Best Boat Shoes Reviewed & Rated

Boat shoes, you may have guessed by the name, were designed specifically for walking on slippery decks for those out at sea. They were designed originally for sailors who used them for the fact they were easy to air out, included waterproof leather or breathable mesh uppers, and were non-slip. Although designed for the seas, they soon began to catch on as a fashion trend and today are worn by all manner of people for almost any occasion.

Boat shoes are being worn as casual and dress shoes by men and women, boys and girls. This is a case where their comfort and unique style, both of which were important in a sailor’s working shoe, have also made them popular for other purposes.

Last Updated: May 6, 2018
By Himmatpreet Kaur:

This page was recently updated with new information regarding how to choose between different boat shoes. New data includes a Criteria that readers can use to select their own if going with our suggestions doesn't work well enough for you. We've selected tried and tested boat shoes such as models from brands like Skechers, Dunham and Sperry. Other info includes a rundown of the ideal material and upper build, plus the aspects that make great boat shoes effective.

Featured Recommendations

Skechers Flagship
  • Skechers Flagship
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Updated style
Dunham Captain
  • Dunham Captain
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Thick, cushioned sole
Clarks Jocolin Vista
  • Clarks Jocolin Vista
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Airy and cool

The style of boat shoes practically screams casual but refined comfort. They’re not a sneaker but feel like one. They’re not a dress shoe but they look great with business casual attire. They’re not a sandal, yet they fit right in at the beach. Along with the comfort and style of the shoe, any choice you make from our list will also give you the versatility you are looking for.  


15 Best Boat Shoes


1. Skechers Flagship

The Flagship is a fabric shoe made to be lighter than other boat shoes. It features an elegantly stitched toe and a footbed made specifically with energy-return properties. Along with a cushioned midsole for comfort you get all the performance expected from a boat shoe, Skechers designed this with both fashion and performance in mind, and it shows.
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All-day Comfort
Work all day, play all day comfort is what to expect here. The extra cushioning on the inside and a rubber outsole for shock absorption and grip ensure you can do both.

Lightweight Fabric Upper
The fabric upper on this shoe is very breathable and it allows air circulation and temperature regulation for your feet. Lightweight mesh means it dries fast too, so go ahead and enjoy that sail.

Cost & Value
The Flagship is on the average side when it comes to cost but its true value comes from the diverse uses you can get out of them, the lightweight, airy and dryable mesh, and the comfort built right in.
  • Fabric Upper for Breathability
  • Low heel for natural foot angle
  • All-around light in weight
  • Cushioned Resalyte sole
  • Energy return footbed
  • Lack of arch support

2. Dunham Captain

The rubber sole on these shoes provides great grip. Oiled leather makes this boat shoe water resistant. Its raised heel offers more support to the backs of your feet and with an EVA foam midsole and footbed, you will comfortable whether you’re on deck, in the office or walking around town.
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EVA Components
With its EVA foam midsole and footbed, you will experience truly on the go comfort in these shoes. The spongy softness of the EVA also allows this shoe to flex without breaking.

Multiple widths
Shoes can be hard to find if you have wide or flat feet. These shoes come in wide options and extended sizes ensuring that the perfect fit is a click away.

On the higher end of price ranges for this list, this shoe gives you quality to warrant the investment. The shoe will outlast the laces. Just have a second pair of your favorite laces ready and you'll be going strong with these for a long time.
  • Lightweight design
  • Water resistance leather material
  • EVA Cushioned Midsole
  • Removable footbed
  • Eva and memory foam footbed

Tricky sizing

Laces are difficult to keep tied

3. Skechers Seashore

This is a very fashionable, oh so comfortable boat shoe that energizes your foot with every step. It features a Goga Max return energy insole, and a two-piece midsole made from resalyte and Go pillars. The lining is soft fabric for being barefoot on the deck but you can also kick back and lounge in these quality shoes.
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Energy Insole
The Goga Max return energy insole found in these boat shoes is an injection molding and memory retaining technology developed by Skechers that provides stability and comfort while making you feel light on your feet.

Resalyte Midsole
The same injection molded technology found in the insole is also in the midsole providing that extra bit of cushion and preventing compression. Your feet will feel like you’ve been walking on tiny springs, they’re so light.

