10 Best Adidas Shoes Reviewed & Rated

Adidas is such a high-producing athletic apparel company (with a fervent mass following) that a section needed to be dedicated to the best of sneakers that Adidas has to offer. A German company, Adidas does not disappoint, offering products crafted intricately – in the name of German engineering and design.

Best Adidas Sneakers-White Shoes

Adidas is a company that is symbolic of what German-engineering is known to be, offering detailed and precise sneaker technology, imparted with conservative color palettes. With a reputation for aggressive performance, concentration in algorithms with a focus in engineering, Adidas has survived for more than 65 years -a highly influential athletic sportswear brand endorsed by many celebrities and collegiate sports teams.

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Last Updated: July 10, 2017
By Mirisa Jewell:

This top 10 list is up to date with the most current, high quality Adidas shoes on the market. Created through extensive research, the shoes on this page meet the best standards considered. Shoes like the Adidas Superstar and Adidas Pro Model are essential to those looking for the best. 

Adidas Superstar
  • Adidas Superstar
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Rubber shell toe
  • Price: See Here
Adidas Stan Smith
  • Adidas Stan Smith
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Coated Eyelets
  • Price: See Here
Adidas Baseline
  • Adidas Baseline
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Suede Upper
  • Price: See Here

Sneakers serve double duty, as brand-name items that must protect feet while looking good. Adidas manages to do both serving up casual street skater inspired shoes, running, exercise, and fashion shoes as well as the real deal, basketball shoes, and athletic sneakers. Whether looking for a casual low-top or an animated running shoe, the results of this list, the Adidas sneakers review, has gathered them all – compiled from each category highlighting distinctive features of each candidate is the top ten list. Researched and reviewed according to factors including product details, traits, and attributes, the strength of reviews and quantity of reviews.


10 Best Adidas Shoes


1. Adidas Superstar

Carrying all the notoriety of its famous moniker, the Superstar has resounded with sneaker fans annually receiving the largest amount of reviews in its category. The votes were so overwhelming for this specific style that it is the clear winner, undisputed. The ratings are all above average to excellent, tied closely with runner - up Adidas sneaker, Stan Smith. Both were close with quality rankings.
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Throwback, retro, classic design
Part of the reason for the Superstar’s popularity is attributed to sneaker styling and flawless Italian design. Featuring the classic rubber shell toe, this leather and synthetic sneaker comes in six different color options, the diagonal adidas stripes accenting the form of a simple and low - rise walking sneaker.

Quality construction and materials
Sure they’re cute, do they perform? With ultra soft leather lining designed to comfort the foot as well as impart a “heritage” vibe, product quality of the Superstar is high. With an enhanced layer featuring a mesh knit textile, ensuring maximum breathability, while forming to the foot.

Cost and Value
At this price point, it comes in at approximately average. This is a great sneaker, there are few other sneakers that are built well, comfortable and cute. The design of the Superstar makes it a great value, for the retro look. It is perfect for those looking for a skater shoe look without actually buying a skater shoe, which tends to be uncomfortable. Plus, on top of being attractive and comfortable, they are made of good material - they are superstars.
  • Appealing retro design
  • Simple and easy to coordinate
  • Price point is within reason
  • Ten different color schemes
  • Many of the main colors/styles hard to find
  • Certain colors of the same style cost more

2. Adidas Stan Smith

Another highly recognizable silhouette that Adidas fans might recognize, is the tennis-styled entrant of the best of adidas bunch, the Performance Stan Smith Tennis. This model was first launched in the 70’s and is exactly what you would imagine a tennis shoe designed in the 70’s would look like - a softer, lighter, tennis-court version of the Superstar. The Smith’s visually look streamlined and comfortable. And customers agree, noting few complaints - some wished they had an easier time keeping the all-white model clean. The easy looks of the sneaker have made it a versatile option, an enduring crowd favorite, receiving consistently high marks annually, with a staggering 60+ renditions of the Stan Smith (including men's, women's and kids) are in production - at last count.
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Classic styling
The looks of the Stan Smith are smooth and clean, this is a low-cut sneaker, inspired by tennis playing. The shoes are simply-designed, minimal profile. These offer consumers casual wear and easy to put on handling, the padded tongue and footbed have been enhanced.

