Best Adidas Running Shoes Reviewed & Rated for Performance

As one of the largest sports companies in the world, Adidas is a brand that is well known when it comes to running shoes. If you’re looking for shoes that are going to be well made, long-lasting, and come from a company that has a lot of experience in crafting footwear, then Adidas is a great option to look at. For over 60 years Adidas has shown that their shoes can perform, and they are endorsed and worn by professional athletes in all different sports.

Last Updated: December 1, 2017
By Tenby Lloyd:

The most recent update to this page shows the best adidas running shoes as of 2017. Everything on the list is highly rated, and has been broken down to show where each shoe succeeds and where each falls a little short. You will also find our selections for which shoes stood out above the rest, including the best overall adidas running shoe.

Featured Recommendations

Adidas Ultra Boost
  • Adidas Ultra Boost
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great Shock Absorbtion
  • Energy Returning Cushioning
  • Price: See Here
Adidas AX2
  • Adidas AX2
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • ClimaProof
  • Molded Sock Liner
  • Price: See Here
NEO CloudFoam
  • NEO CloudFoam
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • CloudFoam Midsole
  • Lightweight and Airy
  • Price: See Here

With a variety of different models and styles, there are bound to be an option that suits both your running needs as well as your unique personality. Designed with runners in mind, Adidas has specifically worked to craft shoes that will support your feet and absorb shock while you run and train. Below we will look at 10 of the top Adidas running shoes currently on the market, and see what makes them stand out from the rest.


10 Best Rated Adidas Running Shoes


Adidas Neo Lite Racer

Designed with lightness in mind, this shoe is the ultimate in lightweight running style. Stop feeling like your shoes are weighing you down, and instead take off with these mesh and foam running shoes which are specifically designed to be both airy and breathable. Even with the light design, these shoes still offer both support and traction, ensuring you can train with ease.
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FitFOAM Insole
Every runner knows that comfort is key, and if your shoes are hurting your feet then they will seriously affect your performance. The Neo Lite Racer is equipped with a removable insole that is crafted out of FitFoam, making it adapt to your specific foot shape. The elasticity within the insole will conform to your foot providing support where you specifically need it most.

EVA Midsole
Shock absorption is key, and these shoes use an EVA injected midsole to not only help with shock but to also keep the shoe lightweight. This cushioned midsole is made to be both durable as well as comfortable, so your shoes will last if you're putting serious mileage on them. The same material is used to make the outsole as well, keeping the shoe long-lasting and with added traction.

Cost and Value
The price of these shoes is as light as the shoe itself, and you can find them for under $50. For a reputable brand name, and a shoe that will help you perform your best, the cost of these shoes is extremely low and they are well worth the price tag.
  • Extremely Lightweight Design
  • Strongly Gripped Outsole
  • Overlay on Heel for Added Stability
  • Breathable Mesh Design
  • Added Lining for Comfort
  • Cloud Foam Sock Liner
  • EVA Midsole and Outersole
  • FitFOAM insole contours to Foot
  • Run About a Half Size Small
  • May Stretch Over Time
  • More Comfortable for Narrow Feet

Adidas Ultra Boost

If you are a serious runner then you probably want shoes that are seriously designed to perform. The Ultra Boost model by Adidas are exactly as the name says, giving you the ultimate boost every time you step down and take off. The cushioning on these shoes is outstanding, and they are very responsive to your foot as you run. With the added benefit of Adidas patented Torsion System, you are bound to find these shoes meet your requirements.
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Torsion System
Between the heel and forefoot is where you will find this patented system, which is designed to give you the upmost in stability. The system works by allowing the front and back of your foot to move independently so you aren't weighted down or trapped by a rigid shoe. This can help reduce injury as well as offer enhanced stability so that your foot falls naturally with each stride.
The fitcounter molded heel plays on this system, offering movement and support to the achilles heel so that your entire foot is receiving the exact support it needs.

Pulled right from the name, these shoes are most known for their boost that they give to the runner, absorbing the shock of your weight and returning it with a bounce in your step. This energy returning cushion will keep you moving faster and longer, and is paired with a stretchweb outsole that flexes to distribute weight. All of this added cushioning is crafted from light weight materials, so your shoe isn't affected only enhanced.

