Best Boot Dryers Reviewed & Rated for Efficiency

Boots are often seen as symbols of style, prestige, and durability – from vintage Nikes to the ever popular Timberlands. One thing is for sure though: when water breaks through their outer walls, they go from must-wear to unwearable. Putting socked feet in boots that aren’t crisp and dry is a terrible experience, and given their bulky and multilayered build, boots are notoriously resistant to air drying.  

Moisture is not only detrimental to comfort but also to the longevity of the boots themselves. Boot interiors that are left damp indefinitely have a tendency to degrade and mold. Don’t let your precious street pieces get ruined by neglect! Boot dryers are here to the rescue and they certainly mean business. Built for the sole purpose of drying out your favorite footwear, these machines are ready to prove themselves 24/7.

The ten drying stations below were picked due to their good value and effectiveness in getting your weathered boots back to being warm and toasty. Whether you’ve been out fishing, snowboarding, hiking or just walking the rainy streets, grabbing one of these ten beauties will put your mind at ease. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself having full knowledge that by the next day, both you and your boots will be back at 100%, ready to do it all over again.


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The most recent update includes the top boot dryers for efficiency available today. It comprises a top 10 list of boot dryers varying significantly in unique features. Keep an eye on our newest addition, the Manledio Electric Shoe Dryer, and our top three from Peet, MaxxDry, and DryGuy.

Peet Original Two-Shoe
  • Peet Original Two-Shoe
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Deodorizing Abilities
  • Complete Drying System
  • Price: See Here
MaxxDry XL
  • MaxxDry XL
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Versatile Dryer
  • Works Quickly
  • Price: See Here
DryGuy DX
  • DryGuy DX
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sanitizes
  • Can Multitask
  • Price: See Here



10 Best Boot Dryers


1. Peet Original Two-Shoe

The Peet Original Two-Shoe boot dryer showed up on so many sites with positive feedback that it was impossible to not put it in first place for our list as well. Taking the role of the ultimate multitasker, this boot dryer truly does it all, from drying to deodorizing. That being said, it doesn’t brag useless features that do little except hike up unit cost. It’s the ultimate bang for your buck.
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Dry and Deodorize
Drying your wet gear is only half the battle. Moisture often causes nasty odors to build up that is nearly impossible to remove. Good thing the Peet Original Two-Shoe can take care of that with ease.

Preserve Your Gear
Mildew is a true enemy to the preservation of your favorite boots. Five hours subject to this boot dryer, however, and that green force of decay is wiped out. All using just the amount of electricity in a typical light bulb.

Cost and Value
At its very fair price point, it’s hard to argue against the value of this boot dryer. It exceeds expectations in all facets and does so with complete affordability.

Complete Drying System

Eliminates Mildew & Odors


Unit Gives Off A Slight Scent Of Plastic

2. MaxxDry XL

This behemoth of a dryer truly lives up to its appearance. Able to dry up to a whopping four any-size garments (boots too of course), it can take care of all of your drying needs simultaneously. It runs quietly in the background as it eliminates moisture, odor, and bacteria in only one hour. Its extendable ventilation tubes offer great versatility for a truly tailored drying experience.
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Ball Bearing Motor
This motor is a true champ. It’s rated at 80,000 hours of performance meaning it might even outlast your boots. It’s also quiet as a mouse, so running the MaxxDry XL at night can be done worry free.

Fast Drying Action
This dryer will get its job done in half the time of a typical movie, and not in a half-hearted way either. The MaxxDry XL will cut all odor and bacteria out of your damp shoes and/or clothing without question.