Cost and Value
Your pocketbook will be happy with the price of these stylish shoes. Your feet will also sing your praises for giving them a molded, cushioned surface to live and work on all day. You can walk or work on your feet all day in these shoes and still look relaxed and casual. How can you lose?
  • Energy insole
  • Resalyte midsole
  • Soft fabric lining
  • Slip resistant
  • Breathable upper
  • Wide sizes limited

4. Sperry Top-Sider Sea Kite

4. Sperry Top-Sider Sea Kite
With the infusion of mesh and leather on the upper of the boat shoes, you get a solid, water-resistant shoe that is also breathable. For added comfort, the shoe also features a cushioned lining and insole. The insole is removable for use with custom orthotics or your inserts if you prefer.
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Style and Performance
Not only are these for the sailor on deck, but they are fashionable enough to be used for casual wear. This means from sea to shore to indoors and all around, you will find the perfect use for the Sperry top-sider Sea Kite.

Slip Resistant Outsole
The outsole is specifically designed to prevent slipping and falling. Sperry uses their own Wave-Siping, which is a patterning on the outsole that leads water away from the shoe.

Cost and Value
Well within the mid-range of prices for the list, these are really worth checking out. They have a very casual style while their performance can only be described as excellent. You’ll also love the breathability of these shoes along with that comfort. Happy, happy feet for the price.
  • Water resistant leather upper
  • Mesh windows for airflow
  • Comfortably cushioned
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Stylish and casual
  • Textured insole = irritating
  • Laces wear out quickly

5. Columbia Bahama Vent PFG

5. Columbia Bahama Vent PFG
The upper of the Bahama Vent is composed of both leather and synthetic halves. The sole a material is Tech Lite. This is Columbia's version of EVA and acts as a large, sure, flexible underfoot cushion. This shoe is an excellent performer on deck. When water gets in or your feet get sweaty, the Bahama Vent is one of the best at expelling moisture.
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Drainage Ports
Not only do these shoes contain synthetic mesh to allow for moisture to escape and evaporate, but they also have holes at the sides of the sole to let extra trapped water find its way of the shoe and away from your feet.

Perfect Traction
With a special rubber outsole that's made to expel water and prevent hydroplaning of the feet, these are perfect for your time on the water.

Cost and Value
These shoes fall in the mid-range of boat shoes on our list. For your money, you are receiving superior slip-resistance while keeping your feet comfortable. The thoughtful design also ensures that your feet stay as dry as possible in wet conditions.
  • Mix of leather and mesh
  • Cushioned sole
  • Water and air ports in heel area
  • Slip-resistant
  • More comfort than the ordinary
  • May retain water

6. Clarks Jocolin Vista

6. Clarks Jocolin Vista
If the Clarks Jocolin Vista is made for anything, it is comfort! The cushion-soft technology with an ortholite insole will give you comfort in spades. Not quite walking on a cloud but very close. Also featured is a soft mesh upper, which provides further comfort and breathability.
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Perforated Textile Upper
The perforated upper allows for a lot of breathing for your foot and temperature regulation too. A lower temperature inside the shoe means less perspiring and less moisture to worry about.

EVA sole
Because EVA is lightweight, the overall weight of the shoe is very light. But, EVA isn't only light in weight. It is also super durable and cushion-like. That means you will be walking on a cushion that will hold up to hard surfaces.

Cost and Value
These boat shoes are the least expensive on our list. For a remarkable price, you get cushioning and stability along with a soft and breathable upper. All in a stylish, ready for the deck, shoe.
  • Mesh upper 
  • Lightweight EVA sole
  • Super breathable
  • Ortholite cushioned insole
  • Fits loose

7. Lacoste Dreyfus

7. Lacoste Dreyfus
This is a very stylish shoe with a lot of versatility. With a waterproof leather upper, your feet stay dry. These aren’t shoes for rogue waves in the North Atlantic but calmer seas will be no problem. These are made for style. They have a fashionable, smart and casual look, and are durable enough to use on a daily basis.
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Thin Rubber Sole
The thin rubber sole allows this shoe to be flexible while still providing slip-resistant protection. They are also able to provide great traction, with less weight. The end result is a cushioned shoe with medium weight.