Storied legacy
The background of this sneaker has a history and tradition. Much like the long history of adidas, the history of the Stan Smith is embedded in sneaker glory. The shoe carries with it a time-honored styling, evoking an 80’s sneaker vibe.

Cost and Value
The overall price point ranges between $41 and $234. If available at the lower price point range, the Stan Smith is an excellent casual wear sneaker. At the higher end, for certain colors of the exact same model, it is not a great value. The sneaker has much fan support, though there is no need to spend more than the lower price point for a casual, multi-purpose sneaker. For those that can find the Stan Smith in their size and desired style, it is a desirable way to wear adidas in an understated and subtle way.

Smooth full-grain upper

Stan Smith Logo on Tongue

Stan Smith iconic brand designation

Easy-grip heel tab with logo


Thin footbed

Looks like it was designed in the 80’s, unintentionally

3. Adidas Neo Baseline

The NEO lands on the “best of” list due to all-around high customer feedback and quality ratings. The Baseline is a hybrid of the tennis court Stan Smith, with a hint of retro streetwear provided by Superstar influence. It blends the two styles expertly while featuring trademark Adidas elements, the classic three stripes.
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Padded Tongue and Collar
Though categorized as a fashion sneaker, the NEO excels because of comfort. Usually, fashion sneakers tend to be thin, brittle and boxy in construction. What looks the best is not the most comfortable. With an enhanced tongue and collar, lined with plush and absorbent fabric, adidas provides fashion sneaker wearers much-needed comfort.

Timeless Look
The appearance of these is a hit with reviewers. Defined as retro-inspired, the leather design embodies casual chic with as many adidas fan voting for the “nice looks” in addition to the “well-made” construction of the sneaker.

Cost and Value
Among the most affordably priced of the adidas on the list. The price varies depending on what style or color selection you choose. The traditional version, an all-white model featuring a black contrast stripe panels, is an excellent bargain - in the adidas category and a great bargain in the fashion sneaker category. It is a great buy in any sneaker category.

Excellent price point

Comfortable, cushioned tongue and collar

Modern Retro Look

Interesting shades: Ice Green & Merlot

Exquisite construction


Many sizes and shades are sold- out

Sizing can be off

4. Adidas Gazelle

4. Adidas Gazelle
With a storied tradition, roots actually embedded in Olympic history, the Gazelle is a masculine sneaker presence - wielding a beefed up frame while still evoking classic Adidas styling. The image is bold, they unintentionally make a statement due to sheer brazenness. Featuring flashy styles such as the Collegiate version of the Gazelle model, constructed in an electric blue plush velour offset by white leather trimming. The Gazelle has the name imprinted, in all capitals, alongside the signature tri-stripe logo by adidas. This is done to impart a cock adidias vibe, the Gazelle’s have their own personality and energy. It is not necessary to put your name on these sneakers, they already come with their username.
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Dense thick outsole
The endurance capabilities of a hard thick sole, commonly attributed to basketball shoes or skateboarder shoes, can be a wonderful thing. With a heavy thick sole, you can feel comfortable while walking or running errands. Constructed of rubber, the sole is non-marking, designated as a multi-surface outsole.

Striking color combinations
The base colors of grey, red and black will average between $40 and $50. The gazelles have some famous color choices though, resulting in a supply and demand driven price of $220 for certain hot color combos. Green, burgundy, yellow and white are consistently sold-out of the Gazelle line. Expect to pay at the higher price point if you happen to like these intensely popular tones.

Cost and Value
At an average price around $51, the Gazelle is a great value for those looking for a casual walking sneaker that has some bold design and fabric choices.

Gorgeous looks

Low-profile flexible midsole

Non-marking outsole

Distinctive color patterns


Might be loose for narrow fee

Some versions sold-out, hard to find

5. Adidas Cloudfoam VS City

5. Adidas Cloudfoam VS City
When looking at the Cloudfoam, one sees sport, these shoes are designed for motion with curvey and sloping edges gracing the bouncy, light-as-air frame. These sneakers represent the athletic side of adidas. Although the Superstar, Stan Smiths and Neo’s can be worn actively, the Cloudfoams are truly created to compliment your workout, whether a daily jog or hiking up and down city streets carrying home the day’s supplies. Adidas notes this in the Cloudfoam namesake adding city to the model name, emphasizing that these can adapt to outside of gym activity as well as exercise.
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Lightweight Construction
Meant to envelop the foot in billows of soft material, the Cloudfoams are a marathon shoe, the inspiration is from a running shoe. Designated for consumers living the everyday marathon, the Cloudfoams incorporate trademark lightweight running shoe construction with favorable textile choices like a mesh upper and seamless toe cap.

