Best Alegria Shoes Reviewed & Rated for Comfort

Alegria is a brand which has become a staple for unsurpassed comfort; having become the favorite footwear for all types of use from casual to professional. This is a brand that is loved by medical professionals, waiters, kitchen staff, and anyone else who is required to stand and walk for prolonged periods of time. In addition, Alegria shoes are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a high comfort level, including superior arch support, shock absorption and a fit promoting proper alignment.

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The latest update to this article reduces the number of items, ensuring that your purchase process is easier and only includes the best possible suggested items. Additionally, the Criteria for Evaluation section has been updated with information about what to look for in a good pair of supportive shoes, and how footwear made by Alegria can help you on the road to healthier feet and better posture.

This brand comes in a wide variety of styles to please all walks of fashion. While every pair can be bought in a plethora of colors and patterns, an extensive size range ensures that all foot types are accommodatedThis is especially true for those with foot problems including flat feet, plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, as well as those who need a better option in order to treat knee, hip or back pain that is caused by inadequate footwear.

Featured Recommendations

Alegria Paloma Flat
  • Alegria Paloma Flat
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Cushioned Flatform Sole
  • Breathable leather upper
  • Price: See Here
Alegria Classic Clog
  • Alegria Classic Clog
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable Buckle
  • Convenient slip-on style
  • Price: See Here
Alegria Carina Wedge
  • Alegria Carina Wedge
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Excellent for regular arches
  • Fun versatile designs
  • Price: See Here

If you are looking at buying your next pair, this article can help you make the best-educated choice. Featuring 10 of the best pairs of footwear by this innovative maker, we focused on comfort which will allow you to determine the model that will work best for you. We have taken into consideration your needs, budget and desired style.


10 Best Alegria Shoes


1. Alegria Paloma Flat

One of the highest rated shoes, the Paloma Flat is a revamped take on the classic Mary Jane. Feel fresh and breezy with the Paloma Flat’s breathable leather, specially designed to keep your feet cool. It’s anatomically correct footbed fits the natural curves and contours of the foot, creating a seamless mold of support and comfort.
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Breathable Leather
With a lightweight, airy exterior, your feet will never feel hot or sweaty. This makes any work conditions, no matter the hours or stress, a breeze.

Comfortable Footbed
A specialized footbed made of a cork/latex blend provides the utmost comfort for a day on the job. The footbed naturally contours to your foot, providing a supportive mold to all arches and foot widths. But if you have pre-existing conditions, simply remove the footbed for your own insert.

Cost and Value
Though the Paloma Flat is one of the more expensive shoes on the list, this comfortable, everyday shoe is well worth the investment. Crafted with imported leather and built to last, the Paloma Flat thrives in the daily grind. Even after years of night shifts and long hours, these shoes retain their shape, comfort, and style.
  • Great Everyday Shoe
  • Blend of Cork and Latex
  • Removable Footbed
  • On-Trend Styles and Prints
  • Breathable, Moisture-Resistant Leather
  • Certain Prints Tend To Fade
  • Long Break in Period

2. Alegria Classic Clog

The Classic Clog is a quick slip-on for busy bodies on the go. With a memory foam, latex, and cork blended footbed, the Classic Clog provides ample cushion without compromising support. A rocking sole alleviates pain in the toes and heels, making this shoe specially designed for those long hours spent on your feet.
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Rocking Outsole
The rocking outsole improves your gait and relieves the pressure on your lower joints. Along with pain relief, the rocking sole engages the leg muscles to keep your calves toned and trimmed.

High Arch Support
Not only is the memory foam, latex, and cork blend excellent for all-day comfort, but spectacular for high arches. Along with the super soft insole, the leather is extremely pliable, making it the perfect slip with a quick break in time.

Cost and Value
The Classic Clog is a good middle price for the shoes on this list. While it’s not the least expensive, it definitely won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, high arch supporting shoe with a fashionista flair, the Classic Clog is a smart investment.
  • Excellent for High Arches
  • Easy to Break In
  • Convenient Slip-On Style
  • Imported Leather
  • Runs Narrow

3. Alegria Debra Slip-On

The Debra Slip-On offers a stylish approach to safety. With dozens of trendy styles for the professional world, the Debra Slip-On is a slip resistant clog ready for anything. Nervous about spills or messes on the job? Don’t be! The Debra Slip-On is stain resistant so you will always look cute and polished.
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Slip Resistant
For the clumsy or trip-prone, the slip resistant outsole guides each of your steps with certainty and confidence. Combined with a rocker outsole, this shoe keeps you upright and balanced for the long haul.

