with Grips Cotton for Women

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Here we’re looking at a 4-pack bundle of Women’s cotton yoga shoes. If you’re interested in fashion, these slips might be perfect for you. This bundle is very affordable, and it consists of four pairs of yoga shoes in black, white, pink, and gray. Each shoe is adorned with special non-slip dots at the heel area – this feature prevents slipping on virtually any flooring.
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These non-slip socks provide a lot of flexibility, and they’re practically ideal for any kind of practice. If you want to protect your feet and ankles, these shoes are an absolute must. They’re made of breathable cotton (mainly of cotton – 95%), and spandex material (only 5%) which are very durable and maneuverable.

This bundle features 4 colors, as I’ve already mentioned – pink, black, gray, and white, but you can also order each of these pairs separately. However, I strongly recommend that you order this bundle as it costs nearly half as much when compared to these models separately.

The best thing about these socks, however, is their ability to stop infection. Bare feet on a practice mat usually leaves a lot of space for fungal infections, and this is where these socks step in. All in all, this bundle is very affordable and valuable for the cash.

The only downfall is that they’re made for Women only. Considering the fit, women who wear shoe sizes in the range between 5 and 8 would find these yoga socks very comfortable.

2. Great Soles Women’s Ballet Grip Socks for Barre, Pilates and Yoga

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Great Soles is actually the name of the brand that sells superb Yoga Shoes. They’re affordable, comfortable, and very beautiful, so let’s see what they can offer you.
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Originally, these shoes are intended for Barre and ballet, but they work like a charm when used for yoga exercises. Being in the affordable price range means that you don’t have to worry about the cash – these socks are also very durable, and you can use them for years to come.

The model we’re looking at here is the Juliet Ivory, but you can also check out the Black, Isabella Black Glitter, Juliet Denim, and Wine colors.

One of the best features of these yoga slips is the non-slip design. This feature is supplied from top to bottom (heel and toe), enhancing the stability, balance, and flexibility of your joints. This is why these shoes are ideal for Ballet, Yoga, and Barre.

These shoes provide a perfect way to guard your feet from germs, bacteria, and similar harmful lifeforms. People who practice yoga without proper equipment are bound to catch some form of infection sooner or later, so you might want to consider purchasing a pair.

The cleaning and maintenance of Great Soles yoga shoes is extremely easy. All you need to do is simply insert them into the washing machine at low heat (line dry, machine dry). You should only avoid bleaching and ironing these shoes, as they feature special materials that could get damaged or ruined.

3. Gaiam Yoga Socks

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Gaiam’s Yoga slippers are exquisite, to say the least. They feature a remarkable design – each toe can be separately tucked into these socks, which is much alike to gloves while the bottom part features various non-slip dots, and a beautiful tattoo-like pattern.
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Speaking of design, there are various color variations you can try it (if the regular black doesn’t suit you) – This particular model I’m recommending to you is the black/gray variant, but the brand offers Black & Pink, Fern Green, Solid Gray, Sparkling Grape, and Teal Storm color variations. Every model is unisex – which means that both men and women can wear them.

These magnificent slippers are comprised of various materials, including cloth, fibers, and 5% polyester material. Wearing these socks will allow you to practice yoga in an unobstructed way, as they improve the overall flexibility of your joints and ankles. They also protect the wearer from various fungal infections.

One of the best part is that they’re very simple to clean and maintain. They’re washing machine safe, and they’re supposed to be cleaned with cold water (or the Dry Flat function).

All in all, this is a phenomenal pair of yoga slippers, and they hold a massive value for the cash. They’re convenient, fairly cheap, and extremely comfortable to wear.

4. Mato & Hash 5-Toe Exercise “Barefoot Feel” Yoga Toe Socks with Full Grip

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Mato & Hash exercise yoga socks look ravishing, to say the least. These yoga shoes can be counted among the most comfortable, best-looking exercise socks that money can buy, that’s for sure. Since these socks are so unique, there’s a world of things we can discuss – their exquisite design, their value for the cash, how much they cost, and such.
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First of all, the design of Mato & Hash socks is what makes them so cool. There’s space for each of your toes, and each is decorated with a special non-slip fabric that reduces the friction buildup between your feet and the floor.

Considering the design, there are a lot of different colors you can choose from, ranging from Blackout, Black & Grey, Grey, Black & Scuba Blue, Black & Bright Green, Radiant Orchid & Black, Radiant Orchid Solo, Bright Green Solo, Scuba Blue Solo, Black & Lime, Dark Mix, and more.

