10 Best Construction Boots Reviewed for Performance

When working in construction or any job that requires the sturdiness and strength you want a shoe that will be able to tolerate the harsh atmosphere. Your average gym shoe or sneaker is simply not equipped for this atmosphere. The atmosphere is so harsh and dirty that even hiking shoes may not even be fully equipped. For example, your shoes need to be made with accidents in mind, like if you happened to drop something large and hard on your feet.

Best Construction Boots-Workers in a construction site silhouette

Hiking shoes wouldn’t be able to prevent this. You would want shoes that will protect your feet no matter the circumstances. Actually In some ways Construction has more to bring than nature does, with cement, chunks of wood, metal chunks, really any material you can think of. Compared to other shoes that have to deal with simpler things like long walks or jogs. Possibly even walks in the woods those “normal shoes”, just don’t make the cut.

Last Updated: August 24, 2017
by Riki Perry :

Our most recent update includes both an FAQ section and a Criteria for Evaluation section. The FAQ section deals with inquiries on care, maintenance, fit, and the inherent safety of construction boots while the Criteria section explains how we choose contenders for this list. Aspects of evaluation we focused on for this article include durability, resistance, comfort, and stability. 

Featured Recommendations

Timberland Pro Titan
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  • 4.8 out of 5
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Wolverine Durashock SR
  • Wolverine Durashock SR
  • 4.5 out of 5
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Caterpillar Highbury
  • Caterpillar Highbury
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  • Cement Construction
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You can’t use any normal shoe for what you need with construction so with circumstances like this you want to have the best shoes that can make it through the wettest cement or will be able to support you when you’re carrying hefty objects. Here we have a list of construction boots that are equipped for all of the circumstances that were mentioned and more! Hopefully, after reading this list, you’ll realize that the shoes you’re using at the moment aren’t what you need for construction and you can find the perfect shoes that meet exactly what you need.


10 Best Construction Boots


1. Timberland Pro Titan

Timberland Pro Titan Lace-to-Toe Safety Toe Boot is the perfect choice for all of your construction escapades. The shoes are made of a thick material that ensures safety and prevents injury from accidents. With the strong laces and build of the shoes tripping or the shoe being an inconvenience will be completely a thing of the past.The shoes come in an array of different strong leather material that’s perfect for the outdoors or indoors.
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Slip Resistant
What makes the shoes a good investment are the firm rubber soles the shoes offer. When working with various circumstances it's important to have shoes that are approved to be "oil resistant" thus completely slip resistant which will help in many circumstances.

The shoes are a special premium leather that ensure a first class experience when wearing the shoes. This also allows you to incorporate a little bit of style into your everyday life with the leather and not adhere to whats normal.

Cost and Value
Compared to the other shoes on this list the boots could be considered to be slightly on the expensive side, but for the quality shoe they offer it all seems to be worth it.


Water Resistant Leather



Excess ankle bone rubbing

2. Wolverine Durashock SR

Wolverine Durashock SR is a handsome boot that comes in the single color of reddish brown. The shoes offer a leather outside, a removable footbed and a synthetic sole. Something that differentiates the shoes from the others are the shock absorbing feature that can come in handy when carrying heavier things that will apply pressure on your feet. With added factors like these the shoes ensure that your feet will be comfortable and far from harm.

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Moisture Managing Mesh Linings
The permanent direct-attach molding seals out water. The special lining rids your shoes of sweat and keeps your skin dry and comfortable. This is incredibly handy when working because it's known that all the hard work leads to sweating.

Fiberglass Shank
The fiberglass shank helps stabilize your feet and it ways weighs 75% less than steel which makes the shoes especially unique because steel is a common feature on construction boots. This feature also helps by reducing fatigue that occurs when working.

Cost and Value
The shoes are on the expensive side like the ones earlier but the price is high for a reason. The special technology and features the shoes offer make them worth their hefty price.

Fiberglass Shank

Moisture Reducing Mesh Linings



Bland Color Options

3. Caterpillar Highbury Chukka

Unlike many of the other shoes on this list, Caterpillar's Highbury Chukkas come in a variety of colors which makes them stand out from the rest. Although the shoes do come in very neutral colors, this adheres to a working atmosphere. The shoes also come in leather and are equipped with a rubber sole and are made with a technology that enhances easy comfort for the shoe wearer.
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Leather Exterior
The leather exterior of the shoes gives an impression that the shoes are legitimate and good for use in all construction situations. Along with the leather the shoes multiple colors also gives the wearer a choice to personify their shoes even if it's a small difference such as color.

