Best Brooks Running Shoes Reviewed & Rated For Performance

Brooks is one of the most reputable athletic footwear brands on the market. Every shoe made by this company is engineered from the needs of runners and crafted through in-depth biomechanical research to ensure that the feel, fit and ride of their running gear is crafted to optimize performance.

While many people choose to run as a form of exercise because it is free and doesn’t require the use of space-hogging equipment or pricey gym memberships, beginner runners often overlook the importance of properly fitted running shoes. Though the price of this type of footwear may take one by surprise at first, it is imperative to invest in proper shoes as they will not only help improve your performance, but they can help to alleviate stress and strains on your feet as well as prevent injuries.

Last Updated: January 26, 2018
By Brittney Ward:

The recent update includes everything you'll need to know when choosing from the best Brooks running shoes. We've added 5 new shoes styles to our best list, making the list to a top 15! On top of that we've also created a critera of evaluation and FAQ section to help further your understanding about why proper running shoes are crucial for your health and performance.

Featured Recommendations

Brooks Addiction Walker
  • Brooks Addiction Walker
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Support for low arches
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Brooks Transcend 4
  • Brooks Transcend 4
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Mesh Upper
  • Price: See Here
Brooks Ravenna 7
  • Brooks Ravenna 7
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Mesh
  • Price: See Here

In addition to this, improperly fitted running shoes and incorrect shoe shape for your foot are the main causes of routine-stopping injuries like ingrown toenails, corns and hallux valgus (bunions) and can lead to muscular imbalances and possible knee and hip injuries.

We have compiled a list of what we believe are the Top 15 Brooks Running Shoes on the market today in hopes of helping you narrow down your search for the best shoe for your foot!


15 Best Brooks Running Shoes



1. Brooks Addiction Walker

A casual, contemporary shoe designed for support and great for beginning level runners. Featuring shock absorption, cushioned midsoles and slip resistant outsoles, this shoe was completely designed for the comfort of the runner. This top rated Brooks shoe was designed in an efficiently balanced position that actually helps the flow of movement from heel to toe. Great for long walks and basic, beginners runs, this shoe will provide ultimate support and comfort during all your activities.
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Balanced Positioning
Flat shoes are no good for running. You need shoes with a slightly curved bottom to allow for an ease in movement. This running shoe comes with just that. This feature provides maximum motion control and foot flexibility, overall making for an easy shift between movements.

Complete Comfort
This Brooks shoe is lined with cushion from the inside to the out. Equipped with MoGo midsole cushioning and a fully functional arch, these shoes will keep your feet supported and comfortable during all types of runs. And of course, you can't forget the durable soles that will ease tension and pressure.

Cost and Value
These shoes, like most Brooks shoes, are on the more expensive side. The multiple quality features make the shoe durable and long-lasting, which in return should make the initial cost worth the overall value of the shoe.
  • Wet-dry traction
  • Arch support
  • Shock absorption
  • Great for beginners
  • Flexible movements

Sizes run small

2. Brooks Ghost 9

Coming in second on our list is the Ghost 9. This particular shoe is available in a number of color options ranging from purple and teal ombre to hot pink and yellow. The Ghost 9 has been upgraded from the previous Ghost styles with a more plush interior, making it more comfortable for your foot as well as a refined mesh uppermost layer.
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Refined Plush Interior
The Ghost 9 has been upgraded from its predecessors with a more plush interior, making it more comfortable for your feet.

Mesh Upper
Brooks completely redesigned the upper portion of this shoe from its predecessor. The upper now features new mesh and is completely seamless to provide a more comfortable and supportive fit that contours to your feet.

Cost and Value
This particular style is on par with the rest of the shoes in the Brooks arsenal. It won’t set you back too much while proving to be worth every penny.
  • cost effective,
  • great option for plantar fasciitis,
  • supportive,
  • comfortable
  • not lightweight,
  • small toe box

3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17

The third shoe on our top ten list provides a great balance of cushioning and support for runners who want to go the distance. With its triple-density foamed foundation, the Adrenaline Gts 17 stays true to its predecessors providing a firm and complementary ride for its wearers. One new change for this model is an improved air mesh upper that provides more breathability.
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Progressive Diagonal Rollbar
This feature continues on in this newer model with its tri-density midsole that’s designed to help runners who overpronate reduce this occurrence.

