Best Cosplay Shoes & Dress Up Boots Reviewed

The cosplay scene is a definitive part of not only the original culture of manga-based societies, but many others including western cultures. Every part of the cosplayer’s costume has to exude the very nature of the character, and the footwear is the base of it all. With each party, convention or any social gathering such as Halloween, the ability to have a complete costume is an absolute necessity.

Cosplay shows up across the globe and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The variety in costumes ranges from your favorite cartoons to the most intricate Sci-Fi characters you can think of. While typically associated with comic book enthusiasts and Manga readers alike, Cosplay is now being enjoyed by many others outside of the graphic novel world. Finding footwear that is comfortable for long hours and also goes with your outfit can be difficult without spending a fortune.

Last Updated: April 5, 2018
By Jami Sliger:

Our recent update offers you the 10 Best Cosplay Dress Up Boots and Shoes available on todays market. With features like custom fit and superior quality you are sure to find something you love. In addition, we have included the One Punch Man Red boots, that leave room for custom orthotics. Also, with this variety of options we have added a section for the criteria used to chose the ten best options. This will give you insight in what to look for when buying Cosplay boots or shoes. Lastly, there is a section for frequently asked questions. Please continue to check back and we will continue to keep you updated on the latest and greatest Cosplay Boots and Shoes.

Featured Recommendations

Sword Art Online Asuna Yuuki
  • Sword Art Online Asuna Yuuki
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stylish
  • High Quality Materials
  • Price: See Here
Yugi Muto Cosplay Boots
  • Yugi Muto Cosplay Boots
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable Construction
  • Flexible
  • Price: See Here
Super Saiyan Goku Boots
  • Super Saiyan Goku Boots
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Exceptionally Comfortable
  • High Quality Leather
  • Price: See Here


10 Best Cosplay Shoes


1. Sword Art Online Asuna Yuuki

These shoes will make any Sword Art Online fan's day by representing the leading female protagonist. They make for an extremely elevated stature by making a bold statement. Excellent look and superior construction will allow you to wear these Cosplay shoes to all of your conventions and events.
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Custom Made
These shoes can come as a custom made item! Having these custom made will make sure the optimal fit and a stunning presentation. When your shoes are literally made for you, there is no better comfort. Keep showing your best with a unique pair of custom Cosplay shoes.

High Quality Material
These Cosplay shoes are made of synthetic leather. This will allow them to stand up to a variety of weather situations. Not only is synthetic leather durable, it is also simple to clean and care for.

Cost and Value
Given that these are from such a highly popular anime, tailor made, and look amazing, the cost is quite reasonable. It is easy to spend a fortune on the most accurate looking Cosplay shoes, with the Sword Art Online Asuna Yuki Cosplay shoe you get accuracy that is affordable.
  • Tailor Made
  • High Quality
  • Hot Item
  • Durable
  • Exceptional Comfort
  • Difficult Sizing

2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi Muto Boots

Yu-Gi-Oh! has shown itself to be a leader in the world of anime. Dressing as Yugi can now be done with exceptional style and high quality footwear. The PU Leather outer is soft and durable offering longevity of use and better breathability. The buckles on these Cosplay boots give them the right look and make them more versatile than others within our guide.
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Versatile Style
Black boots with silver accents will make you look just like Yugi. Another benefit is black goes with everything, as does silver. If you are looking for Cosplay boots that can transition to daily wear, these may be for you.

Rubber Sole
Durability in your Cosplay shoes can sometimes be lacking. The use of a rubber sole helps extend the life of your shoe. Offering great grip and traction you will be safe on your feet while wearing these Cosplay shoes.

Cost and Value
Slightly higher in cost, these Cosplay boots will last the extra mile. Exceptional build and the ability to wear them with different outfits help absorb the slight increase you will have to make in your budget. Overall these are a great pair of shoes for a decent price.
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Long Lasting Construction
  • Exceptionally Versatile
  • Good Grip and Traction
  • Strap Durability
  • Higher Cost

3. Black Butler Alois Trancy

These canvas and PU Leather Cosplay shoes are customized to your liking and add a dramatic flair due to the beautiful purple laces. Depending on your shoe size you even have an option in the height of the heel. When looking to step up your Cosplay style, these may be the perfect shoes for you.
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Easy On Easy Off
When wearing tall boots, lacing them can be exceptionally difficult. In addition to lacing, it can be hard just getting your feet and legs into them. These Cosplay boots offer a zipper that runs the length of the back of the boot. This makes putting them on and taking them off simple.

Canvas Lining
Often times people complain about tall boots because they make your legs and feet sweaty. Canvas lining helps move moisture away from your legs and feet, thus keeping you more comfortable. Long days are to be had at Cosplay conventions and you need a pair of shoes that will keep you cool and comfortable.

