Best Parkour Shoes Reviewed and Rated

Parkour is a demanding sport. You need to have the best parkour gear if you want to reach your maximum potential.


Most gear doesn’t last. Some shoes don’t protect your knees and your feet.
Some gear just costs too much because it has a high-end label attached to it. Do you really want to pay for a name, or do you want the best parkour shoes?

At, we specialize in bringing the best shoes for parkour to you.
If you’re looking for good shoes for parkour, then look no further. Take a look at our parkour shoe guide below.

Best Parkour Shoes Comparison Chart

Best Rated Parkour ShoesShoe NameReviews on Amazon
Take Flight 1.0 Parkour & Training ShoeSee Review & Ratings
Zelten Unisex Feiyue Classic Canvas Kung Fu ShoesSee Review & Ratings
Merrell Men's Bare Access 4See Review & Ratings
Vivobarefoot Men's Primus RoadSee Review & Ratings
Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Running ShoeSee Review & Ratings
K-SWISS Men's X-160 CMF TrainerSee Review & Ratings
ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running ShoeSee Review & Ratings
New Balance Men's Mx20v5 Training ShoeSee Review & Ratings
New Balance Men's MX20BS4 Cross Minimus Training ShoeSee Review & Ratings
Asics Men's Met-conviction Cross-trainer ShoeSee Review & Ratings

Our Most Recommended Shoes Overall

Parkour is hard, but choosing the best parkour shoe is even harder.

The au-naturel idea of barefoot running is ideal, which is why the clever people at Vibram have designed a solution that gets you as close to that as possible.

The Vibram KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe represents the best shoe for advanced parkour enthusiasts. You get the maximum amount of feedback to your feet with some modest protection against cuts and punctures. You retain a freedom of movement very similar to barefoot running.

Vibram Cross Training KSO Shoes

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The Vibram KSO shoes are our top pick as far as good parkour shoes go. They're durable. They're not going to fall apart when you land. They help you maintain a proper form. They allow you to feel how your feet interact with pavement, metal rails, and anything else a traceur might encounter.
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They're awesome for parkour without requiring a small loan, and that's what matters.


The major advantage of these shoes is their relatively thin but durable rubber form. It comes complete with toe-shaped tips, which allow you to have that extra grip you need to cling to rails or to climb up 90-degree walls.

The problem is that these shoes are designed for advanced traceurs. This is one point we feel should be driven home within our parkour shoes review.

Beginners should stray away from them because they do not provide enough cushion, nor do they protect against things like jagged rocks, nails or twigs.

For the advanced traceur, these shoes are great. They're some of the better parkour shoes you can get. They take the barefoot running experience and make it even safer. You get protection that fits to your feet without hindering you.

If you're curious as to what the “KSO” acronym is, it stands for “Keep Stuff Out.” That's exactly what these form-fitting parkour shoes do.

Product Features

Basic layer of protection
Durable construction
Free-toe design with serrated blade lugs for extra grip
Full rubber soles
Maximum tactile feeling and control
Outsole designed for ice trekking
Padding in the tongue for a secure fit
Perfect for training
Quick laces
Zero drop



Main Detail: The Shoe Sole

Photo of a shoe soleThe sole of your free running shoes are the soul of your free-running experience. They provide a way for your feet to interact without the ground while providing a certain level of protection and grip.

If you pick the wrong sole, then you may be sabotaging your parkour.

The ideal sole should be made of one solid piece. Glued soles tend to come apart due to the forces that act upon your shoes during parkour.

The best parkour shoes will have a rubber sole that is neither too soft nor too rigid. This will let you feel what your feet touch, which is especially important when you’re trying to run on everything from rails to rooftops.

Things to Look Out For

When choosing the best shoes for parkour, there are some things you need to avoid while ensuring that your shoes have other qualities.