Innovative Sock Liner
The interior of the sneaker is a component that has been enhanced favorable over the decades, designers producing materials have added benefits, like moisture-wicking or anti-bacterial action. Adidas also incorporates a trademark lining, the Cloudfoam sock liner keeps feet cool and cushioned, the Cloudfoam element being an EVA compound.

Cost and Value
For the price and the design of the shoe alone, it would be hard to find a running shoe that protects and shields feet while imparting cushioned, shock-proof layers. The Cloudfoam is a value because it beats out competitors offering similar products, all while retaining adidas name-branding.

Reasonable price point

Can be worn during active times or down times

Suitable for gym use and casual use

Reflective at night

Friendly-looking and cuddly version of the Adidas bunch


Three color options

Beginner athletic shoe, not suitable for performance level running

6. Adidas Pro Model

6. Adidas Pro Model
So far, all the sneakers on the best list have been low - tops. Not to fret, because the best sneaker list just would not be complete with a mid - top. A fashion forward sneaker silhouette, the mid-top profile is built into the relaxed, yet the sleek, urban charm of the Performance Pro Model Basketball. With the trademark adidas rubber shell - toe, classic appeal of the superstar, the flashiness of the Gazelle and vintage charm of the Stan Smith, the Performance Pro wins a well-deserved spot. Cleaning up with a good number of reviews posted combined with overall quality scores, this model also bears a gold embossed print bearing its namesake on the side of the shoe. Available in more than 20 style variations.
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At a totally competitive price, costs the same as many of the others on the best list. This particular shoe has been commended for its high-quality standards but relatively low monetary cost.

Distinctive Style Elements
The trademark adidas stripes have an added touch, pinking trim. A process that trims edges to produce a zig-zag, jagged yet orderly, outline. These edges on the adidas stripes, along with decorative circular laser cuts, give the Pro Model charm.

Cost and Value
For all - around looks, price and design, the Performance Pro is a winner. It does not have as many votes, common for a sneaker with a basketball designation. Don’t let that dissuade you from considering this sneaker as an option, with the recent rising popularity of mid top sneakers comes an explosion of incredibly overpriced selections to the market, the Performance Pro offers the best value at reasonable cost.

Mid top sneaker option

Classic adidas styling

Signature pinked edges on logo stripes

Additional ankle support


Not available, always sold out

Pinking trim could be unattractive to some

7. Adidas X PLR

7. Adidas X PLR
A fashionable sneaker featuring traditional athletic sneaker looks. The X_PLR earns a spot on the list for understated looks and an option for those wanting the flexibility of a trainer or basketball shoe, without the bulk or vanity exhibited by fellow adidas sneaker companions.
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An Understated Appeal
Available in five patterns, all are neutral-toned shades. Simply titled blue, black, white, gray and dark blue, they are all actually really muted colors. The dark blue features a navy blue panel inset, not too bright in tone or hard to match at all.

Insole and Outsole Innovation
The rubber outsole is curved, sloping thinner towards the toe. This gives the X_PLR a profile that is distinctive as well as offering agility. The insole is removable.

Cost and Value
A good option at an affordable price for those wanting a lightweight shoe or for those wanting a shoe that offers more support than a tradition thick one-dimensional street shoe.

Simple design and color patterns

Easy to coordinate, blends-in

Suits active wear lifestyles

Offers more support than flatter or thinner sole sneakers


Four color variations

More for style than actual athletic performance

8. Adidas Tubular Radial

8. Adidas Tubular Radial
For those desiring a look that has an edgy, fashion-forward type vibe, the Tubular is a visual standout with dynamic curves and bold round laces. These shoes are a spin on the athletic sneaker, a hyper athletic sneaker combining unique fabric into a technology - kissed pattern, the Tubular Radial. This is a low-top, available in seven styles.
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Cutting-edge, futuristic looks
Channel the creativity in human engineering with these fashion sneakers wrapped up in an athletic cover. The look is completely sporty, built with a melange knit upper highlighted in two coordinating tones.