Stain Resistant
The stain resistant leather keeps your pair of Debra Slip-On’s looking new for years. Tred through anything knowing full well your shoes will come out looking polished, beautiful, and ready for a stylish night shift.

Cost and Value
The Debra Slip on is comparable in price to the Classic Clog, but it’s stain and slip resistance push it over the top. It’s stain resistant leather keep the shoe ‘out of the box’ beautiful for ages, while it’s slip resistant bottom keep you safe.
  • Ample Toe Room
  • Removable Insole
  • Rocker Outsole
  • Durable and Lightweight Leather
  • Excellent for the Accident Prone!
  • Difficult to Break In
  • Patterns/ Prints Tend to Fade Quickly

4. Alegria Venice

4. Alegria Venice
The Venice Sandal is a bold and flashy choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd, but value comfort and quality. These sandals feature a three point hook and loop closure which will allow you to fully customize the fit, while the comfort features include all of those which we love so much, including a rocker bottom, good cushioning in the insole and high-quality materials that will allow you to wear these anywhere for a long time.
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Genuine Leather Upper
One of our favorite things about this pair of footwear is the upper which comes in various prints, all of which are genuine, soft leather. You can get these in 16 different designs on Amazon, ranging from colorful skulls, blue china inspired patterns to a more sensible, black, design that will go with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Comfort Oriented Insole
The insole is comfort-oriented and is made out of polyurethane, cork and memory foam, lined with breathable leather to keep you going even after a full day on your feet. What’s so good about these sandals is the fact that they are a great choice for anyone with feet problems, including bunions, seeing that the fit of the upper is completely adjustable.

Cost and Value
This pair of sandals comes with a high price tag, so if you are looking for something affordable, you might want to skip these. Nonetheless, if you choose to invest in these, you will love the unique designs that will reflect your personality, paired with an unsurpassed comfort that is difficult to outdo.
  • Three Point Hook and Loop Closure
  • Rocker Bottom
  • Numerous Fun Designs
  • Cushioned Arch Support
  • Leather Upper and Lining
  • Squeaky When Walking
  • Less Cushioning than Others

5. Alegria Carina Wedge

5. Alegria Carina Wedge
The Carina Wedge is the perfect business casual sandal for summer. Go from the workplace to a fun night out in these versatile sandals. Leather straps and insoles offer suburb comfort while a rocking outsole keeps you balanced and ready for work and social events.
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Summer Style
The Carina Wedge Sandal can be a professional summer piece for any outfit. With beautiful embellishments and patterns, this modern wedge can be a staple in your business or casual wardrobe.

An ultra plush leather thong and insole give great support and comfort. Like most Alegria shoes, the patented blend of cork, memory foam, and latex cradle your foot all day long. Whether you're on shift or out on the town, your feet will be cozy and pain-free.

Cost and Value
The Carina Wedge Sandal is the most cost-effective on this list. If you're looking for a supportive yet stylish summer sandal, give the Carina Wedge a try. It’s versatility from the workplace to date night ensures years worth of use and joy.
  • Rocking Outsole
  • Leather Upper and Lining
  • Excellent for Regular Arches
  • Easy to Break In
  • Removable Insole
  • Clunky

6. Alegria Kayla Clog

6. Alegria Kayla Clog
The Kayla Clog will spice up any outfit with its wide selection of leather finishes and prints. Look professional in any Kaya Clog while treating your feet to luxurious comfort. An ultra plush polyurethane midsole cradles the heel, giving you all day support with effortless style. The Kayla Clog is also designed with slip and stain resistant technology, making this adorable shoe adorably low maintenance.
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Polyurethane Midsole
The polyurethane midsole is extremely comfortable without losing support. By cradling the heel and metatarsal, the midsole alleviates pressure from the feet and lower back naturally.

Low Maintenance
The Kayla Clog was designed with efficiency and ease in mind. Spend more time enjoying your new wardrobe addition with its stain combative technology. Walk with confidence knowing you're Kayla Clog will still look spectacular after a long day.