Cost and Value
This comes in at a bit of a higher price than some of the smaller boot dryers on the list, but for good reason. Paying a bit more for heavy duty gear that multitasks wonderfully is worth it for those who brave the elements on the regular.
  • Large Scale Drying
  • Runs Very Quietly
  • Works On Various Garments 
  • Eliminates Odors & Bacteria
  • A Little Bulky

3. DryGuy DX

Similar to the MaxxDry XL, this unit is a gentle giant that works as hard as you play. Taking a bit of a different shape and packing slightly different features than the MaxxDry, it nonetheless gets the essentials done including simultaneous drying of four shoes/garments in record time. Extension tubes are present for those with strangely shaped boots and a timer is on the unit to let the user know when they can go play outside again.
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Rotary Blower
This dryer mechanic is seriously quiet. So quiet in fact that the DryGuy has a built-in timer to remind you that your stuff was actually drying and that it’s now finished.

Fast Drying + Cleaning
This unit heats to a nice 105 degrees Fahrenheit which is warm enough to get the job done in one to two hours, but not so hot that it damages any fabric. Happy mediums don’t get happier.

Cost and Value
Compared to similar items like the MaxxDry, it falls in the same price bracket which is totally fair. The DryGuy gets the job done fast, well and covertly.
  • Eliminates Odors & Bacteria
  • Can Multitask
  • Perfectly Calibrated
  • Removable Extension Tubes
  • Drying Tubes Too Close for Some Items

4. Peet Advantage Four-Shoe

4. Peet Advantage Four-Shoe
This is the big brother of the other Peet boot dryer (number one). Coming in a bulkier package and with more drying tubes, this dryer is for the person who needs a reliable and fixed unit. It works hard to counter the negative effects of perspiration, including bacteria residue and odor and is engineered to treat all fabrics and materials equally and with great care.
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Peet Dryports
These patented tubes circulate air thoroughly. One cycle accommodates up to four boots at a time, making it a time saver for families or those with tons of equipment. The dryer also comes with a heat or no-heat option as well as a user-controlled timer.

Odor Neutralization
The effects of sweating go beyond discomfort. Skin irritation and viruses are just some of the side effects that can come about due to untreated damp equipment. The Peet Advantage stops all of these baddies in their tracks before any damage can be done.

Cost and Value
This unit comes in at pretty much the highest cost on this list. It does its job very well and has patented technology that is tested to perform, so it’s well worth the price if you require something of this caliber.
  • Dries Up To Four At A Time
  • Neutralizes Odor
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Customizable Settings
  • Easy On Materials & Fabrics
  • Control Dial Location Not Optimal

5. Jobsite Boot Dryer

5. Jobsite Boot Dryer
Wet boots usually trigger thoughts of off-road hiking, but it’s actually those who work outside that need a solid and reliable dryer the most. Braving the elements on a daily basis inevitably wears down clothing and shoes, but nothing expedites this detrimental process more than untreated moisture. The job site dryer eliminates odors, sanitizes and ultimately increases the lifetime of boots. It’s also portable, making its usage about as versatile as it gets.
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Safe + Noiseless
Forget being kept up at night from unwanted noise or thoughts of your place burning down. Sure, those might be exaggerations, but there’s nothing better than an efficient and silent machine, and that’s exactly what the Jobsite dryer accomplishes using thermal convection rather than a traditional motor.

Compact + Portable
Removable extensions make this unit very customizable to its user’s needs. Whether kept compact or full-fledged, it remains tough, powerful and potent against moisture and odors.

Cost and Value
The Jobsite dryer is a bit pricier than some of the other portable boot dryers on this list, but not by a significant enough amount to discredit it. It does its job well and for that, it’s completely worthy of consideration.
  • Works On Bulky Boots
  • Footwear and Apparel
  • Eliminates All Bad Odors
  • Very Unobtrusive
  • Almost Completely Silent
  • Takes A Little While 

6. Kendal SI-SD06G

6. Kendal SI-SD06G
It’s not an octopus, but its many arms work just as fast and efficiently as one. This boot dryer’s claim to fame is speed. Working on up to four pieces of footwear in just half an hour, this lightweight juggernaut will clear out bacteria and moisture, effectively sterilizing any object subjected to its drying power. Rinse, dry, repeat.
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Aroma Active Carbon
The Kendal SI-SD06G doesn’t just dry out boots, it makes them smell good. Aroma-active carbon absorbs all unwanted odors and bacteria, making your boots look as good as new when all is said and done.

