Best Canvas Shoes Reviewed & Rated

When it comes to everyday fashion, you want something that indicates sensibility along with a sense of style. You may frequently walk casually, so it’s only prudent to have something that you know will protect your foot and can take a little wear and tear, but you also want something with some special zest.

Best Canvas Shoes- strap shoes

The ideal combination would be strong, sturdy material that still lets your foot breathe, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and gives you adds a hint of smartness to whatever outfit you’re wearing. If this describes you, then canvas shoes may be what you need next in your wardrobe.

Last Updated: October 31, 2017
By Ashley Morales:

In an update, this post now includes information about the criteria used to evaluate the canvas shoes in this list, revolving around how well they were built and their potential to be worn appropriately in multiple circumstances and events. There’s also a list of frequently asked questions, most of which cover items related to the construction and proper care of canvas shoes.

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As one of the most demanded types of sneakers, canvas shoes have long proven to be one of the safest and most visually appealing and versatile shoes available. Considering their popularity, there are lots of excellent canvas shoes from which to choose. In fact, the selection might feel a bit overwhelming.

If you’re preparing to purchase a pair of canvas shoes for yourself, we hope that you’ll find the help you need from this list we’ve compiled of the top ten.


10 Best Canvas Shoes


1. Sanuk Chiba

Don't worry about how simple these shoes seem--they're supposed to look like that. In fact, their humble appearance belies their hardy build and remarkable comfort level. Designed especially for warm weather, its soft inner lining lets you feel like you're walking on the finest grains of sand while keeping your foot cool. It's an excellent spring or summer shoe, or for any time of year when you like to look casual.
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Foamy Footbed
Borrowing inspiration from the sea itself, this shoe uses a foamy insole to caress your foot with every step you take. No matter where you're walking, you'll always be comfy.

Slip On, Slip Off
As another nod for the easy-going lifestyle the shoe is meant to represent, the shoe doesn't have laces or straps. Hence, it doesn't require much effort to take the shoe on or off.

Cost and Value
With a fairly wide price range, this shoe could cause anywhere from a decent to a significant dent in your wallet. Fortunately, the shoe is great for your foot, and the canvas guarantees its longevity, so it would likely be money well spent.
  • Slip on or off easily
  • Wonderfully soft insole
  • Keeps your foot cool and dry
  • Great for a casual look
  • May feel too tight at first, although they will stretch reasonably with time
  • You will need to order at least a size bigger than usual

2. Vans Authentic Lo Pro

If you're looking for the three big C's--cool, classy, and casual--we've found the shoe for you. With its slate-gray color and clean appearance, it's a shoe that can complement any outfit. The low rise also helps ensure that nothing will chafe against your ankles, and the thick sole protects your feet against whatever you may come across throughout your day.
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Versatile in Every Way
Not only can you wear them in just about every social situation and with multiple styles of clothing, but you can also use them for most athletic activities without any problems.

Made to Fit
The shoe has just the right snugness around the foot, but you can still use the laces to adjust it according to your fancy.

Cost and Value
Although the price range is fairly wide, this shoe is quite affordable at its cheapest price. Honestly, it's a great investment.
  • Fashionably versatile
  • Appropriate for social situations as well as some sports
  • Thick sole
  • Laces let you choose fit
  • It may difficult to find the right size for yourself

3. Sanuk Vagabond

As its name implies, this shoe is a fantastic choice for anyone who likes to wander or travel in a carefree lifestyle. Although many shoes are designed to keep your foot dry and comfortable, this shoe sports a rather unique concept that is sure to make it your best friend in whatever adventures you enjoy. Just slip it on and go do your thing.
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Effective System for Keeping Your Foot Dry
With its drainage ports on the side, it's clear that the creators of this shoe expect (and perhaps even encourage!) you to explore watery areas and any other terrain that draws you.

Quality Canvas Inside and Out
As we've previously established, canvas is already extremely tough and durable, and since the exterior of this shoe consists entirely of that material, you already know it will last you a long time. However, the inner canvas is also remarkably soft, taking great care of your foot everywhere you go.