The Tubular outsole
Besides being a fun word to say, tubular is also the namesake of this adidas sneaker for good reason. The Tubular Radial has a design inspiration, tires, specifically radial tires. The sole features markings reminiscent of a tire tread. Offered in seven shades.

Cost and Value
The cost of the Tubular is fair, comparable to the other adidas sneakers in the lineup. The value comes in the tire pattern and interesting rubber outsole detailing. Adding design details to the rubber outsole is an added designer touch.

Sock-like fit

Synthetic suede upper

Snug fit

Unique sole imprint pattern


Some styles run small

The mystery blue appears darker in person

9. Adidas Concord II Mid

9. Adidas Concord II Mid
The Concord is designated a fashion sneaker, of all the adidas sneakers entrants on the list, this one is perhaps the most glamorous. It features three elements none of the other adidas sneakers on our list possess, the addition of a velcro closure strap, patent leather finish, and gold tone hardware. This is a low-top with a sloping outsole.
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Leather Handiwork
The texture and finish of the leather are divine, the patent leather gleams true to reputation, glowing and reflecting surrounding light with adidas glory. The shiny, car wax glossy finish drips luxury.

Goldtone Hardware Embellishments
The eyelets of the Concord are crafted with gold tone metal hardware, perfectly complementing the shiny patent finish. The gold tone continues on to the ankle strap, which has the brand name embossed in gold tone foil print.

Cost and Value
This is a competitively priced sneaker, at $68, it is within reach and affordable. Factor in the embellishments and the velcro straps, higher prices often mean enhanced design detailing. If interested in the fashionable edginess of the Concord, then the $68 cost is a great value.

Hook and loop ankle strap

Patent leather option

Ridged rubber outsole offers traction

Luxurious vibe, goldtone highlights

Perforated, ventilated toe area


Two color choices

Not available for women!

10. Adidas NMD XR1

10. Adidas NMD XR1
The full name being the NMD_XR1 PK by 1909, this adidas sneaker should have a strong pedigree to back up that mouthful of pronunciation. And it does. This is for the runner, you could purchase this for the routine trip to check the mail or strap these bad sneakers on for the latest leg of the iron man triathlon. These shoes are bold without being crass, accented by two pops of sporty flashes, basic blue and red - powerful primary sports colors. Designed for performance and revealing the latest of what adidas sportswear has to offer, there are two color patterns to choose from. This is usually a “con” or a minus when shopping for a product, however, when shopping for certain products like laptops or baby strollers, a color option is nice - though, not a requirement.
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The High-Grade Material Wrapping the Foot
This shoe was designed not to be an ordinary object on the foot, the adidas PrimeKnit wraps and surrounds the foot in lightweight fabrics designed to support and cushion. This is an adaptive fabric that responds to the foot.

The High-Grade Material Supporting Soles and Arches
The rest of this high-performance sneaker offers just as much in creative athletic sneaker design. This is a molded EVA midsole that cushions a “boost” layer, it responds to energy levels and also has a heel patch. The molded heel patch also offers EVA cushioning.

Cost and Value
The cost of this product is relatively high, $150 to $395. Compared to all adidas sneakers available, this product consistently received high marks, in spite of the exuberant price point. The highest sneaker on the list, it is also the newest and youngest, having yet to prove itself in the long run. The features that it does have could make it a good value if you must have an adidas running shoe.

Designed for elevated athletic performance

Geared toward running enthusiasts

Understated color palette

Low-weight construction


Price is on the high side

The world of Adidas sneakers is a large one with many of the top models (Superstar, Stan Smith, Concord, etc) having dozens of spinoffs in various patterns and limited editions. It is a fierce sneaker world with consumers owning, on average, more than one type of sneaker.

These are the best of the main Adidas sneaker category, roughly divided into fashion and athletic. Most of the sneakers embody traits for both, they can be classified as fashion-leaning or athletic-leaning.

There are so many options available at the same price point, that the consumer can choose a quality Adidas product in basketball style, skater style or the athletic style.