Exclamation mark iconAvoid Shoes That:

  • Have plastic soles or arches. – These make it easy to slip on parkour obstacles, especially on rails.
  • Feel bulky or rigid. – Parkour sneakers should be light to help you maintain good form.
  • Secure to your feet. – Laces are way better than Velcro.
  • Divide the sole into multiple parts. – Glue wears out fast. It’s also dangerous when your sole shatters into a thousand pieces on a landing.
  • Are marked as “skater shoes.” – These are overpriced, inefficient and sometimes dangerous to use. Skater shoes do not equal parkour sneakers.

Green "check" iconGood parkour shoes should have:

  • A good grip. – Good shoes for parkour have excellent traction. You don’t want to slip when you’re running up a wall. It hurts when you do.
  • Minimal to moderate cushioning. – If you’re climbing up walls more than you run, you’ll want minimal cushioning for proper form. General purpose free running shoes should have moderate cushioning.
  • A good tactile sense. – You need to feel how your shoe interacts with the surfaces it touches. Period.
  • Comfort. – Just like with nursing shoes, if your footwear isn’t comfortable, then you’re going to run into unnecessary problems.

Best Beginner’s Shoes for Parkour

Person doing a backflipParkour is one of the most accessible recreational activities. You don’t need to invest in top-of-the-line shoes to have fun doing it.

A light investment into some cheap parkour shoes will protect your feet. They will also promote proper form, which keeps your feet and the rest of your body safe.

As a beginner, you’re going to want shoes with:

  • A good grip
  • Light padding
  • Little bulkiness
  • Good tactile sense

These four things will work together to help you stay safe while pushing your limits further with each pressing day. You’ll learn to love parkour when you have the right shoe.

Let’s take a look at two good parkour shoes for beginners to use.

Feiyue Classic Shoes Review

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Feiyue represents a brand of free-form shoes with roots in martial arts. This allows them to create shoes that are cheap and reliable, which makes their value-to-dollar ratio exceptional.
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The Feiyue brand has evolved from simple sneakers to fashionable and cost-efficient shoes. They're so worthwhile that they're incredibly popular in China among young individuals.


The Feiyue Classic Canvas Classic Kung Fu shoes are perfect for beginner traceurs. They're lightweight, flexible and comfortable to wear. You won't slip off walls or rails when you wear these. Feiyue parkour shoes have rubber soles just thick enough to feel what your feet touch without sacrificing too much cushion.

The best part is that Feiyue shoes are safe. They won't fall off your feet, nor will you find that chunks of the rubber soles have fallen off. They're a solid purchase for beginners.

Product Features

Affordable and good parkour shoes
Lightweight cotton lining
Moderate protection for beginners
One-piece rubber sole
Shoes with good grip




Dunlop Volley Shoes

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Volley provides an alternative to the Feiyue shoes in our parkour shoes review. Some beginners will find these shoes more attractive to wear as everyday shoes. This allows you to practice impromptu parkour anywhere.
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They're lightweight, flexible and durable. They meet and exceed the needs of beginners while being cheap enough to justify buying.


The Dunlop Volley Canvas Shoe are cheap parkour shoes that won't weigh your feet down. The canvas exterior gives your feet enough room to breath, which makes them more comfortable for beginners to use.

The soles of these shoes are solid rubber. They provide slightly more protection than the Feyue parkour shoes, but they are also more rigid.

While certainly not the best parkour shoe for all skill levels, the Dunlop Volley Canvas shoes are cheap enough and safe for beginners to use. you might consider using these if you have particularly soft feet or arch problems until your feet become used to parkour.

Product Features

Breathable exterior for maximum comfort
Cheap parkour shoes
Decent grip
Durable soles
More cushioning
Secure laces
Supports tactile sense

Best Kids Shoes for Parkour

Photo of a kid standing on a mountainWhile parkour is a physically demanding sport, it’s also fun. You will find that parkour becomes significantly more enjoyable when you get the whole family involved.

Parkour for kids requires that you take a different approach. You need to know your child’s limits to ensure they stay safe. Let them go at their own pace.