Cost and Value
At its cheapest, this shoe commands a fair price. At its most expensive, it's still not bad as many other shoes that offer far fewer advantages. It definitely merits consideration.
  • Slip it on or off easily
  • Drainage ports keep the shoe dry
  • Canvas insole is wonderfully soft
  • Comes in multiple colors and designs
  • Perhaps not a great fit for narrow feet
  • May be difficult to find the right size for you

4. Keds Double-Up Core

4. Keds Double-Up Core
Here's another classic look that can serve as the cherry on top for just about any clothing combination in an equal number of social situations, in addition to several athletic activities. Thick and laced, this shoe can accompany you wherever you go and keep you looking sharp without sacrificing comfort or protection. You can't go wrong with a shoe like this.
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Perfectly Balanced Insole
This shoe is dedicated to promoting the health of your foot without being overzealous about it. There's just enough arch support to keep your foot happy, and the material of the insole is luxurious.

Laces Give You Control
The shoe is clearly meant to keep your foot safe and secure, but you can control the exact fit with the wide, tough laces.

Cost and Value
A reasonable price range with reasonable dollar amounts at both the high and low ends makes this shoe an obviously reasonable choice.
  • Laces can be used to adjust the fit
  • Excellent arch support
  • Great cushioning
  • Classic style that goes well with almost everything and in almost every place
  • May not be a great choice for wide feet
  • May wear out quickly than you'd like

5. Shoes8teen Lace-Up

5. Shoes8teen Lace-Up
Coming in a range of exciting colors and designs, this shoe doesn't lose its sense of fun as it executes practicality. It's all about options. The laces give you the option of controlling the fit, the style gives you the option of wearing it in many kinds of occasions, the durability gives you the option of enjoying your time without a care in the world, and the variety of versions gives you the option of finding just the right pair (or pairs!) for your personality.
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Double Stitching for Double Strength
As if the fact that the shoe is made of canvas wasn't already a strong enough point in its favor, the double stitching technique guarantees that this shoe will persevere through thick and thin for a long while.

Just a Few Laces
The great thing about laces is always that you can make the shoe as snug or as loose as you'd like, but these laces have the added advantage of being short. That means it won't take a lot of effort to mess around with them according to your preference.

Cost and Value
No matter what you have to pay for this shoe, it's a bargain. You can easily buy multiple pairs to keep on hand for any situation, any outfit, and any mood.
  • Many different and fun colors and designs
  • Short laces that let you readjust the fit with little effort
  • Amazing price for the quality
  • Double stitching ensures longevity in the exterior
  • Wonderfully comfortable inner lining
  • The insole may wear out quickly
  • Not a good choice for wide feet

6. Keds Coursa LTT

6. Keds Coursa LTT
This shoe keeps it tastefully simple in terms of appearance but retains a high degree of quality in its construction. It comes in several different shades that are all known to pair well with nearly every imaginable color, and the style itself is quite versatile, so you can wear it virtually anywhere. Additionally, its sole is thick enough to withstand a good amount of wear.
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Attractive Everywhere
Thanks to its design and available colors, this shoe is appropriate in almost anything that you need to do throughout your day, so you never need to worry about looking anything less than sharp and cool.

Laces Provide Power of Choice
You can use the laces to adjust the fit according to your liking, which is great news, considering all the different needs that different feet might have.

Cost and Value
There's a very notable gap between the shoe's highest and lowest prices, but as long as you don't go beyond the latter half of that range, it should be a great deal.
  • Laces allow control
  • Style and colors are great for many occasions
  • Great arch support
  • Firm stitching
  • Some may find them to be too narrow

7. Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn

7. Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn
Putting a few new spins on a classic style, this shoe features slender leather shoelaces and trim, a gloriously supportive insole, and a touch of extra height in the platform and lace area. Its texture gives it a pleasantly ruggish look, and fortunately, they would be appropriate to wear in almost any casual situation.
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Leather Adds Pizzazz
With the leather trimming the shoe and making up the shoelaces, the shoe enjoys a certain sophistication that puts it a step above other shoes with similar styles.