Firm, Supportive Ride
The Adrenaline Gts 17’s full length segmented crash pad will accommodate any foot landing and will deliver smooth heel-to-toe transitions while providing a firm, supportive ride for its wearers.

Cost and Value
While this particular style is a bit pricier than other options on this list, it is a fantastic choice for those runners who require a little more support and comfort from their runs.
  • great shock absorption,
  • good for narrow feet,
  • very stable,
  • roomy forefoot section,
  • good for plantar fasciitis
  • narrow toe box,
  • stiff midsole platform

4. Brooks Glycerin 14

4. Brooks Glycerin 14
The Glycerin 14 is a fantastic footwear option for the runner looking for a luxurious and plush shoe as well as a floaty, smooth and easy-feeling ride. Thanks to Brooks’ technological advances, the Glycerin 14 offers its runner a feeling of customized comfort to help those who require extra durable cushioning and increased energy return and support.
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Super DNA
Thanks to Brooks’ Super DNA technology, the Glycerin 14 combines comfort with adaptability and offers 25% more cushioning than other Brooks models. This technology provides the runner with increased energy-return, smoother heel-toe transitions and a greater performance, no matter your weight or pace.

3D Stretch Upper
An upgrade that the Glycerin 14 has over its predecessors is the new one piece 3D stretch upper. This new addition provides the wearer with a great fitting upper made to accommodate nearly any foot shape providing an enhanced and customized fit.

Cost and Value
On the pricier end of the spectrum, the Glycerin 14 is sure to be an investment worth your money if you’re a runner who has problematic feet, such as plantar fasciitis or bunions, and requires extra cushioning and support.
  • Great for people with plantar fasciitis,
  • great energy return and support,
  • evenly disperses pressure,
  • great for dynamic terrain,
  • great for heel strikers
  • Heavier, not great for racing,
  • not many color options

5. Brooks Addiction 12

5. Brooks Addiction 12
The Addiction 12 was built for runners who moderately or severely overpronate. This style offers reinforced stability, support and cushioning to help aid in pronation control. Brooks’ DNA technology in the Addiction 12 offers adaptive cushioning that aids runners of all sizes, foot shapes and speed in their running endeavors.
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Pronation Support
The Addiction 12 is built specifically to aid overpronators avoid sidelining injuries. Brooks’ Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar aids in smoother gait cycle transitions as well as assists with pronation control. The midfoot support saddle also assists with ensuring a more secure fit.

Caterpillar Crash Pad
The Addiction 12 features Brooks’ Caterpillar Crash Pad, a shock absorbing system that provides cushioning for the wearer. The crash pad is located midsole and is comprised of individual segments (hence 'caterpillar') to offer a customized feeling fit as well as a flawless heel-toe transition.

Cost and Value
Competitively priced, the Addiction 12 is not as costly as other options in our top ten list. It’s an investment worthwhile for the runner who requires pronation support to stave off injury.
  • made for overpronators,
  • padded tongue and collar,
  • roomy toe box,
  • superior motion control,
  • customized fit feeling
  • heavy,
  • upper mesh wears out quickly

6. Brooks Ravenna 7

6. Brooks Ravenna 7
The Ravenna 7 is a great lightweight running shoe option for those who have problems with overpronating while they run. Thanks to the Brooks DNA, the company’s unique and adaptive cushioning system, the Ravenna 7 will offer its wearers a personalized run fit for all different sizes, speeds and foot shapes as well as a midsole that will adapt to your particular stride for custom cushioning.
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Omega Flex Grooves
The sole of the Ravenna 7 is highly flexible due to Brooks’ Omega Flex Grooves allowing the foot to move naturally through the gait cycle which helps to optimize running performance.