You should also wait to introduce your children to parkour until they’re old enough. 12 to 13 is the youngest most experts recommend for children to try parkour.

For a safe introduction to parkour, have your kids sign up for parkour lessons from a professional. This will help you establish safe techniques for practicing parkour as a family.

To help you keep your children safe without limiting their ability to experience parkour, you need to have the right knowledge and equipment. Below are some of our picks for the best parkour shoes for kids.

Feiyue Classic

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We have already reviewed the Feiyue Classic from the perspective of an adult traceur. They're flexible, lightweight, durable and fashionable. They're everything that most traceurs could want on an average parkour adventure.
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They're also excellent for children to use. They do what more expensive shoes can do without forcing you to fork over more money.

Let's look at it in terms of how reliable it is for kids parkour.


Feiyue parkour shoes provide moderate protection with a lightweight exterior. The rubber soles are one piece that can bend with the toes, which is important for teaching your children how to safely traverse metal bars and steep walls.

The affordable nature of the Feiyue Classic makes them even more attractive. They are cheap parkour shoes that have a considerable amount of reliability built into them.

If your children really love parkour, then the Feiyue Classic shoes are what you want to purchase. You'll find that these shoes are stylish enough to double as everyday shoes for school or play.

The Feiyue Classic shoes are some of the best shoes for parkour. Children and adults can use them to develop safe and skillful techniques for free running and parkour.

Product Features

Affordable shoes
Basic cushioning for feet
Fairly durable
Lightweight exterior
Light to moderate protection of the foot
Secure laces

Vivo Barefoot Junior Neo Review

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The higher degree of safety makes the Vivo Barefoot Junior NEO an excellent choice of parkour shoe for children. Couple this with the fact that they support a good tactile sense, and you have one of the best shoes for child traceurs to use.
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Compared to other shoes designed for active children, this is one of the better shoes. It provides an excellent amount of protection as cheap parkour shoes. Your children will be less vulnerable to injury when wearing these.

The main drawback in these parkour shoes is their rigidity. This can limit your child's parkour techniques. It can also encourage your child to overestimate his or her skills, which could result in injury.

Another drawback are the Velcro straps on these shoes. They can get snagged, which can pull the shoes off or loosen them.

If your child wishes to continue practicing parkour, then you should look at the Feiyue parkour shoes below or consider investing in a pair of adult shoes.

Product Features

Cushions fairly well
Durable and tough construction
Protects better than most shoes for children
Usable in parkour or as general play shoes


Best Parkour Shoes for Women

Lady wearing a sports outfit in the woodsWhile parkour may appear to be a sport just for men, women are equally capable of excelling at it.

The problem is that equipment designed for men may not fit women. Information on gear that womens parkour shoes is incredibly scarce because of this.

Don’t worry, – we’ve got you covered. You can find good parkour shoes for women below.

Merrell Women's Pace Glove 3 Trail Running Shoe

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Some women may prefer a shoe that looks and feels more like a traditional sneaker. The Merrell Women's Pace Glove 3 Trail Running Shoe offers that while still giving you enough mobility, grip and flexibility to be used as a parkour shoe.
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The first thing to note about the Merrell Women's running shoe in this womens sneaker review is the sole. This forms the foundation for every traceur.

Unlike the majority of parkour shoes, the sole isn't made of rubber. It utilizes a lightweight synthetic material that bends incredibly well when you wear it. This maximizes your grip while giving you the ability to feel with your feet.

The minor drawback of this is that the sole may not be as durable as a proper rubber sole. Combined with the higher cost, this can be problematic.

The laces are a genuine advantage. They utilize the Merrell Omni-Fit system, which allows them to fit your feet like a glove. You won't lose these shoes while you're free running.

The mesh exterior provides for a comfortable parkour experience. Your feet can breathe. It also makes the shoe incredibly lightweight.

