Best Cycling Overshoes Reviewed & Rated

Dedicated cyclists won’t let anything get in the way of a good ride. Even in cold, harsh weather, they mount their bikes and take off. Luckily, there are plenty of accessories that can help protect against wind, rain, snow and mud.

Overshoes are one item many cyclists swear by to keep their shoes dry and their feet warm. These coverings, often made of neoprene or another stretchy, aerodynamic fabric, slip over a cyclists shoes to prevent moisture from creeping in and chilling their feet. They come in many styles, some covering only the toes and others covering everything from the toes to the calf.

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Pearl Izumi Select Softshell
  • Pearl Izumi Select Softshell
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Endura MT500 II
  • Endura MT500 II
  • 4.6 out of 5
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Pear1 Fashion
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When shopping for the right overshoes, it’s important to find one that’s water-resistant and wind-resistant. These will keep feet warm and dry. It’s also important to find one that can work with your cleats. Some overshoes are designed with cutouts on the bottoms for cleats and heels so that cyclists can have them on while riding or walking, should they stop to admire the scenery or buy a cup of coffee.

It’s not always clear which overshoes will best suit your needs. There are so many varieties out there, each with unique features, different materials of construction and styles. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 overshoes available today. Read on to find your perfect pair.


10 Best Cycling Overshoes



1. Pearl Izumi Select Softshell

The Pearl Izumi Select Softshell Shoe Cover will protect your feet from the elements while you ride. The material molds to your feet and the Softshell material keeps your toes and the tops of your feet covered and dry. The foot bed is strong and sturdy, which means these overshoes will stay strong, even for frequent riders.
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Kevlar foot bed resists wear
An overshoe's foot bed can undergo a lot of pressure and wear while the rider is powering through a workout. The Kevlar knit fabric in these shoes keeps it in good shape.

Hook and loop closure provides a tight grip
The benefit of the hook and loop closure is twofold. First, it allows wearers to slip them on and off easily. Second, it ensures a snug fit during their workout.

Cost and Value
This shoe is very durable, able to withstand hits to the clips and walking on the ground without wearing down. Additionally, the snug, sleek construction offers an ideal aerodynamic shape.
  • Kevlar foot bed offers durability.
  • Softshell material is comfortable.
  • The shoe conforms to the foot to make a nice aero shape.
  • The hook and loop closure makes it easy to put on and take off.
  • Anatomic paneling in the cover further lends to aero shape.
  • Cloth tends to get in the way of the clip for wearers with smaller feet.
  • The fabric is thin and may not be enough on extremely cold days.

2. Endura MT500 II

The Endura MT500 Mountain Cycling Booty Overshoe II is designed for cold off-roading cycling adventures. The nylon and neoprene materials of construction add insulation to keep feet warm. It's build to keep feet dry, despite rain, snow or muddy conditions, with a welded center seam to further protect against moisture. Additionally, a grooved underside makes climbing steep hills or slopes easier.
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Moulder rubber toe cap for climbing hills
When climbing a steep, slick or muddy slope, you want to make sure you won't slip. The grooved rubber toe cap provides the traction needed to make it to the top.

Zipper and Velcro keep a tight fit
A full-length rear zipper makes sliding on these overshoes a cinch, and a Velcro closure across the top of the zipper ensures it stays closed and snug for the whole ride.

Cost and Value
These shoes are clearly designed for adventurous cyclists, with the insulation and protection to guard against inclement weather and low temperatures. They're also easy to use and are very durable.
  • Nylon-faced neoprene protects against rain and mud.
  • Grooved toe cap and underside makes climbing slopes easier.
  • Welded center seam further keeps moisture out.
  • Reflective taping helps others see the rider in the dark.
  • Full-length zipper on the back makes it simple to put on.
  • They’re tricky to get on - wearers have to roll them on.
  • They run smaller than past models of this overshoe.

3. RockBros Warmer Protector

The RockBros Cycling Bike Shoe Toe Cover Warmer Protector offers protection against the elements, plus they are durable and long-lasting. They're able to hold up to intense, frequent use over time because of the Kevlar material built into the overshoe. They're also lightweight, only weighting 45 grams, and foldable, making them ideal for riding as well as easy to carry when not in use.
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Kevlar keeps overshoe in good shape
This overshoe is designed for durability, with the areas most prone to wear reinforced with Kevlar fabric. This ensures the shoe will withstand many uses and can offer increased insulation.