Cost and Value
These Cosplay shoes offer an amazing look that will give an added flair to your costume. These awesome shoes will fit like a dream and also fit into most budgets. If you need to add finishing touches to your look, these can be a perfect addition at a great price.
  • Great Design
  • Breathable
  • Variety In Use
  • Great Fit
  • Toung Moves Around
  • Thin Material

4. Super Saiyan Goku Boots

4. Super Saiyan Goku Boots
Dragon Ball Z is exceptionally popular in the world of Anime. When you want to take your Goku costume to the next level, charge it with these well made boots. Polyester paired with Dacron Leather give these boots unique style. They offer superior all day comfort and zippers on the back make them easy to slip on and off.
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Superior Traction
The sole of these Cosplay shoes offer a feature not always seen. The pattern of the tread on these shoes will keep your feet firmly planted under you on many of the surfaces you may encounter when participating in Cosplay. When you need great grip and better traction than other shoes offer the choice may be the Super Saiyan Goku Boots.

Durable Wear
Cosplay enthusiasts often attend multiple events every year. If this is you, finding a pair of shoes that are comfortable and durable for all day wear can be difficult. Choosing Goku as your next costume can take that problem away. These boots are built to last from the sole to the closure. Wearing them often will be no problem and you are sure to get a ton of looks.

Cost and Value
Taking your look and maximizing it will cost you a bit more than the others within our guide, if you want to be Goku. While we see why being Super Saiyan is appealing, you may need to make some room in your budget. Superior Cosplay shoes that offer durable, comfortable, long wear is what you will get and the slightly higher cost disappears from your mind after several uses.
  • Durable
  • Very Flexible
  • Great Outdoors and In
  • Easy to Clean
  • Simple Closure
  • Not Customized
  • Limited Sizes

5. Telacos Naruto Boots

5. Telacos Naruto Boots
Many have tried to adapt their own shoes to become Naruto's. This is easier said than done. Save yourself time and frustration with these excellent looking Cosplay shoes. Durable soles will keep your feet protected through a variety of environments. In addition they are easy to clean and care for, taking all of the stress out of getting ready for your next event.
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Exceptionally Breathable
Due to the design of Naruto's footwear, they are naturally breathable. The open toe will keep you and your feet cool. Sweaty feet at a long event can lead to a plethora of problems including blisters and fungal or bacterial growth. Keep your feet dry and happy when you decide to dress as Naruto.

Thick Outsole
When your Cosplay adventures take you outside you want to make sure you are wearing shoes that can handle it. The thick heel and sole of these Cosplay shoes won't let you down. No matter what surface you find yourself on know your shoes will keep your feet comfortable and protected.

Cost and Value
Most of the Cosplay shoes in our guide carry a similar price tag. Naruto's Boots cost a bit less than some of the others but offer the same great quality. Your costume will be complete with these and your budget won't suffer greatly.
  • Keep Feet Protected
  • Great Breathability
  • Superior Comfort
  • Very Durable
  • Excellent Construction
  • Notice Odor Quickly

6. Telacos Haruno Sakura

6. Telacos Haruno Sakura
Finding a well made pair of tall, open toed, boots is a tall task. Many are made with less than impressive material, stitching, and soles. With a pair of tall boots with heels you need to know they are well made and will keep you firmly on your feet. These Cosplay boots won't let you down when it comes to quality, durability, style, and price.
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Side Zipper
Any who have worn a pair of knee high boots will tell you that the closure system can make or break the boot. Laces and buckles can be some of the most difficult to deal with. Telacos uses a side zipper in these tall boots making them a cinch to take on and off. This is appreciated, especially when your makeup took an hour too long.

Solid Construction
Wearing heels can be intimidating depending on how often you wear them and the surface you are going to be walking on. Some Cosplay shoes and boots offer lower quality attachment and heel materials, leaving you vulnerable to your shoe breaking. This could lead to injury and embarrassment. With the Telacos Haruno Sakura Boots, rest assured they are built correctly and will stand true through a variety of venues.

Cost and Value
The durability and style of these Cosplay boots do come at a slightly higher cost. With added material and stylish buckles on the back you will love how they go with your costume. Get the true look for a bit more if you choose the Telacos Haruno Sakura Boots.
  • Durable Sole
  • High Quallity Construction
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect Fit
  • Tall Heel

7. Telacos Fairy Tail Lucy

7. Telacos Fairy Tail Lucy
These Cosplay boots are tall and sturdy. Made with PU leather and durable outsoles you will be able to wear these boots in a variety of terrains. The side zip closure makes them easy on easy off. In addition, these boots offer a lower heel that is thick enough to keep your heel protected but adds flexibility. Keeping your shoes light will keep you playing longer with more comfort.
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Wide Toe Box
Shoes that pinch your toes are not only uncomfortable, they can lead to painful ingrown toenails. A roomy toe box allows your toes to splay and grip naturally which makes your feet and body feel better. In addition, there is more room for airflow which helps keep your feet cool.

