Best Boots for Short Legs Reviewed & Rated

Have you heard? There’s a persistent myth on the internet that short people should avoid wearing boots! Especially tall boots. Rest assured, though, it really is all— a myth.

Nevertheless, having a long and lean silhouette is a popular fashion trend that is hard to pull off if you’re not naturally tall and slim. The good news is that the human eye is easy to trick. All we need is the illusion of a long, lean silhouette because honestly, who doesn’t love a good pair of boots? No one should be discouraged from wearing them; their style and versatility are nearly unmatched. For any event, mood, size or shape, there’s a boot that fits the bill. This even includes those of us with shorter legs.

Featured Recommendations

VOCOSI Pointed Toe Leather Boots
  • VOCOSI Pointed Toe Leather Boots
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft Leather
  • Short Plush Lining
onlymaker Handcrafted Slim Boots
  • onlymaker Handcrafted Slim Boots
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extreme Leg Lengthening
  • Multiple styles and colors
Top Moda Knee High
  • Top Moda Knee High
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Excellent Quality
  • Price: See Here

Finding a great pair of boots for the office, trail, or event that actually look and feel great can be very difficult. Our guide has given you some awesome options. Keep in mind what looks good doesn’t always feel good and can lead to a sore back, legs, or feet. In addition, you may end up with painful blisters or raw, rubbed areas that can lead to infection, when wearing poor fitting boots.

This list covers three of the most popular boot types: ankle boots, knee high boots, and thigh high boots. Any boot, paired with the right outfit, can give you the trendy long and lean silhouette.


Best Boots for Short Legs


1. VOCOSI Pointed Toe Leather Boots

Fun, cute, and simple. The lining is a soft plush lining that will keep your feet warm and the zipper is in the instep for easy on and off. These boots can be worn with so many different outfits but they are most commonly worn with jeans (particularly skinny jeans), leggings and short, free-flowing dresses. Four colors are available, the construction is leather, and the sole is rubber.
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This type of material is very durable. You’ll have footwear that is long-lasting, protected against wear n’ tear, and will form to your feet over time. Also, leather will give any outfit a supremely polished look.

Plush Lining
Ankle boots aren’t always lined and that can be okay depending on your preferences. These are lined with a plush that is described as being soft and furry-like. However, it’s not overbearingly thick. You’ll have a warmth that doesn’t constrict your feet.

Cost and Value
The current pricing is $68.99. Mid-price but these aren’t the type of shoes you would wear every day. These are the best fit for a night out on the town or a dinner/get-together that calls for a more fashionable and sleek style.

Soft leather

True to size

Lengthens legs

Supportive heel

Simple, sexy style


Not for daywear

2. onlymaker Handcrafted Rounded Toe Slim Boots

With a design that is classic but sexy, you’ll have a style that is hot to trot. Very versatile in style options, the heels are stiletto heels that sit at 6.3 inches and the platform is 1.8 inches. There is an instep zipper and the boot shaft covers the ankle. Eleven colors are available and the material is microsuede with two options in polyurethane.
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Modern Versatility
These can be worn with virtually any outfit you choose. Spice up a pair of denim jeans, wear them with a short and pleated skirt or give your office attire an upgrade. With all the colors available, you’ll never run out of options.

Stiletto Heel
While this kind of heel can be harder to walk in, there’s no denying its power. Not only does it enhance your outfit and give you a sexy appeal, but it helps to lengthen your legs too. You’ll have an appearance that will make you look taller and leaner.

Cost and Value
The current pricing is $60.00. These are the mid-price range. They are not footwear you would wear every day but a nice pair for a night on the town or a date night. A lot of options for different styles so you’ll never grow bored with these.

Soft lining

True to size

Vibrant colors

Quite comfortable


No wide sizes

Issues with zipper

3. Top Moda Knee Highs

Top Moda is a California-based fashion shoe brand with a knack for cute, leg-lengthening boots. Top Moda Knee Highs feature a round toe, a 3” heel for height, and a half-inch platform for comfort. The top of the boot tapers from front to back, similar to the DREAM PAIRS Knee High. A single buckle and strap adorn the ankle.
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Adjustable Lacing
The Top Moda Knee Highs feature full lacing up the back for a more custom fit. The laces are made of the same synthetic material as the boot shaft. For those of us with wide and short legs, the laces allow the Top Moda Knee High to stretch up to 17” in circumference.

Replaceable Heel Caps
The heel caps on the Top Moda Knee High are plastic, which unfortunately leaves them susceptible to breakage. However, Top Moda has foreseen this and so each purchase of these boots comes with a set of replacement heel caps.