Wall Mount Kit
This boot dryer is certainly portable given its slim profile and lightweight (3.5lb), but should the user want it incorporated into their home or garage, a wall mount kit is included for even more customization of use.

Cost and Value
This unit is a bit pricier than the other portable boot dryers on this list, but given its four shoe multitasking ability and quick turnaround time, all is justified.
  • Works Really Fast
  • Custom Speed Selection Knob
  • Gets Rid of Odors Effectively
  • Different Temperature Modes 
  • Versatile in Usage Location
  • Timer Dial Is Iffy

7. Manledio Electric Shoe Dryer

7. Manledio Electric Shoe Dryer
This versatile boot drying station can dry your boots, warm them up, and deodorize for great functionality at a reasonable price. You can use it for a number of other accessories as well, making it a very useful, multi-purpose dryer.
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This dryer helps to make your shoes last longer and smell better by reducing the smell that is caused by moisture in the boot or shoe. Water and perspiration feed bacteria and mold which in turn create foul smells which are taken care of if you get the boot dry quickly and thoroughly enough.

Dry accessories as well
The dryer can handle boots, shoes, gloves, skates, socks, hats, scarves and other items that get wet in the weather and need a dry out. It is also gentle and effective on rubber, leather, and synthetics.

Cost and Value
Definitely in the lower range of the prices on our list, this boot dryer is a real bargain. It is a quiet, efficient and versatile machine that you won’t regret having, especially during winter and rainy springs.
  • Versatile Use
  • Can Handle Weight
  • Gentle On Leathers
  • Deodorizing
  • Can Dry Accessories
  • Needs A Fan

8. DryGuy Travel Dry DX

8. DryGuy Travel Dry DX
The DryGuy Travel boot dryer does best what its name advertises: it saves boots during road trip traveling. This is the portable unit you want with you when things get messy on the road and you’re far from home. Driving in wet boots is horrible, but what’s worse is the realization that your boots will still be soggy the next morning. Save your vacation by letting this boot dryer work its no-nonsense magic on your beaten up boots, all within the confines of your vehicle.
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Power Adapter
Unlike the other boot dryers on this list, the DryGuy Travel comes with an AC/DC car adapter for use on the road. You’re not going to be wearing your wet boots while you drive anyway, so why not restore them instead of letting them mold.

Hybrid Air Flow
Having a pair of slides that adjust to the wearer’s feet and not the other way around is crucial. The Shorelines clearly understand that concept as their flexible outsoles gives freedom of motion while not skimping out on support.

Cost and Value
Forced air and convection work side by side in this compact machine to make sure your footwear gets the best of both drying worlds. This drying system is fully functional but still goes easy on the insides of your boots to make sure no damages are incurred.
  • Fits In Most Boots 
  • Has A Car Adapter 
  • Easy On Materials & Fabrics
  • Light & Portable
  • Dries Slowly, Low Power

9. Lavieair Shoe Dryer

9. Lavieair Shoe Dryer
This is a reliable boot dryer that can handle a number of materials and comes with a reasonable warranty for the price. It is also pretty quiet and a gentle, deodorizing drier.
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2 year warranty
The Lavieair dryer is backed by a 2-year warranty and even though the price is very affordable, that should give people some assurance that in the event it stops working, it will be taken care of.

Silent operation
The dryer is very quiet. It gently heats the boot, shoe, skate or other items you place on it without a noisy fan. This does mean that your boots will dry a little slower but the lack of noise is a plus for most users.