The Ravenna 7 offers more versatility than its predecessors because of its luxurious fit and stable, cushioned platform. Another update to this updated style was the choice to change the foam layering, resulting in a slightly more energetic ride making it a perfect choice for longer training runs and marathon races.

Cost and Value
Competitively priced, the Ravenna 7 is a great option for runners who need more of a customized fit from their running shoe. If you have issues such as overpronation, it is worthwhile to invest in a shoe optimized to help correct your gait.
  • great for overpronators,
  • great for high-mileage training,
  • moisture-managing mesh upper,
  • tailor-made feel
  • not great for speed training,
  • narrow

7. Brooks Beast 16

7. Brooks Beast 16
Made for the runner who excessively overpronates, the Beast 16 is a great option for those who require a little extra support from their running shoe. This is one of Brooks’ most supportive shoes in their lineup making it a perfect option for daily runners. The Beast 16 also features Brooks’ Omega Flex Grooves to support natural forefoot movement and fluidity.
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Extended Diagonal Rollbar
This feature adds control to help guide the runner’s body back into alignment for a controlled stride. This is a great feature for runners who excessively overpronate when they run.

The comfortable saddle wraps the runners mid-foot ensuring a secure fit while the mesh upper helps to protect from various elements to keep feet dry and cool. The Beast 16 features additional cushioning and a plush in-shoe feel thanks to the ultimate sockliner.

Cost and Value
Priced higher than other options on this top ten list, the Beast 16 would be an investment for the runner requiring extra support and assistance on correcting overpronation.
  • Great for unruly stride,
  • maximum stability,
  • great for flat/broad feet,
  • often recommended by podiatrists,
  • great for plantar fasciitis.
  • Fits smaller than other styles,
  • not many color options.

8. Brooks Launch 4

8. Brooks Launch 4
Available in ten different color combinations, the Launch 4 is a great running shoe option for those people who crave springy and fast footwear. The Launch 4 will energize your run with blown rubber in the forefoot to help your toe-off spring you forward on your well-cushioned and responsive ride.
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Brooks’ 3D Fit Print technology uses screen-print technology to apply carefully engineered structure to the uppers of their shoes and helps to apply stretch and structure to the Launch 4 for a better fit and feel.

Responsive Ride
Thanks to the rebounding rubber under the forefoot in the Launch 4, this style offers a chance to utilize your neutral stride while providing you with a lightweight ride that helps you to feel bouncy mile after mile.

Cost and Value
Competitively priced, the Launch 4 is worth the investment for runners who require a little more spring in their step and covet a shoe that will keep this cool and dry.
  • short "break-in" period,
  • soft lining,
  • blown rubber for extra spring,
  • eye catching designs
  • narrow toe box,
  • fit small

9. Brooks Ghost 10

9. Brooks Ghost 10
The Ghost 10 is a great running shoe option for those runners who need a neutral running shoe that offers plushness, maximum cushioning, a smooth ride and is made of lightweight materials. As an added bonus for the environmentally-conscious folks, the Ghost 10 is made with Brooks’ groundbreaking BioMoGo mid-sole that will biodegrade in 20-25 years, while most other mid-soles on the market will last 1000 years in our landfills.
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BioMoGo DNA Mid-Sole
Brooks’ BioMoGo mid-sole is more than just good for our environment, it helps to deliver a soft feel and adapts to your every stride while providing flexibility and a personalized-feeling in cushioning.

Improved Upper
The Ghost is one of Brooks’ flagship styles but the newly released Ghost 10 differs from its very successful predecessors in its newly engineered mesh uppers. They now feature 3D printed overlays to help aid in integral foot support and provide a consistent, supportive and adaptive fit.