While the Merrell Women's Pace Glove 3 Trail Running Shoe isn't the best running shoe for women, it is incredibly good. It can be just the thing for women who want to have a running shoe that doubles as a parkour shoe.

Product Features

Balanced protection and cushioning
Breathable material
Glove-like fit with the Omni-Fit system
Multiple uses for parkour, running or everyday situations
Purchasable in a variety of colors
Synthetic sole is lightweight

Vibram Five Finger Women's KSO

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Vibram excels in fulfilling the needs of traceurs around the world. That's why it's no surprise that their five-toed free running shoes are available for women.
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These shoes are almost identical to the “Keep Stuff Off” shoes designed for men. They're lightweight, offer a basic level of resistance against scratches and abrasions, and feel incredibly natural on your feet.

The best part about these shoes is that they can prevent your otherwise amazing feet from looking worn. Vibram even adds an extra 2mm of padding to the sole, which can help cushion the impact of your feet without affecting your ability to feel what your feet touch.

These shoes lack the shoelaces that the EVO Cross Training shoes have. Instead of laces, they have a single-hook loop enclosure instead of laces. This unique trait allows the Fiver Finger KSO to stay on your feet without requiring you to tie laces.

Another minor difference is the fact that the sole of the Five Finger Women's KSO is designed less for grip and more for cushioning. This means it is more durable than the EVO Cross Training shoes, and offers more protection.

Product Features

Added padding for more cushion
Breathable mesh that conforms to your feet
Rubber outsoles for protection against abrasions
Secure and comfortable fit

Our Top 10 Best Shoes for Parkour

Thumbs upParkour is all about freedom. You can go anywhere that your feet and hands can carry you.

That same freedom should extend to your choice of the best parkour gear. That’s why we’ve chosen to create a list of the top 10 best shoes for parkour.

We’ll examine everything from gripping ability to comfort. Our goal is to help you pick the most affordable and reliable shoes for parkour.


Our Top 3 Picks

  • ASICS GEL Venture
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • GEL cushioning
  • Price: See Here
Check on Amazon!
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Vibram KSO
  • Vibram KSO
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • XS Trek Outsole
  • Price: See Here
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Feiyue Classic
  • Feiyue Classic
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Vintage Style
  • Price: See Here
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1. ASICS GEL Venture 5

1. ASICS GEL Venture 5

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The ASICS GEL Venture 5 shoes provide a comfortable fit for people used to using traditional sneakers. While the thicker sole limits your mobility, the increased grip of these shoes is nice.
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Compared to other options, the ASICS GEL Venutre 5 can make for a more affordable and stylish parkour shoe option.


These shoes feel comfortable. The added padding makes them feel warm, while the mesh exterior allows your feet to breath when they need to. The padded tongue resolves the issue of shoes rubbing against your ankle.

The lower sides give your feet a greater range of movement. This is especially helpful when you are trying to climb up two parallel walls.

The soles on the ASICS GEL Venture 5 are thicker than the soles of other parkour shoes. While this reduces the amount of tactile feedback you get, it does allow these shoes to provide significantly deeper lugs. This makes them ideal for cold environments where barefoot parkour may be too slippery.

The price of these shoes is attractive. They regularly go on sale to make room for newer shoes, which is advantageous to traceurs that wear their shoes out quickly.

Product Features

Cushioned exterior
Deeper lugs for a better grip
Rugged enough for use as parkour and running shoes
Stylish designs
Tight fit on your feet

2. Vibram Men's KSO

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The Vibram Men's KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe can be considered the pinnacle of parkour shoes. It brings mobility and a moderate level of protection while ensuring you can still enjoy parkour to the fullest. It's the perfect shoe for advanced traceurs.
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Vibram excels at making parkour shoes. They carefully craft each of their shoes to ensure a snug fit that makes no compromise with mobility.

That's why our Vibram shoes review should highlight just how flexible these shoes are.