Cost and Value
If you're a serious runner then these shoes are certainly worth looking in to, but for more casual wear they are a hefty investment. With what is being offered, the price tag is fair, but if you only want a shoe for walking around the block then the over $200 tag on these may be a bit off-putting. However, that price ensures you are getting a reputable brand that has put years of knowledge in to crafting a shoe that will certainly perform with you.
  • Lightweight and Responsive
  • Boost Cushioning
  • Supportive Cage to Enhance Fit
  • Gridlike Outsoles
  • Primeknit Wrap for Warmth and Support
  • Torsion System
  • FitCounter Molded Heel
  • Traction in Both Wet and Dry Conditions
  • StretchWeb Rubber Outsoles
  • Flexible Underfoot
  • Can be a More Narrow Fit
  • Heel Support Could be Better
  • Sizing Runs a Bit Bigger

Adidas Duramo 7

Looking good without having to pay a fortune is always nice, and these running shoes will give you style and comfort for a low price. Comfortable and breathable, the Duramo 7's combine full length ADIPRENE with an adiWear outsole to give you the latest in Adidas technology and advances. With fully breathable mesh, textile comfort lining, and an EVA sock liner, these are shoes that can be worn all day without discomfort. What makes these great specifically for runners are the deep flex grooves embedded in the outsole, which give you both traction and reduced weight as they help your foot move more naturally.
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One of Adidas unique sport technologies, ADIPRENE is a cushioning material that is built in between the mid sole and the foot bed. What makes it so useful is that is highly absorbent when it comes to shock, so that your foot is properly supported and cushioned while you walk and run. You will find that your heel and forefoot have additional cushioning providing comfort and relief, as the ADIPRENE will absorb impact up to 5 times your body weight.

Another part of Adidas patented shoe technology, adiWear is rubber which is extremely durable and long lasting, giving you a number of advantages while you run or partake in sports. Your shoes will be extremely abrasion resistant, as well as resistant to wear over time in the heel area. Additional traction and flexibility will give you the best chance to perform at your peak and reduce chance of injury.

Cost and Value
Extremely cost effective, these shoes will not run you more than your regular, non-name brand running shoes. You can be confident that you are getting all of the latest Adidas technology while paying a very affordable price. For casual runners these shoes are a great option cost wise as you will get both superior support and comfort while being active.
  • Mesh Top for Breathability 
  • Textile Lining for Added Comfort
  • EVA Sock Liner
  • Full Length ADIPRENE
  • adiWear Out Sole
  • Cushioning for Impact
  • High Wear Durability
  • Deep Flex Grooves
  • Supportive and Lightweight
  • May Not Have Adequate Arch Support
  • Mesh Can Tear Over Time
  • Can Wear Out Quicker for Serious Runners

Adidas Speed Trainer 2

Adidas Speed Trainer 2
If you want shoes that stand out from the crowd, the Speed Trainer 2's come in a variety of colors and patters to suit your unique personality. Besides just looking great, these shoes are very comfortable and lightweight, great for runners as well as gym goers alike. The traction on these shoes will help you in both wet and dry conditions, making sure you don't slip or slide and injure yourself.
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No one wants sweaty feet or smelly shoes, which is why having a breathable design is so crucial. Using a mesh upper layer, these shoes will allow air to flow and reduce the build up of moisture and odor over time. The gird under layer will help wick moisture away, so your feet can stay dry and cool no matter how hard you perform.

The underside of these shoes are designed with baseball players in mind, meaning they are meant to grip well and keep you from slipping while you run your hardest. Offering up multi-surface traction, these shoes will allow you to train and play in rain or shine, and you can be sure that these shoes will keep your feet firmly on any terrain. The flex grooves keep the shoe from being rigid, so you will have full motion and flexibility even with the great traction.

Cost and Value
For under $100 you can score yourself a pair of Adidas Speed Trainer 2's. When it comes to shoes that are great for casual and professional runners and athletes, the price of these is incredibly low and they are an amazing value for what you are getting. They are considerably cheaper than other shoes of the same style and function, and with the myriad of color options you are sure to love these shoes.
  • Mesh and Synthetic Material
  • Lightweight Design
  • Created with Baseball Players in Mind
  • Mesh Upper Area for Breathability
  • EVA Midsole
  • Traction Control
  • Flex Grooves
  • Multiple Color Options
  • May Not be the Best for Long Distance Runners
  • More Narrow Fit
  • Arch Support May be Lacking

Adidas Thrasher 1.1

Adidas Thrasher 1.1
If you want a running shoe that you can hit the trails with, then the Thrasher 1.1 may be up your alley. With ventilated air mesh, solid traction, and a tough rubber out sole these shoes will take you across whatever terrain you want to explore.The EVA mid sole is extremely comfortable with cushioning to keep your foot happy for long periods of time.
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Just like some of the other shoes on our list, the Thrasher 1.1's are built with an adiWear out sole, making them ideal for running on either tracks or trails. The grip will help keep your feet planted on the ground while you take sharp turns and battle your way uphill. With the adiWear centered in high use areas, the durability and longevity of your shoes should last longer than other pairs.

EVA Mid Sole
Nice and thick, this mid sole will offer up both comfort and support while you run and train. The firmness of the material will ensure that your foot gets the support it needs and these shoes offer up an assisted heel to toe transition.

