Best Boots for Wide Calves Reviewed

How many times have you gone shopping and found the cutest or most stylish pair of boots? When you get the sales associate to bring you the correct size and you put them on, you see that your wide calves do not fit comfortably inside the boot! It is so frustrating. We are not all one size fits all. Many boot designers are now rethinking boot details. Moreover, most companies have boots in standard sizing as well as boots made for wide calves. A typical standard boot opening is 13.5 inches. Moreover, if you are looking for a boot specifically made for wide calves then you will need to look for one that the opening is larger than that, usually around 14 inches at a minimum.

Featured Recommendations

Top Moda Knee High
  • Top Moda Knee High
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Manmade Sole
  • Lace-Up Back Shaft
  • Price: See Here
Dream Pairs Knee High Riding
  • Dream Pairs Knee High Riding
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Faux Fur Lining
  • Quilted Zipper Accent
  • Price: See Here
Global Win KadiMaya
  • Global Win KadiMaya
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightly Padded Footbed
  • Zipper Closure
  • Price: See Here

We searched through dozens of the best boots for wide calves. From there, we examined numerous tall and short styles and then compared leather and other materials. Our list is very thorough and detailed. The research left nothing uncovered. It is important to find the perfect boots that accommodate wide calves. It could be necessary due to actually having wide calves or because you are planning to wear bulky clothing and need a bit more room in the boots.


10 Best Boots for Wide Calves



1. Top Moda Knee High

The Top Moda brand specifically designs boots to very high standards. To begin with, the boots have a lace up back and pull side zipper. The zipper helps with ease of pulling on and taking off the shoe. The interior lining is a soft and comfortable material. Further, the material feels good against your skin. Finally, the boot has a very padded and cushioned insole.
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Wide leg opening
The opening to this boot is a true wide leg boot. The shaft has an opening measurement of 14.5 inches. That easily gives enough room for bulky jeans or bigger calves. It is also lined with a soft material so you won't need to worry about your clothing getting caught on it.

Manmade sole
When a shoe has a manmade sole it gives a higher-quality standard to the shoe, or in this case, boot. Manmade means the construction is going to be higher grade and less erroneous than if it had come from a machine production.

Cost and value
The Top Moda knee-high boot here is in a low price range. Further, for such a stylish and well-made boot, that is an excellent value. Everyone can squeeze this purchase into their budget. The boot is made with high-quality so buyers can know their investment into this boot will last. Moreover, buyers will get much use from these boots as they are very comfortable and can be worn frequently.
  • Size zipper
  • Manmade sole
  • Synthetic material
  • Lace-up back detail
  • Traction sole
  • Heel comes loose
  • Shaft needs break in time

2. Dream Pairs Knee High Riding

Dream Pairs brand has been constructing boots and shoes for many years. Furthermore, their revered brand was built on trust and high-quality shoes. The knee-high riding boots make a perfect compliment to many outfits and needs. The base material of the boots is a man-made material which will allow for flexibility and comfort. It is lined with a faux-fur for extra comfort or warmth.
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Quilted zipper
The boot itself has a quilted zipper back side portion. The quilted textures remind us of a soft blanket. Whereas the zipper makes pulling it on and off a breeze thanks to the extra room when unzipped. The boot also comes with an instep zipper that allows for more room if needed.

Interior faux fur lining
Not only is the shaft of the boot lined with a faux fur but the design carries it into the insole. This will give the boot a nice and cushioned feel along with added warmth.

Cost and value
These boots cost not much compared to other boots in the category. This makes them affordable for almost all budgets. The boots' versatility makes it possible to wear frequently. Therefore, it gives much value to the cost. Buyers can wear these boots on many occasions.
  • Man-made material
  • 16.5 inch shaft opening
  • Rubber outsole
  • Adjustment buckle at ankle
  • Cushioned insole
  • Leather shows crinkles and lines
  • Narrow toe box

3. Global Win KadiMaya

3. Global Win KadiMaya
From the moment you slip these boots on your feet, the KadiMaya style will envelop your foot with comfort and protection. The footbed is cushioned to provide for all-day wear. The synthetic upper gives room for stretch. In addition to the synthetic, there is also elastic insert hidden in the boot shaft to give the most stretch possible. Finally, finish it off with a tractioned sole that helps to resists slips and adds to stability.
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Wrap-around buckle
The buckle is adjustable which means you can provide more grip on your ankle. Also, the buckle serves as a nice embellishment to the boot. It helps add to the stability of wearing a boot as the ankle feels more locked into place.