Easy Comfort Technology
The easy comfort technology that the shoes include make wearing the shoes during a work an infinite amount easier. The company even claims that once you take off the shoes you won't even want to take them off.

Cost And Value
The shoes are averaged priced compared to all of the shoes on the list. Which is good considering all that they have to offer. If you're looking for an extremely comfortable shoe and comfort is an important factor then these shoes are the ones for you.

Ease Comfort Technology

Poliyou Sock Liner

Durable Cement construction


Narrow Build

4. Timberland Premium Chukka

Timberland's Premium Chukkas are an excellent choice for someone who isn't looking for a boot that's too large and clunky, but still has much to offer and can get the job done when needed. The shoes have a leather exterior of course, and come in tan and surprisingly blue. They offer wearers comfort and come to just about the ankle which is shorter than many of the other shoes on this list.
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Rubber Sole
The rubber sole is an important factor that the shoe has to offer because working in construction makes it easy for falling accidentally. But, with a rubber sole, friction is an important force that keeps you firmly on your feet

Breathable Fabric
The breathable fabric makes the shoes much easier to work in because they help reduce the amount of sweat you acquire from working. The shoes are made to expel moisture from inside the boots.

Cost and Value
The shoes are a bit on the pricy side for such small shoes but if you want a more compact shoes that has what all the others have but at a smaller size then this may be the choice for you. Especially with it's added features like breathable fabric, and the ability to expel moisture.


Padded Collar

Removable Insole


Tread wears faster than others

5. Keen Utility Monmouth

Keen's Monmouth Work Boot unlike the rest on this list doesn't offer the same leather exterior as the others but this doesn't reduce its importance. The shoes unlike many other have a specific waterproof exterior that leather wouldn't allow for. The shoes also include the important rubber sole and a very breathable build along with a middle sole made for a long lasting comfort.
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Waterproof Exterior
The waterproof exterior that the keen shoes offer are unlike many of the other construction shoes. While many shoes work to reduce moisture and sweat from inside the shoes the Keens do this in the interior, but also repel water on the exterior which makes them truly unique in this aspect.

Comfortable Midsole
The dual density eva footbed allows for the wearers to have a very comfortable experience when wearing the shoes.They also make long hours of working and walking in the shoes much easier because of the comfort the shoes enforce.

Cost and Value
The shoes are range from being average priced to expensive when it comes to shoe sizes. If you're working in an atmosphere where you'll need a strong durable shoe but also one that can tolerate water than these boots are just the right pick for you.

Waterproof Exterior

Premium Nubuck Leather

Removable EVA Footbed


Reported tight among several wear-testers

6. Timberland Field

These shoes are perfect for working in construction because of their sturdy, tough and durable build. The way these shoes are crafted ensures that you'll have a firm grip when using these shoes on all surfaces. The special leather that the shoes are made from offers a waterproof feature which is unlike many of the shoes on the list. The shoes also have a lace up closure which will make laces less of a hassle.
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Waterproof Protection
The shoes are an updated version of the previous field boot.These ones offer a waterproof factor that’s made possible with a special leather called nubuck leather. Because the shoe has this it makes working in wetter places much easier.

Comfort & Rubber Sole
The shoes are made with comfort in mind. So wearing the shoes should be a joy because of their specially crafted footbeds. The shoes also have a firm rubber sole that will grip hard on all different surfaces.

Cost and Value
The shoes are slightly expensive but because they offer the rare "waterproof exterior" this makes them worth the price that they're selling for. Along with the amount of comfort that they offer and the rubber soles.

Easy Wipe-Down to Clean

Waterproof Exterior



Minimal Arch Support

7. Thorogood American Heritage

Thorogood's Job PRO Safety Boots are a good choice for someone who wants to incorporate a sleek fashionable style into their everyday work. Although the shoes look thin don't be fooled by their outside appearance. The shoes may have an exterior of a nice leather but are made to be completely slip resistant. And on the interior of the shoe they are made with dual density and shock absorption.
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Slip Resistant
The shoes are made to be completely slip resistant which is good for when working with liquids or on slippery surfaces but this makes sure the shoes are good when walking on all surfaces and reduce the chance of having any accidents when slipping because of frictionless soles.