Cost and Value
The Top Moda Knee High rivals the DREAM PAIRS Knee High in price, making it the second-most affordable option so far.
  • True to size
  • 10 colors available
  • Made in USA
  • Side zipper
  • No wide widths
  • Not waterproof

4. La Canadienne Mila

4. La Canadienne Mila
Ankle boots are often touted as a no-no for short legs. The idea is that an ankle boot will harshly cut across the leg and shorten your look. The good news is that this isn’t necessarily true; an understated and polished ankle boot can lend well to a lengthened silhouette. So, for a change of pace, let’s consider the Mila ankle boot from La Canadienne. La Canadienne is an established Canadian fashion shoe brand, known for their comfortable, waterproof boots and their commitment to sustainable manufacturing. The La Canadienne Mila is a sleek ankle boot, featuring a sturdy 3” heel and half-inch platform. Two golden buttons decorate the top of the boots to impart a chic, timeless look.
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Performance Lining
While elegant and stylish, the Mila boot is not just for show. This boot has a soft technical microfiber lining, designed to be antibacterial and moisture-wicking. The insole is made of cushy memory foam and is 3mm thick for a perfect ‘walking on clouds’ experience.

Quality Materials
The La Canadienne Mila boot is crafted with supple, high-quality Italian Calf Suede Leather. The leather upper is treated to be waterproof, so unlike traditional suede, water droplets will bead up and roll away. Dirt and scuff marks easily brush away as well.

Cost and Value
Intended to be an investment piece, the Mila boot from La Canadienne is a fairly expensive boot. Remember, however, that genuine leather items are always priced at a premium — and the Mila boot uses the finest Italian Suede available. ‘You get what you pay for,’ is an apt adage for the La Canadienne Mila ankle boot.
  • Waterproof
  • Good in the Winter
  • Side Zipper
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Narrow Ankles

5. Dolce Vita Caillin

5. Dolce Vita Caillin
Dolce Vita, founded in New York in 2001 and named after an Italian bar, is a brand dedicated to fearlessly stylish shoes (and swimwear!). The Caillin ankle boot from Dolce Vita is a trendy suede bootie with a slight Western flair. You’ll cop an immediate height boost with the 3.25” stacked heel, no platform necessary.
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Sleek, Pointed Toe
The best part of the Caillin ankle boot is its pointed toe. Boots with pointed toes work to create the illusion of length with little effort. Pointed toes are also classically fashionable, exuding confidence and sexiness.

Western Style
Taking a cue from classic cowboy boots, the Dolce Vita Caillin has an understated stitching that matches the color of the boot. The silver side zipper features a sleek suede tassel.

Cost and Value
The Dolce Vita Caillin ankle boot is a reasonably priced boot, falling between the Top Moda and Kaitlyn Pan boots. This makes these boots a good choice for a Fashionista on a budget.
  • Quality Material
  • Sturdy Heel
  • Beautiful Upper
  • Versatile Wear
  • No Wide Widths
  • Not a Walking Boot

6. Cape Robbin Cowboy

6. Cape Robbin Cowboy
Another California-based fashion shoe brand, Cape Robbin shoes are focused on the confident and the feminine. You’ll definitely get a little bit of both with the Flame Pattern Cowboy boot. These boots are perfect for any occasion, whether that occasion is a casual Country-Western concert or a themed, ‘Barnyard Chic’ wedding. Combining a chunky, 3” heel and a 0.25” platform with a gold-tipped pointy toe, these Cape Robbin boots beautifully elongate short legs.
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Mixed Media Construction
Using completely man-made materials, the Cape Robbin Cowboy boot still exudes elegance. The upper is made of soft crushed velveteen; the heel, toe, and sole are synthetic.

Easy-On Fit
With the Cape Robbin Cowboy boot, no pesky zippers are required. Instead, this boot features a stretchy elastic gore that fits snugly and securely against thicker ankles. Slight padding in the footbed provides just enough cushion for all-day comfort.

Cost and Value
Available in black, champagne, and “snake mix”, the Cape Robbin Flame Pattern Cowboy boot looks much more expensive than it actually is. A boot of its caliber could easily fall into the price range of the La Canadienne Mila or more. Instead, Cape Robbin is found amongst DREAM PAIRS and Top Moda. With such a reasonable price point, there shouldn’t be any guilt behind buying every color.
  • True to size
  • 100% vegan material
  • Skid-resistant
  • Unique Look
  • Narrow instep

7. Soda Chunky Lace-Up Boots

7. Soda Chunky Lace-Up Boots
Great for the fall, these booties will give you a classic style that can be worn anywhere. They are constructed with faux leather but the material is very durable. There is a lace-up system in addition to an outstep zipper and the insoles are cushioned. The heel is chunky giving you height and stability and the outsole is ridged for a grip traction. Perfect for a minimalist, day-to-evening look.
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Personal Adjustments
There is an outstep zipper to provide you with an easy on and off. For a better fit, a lace-up system is included that you can personally adjust. You’ll have a fit that you can customize to give you the comfort and security you desire.