Zippered side
Again, with other boots, the zipper adds the ability to remove the boot easily as well as putting it on easier. The zipper gives the boot a pop of design also.

Cost and value
This boot is actually our best value purchase. To add, the boot is an incredible price and a great value for the buy. They are stylish and can be worn as an everyday boot. Buyers will get many days of wear from these boots and it makes the low purchase price an even better value.
  • Adjustable buckles
  • Zipper on side
  • Padded footbed
  • Generously wide collar
  • Color fades with time
  • Glue separates at sole

4. Sorel Cumberland

4. Sorel Cumberland
Sorel builds a brand of shoes that really withstand the elements. These boots will be perfect for someone looking for an all-terrain and all-weather footwear. These boots will shield off wind and water with their coated synthetic textile upper. The gusseted tongue keeps out debris, rain, snow, etc. Finally, top the shoe with a soft and cozy sherpa pile cuff and you will hardly believe a boot this rigid can be this soft. It is a perfect compliment for people that need a shoe to wear every day and in all weather situations.
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Tractioned sole
One of the main concerns people have with footwear is stability in all terrain. No one likes to wear a shoe they could potentially slip and get hurt in. These boots have a base that is rugged and will enable walking on all different surfaces whether wet or dry, gravel or concrete.

Adjustable laces
A huge benefit for these boots is the ability to adjust the entire shaft with laces that run up it. This also enables wearers to loosen the opening or tighten it depending on how much room they need. It is perfect for wearing with leggings or multiple layers of clothing in extreme conditions.

Cost and value
The Sorel boots hit right in the middle of the price range which makes them a good buy for almost everyone. They are incredibly durable so you can be sure with you purchase you are getting a boot that will last. It is also a boot that can be worn on many occasions so you will most definitely get the use from it.
  • Rubber tractioned sole
  • Waterproof lining
  • Faux fur collar
  • Synthetic upper
  • Adjustable laces
  • Shaft is rigid
  • Small toe area

5. Naturalizer Jenelle Riding Boot

5. Naturalizer Jenelle Riding Boot
This boot will carry you far in style. Constructed with pure leather, the lining is textile with the insole cushioned with N5 comfort. There’s a zipper on the instep to give you an easy on and easy off ability and there are detailed twin buckle accents. The outsole is non-slip, the calf opening is 16.34”, and the shaft has a gore panel that is elastic. Five colors are available.
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This material is the best you can choose for a pair of boots. Durable, long-lasting, and great for weather such as snow or rain. No need to worry about a tight fit as the leather has been outfitted with elastic abilities for easy wear.

N5 Comfort
A lot of leather boots can be uncomfortable for people but these have the special N5 feature. It’s a combination of five comfort factors. Extra latex cushioning for shock absorption, breathable lining for cooler and drier feet, balanced heel/toe for a stable natural gait, flexible soles for pressure relief, and lightweight materials for comfort without extras. You’ll never get tired wearing these.

Cost and Value
Current pricing is $99.00. Even though it’s original pricing is an extra $100, the Jenelle is worth every pretty penny. Pure leather, specialized comfort features, and supportive elastic make these the best you will ever walk in.

True to size

Vibrant color

Plenty of room

High-quality leather


Stiff ankle area

6. Journee Collection Studded

6. Journee Collection Studded
The Journee Collection of boots all top the list of trendy boots. However, these with their stylish studs and buckles put these boots a sought-after item. The boots consist of a faux leather upper and a nicely tractioned sole. Furthermore, the sole has enough traction to be stable but not so bulky that the tread sticks out and looks obtrusive from the sole. The knee-high height gives the boots a casual and professional look at the same time. Further, they can be worn perfectly complementary with any attire.
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Two strategically placed buckles, one at the ankle and the other at the shaft opening allows wearers to customize the fit of their boots. In addition, the boot already has a generous 17-inch opening. Therefore, it can have enough room for extra wide calves or bulky clothing.