Molded Insole Provides Many Benefits
Arch support, snug fit, shock absorption--the molded insole really sets this shoe apart with regard to making sure that your foot is comfortable and safe from injury.

Cost and Value
The price range is relatively small, but even at its cheapest, the shoe is certainly just a tad on the more expensive side. Still, it's a great investment if you've got a flair for updating a classic look.
  • Great shock absorption, arch support, and comfortable fit, thanks to molded insole
  • Leather trim and laces add aesthetic benefit
  • Fashionably versatile
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • You may have a hard time finding them in the right size
  • May be too stiff for some tastes

8. Keds Chillax Washed

8. Keds Chillax Washed
No, the designer didn't forget the laces--the closed-up holes where you might expect to find laces are meant to suggest an air of mystery, independence, or toughness, and the shoe will still fit just fine without them. This is another great example of updating a classic look and giving it a whole new sense of character for those who like thinking a little outside the box.
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Gives You an Edgy Look
Even if you get the shoe in a pastel color, its lack of laces is a brilliantly simple and subtle suggestion as to the wearer's willingness to challenge trends and convention. It doesn't need to be darkly colored to look intriguingly edgy.

Easy to Slip On and Off
Another advantage of going laceless means that you don't have to spend as much time messing around tying knots and bows. You can just slip it on or off and go as you please.

Cost and Value
With a wide price range, this shoe can either be a great deal or a wallet breaker, but either way, it's a fantastic investment.
  • Laceless design lets you slip the shoe on or off easily without compromising fit
  • Unique appearance
  • Generously comfortable interior
  • You can add laces if you want
  • Mostly true to size
  • May not work well with wide feet

9. Soda Objects Flats

9. Soda Objects Flats
Things are not always what they seem, which is definitely true in this case. Although the shoe looks like a slipper, it's far firmer and more versatile than a slipper. The insole is fabulously cushioned while the outer canvas protects it from any harm. Furthermore, the sole is handmade, so you know that a professional was involved at every stage.
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Relaxed Look, Tough Construction
It's always great to know that you can look comfortable andactually feel that way. This shoe accomplishes that. Its slipper-like appearance gives you a pleasantly laid back aura while the shoe itself is durable and strong.

Handmade, Very Cushioned Sole
Not only is the inside marvelously soft and supportive, but its design may be different from shoe to shoe, and the fact that it was handmade assures you that someone was paying special attention to it.

Cost and Value
Whether you get this shoe at its cheapest price or its most expensive one, it's really a good deal. You may even be able to afford more than one pair, which is great news for your wardrobe.
  • Slip it on or off without a problem
  • It looks like a slipper, so you can appear and feel relaxed without worrying about your foot going unprotected
  • Insole is handmade
  • Insole may vary from one shoe to the next
  • Very soft and supportive cushion in the footbed
  • They can run too big or too small in some cases, so you have difficulty finding your size
  • May wear out a bit too quickly

10. Keds Champion

10. Keds Champion
Low rise, laces, nice and clean appearance--at first glance, this shoe seems to share a lot of qualities with others of a similar style. However, if you examine the shoe more closely, you'll find that it's equipped to be especially protective of your foot. Additionally, they come in colors that you can wear with just about anything, which is great if you can only afford one pair.
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Guards Your Toes
The midsole goes around the entire inside part of the shoe and features a toe bumper with some extra texture--just for your protection.

Stylish Low Rise
Not only does the low rise keep the edges from rubbing too much against your ankle, but it lets you wear the shoe without long socks, giving you clean look no matter what else you wear.

Cost and Value
Like some of the other shoes in this list, the price range is fairly large, but the cost may be well worth it for the durability and toughness that this shoe offers.
  • Comfortable and fashionable low rise
  • Laces give you control of the fit
  • Textured toe bumper in midsole
  • Comes in various colors
  • Can be worn appropriately in both social and athletic events
  • May be too narrow for some feet
  • Color may fade easily

Chances are this shoe won’t be going out of style anytime soon, if ever. You can safely buy a canvas shoe knowing that not only the material itself will ensure the shoe’s longevity, but so will the laws of fashion. Old, young, casual, athletic, walking, running, exploring, lounging, plain, jazzed up–canvas shoes are appropriate and enduring in more ways that could possibly be counted. Try multiple pairs to find the right kinds for you, or simply enjoy having lots of shoes that you know you can keep for a good, long time without worrying about them getting worn out absurdly quickly or falling out of favor with critics or the public.