The five-toe setup that the Vibram Men's KSO uses allows you to climb, run, and do everything you need in parkour. Combined with their rubber outsole, they make tackling metal bars and other slippery obstacles significantly easier.

These shoes make the complete parkour package. They stay on your feet with their laces. You can barely feel them on your feet due to the mesh outer layer. They're lightweight, which means they won't drag your feet down.

They're even engineered to work in icy environments. The serrated blade lugs give them the extra grip you need to overcome obstacles.

If you're serious about parkour, then these are likely the shoes you will want to purchase. These represent the best parkour and running shoes available for experienced traceurs.

Product Features

Basic protection against abrasions
Breathable material
Extra control from the outsole texture
Flexibility and control
Longevity and dependability as a parkour shoe
The closest thing to barefoot running without being barefoot

3. Feiyue Classic

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Feiyue specializes in creating a shoe designed for people that need control of their feet. The Feiyue Classic shoe represents some of the best free running shoes for parkour.
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As an added bonus, they are incredibly durable and cheap. You can purchase several pairs of the Feiyue Classic to take with you on vacations and the like.


The sole of the Feiyue Classic is the foundation of why they are so great. They're made to bend with your feet while offering a certain amount of cushioning. This allows them traceurs to feel their feet, and to control the way their entire foot moves.

The sole itself is made of a durable piece of solid rubber. This means it won't fall apart when you're climbing up walls, or when you land on the ground from a high jump.

The treads of the soles are fairly reliable. They add a moderate amount of grip to make climbing things like metal poles and steep walls easier.

The cloth exterior allows your feet to breathe. It also remains protective enough to prevent harmful objects from damaging your feet. This makes the Feiyue Classic capable of doubling as some of the best parkour gear and an everyday shoe.

The last point to cover is the cost. The Feiyue Classic is designed to be durable and affordable, which means that you will retain these for a while. When you have to replace them, you won't struggle to do so because they are so affordable.

Product Features

Breathable and protective exterior
Cheap pricing makes them easy to replace
Designed to bend with your foot
Durable sole
One-piece rubber sole
Parkour anywhere by wearing these as everyday shoes

4. Merrell Glove Minimal

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Feeling the ground beneath you is essential to becoming better at parkour. Free running shoes for parkour should maintain zero drop, have enough grip, and protect your feet from abrasions. That's exactly what the Merrell Glove Minimal does.
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The Merrell Men's Trail Glove 3 Minimal Trail Running Shoe acts as a top-of-the-line parkour shoe. It provides a decent amount of protection while giving you the ability to control your feet.

The one-piece rubber sole forms the foundation of this shoe. It's sturdy and durable. You won't find pieces of it falling off as you move.

The 3mm lug depth adds a certain level of grip. This is important to make sure you can safety traverse unfriendly surfaces like smooth concrete and metal bars. Combine this with the Merrel Glove Minimal's ability to bend, and you have a decent amount of control.

The exterior of this shoe provides for a decent amount of comfort. It's made of a lightweight synthetic material, which means it won't weigh you down.

The last major benefit of the Merrel Glove Minimal comes from the laces. The Merrel Omni-Fit lacing system ensures that the Merrel Glove Minimal stays snug on your fit.

While this shoe makes for a good parkour shoe, the price is the biggest drawback. It is more expensive than the Vivo Men's KSO and the Feiyue, but it tends to last longer than both if you run decent distances while practicing parkour.

Product Features

Comfortable and snug fit
Decent gripping ability
Lightweight and resilient exterior
Minimal sole for adequate tactile perception
Sturdy shoe designed to really take a beating

5. Vivobarefoot EVO Running Shoe

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The ability to feel the ground and judge how you land is essential. the Vivobarefoot EVO Running Shoe places an extreme emphasis on being able to do this.
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Though it looks like a traditional running shoe, it has an incredibly slim synthetic sole. You can feel everything beneath your feet. You just don’t' have to run the risk of abrasions from running barefoot, which makes this a decent parkour shoe.