Back zipper
The zipper being somewhat hidden by placing it in the back lets those that don't like the look of a zipper but love the convenience still have a nice boot. A zippered boot makes getting the boot on and taking it off much easier. This is especially true if you have sweaty legs or bulky clothing that can sometimes make getting boots on and off harder.

Cost and value
These boots fall within the middle of the price range when compared to other boots in the category. They are versatile enough to be worn many different times and way. Also, buyers can know with their purchase they are getting a boot that will last and can be worn in just about all settings and weather.
  • 17-inch collar opening
  • Back zipper
  • Studded design
  • Adjustable buckles
  • Not very cushioned
  • Glue separation at sole and upper

7. Ariat Heritage Roper

Ariat has been a top name in boots for over a century. The brand is known for quality, durability, and comfort. Their boots will withstand just about anything thrown at them. The Heritage Roper boot lined with leather and made of full-grain leather upper and leather foot will be one of the most cushioned and well-designed boots to ever be put on your feet. They will provide all-day comfort for standing as well as walking.
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Duratread outsole
The thing about the outsole of any shoe is to make sure it provides good traction. Without dependable traction, you will be more likely to suffer from a fall or slip and resulting injury. Duratread means reliability underfoot in all conditions. These boots will help keep you sturdy while wearing them.

Leather made
Leather, in all aspects, is a high-quality material. Moreover, shoes that are made of leather generally have a luxurious feel. They will last longer with proper care than shoes made from other materials. Interestingly, leather has been used for centuries before modern technology gave us other options. Further, the reason being, it will last and hold up in almost all weather conditions.

Cost and value
For such a well-known and highly constructed brand, the price of these boots is affordable but still in the higher range when compared with some of the other boots on our list. However, Ariat builds a shoe and boot that people have come to depend on. Buyers should know that the boots being bought will last for a long time.
  • Four-row Western collar stitch pattern
  • Duratread sole
  • Squared toe box
  • Leather lining
  • Runs narrow
  • Needs breaking in

8. Clarks Sillian

8. Clarks Sillian
Clarks shoes could most notably be known for comfort and style. The booties have come in full front in the past few years as a staple in fashion and versatility. The Clarks Sillian Bootie is a soft manmade material upper and nicely tractioned sole. In addition to the manmade material upper, the bootie has a nice ruched texture. It makes the booties perfect for any occasion.
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Ortholite insole
The insole on this boot is a reputable brand. The brand Ortholite is known for cushion and strong support. The support that it offers comes highly recommended by doctors for whole-foot protection and arch support.

Stay put closures
Stay put closures on the sides of the booties help stretch to allow the foot to go in easily. After it is in place, the secure closures let the wearer customize the feet position and lock it into place. That is a great feature for someone that prefers a tight ankle support. Conversely, someone that likes a looser feel, can loosen the closures.

Cost and value
Clarks generally tries to produce quality products that fit into most budgets. In fact, these boots fall on the low end of the price range when compared to the boots on this list. That makes them a perfect purchase for almost any budget. The style factor and comfort level means buyers will get their worth from wearing them frequently.
  • Ankle height
  • Adjustable side closures
  • Textured sole
  • Soft manmade upper
  • Runs narrow
  • Material upper is flimsy

9. DREAM PAIRS Wide Calf Riding Boots

9. DREAM PAIRS Wide Calf Riding Boots
With ten colors available, you have endless style options at your toe tips. The boots are motorcycle inspired with accented stitching detail, a leatherette upper, and a rounded toe. For extra style, there are double buckles and a quilted zipper for that tough moto look. There is an instep zipper, light faux fur lining and insole, and a thermoplastic rubber sole. The calf sits at 16.5”.
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Instep Zipper
A lot of boots do not come with a zipper which can be a problem for wide calves. These have a zipper for easy on and easy off so you’ll have less discomfort. The zipper, however, isn’t obvious as it has been placed in the instep of the shoes to be less likely seen and less likely to ruin your outfit choices.

