10 Best Cherokee Shoes Reviewed & Tested for Comfort

Cherokee’s shoes are a very classy, comfortable and come in various different styles. They are affordable and are a perfect for anyone who is constantly on their feet. This specific brand has been around for years contributing to an ongoing set of fashion and shoe trends.

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With the constantly changing fabrics and prints, Cherokee shoes aim to please the customer with their prices, plus versatile and compatible styles that are meant to individually match each wearer. These shoes are designed for health care personnel and have been handcrafted to provide comfort and style for professionals.

Last Updated: July 27, 2017
By Sergio Bettiol:

The most recent update features the inclusion of our selected criteria for evaluation. It consists of  the guidelines we followed during the research & rating of these shoes, and contain further advice and valuable tips on how to find the best Cherokee shoes. Lastly, we added some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the topic.

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Shoes make up the perfect outfit, and a perfect pair of Cherokee shoes can accessorize your favorite get-up. This classic American brand sells their shoes at a great value, and they are highly favored, which is why we compiled a list of the top ten best Cherokee shoes on the market today.


10 Best Cherokee Shoes


1. Cherokee Sloggers SL5100

The SL5100 are one of the top rated shoes in the list today and have attracted customers with the flexibility of its soles, as well as the stability that can withstand almost all surfaces that you come in contact with. This waterproof and durable shoes not only last a very long time, but can also add style to your work outfit.
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Soft and Flexible
It is important that your shoes are comfortable on your feet. The SL5100 have a soft upper lining which provides flexibility throughout the shoes. This also contributes to the stability of the shoe, while keeping in mind that movement throughout the bed is essential to a customer's needs.

Nobody wants water to permeate the shoe which is why this shoe keeps moisture out. The top of the shoe cannot be easily entered with water leaving your feet dry under any condition that you may find yourself during the work day.

Cost and Value
The price of the shoe approximates to around 32 dollars. This is the perfect price for a shoe that will last a long time but will also provide comfort and sustainability during the day. If you think about working on your feet all day, you essentially want your feet to be able to handle the pain. The SL5100 has comfort that is worth the cost, and will keep your feet at ease during your day.

Perfect for outdoor use


Do not slip off of your feet

Slip on easily

Can withstand slippery mud terrain


Wide width feet may feel snug in the shoe

Heels of the feet have discomfort

2. Cherokee Mambo

The Mambo has a lot of great features to get excited about. They are made of leather with a rubber sole. This leather shoe has a rubber sole and is slip resistant. With support and comfort this shoe will mold to your feet to ensure perfect comfort. They are malleable to its owner and can make a perfect fit for any specific individual.
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Breathable Lining
The use of breathable lining is very important to your feet, it will give your shoes the ability to air out the moisture that may be trapped within your shoes.

Slip Resistant
This important feature of the shoe is used to keep you on your feet. The slip resistance can provide safety for you while you work to prevent sliding or skidding on the surfaces that you walk on.

Cost and Value
This particular shoe ranges between the 40 to 80 dollar mark. With the value of all the shoe has to offer the price is relevant to the product's special features. You’re paying for the leather upper part of the shoe as well as the amenities that will keep you on your feet.

Extra cushioning in the sole

Lightweight material

Has a 1.5 inch heel

Made for individual fit

No laces to tie


May fit snug

take a while to break in properly

3. Cherokee Exact

The Cherokee Exact Work shoe is similar to the rest in terms of the lightweight feel of the shoe, as well as the flexible material it is made with. This shoe is also washable which will ensure it cleanliness and long lasting durability. Not only will they last long, but the Exact Work Shoe is also available in various colors that will match every one of your outfit needs.
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Synthetic Sole
This artificial sole is good for your feet and provides a very airy comfort that will leave your feet feeling comfortable.

Vent Channel
This shoe ventilation that is in the channel will keep moisture out of your shoe. This will also allow other things to exit and enter your shoe as needed. This channel can provide durability because it will allow your shoe to release things and smells that are not needed.

Cost and Value
Between 30-45 dollars the exact work shoe is perfect if you want a super comfortable slip resistant shoe. Cherokee provides great additions to their brands that will keep the price looking better and better because of the quality that you receive. This lightweight and flexible shoe is great for those who want a low priced shoe that will last a while.