Cost and Value
This dryer is in the bottom range of prices making it very affordable. The warranty backing is a plus for the price, as is the fact that it operates silently and can handle almost any material for drying.
  • Deodorizing Dryer
  • Can Handle Multiple Material
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Quiet Dryer
  • Gentle Warmth
  • Needs An On/Off Switch

10. Kooder Boot Dryer

10. Kooder Boot Dryer
Here’s another under the radar brand whose boot dryer exceeds all expectations. Like number two on this list, the Kooder is the definition of portable. This is the unit you can throw in your luggage when going on an outdoors adventure that you can count on to save your footwear from mold, odor, and humidity when the going gets rough.
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Dries + Sanitizes
This pair of boot dryers might be small in size, but they put up a huge fight when they’re up against hidden moisture, bacteria, and odor. The system delivers evenly distributed heat, leaving no corner untouched.

PTC Heat Generator
Not only do the high temperatures last long in this boot dryer, the user gets full control over the heat settings. Furthermore, there is 360-degree airflow that offers all rounded heat for a more even drying experience.

Cost and Value
Like their sisters (number two), these are extremely cost-effective, portable and of good value. They don’t have the multitasking ability of some of the larger units on this list, but for the traveling adventurer, these little fighters are a sure bet.
  • Great Odor Control
  • Very Portable
  • Heat-Resistant
  • User-Controlled Heat Settings
  • Takes Longer to Dry

It’s easy to get carried away with buying awesome gear only to get hit with the reality of post-adventure wetness. Being prepared is always a plus, especially when it might mean saving your hallowed boots from bacteria and mold. Prolonging the lifetime of your footwear and preventing the negative side effects of wearing unsterilized or damp boots is an essential consideration, whether you spend your days walking the rainy city or braving the elements in the great outdoors.

The above ten boot dryers are all great products, each with their own unique perks. Whether your priority is portability or power, there’s something here that will suit your needs perfectly. You could be a solo traveler or have an active family. No matter what, investing in a good value boot dryer will save you time, money and hassle in the long run. The boots you’ve invested in will age better and your excursions won’t get tainted by irritated skin. Make the right choice and grab one of these helpful machines today. You won’t regret it.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Boot Dryers

Drying Time

Time is extremely valuable, especially if you’re an active person constantly in need of the gear you depend on. Nobody wants to be in their dream element, only to get frustrated by how long it takes to air dry their damp footwear and clothing items. Being able to head out exploring with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your battered gear will dry fast and well in the time it takes for you to rest up is of paramount importance.

Another reason why fast drying action is so desired is because of the odds of gear molding and degrading and the speed at which that happens increases exponentially with drying time. The sooner your boots are restored to their toasty goodness, the better. Many boots are multilayered and have corners that are hard to clean. If these areas aren’t dealt with as soon as possible after moisture enters, they are subject to the highest risk of detriment. Using a dependable boot dryer is important for this very reason. Air drying may alleviate moisture from the open areas of boots, but it will most certainly be ineffective in reaching all affected regions.

Factors that affect drying time include how evenly heat is dispersed as well as the force with which the air is dispelled. This varies among the models included in the above list as some use warmer air and some use convection rather than motorized air release for example, but the fundamental drive to dry fast is present in all of the boot dryers. In user comments on all of the product pages, drying time tended to take top priority and bias the feedback of the product heavily. The most commonly seen complaints had to do with lengthy or inconsistent drying times.

Whether you live in a city that gets a lot of rain or you enjoy adventuring in the mountains, drying your favorite equipment fast should be on your mind as you search for a consumer solution. For the sake of both your comfort and the lifetime of your footwear, pick your dryer carefully and ensure that its designers had drying speed at a high value on their minds.


Imagine slipping on your fresh and dry boots only to get severe skin irritation within minutes. That doesn’t sound like a very good time. It also may not make sense at first. Many people assume that dry footwear implies clean footwear. Unfortunately, resilient pathogens remain unaffected by the dampness of its environment, making them quite difficult to eradicate. Furthermore, they multiply at an alarming rate, so leaving your boots untreated will rapidly make a bad situation worse.