The first thing we feel should be examined in our Vivobarefoot review is the way the sole is designed. It's made to be thin, durable and flexible. It bends with your foot in ways that similar shoes could only hope to do.

The shape of the sole conforms to the bottom of your feet. This shoe is designed to provide minimal cushioning, which makes it ideal for developing your skills.

The laces are tight, and the cushioned tongue keeps things out of your shoe. The lower back side gives you a greater degree of flexibility for more precise movements.

The drawbacks of this shoe are the overall durability and the price. Some people have found that the exterior tends to fall apart. This can be undesirable considering the higher cost of the Vivobarefoot EVO Running Shoe.

Product Features

Barefoot experience without going barefoot
Flexibility that rivals five-toe shoes
Lower back side for more ankle movement
Mesh fabric that feels comfortable on your feet
Sole remains light and durable

6. Nike Free 5.0+

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Comfort, durability and weight are three key factors that the Nike Free 5.0 shoes address. That makes these Nikes nearly perfect for people who are into parkour.
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These shoes are designed to last while maximizing your control. Nike's excellence as a shoe manufacturer can be seen in these.


The Nike Free 5.0+ integrates synthetic materials with a savvy design. This allows you to feel what your feet touch while developing the muscles of your feet for more control.

They add more protection to your feet because of the thicker exterior. This does not, however, come at the cost of making the shoe weigh more.

When you put these shoes on, you will feel as if you're barefoot. These shoes are incredibly light and flexible.

The rubber sole is designed to be used for running. It's durable, but the lack of deep lugs does make it second in terms of grip ability.

The Nike Free 5.0+ is really a decent choice. The largest drawback is the price, but the choice in colors and sizes can offset this for those who are real enthusiasts of parkour.

Product Features

Added padding to minimize injuries while running
Durable one-piece rubber sole
Feels like running barefoot
Lightweight synthetic exterior
Thin sole for maximum sense of touch

7. Adidas Energy Boost

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This shoe is designed to meet the demanding needs of many different activities. It balances comfort, protection and durability to ensure that you have a shoe that lasts.
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Some have remarked that this shoe feels more comfortable to them. This is especially true when they perform a large amount of running during their travels.


When you put on the Adidas Energy Boost, you'll notice that they weigh considerably less than they look like they should. The synthetic mesh exterior gives these shoes a considerable amount of protection and comfort. It also minimizes the weight.

The sole itself is a solid rubber sole. It provides a decent amount of grip due to the design of the lugs. The only point of critique with the sole is the way the arch is designed. the arch may present a few challenges when trying to balance on metal bars and other smooth surfaces.

The midsole is where this shoe's strength lies. It is designed to wear slowly. You will find that the shoe tends to fail due to damage to the synthetic exterior, which gives the Adidas Energy Boost good longevity as a free running shoe.

Product Features

Boost technology increases shoe durability and comfort
Comfortable synthetic mesh exterior
Decent amount of overall durability
Fits securely on feet
Tends to make your feet feel less tired

8. PUMA FAAS 500

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PUMA provides reliable shoes designed to last. Their design increases their aesthetic appeal while maintaining function and form.
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The PUMA FAAS 500 represents one of best options that PUMA has to offer for this sport.


The lightweight but resilient exterior is the first thing most will notice about the PUMA FAAS 500. It has a synthetic mesh net designed to allow your feet to breathe. This maximizes comfort while adding some protection while you parkour.

The laces keep these shoes securely on your feet. The form-fitting technology integrated into this shoe and the cushioned tongue maximize comfort.

The EverTrack outsole is built to last. It uses a synthetic material to allow it to be relatively light while withstanding everything from pavement to sticks and stones.

The outsole, however, can cause some problems. It may be too slick for some to feel confident. The 4mm outsole is also thicker than other shoes. This reduces your sense of feeling.

