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Who we are?

At NicerShoes, we believe wholeheartedly that the proper products can take a person through leaps and bounds, where an inferior product will have you wishing you took an hour or two to research into its overall quality.

We know most people are too busy around the clock to find time to do the proper research, and we can sympathize with that as we’ve all found ourselves in that position at one point or another. That’s why our team dedicates the time needed to do the testing and research for you, so you don’t have to. We put in the long hours to find the very best shoes, with the highest rated user feedback, of the highest quality and then put these shoes to the test before comprising the lists of the top rated products for presenting to you. That way you have all the information you need, in one place, making it extremely easy in choosing the best.

We’re proud to provide the best shoe reviews around!


Editor Daniel Gonzalez
As a consumer and believer that the proper shoe can take you anywhere, Daniel has dedicated his time and effort to helping others make the best choices in footwear. Whether you're doing extensive overtime in the workplace around heavy machinery, or are a parent looking for your child's firsts shoe, he makes sure you are covered. He's also a graduate of UC Davis & resides in California where he manages the local Solar City. Making sure pride is taken in every single task is a priority without compromise.


Sergio Bettiol Writer
Sergio is a passionate expert in research & written word. Topics he excels in include running, fitness, motivation, health, & nutrition, spanning a wide range of products including footwear & shoes. He's also an experienced sports practitioner who runs, hikes, & cycles. One of his daily focuses breaking the concept of standard routine by always venturing into new things, and traveling. In his own words, "I take pride in providing informative, educational content that people can find useful & gain knowledge from. During my free time, I work on my personal blog & study."
Mirisa Jewell Writer
Mirisa is a self-established, self-employed artist and writer. She's qualified in teaching ashtanga yoga, currently pursuing a college degree in holistic medicine, and working daily towards the ultimate version of self. She applies the skills and knowledge accruing on the way in the business fields of athletics, yoga, marketing, writing, and attaining professional self-employment success through her passion', being a motivational figure to the world, and hopes to be a grand inspiration to others. Love is the key, dedication is the skill, and persistence will take you to your most enhanced quality of life.
Sam Dastidar Writer
Sam is a keen observer and compulsive dreamer who loves to know, read and write about everything from the mundane to the magical. She feels that a person should always evolve and keep on learning new things, and she applies this logic to her writing style as well. A passion for travel, culture, fashion, history, period costume drama, philosophy, art, and architecture gets her going during the time off from work, and also influences her sensibilities as a writer.