Moist boot interiors can attract all sorts of bad characters, including bacteria, viruses and just plain old mold. Bacteria can cause infection if a person is left exposed to it for long enough. Viruses result in sickness and colds. Mold releases bad chemicals that react with skin, causing irritation or in some severe cases, mild poisoning. Why risk these discomforts when a reliable boot dryer can have your back?

The boot dryers on this list deal with sanitization in different ways, but some of the common mechanics involve UV light or the use of small amounts of chemicals. The former is a non-invasive way to clean out boot interiors in tandem with heat, while the latter is a comprehensive and time-tested disinfection method.

No matter the machine or type of footwear or garment being dried, it is important to consider the elimination of moisture and sanitization as separate issues of equal importance. It is a problem that is often glossed over by consumers in their reviews of boot drying products, simply because it is something less measurable than dryness. Don’t make the same mistake as most people and save both your own health as well as that of your hallowed equipment.

Odor Elimination

We’re all familiar with the musty smell of most second-hand shoe stores and for good reason. Most people probably aren’t too concerned with thoroughly cleaning their footwear before shipping it off for transferred use. You, however, should be, especially seeing as you’re a continual use of your own gear.

This section is related to the previous one in many ways and there is a definite correlation between the two. Odor usually comes about due to untreated sweat or the mold residue formed inside the shoe from excess moisture. Odor development doesn’t necessarily depend on the intensity of footwear use. Anyone from casual walkers to hardcore mountaineers has to be wary. That being said, odor is an enemy that acts both quietly and relatively slowly. Leaving sweat in your boots may not incur noticeable effects after a dozen uses, but after a few months, it will become apparent and extremely hard to eliminate. Regulating your footwear from the start is the wisest course of action for this very reason.

Odor doesn’t just affect the well being of your footwear. It can also transfer over to your socks and even clothing, depending on how large the boots are and how their opening is shaped. Wearing a clean set of clothing will only stay fresh for so long if your boots are not cleaned with as much care. A good rule of thumb is to clean your boots as regularly and properly as you do the rest of your wardrobe. Since it’s impractical and harmful to put your boots through a washer and dryer every week, it’s well worth the investment to grab a trusty boot dryer that you can use as often as you need to.

Don’t put up with odor and all of its negative material degrading side effects. Be the first of your friends to stay on top of this easy to fix the problem and wow them with the perpetual cleanliness and freshness of your already awesome boots and shoes.

User Control

Gadgets can often get out of hand, especially when there is little to no user control integrated. It’s a good feeling knowing that you have complete control over the mechanisms of the machines you use, big or small. Boot dryers aren’t as complex as cars, but they still have multiple features that need to be adjustable to user needs. These mainly include heat level, drying time and drying tube shape, among other lesser significant settings.

The heat level is crucial to the drying process, as minute as it may seem. Too hot and your boot insides will get damaged or even burned. Too cold and it will take forever to dry your goods. Being able to toggle the heat level to a certain degree allows you to tailor the drying experience exactly to your needs. Are your shoes completely waterlogged? Then perhaps a higher temperature is necessary to get the job done successfully. Are they only partially damp? Then you might want to tread a little bit more carefully to ensure that they dry completely but not excessively.

Being able to time the drying process is important for similar reasons as stated in the above paragraph. Sticking your footwear on a boot dryer and leaving it without being able to set an alarm announcing the finished process can be downright dangerous if you wander to another room or occupy yourself with another task. Consequences ranging from damaged boot interiors to the whole setup catching fire are best left avoided. By simply implementing a timer dial, many of the top 10 dryer units make your life easier and worry-free, at least in the footwear drying department.

A detachable drying tube extension is a luxury, but not a necessity. It comes in handy when dealing with footwear of odd shapes and sizes that need every one of their nooks and crannies thoroughly dried and cleaned. A few of the models on our list are proud to offer this feature. Spoiler alert: one of them is in the first place.