These marvelous yoga socks are made of cotton (3/4 of the construction), Polyester (up to 22% of the construction), and Spandex (only 3%). These materials are not only durable, but they also provide the wearer with increased range of motion, superb flexibility, and increased balance and circulation.

5. Great Soles Women’s Ombre Dyed Grip Socks for Pilates, Yoga, and Barre

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Here we have another pair of yoga shoes by Great Soles, and, trust me, there’s a very special reason why I’m recommending this pair. The reason why these shoes are so great is because they’re designed in a way that they resemble standard, regular socks, but there’s more.

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These socks are made of premium-quality materials, they’re colored in various eco-friendly dyes, and they’re very easy to clean. The simple design is very appealing, and it makes them very practical. Basically, you’ll feel very natural while doing your exercises, but you’ll also benefit from increased balance, and better germ protection.

As for the color variations, this pair of socks is available in three different colors – the one we’re reviewing now is the “Dusk”, but you can also order “Orchid” and “Violet”.

The price is the same with each model. There’s a certain oddity about them that’s particularly interesting – the part of the design that starts from the toes and goes to the center is colored in a darker shade, so don’t be alarmed, your socks are not “dirty” when you unpack them.

Men Yoga Shoes Reviews

1. CompressionZ Yoga Socks Non Slip full Toe – Women & Men Pilates, Barre, Strong Grip

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CompressionZ Yoga shoes might be the cheapest yoga socks on the market, but don’t let the price trick you in getting a wrong picture – they’re equally capable of providing you with everything you need for a proper Yoga training regime as any other.
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Now, the only reason why these shoes are so inexpensive is because they’re designed in a very straightforward manner. The simple fashion of these socks make them very easy to wear, as they feel natural and comfortable all the way, but that also means that they’re easy to clean and maintain as well.

The cleaning process of CompressionZ socks is simple – they’re safe to clean in a washing machine, and they’re made of decently durable materials, so they won’t wear out our rip, even after several years of usage.

The best part about these yoga slips is that they’re incredibly lightweight. Now, most socks are light, but these are specially designed to provide the user with the level of flexibility that simply can’t compare to any other. You can get these slips in purple, pink, or blue color variants.

All in all, these yoga shoes are remarkably cheap, they’re lightweight, durable, and long-lasting. If you’re into Yoga exercises and are in need of proper equipment and gear, these might be your best bet.

2. Crescent Moon ExerSocks (3-Pack) Non-Slip Grip Socks

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Crescent Moon shoes are, perhaps, the most durable and comfortable Yoga socks you’ll ever come across. They’re made of ultra-fine materials, such as Cotton, Nylon, and Spandex (90%, 7%, and 3%, respectively), and I guarantee that you’ll feel very comfortable while you’re doing your exercises.
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They feature a unisex black design, but, sadly, they don’t come in any different color variants. That’s, perhaps, the only downfall they have, but that’s not a deal breaker actually. Anyhow, they provide the wearer with ultimate germ protection, especially for those people who’re doing their Yoga on a shared mat – this makes Crescent Moon shoes ideal for Barre, Pilates, and similar training regimes.

Even if you want to practice at home, they’re made from such materials that won’t slip or stick to most known surfaces, like wooden floor, tapestry, or even rough carpets. The soles have been reinforced with extra-comfy cushions, which provides a soft, and snug fit.

As for the design of these magnificent yoga socks, it’s quite simple and straightforward. The fabric goes all the way up to your ankles, covering them, and providing you with improved ankle protection. All in all, this pair of yoga socks is definitely valuable.

3. Apex #1 Non Slip Ankle Sport Socks

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Apex sport socks are very versatile, they’re quite affordable, and you can get them in two colors – black and white. Basically, these socks aren’t specifically designed for yoga – Basketball players use them, soccer players, and even professional Barre dancers, and similar. Why are they good for yoga? Well, they provide absolute comfort and they’re elastic enough to fit people of various shoe sizes.
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First of all, Apex sport socks feature non-slip soles that prevent slipping and sliding. This is a very important factor to consider when you’re choosing your yoga gear. Furthermore, they’re outfitted with special anti-blister materials which will make this problem non-existent.

Lastly, the special Grip Technology used in the manufacturing process makes sure that these socks will attach to you easily. All in all, a perfect pair of Yoga shoes for anyone who’s on a budget.

