10 Best Alegria Shoes for Women Reviewed

Alegria shoes can make a long day on your feet feel effortless. Revered for their style and comfort, Alegria shoes provide unparalleled support for even the most rigorous hours.

Best Alegria Shoes Pair

Not only will your arches sing with joy, but Alegria shoes come in a wide variety of styles to please all walks of fashion. While every pair of Alegria shoes comes in a plethora of colors and patterns, an extensive size range ensures that all foot types are accommodated.

Last Updated: July 20, 2017
By Mirisa Jewell:

This list has been updated to contain up to date information on The Best Alegria Shoes for Woman. It contains Alegria shoes like; Alegria Caiti Boot, Alegria Colett Sandal, and Alegria Kayla Clog.

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Look great and feel great with your perfect fit. To help you on the journey to that ever coveted perfect shoe, we’ve compiled this Best 10 Alegria Shoe list!


10 Best Alegria Shoes


1. Alegria Paloma Flat

One of Alegria’s highest rated shoes, the Paloma Flat is a revamped take on the classic Mary Jane. Feel fresh and breezy with the Paloma Flat’s breathable leather, specially designed to keep your feet cool. It’s anatomically correct footbed fits the natural curves and contours of the foot, creating a seamless mold of support and comfort.
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Breathable Leather
With a lightweight, airy exterior, your feet will never feel hot or sweaty. This makes any work conditions, no matter the hours or stress, a breeze.

Comfortable Footbed
A specialized footbed made of a cork/latex blend provides the utmost comfort for a day on the job. The footbed naturally contours to your foot, providing a supportive mold to all arches and foot widths. But if you have pre-existing conditions, simply remove the footbed for your own insert.

Cost and Value
Though the Paloma Flat is one of the more expensive shoes on the list, this comfortable, everyday shoe is well worth the investment. Crafted with imported leather and built to last, the Paloma Flat thrives in the daily grind. Even after years of night shifts and long hours, these shoes retain their shape, comfort, and style.
  • Great everyday shoe
  • Blend of cork and latex for extreme comfort
  • Removable footbed
  • On-trend styles and prints
  • Breathable, moisture-resistant leather
  • Certain prints tend to fade
  • Long break in period

2. Alegria Classic Clog

The Classic Clog is a quick slip-on for busy bodies on the go. With a memory foam, latex, and cork blended footbed, the Classic Clog provides ample cushion without compromising support. A rocking sole alleviates pain in the toes and heels, making this shoe specially designed for those long hours spent on your feet.
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Rocking Outsole
The rocking outsole improves your gait and relieves the pressure on your lower joints. Along with pain relief, the rocking sole engages the leg muscles to keep your calves toned and trimmed.

High Arch Support
Not only is the memory foam, latex, and cork blend excellent for all day comfort, but spectacular for high arches. Along with the super soft insole, the leather is extremely pliable, making it the perfect slip with a quick break in time.

Cost and Value
The Classic Clog is a good middle price for the shoes on this list. While it’s not the least expensive of the Alegria shoes, it definitely won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, high arch supporting shoe with a fashionista flair, the Classic Clog is a smart investment.
  • Excellent for high arches
  • Easy to break in
  • Convenient slip-on style
  • Imported leather
  • Runs a tad narrow

3. Alegria Debra Slip-On

The Debra Slip-On offers a stylish approach to safety. With dozens of trendy styles for the professional world, the Debra Slip-On is a slip resistant clog ready for anything. Nervous about spills or messes on the job? Don’t be! The Debra Slip-On is stain resistant so you will always look cute and polished.
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Slip Resistant
For the clumsy or trip-prone, the slip resistant outsole guides each of your steps with certainty and confidence. Combined with a rocker outsole, this shoe keeps you upright and balanced for the long haul.

Stain Resistant
The stain resistant leather keeps your pair of Debra Slip-On’s looking new for years. Tred through anything knowing full well your shoes will come out looking polished, beautiful, and ready for a stylish night shift.

Cost and Value
The Debra Slip on is comparable in price to the Classic Clog, but it’s stain and slip resistance push it over the top. It’s stain resistant leather keep the shoe ‘out of the box’ beautiful for ages, while it’s slip resistant bottom keep you safe.
  • Ample toe room
  • Removable insole
  • Rocker outsole
  • Durable and lightweight leather
  • Excellent for the accident prone!
  • Difficult to break in
  • Patterns/ Prints tend to fade quickly

4. Alegria Carina Wedge

4. Alegria Carina Wedge
The Carina Wedge Sandal is the perfect business casual shoe for summer. Go from the workplace to a fun night out in these versatile sandals. Leather straps and insoles offer suburb comfort while a rocking outsole keeps you balanced and ready for work and social events.
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cSummer Style
The Carina Wedge Sandal can be a professional summer piece for any outfit. With beautiful embellishments and patterns, this modern wedge can be a staple in your business or casual wardrobe.