Compact and lightweight
This shoe weighs only 45 grams. It's lightweight construction makes it easier to carry in a bag when not in use. They're also foldable, making them very compact.

Cost and Value
The RockBros Cycling Bike Shoe Toe Cover Warmer Protector is warm, lightweight and compact, plus is relatively inexpensive, making them a great deal. Cyclists also enjoy this toe cover's durability.
  • Kevlar material provides wear-resistance.
  • Adjustable straps makes it easy to put on and take off these shoes.
  • A reflective logo adds visibility for night or early morning riding.
  • Quality construction limits air movement to provide added warmth.
  • Wide enough space for shoe clips fits a variety of pedal types.
  • Doesn’t cover bottom shoe vents.
  • Larger shoes may feet tight in this overshoe.

4. Aero Tech Designs Neoprene

4. Aero Tech Designs Neoprene
The Aero Tech Designs Neoprene Shoe Cover comes in multiple size options to fit various men and women's shoe sizes. It's made with neoprene material to keep shoes dry while providing a fitted cover. A high cuff lets wearers tuck their tights into the overshoes to further protect against rain and mud. Taped seams also offers a moisture barrier and added insulation.
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Tall cuff for added comfort
The high cuffs reach past wearer's ankles to ensure a thorough, snug fit that doesn't allow moisture to enter the shoes. This also provides greater wind and rain resistance.

Velcro and zipper closure
The full-length zipper on the back makes it easy to slip these overshoes on and off, and a Velcro closure at the ankle ensures it stays closed throughout your ride.

Cost and Value
These neoprene overshoes provide insulation and protection from wind, rain and mud. They're built to keep both the feet and ankles covered, and have reinforced soles for walking on when the wearer steps off the bike.
  • Reinforced sole adds durability.
  • Reflective tape improves visibility when riding at night or dawn.
  • Tall cuff covers the ankle for added protection.
  • Large cutouts for cleats and shoe heel fits most brands.
  • The zipper makes it easy to put on and take off.
  • The upper part of the bootie may be loose in thinner legs.
  • The size of the hole cutout for cleats is too big for some shoes.

5. Endura E0015

5. Endura E0015
The Endura 2017 Road Cycling Waterproof Essential Overshoes is made with neoprene and Kevlar to ensure both resistance to water and wear. They're designed to keep moisture out, with a center seam and a carefully set zipper. The snap-down zipper and Velcro closure keeps these overshoes fitted snug while riding. The Kevlar material and stitching ensures high quality and durability.
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High-quality snap-down zipper
The snap-down pull on the rear zipper ensures a snug fit that won't come loose during the ride. The neoprene fabric that covers the bottom of the zipper improves water resistance.

Kevlar base and stitching
The base is constructed with Kevlar to ensure it lasts, even when the cyclist walks on the ground or misses the pedal clips. The Kevlar stitching further reinforces the base.

Cost and Value
These have high-quality stitching and construction that'll stand up to wear and tear. They're also water-tight with a welded center seam, which will keep the cyclist's feet warm and dry.
  • Carefully constructed zipper keeps overshoes water-tight.
  • Welded center seam offers a smooth construction and water resistance.
  • Reflective zip panels and logo offer improved visibility in low light.
  • Snap-down zipper pull and Velcro closure ensure snug fit.
  • Kevlar base and stitching offer durability.
  • Neoprene toes are prone to tears after some use.
  • Reflective material on the zipper may begin to wear away.

6. Pearl Izumi Ride Pro Barrier

6. Pearl Izumi Ride Pro Barrier
The Pearl Izumi - Ride Pro Barrier Lite Shoe Cover is made from Pearl Izumi's P.R.O. Barrier Lite fabric, a blend of nylon, polyurethane and elastane to provide a lightweight, water-resistant overshoe for experienced cyclists and casual riders alike. They were designed to be aerodynamic and were wind tunnel tested. They come in three colors and five sizes, so riders can find their perfect fit.
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P.R.O. Barrier Lite fabric
The P.R.O. Barrier Lite fabric, a blend of nylon, polyurethane and elastane, is designed for lightweight protection against wind and rain. It's designed to stretch over the shoe for an aerodynamic design.