Cost and Value
On the pricier end of the spectrum, the Ghost 10 is an investment for the runner who is searching for a running shoe that will last through any workout - tempo runs, long runs, 50k’s. There’s a reason this shoe won the Runner's World "Editor's Choice" award!
  • Great for wider feet,
  • arch support,
  • good for high mileage,
  • short "break in" period,
  • grippy
  • Pebbles can get stuck in grooves,
  • porous during wet weather

10. Brooks Glycerin 15

10. Brooks Glycerin 15
Featuring a fresh and current update to the Glycerin 14, these running shoes have been upgraded in performance to bring you the most stable, comfortable run. Adding cushion on the inside and around the ankles, this upgrade is more comfortable and lightweight than the previous version. Brooks has also upgraded their midsoles to provide 25% more flexible and adaptable cushioning. All around created for comfort and flexibility, you can't go wrong with this running shoe.
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Improved Fit
Adding 3D printing technology, these shoes have been designed to add plush cushioning around the ankles. The material has the ability to move as you move while still keeping your foot in its perfect place.

Upgraded Transitioning
The outsoles have been redesigned to create a plush zone of transition that allows your foot to feel at ease during heel to toe strides. The outsoles are soft, smooth and provide lightweight traction as well.

Cost and Value
Another highly expensive running shoe, but completely worth the cost with all their current technological upgrades. These shoes are a step up from the Glycerin 14 and come equipped with features that make every running experience a better one.
  • Lightweight fit
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Plush ankle lining
  • Flexibility during movement
  • Improved fit

Expensive price

11. Brooks Ravenna 8

11. Brooks Ravenna 8
An upgraded version from the Ravenna 7, this shoe is just as reliable as the previous model with the added benefits of a better fit, an updated rubber outsole and a brand new mesh upper. Allowing for quicker transitions and proper breathability makes this running shoe a perfect edition to your running gear. Finally, what completes the look of this running shoe is the appealing style and new bold split color options.
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Air Mesh Upper
This new air mesh upgrade adds the proper air flow needed in your running shoes to help keep your feet cool and dry. The mesh upper is breathable and wraps around your midfoot for a secured form fit.

Cushion and Rebound
This running shoe comes equipped with BioMoGo DNA midsole cushions and a slightly rounded outsole for quicker transitions between the movements of your heel and toes. The cushioning in the shoe provides a light, bouncy feel in every movement that helps to create a rebounding effect.

Cost and Value
This shoe costs slightly less than some other Brooks running shoes, but it is still going to be expensive. The upgrades for this shoe are good but aren't as beneficial for the cost. It is still very similar to the Ravenna 7 which now it's priced much cheaper because it's not as current anymore.
  • Air mesh upper
  • Lightweight
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Moisture wicking
  • Removable insole
  • Expensive price
  • Doesn't provide enough arch support for those with flat feet

12. Brooks Cascadia 11

Brooks advertises the Cascadia 11 as an “SUV for your feet” and it is no wonder why with its cushioned and balanced ride this style is a great choice for a trail running shoe. It features a bumpy tread on the heel’s outsole which will help to reduce incidences of slipping and sliding on difficult terrain.  
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Touted as a trail running shoe, the Cascadia 11 is a great option for runners who require some extra traction on different types of terrain. This style features a Heel and Forefoot Pivot System to help improve toe off, flexibility while utilizing posts to help balance your feet on your runs.

The forefoot ballistic rock shield in the Cascadia 11 style provides extra protection for the often vulnerable forefoot, making sharp and jagged rocks a worry of the past.

Cost and Value
Priced relatively high, the Cascadia 11 is worth the investment for the runner who needs extra protection and stability on their long trail runs.
  • Great for high mileage,
  • great for difficult terrain,
  • supportive for overpronators,
  • versatile,
  • provides lateral stability
  • Heavy and clunky,
  • little give during runs

13. Brooks Transcend 4

Similar to its popular predecessor, the new Transcend 4 model includes a softer midsole and a more aesthetic and clean upper with an updated structure for a more customized fit and feel. Brooks’ 3D Fit Print technology offers a snug and comfortable fit in the mesh layer of the shoe without over-constricting the foot.
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Super DNA Midsole
The Transcend 4 offers customized cushioning thanks to Brooks’ Super DNA Midsole technology. Adapting to your specific pace, running surface and gait, this midsole will help add a cushioned spring to your step.
Guide Rails
As with its predecessors, the Transcend 4 offers guide rails that sit on each side of the midfoot area inside the shoe. The guide rails assist the foot in correcting pronation and guiding the body back into its natural motion path.