Shock Absorption
The shoes also have an added factor which is shock absorption.The absorption that the shoes have makes it easier to carry heavier things and won't allow for that painful shock of pain you can feel on your heels when you apply too much pressure on them.

Cost and Value
The shoes are expensive but if you're looking for a shoes that can give you everything the others have offer but also have a sleek frame and fashionable look than these shoes are for you.

Shock Absorption

Slip resistant

Removable PU Footbed


Constricting Fit

8. Caterpillar Hydraulic Mid Cut

These shoes are good choice for anyone looking for good construction boots because of all the important features they offer, but also the other features they have that many other boots or brands don't have. The slip resistance that the shoes have are an important factor and the shock absorption that the shoes have is also very important. The shoes also have a leather exterior.
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Shock Absorption
The shock absorption is important factor because of the smaller amount of stress that it allows on the wearers feet. The shock absorption is also promised to return the energy that's used against the shock absorption.

Flexibility of Design
The black full grain leather padded collar that shoes have add to the flexibility of their design and aldon with this the shoes have a steel toe on the outside of the shoe and nylon sock liner on the inside of the shoes.

Cost and Value
The cost of the shoes of the shoes is averagely priced compared to the rest. This makes the things the shoes have to offer even better because they come at an even smaller price.

Shock Absorption


Slip resistance


Only comes in black

9. Wolverine W03238 Durashock

Wolverine Durashock Boots may sound very similar to the other pair of wolverine boots on this list but I can assure that these two different styles are not the same and both have completely different attributes. These wolverines are considered to be stain proof and waterproof they also are able to absorb stress and shock before they reach further up. These shoes also include a fiberglass shank.
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Fiberglass Shank
The fiberglass shank the shoes have give added support and comfort for wearers of the shoes, the midsole the shoe has also increases the immense amount of comfort that the shoes have.

Waterproof & Steel Toe
Also included with the shoes is a waterproof exterior which helps with working in very wet locations. The shoes also have the added feature of a steel toe that makes them very durable.

Cost and Value
The shoes are expensive but they're completely worth it. They have a lot of added features and top the list for this reason. They’re so special because they have a lot of the other features the other shoes on this list but combined. This makes them a very good choice for a someone looking for a shoe that really can do anything when it comes to construction.


Steel Toe

Fiberglass shank


Reported to have less comfort than the best

10. Chippewa 25466

These shoes are completely insulated and waterproof which immediately makes them a good choice. The shoes are are made out of leather in the exterior. The sole is made out of the synthetic material, also the sole inside of the interior is removable. Specifically, the leather is made out of "grain leather". The shoes also include a triple rib shank which is an additional factor that helps a lot.
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Leather Welting
The chippewa waterproof insulated shoes have a round toe on the outsole of the shoes that is hard and made for working in environments where a hard tough exterior is required.

The shoes were built to keep water off and out with their waterproof leather. They also keep in warmth and the make the experience of wearing the shoes all the more better.

Cost and Value
The prices for these boots are very, very expensive even compared to the shoes on the list. But it's important to note that the prices correlate with sizes so it may not be as expensive. Either way the shoes are worth the price they're selling for because of all the added factors that they have.



Strong soles


A bit on the Expensive side

How to Choose Construction Boots

We have a hefty list of some of the greatest shoes for construction. Each of these shoes is respectively top rated. They each have something different to offer or in some cases, they have a bunch of features to offer which makes them even more special. When it comes to construction we know that you’ll be dealing with a lot of tough and heavy surroundings and with all these shoes featured some of the problems you’ll face will be made just a bit easier or in some cases a lot.

Best Construction Boots-Worker cutting steel

Some of the shoes were waterproof so in a situation when your getting wet your shoes perform right along with you and before you know it they’ll be dry. And, when you’re carrying extremely large objects many of the boots have shock absorption which helps you lift heavier things without putting such a strain on yourself. All these things make sense because the shoes were made with you in mind. A hard working person who does construction or similar work. So when you have shoes specially made for your field of work, of course, they’ll help a lot. Hopefully, as you read through the different shoes on the list you found something that you can wear next time you go to work!