Cost and Value
The price of these shoes is fairly average compared to everything we have listed so far, but if we consider the fact that these are also trail shoes then the value is even higher. Trail shoes tend to be more expensive than basic running shoes, so you are saving quite a fair bit by purchasing these. With amazing traction and high durability these shoes are easily worth the money.
  • Mesh and Synthetic Materials
  • Designed for Trail Running
  • High Traction
  • Smooth Heel to Toe Transition
  • Non Slip Footbed
  • adiWear Rubber Sole
  • EVA Mid Sole
  • Sizing May Run Small
  • Can be Snug
  • Sole May Be Firmer than Other Models

Adidas AX2

Adidas AX2
What makes the AX2's unique from other Adidas runners is that they are climaproof and waterproof. Lightweight and low cut these can be worn as running shoes, hiking shoes, and also for every day wear. The EVA midsole offers up long term cushioning to keep your feet comfortable; and the TRAXION outsole will give you optimal traction and grip. As a final touch, the molded sock liner will ensure your shoe fits your foots specific arch and curves, giving you comfort and support where you need it most.
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Adidas new TRAXION technology was designed based on the needs of soccer players, offering up superior traction and grip on solid as well as loose ground. The super high traction will grip in all conditions, offering up strong support in wet and rainy weather. The out sole grip goes in every direction, so matter how your foot turns you will maintain the same amount of traction.

Being limited to only running or hiking in sunny weather is no fun, and for those of you who train hard you need to be able to move in any type of weather. These shoes are climaproof, meaning that no matter the climate these will keep your feet secure, protected, dry, and stable. Completely waterproof, you don't have to worry about wet feet in the rain, and instead you can focus on your goals and let the shoes take care of your feet.

Cost and Value
With a price of under $50, these shoes are an absolute steal and they should out perform many other shoes at similar, and even higher price ranges. All of the features offered are patented Adidas sport technology, meaning you can be confident in your purchase and be sure your shoes are designed with activity in mind.
  • Waterproof and ClimaProof
  • Synthetic Suede Overlays
  • Textile Lining for Comfort
  • Molded Sockliner for a Comfortable Fit
  • Traxion Out Sole
  • High Traction Rubber
  • Multi Directional Grips
  • Lightweight EVA Midsole
  • Designed for More Narrow Feet
  • Shoe Tongue May Be Uncomfortable on Some Feet
  • Forefoot Support May be Lacking

Adidas PureBoost X

Adidas PureBoost X
Stretchy and made with mesh these shoes are the ultimate in breathability, keeping your feet cool and airy when you run. These shoes combine two Adidas specific technologies: boost and STRETCHWEB give you a responsive and energized ride. The floating arch will give you the added support you need, and you should find that these shoes easily and comfortably mold to your foot.
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Floating Arch
No matter how high or low your arch is, having added support is essential in ensuring that your foot doesn't feel any strain, pressure, or pain while wearing shoes. There are custom support inserts you can buy to put in, but having shoes comes with floating arch support is a great bonus. These shoes will support you while hugging your arch and giving you comfort and pressure relief with every step. They are made to specifically mold to the shape of your foot, so no matter your arch you should see a solid amount of support.

We've looked at the added benefits of boost with other shoes on our list, and it's important to go over why this is such fantastic technology. As a runner, you want the same amount of energy returned as you put in, and the boost gives you the highest return of any shoe on the market. The foam it is crafted from is up to three times more temperature resistant, meaning it is extra long-lasting and durable.

Cost and Value
These shoes aren't necessarily cheap, but they aren't expensive either. Sitting around $150, it's about what you would expect to pay for a comfortable and well-performing running shoe. As these are Adidas, you already know you will be paying a bit more for the brand name, so the price shouldn't be outside of anyone's idea range when looking at Adidas running shoes. The return on these shoes is easily worth the price, and they should last you long enough to at least get your moneys worth.
  • Boost Technology
  • Stretch Air Mesh
  • High Breathability
  • Synthetic Overlay for Added Support
  • Floating Arch Support
  • STRETCHWEB Outsole
  • Molds to Foot Shape
  • Responsive Cushioning
  • High Energy Return
  • Grippy Rubber Sole
  • May not Have Much Ankle Support
  • Sizing Runs Smaller
  • Back Lip May Be Too High for Some People

Adidas NEO CloudFoam

Adidas NEO CloudFoam
Light, supportive, and extremely inexpensive these are amazing shoes for individuals who want high performance on a budget. The cloudfoam sock liner and mid sole is designed with comfort in mind, providing you the feeling of stepping on a cloud while you run. They may take a bit of time to break in, but once they have molded to your feet you will notice they are extremely light and comfortable, perfect for new runners and seasoned runners alike.
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As the name suggests, these shoes are made with Adidas CloudFoam technology, and they feel the way they sound. If you want to feel like you are walking on the clouds, then these lightweight and airy shoes are the perfect choice. The cushioning is soft and extra light, and the shoe itself is sleekly cut for an attractive silhouette.