Fit True to size

Great Material

Attractive look

Great cushioning

Lightweight and comfortable


Wide Cut

Don't expel heat extremely well

4. Cherokee Zone Clog

4. Cherokee Zone Clog
The Zone Clog is an extremely comfortable fit with its automatically cushioned footbed that adds to the already comfortable and supportive shoe. What is special about the zone clog is that you can wear them to work or out during the day to add style to your perfect outfit.
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Removable Insole
The removable insoles are really easy to change and clean. This is an important aspect because insoles tend to wear and tear, and when they are able to be removed you can keep your shoes lasting a long while.

Rubber Sole
The rubber soles are very important in keeping the shoe as durable as possible. Rubber are good for working in terrains that may seem slippery. This adds to the slip resistance of the shoe as well.

Cost and Value
The 22-40 dollar shoe is 4th generation and is made better than ever. There is a consistency about the shoes quality and style that customers can’t seem to get enough of. You are not only paying for the brand and look of the shoe but you are also paying for the great amenities it has to offer.

Has a heel for height

Comfortable with socks

Great for walking large distances

Fit great and molds to feet

Weighs very light amount


Noisey Plastic

Runs small in size

5. Cherokee Harmony Step

5. Cherokee Harmony Step
This medium height shoe can be worn for the contemporary look. This slip on sensation has inner lining materials that are good for soaking up moisture and the durability of the leather upper sole provide the shoe with a long lasting guarantee.
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Moisture Absorbing
The lining of this shoe absorbs moisture well. This can add to the overall inside structure of your shoe. This can relieve any sweat and moisture that can come from everyday wear to the rainy weather forecast. Regardless of why their is moisture in your shoe, the Harmony Step has your feet covered.

Medium Height Heel
Having a heel added to your shoe is an awesome feature if you want to feel taller. This added boost will not only heighten you, but it will also heighten your confidence. This is a small heel but will add a little something extra to your perfect outfit that you decide to wear to work on a daily basis.

Cost and Value
Ranging between the 30-70s price range, the Harmony has very different extras that come along with the ordinary shoe. This contemporary look is well priced if you have a moisture problem or want a little pep in your step when to comes to height.

Good for sensitive feet

Easy to break in

Quality Material

Stays clean

Easy to remove


Feels heavy at first

Outside lining issues

6. Cherokee Leather Twin Gore Step

6. Cherokee Leather Twin Gore Step
The premium leather quality of the Twin Gore Step is unbeatable. The tumbled leather paired with the double goring system will guarantee individual fit with this particular pair of Cherokee's. You won't be disappointed with the way this shoe molds to your feet to ensure that the particular pair is the perfect one for you.
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The lightness of the shoe is evident and will provide a better wear. With the already custom fit that is provided when you purchase the shoe, the lightness just adds a different aspect to how you wear and feel in your shoes.

The cushion of the heel is extra soft which provides a better fit for your feet. Walking in a well cushioned shoe will keep your feet from hurting and will improve and better the discomfort that you may feel when walking for too long. This is great if you work long hours and are constantly on your feet.

Cost and Value
This shoe hovers in the 60 dollar mark and because of the easy accessibility of the shoe onto your feet and the brand itself the price is well worth the commitment if it means your feet will be in better condition at the end of each day.

Premium Leather

Fits individually

Rubber outsole

Slip resistant

Heighted heel


Hard to break in

Limited colors

7. Cherokee Springboard

7. Cherokee Springboard
The Springboard has super soft quality with adjustable features that can provide customizable comfort for your feet. They come with an air bag by the heels of your feet that provides resilience to your everyday walking.
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Premium Leather
The premium leather that the material is made with will keep the shoe very protected and it will last longer than if it were made with a different material. This will also make the shoe last longer than expected.

Breathable linings
The breathable lining of the shoe will keep your feet free of moisture, and the linings will provide extra comfort for your feet. The support and comfortable fit that the breathable linings provide will relieve pain that you may be feelings in areas like your knees or feet.

Cost and Value
The cost of the shoe is well worth the price because of the amount of different aspects that the shoe has to offer. This shoe is said to be slip resistance which is very good when you are working on your feet and in different areas of terrain. Ranging from around 50-70 dollars this work shoe will be perfect for those who need to be on their feet all day.