Thermoplastic Rubber Sole
This sole material is a specialized rubber that gives you the same support and durability of other rubbers. What makes this one so special is that it’s latex free, unlike other rubber soles which are great for those of you that have latex allergies. Also, TPR is aesthetic versatile and recyclable.

Cost and Value
The current pricing is $39.99. Very affordable for those who want inexpensive fashion but isn’t low quality. The only downside is that there is not immense support with the exception of a lightly padded insole so you might want to invest in some inserts. However, if your focus is the occasional style for special moments, then these are a cool choice.


Full boot lining


Stiff but supportive


Sizing runs large

Not for short legs

10. Dr. Scholl's Shoes Poe Slouch

10. Dr. Scholl's Shoes Poe Slouch
Original style and comfort, enjoy an all-day cozy feel in a boot that is lightweight. They come in two colors (Stucco or Black) and the fabric material is microsuede to give a finish that is soft and head turning. Great option to wear with denim jeans or a dress, the style is a slouch with a buckle for an added accent with a wedge heel that is wrapped in leather. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for comfort as the insole is a breathable memory foam and the sole is very flexible for a natural-like supportive walk.
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If you have wide calves but love to wear boots with jeans or other thick fabrics, the Poe is a great choice. Already wide enough for calves, but even wider for those who like to layer their outfits. Even then, you’ll still have room so your legs will never feel tight or restrictive.

This man-made material comes with many advantages. It provides you that same soft feel suede leather gives but it’s just as durable and much more affordable. Also, it’s less likely to collect dust particles, is stain-resistant, and can be much easier to clean. You can wear these boots virtually everywhere in all kinds of weather.

Cost and Value
The current pricing of these shoes is $99.99. A higher price but worth it when you consider the brand. These boots have built-in comfort without sacrificing the style. Due to the material construction, you’ll have shoes that will last you year after year because of their durability and easy maintenance.


Very wide

Easy to clean

Memory foam insole

Long-lasting durability


Best with layers

Too wide for some

With the popularity of boots, they will not be just any other trend. Further, they will be around for a long time. The versatility and usefulness make them not just like other trends. In the long run, individuals wear boots in the summer, the rain, the winter, and for pretty much any other occasion. In fact, they look fabulous with leggings, jeans, skirts, and even shorts. Overall, this makes boots one of the highest sought after shoe types. There’s always an occasion to wear boots. Tall or short all depends on the coordinating outfit. With our list above there really is not a reason to justify not owning at least one pair of wide calf boots.

For our evaluation, we looked at many different characteristics of the boots to see where they should be placed in our top list. It is important to find boots that meet all as much of the criteria as possible. This ensures happiness with your choice and the ability to wear the boots on as many occasions as possible. It is our hope that the information we provided allows you to purchase boots you can wear many, if not most days. They are a fashion trend and will go with any outfit you can put together.

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Boots for Wide Calves


Boots, as with all shoes, are made with differing materials. They can be synthetic, leather, cloth, suede, cotton, or a combination of materials. Depending on the type of material, the boot could be slouchy and loose or tall and stiff. Material choice is important because it affects so many factors about the boot. For example, if you have leather, the boot will not be as breathable as a cloth boot. However, the boot will stay upright. Whereas a boot made of cloth or wool will be mad to have a slouchy look.

The material also determines the style of a boot. Leather will almost always look polished and more formal than a sweater material boot. If you are searching for a warm booth then you will want one that is lined or made of a warmer material. Conversely, if you live in a warm climate and only want the boots for aesthetics then you would likely want to avoid a hot and unbreathable material or a lined boot.

Another thing where the material plays an important part is the durability of a boot. Some materials such as suede do not hold up in bad weather. If you live somewhere that has cold weather such as snow or rains a lot you would not want to choose a material that is not going to hold up. Also, if you are saving and plan on buying one high-quality pair of boots, typically leather will be the most durable of all the materials and will be a better investment usually.