Chunky Heel
A lot of boots usually have a thin heel that can give a better height and aesthetic appeal but can be hard to walk in. The heels on these shoes are not only high enough to lengthen your legs but thick enough to give you an easier walk that is stabilized. Such heels can sometimes be more appropriate depending on the setting.

Cost and Value
The current pricing is $40.00. They are the mid-price range. These are great, everyday wear footwear that can go with so many outfits and can be worn in so many places. However, they are seasonal so they’re best for the fall and winter.

Versatile style

Very comfortable

Perfect heel height

Rigid traction outsole


Zipper is visible

No arch support

8. DREAM PAIRS Low Wedge Suede Boots

8. DREAM PAIRS Low Wedge Suede Boots
You can have a simple but fashionable style all year round with these shoes. There is faux-fur padded lining for comfort and a cushioned insole for support. The heel is a wedge but it’s covered for a more sleeker look. The outsole is a rubber TPR that is constructed for prolonged wear and an instep zipper for easy on/off. A toe that is classically round plus soft suede material gives you a soft, girl-next-door feel.
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Wedge Heel
The heel sits at 2.75 inches and is possibly the shortest on our list. However, it is a covered wedge so it blends in with the rest of boot to give the allusion of a taller heel. You’ll still have the look of lengthening legs without risking super high heels that can cause discomfort or walking issues.

Ankle Height
The shaft is very short and stops at the ankle. This gives you the look of legs that are longer without having to wear a taller shaft or taller heels. The opening gives you enough breathing and movement room but is still small enough to fit properly and not make the shoe look like it’s heavy on your feet.

Cost and Value
The current pricing is $29.99. The pricing is low-range. These are made to be worn all year round but due to the lining, they might be best for fall season and spring season. They match greatly with leggings.

Very snug fit

Classic round-toe

Easy on/off zipper

Maximum durability outsole


Narrow toe box

No stretch material

9. IDIFU Dressy

9. IDIFU Dressy
Back to ankle boots! The IDIFU Dressy boot has the makings of a perfect boot for short legs: a sleek, silhouette-lengthening pointed toe, plus a 3.1” heel for an instant height boost. Dress it formal or keep it casual, the IDIFU Dressy boot is versatile in its appeal and is available in black, white, and a shocking lipstick red.
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Stylish Embellishments
The IDIFU Dressy boot brings pizzazz to any outfit with its elegant gold hardware. This boot features a front zipper for easy on-and-off wear and three decorative buckles across the ankle. Achieve a trendy slim silhouette and easily become the center of attention in the IDIFU Dressy boot.

Built for Comfort
How does an anti-skid rubber sole sound? If you answered, ‘like a good idea,’ you would be correct. The IDIFU Dressy boot has that. This boot also has a chunky heel that tapers to nearly to a point, and no platform for cushioning. Normally this would spell doom for the comfort of an ankle boot, but padding in the footbed compensates for the lack of platform. Additionally, the synthetic upper allows feet to breathe comfortably.

Cost and Value
Since they are as affordable as the Top Moda Knee High and the Cape Robbin Cowboy boot, the temptation to buy the IDIFU Dressy boot in every color is real. If you can’t choose and you truly need to, however, go with the red. Black ankle boots are a dime a dozen.
  • True to size
  • Completely synthetic
  • Front zipper
  • Beautiful Accents
  • Durable Build
  • Non Adjustable Buckles

10. Timberland Earthkeepers Amston Boots

10. Timberland Earthkeepers Amston Boots
Have the classic Timberland style in an updated shoe. The construction is nubuck leather, a lugged rubber outsole, and a padded collar. Wedge heels are textured and sit at 2.75 inches with a footbed that is natural latex. If you’re environmentally conscious, this is a perfect choice because there are 100% recyclable plastics and 15% recyclable rubber built-in.
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Padded Collar
Boots that stop at the ankle have the tendency to lack in ankle support. The Amston has a collar that is padded. This padding will give you comfort and support to keep your ankle protected and stabilized.

Outsole Lugs
These boots aren’t just for style because they provide traction support too. The outsole is rubber but has lugs to enhance traction ability. Just like a work boot, you’ll be able to walk virtually anywhere in these without fear of slippage or instability.