An ultra plush leather thong and insole give great support and comfort. Like most Alegria shoes, the patented blend of cork, memory foam, and latex cradle your foot all day long. Whether you're on shift or out on the town, your feet will be cozy and pain-free.

Cost and Value
The Carina Wedge Sandal is the most cost effective shoe on this list. If you're looking for a supportive yet stylish summer shoe, give the Carina Wedge Sandal a try. It’s versatility from the workplace to date night ensures years worth of use and joy.
  • Rocking outsole
  • All leather interior and exterior
  • Excellent for regular arches
  • Easy to break in
  • Removable insert
  • A tad clunky

5. Alegria Kayla Clog

5. Alegria Kayla Clog
The Kayla Clog will spice up any outfit with its wide selection of leather finishes and prints. Look professional in any Kaya Clog while treating your feet to luxurious comfort. An ultra plush polyurethane midsole cradles the heel, giving you all day support with effortless style. The Kayla Clog is also designed with slip and stain resistant technology, making this adorable shoe adorably low maintenance.
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Polyurethane Midsole
The polyurethane midsole is extremely comfortable without losing support. By cradling the heel and metatarsal, the midsole alleviates pressure from the feet and lower back naturally.

Low Maintenance
The Kayla Clog was designed with efficiency and ease in mind. Spend more time enjoying your new wardrobe addition with its stain combative technology. Walk with confidence knowing you're Kayla Clog will still look spectacular after a long day.

Cost and Value
As one of the least expensive shoes on this list, the Kayla Clog offers way more than what you’re paying for. Comfort, style, ease, support, and peace of mind all bundled up into one shoe! If you’re new to the Alegria brand, the Kayla Clog is the perfect shoe for the budding fanatic on a budget.
  • Slip resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Super soft and light polyurethane midsole
  • Removable insole
  • Runs small

6. Alegria Keli Professional

6. Alegria Keli Professional
The Keli Professional Shoe is one of the most versatile and customizable shoes on this list. With 50+ on trend prints, the Keli Professional Shoe has something for even the pickiest shoe lover. A removable cork, latex, and memory foam footbed provides ample comfort and support, but also allows the wearer to swap in their own orthotics.
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Trendy Patterns
The Professional Keli Shoes offers one of the largest selections of color and patterns from Alegria. Whether you go for classic leathers or quirky skull prints, the Professional Keli Shoe will be a loved piece of any work ensemble.

Because of Alegria’s blend of cork, memory foam, and latex, the Professional Keli Shoe is excellent for aching arches and heels. The cork provides great shape and support, while the memory foam and latex conform to the foot for maximum comfort.

Cost and Value
The Professional Keli is also on the low end of the cost spectrum, although certain styles can increase the price considerably. But the expansive selection of prints, leathers, and patterns ensures your perfect, budget-friendly pair.
  • Leather lining within the shoe
  • Blended memory foam, cork, and latex footbed
  • Arch and heel support
  • Over 50 patterns/prints to choose from!
  • Color tends to fade arouvnd the toe area

7. Alegria Colette Sandal

7. Alegria Colette Sandal
The Colette Sandal offers stability with its posture correcting rocking outsole. Handcrafted leather straps give you an adjustable sandal while the blended footbed fits perfectly to your foot. An open toe design allows feet to breathe in the summer heat as go about your day in style.
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Posture Correcting
The rocking outsole and polyurethane blended footbed work in tandem to support your back, lower joints, and knees. The specially designed shape of the shoe exterior naturally alters your gait, relieving pressure from tired joints.

With adjustable leather straps, the Colette Sandal gives wears a customizable exterior. Maybe your feet are feeling extra tender one long day at work. Simply re-adjust the handcrafted leather strap and continue your day in comfort.

Cost and Value
The Colette Sandal rests right in the middle of this list cost wise. For a modest price, not only do you get a trendy, comfortable shoe but one that corrects and alleviates joint pain. Its removable insole allows you to slip in your own orthotics, making this a shoe truly fit for your individual needs.
  • Rocker outsole
  • Slip resistant
  • Removable insole
  • Adjustable straps and buckle
  • Posture correcting technology
  • They’ve been known to squeak after a few months

8. Alegria Belle Mary Jane

8. Alegria Belle Mary Jane
The Belle Mary Jane Flat is a contemporary blend of the classic ballet and mary jane style. An all leather interior with an ultra plush footbed leaves your feet cozy and protected. The adjustable leather strap keeps the shoe in place with minimal sliding. And the slip-on convenience makes this the perfect everyday flat.
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We all have that pair of go to flats. The Belle Mary Jane Flat gives you all the convenience of your favorite pair but upgrades the style. With an all leather exterior and fitted heel, slip right into these classic, everyday shoes.