  • Boots come in all kinds of materials. Such materials include synthetic, leather, cloth, suede, cotton, or various combinations. What material you choose depends on your personal boot needs.
  • Leather is usually stiffer and cloth is usually looser. Leather means a boot whose shaft will stay upright and cloth means more of a slouch. In addition, leather is less breathable and cloth provides more ventilation.
  • For materials other than leather or cloth, it depends on how they’re constructed. Such materials, however, are usually in a combination blend of materials and not stand alone (with the exception of wool).

Calf Opening

The calf opening is important to look at when searching for a boot that is made for wide calves. A typical boot for wide calves is going to be any measurement over 14 inches. You should measure your calf to make sure you have a large enough opening for your particular leg. Some boots go many inches higher than 14 so you don’t want to have too much of an opening and the boot gapes far from your leg. Also, if you are looking to wear bulky clothing inside the boots you will want to account for more room than just your bare skin.

Secondly, regarding the opening, you will notice some boots have a straight cuff around the top of the boot. However, others will have a scalloped pattern. This scalloped pattern is essentially a notch or slits cut into the cuff. It is a design for looks but also it will give a little more flex than a straight across boot top.

One last trait some boots will have is an elastic portion. This elastic is generally known as goring. In fact, its purpose is to give the boot a little more stretch without compromising the integrity of the boot. Further, the goring is usually very unnoticeable so it does not affect the aesthetics of the boot. Goring is typically used in boots made of a more rigid material such as leather. Leather does not have as much stretch in the actual structure of material so goring is added to give some more room. You can find goring in many places on the boot such as the sides, the tops, or up the back portion of the boot shaft.

  • Calf opening will determine if the boot is for wide calves. Wide calf boots will have a minimum opening of 14 inches and can go higher. Make sure, however, that the opening isn’t too wide as it can cause a gape effect. Measure your calf to make sure you know your proper measurements.
  • Most boots have a straight top cuff but some will have a scalloped cuff that consists of notches or slits in the cuff. These are originally for aesthetics purposes but there is the added benefit of extra flex.
  • If possible, choose wide calf boots that have elastic. The elastic will give the boot more stretch and will not compromise the structural integrity or aesthetics of the boot. Elastics is also known as goring and is most likely to be found in leather boots.

Best Knee High Boots - girl in black boots

Shaft Height

Boot heights from above the knee to down below the ankles are so very popular and constantly in style. Furthermore, they can be an everyday shoe. Some people will only want very tall boots while others prefer shorter styles. Going through the many hundreds of designs we tried to incorporate a few varying heights into our results.

For a person with shorter legs, it is very important to measure the height of the shaft. The shaft is the port of the boot that goes up the leg. A boot that is supposed to come to just below the knee for average heights, but on a shorter person that might mean the boot comes to the actual knee. That could be very uncomfortable. On the contrary, a very tall person will need to be cautious when ordering boots as something that is mid-calf rise may only come to just above their ankles.

The shaft height affects the calf opening width a person will need. Additionally, depending on where the boot is supposed to hit on the leg determines the calf opening. Most people have larger upper legs than lower legs. They will need to purchase a boot that has a large enough opening to accommodate a thicker portion. So even if the buyer has normal calf measurements, they might need a larger opening for an above-the-knee style. Secondly, an ankle and lower calf height won’t need to be as large of an opening on something that hits above the knee.

  • There are different shaft heights from short to tall. The shaft is the portion that goes up and covers the leg from the ankle.
  • People with short legs are best suited for shorter shafts and people with long legs are best suited for longer shafts.
  • The shaft height and where it ends on the legs affects the calf opening too. As most people have a larger upper leg, it’s critical to choose a boot that has a larger opening. This is especially true for certain boot styles such as above-the-knee.
  • Ankle boots and lower calf boots, however, do not need as large of a calf opening.