Cost and Value
The Transcend 4 is competitively priced with other supportive shoes on the market. With the guide rails, Super DNA midsole and other supportive features in this style, you can expect to pay to receive all of the technological features of this shoe.
  • Conforms to runners foot,
  • good for pronators,
  • cushioned and supportive ride,
  • grippy for most surfaces,
  • great for plantar fasciitis
  • Narrow toe box,
  • not many width options

14. Brooks Cascadia 12

14. Brooks Cascadia 12
A fresh and more current model from the Cascadia 11, this running shoe comes equipped with the perfect amount of traction needed for cross country and off road runs. Coming equipped with a padded tongue and collar, durable rubber outsoles, soft fabric lining and many more, this running shoe provides it all. The bottom of the shoes are made to provide security and grip on to any outdoor terrain while also protecting the foot from any hard or sharp objects. All around this running shoe will protect your feet during the toughest of your trail runs.
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Protective Midsole
The BioMoGo cushioned midsole provides protection and long lasting comfort. In between the midsole and the outsole, Brooks has inserted a ballistic rock shield to protect your shoes and your feet from any rough or sharp objects you may come across in the outdoors.

Supportive Structure
This running shoe comes built in with a tight mesh upper and microfiber/synthetic overlays for a strong yet lightweight outer appearance. Coming equipped with a segmented crash pad, these shoes will absorb the shock from any type of foot landing. With the added plus of a strong midsole and durable outsole, this running shoe has a very high quality supportive structure.

Cost and Value
Since these are a current upgrade to the original Cascadia 11, they're going to be priced at a pretty high cost. These running shoes come with many functional features that make them into a reliable shoe. While the cost in initially high, the long lasting support will make the purchase completely worth it.
  • Traction for dirt trails and off road running
  • Mesh upper
  • Removable sock liner
  • Protection against sharp objects
  • Shock absorbing

Expensive price

15. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

15. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18
An upgraded version of the Brooks favorite, this running shoe comes with a new streamlined mesh upper and soft flexible cushioning. This breathable, cushioning shoe comes with an adjustable midfoot saddle to help create a more form fitting, customizable feel. The BioMoGo cushioned outsole and the removable foam insole create the perfect amount of comfort needed during any run.
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Mesh Upper
Mesh is a great feature in any running shoe because it provides breathability and proper air circulation need to keep your feet dry and cool. This mesh upper is also very handy because of how tight it's woven. The mesh upper provides a form flexible fit that will never feel too loose.

Padding and Cushion
From the padded tongue and collar to the cushioned foam insoles, this running shoe provides optimum comfort. The soft fabric lining also creates a light plush feel that protects your feet and keeps them comfortable no matter how hard your perform.

Cost and Value
Of course, since this is another upgraded model you can guess that it's going to be at an expensive price. The features of this shoe are good but may be too high for those of a budget. Since this is a newer version, the previous model is now priced at a lower cost and can still offer the similar features of this same great shoe.
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Removable insoles
  • Form fitting
  • Flexibility for movement
  • Expensive price
  • May not provide enough arch support

Brooks has been the leader in athletic footwear for over 100 years for a reason – they get the needs of runners. The company consistently uses feedback from their customers to ensure they’re updating and upgrading their styles as per their customers wishes. Brooks has a number of unique specialized high-tech features only available in their running shoes. All of their footwear is designed and built with Brooks’ smart technology to offer runners the right fit and function on every one of their runs. They know that every runner is different and their available footwear styles on the market reflect the unique needs of each runner.

Purchasing a running shoe can feel like a great investment and that’s because it is. Proper footwear is just an important to a runner as their pace, speed, stride and gait. Equipped with a properly fitted and appropriate shoe, there is no limit to what a runner can achieve.



Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Brooks Running Shoes


Types of Running / Terrain

The first thing you should do before buying a pair of running shoes, is to consider the types of running you’re going to be doing while you wear them. Running shoes are categorized by models that enhance their specific features, and some features are specially created only for certain types of running.

For example, runners who compete in marathons or only run long distances are going to need specific shoes to help ease the long periods of stress created against the foot. It is also important for these types of runners to wear a running shoe that provides comfortable cushions that are breathable and can help keep your feet cool. The longer you run, the quicker your feet are going to tire so it’s truly important to wear running shoes that provide long lasting support.

Terrain is important to consider, as it goes hand in hand with the type of running you’re doing. If you run uphill, on dirt trails or off road, you’re definitely going to need a running shoe with good grip and traction. Another feature that important for this type of running is durable soles and materials. Dirt and mud can easily wear down the quality of your shoes, so either be prepared to clean them often or find a pair with strong, long-lasting materials.

If you’re running on flat concrete or man made tracks, you won’t need a feature like traction as much. Instead, you need to look for features that absorb shock and help ease the pressure on your feet from contact on hard surfaces. Durable and flexible soles that can provide a little rebound or bounce back is also a good feature to look for. Features like these help to ease the flow of movement on unnatural surfaces.

If you like to sprint and fully maximize your body’s potential, you’re going to want specific features for that too. You’ll want to find breathable running shoes with lightweight protection against solid terrain. A feature like mesh uppers are good to look for because the material is lightweight and also allows for proper air circulation to keep your feet from getting hot. Another feature is padding around the contact areas of the foot so you can avoid the quick friction and potential for blisters.

Once you can identify the types of running you’re going to do, finding features that are better suited to your performance are much easier to locate. This also helps to narrow down Brooks large selection of running shoes.

Arch Support

Arch support is a key feature for all running shoes. If your running shoes have completely flat insoles then they are going to do much more harm to your feet than good. Even providing a simple, light curve around the arch is much more beneficial for runners.

Arch support is a necessary feature for evenly distributing the pressure to the whole foot. Like walking barefoot, if your shoes don’t provide proper arch support, the heel and ball of your foot is the only part coming in contact with the surface. This can create hot pressure points that cause discomfort, calluses and a warm, uncomfortable burning feeling.

The proper amount of arch support will help to ease the pressure created against your foot. Being able to use the arch of your foot while you move will keep your feet at ease for longer periods of time. Since your feet take you to all the places you aim to go, it’s important to not make some parts work harder than the rest. The even distribution is key to lasting longer on the track or beating your fastest run time.

All Brooks running shoes come with some form of arch support, from light to high. Our best list includes all these types of arch support. For those of you runners out there with flat feet, it’s especially important that your running shoes be equipped with this feature. For those of you who have ‘normal’ feet, arch support is still a key feature in preventing future health concerns.

Another additional way to enhance a form fit and your foot from sliding forward in your shoe is again, arch support. This support helps to form to the shape of your foot, not only creating a comfortable feel, but also a secure fit. Shoes without this kind of support make your feet slide around which can cause many injuries while running.

Arch support is important for a variety of reasons and can truly improve the condition of your feet while running. It is an essential feature that all Brooks shoes come with, but you should still always keep an extra eye out for it. Each shoe is created with a different level of arch support that uniquely help enhance the runner performance.

Innovative Technology

Brooks has been creating the most functional and innovative designs since 1914; that’s over a century! This company has built a quality reputation for themselves as a brand who specializes in running shoes and still to this day are creating the most popular designs on the market. From basic styles to modern, current technology, you’ll find it all here from Brooks.

Their large team of professionals, scientists and runners are constantly doing in-depth research on what features work better and how to enhance previous designs for better performance. Every shoe by Brooks is created with smart technologies to provide the proper functions for each shoe.