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Construction Boots


Save Your Feet

Best Construction Boots-save your feet

Construction boots are a well-engineered line of defense between your feet and everything else. When selecting construction boots for this top ten list, we took special consideration for boots that ranked high in safety and comfort. All construction boots on this list offer a multitude of safety features such as steel toes, stability shanks, water resistance, and moisture wicking technology. Every single aspect of the criteria for evaluation concerns the overall safety of our chosen construction boots. So, if you’re looking for a pair of new construction boots on your own, take a page from our book and consider these features.

Durability and Resistance

Best Construction Boots-footwear

A good pair of construction boots must be durable to handle your activities day in and day out while also resistant to the elements and weather. Most of the shoes on our list feature some type of resistance to the outside world. Here’s a quick break down of the type of resistances featured and what they mean for your construction boots.

Water Resistance:  Water resistance, the most common treatment for construction boots and outdoor shoes, treats the exterior of the boot to be hydrophobic. This means the boot won’t get soaked through with water or moisture, even if you work in a very wet environment. Typically, water resistance is only a treatment for the outside of the shoe. So if water gets inside the interior, then problems may occur.

Snow Resistance: ‘Snow Resistance’ is a broad term for construction boots that have been treated to withstand freezing temperatures, sleet, and are strong enough to trudge through multiple inches of snow. This type of resistance is wonderful if you work in very cold temperatures, whether inside or outside. Snow resistant shoes are also insulated most of the time so your feet stay pleasantly warm even in the dead of winter.

Heat Resistance: Heat resistance is another broad term for boots that have been treated to solve a number of issues. Typically, heat resistant shoes are designed to withstand high temperatures and are flame retardant. Welders, smelters or anyone working with hot liquids or metals would purchase heat resistant shoes.


Best Construction Boots-strong boots

Stability is a feature of construct boots which deals with the traction, grip, and balance of a particular shoe. In construction especially, stable shoes that are resistant to slipping and provide excellent balance for the wearer is a must.

Fiberglass and Steel Shanks: Stability shanks are flat pieces of material, usually composed of steel or fiberglass, located within the sole of the shoe. These shanks give more support to the arch and keep the wearer upright and comfortable for long hours on end. Most construction boots come equipped with stability shanks for both stability and as added protection from sharp objects.

Slip Resistance: Construction boots are typically slip-resistant. Slip resistance can either come from the material of the sole or from a grooved pattern etched into the sole of the shoe. Of all the features discussed, slip resistance is a top priority within this list because slipping at any job site can prove fatal.

Multi-directional lug patterns: Touching back on slip-resistance, traction is another important feature of a construction boot. Multi-directional lug patterns are excellent for traction and grip, creating an extremely stable and safe boot for labor intensive work. Usually, you’ll want the bottom of your boot’s sole to have thick, deep grooves so that they can grip onto any floor surface.


Best Construction Boots-steel toe boot

Accidents always occur, no matter where you are or how prepared you might feel. That’s why a good pair of construction boots needs to be ultra protective of your feet. For this list, we consider the following features paramount to safety.

Steel toe: A steel toe within a construction boot means that the toe box is protected by a plate of steel either outside the exterior or in between the interior and exterior of the shoe. Steel toes ensure that should anything heavy fall on your foot, or anything sharp comes into contact with your shoe, the steel plate has you covered. If you work in areas of high risk, a steel toe is a must for your safety and protection.

Insulated: Insulation or an insulated construction boot keeps your foot at a pleasant temperature while working. This promotes air circulation and lessens your chances of athlete’s foot. It’s also a great feature to have if your area’s weather is particularly unpredictable (lookin’ at you, Texas).  

Shock Absorption:  Shock absorption comes from a good outsole and footbed. If you’re on your feet all day, or if your activities take place on unforgiving materials like concrete, shock absorption will save you. All the shoes on this list come equipped with thick outsoles that even distribute force all along the bottom of your shoe. This protects your arches, heels, and metatarsals for all day comfort and prevents further damage to your feet after repeated activity.


Best Construction Boots-comfort

Your construction boots can be the safest, most durable boots on the planet, but if they aren’t comfortable, then what’s the point? For the sake of comfort, we considered all the following features as key contributors to a boot’s overall comfortability.

Padded interior: An ultra plush, padded interior means happy feet all day long. All of our chosen construction boots feature padded uppers, interior lips, toe boxes, and heels to cushion your feet while at the job. A well-padded interior should leave your feet feeling pleasantly snug and not over heated, hence why many padded boots come with moisture wicking technology, which will be discussed later.