The fitted heel and adjustable strap keep your feet neatly, and comfortably, in place. Walk with confidence and free from painful blisters in these highly secure flats.

Cost and Value
Although the Belle Mary Jane Flat is on the high end, a good flat is so difficult to come by. Not only is this shoe convenient, but it’s a classic style that’ll last through the years. And with an all leather exterior/ interior, these shoes will last you ages.
  • Perfect everyday shoe
  • Rocking outsole
  • Easy to break in
  • Easy to slide on and off
  • Runs rather small

9. Alegria Caiti Boot

9. Alegria Caiti Boot
The Caiti Boot offers elegant winter style and durability during the snowy months. With a thick leather exterior, your feet will be toasty all winter long in these adorable ankle boots. A rockable outsole helps balance and stabilize your stance for all day comfort. Combat those frigid temperatures in these adorably comfortable Caiti Boots.
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Temperature Control
The Caiti Boots keep your feet warm and cozy without turning into a sweat box. The blended footbed and breathable leather keep air flowing and your feet at a pleasant temperature.

All Day Comfort
Wear these shoes to work, to a date, to the store, and never feel achy. With a cork, latex, and polyurethane blended insole treat yourself to all day comfort.

Cost and Value
The Caiti Boot is one of the more expensive shoes on this list, but the thick leather exterior is well worth the price. This adorable boot regulates the temperature of your feet in the coldest of winters without overheating. And the specially designed footbed and breathable leather ensure all day comfort, a sound investment for any shoe lover.
  • Removable insole
  • Rocking outsole
  • Thick, all leather exterior
  • All day comfort
  • Run narrow
  • Long break in period

10. Alegria Alli Flat

10. Alegria Alli Flat
The Alli Flat close out our list with professional flair. With a variety of embossed and treated leathers, the shoe takes the classic flat from business casual to the executive board room. With a durable, stain resistant exterior, the Alli Flat lasts for ages looking brand new. The rocker outsole and ultra cushioned insole make any day on the job comfortable and productive.
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Professional Style
The Alli Flat comes in a professional selection of treated leathers for high business appeal. Feel confident and executive with patent leathers, tasteful embellishments, and embossed patterns to own the office.

Ultra Durable
With both slip and stain resistant technology, the Alli Flat is a superbly durable shoe. Double straps cross over the shoe with an elegant buckle for extra security.

Cost and Value
The Alli Flat is the most expensive shoe on this list, but the professional look and style make this a smart investment. A durable, resilient, business shoe is a must have for any wardrobe, and Alegria makes this an easy find with the Alli Flat. Not only is the Alli Flat business appropriate and durable, but with that patented Alegria insole, the Alli Flat is super comfortable.
  • Stain resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Rocking outsole
  • Removable insole
  • Small selection of styles

Alegria shoes offer great comfort at an affordable price for long hours on your feet. Without a good pair of shoes, our bodies can start to wear out on us. Treat the support system of your body right with Alegria’s patented footbeds, designed to comfort all foot types.

For anyone working long shifts, day in and day out, supportive, comfortable shoes are a must. Look great and feel great with a wide selection of Alegria’s original, on-trend styles. Don’t settle for a supportive yet drab loafer. Find a shoe that’ll conform to the contours of your feet naturally with style and professional flair. It can be difficult finding the perfect shoe for your lifestyle. But, hopefully, this guide makes finding your perfect Alegria shoe a little easier.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Alegria Shoes



Alegria shoes have been popular amongst photographers, travel agents, doctors, educators, restaurateurs, flight attendants, hair stylists, nurses and retailers for years. All those professions, among others, involve spending their workdays on their feet. So, they need comfortable yet stylish workwear that can help them keep moving.


Before Alegria, these professional shoes used to be unattractive and bland with little to no options for customization. These professional shoes could now be a part of a fashion statement. PG Lite created Alegria shoes to bridge the barrier between a shoe’s comfort level and aesthetics merging the need to look good and feel good.

Maximum Comfort


Athletic shoes should provide maximum overall comfort and support for the foot and offer good heel control. Having good quality, comfort, and support will help to prevent such things as:

  • Shin splints
  • Tendonitis
  • Stress fractures
  • Heel pain
  • Knee pain
  • Other overuse symptoms

For better comfort and support in shoes, there are some things you should look for.

They include:
Support for the heel: This is imperative for those of us who are constantly on their feet.
The patented foot beds combine memory foam, polyurethane and cork to give you comfort from your heel to your toes. Adequate heel control when being flexible under the ball of the foot.
Ample arch support: to ensure a customized fit to keep you on your feet throughout the day.
A sloped outsole that produces an anatomically and naturally correct walking motion.