Product Features

Breathable mesh exterior
High amount of comfort for running
Looks great
More protection from the sole
Rugged and built to last

9. Take Flight Parkour Training Shoe

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Take Flight's Training Shoe aims to bring a more versatile shoe to the table. This allows it to excel as one of the better free running shoes on the market.
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The low cost and superb grip makes this shoe one that has to be mentioned on any list.


The largest strength of this shoe is in the sole. It is a thick, solid piece of rubber that has lug patterns designed for increased gripping ability. This makes it easier to scale walls or hold onto metal surfaces.

The shoes themselves are relatively light. You can find lighter shoes, but the Take Flight Training Shoes are light enough for most beginners and intermediate users.

The exterior is where this shoe differs from others. It is mostly synthetic mesh. This keeps the shoe light and comfortable on your feet. Rubber shielding on the outside minimizes the risk of things like sticks or nails puncturing the side of your shoes.

This option is a good choice for those who may not be ready to experience barefoot running. It doesn't have as much flexibility as other shoes on this list, but the price and the traction make it a superb shoe for certain traceurs.

Product Features

Amazing grip ability
Average durability
Relatively low cost
Sturdy design
Superior exterior protection

Who Makes the Best Parkour Shoes?

Traceur standing on his handsParkour is all about the traceur. Your drive, skills and techniques are what define you as a traceur.

Expensive shoes will not make you good at parkour.

Instead of purchasing a ton for a pair of shoes, try to keep the cost low. Focus on buying cheaper brands that feel good on your feet. The majority of what enables you to become good at parkour is the ability to feel what’s underneath you.

The Feiyue Classic parkour shoes represent some of the better shoes for beginners. Even the premium Vibram shoes, the best of which is recognized as the Vibram KSO Cross Training Shoe, that appeal to master traceurs are still relatively inexpensive.

Let’s take brief look at some of the shoes that are often cited as being the best.

1. Feiyue Parkour Shoes

Feiyue shoes are excellent because of their design. They’re flexible and durable. They’re fashionable enough to wear everywhere. They support impromptu parkour, which means you can go anywhere your feet can take you.

The reason our Feiyue shoes review speaks so highly of them is because they’re been tried and tested. Expert and beginner traceurs alike will tell you that they love the way Feiyue’s shoes work for them.

The best part is that they’re easy to replace when they inevitably wear out.

2. Vibram Parkour Shoes

Where Feiyue makes incredible all-purpose shoes, Vibram makes excellent shoes designed just for parkour. Their five-toe designs allow you to grip things with your feet. This becomes incredibly useful when you’re climbing slick metal surfaces.

The Vibram KSO Cross Training Shoe is recognized as one of the best solutions for parkour shoes by traceurs. provides a barefoot experience without forcing you to go barefoot.

The added grip of Vibram soles allows the the successful execution of several techniques. That’s why most expert reviews will state that Vibram is the brand of choice for those looking to push their limits.

3. Nike Parkour Shoes

Nike shoes may be one of the few brands beginners will recognize. These shoes tend to provide a good balance between performance and protection.

The one drawback of Nike parkour shoes, as we mentioned in our review of the Nike Free 3.0+, is the fact that they cost so much. They will generally last intermediate traceurs around six months to a few years, which helps make them more cost-effective.

If you’re going to purchase a name brand parkour shoe, then Nike is likely the way to go. They provide an accessible parkour shoe that almost provides something very close to a barefoot running experience.

4. K-Swiss Parkour Shoes

While not mentioned within our review above, K-Swiss deserves a spot of mention. Their shoes are a bit on the heavy side, but they do provide a durable and functional option.

The K-Swiss Ariake shoes are an example of why K-Swiss gets mentioned by traceurs. These shoes are somewhat heavier, but they provide a decent amount of grip and a good sense of feeling.

Few traceurs will swear by their K-Swiss shoes, but they will admit that K-Swiss shoes can work pretty well.