Made with style in mind
These stylish shoes can be worn on a daily basis with casual wear, business dress or to add to that night on the town look. With the slot-collar, perforated quarter and Lacoste logo in plain sight, they make for a unique shoe.

Cost and Value
This is one of the more expensive items on our list. For the price though, you are getting Lacoste’s unique style and its ability to go from casual to dressed up in the same boat shoe. The shoe is all leather and the sole is durable and flexible.
  • All-around leather upper
  • Detailed design
  • Great for diverse style types
  • 360 lace structure
  • durable, flexible outsole
  • Poor ventilation

8. Sperry Top-Sider Ivyfish

8. Sperry Top-Sider Ivyfish
No matter where you are you will be able to pull off some fine traction and a great look with the Sperry Ivyfish. Yes, this is an on-deck specific shoe made with style in mind. With leather 360 lacing you can walk on any deck knowing your feet are secure and slip-proof. They are also designed with a specific style in mind for those with a fashion sense.
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Fabric Side Panels
The mesh side panels help expel water from the insides of the shoes. This drainage detail ensures your feet stay dryer. Mesh also help keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Padded Collar
A padded collar keeps the top of the foot cushioned and blister free. Padding also increases the comfort of the shoe generally, especially in bare feet.

Cost and Value
These are on the more expensive end of our list. But for the investment, you are getting a shoe that was designed for boating. Sturdy, slip-resistant soles and sides that allow water to pass out of the shoe will leave your feet feeling comfortable and secure no matter how rogue the waves get.
  • 360-degree leather lacing system
  • Minor arch and heel support
  • Stylish for casual wear
  • Designed for on deck
  • Fits large

9. Margaritaville Anchor

9. Margaritaville Anchor
The Anchor by Margaritaville features a mix of leather and mesh in the upper. With more mesh and leather accents, this shoe is breathable and allows water to escape really well. Dual elastic panels in the shoe means that your feet fit well and will stay in place for increased stability and yet, they aren’t tight.
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Dual elastic panels
Dual elastic panels span the rim and ensure that the shoe is snug but not tight against your feet. The shoe will conform to you, ensuring that your foot stays in place and your sea legs stay strong.

Sipped rubber outsole
A special outsole is always required for footwear that's made for slippery, wet surfaces. This design allows for both traction on wet surfaces and wonderful traction on dry as well. They are great for walking on concrete, even on hot, sunny days as they don't retain heat at all.

Cost and Value
These boat shoes are at the lower end of shoes on our list. For a little investment, you really are getting a superior quality shoe for boating. Excellent traction and walk all day comfort even in summer on concrete will keep your feet happy.
  • Great traction
  • Great air flow
  • Conforming fit
  • Slip on ease
  • Fits narrow

10. Rockport Perth

10. Rockport Perth
The material of the sole is synthetic rather than pure EVA which makes them firmer, for those that need a little more support and stability in the sole. While not the most appropriate shoe for sailing, they will work. They are fashion focussed though so they are stylish and fun to wear.
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Dress-up or Down
This is a shoe that is just classy enough to be worn as a dress shoe but it also works well in a laid-back, casual, jeans and t-shirt outfit. The side lacing is a purely aesthetic and stylish detail.

Textured synthetic rubber sole
The sole along with the leather upper makes for a good boat shoe for any occasion. With a textured sole, you get good traction and great stability.

Cost and Value
Rockports are famous for quality built shoes and the Perth is no different. It is the most expensive shoe in our line up but worth the money for the versatility of this boat shoe. Stylish enough to be casual and dressy at the same time, you will want to wear these everywhere.
  • Versatile style
  • High quality build
  • Good traction
  • EVA footbed
  • Hand sewn
  • Sizes run narrow

11. Sperry Top-Sider Authentic

11. Sperry Top-Sider Authentic
Sperry makes boat shoes for sailing and this shoe has all the features you would look for: a slip-resistant sole, rust-resistant eyelets, and a slotted collar. The hand-sewn construction makes this shoe durable and comfortable. The soles are non-marking and provide great traction.
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Shock absorption
The EVA sole in this shoe makes for great shock absorption. You can work on deck all day and walk through town all evening and still be comfortable.

