Best Baby and Infant Socks Reviewed for Comfort

It used to be that a baby’s first piece of footwear was a pair of rigid shoes, with socks only playing a supporting role, keeping the baby’s feet warm. Experts have since found that a baby’s foot needs the freedom to move in order to develop strong muscles and the sock has taken a more central role in the wardrobes of infants and toddlers. Baby shoes are still recommended if a baby is going to be running around outside. Inside and when carried though, socks reign supreme.

Last Updated: June 15, 2018
By Himmatpreet Kaur:

We took a fresh look at our list of the 10 best baby socks and replaced several to ensure that you always have the most current list of the best ten. We also reviewed our criteria and frequently asked questions lists to ensure the information is accurate and current so that you have the best information available to help you choose the socks that are right for the little one in your life.

Letting a baby run around in socks allows the muscles of their feet to develop solid and strong without the risk that they will become uncomfortably cold. Most adults go to great lengths to keep their own feet from getting cold because they find it so unpleasant and babies are no exception! A warm-footed baby is a happier baby, and the socks on this list will help keep any baby happy.

Featured Recommendations

Luvable Friends 8 Pack
  • Luvable Friends 8 Pack
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stretchable
  • Soft
  • Price: See Here
Laisor Assorted Non-Skid
  • Laisor Assorted Non-Skid
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Non-skid soles
  • Thick
  • Price: See Here
Future Founder Non Skid
  • Future Founder Non Skid
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Non-Slip Soles
  • Range of Styles
  • Price: See Here

Socks also give parents a less expensive alternative when outfitting their child. Baby shoes can cost almost as much as adult shoes for just one pair, depending on the brand. They’re outgrown within months and if the baby has an accident, those shoes could end up in the wash whether or not they’re machine washable. Socks, on the other hand, come in multipacks that allow for more value on the dollar. Many of them are elastic so that they will stretch with the growth of baby’s feet, and many out there are designed to resemble shoes, even iconic styles like Converse or Dr.Martens. When sillier designs such as bears, trucks, and even aliens are added in, socks quickly become an easy to way to round out a baby’s look with something that is easily washed, more cost-effective, and better for the development of a baby’s foot muscles.

Whether the little one in question is still a babe in arms or is out and about, exploring the worlds on their own hands, knees, and feet, there is a pair of socks on this list for them. There are features ranging from cuffed tops to help the socks stay on newborn feet to no-slip grips to help keep the mobile baby from taking a tumble. Designs run the spectrum from basic solids to patterns that resemble flowers, fruit, monsters, sharks, and iconic shoes.  No matter the style of dress, the occasion, or the weather outside, these are the best socks out there for infants and babies.


10 Best Baby Socks


1. Luvable Friends 8 Pack

Baby socks are, at once, the most adorable and most frustrating pieces of a baby's wardrobe. They keep the baby's toes warm and help round out an outfit, so long as the baby doesn't pull them off! Their small size means they're easily lost, and Luvable understands that frustration. Their 8 pack of socks, perfect for a girl or boy, is an affordable option for parents of newborns to toddlers.
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Wonderfully Affordable
There is an unspoken understanding that baby clothes are overpriced. And for all the speed with which children outgrow their clothes, there never seems to be baby socks at thrift stores or available as hand-me-downs. This is likely because babies have a fascination with pulling their socks off and throwing them over the edge of the nearest high place, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. Luvable seems to understand. Their eight-pack of socks vary in price depending on what size you want, but even their higher prices are low enough that these are a real steal for an eight-pack.

Soft Fabric and Gentle Elastic
Nobody likes their socks to have a rough texture and a baby's skin is especially sensitive. Luvable's socks are made from thick, soft cotton that will be gentle on a baby's skin while keeping their easily-chilled toes warm. The elastic in the socks will also help keep them in place without cutting off circulation to the baby's foot.