BioViz Screaming Yellow color option
Multiple color options provide buyers choices to suit their preference. Each color is bright and offers increased visibility. The BioViz Screaming Yellow offers the most visibility, including bright yellow and red contrasts.

Cost and Value
These shoes are wind tunnel tested for aerodynamics. They'll protect cyclists' feet against wind and rain. The unique fabric blend stretches over shoes for a smooth fit.
  • P.R.O. Barrier Lite fabric provides aerodynamic fit.
  • Unique fabric blend is lightweight, water-resistant and blocks wind.
  • Rear zipper closure keeps an aerodynamic fit.
  • Bright color options offers greater visibility.
  • Strong zipper construction will stay intact with multiple uses.
  • These overshoes aren’t well insulated.
  • They’re not very waterproof.

7. Giro Ambient Toe Covers

7. Giro Ambient Toe Covers
The Giro Ambient Toe Covers offers localized protection for your toes while riding. They're made with neoprene to keep water and wind out of your shoes, and reflective details on the side of the toe covers increases rider visibility. The toe guard on these covers is highly durable, allowing them to stand up to frequent use.
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X-Static AGrid fleece lining
The neoprene is backed by X-Static AGrid fabric, an anti-microbial thermal fleece that's designed to keep your toes warm and dry throughout your ride. These further protect against wind and cold.

Reflective lettering on the side
The black color is accentuated by the reflective Giro logo spelled across the side of the toe cover, making them much more visible to others on the road.

Cost and Value
These toe covers are resistant to water and wind, plus are reinforced by X-Static AGrid fleece fabric that further adds protection and warmth. They're small and easy to bring with you.
  • Neoprene and nylon blend offers water and wind resistance.
  • Antimicrobial X-Static AGrid fleece lining adds warmth and insulation.
  • Reflective letter detailing increases visibility.
  • Durable toe guard stands up to heavy use.
  • They fit a wide range of shoe sizes.
  • One-piece construction makes them challenging to fit over some shoes.
  • They’re not waterproof.

8. Castelli Diluvio 16

8. Castelli Diluvio 16
The Castelli 2017 Diluvio 16 Cycling Shoecover is a water-resistant, warm neoprene cover that offers insulation with its thermosealed seams and a tall cuff that further protects against wind, rain, snow and sleet. The cutouts for the cleats and heels make them easier for a cyclist needs to walk, and the hook-and-loop closure makes it easy to put on and take off.
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Tall cuffs for greater insulation
The tall 16 millimeter cuff works to further protect riders against the elements. Wearers can tuck their tights into the cuffs for insulation and protection to keep the whole leg warm.

Thermosealed seams for enhanced comfort
All seams are thermosealed for greater comfort. This adds greater resistance to wind and water, plus provide insulation to keep the feet warm and dry for a more enjoyable ride.

Cost and Value
The neoprene fabric and thermosealed seams provide water resistance, protection from the wind and insulation. The tall 16 millimeter cuffs enhances protection from the elements. Cutouts make walking in these covers easier.
  • High 16 millimeter cuffs increase protection against wind and rain.
  • Thermosealed seams enhance insulation and comfort.
  • Neoprene fabric keeps shoes dry.
  • Hook-and-loop closure makes putting on and removing overshoes easier.
  • Cleat and heel cutouts are convenient.
  • The stitching doesn’t appear very high-quality.
  • Internal fabric can interfere with any Velcro you may have on your shoes.

9. Pear1 Fashion

9. Pear1 Fashion
These Fashion Waterproof Rain Shoes Covers provide lightweight, total protection from rain, snow, sleet, mud, dirt and more. They have a wide mouth and are simple to slip on over shoes. They're made from PVC material, which makes them durable, highly protective, long-lasting and slip-resistant. The thick, soft sole adds comfort but is also durable. They're ideal for cycling as well as other outdoor work.
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High elastic PVC material
The 100 percent PVC construction with a soft sole offers total protection against rain, snow and moisture, plus is durable and comfortable. This material also makes these covers slip-resistant.

Adjustable wide mouth
The wide mouth design is adjustable and simple to use. This allows for shoes of any size to easily fit into the covers, and the firm elastic protects against moisture penetration.