Superior traction
Sperry knows outsoles that provide great traction in wet or dry conditions. The rubber soles won’t slip so you stay on your feet. You will be ready to work or play with surefooted confidence.

Cost and Value
These boat shoes are on the higher end in terms of price. For that investment, you are getting a well built, hand sewn shoe that will last more than one boating season. Excellent traction and shock absorption will keep you comfortable throughout the day.
  • Slip-resistant
  • Rust-resistant
  • Shock absorbing
  • Hand sewn construction
  • Superior traction
  • Fits narrow

12. Sebago Docksides

12. Sebago Docksides
Beautiful, classic leather Sebago Docksides have a rubber sole that provides good traction. These are non-slip and non-marking and feature an EVA foam insole for comfort. Sizes run from narrow all the way through extra wide and the shoe features moccasin toe stitching and rawhide lacing around the collar.
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Non-slip soles
These shoes will keep you on your feet in comfort and style, with a rubber non-slip and non-marking sole. You will move confidently from the wet deck of a boat to the hard concrete of the streets to the wood on your home deck.

Classic style
These shoes retain the traditional boat shoe look with a stylish, rich leather upper. The classic styling doesn’t end there - with moccasin stitching and soft rawhide lacing around the collar.

Cost and Value
These shoes are at the higher end in terms of price relative to the other shoes on the list. For your investment, you are getting traditional but upgraded style, non-marking, non-slip soles and comfortable foam insoles. These will last and continue to look great for a long time.
  • Classic style upgraded
  • Non slip sole
  • Non marking sole
  • Fits narrow to extra wide
  • True to size fit
  • Low arch support

13. Timberland Classic

13. Timberland Classic
Timberland is known for quality outerwear and these classic boat shoes live up to that reputation. The shoe features sporty style with classic details like rawhide lacing. These shoes have an EVA foam insert and and EVA footbed for true comfort. Whether you’re captaining a crew out to sea or sharing shoretime with friends, you’ll be comfortable and fashionable.
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EVA comfort
Both the footbed and the insert are made of EVA, a formed foam that provides cushioning and shock-absorption for long hours of comfort. You will want to wear these everyday.

Classic details
Timberland did not miss out on the classic details when designing these shoes. They have a moccasin toe and rawhide lacing through the slotted collar, for a traditional boat shoe style.

Cost and Value
These are in the mid-range of prices relative to the other shoes on our list. For your money, you are receiving classic style with Timberland’s quality materials and build. EVA in the footbed and insert will keep you comfortable and provide shock absorption for long hours on your feet
  • Shock absorbing
  • EVA insert
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Classic details
  • High quality materia
  • Sizes run narrow

14. Dockers Vargas

14. Dockers Vargas
These are Dockers best-selling boat shoe and are made from high-quality, soft, genuine leather in the upper and a durable rubber outsole. EVA cushioning can be found in the footbed and in the heel cup. The sole is solid but flexible enough for all-day wear. The sole will provide great traction on wet surfaces, as all boat shoes should and these are a laid-back, casual style for days spent with friends.
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High quality material
The upper is genuine, high-quality leather while the rubber outsole is built for excellent traction. No thought was missed, nothing overlooked in the design of these classics.

Flexible, durable sole
The outsole on this shoe is flexible enough for all-day comfort but durable enough to last a very long time. The durable sole also provides excellent traction for those work hard, play hard days.

Cost and Value
Priced in the mid-range relative to the other shoes on this list, you would expect to pay much more. No detail was left out in their construction, including the rich, genuine leather upper that is all casual style.
  • Casual, classic style
  • High-quality leather
  • Excellent traction
  • Available in wide widths
  • EVA cushioning
  • Size may run small

15. Sanuk Casa Barco

15. Sanuk Casa Barco
A classic boat shoe looks upgraded with a youthful flair is what you can expect with the Sanuk Casa Barco. It has a rubber sole for traction and shock absorption and a canvas upper for breathability and comfort. This shoe can be worn with or without the laces to give you some versatility in style. It comes with a removable, molded EVA footbed with an antimicrobial additive.
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Odour control
The AEGIS antimicrobial additive in the footbed helps to control smells that come from sweaty feet or feet that have been soaked by rough seas. The canvas upper also dries quickly helping to keep feet dryer longer.