Knit Upper Design
We've already mentioned on this list how important breathability is, and these shoes offer optimal airiness to keep your feet cool and dry. No one wants sweaty shoes and feet, and the NEO CloudFoam's should make sure that you are dry and odor free by the end of your run.

Cost and Value
At under $40 these shoes are one of the cheapest options on our list. These budget friendly running shoes are an absolute steal for the price, and there is no reason to not run out and buy a pair. Value wise you are getting way more than you're paying for, and these would be a great addition to anyone's wardrobe be it for style or performance.
  • Breathable Knit and Mesh Design
  • Suede Overlays
  • CloudFoam Sock Liner
  • CloudFoam Midsole
  • Lightweight Cushioning
  • Secure Traction
  • Soft and Springy
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Sizing Runs Smaller
  • May Want to Replace Insole 
  • Sole May Make Noise On Floors

Adidas AlphaBounce

Adidas AlphaBounce
These are one of the most modern looking shoes, with an incredibly sleek and unique design. Completely seamless, these come in a variety of colors that stand out and make the shoe look amazing. Using bounce technology, these are crafted to give you optimal support and comfort. With their one of a kind design, they should hug your foot perfectly, feeling like they were made just for you.
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Forged Mesh
Since these shoes are completely seamless, they are made with a mesh material that is very flexible. This allows the shoe to conform to the shape of your foot for a better and more secure fit. This flexible design means the shoe will move with you, and there is no rigidity so every step or turn you make feels smooth.

Bounce Technology
These shoes are made with athletes in mind, and the idea is that you shouldn't be concerned with your shoes while you are wearing them. These are light and comfortable, meaning that instead of focusing on your feet you can focus on what you're trying to do in them. The bounce midsole will add an extra push to your step, allowing you to go further and faster than before.

Cost and Value
These shoes sit right around the $100 mark, and that makes them a pretty general price for Adidas. With the use of their latest bounce technology, these shoes are definitely worth the price as you should find that they help you perform better and with more ease.
  • Bounce Cushioning
  • Enhanced Comfort and Flexibility
  • Forged Mesh Design
  • Conforms to Your Foot
  • Supportive and Stretchy
  • Seamless 
  • Neoprene Tongue and Heel
  • Stretch Lining
  • Gripped Rubber Outsole
  • CloudFoam Sock Liner
  • Fabric Can Get Dirty Easily
  • Sizing Runs Larger
  • Quite a Narrow Fit

Adidas Galaxy Elite

Adidas Galaxy Elite
Combining some of our favourite features that other shoes on this list have had, the Galaxy Elite puts a lot of Adidas original designs in to one shoe, making it a solid all around choice. ADIPRENE cushioning, a cage like design, supercloud technology, and an adiWear outsole all come together to make a stand out shoe.
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ADIPRENE Cushioning
As you already know from previous shoes on our list, ADIPRENE is the best when it comes to shock and impact absorption. With the majority of the protection located in the heel, you can wear these if you have any kind of heel issue or pain, and be certain that it will not aggravate any condition. These shoes are very responsive and give you the extra push off you need to make your running more effective.

SuperCloud Technology
The sole of these shoes is made with a sponge like material to offer you additional comfort when you wear them. This material does not absorb water at all, so your feet will stay dry even in rainy weather. SuperCloud gives you durable comfort that lasts, keeping the shoe feeling extremely plush over time.

Cost and Value
These shoes sit nicely below the $100 mark, so they are generally affordable for more budgets. Since they combine a lot of the technology of other models, they are a good all around purchase if you aren't exactly sure what you specifically need yet in a running shoe. These are great for new runners and the value is sure to be worth the price.
  • Durable Rubber Sole
  • Linear and Lateral Motion Support
  • ADIPRENE in the Forefoot
  • Breathable Mesh Lining
  • SuperCloud Comfort
  • Responsive Cushioning
  • adiWear Outsole
  • Super Plush Feel
  • High Wear Durability
  • Insole is Not Removable
  • Arch Support is Very Pronounced
  • May Not Have as Much Support as Other Shoes

As we’ve seen throughout the list Adidas is not only one of the top sport manufacturers, but they also are coming out with new, unique technology to make their shoes stand out and perform better. With all of the models on the market right now, there is sure to be a pair that not only matches your needs but also matches your budget as well.

Delivering superior support and comfort is Adidas’ goal, and as they continue to develop newer and more enhanced features it is clear that they will be in the running shoe game for a long time to come. Give your feet what they deserve and make sure your next pair of running shoes are comfortable, secure, and have that added bounce that will push you further than before.