Removable Footbeds: Sometimes manufacturer designed footbeds just don’t work for us. That’s why we gave special consideration to work boots with removable footbeds. If you have certain orthopedic issues that call for special assistance, simply remove the factory footbed for your own. That gives the perfect durable and resistant shoe with your own personal comfort in mind.

Moisture Wicking Mesh: A well-developed moisture wicking mesh goes hand in hand with plushness and coziness. While a shoe should be pleasantly snug and cushiony, your feet should never sweat out. Moisture wicking mesh combats the uncomfortableness of sweat while also maintaining a plush interior.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the best brand of construction boots?

A: While brand preferences are up to each individual and their needs, you can’t go wrong with Timberlands. Known for their durability and protection, Timberland construction boots are the trusted option of many laborers and outdoor enthusiasts. Timberlands also fit nearly every single point of evaluation, making them incredible work boots all around. Usually, Timberland work boots and construction boots come equipped with water resistance for the exterior, and moisture wicking technology in the interior. This leaves their shoes impeccably dry even in the most turbulent of weather while also combating foot odor and athlete’s foot. Timberland’s tough exteriors also keep your feet well protected from any trouble experienced on site. So while everyone has their own favorite brand of construction boots, the beginner can’t go wrong with a sturdy pair of Timberlands.

Q: What features should I look for in construction boots?

A: For a personalized construction boot suited to your needs, evaluate what activities you’ll put these boots through.  If you’re working in an area with lots of sharp objects and heavy machinery, then boots sporting a steel toe and reinforced exterior will be your top priority. Work sites facing unexpected weather or temperature require a construction boot to be well insulated and resistant to heat, water, and the cold. And if your activities call for lots of heavy lifting, walking, or running than a construction boot with grip and shock absorption is needed to protect yourself and your feet. So, before purchasing a new pair of boots, study your activities in depth to really understand what you need.

Q: How should construction boots fit?

A: A construction boot should fit snugly around your ankle and heel for optimal security. However, the fit should not be so tight that blood circulation suffers or that sores develop along with your ankles. The lip of the shoe should cushion the top portion of your foot, secure enough to protect the foot while loose enough to provide air flow. And finally, the toe box should have lots of room for your toes to wriggle and breath. If every single one of these aspects is not met, then problems such as excessive sweating, smell, or blisters, can develop. This can make online purchasing very difficult, so try on many sizes in store to nail down your brand and size within that brand. This will make online shopping a breeze, and it takes out the guess work of picking a size.

Q: Where can I buy high-quality construction boots?

A: If you favor a particular brand, then their official website is always a great option. Not only is this the most direct form of contact, but if any problems occur then you don’t have to go through a third party to correct any issues. If you are not partial to a brand, then Amazon has a plethora of options for construction boots from dozens of trusted brands. And even if you are in love with a certain company, online retailers like Amazon offer incredible deals on products and shipping so you don’t have to break the bank for a new pair of shoes. If online shopping isn’t your thing, or you just prefer trying on shoes in the store, then stores like Academy and Dick’s Sporting Goods are perfect. Both stores specialize in durable footwear fit for athletics and work, offering a huge selection of brands at pretty good prices.

Q: How do I clean my construction boots?

A: Cleaning your construction boots depends heavily on the material they’re made of. If you have leather construction boots than you want to keep in mind the luster and integrity of the leather. Products like leather polish and beeswax are needed to keep your leather boots shining after years of use. Before you clean your leather boots, be sure to knock off or brush any huge spots of dirt. After that wet the leather with a warm, damp cloth and then rub circular motions into the shoe with a gentle cleaning solution. Allow the boots to dry overnight completely before wearing. If your boots are suede or textile based, spot cleaning is generally the route you want to take. Simply use a mixture of one parts vinegar to one part warm water and scrub at the afflicted area. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess water or moisture. If you’re not sure what materials you’re constructions boots are made of, check the packaging or the brand’s website for further details. Once you know the materials, google or search around for cleaning methods not mentioned.

Q: What materials are construction boots typically made of?