For starters, Brooks creates their shoes with a DNA midsole that adapts to the shape of your feet and the type of running you do. Also located in the midsole area, Brooks equips their shoes with guide rail construction that allows the runner to move freely in your joints and knees. Between the midsole and the outsole of the shoe lies a ballistic rock shield that helps to spread out blows and protect the shoes and feet from sharp objects.

On the outside of the shoes, Brooks uses 3D fit print, a high-tec revolutionary process that adds structure to the uppers of the shoe using screen-print technology. Not only does it enhance the overall structure of the shoes, but it also adds flexibility and a lightweight feel.

Rounded heels help to align the force of the center of your ankle joint, reducing pressure on the feet and internal stress on the body. On a basic innovative level, Brooks also make their running shoes with colored materials that can be seen in the dark. This is especially good for those thrill seekers who insist on late night runs. All runners can be seen in all types of lighting with their quality materials and outstanding science.

If all that isn’t exciting enough for you, there’s more! From shock absorbing crash pads to evenly distributing pressure points, Brooks has found all the features to bring comfort into your running experience. It doesn’t stop here either, Brooks is always working hard to research and find better ways to enhance the running experience. If a new feature comes along, you can expect Brooks to make a running shoe with it.

Complete Comfort

Comfort can be found in all aspects of a good running shoe. Brooks knows how important it is to ease the pressure on your feet during running and aims to use their designs to help the runner enhance their optimal performance. They take design a step further by putting themselves in the runners shoes, truly understanding what features are needed pad for the comfort of each run.

Starting from basic features like a padded tongue and collar, the smallest enhancements can sometimes be the most essential. Since the tongue and collar of the shoe is what comes most in contact with the foot, it’s important to have this cushion there to prevent the possibility of friction. These contact areas can create irritation and blisters which is why Brooks lines their shoes with comfortable cushioning to protect your skin.

On the inside of the shoe, Brooks uses light cushioning fabrics that are soft against the foot but also breathable and able to keep your feet dry. Their padded insoles are created with moisture wicking technologies and foam cushions to help form the shoe better to your foot. Their insoles are removable and can be washed to keep your shoes fresh and longer lasting.

On the outside, these running shoes are equipped with shock absorbing technology, plush transition zones and durable rubber outsoles that provide traction and grip against all running terrain. These features are essential in providing comfort and allowing the runner to work harder and longer without feeling the pressure. The bottom curves of the shoe also help to ease the transitional strides from heel to toe, creating a more comfortable flow of movement.

All around, Brooks uses their innovative technology and quality materials to create running shoes that offer complete comfort and support. From lightweight cushioning to thick, strong soles it no wonder why Brooks has been a leading brand in running shoes for over a century.

Preventing Pressure

Running can be extremely rough on your feet, which is why having proper running gear is crucial to staying healthy and maximizing your performance. Shoes that don’t provide the proper amount of support can cause unwanted pressure against your feet. This is not only uncomfortable, but it can also damage your feet and your performance.

Brooks works hard to use their biomechanical, innovative technology to create running shoes that alleviate pressure and provide proper support. One of their main goals is to ease the flow of movement and keep your shoes from weighing you down. While shoes protect your feet against the rough environments you run on, it’s also vital that they come equipped with the proper shock absorption so your feet don’t feel what your shoes do.

Using their revolutionary technology, Brooks reshaped their outsoles to evenly disperse pressure throughout the entire foot, instead of being directed in unbalanced pressure points that create heat and friction. These hot spots no longer exist in Brooks running shoes. The balanced distribution in pressure creates easier transitions in your flow of movement while allowing your feet to stay comfortable and perform longer.

Brooks segmented crash pad, found in the midsole of the shoe, is another feature that helps to ease pressure and aid the transitions in movements. This midsole is fully integrated with a shock absorbing feature that takes the pressure off of running on hard surfaces. The midsole is flexible forms to each movement you make.

Brooks put themselves in the runners shoes to create shoes that let the runner feel free and lightweight during every movement. No longer do you have to feel the heat and pressure of running on concrete. Let Brooks shoes help you maximize your performance and keep you feet happy and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kinds of running shoes are good for flat feet?