Versatile style
These shoes can be worn with the laces for a casual, sneaker meets boat shoe look or without for a more relaxed, casual look. Pump up the look with your favorite laces in prints and colors that suit your style.

Cost and Value
These canvas topped shoes are in the lower range in terms of price. Yet, for the price, you are getting a versatile style that can be more sneaker or more boat shoe, as you like. If you have sweaty feet, you will appreciate the antimicrobial footbed which is also comfortably cushioned. With happy feet, you will be just a little reluctant to remove these.
  • Antimicrobial footbed
  • EVA cushioning
  • Excellent traction
  • Youthful, upgraded style
  • Breathable design
  • Not for high arches

Whether you are on deck or on the move on shore, the 15 shoes above are the best of the classic, always in style, boat shoe. Not only are they made to perform on board a boat, but they come in a more versatile range than one might expect, from casual canvas to dressy leather. Some designed with navigating the seas in mind and other designed for onshore comfort, you won’t go wrong with this selection. Some will perform better on deck, of course, but all will leave you with comfortable feet at the end of the day.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Boat Shoes

Criteria for Boat Shoes

Grip & Traction

If you’re a sailor you know it doesn’t take a very rough sea to get a deck good and wet. Moderate, windswept swells will do the job quite well. Boats are made to deal with that water so why wouldn’t your shoes be the same?  Boat shoes, originally created by Sperry, were made for sailors who need superior grip and traction while working on deck. It’s not hard to understand why a flat leather sole just wouldn’t cut it on deck.

Grip and traction can be added to a shoe in three ways:

  • First, your foot must stay inside the shoe. You can have a great sole but if your shoe flies off your foot, that sole isn’t going to help you. We looked for shoes that would fit the back of the footwell so that even slip on versions would remain secure.
  • Secondly, grip and traction are created by the patterns printed on the outsole. Chevron patterns do a great job at direct water away from the sole so it’s not underfoot. All of the shoes on our list will provide that traction, though some to a lesser degree.
  • Finally, the material used to make the outsole is supremely important. This material is usually a soft form of rubber known as sticky rubber. It has a little give to it so that it grips when you wear them. It does this by spreading out slightly, forcing water out and giving your foot a larger surface area to hold on. A good boat shoe will be made with a soft, slightly pliable sole to provide you with the very best defense against slick, wet surfaces.

Sticky rubber forms a great sole but other materials also work well on a boat shoe.  These include gum rubber (like you find on the bottom of rain boots), rubber with aluminum oxide embedded to create a rough surface, and neoprene.  Please remember that soles built for traction in winter will use different material in the outsole and a different tread pattern mainly because they are meant to prevent snow build up in the tread and to cut into the snow.  Winterized soles may damage your deck and you don’t want that. Choose a sole that is meant for water resistance, rather than snow, ice, oil, or grease.

man on boat best boat shoes

Water Resistance

There are two ways that boat shoes are designed to deal with water in the upper. Most boat shoe designs are made specifically to resist any sort of moisture intake or retention. Others are made to air out and dry quickly. The material used in the upper will essentially tell you which design was used. Canvas, mesh and synthetic weaves are designed to dry quickly and to allow water to escape while waterproofed leathers are designed to prevent, as much as possible, water from entering the shoe, to begin with. A third design is a hybrid, with some leather and some mesh parts to the upper, giving you dual function water handling.

  • Leather Upper Leather is a common material used in boat shoes because it has some natural water resistance. To provide further water protection, oils are used to coat the leather. Oiled leathers are fairly effective in preventing water from entering the shoe. There is a flip side to this though. If water comes in over the top, it will not find an easy way out unless there are other design elements, like ports (holes) in the side which can allow the water to escape. Oiled leathers are a common element and were part of the original Sperry designed boat shoe.
  • Synthetic or Mesh Upper – It is also common to see boat shoes with mesh uppers. Mesh is extremely breathable and provides great drainage because of its open weave. Water will easily get into your shoes but it can also escape just as easily. Another benefit of mesh is airflow – mesh uppers dry out quickly. It has nothing to do with sailing really but you’ll appreciate that airflow also keeps your feet cool. This is especially great if you deal with excessive sweating.