Pain relief in feet and knees

Nice size for width

Quality of shoe is high

Great support

Premium leather


Small sizes


8. Cherokee Robin SR

8. Cherokee Robin SR
Stay stylish with the Robin SR. The classic leather is top quality and extremely durable. This APMA accepted shoe is extra cushioning to provide comfort to the soles of your feet. With this durable stylish shoe will be as comfortable as they look. They are classy and comfortable and will be a feel good shoe for the right price!
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100% Cotton
Being made of 100% cotton means that the shoe will be more durable and long lasting because cotton is a very strong material. Cotton in clothing is important and a good investment because it also allows the material to breathe better letter out moisture that may be clogged up in your shoe.

Midsole Material
The midsole material of this shoe is very flexible and comfortable. This material is provided for better wear as well as for extra cushioning. This extra comfort will keep your feet at ease while you are working through a hard day.

Cost and Value
This 100% cotton shoe is at a value that is approximately around 60 dollars. The ROBINSR is a great shoe that fits comfortably, and for the right price. They are also very classy and a sophisticated look for all your work needs. This is definitely a bang for your buck.

Classy and Comfortable

Good individual fit

Breathable linings

Soft and lightweight soles

Slip resistant



1/2 size small

9. Cherokee Peacock

9. Cherokee Peacock
With a breathable lining display throughout the shoe and the lightest outsole, the Peacock is airy and flexible. This is also a platform shoe that add approximately 0.75 inches in height. This is the lightest outsole compared to other Cherokee makes.
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½ Weighted Outsoles
The outsoles are weighted at half the weight of any other Cherokee shoe. This light and airy touch make it feel like you are walking on a soft and comfortable cushion at the bottom of your foot.

Double Gored Slip
The elastic sides of the shoe are made for a double gore slip. This shoe will pull on easily and snugly, make this shoe easy to take on and off.

Cost and Value
The price of the shoes range from around 57 to about 100 dollars. This shoe is extra light and comfortable to wear which adds to the cost of the shoe. The more comfortable the shoe the better. The shoe also comes with great features like an imported leather outsole, as well as a heel to add to the shoe.

Shoe has great width

No signs of wear and tear after a long period of time

Good arch support

High comfort rating

Professional look


Be cautious at picking size

May stretch out too much

10. Cherokee Poppy

10. Cherokee Poppy
The Poppy is a light durable shoe which has an adjustable velcro strap.They allow a flexible range of motion but have a strong and sturdy structure that allow for a long lasting shoe. These comfortable pair of Cherokees are very comfortable, stylish and affordable.
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Adjustable Velcro Strap
The velcro strap is adjustable to keep your shoes secure as possible. It can be perfect for those who need their shoes to be tighter one day, and more loose the next. This adjustable strap is one of the top features to this already great shoe.

Ease of Motions
The ease of motion can be monitored by the flexible sole of the shoe. You can be going in different degrees of motion but the flexibility of the soles will move as you do, ensuring maximum movement and comfort.

Cost and Value
Ranging in the 60 dollar value, the Poppy is the perfect shoe to add to your collection. The various additions to this shoe equal its value. You will be getting leather outerwear, rubber soles, an added velcro strap and a heel that can give you that extra boost of height. With all these different amenities the shoe is a great price to customers.

1.75 inch heel

Breathable lining

Great shoes for comfort

Fit true to size

Appealing to the eye and well made


Can be narrow

Need better arch support

If you are looking for comfort and style while you work than Cherokee is the brand to be looking at. The Cherokee name is most popular for providing excellent footwear to those in the medical profession, but they don’t stop there. Throughout all of the shoes reviewed they have one thing in common, they are comfortable and can individually fit the needs of many different kinds of individuals and customers. They take their time to provide a shoe that will adhere to all of your needs while you work and when you don’t. Pick your style and choose your very own Cherokee design today, your feet will thank you later.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Cherokee Shoes



Cherokee shoes are popular for their comfortability – it doesn’t matter which of their designs you obtain, whether it’s an office shoe, a nursing one, or just a pair of casual pieces, you can count on one thing: they’ll be comfortable. Some people believe comfort is limited to the materials of the inner shoe when in reality, there’s much more to it.
What makes a shoe comfortable is more than just the materials that are in direct contact with our feet. In fact, the most important elements of comfort are not even in contact with your feet, or your skin. Elements of the shoe, such as the midsole, provide comfort by absorbing shock and reducing the impact it has on the heels. In some sort of way, these elements improve comfort by preventing discomfort, rather than by being soft to the touch.