Boots that have a zipper make the boot easier to put on and take off. To add, it doesn’t matter if you have smaller calves or larger calves. Boots are hard to get on and especially off without being able to unzip. That is not to say it is impossible to get on and off without one. A lot of boot styles simply do not look good with a zipper. Still, designers choose to not use the zipper in their designs regardless of their usefulness.

Nevertheless, the brands that do choose to add a zipper will try and camouflage the zipper into the boot. Conversely, some will use the zipper as an adornment and will embellish the zipper with big hoop pulls or colored teeth on the zipper.

  • Zippers are a great option for wide calves, if not the best. It makes putting the boot on easy and taking it off easy. The downside is that zippers have the tendency to not look good with various outfit styles so designers are less likely to use zippers.
  • Designers that do use zippers, however, will try to camouflage the zipper within the boot. Some will make the zipper fashionable itself by using it as an adornment or using unique designs such as multi-colored zipper teeth or big hoop pull zipper tags.


Some people either love boots or they hate them but still wear them for their functionality. In other words, someone that lives in cold weather probably would opt for very tall and lined boots as opposed to sneakers for a day at the office. While the sneakers may be more comfortable, they are usually not favored at work. Therefore, the person has to resort to boots. Designers are looking for ways to make boots as comfortable as they can. The most efficient way to do this is the insole. By providing more padding or a more breathable insole, designers hope to lure buyers to purchase again and again.

Boots that have a high heel especially need more padding as it puts the foot at an awkward angle. Thereby, more pressure is applied to the ball of the foot. It is important to take precautions to prevent issues with the ball of the foot. Many things can stem from an injury to that area. Another area the insole definitely needs to support is the arch. Designers have made the arch of boots to now have supreme arch support to prevent collapsed arches. Also, boots that are totally flat absolutely need to have good arch support. Otherwise, that can lead to massive foot pain.

  • Boots are either hated or loved and some people wear them strictly for style. A lot of people, however, have to wear them for functionality. Especially people that live in colder or snowy climates.
  • As beautiful and functional boots can be, they can be uncomfortable from the support to the lining of the shaft. Boots that have a high heel require even more support as your foot is at an angle.
  • If possible, choose boots with supportive insoles that have arch support. This will help reduce unnecessary pain and pressure. If needed, purchase inserts for foot support. For other comforts, check for breathability in warmer climates or lining in cooler climates.


Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What are wide calves?
A: Calves are the portion of your leg that runs from your knee down to your ankle. Some people have very skinny calves while others have wide calves. A quick measurement of the circumference of your calf will determine if you have skinny or wide calves. That is very important to know when buying boots.

Q: How do I know if I have a wide calf?
A: Taking a measuring tape and going around the circumference of your calf is the best and fastest way to see if you have wide calves or skinny calves. Further, wide calves measure anything over 14 inches around. Therefore, skinny calves equal anything under 14 inches.

Q: Why should I purchase wide calf boots?
A: Buyers looking to purchase wide calf boots would be doing so because they have a true wide calf and need the larger room. On the other hand, someone that might have skinny calves but wears boots with jeans or layers of clothing might need more room in the boot opening to stuff clothing in.

Q: Why do I have wide calves?
A: Genetics, diet, exercise, health conditions and more could be the reason behind you having wide calves. Some people have larger muscles in their calves because they exercise. Therefore, they need more room in a boot. On the contrary, some people carry water or extra fat in their calf area. If you examine your genetic makeup and analyze yourself against your family you will probably see that you share similar traits. Without taking outside factors such as diet and exercise into consideration, your genetic makeup is what makes you, you.

Q: Who makes the best boots for wide calves?
A: The best boot for wide calves is going to be a personal choice at the time of purchase. We have provided a list of our top ten picks. We think it is best to thoroughly go through our recommendations and base them on the factors that you look for when shopping. The decision will hopefully be made easier by using our list.

Q: How can I get rid of wide calves?
A: Diet and exercise can ultimately reshape your entire body. Specific exercises exist that you can do to make your calves smaller. If genetics play a role if the size of your calves it will take more work to reshape them and make them smaller. It can be done and we advise you to research exercises or talk with a personal trainer on ways to make larger calves leaner.


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