A: All construction boots typically share a durable, rubber bottom with a multi-directional pattern. This hard rubber prevents injury to the foot while the grooved pattern gives the shoe ample grip on any surface. Depending on the brand or type of construction boot, steel plates or stability shanks might be inserted along the bottom of the shoe as an extra safety feature. And while most construction boots have a rubber outsole, some use TPU or EVA for their lighter weight and temperature regulating abilities. The upper and exterior typically consist of leather, treated fabrics, nylon, or a combination thereof. While leather is the most durable of theses options, nylon is usually easier to clean and lightweight in comparison. The same can be said of treated fabrics, but those are much cheaper than leather or nylon.

Q: How do I dry my construction boots?

A: Typically, you want to let your construction boots air dry overnight if they are not soaked all the way through. But if your construction boots are absolutely drenched, you might have to intervene. Without assistance, your construction boots might not completely dry in certain, moisture loving areas like the footbed. If even the smallest bit of dampness persisted in these areas, mold and odor producing bacteria can multiply and infect your feet. So your options of prevention are speeding up the drying process or disinfecting your shoes after removal. If you wish to speed up the drying process, a hair dryer or placing your shoes near a heat source works wonders. The one drawback of these methods is that leather and treated shoe fabric might shrink or warp if they’re exposed to heat for too long. If you go the disinfecting route, wipe down the interior of your shoes with vinegar or a trusted shoe disinfectant while the books air out overnight.

Q: How long do construction boots generally last?

A: Depending on your activity and the brand of the shoe, construction boots have a life span of three to twelve months. And that’s just the shoe as a whole. Features like water resistance and heat resistance might wear off after three to six months of usage. So what can you do to make them last longer? Proper care and maintenance of your construction boots is key to their longevity. Be sure after every use you properly air out your boots. This prevents fungus and bacteria growth. About once a week, or depending on the intensity of your activities, give your boots and deep cleaning with gentle cleaners. If your boots are leather, use leather polishes and beeswax conditioners to keep their shine. The conditioners also reinforce the leather’s durability and toughness, so be sure to incorporate this step into your care routine. Along with proper care and maintenance, be sure that you switch out your construction boots frequently. Continuously wearing the same pair of construction boots weakens the shoe and allows odors and fungus to produce. In your work wardrobe, have at least two to three pairs of construction boots at the ready, alternating between them for optimal care.

Q: When do I need a new pair of construction boots?

A: Ideally, you should buy a new pair when the old pair can no longer perform its designated functions. So if you notice your water resistant shoe is no longer that resistant to moisture, or your heat resistant shoes feel hotter than usual, then it’s time to get a new pair. Don’t wait until your construction boots are falling apart to get a new pair. Not only is a split shoe dangerous, but a construction boot that damaged can no longer be supported. Even if your feet feel fine in a busted construction boot, understand that your feet are so used to them they can no longer feel how uncomfortable the boot is. So, in short, if you notice some stark changes in your shoe performance, it’s time to upgrade.

Q: What’s the price range for construction boots?

A: A pair of construction boots can range from $50 to $250, depending on the brand. While a more expensive construction boot is generally a sign of quality, don’t look only at the price tag. Do lots of research into your desired shoe before splurging or skimping on the price. Sometimes that $200 boot isn’t worth all the hype, and other times a really cheap boot has you paying two months later in painful feet and shoe repairs. So always be mindful of the shoe’s price in relation to the shoe itself, and never base a purchase solely on money.

Q: Do I really need construction boots?

A: If you’re asking that question, that the answer is most likely ‘yes.’ Carefully look into your activities and weigh out all the pros and cons a construction boot brings to your life. If you’re on construction sites or labor intensive jobs, then you most likely need a construction boot. If you work in an office most of your days and rarely leave the building, then a construction boot is not for you. But what if you just love the style of construction boots? Then, by all means, buy a pair. But you absolutely need construction boots if your job demands dangerous solvents, materials, or lots of manual labor.

Q: How do I prevent my construction boots from smelling?

A: Vinegar is your best friend for this very reason. If at any point you feel the high rising winds of foot odor creep from your closet, dash those shoes with some diluted vinegar. Mix equal parts vinegar to warm water before transferring this solution to a squirt bottle. Spritz a generous amount on the interior of your construction boots, allowing five to ten minutes for optimal soaking and stench killing. After that simply wipe out the excess and dry overnight. If you want a little bit of luxury, mix in some lavender essence or lemon for a soothing scent.


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