Custom Calf Sizing
While many of the boots in our guide have the ability to be customized, we love this feature on the Fairy Tale Lucy Cosplay boots. Wearing boots that come up to the calf can be a struggle. You tend to find them sliding down or cutting off circulation because of poor fit. The fact that these are made to fit your calves is amazing and will save you a lot of hassle.

Cost and Value
Slightly more affordable than some in our guide, these Cosplay boots will make your costume go from pretty good to exact match. When you really want to impress the crowd these will take you the extra mile with a great price tag.
  • Excellent Structure
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Durable Sole
  • Great Price
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Heavier Than Some

8. Black Butler Prince Soma

8. Black Butler Prince Soma
Lightweight and breathable these Cosplay shoes are built for comfort and style. Simple straps secure them nicely to your feet and the padded footbed will keep you playing for hours. Durable stitching and materials help you get extended use out of these Cosplay shoes. Find the exceptional comfort of your favorite slippers when you try the Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Prince Soma Cosplay shoes.
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Versatile Use
The simple design and superior comfort of these Cosplay shoes allow you to wear them outside of your Cosplay adventures. Perfect for around the house, keep the memory of fun on your feet. Soft footbed and durable construction allow you to wear these more often than others in our guide yet keep them looking great for your next convention.

Secure Comfortable Straps
The strapping system on these Cosplay shoes offers a strap over the top of the foot, behind the toes, and one that goes over the heel. This helps the shoe stay in place while giving great airflow and comfort. Keep your shoes on through all your journeys with secure comfortable straps.

Cost and Value
The cost of these Cosplay shoes is slightly higher then others in our guide. Made more for indoor use and offering little support or coverage, makes their cost seem a bit higher than others even so. If you need these for your perfect look they are not unattainable, just a bit more than others.
  • Top Quality
  • Multiple Uses
  • Exceptionally Comfortable
  • Secure Fit
  • Seasonal Wear
  • Lacks Tread

9. JoJo's Bizarre - Dio Brando

9. JoJo's Bizarre - Dio Brando
Flashy and sure to make a statement, when you dress as Dio Brando at your next Cosplay event your shoes are sure to impress. These gold, horn tipped, shoes are durable and lightweight keeping you feeling good for shows to come. Superior stitching and attention to detail is what you get when you use these as your next Cosplay shoes.
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Exquisite Detail
Attention to detail is an understatement when looking at Telacos JoJo's Bizarre - Dio Brando Cosplay shoes. Superior stitching and raised back make them look like the real deal. The matching upper and sole goes the extra mile to make these Cosplay shoes truly superior to others.

Easy On Easy Off
The style of this shoe could be made as a slip on which would cause you great difficulty getting it on correctly. It would crush the back and your Cosplay shoe would never look quite the same. Telacos though of everything when making this shoe. The back zipper allows you to slide your foot in with ease while ensuring the shoe maintains it's shape.

Cost and Value
With the attention to detail it takes to make these Cosplay shoes you would expect them to carry a heavy price tag. These shoes surprise us again as their price is only slightly higher than the others within our guide. You can take your costume to the next level and satisfy your budget all at the same time if you give these awesome shoes a try.
  • Great Fit
  • Eye Catching
  • Superior Stitching
  • Easy To Clean
  • Good Durability
  • Limited Uses

10. One Punch Man Red Boots

10. One Punch Man Red Boots
Stemming from a very popular anime, One Punch Man, these boots are becoming sought after by many Cosplayers. Great grip and comfort are what you get when you try these Cosplay shoes. Completely customized these boots are sure to fit like a glove and keep you walking around your even in style.
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Room for Custom Insert
Many Cosplay shoes lack proper support and do not allow enough room to add any. If you have found this to be a problem, these boots may be your solution. With room to add arch support or a custom orthotic, you can wear these boots all day with now worry of pain or uncomfortable feet.

PU Leather
If you plan on using the same costume for multiple Cosplay opportunities you want a shoe that will stay strong and last through them all. The use of PU Leather adds durability and easy cleaning. Unlike genuine Leather, you can use soap and water to clean these Cosplay boots, ensuring you always look your best.