Cost and Value
As one of the least expensive choices on this list, the Kayla Clog offers way more than what you’re paying for. Comfort, style, ease, support, and peace of mind all bundled up into one! If you’re new to the brand, the Kayla Clog is the perfect option for the budding fanatic on a budget.
  • Slip Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Super Soft and Light Polyurethane Midsole
  • Removable Insole
  • Runs Small

7. Alegria Colette Sandal

7. Alegria Colette Sandal
The Colette Sandal offers stability with its posture correcting rocking outsole. Handcrafted leather straps give you an adjustable sandal while the blended footbed fits perfectly to your foot. An open toe design allows feet to breathe in the summer heat as go about your day in style.
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Posture Correcting
The rocking outsole and polyurethane blended footbed work in tandem to support your back, lower joints, and knees. The specially designed shape of the exterior naturally alters your gait, relieving pressure from tired joints.

With adjustable leather straps, the Colette Sandal gives wears a customizable exterior. Maybe your feet are feeling extra tender one long day at work. Simply re-adjust the handcrafted leather strap and continue your day in comfort.

Cost and Value
The Colette Sandal rests right in the middle of this list cost wise. For a modest price, not only do you get a trendy, comfortable shoe but one that corrects and alleviates joint pain. Its removable insole allows you to slip in your own orthotics, making this truly fit your individual needs.
  • Rocker Outsole
  • Slip Resistant
  • Removable Insole
  • Adjustable Straps and Buckle
  • Posture Correcting Technology
  • Squeaky

8. Alegria Kylie Boot

8. Alegria Kylie Boot
There are more than just clogs and sandals, so you’ll be happy to know that you can have the level of comfort they provide and take it with you into the colder months of the year. The Kylie boot will keep you warm, and provide you with all-day comfort through the mild rocker bottom and the removable insole that will cushion each of your steps and keep you comfortable even if you’ve walked for miles.
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Inspired by Menswear
These boots take their inspiration from classic menswear styles, combining supple leather with panels of plaid for a unique look that is stylish, simple and elegant. The lace-up system allows you to fully customize the fit, so you can wear them as tight or loose as you need in order to reap the benefits of the comfort these provide.

Rugged Outsole with Comfort Features
The outsole of these boots is inspired by Lug Boots, giving you a good grip on any surface that doesn’t wear out with use. The insole is made out of the standard combination of polyurethane, cork and memory foam, and it will adjust to the contours of your foot for cushioning and shock absorption. The toe box is roomy and you will get the advantages of good arch support so you don’t experience any pain at the end of the day.

Cost and Value
Depending on size and style, the price of these boots ranges from average on this list to very affordable, which is perfect if you are looking to purchase a high-quality pair of boots to wear in the fall or spring. You will love these for the soft leather upper, the fact that they are breathable and won’t retain moisture, and the classic casual style that will go with anything you choose to wear.
  • Leather and Plaid Upper
  • Removable Alegria Footbed
  • Accommodates Custom Orthotics
  • Lace-Up Closure
  • Non-Slip, Mild Rocker Sole
  • Runs Narrow
  • Unsuitable for High Arches

9. Alegria Karmen Sandal

9. Alegria Karmen Sandal
These slide on sandals are great if you are looking for a pair of summer shoes that are not just stylish but also comfortable. With two hook and loop closures that allow you to fully customize the fit, you will have no problem with spending all day walking around in these, whether it’s at work, at the park or in a hot European city. Featuring the famous sole, a 1.5-inch heel, and a removable footbed, these sandals can become an irreplaceable item in your wardrobe.
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Sophisticated Design
Most comfort-oriented shoes will not provide you with the benefits of a beautiful design, but this is where the Karmen breaks the mold. Available in numerous colors and patterns, these shoes feature a hardware accent that will have you looking beautiful, without anyone knowing that you’re actually wearing a pair of shoes with a hook and loop closure! That means that you can pair these with almost anything and still look like a million bucks.

High Quality Materials
While the upper of these sandals are made out of leather that is soft to the touch and provides plenty of breathability, the removable footbed combines latex, cork and memory foam that will hug your arches and give you plenty of support, cushioning and shock absorption. The outsoles are not just made out of high-quality materials, but they will also promote better posture and a more natural gait cycle which will have you feeling less fatigued at the end of the day.