A. It is very important to find a running shoe that can properly support the user. If you’re someone who has flat feet, the most important feature you’ll want to look for in a shoe is padded arch support. Arch support helps to alleviate pressure in the main contact areas, which are the ball and heel of your feet. With the balance being evenly distributed across your foot, heat, pressure and irritation can all be eliminated. If you can’t find a running shoe with enough arch support, it’s recommended to add an insole insert. The more support you can provide to your arch, the better your feet will feel during running.

Q. How can I keep my Brooks running shoes clean?

A.  First things first, never put your Brooks running shoes (or any) in the washing machine or dryer! This can shrink, warp, and damage the material of the shoes. What you want to do is clean your shoes as soon as they’ve come in contact with dirt, mud, swampy water, etc.. To clean them, the best method is to dampen a washcloth with lukewarm water (not hot or cold) and scrub out any stains with hand soap or mild detergent. It’s recommended to stay away from soaps with harsh chemicals as they can damage shoe materials over time. Using a plant based or non-GMO soap will work best to clean and keep your shoes in long lasting condition.

Q. Can Brooks running shoes help you run faster?

A. Wearing Brooks running shoes isn’t going to guarantee a personal increase in speed. However, the features that each running shoe comes equipped with can help to enhance your performance and create a more comfortable feel, which in return may display itself in the form of faster running. Features like shock absorption, durable soles and comfortable cushioning can all help to improve the performance in your feet.

Q. Are Brooks running shoes good to wear for other sports?

A. Brooks running shoes are designed specifically for running. Some of the features the shoes come with may be beneficial for similar activities like walking, or tennis, but most sports are going to be better played with specific shoes to that sport. For example soccer and football players rely heavily on their feet and in a much different may than a runner would. These types of sports need less cushion and more durability as well as tight gripping traction. Wearing a running shoe for a sport like that really wouldn’t help to increase your performance. All in all, I’d say it’s better to stick to specific shoes for each specific sport.

Q. Does Brooks offer running shoes for beginners?

A. Yes, while these shoes aren’t going to be specifically labeled ‘for beginners’, you can find styles that fit this need. Brooks lightweight running shoes are a really good place to start. Bringing you the basic needed features for a good run, but keeping the design simple makes for a perfect, easy to use starter shoe. If you’re just taking an interest in running it’s important to not get too overwhelmed by features, the more you run, the more you will understand what you personally need from your running shoes. I would never recommend buying an expensive, top quality running shoe as your first pair. Start simple and go on from there.

Q. What kinds of features make a good quality running shoe?

A. There are many features that make up a good quality running shoe. While a lot of the features can be personal preferences, there’s a few key elements you’ll want to make sure you have first. To start, having thick-cushioned, durable soles is a must. The types of terrain you run on can be very damaging and rough against your feet. The protective soles will help your feet stay at ease during long runs. Another important feature is arch support and insole cushioning. These two features usually go hand in hand but are key features in supporting your foot and distributing balance. Other features that make up a good running shoe but can be more selective are: quality materials, form fit, and weight.

Q. What makes Brooks running shoes better than other similar brands?

A. Brooks, as a company, is more invested in the runner itself and truly helping to make each run a better experience. Their large group of team members is always doing heavy duty, in-depth biomechanical research to bring forth the most innovative features on the market. Every small detail is important to Brooks; any edge, curve or line you see on the shoe was designed for a specific function no matter how small it is. The quality of Brooks running shoes is very high and it’s a brand that truly cares about each individual’s running experience.

Q. How often should I replace my Brooks running shoes?

A. Shoes in general should be replaced as soon as you start to notice wear or damage in them. Loose seams, holes in the material and wearing soles are all signs that it’s probably a good time to replace your shoes. Brooks lightweight running shoes will last to about 300 miles while their standard running shoe can last between 300-500 miles. Overall, you’ll be able to get full use out of these running shoes but as soon as they start to show signs of aging, we recommend replacing them as it’s better for your health and preventing injuries.


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