Cost and Value
One Punch Man Red Boots can be yours for a moderate price. When buying Cosplay shoes you sometimes have to make a lot of room within your budget. These boots won't take a chunk and offer durability to last through many adventures.
  • Custom Tailoring
  • Durable Material
  • Iconic Look
  • Room for Inserts
  • Decreased Comfort

There are so many options in footwear and finding the perfect pair for your Cosplay outfit can be exceptionally difficult. You have to consider the environment of your event. Will you be outdoors or in? Is there a specific theme and what might the weather be like? You don’t want to be caught in a pair of sling back sandals if there may be a chance for six inches of snow. Being ready to change your shoes when you get their can make the process much easier.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Cosplay Shoes


Criteria Best Cosplay Shoes

Custom Made

These items of apparel are custom made to fit a very wide array of customers. With so many designs to choose from the aspect of finding your own style and fit is an amazingly fun and challenging adventure! Each shoe is tailor-made for you, by choosing the size of toe-length, size of the heel in boots, and even color.

The ability to make these shoes or boots to suit your every need have several benefits. As you can well guess you not only get the custom fit that hugs your feet like a well-chosen glove, but you also get the ability to show off your own creativity. The process of customization is also quick and painless. Just giving the measurements of length, width, and the areas around your ankle gets your custom made shoe tailored and shipped to your house!

Pros and Cons of Custom Made Shoes

  • Pros
    • Best Performance of the Product
    • Better Quality
    • Custom Look and Feel
    • Tend to be More Comfortable
  • Cons
    • Higher Costs
    • May Only Wear Once


High Quality Material Best Cosplay Shoes

High-Quality Material

Each item is crafted with a high grade of material and workmanship. The time, care, and craftsmanship that go into these items are all top tier and will always be out to impress! The demand for bulk shoes is reflected in the fact that they are mass produced and made with the cheapest materials. The high-quality custom-made shoe bypasses the mass production line and comes into a personal transaction. The material for a ready-made shoe is generic and sometimes not what you would expect. This isn’t the case with a made to wear shoes, due to the fact you are hands-on in the production process. The materials you want, are the same you receive.

  • Stay Away From Standard
    With any bulk order, or ready to wear shoe you have mass production. This typically leads to the cookie cutter mistakes associated with the process involved. The problems you run into with these types of operations are misfits and odd sizes that don’t correspond with the left to right foot structuring. This is due to the high demand for a certain shoe, and the need to make more profit, at the cost of quality. Custom made shoes are highly regarded because they are typically a great fit.
  • Dazzling Appeal
    All items are made to please crowds and draw attention! The footwear shown in this guide are razzle-dazzle to a T. They will draw attention and turn heads with every step. Your main reason for a cosplay shoe is to make the biggest splash at your convention or party that you can. When you stand out as “that character from my favorite anime” you have the sense of pride knowing you are the best!
    Having the correct aspect of your cosplay costume is a must. If your items don’t match or are poorly made it will throw your entire work off. The selected items are accurate in both make and quality, ensuring maximum compatibility.
  • Multi-Use
    What happens after the event? Most items in the cosplay wardrobe go into storage. Why do you have to put away these items? The selected articles of clothing are useful on a day to day routine and will be a viable choice in many situations as you go throughout the week!
    With this custom made fit, you can make sure that you will be using these shoes for a long time. Checking the overall reusable factor before you say yes the shoes, you can confirm the fact that they are comfortable enough to, not only use for the convention, where you’ll be standing all day but at work where sitting and standing may be required. When your co-worker asks what kind of shoes you are wearing, you can proudly declare the name of your convention persona and establish the fact that you are confident with your crafted footwear!

FAQ Best Cosplay Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What material is commonly used in Cosplay shoes?
A: Primarily you will find custom made Cosplay shoes are made of leather. It is not only durable but has a great look. More difficult to maintain than other materials, some people prefer to go with a fabric or synthetic leather upper. Cosplay shoes, like any other, can be made of a variety of materials. However, the higher end shoes offer better quality and longevity of use.

Q: Is it OK to wear my Cosplay shoes other places?
A: The answer to this question is really up to you. Depending on your outfit and whether or not your shoes are appropriate for work should be taken into consideration. Another factor is the durability of your favorite Cosplay shoes. If you have yet to attend your event you may want to hold off as not to damage your shoes. If they are durable and appropriate go for it. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Q: Are Cosplay shoes sturdy and reliable?
A: Yes! Typically built with high quality in mind, Cosplay shoes may actually have a better life expectancy than your everyday shoes. Better materials and top craftsmanship are two reasons you will find that these are not only sturdy but also reliable. Makers of Cosplay shoes know you may face a variety of surfaces and you need to be ready for them all.

Q: Can I just make my own Cosplay shoes?
This question really has to do with your personal capability. For many of us, the option of making our own Cosplay shoe is out of the question. Others, with the use of great imagination, may be able to make it work. Know you should give yourself plenty of time for research and crafting to ensure your Cosplay shoes are ready for the day of your event.
Some Cosplayers have been known to fashion their running shoes or high heels into workable costume pieces. If you can go this route you may save some serious money but you may also add some serious time. Buying a custom pair of Cosplay shoes may be pricey but in the end, you will end up with the perfect look for any Cosplay situation.


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