  • Reduced stress on back and leg muscles
  • Reduced metatarsal and joint pressure

Breathability/Airflow/Temperature Control


When you’re on your feet all day, most shoes can get quite sweaty and smelly. Alegria fights to ensure that you have a breathable shoe that gives you enough room to be comfortable but still fit properly. The leather insole is made from naturally breathable leather. It also has a built in arch support so that your feet can stand for hours on end. Alegria shoes come in a variety of different shapes and styles, so the airflow depends on which type you choose to purchase. However, all of them have the classic open slots which allow for air to circulate the shoe to make it a comfortable experience.

Flexibility and Durability


You should never wear a shoe that is stiff for two main reasons;

  1. It immobilizes the foot while moving which can lead to deterioration of muscle and soft tissue in the feet.
  2. It can prevent the arch of the foot to store usable energy, making it harder to be comfortable for longer periods of time.

A shoe’s durability is weighed by its ability to resist outside forces, including debris, grease, oil, and water. The handmade soles of Alegria shoes warrant its durability. The elastic bands on the sides ensure that the shoe will be adaptable and flexible so that you can have the best fit. These lightweight shoes will make walking around easier and more comfortable for your feet.



For those individuals who are on their feet for hours on end every day, they need a shoe that will support their feet. Alegria shoes feature a removable insole that allows you to customize your shoe. If you wear custom made orthotics, these shoes can support those easily. It features an anatomically correct foot bed to go with the natural shape of your feet. This will ensure that you have long lasting comfort for all those busy days.

Types of Shoes


No longer do you have to sacrifice aesthetics for support and comfort. Alegria shoes come in a variety of different styles and shapes. You can find Mary Janes, lace-ups, sandals, wedges, heels, flats, mules, clogs, boots, sneakers, and men’s shoes. If you’re looking for shoes that are durable, comfortable, and cute – Alegria will be the perfect option for you.



Alegria shoes feature a flat and stable bottom. This maximizes the shoe’s contact with the floor to offer you an increase in stability. The upper part of the shoe that’s made with 100% leather, is made so that it offers you extra depth. This allows you to get a roomier fit to ensure that you have a comfortable fit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Alegria shoes made?

A: Alegria shoes are manufactured in China. Alegria works closely with the best suppliers and manufactured to provide customers with the best possible shoes and 100% customer satisfaction.

Q: Where can I purchase Alegria shoes?

A: Alegria shoes can be purchased through any of their online retailer stores or through the authorized dealers listed on their site. Though they do not have an official location, they do have staff in their showroom that will be happy to assist you.

Q: How can I determine my size?

A: Alegria shoes follow the European sizing standards. Only a select number of Alegria shoes follow the US size standards. If you are in between sizes, such as 5 ½ or 6 ½, you should round up to the nearest whole number.
For Alegria shoes, you will need to ensure that the footbed’s arch is fully supporting the arch of your foot. When your foot is placed properly into the shoe, there should be a ¼ inch of footbed that is still visible.
It should be noted that one size may not fit you in different styles of Alegria shoes. You can check out their size chart (available on their website) for Alegria shoes to help you in determining the proper size shoe for you.

Q: Will an Alegria shoe stretch?

A: Some people find that the Alegria shoes do stretch a bit with wear. For this reason, we do recommend choosing the smaller size if it is comfortable on your feet. It’s best to try out the sizes to ensure that you get the best fit possible.

Q: Can I wash my Alegria shoes?

A: We do not recommend throwing your Alegria shoes in the washing machine. The foot beds are not water resistant, so this could cause harm and damage to the shoe. It’s recommended for you to replace the foot bed each year or so to maintain balance.
If your shoe features…
Crinkle Leather – clean with a non-abrasive leather cleaner or damp cloth.
Distressed Leather – clean with a damp cloth.
Full Grain Leather – clean with damp cloth or shoe shine leather crème
Metallics – clean with a damp cloth
Nappa Leather – clean with a damp cloth
Nubuck – clean with a suede cleaner
Patent Leather – clean with water and soap or patent spray cleaner
Printed Leather – clean with a damp cloth
Suede Leather – clean gently using a suede brush

Q: Are Alegria shoes good for wide feet?

A: They do offer a free wide insole option for their customers! The change in the insole is just slight but many customers with wide feet notice a huge difference. They offer wide options that range from 34-wide to 43-wide.

Q: Are Alegria shoes good for walking?

A: Alegria manufactures some of the best walking shoes! Nurses, sales associates, hairdressers, and mothers, are some of our biggest customers as they are on their feet all day long. The bed of their shoes is designed to hold the foot in the optimum walking position. The foot bed is created using latex, cork, and memory foam. These materials are designed to conform to the foot and make them very comfortable. Good walking shoes will prevent you from slipping out of the shoe, and Alegria keeps that in mind during the manufacturing process.


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