Cost and Value
These are probably the most affordable socks listed here. Each eight pack comes in a variety of styles and Luvable offers a range of sizes so that your child can stay in their socks as they grow.

2. Laisor Assorted

Laisor is a relatively unknown brand at the moment, but if their products continue to rate as highly as these have, that may change. Parents have said time and again that they are not easily slipped off, which is a blessing to someone who has to chase errant socks when a baby decides not to wear them anymore. The designs are bright and cheery, perfectly suited for the ball of energy that will take advantage of the no-slip grips on the bottom.
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Fun and Bold Designs
Laisor has no shortage of adorable designs with which to decorate their socks. Stars, stripes, letters, bears, fire trucks, and the list goes on from there. The designs all come in bold colors, most of them on primary or neutral backgrounds. This makes them excellent for boys or girls and especially ideal for families with multiple littles ones running around in the same sock size.

No Slip Grips
Some socks on this list run the age range from newborn to three years, but Laisor's smallest size is intended for six months and up, which is generally when infants begin to actively explore their surroundings. With this desire to explore in mind, the soles of these socks are entirely decorated with non-slip grip material to help little explorers keep their feet under them as they crawl, walk, and run.

Cost and Value
These socks are one of the best value purchases on this list. The cost for a twelve pack is less than some of the six packs also seen on this list and they seem to hold up well over time so there is no quality sacrifice.
  • Offered in sizes up to 3 years
  • Fun and colorful designs
  • 12 packs
  • Non-slip
  • Shrink a bit

3. Sdbing Thick Non-Slip

These are soft and breathable baby socks that will fit babies and toddlers between 1 and 3 years old. These are elastic, stretchable and great for all year around. The gender-neutral designs are super cute for any baby in any outfit. They are also non-slip which is important for babies running around in the house all day (when is nap time again?)
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Great grip
These cute little socks are cotton knit and gave little grip pads on the feet so your little one will stay secure on their feet no matter what surface they might be running around one. The socks are a great alternative to having your child wear shoes indoors.

Cute designs
These bright and colorful socks are great for the littlest kids. Cars and dinosaurs and stars and frogs – all things little ones love and with a choice of 12 designs per pack, you are sure to find a soft and comfortable sock for any outfit you dress your child in.

Cost and Value
The pack of 12 socks is very reasonably priced. There is nothing better than having a selection of safe, comfortable socks to put on your little one’s feet. Offering warmth in any season and protection against slipping and sliding when running around or learning to walk, these socks are a great value.
  • Fits 1 – 3 year olds
  • Gender neutral designs
  • Good grip
  • Suitable year around
  • Premium quality cotton
  • May be small on wide feet

4. Future Founder Non Skid

4. Future Founder Non Skid
These socks from Future Founder are another great option for parents who need something a little less bright for their child's wardrobe. This six-pack comes with a mix of the designs pictured on the website and are packaged in a cute little bag that can be reused in the diaper bag or elsewhere in the home. Future Founder socks are a little bigger than others, making them ideal for toddlers as they grow into confident walkers.
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Strong No-Slip Grip
Future Founder's socks were designed with older toddlers in mind, those who have gotten their feet under them and are trying their best to imitate whirlwinds as they tear around the house. Because of this, the non-slip material is patterned thickly across the entire sole of the sock, giving them more traction on slick wooden or tile floors.

Classic Colors in Easy-to-Style Patterns
As babies get bigger, parents find it easier to take them more place. Some of those places require a more classic, subdued look and that is where these socks fit the bill. They come in stripes, stars, and spots colored in shades of black, white, and grey. Future Founder also offers a more colorful sock set, but in a world full of wild hued baby socks, subdued can be just as unique as the most inventive pattern.