Cost and Value
These rank average on this list based on cost. With the extremely good Amazon reviews and the comfort that has become a staple, you will find that investing in a pair of Karmen sandals is a good choice if you need a comfortable but stylish pair of footwear for hot climate use. In addition, they will give you a good grip on the surface underfoot, and the rocker bottom will propel you forward, giving you an extra spring in your step.
  • No Break In Time Required
  • Fully Adjustable Upper
  • Excellent for Bunions
  • High Arch Support
  • Removable Footbed
  • Unsuitable for Underpronation
  • Runs Wide

10. Alegria Alli Flat

10. Alegria Alli Flat
The Alli Flat close out our list with professional flair. With a variety of embossed and treated leathers, the shoe takes the classic flat from business casual to the executive boardroom. With a durable, stain resistant exterior, this lasts for ages looking brand new. The rocker outsole and ultra-cushioned insole make any day on the job comfortable and productive.
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Professional Style
It comes in a professional selection of treated leathers for high business appeal. Feel confident and executive with patent leathers, tasteful embellishments, and embossed patterns to own the office.

Ultra Durable
With both slip and stain resistant technology, it is a superbly durable shoe. Double straps cross over the shoe with an elegant buckle for extra security.

Cost and Value
This is the most expensive shoe on this list, but the professional look and style make this a smart investment. A durable, resilient, business shoe is a must-have for any wardrobe, and Alegria makes this an easy find. Not only is it business appropriate and durable, but with that patented Alegria insole, it is super comfortable.

Office Appropriate

Removable Footbed

Secure Closure

Wide Variety of Colors

Non-SLip Outsole



Runs Narrow

Alegria shoes offer great comfort at an affordable price for long hours on your feet. Without a good pair , our bodies can start to wear out on us. Treat the support system of your body right with Alegria’s patented footbeds, designed to comfort all foot types. For anyone working long shifts, day in and day out, supportive, comfortable footwear optionsare a must. Look great and feel great with a wide selection of Alegria’s original, on-trend styles. Don’t settle for a supportive yet drab loafer. Find something that’ll conform to the contours of your feet naturally with style and professional flair. It can be difficult finding the perfect option for your lifestyle, but, hopefully, this guide makes finding it a little easier.

If you want to read more about our selection process, as well as about the technology that goes into every pair, read the Criteria for Evaluation section. If you still have questions after that, make sure to check what other users had to ask about the brand in the Frequently Asked Questions section.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Alegria Shoes


Alegria shoes have been popular amongst photographers, travel agents, doctors, educators, restaurateurs, flight attendants, hair stylists, nurses and retailers for years. All those professions, among other things, involve spending their workdays on their feet. So, they need comfortable yet stylish workwear that can help them keep moving.

Before, these professional choices used to be unattractive and bland with little to no options for customization, but now after some revamping, they could be part of a fashion statement!  PG Lite created these to bridge the barrier between the comfort level and aesthetics, merging the need to look good and feel good.


A Unique, Comfort-Oriented Sole


The part of footwear that is most in charge of the comfort level you will get is the sole. Comprised of three sections – the outsole in contact with the ground, the midsole in charge of shock absorption and the insole that touches your feet – the soles can be made in various ways so as to provide you with different benefits. There is quite a difference in features needed by a teacher and a professional cyclist, and in order to maximize your comfort levels, you need to make sure you are wearing the correct type of footwear.

The company was founded over two decades ago when the company PG Lite recognized a need in the market for high-quality footwear that was both comfortable and stylish enough for professional and semi-formal use. Alegria shoes were developed in order to provide the people in need with beautiful options that could be just as easily worn to the office as to a picnic. So, the famous soles were developed.