If you’ve read a couple of our guides, you should know one thing about shoes by now: no matter what the shoes are for, comfort is a paramount criteria for their selection. A shoe that lacks comfort always ends up being a terrible purchase in the long term. You may force the wear on them, but you’ll eventually end up not wearing them anymore.

Comfort has both physical and psychological impacts. Physically, a comfortable shoe reduces a huge load of stress from your feet, in comparison to uncomfortable shoes. In some cases, depending on the hours of wear and the circumstances, we may even be talking about heel damage. If on top of that you add consistent and repetitive use of the same uncomfortable shoes, you’ll pay the price for it.
The psychological factor has a huge impact on any activity you’ll perform. If you’re in constant discomfort due to your footwear not being appropriate, your mood and efficiency will be affected. A pair of shoes that hurt your feet throughout the day will prevent you from concentrating, or at least it will make it harder.

Lastly, your performance decreases too, due to the fact that, well, your feet hurt. You can’t perform tasks efficiently while in pain or discomfort, especially if you know it’ll continue.
After analyzing the anatomy of a regular shoe, we determined certain factors which we use to measure the comfortability of a shoe. We previously said that the materials that are in contact with our feet aren’t everything – but they do matter. Materials such as leathers and cushioning elements make a big difference.

However, there’s more to the materials than just their softness. Another important aspect of shoe materials is breathability, and a shoe can be directly judged by the presence (or lack) of breathability in its materials.
Shock-absorbing technology is a must, too. Fortunately, the vast majority of shoes count with and absorbing design. Whether it’s a specific midsole material, a heel air pocket, or simply a special outsole design that deflects pressure.


You’ve probably seen the biggest sport shoe manufacturers compete against each other in a race to see who delivers the most minimalist shoe. At first sight, the weight differences may even look silly. A constant race of technologic advancement and biomechanical functions to remove one or two ounces from an already lightweight shoe.

But, the purpose is fairly simple. If you strap a 15oz weight to your feet and walk for 2 hours, you’ll feel considerably less fatigued than if you did the exact same thing with a 20oz strap. 5oz sure isn’t that much, what really makes the difference is the number of steps you’re taking.

If you’re going around the corner, you may not even notice there’s a weight difference. Wear them for an active purpose, like an active full-time job for example, and trust us, you’ll feel the difference. Although the weight difference is small, it’s reducing the effort you make in every single step. Like we said, this goes unnoticed when taking a couple steps. After a full day of use, though, there’s a lot of muscular fatigue you saved. If you’re someone active (or with an active job), the weight of the shoe is something that you should really keep in mind while looking for footwear. Cherokee shoes in general feature a light build, and they do count with minimalistic approaches. The weightless experience of some of their models, such as the Sloggers SL5100, deliver a much smoother performance and comfort in terms of weight.

However, it’s not all about the weight either. The materials should, of course, meet certain standards aside from their weight. By applying thinner or lighter materials, a shoe will certainly lose weight – but are these materials as functional as heavier ones? It’s important that these materials prove to be nearly as efficient (at least) as thicker ones. A lightweight build is more than just lightweight materials, it must keep a stable frame and platform, as well as the features of a regular shoe. You can make a shoe with extremely light materials that add up to 1 gram, but the question is: are they efficient?

Efficiency also involves durability. These lightweight materials are often much thinner than conventional ones. This not only reduces the amount of protection, but it also means they’re easier to damage.
However, certain modern technologies allow shoes to meet both lightweight standards and functional standards at the same time. Innovation and technology, such as new methods of applying the materials, heel air pockets, and synthesized materials, have allowed this to be possible.

Keep in mind that it all comes down to the purpose of the shoes. Certain types of shoes tend to have very different purposes and features. For instance, there are lightweight hiking boots, which are considerably lighter than conventional hiking boots. Yet, they’re considerably heavier than a lightweight running shoe.
It isn’t just looking for the lightest materials – it’s looking for light materials that perform ideally during the tasks you normally do.