The last thing you should have to concern yourself with when it comes to drying boots is trust. A good boot dryer bypasses any doubt and places the essential features in your hands. Dry your items exactly how you want them dried.


Portability is one of those features that some users can’t live without but others can. It’s of extreme importance for individuals who are always on the move. As functional and powerful as some of the large size boot dryers on this list are, they would never fit into a suitcase. A bulky boot dryer would generally not be worth its weight to lug around when on a trip, simply due to its specificity of use. However, for the hiker or explorer who’s constantly surrounded by changing weather and elements, having a dryer accessible on the go is a life saver. This is where the balance of product design comes into play.

Compactness and versatility are pretty self-explanatory concepts, but there’s room for elaboration thanks to some of the well designed small size products on this list. One of the downfalls of size compromise is often the lack of other essential features. A pocket-sized boot dryer would be easy to have on hand, but if its drying power was significantly weaker than its normal-sized counterparts, it would be of no use.

Luckily, the compact units presented on our list don’t skimp on any of the above four essential features, namely, speed, sanitization, odor elimination, and user controls. Some of these concepts are less intricate or fleshed out as in the larger models, but justifiably so. Being on the move means rationing energy in every sense of the word, so a compact fully functional boot dryer that may lack a few bells and whistles will do no harm in the eyes of its target user demographic.

All in all, portability is, for the most part, a perk rather than a must-have, but for some people, it is invaluable and for that reason, it’s worth mentioning.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does a boot dryer work?
A: Boot dryers typically function in one of two ways. First, it could use a motorized fashion of pushing air out forcibly. Alternatively, some dryers use convection heat currents for a quieter experience.

Q: Can I use my boot dryer with gloves?
A: Generally speaking, yes. Some of the more compact models are made for shoes specifically due to their shape and functionality, but any dryer with tubes can be used for gloves or any other type of apparel.

Q: Will my boot dryer work on both adult and children’s shoes?
A: This also depends on the brand of dryer. Typically the answer is yes since the openings to the tubes of these dryers are not very big. There might be issues with infant shoes, however.

Q: Are boot dryers electric and/or noisy?
A: They are typically electric. They are not noisy unless you buy a lousy model. The ones on this top 10 list range from very discreet to practically inaudible.

Q: Are boot dryers safe to have around children?
A: Yes, there is nothing inherently hazardous about a boot dryer. If you wish to be extra safe, however, consider leaving the unit unplugged when children may be at play as in use electric sockets present a potential danger.

Q: What is the maximum shoe weight that a dryer will handle?
A: The larger units on this list can handle up to 20lb. The smaller portable ones function from within the boot, so weight is a non-issue.

Q: What is the typical lifetime of a boot dryer?
A: This will vary from unit to unit, but generally speaking, the heating compartments are good for several thousand hours. This should not be a point of worry. If treated with care, your boot dryer will last you a good amount of time, maybe even longer than some of your most trustworthy pieces of footwear.

Q: Do boot dryers damage leather or sandals?
A: No, this is not an issue that has been seen thus far. Leather does just fine. Sandals can be placed on the drying unit, but as they are open toed, the drying process might be a bit lengthier. In any case, most sandals are manufactured to air dry quickly.

Q: Can I use these dryers on ski or snowboard boots?
A: Absolutely! Just throw your ski boots on as you would any other pair. They may take a bit longer to dry due to their bulk and multilayered quality, but they’ll get there. With snowboard boots and other footwear that contains thick inserts, it is commonly suggested to take the lining inserts out and dry them separately from the shells for a more thorough treatment.

Q: Are these boot dryers safe to use on athletic footwear like cleats or skates?
A: They are. Anything that has a fabric or synthetic interior that is damp will benefit from one of these dryers. The items on this list were carefully designed so as to limit the temperature and drying time. You don’t need to worry about your gear getting damaged or burned.


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