Bottom line: You just can’t go wrong with canvas shoes.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Canvas Shoes


Quality of Construction

As mentioned previously, the fact that these shoes are made out of canvas already guarantees a highly desirable level of quality, as canvas is one of the sturdiest and most malleable materials to use for shoes. However, they still need to be constructed properly, or the canvas is wasted. The shoes selected for this list are built to afford significant protection for your feet, especially your toes and arches. All of the pieces are firmly attached to each other in order to ensure that they don’t come apart too easily under duress. In terms of stability, any of these shoes should prove an excellent choice.

Comfort of Insole

Although they appear very straight and flat on the outside, good canvas shoes ought to have a more dynamic interior. They should have soft, cushioned insoles and support for the arches so that you can pull off the clean look without sacrificing the health or comfort of your feet. You would only be able to stand canvas shoes for so long if they weren’t enjoyable to wear. In this list, we’ve featured shoes that are carefully crafted to ensure maximum comfort.

Versatility in Fashion

Because they’ve been so popular for so long, canvas shoes have already proven that they’re likely to remain in style through many future trends. However, some canvas shoes are certainly more timeless than others. Also, the best shoes are ones that can adapt well with many kinds of clothes so that you don’t have to buy more pairs than you really need (unless that’s something you like doing to fulfill your passion for footwear). For your convenience, the shoes included in this list are generally appropriate for many occasions and circumstances, whether they require some physical activity or simply social interaction. These shoes are ready to support you–literally and in the abstract–no matter where you go.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is canvas made from?

It’s made out of hemp and/or sometimes cotton. Either way, it’s generally a bit coarse but very strong and breathable, which makes it particularly convenient when it’s used to build a shoe. Whenever canvas is used to line the insole of a shoe, it’s usually softened. Canvas shoes also often have rubber soles that give you great traction.

Are canvas shoes difficult to clean?

One of the many advantages of canvas shoes is that they are actually very easy to clean. You can scrub them by hand with some warm water, laundry detergent, and a sponge (or even a toothbrush!), or you can use a standard washing machine, although there’s a chance that doing so may cause the shoes to fall apart.

What are the best brands for canvas shoes?

Many of the most respected brands for canvas shoes are already include in this list, such as Keds, Sanuk, and Vans. However, Nike, Puma, and Converse are also known for producing top-quality canvas shoes.

Do age or gender matter when considering canvas shoes?

Not really. This is another benefit of wearing canvas shoes–they look great on people of any age, and many designs can be conventionally swapped between men and women. Whether you’re old or young, male or female, canvas shoes can be a wonderful look for you.

Are canvas shoe slip-resistant?

This may vary from shoe to shoe, but most canvas shoes–including the ones on this list–are created to give you proper traction. The rubber soles will usually have texture that helps you keep a firm grip on the ground wherever you go.

Do canvas shoes have removable insoles?

Again, it depends on the brand and style, but many canvas shoes do have removable insoles, so don’t worry about that if you need to use an orthopedic insert.

When is the best time of year to wear canvas shoes?

They are generally best to wear in warm weather, since they keep your feet fully protected but also cool. However, you can wear them anytime you want.

Where can I wear canvas shoes?

This is the core beauty of canvas shoes and one of the main sources of their appeal–they’re appropriate almost anywhere. Sports, exercise, school, errands, social activities–canvas shoes are wonderful for all of them. You could have a full day of going to the gym, playing tennis, walking your dog, picking up something at the store, and dancing with your friends at the club without ever taking off your canvas shoes, and it wouldn’t be strange at all. Your feet could also remain perfectly comfortable the whole time.


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