Cost and Value
Though the socks have an excellent no-slip sole and come in oddly hard to find neutral colors, their cost might still be a little steep for a six-pack.
  • Classic colors and patterns
  • No-Slip grips 
  • Elastic is not restrictive
  • Price is a little higher

5. Trumpette Baby Socks

5. Trumpette Baby Socks
How adorable are these little socks that are designed to look like shoes? These socks will stay on little feet without needing constant pull-ups and come in a come in a really cute little gift box. The socks are soft on baby’s feet and made of a durable cotton blend. Parents will also enjoy the color variety in each box.
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Cotton blend
Cotton is a fairly durable material that is soft and breathable on little feet. These socks will make your baby’s feet happy while staying up thanks to the elastic tops on the socks. They can run around all day without the socks slipping off over and over again.

Great for gifting
These are cute little socks for gifting to the babies in your life. Whether it’s a birthday or Christmas or another occasion, the gift box makes life easy and the cute designs and vibrant colors will make these a great gift choice.

Cost and Value
This set of six in a variety of designs is the most expensive set of baby socks on our list. However, they do feature rubber grips to help baby tear up the house with toddler fun, they will last and they are incredibly cute and versatile.
  • Elastic tips
  • Soft cotton blend
  • Durable socks
  • Rubber grips for traction
  • Gift ready!
  • May shrink when washed

6. VWU 6 Pack Baby Anti Slip

6. VWU 6 Pack Baby Anti Slip
Sometimes fun characters and eye-catching patterns are not what a little one needs. Sometimes all that is needed is a sock that is both soft and warm, non-slip and available in basic colors at a range of sizes. At those times, VWU is the company to look at. Their socks are a great value designed for little movers, from the warm fabric to the no-slip grips on the bottom of the soles.
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Thick and Comfortable Cotton Socks
VWU's socks are made of 82% combed cotton. This gives them a thick and cuddly feel sure to keep even the chilliest baby warm as they're crawling around. They may leave a little lint behind, but their soft fabric doesn't develop loops that can catch baby's toes and cause discomfort. When the soft fabric is combined with a little bit of elastic for a snug fit, they become an ideal pair of socks for little crawlers.

No Slip Grips
The bottom of these socks features a whole-sole no-slip design. The widespread design gives the socks more traction, meaning more stopping and sticking power when the little one is trying to get their feet settled. A larger amount of non-slip material also means that the grips should last longer and take a little more abuse before the socks have to be replaced.

Cost and Value
These are an excellent value for the price. The pack comes with six solid pattern socks in unique pastel and neutral colors. Few other companies sell six pairs at so low a price.
  • No slip grips 
  • Variety pack 
  • Newborns to 3 years old
  • Higher priced

7. Sdbing Baby's Thick Cotton

7. Sdbing Baby's Thick Cotton
Some people like to dress their infant and toddlers in coordinated outfits and others like to let their kids play with bold colors and mismatched prints. But no matter how a parent likes to dress their kid, everyone wants their child to be safe. Socks that combine non-slip soles with cute designs and bold colors are a sure win, and SDBing does exactly that.
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Thick Socks Keep Baby's Feet Warm
It's not recommended for babies to wear shoes unless they're going to be running around outside because it can restrict and alter foot growth. Because of this, it is important to make sure that baby's socks are nice and thick to keep their feet warm while they're exploring.

A Range of Designs and Colors
Whether your baby is outfitted in classic style or rocking the boldest, loudest colors at story time, SDBing offers a set of socks that will match your style. Their designs are also fun and unique, making it easier for little ones who are starting to dress themselves to find matching pairs...when they want matching socks that is!