Cost and Value
These overshoes are made from durable PVC material that protects against water, wind and mud, plus are slip-resistant. They're very easy to put on, though aren't aerodynamic like other cycling overshoes.
  • High elastic PVC material provides waterproof coverage.
  • Soft sole adds comfort.
  • Material enhances traction, making them safer for walking on slippery surfaces.
  • Ideal for multiple uses, including camping, gardening, cleaning and other outdoor uses.
  • Lightweight and foldable so they’re easy to transport.
  • They’re not aerodynamic like many other cycling overshoes.
  • They may be too small for larger shoes sizes.

10. Castelli Diluvio Cycling

10. Castelli Diluvio Cycling
The Castelli 2016/17 Diluvio Cycling Shoecover is constructed with neoprene fabric 3 millimeters thick to offer protection from cold, wet weather conditions. All seams are thermosealed for added protection against rain as well as increased insulation. A Velcro closure protects against running rain to infiltrate shoes. Openings for the cleats and heel make it easy to walk while wearing these covers.
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Bulk-free coverage
The neoprene fabric stretches over the shoe for a snug fit with no bulk. This gives the overshoe an aerodynamic shape that molds to your shoes as well as protects against moisture.

Carefully placed Velcro closure
The Velco closure on the back of the overshoe keeps the cover in place during use as well as protects against rain or water entering the shoes, keeping riders' feet dry.

Cost and Value
All seams on these overshoes are thermosealed to protect against moisture penetration. This also offers greater insulation to keep the rider warm and dry. The neoprene pulls tight over shoes for an aerodynamic design.
  • 3 millimeter thick neoprene keeps feet warm and dry.
  • Thermosealed seams further prevents water penetration.
  • Reflective logo on the back heightens visibility on the road.
  • Velcro closure further prevents water infiltration.
  • Cutouts for cleats and heels makes it easy to walk in.
  • Fabric is not very breathable.
  • These overshoes tend to run small.

For an avid cyclist, nothing will keep you from the road or a race. Not even a little rain – though it will make the ride less enjoyable. That is, unless you have the right pair of cycling overshoes.

Overshoes fit over your cycling shoes, often giving space for the heel of your shoe and the cleats to come through. They protect against wind, rain, snow, sleet, mud and other wet, cold nuisances you may encounter during your ride. Overshoes come in many styles, some offering calf-high coverage, while others only promise to protect your toes.

Many are made from neoprene fabric, though various blends and combinations of fabrics can be found in these high-quality overshoes. Some incorporate Kevlar for a wear-resistant long-lasting overshoe, such as those made by Endura or RockBros, while others like the Pearl Izumi overshoes have a unique blend of nylon, polyurethane and elastane.

With so many options, it’s hard for a cyclist to know which are the best. Don’t worry; we’ve found 10 high-quality overshoes you can rely on to keep your shoes dry.

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Cycling Overshoes

Aerodynamic shape

Most cyclists have goals, and many of those goals relate to speed. Whether they want to reach a top speed they’ve never experienced on a bike before, or they want to cover more distance on their rides, cyclists aim to achieve fast speeds on their bikes. To do this, they aim to make themselves as aerodynamic as possible, outfitting themselves with slim-fitted shorts, leggings and jerseys that contribute little drag. The more loose-fitted clothing, the more drag they’ll experience on their ride and the more challenging it will be to get up to a fast speed.

Aerodynamics don’t just matter on riders’ arms and legs – they also aim to have aerodynamic shoes. The right overshoe will fit snugly over the cyclist’s bike shoes. This contributes to an overall sleek shape that helps when climbing hills or soaring back down them.


Dedicated cyclists doesn’t let opportunities to ride pass them by, even when the clouds are rolling in or rain soaks their favorite route. When the weather looks dismal, they suit up anyway and get ready for a good workout. The right pair of overshoes can make these rainy, snowy or muddy rides more comfortable by keeping feet dry.

Waterproofing is an important criteria to consider for cyclists. Some claim to prevent water infiltration, but when put to the test act more like sponges than safeguards. As such, it’s important to carefully consider the materials of construction to determine if the overshoes are ones to keep your feet dry or welcome in moisture.

Many overshoes are made from neoprene or neoprene blends, which is a type of synthetic rubber and has waterproof qualities. Other overshoes may be made from unique fabric blends designed to wick water.