All footwear is made with a variation of the same sole which includes the following parts:

  • A mild rocker outsole – made out of non-slip rubber, these outsoles provide you both with the safety features needed for a professional environment, as well as with technology that maximizes comfort and promotes proper alignment. This means that joint and back pain associated with long hours of standing can be avoided by simply wearing the right pair of shoes. The rocker bottom is especially favorable among users as it is designed so as to promote a more natural gait cycle, aiding the push-off phase, and making each step easy to take, regardless of how many hours you have spent on your feet.
  • Polyurethane and cork midsole – this part the footwear is the one that is in charge of providing you with shock absorption. Every step you take can lead to putting too much stress on the heel or metatarsal area, so a good midsole is a must. In addition, users who have foot problems need proper arch support. This allows their feet to have the necessary elasticity which is part of the natural shock absorption required in every walking or running motion. Coupled with the proper alignment, a pair of supportive shoes can help alleviate pain associated with low arches, overpronation, heel spurs, shin splints and other issues.
  • Memory foam lining – memory foam is one of the best cushioning materials in footwear, seeing that it is made out of compounds that are not just highly elastic but are able to spring back to their original form, minimizing flattening and maximizing comfort. In addition, it is a material that will conform to the contours of the foot, giving you a customized fit that is just as good as wearing custom orthotics.
  • Leather lining – finally, the part that comes into contact with your feet must be made out of a material that is not only breathable and soft, but that also won’t cause irritation, promote sweating or help the growth of bacteria and development of odors. All footwear options made by the Alegria brand feature a leather insole that will promote a better wearing experience with a soft, natural touch.

It is also important to note that all models on our list also feature a removable footbed which can prove to be an excellent option for numerous reasons. If you wear custom orthotics, you can substitute the insoles for your own, giving you the opportunity to further customize the fit and feel. But even if you love the original insoles that come with your purchase, this is an excellent feature that allows you to prolong the comfortability and lifespan of your favorite pair of shoes. Whether you’re looking at replacing your insoles because you’ve worn them out, or simply for hygienic reasons (podiatrists recommend replacing insoles as often as every three months), you will always be able to get a new set of insoles that will have you up and running after just a simple change.


Breathability/Airflow/Temperature Control


When you’re on your feet all day, most footwear can get quite sweaty and smelly. But this brand fights to ensure that you have a breathable choice that gives you enough room to be comfortable but still fit properly. The leather insole is made from naturally breathable leather. This means that your feet will be in touch with a natural material that hasn’t gone through any excessive chemical treatments, and that has natural properties which have been lauded for centuries. Being a porous material, leather not only allows fresh air to enter your shoes, but it also allows for generated hot air and moisture to escape the shoes. This results in a heightened level of comfort, without having to spend hours in wet shoes.

Furthermore, the level of ventilation provided by leather lining has health benefits in that it won’t retain moisture, thus it will prevent fungal and bacterial infections. Plus, you will have the peace of mind to know that your feet won’t get smelly, no matter how hard you worked and how long you walked in your favorite pair of shoes.

The level of breathability these shoes will allow your feet also depends on the model you choose. While open styles such as sandals will ensure more airflow, others will not perform as well when it comes to this aspect. Nonetheless, being made out of high-quality materials, even the closed styles of Alegria shoes – such as boots or clogs, will ensure that you are comfortable no matter how much time you spend in your footwear.


Flexibility and Durability


Flexibility is one of the most important characteristics of a pair of shoes, as it determines how your feet will be allowed to move in your footwear. While sandals or running shoes are made so as to allow as much free movement as possible, work boots or protective footwear has as its goal to stabilize the foot, thus reducing its ability to naturally flex and move inside the shoes.

You should never wear anything that is stiff for two main reasons;

  1. It immobilizes the foot while moving which can lead to deterioration of muscle and soft tissue in the feet.
  2. It can prevent the arch of the foot to store usable energy, making it harder to be comfortable for longer periods of time.

Footwear made by Alegria is made with a leather upper that allows plenty of movement and molds to your feet with use, but its main advantages lie in the sole which is made with a combination of natural materials chosen in order to comfort and support. The combination of polyurethane, cork and memory foam won’t be too stiff underfoot, but will, instead, ensure soft and long-lasting support. The mild rocker outsole is another excellent feature which aids the foot in all walking motions, ensuring not just a properly aligned landing, but also an easier toe-off.

Durability is weighed by its ability to resist outside forces, including debris, grease, oil, and water. The handmade soles warrant this brand’s durability. Although made with natural materials on the inside, the outsole is made out of polyurethane which is widely used in all types of footwear, including that made for working environments. Additionally, leather uppers can last years with the proper care, meaning that you will be able to enjoy the comfort of your shoes for quite some time.