Flexibility is a natural feature of our body. Most parts of our body are meant to be flexible, like our feet. In fact, certain parts need to be flexible. Thus, it would only be logical to assume that shoes should resemble these features.

A shoe’s flexibility involves much more than just aiming at the most optimal performance. Flexibility is a must-have factor in any shoe. It’s fairly simple; the anatomic design of our feet and the biomechanical motion of walking requires feet to bend and flex. From there, a shoe can either become a really useful tool, or it can become an obstacle. A flexible shoe optimizes the motions of your feet, by improving the flex range and reducing stress on the arch while doing it. In the cases of runners, materials that are flexible improve the range of motion as well as the running strength. This flexibility also allows you to move in a much more natural manner. Flexible shoes bend with your foot, resembling every movement as naturally as possible.

Stiff shoes, on the other hand, don’t adapt to the movement of your feet. Not only that, but they may even obstruct your motions. An outsole that doesn’t flex along with the arch, limits your motions considerably. Not only will you not be able to perform some motions, but you’ll also decrease the quality of the motions you can perform, too.  For example, a stiff outsole will prevent your feet from flexing naturally as you walk or run. In this case, it’s not a matter of optimal performance or a matter of the quality of the movement. At this point, it’s a matter of the movement being obstructed. If you’ve ever tried to walk without bending your feet, you’ll know that it is neither practical nor comfortable.

Additionally, non-flexible shoes may also bring a list of consequences to your feet. In cases where the user suffers from certain anatomic conditions, such as high arches or flat feet, the lack of flexibility may place a considerable amount of stress on the arch. For anyone who suffers from similar conditions, we recommend fairly flexible shoes along with a custom insole that fits the user. Although sometimes the shoes may count with smooth flexibility, they may simply not suit your anatomy. If you have a high arch, a regular shoe won’t suit you regardless of its flexibility, as the design aims at a neutral arch anatomy. The implementation of a customized insole is a hugely advised action when certain conditions make regular shoes unsuitable for you.

It’s also important not to get too much flexibility. Normally, you would think flexibility is something you want to get as much of as possible. But, depending on the activities you perform with your pair of shoes, you might not want that much. Too much flexibility leads to decreased balance. For instance, if the materials are too flexible in running shoes, your feet will swing to the sides while running. Instead, the flexible materials should be placed strategically in zones of high flexion. Separately, other non-flexible materials should act as a firm frame and platform.

Grip & Traction

A good grip can be your best friend, just as much as a loose grip can be your worst enemy. The grip is one of the essential features of any shoe. It’s what makes the difference between the firm, solid steps, and loose, slippery ones. The environment of usage, as usual, has an impact on this factor. Before selecting any shoes, you should analyze the environments in which you’ll use them. Although it’s impossible to predict every possible scenario where you’ll use the shoes, you can get an approximate idea of what you need.

It’s important to keep in mind things like moving actively, walking a lot, taking stairs up or stairs down, and such. There are different types of shoe outsoles that vary in grip quality and style. This means that the grip on a casual outsole may not be sufficient for running performance, for example.

The grip, basically, is what determines the quality of the contact between the outsole of your shoe and the floor. In simpler words, it also determines your odds of slipping, and it determines the firmness of your steps.
But, the grip itself is not a single factor. At the same time, multiple things affect the quality of the grip, as well as its functionality. Some of these things that have an impact on the grip are other features of the shoe, while others are simply physical elements, such as the outsole. The outsole is unquestionably an element that is directly related to the grip of a shoe – and arguably the one that the grip ultimately relies on.
The outsole is often the only part of a shoe that is in direct contact with the floor or the surface. Thus, it’s responsible for the quality of both the grip and the traction. Depending on the purpose of the shoe, and on its design too, the qualities of an outsole vary greatly.

One of the main features – and often the most underestimated one – is the outsole pattern. You wouldn’t normally think those marks under your shoe serve any purpose; but in fact, they make a huge contribution. These patterns are not decorative, nor random. They are strategically designed and selected to optimize the use of the shoes. Certain sports shoes, such as boxing ones, for instance, count with outsole features oriented to such sport. Some boxing shoes count with a rotating point on the outsole, which makes the rotation and pivoting much smoother in that one spot. Basketball shoes, on the other hand, feature a different outsole pattern that improves jumping, sliding, or making sudden, rough moves.