You should consider which type of design (and therefore the material) is best for you. The decision is a personal one. Feet that sweat?  Canvas. Feet that itch when wet? Leather will help keep them dry. Need to keep them on your feet through a wet shift on deck? Leather may work better for you.  Have some time to dry them out before the next wear? Canvas will work. Ambivalent? Great, then you can go straight to the next consideration – fashion or performance?

Sand Best Boat shoes

Fashion or Performance

Another factor that we considered, and you should too, is whether a shoe is constructed for performance or for its style. Both are legitimate considerations in a shoe and the choice will entirely depend on why you are buying a boat shoe.

If you are going to be working (or fishing or lounging or sightseeing) on the deck of a ship or boat, you may be more concerned about the performance of the shoe. If you aren’t going near the water but you want to look great and be comfortable, you may be more concerned about the appearance of the shoe and how well that appearance will hold up. Our reviews give you the important information you need to determine whether the shoe is a high-performing, designed for the sailor, stick to the deck shoe or whether it’s really more of a super comfortable choice for looking great in those new jeans shoe. We have shoes that will do either well, we also have shoes that will do both at the same time, proving that you do not have to sacrifice style to get great function.

Either way, you also want to be comfortable and boat shoes are comfortable. Some people have even replaced their sneakers and slippers with a good pair of boat shoes because they are casual and comfortable and not just good at preventing slips.

Unlike a lot of summer footwear, boat shoes can be worn with socks even when it’s hot. Some people prefer the socks and some like the barefoot feel they were designed for. If you wearing them for sailing, however, we do recommend that you wear them without socks as you will find much better performance in very wet conditions.

FAQ Best Boat Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best boat shoe?
A: We recommend the Skechers Flagship, but there are so many great boat shoes that could have taken the top spot. It’s hard to choose. According to wear tester feedback, a top spot would be any of the Dunham Captain or the Flagship or the Performance both by Skechers. All of the shoes on our list are great though, so you can’t go wrong. As new models are evaluated, we will update our list to always provide the absolute top quality at the time.

Q: Is a Sperry a boat shoe, or what is it?
A: That is exactly what it is. Sperry is a brand, the original maker of boat shoes, and they produce a wide variety of boat shoes. Don’t be hesitant to pick up a pair of Sperry boat shoes including the three that are on our list (have we told you how great they are?). They are a quality and reputable brand.

Q: Can socks be worn with boat shoes?
A: Socks should only be worn with boat shoes if you are wearing them for fashion or everyday purposes. If worn on a boat for performance, they should be worn barefoot. This is because a wet sock can cause blisters and friction burns on your feet as well as being a source of direct heat loss from your body, all things you want to avoid.

Q: How can I make my boat shoe more comfortable?
A: The best way to make your boat shoes more comfortable is to use orthotics. A custom insert or gel pad will do wonders while still maintaining the overall effectiveness of the boat shoe. There are many different inserts to choose from for an array of different uses. Some boat shoes come with removable inserts, to easily accommodate for a custom.

Q: How long does it usually take to break in boat shoes?
A: If you’re wearing leather boat shoes it may take a few wears but a minimalistic type made primarily of mesh may not need breaking in at all. Consider the build of the shoe and the material as a heavier shoe will generally take longer to break in.

Q: Wait. No. Water and leather are like oil and water. Won’t wearing leather boat shoes sailing ruin them?
A: Not at all. The leather in a good boat shoe is treated to deal with water and dampness. Still, there are things you can do to care for your leather shoes to ensure they always maintain their best condition. First, keep them clean with a leather cleaner, and conditioned with a conditioner and let them dry out fully after use.

Q:  Help!  I love the shoes I bought but they’re a little tight. What can I do?
A:  If the shoes are made of a material that can be stretched you can try to break them in a little or you can stretch them with a proper stretching form that will stretch the shoe evenly without hurting your feet. If you find you have a slightly hard to fit foot due to width or length, investing in a shoe stretcher might be a great idea for you!

Q: Are boat shoes and water shoes the same thing?
A: No. Boat shoes are designed to work well in wet conditions like working on a boat. Water shoes are designed to protect your feet while you are walking on the bottom of a body of water, like a lake, stream, or even the ocean, usually, because you are participating in a water sport. You can see our reviews of the best water shoes, and the best water shoes for toddlers.


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