Cost and Value
Twelve pairs of thick socks with non-slip grips on the bottom can be expensive, but SDBing offers them at an affordable price and range of sizes, allowing your little one to keep a favorite pattern in their sock drawer even as they grow from one size to another.
  • Thick socks 
  • Adorable designs
  • Reasonable price
  • Bright colors 
  • Designs vary

8. Flanhiri Non-slip Cotton

8. Flanhiri Non-slip Cotton
Letters and cars, bears and stars, if your baby could pick their own socks, they would choose the fun and colorful socks contain in this set of 12 (also available in smaller sets of 6). Made of a soft and warm cotton, your little one’s feet will be cozy and so comfortable. They are safe and will fit babies and toddlers up to about 3 years old.
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Anti-slip beads
Babies fall. It’s a natural part of learning to walk steadily and even more fun – run well. So it’s important that their socks be secure. These little socks come with an anti-slip beading on the bottoms to ensure your little marathon runner can run safety from morning until at least nap time.

Stretchable fit
Babies fall but they also grow – really, really fast. Blink and all of a sudden you have a three-year-old! It makes sense to have a sock that will last as long as possible and that includes growing with the baby. These socks will fit your little one from the time they are one until they are approximately three, yay!

Cost and Value
These socks are on the lower end of the price range which is great since you are getting 12 soft, warm, comfortable, secure socks that will fit your baby for a couple of years. In colorful and fun designs, baby will look stylish as well.
  • Cute designs
  • Fits 1 to 3-year-olds
  • High quality cotton
  • Soft and warm
  • Anti-slip beading
  • Designs may vary

9. Hudson Baby Socks

9. Hudson Baby Socks
Stylish, coordinated-color designs come in each of the variety of 8 pack baby socks. With that variety to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect set for your little one. These are also available in sizes from newborn through to 4 or 5 years old. Cute little socks to go with the more formal outfits you may dress your child in, they are also warm and soft.
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Stylish designs
Stripes, polka dots, bows and solids, these cute little socks will go well with any outfit but especially with more formal styles, you may wish to dress your child in. The socks are also made with crew cuffs that prevent them from falling off easily.

Soft and comfortable
The socks are made of a stretchable cotton blend that will fit your child’s growing foot. The cotton blend is soft and comfortable on your child’s foot, allowing little feet to breathe.

Cost and Value
The socks are priced at the lower end of the range and for that, you get 12 really cute socks in a variety of color-coordinated options. They are stretchable and will last as your child’s foot grows as well.
  • Cotton blend is warm
  • Crew cuff to stay on
  • Soft and stretchable
  • A dozen per pack
  • Machine washable
  • Not non-slip

10. Simple Joys by Carter's

10. Simple Joys by Carter's
Most of the socks on this list are geared for the new adventurer. The little one just learning to walk and crawl, who needs the extra support of no-slip grips on the bottom of their socks. Carter's Simple Joys is a deviation from this theme. The socks do not have a no-slip grip sole. With sizes that range from newborn to two years, this means that pre-mobility infants and those with their legs under them would have the easiest time with these socks. There are those new walkers, however, who might benefit from the risk of a few slips as they get their feet under them. Only their parents know for sure!
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Unisex Styles
The Simple Joys twelve pack includes a variety of pastel and neutral shades. These colors are arranged in basic designs that include standard solid, the "traditional gym sock" look with two thin bands of contrasting color around the ankle, and several other arrangements. There are no tractors or puppies or flowers to be found here. They are socks in a bright, classic style perfect for boys or girls.

Solid Construction from Industry Leader
Simple Joys is a Carters brand, one of the most well known baby clothing brands on the market today. They're sold nearly everywhere that baby clothes can be bought and for good reason. Carters clothes are made to last. Their onesies stretch, their seams hold, their sizes almost always fit true, and their socks do not wear out. No matter how many times a little one skids across the floor, pulls them off, or chews on them.