Lastly, the surface material is, of course, and influencing factor when it comes to the grip of the shoes. The grip of your shoe has a lot to do with where you’re stepping – as certain surfaces, or even an improper form of stepping on them, can result in slippage or sliding.


Like previously mentioned, the outsole plays a vital role in the grip of a shoe. But, the outsole also influences a variety of other factors – it’s one of the elemental pieces of a shoe. A shoe with a bad outsole is a bad shoe, performance-wise. The quality of a shoe is directly related to the quality of its outsole. Nowadays, most shoes include slippage-resistant outsoles as well as other similar features that not only improve grip, but also protection and safety. Depending on what the shoes are for, they’ll also have different outsole patterns, shapes, and materials.

Outsoles, in general, look pretty simple; they’re the side of the shoe that goes flat on the ground. Because of this, the smaller elements of an outsole (such as shapes, design, and patterns) often go under-noticed. What most people don’t know, though, is that they serve functional purposes and that they’re specially designed to improve its performance.

Depending on the outsole pattern and textures, a shoe may or not be suitable for driving, for example. There’s a large variety of pattern combinations that have certain effects on the shoes’ performance. A wrinkled texture provides a smoother wear on mats, for example. By designing certain textures (and the shape of the outsole, too), manufacturers are able to make shoes suitable for very different purposes.
Further outsole design, such as the one present in certain Cherokee models, prevent outsole marks on the floor, as well as skids. This is one example of the impact an outsole pattern design can make. These patterns are made in specific layouts, shapes, and textures to make the outsole react in certain ways.

At the same time, there are multiple qualities that are expected from an outsole. For starters, an outsole must be flexible. Most of the points in the flexibility section above apply to outsoles, too. The outsole should imitate the plant of the foot, as that’s what it resembles in the anatomy of the shoe.

A good outsole should be able to endure extensive wear, as it’s one of the elemental pieces of a shoe. Outsoles should be replaced as they start to show significant degrading, as it will affect every other element in the shoe. The most common sign of deterioration is the lack of grip. Once a shoe starts slipping, sliding, or making a funny motion when walking, it’s likely to be replacement time for the outsole (or the whole shoes).
For casual shoes, the outsole tends to be rubber (or a compound derivate from rubber). Cherokee covers a variety of shoe styles and designs, and thus it doesn’t stick to one single outsole design. Like mentioned above, the outsole design should fit the purpose of the shoe – and this is what Cherokee does.

By taking a look at the elements of our top 10 list, it’s easy to realize the difference between the outsoles of some of the shoes. You may also notice that similar shoe designs have similar outsole designs, while other shoes count with their own outsole design.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where to buy Cherokee shoes?

A: We recommend acquiring Cherokee shoes through Amazon. Not only do you have access to a much wider variety of sizes, colors, and design – but you’re likely to get a much better price, too. Your purchase remains protected at all times.

Q: What kind of shoes does Cherokee make?

A: Cherokee delivers multiple types of shoes, from clogs to office shoes, and casual wear sneakers. Although our list doesn’t involve any performance shoes, Cherokee does count with models that include certain performance features.

Q: Do these shoes have enough arch support?

A: Our list contains items that offer an average arch support – meaning it’s adequate for the average human arch. Certain arch conditions may require different sizing or customized insoles.

Q: How durable are these shoes approximately?

A: The shoes on our list feature quite durable materials and should last over 2 years on a regular basis of office wear, or similar. If taken good care of, they can get to last considerably longer.

Q: Are the shoes on this list suitable for the office?

A: We feature very different designs on this list. However, most of them are suitable for the average office dress code. Some models, however, are better off in a dark color rather than white.

Q: Can I use these shoes to stand for a long time?

A: All of them are certainly comfortable – but some models, such as the clog approach, might be a more efficient solution for people who stand or walk for long periods, and consistently.

Q: Can I use them with custom insoles?

A: These shoes are suitable for custom insoles, yes. If the insole is not directly removable, try to pull it off evenly and slowly. We recommend the appliance of custom insoles for greater comfort.

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