Wind resistance

The typical cyclist might reach speeds upwards of 20 miles per hour on a bike. Some may go slower, allowing them to cover longer distances or as a warm up or cool down, while others go much faster; the world record for motor-paced cycling on a flat surface was set in 1990 by Fred Rompelberg when he achieved 167 miles per hour.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you’re aiming to beat your personal best or are taking your ride slow and steady for some long-distance gains – you’ll still need to contend with wind. Even at speeds of 8 miles per hour, you’ll still feel a breeze coming through your shoes if they’re not properly protected. On a cold day, even a small amount of wind on your feet will feel chilling.

A high-quality pair of overshoes provides a shield against the wind, helping you stay warm throughout your ride. Some shoes have been wind tunnel tested, proving their ability to prevent wind from chilling your toes.


Having an aerodynamic shape and preventing water and wind penetration are highly important qualities to look for in your cycling overshoes. However, they offer little benefit if the overshoe is inconvenient to use.

Usability can refer to a number of features. First is getting the overshoe on and off. Slip-on styles that require the use to roll them up slowly over their shoe can is more challenging to use than designs that include a zipper or hook and loop closure.

Another factor that contributes to usability is whether or not there are adequate spaces for the clips and heels of the cyclist’s bike shoes. If the clips are covered, either by a lack of an opening or too small of a cut-out, the overshoe is impractical to use. Additionally, these spaces make it easier for the wearer to walk with them on. While for the most part, the wearers will be on their bikes, there are times when riders will want to dismount, whether to take a look at the view from the mountain they just powered up or to order a cup of coffee or tea while taking a short break. Without the cut-outs, the overshoes are more difficult to walk in and will wear out much faster.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials should I look for?

A: In the body of construction, look for materials that offer water and wind resistance as well as an aerodynamic shape. Neoprene is one of the most popular materials of construction because it’s designed for each of these purposes. Other materials are blends, like P.R.O. Barrier Lite from Pearl Izumi, which contains nylon, polyurethane and elastane to wick moisture and protect against wind.

Other parts of the shoe might have different materials which also offer unique benefits. Some have Kevlar built into the base to keep the overshoe in good shape when the user is walking rather than riding.

Another is a moulded rubber base, which may offer traction when cycling up hills or through more treacherous sections of a trail.

Some overshoes are lined with special materials like fleece that offer further protection against the cold, wind and rain.

Q: What type of closure is best?

A: There are a number of different types of closures you may encounter while reviewing overshoes. Hook and loop, zippers, Velcro and others can all offer a sturdy, reliable closure. One of the most popular combinations is a rear zipper with a Velcro strap. This is nice because the zipper is located at the back so it doesn’t impact aerodynamics and makes the overshoe easier to slip over the rider’s shoe. The Velcro strap keeps the overshoe in place and reinforces the snug fit. It can also help prevent water penetration from above, such as if water runs down the rider’s leg and into the shoe. The Velcro, when fastened tightly, can guard against this.

Q: Should I choose a tall overshoe or a shorter one?

A: This depends on what you’re looking for. Taller overshoes may cover everything from toe to calf, offering greater protection and warmth. Riders might also tuck their leggings into the overshoe, which could improve insulation. Additionally, taller models might work to prevent water infiltration better.

Q: Are toe covers just as protective?

A: Toe covers can be highly effective for protecting the toe of the shoe from getting wet or from allowing wind to flow through the shoe. However, given their smaller construction and limited covering, the rest of the shoe will be exposed to the elements.

Q: How important are reflective elements in overshoes?

A: If you’re planning to ride at night or in the early mornings before sunrise, it’s important that you’re visible to others who might be out and about at that time. This is especially important if you’re riding on highways or roads, other motorists on that route need to be able to see you riding.

You can outfit your bike or clothing with reflective tape or blinking lights, but the more you have, the more visible you’ll be. As such, overshoes that are designed to include reflective logos, lettering, zippers or zip covers only adds to that visibility and becomes a safety feature.

That said, not all overshoes are equipped with reflective elements; if you choose one of these styles, it’s advisable that you include other elements on your bike, shoes or clothing that make you more visible to other cyclists, motorists or pedestrians.

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