Shoes are made to protect your feet from outside influences such as cold, snow and rain, as well as extremely hot surfaces that many of us have to walk on daily. But in addition to this first level of protection, it is also important to note that they can greatly contribute to overall physical health through ensuring that we are standing and walking in a correct way, thus preventing muscle and joint pain often associated with long hours of standing and walking.

Footwear that is supportive does several things that have important health benefits. The most important of these, of course, is the arch support which is featured in all footwear made by Alegria. By hugging the underside of your foot, these shoes can contribute to a better level of shock absorption, reducing muscle fatigue and joint pain in the long run. But even more, it can prevent overpronation or underpronation, thus ensuring proper alignment of the ankles, knees, hips, and back.

Another area which requires support is the heel, as it can easily become overused or injured if proper shoes are not worn. The best way to support the heel is to lock it securely into place, and to give it a stable surface to land on, preventing any chance of slippage that can lead to a sprained ankle.

People who spend several hours a day on their feet, support offered by their footwear is crucial to prevent any injuries or discomfort that can occur. All styles on this list feature plenty of support and stability and even have removable insoles that allow you to use your footwear with any custom orthotics you may need.  This will ensure that you have long lasting comfort for all those busy days.




Considering that footwear made by this brand is often used by professionals such as hospital staff and people working in the hospitality industry, it comes as no surprise that Alegria takes special care to give their users footwear which is safe to use on multiple surfaces, including those which are highly polished or wet.

The fact that they feature an outsole made of polyurethane ensures that your footing is always safe, no matter the surface underfoot. This level of safety is additionally heightened by the design of the outsole which is almost always flat, offers a surface that is wide enough to support the entire foot and has a mild rocker bottom that lessens the effort needed to take the next step.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are these made?
A: They are manufactured in China, but the company works closely with the best suppliers and manufactured to provide customers with the best possible shoes and 100% customer satisfaction.

Q: Where can I purchase these?
A: They can be purchased through any of their online retailer stores or through the authorized dealers listed on their site. Though they do not have an official location, they do have staff in their showroom that will be happy to assist you.

Q: How can I determine my size?
A: You will need to follow the European sizing standards. If you are in between sizes, such as 5 ½ or 6 ½, you should round up to the nearest whole number.

Q: How should they fit?
In this case, you will need to ensure that the footbed’s arch is fully supporting the arch of your foot. When your foot is placed properly, there should be a ¼ inch of footbed that is still visible.
It should be noted that one size may not fit you in different styles, and you should always check out their size chart (available on their website) to help you in determining the proper size for you.

Q: Will my shoe stretch?
A: Some people find that they do stretch a bit with wear. For this reason, we do recommend choosing the smaller size if it is comfortable on your feet. It’s best to try out the sizes to ensure that you get the best fit possible.

Q: Can I wash my shoes?
A: We do not recommend throwing them in the washing machine. The footbeds are not water resistant, so this could cause harm and damage. It’s recommended for you to replace the footbed each year or so to maintain balance.
If your shoe features:

  • Crinkle Leather – clean with a non-abrasive leather cleaner or damp cloth.
  • Distressed Leather – clean with a damp cloth.
  • Full Grain Leather – clean with damp cloth or shine leather crème
  • Metallicsclean with a damp cloth
  • Nappa Leather – clean with a damp cloth
  • Nubuck – clean with a suede cleaner
  • Patent Leather – clean with water and soap or patent spray cleaner
  • Printed Leather – clean with a damp cloth
  • Suede Leather – clean gently using a suede brush

Q: Are Alegria shoes good for wide feet?
A: They do offer a free wide insole option for their customers! The change in the insole is just slight but many customers with wide feet notice a huge difference. They offer wide options that range from 34-wide to 43-wide.

Q: Are Alegria shoes good for walking?
A: Since they manufacture some of the best walking shoes,  Nurses, sales associates, hairdressers, and mothers, are some of our biggest customers as they are on their feet all day long. The bed is designed to hold the foot in the optimum walking position. The footbed is created using latex, cork, and memory foam. These materials are designed to conform to the foot and make them very comfortable. Good walking shoes will prevent you from slipping, and Alegria keeps that in mind during the manufacturing process.


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