Cost and Value
These socks are very well priced. A twelve-pair pack costs as much as a six-pair pack from most other brands. This is likely because they are a lighter weight sock and have no anti-slip coating on the bottom. But if a spring and summer weight sock is on the shopping list, these socks would be a good choice.
  • Quality product 
  • Affordable price 
  • Classic designs
  • Gender neutral 
  • Thinner than many 

Babies come in all shapes and sizes. No matter if they’re tall or short, round or skinny, they all need their toes kept warm. All of the socks listed here will do exactly that, one needs only take the season and weather into account. Choosing the right socks now, socks that the baby can grow into saves time and money down the road. There will be no need to scramble for new socks when their feet grow a little or when they take their first scoot across the living room, their feet pushing them along. Whether bold or subdued, solid or patterned, any of these socks would be an excellent choice to start your baby off with or to add to an existing wardrobe.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Baby Socks

Type of Material

Socks made of commonly uncomfortable materials were purposefully excluded from this list. A high nylon content, wool that isn’t machine washable, and anything slick or overly restrictive are not usually recommended for babies because it will only agitate sensitive skin and lead to the child pulling the sock off. The sock is likely to come off regardless, but the longer it is able to do its job, the better. The type of material is also important to consider because anything worn by babies has to be washed often, including their socks. If a sock is made of a material or blend that cannot be machine washed, it is not practical for a baby’s wardrobe. Similarly, if the fabric pills or creates loops that may cause discomfort to a baby’s foot, it is not considered a good option.

Look for socks that are made of light and natural materials that are soft on baby’s foot, while allowing the foot to breathe.  Cotton and lightweight, washable wools are very good options.

Versatility & Durability

Baby socks must be able to cover a range of ages and styles to be considered versatile. If a sock only comes in very small or very large sizes, it is not really practical for babies. Their feet simply grow too fast for socks that don’t stretch. Similarly, a baby’s socks should be able to fit in with the rest of its clothing if the parent wants the baby to have a coordinated look. If the socks are limited in their style, they will be less versatile.

Baby socks should also be durable.  They need to last through a lot of washings, a lot of pulling them off, a lot of the family pet pulling them off and playing with them while Mom and Dad look away for a moment, and a lot of “what the heck is this stain?” moments.  They also need to stand up to little toenails that seemingly double in length overnight and are very sharp.  Look for toes that are reinforced with stitching, quality elasticized material and strong materials like cotton, wool, and polyester for best results.

Also, for your convenience as the parent of a baby (we know, it’s tiring!), look for socks that are machine washable and have non-slip grips added to the bottom.

Value does not always mean the least expensive item available. Most baby socks are sold in multipacks. A twelve pack for ten dollars is a better value than a six pack for eight dollars. When comparing the value of these socks, the number of socks in a pack was taken into consideration as was the quality of the material, the versatility of the sock, and whether or not there were no-slip grips on the bottom of the socks that would effectively do their job.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are baby socks machine washable?
A: There are baby socks on the market that are not machine washable, but none are included on this list. Baby socks are, however, rarely going to make up their own load of laundry. It is best to toss them in with other clothes or diapers and sort them afterward.

Q: Are baby booties the same thing as socks?
A: Baby booties are not the same thing as baby socks. Baby booties are essentially baby shoes with soft sides and soles. They are more likely to come off than socks as socks contain elastic intended to keep them snug on a baby’s foot.

Q: Will the socks come off, or could my baby pull them off?
A: There is not a sock out there that is guaranteed to stay on and as soon as babies learn that they can grab things, they will try to pull their socks off. The socks on this list, however, were chosen because they are more likely to stay on and will be easy to spot and pair up if and when they are pulled off.

Q: Are there any loops inside to catch a baby’s toes?
A: Many of the socks listed here are made from fine knit cotton, making it unlikely that loops will form and catch a baby’s toes. Even the very soft socks are loop-free, though they may leave some lint behind. This is only a problem if the baby has sensitive feet and may become bothered by the cotton fibers between their toes. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any discomfort.

Q: Why would newborns need no-slip grips on their socks?
A: Many of the socks on this list are made to stretch, allowing them to fit children for several months. This allows families to keep their baby socks longer, but it also means that socks purchased for a newborn will continue to fit as the child grows, sometimes past the age where the child begins to scoot and crawl.


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