4. Get-A-Grip Socks for Barre, Yoga, Hanging Out

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Get-A-Grip Yoga socks are extremely cheap, they’re made of premium-quality materials, and they excel in fields of performance. Now, they might not be so ideal for Pilates, since they grip the floor surface exceptionally well, but that’s the reason why they’re so good for Yoga.
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These Yoga socks are made from the best Nylon and Polyester materials, they’re very durable, and it’s safe to say that they’re built to last. Washing them is quite easy, as they can be cleaned in a washing machine, and you don’t have to fret about them ripping as they can withstand even the harsher types of exercises.

The brand implies and stands by their statement that these socks are equally capable as any other pair of yoga shoes, and they accentuate the affordability as the primary attribute and benefit of this model. This, I’ve found to be true, as they feel extremely comfortable, they’re very stretchy and grippy, and, most importantly, they’re as valuable as can be.

5. Great Soles Men’s Pilates Yoga Tabbed Grip Sock

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The last product in our review is also the last Great Soles product we’re going to see. As you might have already noticed, Great Soles are pretty good at making Yoga gear and equipment, and that’s the main reason why we’ve already reviewed a couple of their products.
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Now, concerning this model, the brand states that this is a “male” model, but that’s not necessarily true. Women too will find these yoga shoes very comfortable to wear, but, perhaps, the masculine world would benefit more.

These training shoes are very grippy, they won’t slide or slip, and, it’s safe to say that they are very easy to maintain and clean. As with most great soles products, you should avoid bleaching them or ironing them, but you can always line dry and machine dry clean them.

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga Shoes

Even though yoga shoes are designed in a very plain and straightforward manner, there are a lot of things that you might not have known about them. This section is dedicated to explaining some of the most frequently asked questions about yoga shoes:

Q: Are there different types of yoga shoes?

A: Yes, there are. Yoga shoes come in different sizes, and you might come across many differently designed models in your search. There are ankle-sized, slipper-sized, and standard-sized yoga shoes, but it mainly varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Q: I’m practicing yoga at home – what types of yoga shoes are best for my carpet flooring?

A: You might’ve noticed, but most Yoga shoes come with special non-slip dots at the feet area. This is particularly great if you’re practicing yoga on slippery surfaces, but you would want a standard-type yoga shoe for your carpet flooring. The dotted design is smaller, and you’ll experience less friction. 

Q: Why are yoga shoes so good for these exercises? Can’t I just wear my pilates shoes?

A: You could wear your barre or pilates shoes during your yoga exercises, but the specialized type of Yoga shoes offer more comfort and flexibility. 

Things you should consider when purchasing your yoga shoes

Yoga gear and equipment parts are very delicate, even if that’s not obvious at first sight. Now, there are some basic things you need to consider when you want to buy your first pair of yoga shoes in order to reap the benefits they will provide for you:

  • The importance of proper fit

It’s quite obvious that you simply won’t buy a pair of socks (or shoes) that don’t fit you. Now, the same goes for Yoga shoes, only with a little addition – yoga shoes are supposed to give you a better fit when compared to your average socks.

Most brands make yoga shoes in such a manner that you will need to purchase a smaller or bigger model than you usually wear. Keep this in mind when you search for your yoga shoes.

  • The comfort rating

Essentially, this is the same story as with the importance of fit. Yoga shoes that aren’t comfortable to wear will constantly distract you from your training, and you’ll eventually start to avoid wearing them (or going to your gym for training).

Now, yoga socks and shoes are supposed to be very comfortable, and the market is quite vast. There’s a lot of models from which you can choose from, so be sure that you get a pair which suits you the best.

  • How expensive are they?

Most yoga shoes are quite cheap, and you can get an affordable pair anywhere. Now, the price point categories are pretty thick, so a cheap pair of yoga socks might be cheaper by a single dollar when compared to moderately expensive pair.

  • Do they have any outstanding features?

Yoga shoes are different when compared to average socks because they usually feature small, anti-slip dots, various patterns, and special soles. If the model you want to but doesn’t have any of these special features, you might as well reconsider.

  • The looks and design

Even though the looks don’t affect the performance, comfort, or fit of your yoga shoes, it’s still important that you find a pair that you’ll actually like. Yoga shoe models come in a variety of different models, and you will come across beautiful, ravishing, and outstanding models in your search, so don’t fall for the first model you see.

You will be wearing these shoes (socks) to your trainings, and you might feel less comfortable in a pair of less-attractive socks. This, however, is way less important when compared to fit and performance, so you if your socks are capable of fulfilling the main needs, you can let this one slide.

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