Cost and Value
The current pricing is $130.00. They are the high-price range. When you consider the brand and the construction, the cost is understandable. These are made to last a very long time and can work in all kinds of conditions and environments.

True to size

Latex footbed

Collar padding

Nubuck leather

Environmentally friendly


Short shoestrings

Whether you prefer knee boots or ankle boots, there is a boot for you. There’s no restriction on the kind of boot that can provide a streamlined, svelte silhouette. Though it may be easier said than done to gather the courage to rock boots after being convinced you shouldn’t, don’t worry. You’ve got this.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Boots for Short Legs

Criteria Best Boots for Short Legs

A style is subjective, we get that. Evaluating a shoe based on style inevitably means that someone won’t like some, or any, of the styles, selected. In this guide, we attempted to provide a diverse range of styles that could also be described as ‘elegant’, ‘fashion-forward’, or ‘classic.’

That being said, choosing stylish boots that won’t leave you looking frumpy, blocky, or shorter than before can be difficult. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect slenderizing boot.

Keep it pointy

The easiest way to lengthen compact legs is to wear a pointed toe. Generally, pointed toes won’t make large feet look any larger, just longer. This is especially true on tall boots that also extend your silhouette upwards. Pointy-toed boots also transition well from day to night attire.

Heels! Heels! Heels!

This is beyond obvious to say: the higher your heel, the taller you appear. Three inches tend to be the perfect heel height for most. However, the type of heel you choose for your boot is also important. For example, visible wedge heels add a blockiness that has a shortening effect on the silhouette.

You should also take your skill level into consideration. If you are very inexperienced wearing heals a rise of three inches can be dangerous. Rolling your ankles is painful and the swelling can cause a lot of trouble, not to mention the stretching of your tendons that can take months to heal. If you are an avid heel wearer then starting at a three-inch heel may be fine, you may consider your event location before choosing such a height.

low Best Boots for Short Legs

Avoid mid-calf lengths

Mid-calf length when talking about boots can be cute and trendy but are best avoided when looking for the appearance of a long, lean leg. Mid-calf boots land right where they say — mid-calf — and halves thick and short calves. A boot that stops at the mid-calf introduces a cutoff point that breaks up your silhouette. Furthermore, mid-calf tends to be the thickest part of the calf on any person, so boots that stop at that height can also produce a ‘stuffed sausage’ look.

If you do fall in love with a pair of mid-calf boots, there are a couple of things shorter legged ladies have found that can help.

  • Fishnet Pantyhose
  • Black Pantyhose or Leggings (if boots are black)
  • Verticle Striped Pants or leggings

These are a few options that can help. We all find that one must have a piece of clothing or pair of shoes that really doesn’t fit your shape or size. Never give up on something you love, just find a way to work with it so it will work for you and your particular build.

FAQ Best Boots for Short Legs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m short! Should I only wear heeled boots?
A: Not at all! While heeled boots do give an immediate height boost that makes you appear longer, it’s not the only way to accomplish this look. Try pairing flat, tall boots with pants or leggings of the same color, to create a streamlined profile. On the other hand, avoid boots that slouch down the leg, or bunch around the ankles, this can make you appear shorter or unpolished.

Q: How can I keep my thigh highs up?
A: Sock glue, something many don’t know about but certainly need in their arsenal of accessories! Also called body adhesive, sock glue isn’t just for socks. Apply it to your legs, or the tops of your boots to keep them in place for hours. It’s one way to steer clear of the slouchy boot look.

Q: How do I know if shoes are vegan?
A: To know if shoes are vegan, many times you can just read the shoe description. Non- vegan shoes tend to use descriptors such as ‘man-made’, ‘synthetic’, ‘polyurethane’, or ‘fabric.’ Vegan’s will want to stay away from anything made of Leather, Suede, or Nubuck. It is important to note that some brands use a mixture of materials that may include Leather or other animal products. Doing some added research to make sure your shoes match your needs may be advantageous.

Q: I love dresses and skirts that come just above my knee, what type of boots should I wear to make my short legs look better?
A: This is an excellent question. When wearing a skirt or dress of that length a pair of boots that come just below the knee can not only be hot but also make your legs look very short. Wearing an ankle boot with a heel is an excellent choice. This will help elongate the leg and it gives more space between your hemline and your boots.

Q: The only pair of boots that look great on my short legs just lost a heel, help!
Finding a broken heel on your favorite boot can be devastating. However, fixing a broken heel isn’t as hard as you might think. The simple way is to purchase some shoe glue. Shoe glue doesn’t last forever and if looking for a long term fix, you will want to take your shoe to a cobbler. They will be able to thoroughly inspect the shoe and let you know what needs to take place to permenently fix your broken heel.

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