5. PUMA Parkour Shoes

Many people are fans of PUMA’s shoes, so it’s understandable that traceurs tend to also enjoy them. Their aesthetic appeal tends to be nearly unmatched by others. They also provide a superior amount of protection against cuts and scrapes.

Shoes like the PUMA Tazon 5 Cross-Training Shoe are usually met with excellent reviews from users. The only area of criticism tends to be the thickness of the soles.

Some traceurs find that they’re too thick. Others will swear by PUMA because they feel so comfortable and give excellent protection.

6. Adidas Parkour Shoes

While Adidas tends to be less popular than brands like Nike or PUMA, they do deserve a certain amount of praise. Adidas’ products tend to be comfortable on the feet, which is why traceurs that run a decent distance tend to enjoy them.

The thing you need to be careful of with Adidas shoes pertains to the cost. They offer some expensive shoes that may not have better performance for parkour enthusiasts.

Shoes like the Adidas Energy Boost, which we did review, represent what you want as a traceur. The soles are thick enough for protection while being thin enough to remain flexible.

7. ASICS Parkour Shoes

ASICS parkour shoes are a bit of an odd thing. They tend to be as expensive as middle-grade shoes by Adidas and Nike.

The thing most traceurs love about them is their ability to double as everyday shoes. They look just like premium sneakers and running shoes, which means that they facilitate sudden parkour adventures. Their decent grip and durable shoes make them a favorite among college traceurs.

Shoes like the ASICS GEL Venture 5 tend to experience regular sales. This allows you to purchase a new pair of ASICS, which can be a big savings to beginner and intermediate traceurs.

8. KO Parkour Shoes

KO parkour shoes may be the last major brand on this list, but they are certainly not the least. They utilize synthetic materials with rubber coated outsoles to create an incredibly flexible parkour shoe.

The KO Gen 2 Parkour Shoe represents a fan favorite among traceurs. It’s durable, lightweight, got enough grip, and retains extra durability from being reinforced in areas where wear is common.

Some traceurs will remark that the KO Gen 2 is their favorite type of shoe. This is why the typical KO shoes review tends to sing nothing but praises for these shoes.

Where to Buy the Right Shoes?

Shopping mall photoPurchasing parkour gear from retail stores is incredibly difficult. There are only a handful of American parkour stores in the United States, and there are even fewer abroad.

Amazon has become the leader in supplying free running gear. They have an astounding selection of shoes, information from customers, and incredibly friendly customer service. You may find that Amazon is even better than your local shoe retailer because of this.

Amazon’s likely the best place to find parkour shoes for sale due to their selection. Most major brands tend to only supply one or two running shoes, where as you can find almost every brand and type of running shoe.

The shipping from Amazon is amazing. It’s fast, cheap and reliable. You can even return your parkour shoes if you purchase the wrong size or encounter another problem.

If you’re looking for parkour shirts or other free running gear, then you can use Amazon. You’ll find everything from the best shoes to the equipment you need to keep yourself safe while on your next adventure.

Simply put, Amazon is the best place to find the right footwear as well as anything else you might need.

Making the Decision

Traceur in motionMost people tend to stay away from parkour because they think parkour shoes and equipment must be expensive. They may not be able to find the gear they need, which further discourages them.

The truth is that Amazon has made it possible for everyone to get into parkour. You can buy great parkour shoes, such as the Feiyue Classic or KO Gen 2 for cheap. You don’t even have to leave your home to receive them.

We hope that your eyes have been opened to just how versatile parkour equipment is. You don’t need to spend a lot to get involved in an activity that requires very little gear.

All you need is the determination to be the best traceur possible. That’s what determines how well you can scale walls or how far you can run.

With almost every type of parkour shoe made available to you on Amazon, you have no excuse not to enjoy this activity to the fullest. Start shopping for your parkour shoes and gear on Amazon.

The sooner you order your gear, the sooner you can begin to your limit of just how far your drive can take you as a traceur.

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