Best Dog Boots & Shoes for Wintery Weather Reviewed

Depending on the individual, snow is welcomed or dreaded. For some, it may mean a lot of shoveling and dangerous driving. For others, it may mean a welcomed day off or fun in the snow with the family. Regardless of the weather, there is one thing that remains the same; the need for your dog to relieve themselves or go stretch their legs. Snow and the winter weather can affect your dog’s paws greatly. That is why most owners choose to buy a pair of dog booties to protect their pet from the road. When choosing dog boots, comfort, durability, and price point are all important factors to take into consideration.

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My Busy Dog Water Resistant
  • My Busy Dog Water Resistant
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Simple Design
  • Convenient
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QUMY Dog Boots
  • QUMY Dog Boots
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Easy Access
  • Rugged Insoles
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Doober Waterproof
  • Doober Waterproof
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  • Drawstring Ties
  • Protects Against Bacteria
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During the winter, it is especially important for pets to have their feet protected against the weather. Sidewalks and roads are often salted during icy or snowy conditions, the salt used is incredibly toxic and coarse. As a result, the salt is extremely harmful to a dog as the salt crystals could either cut the paws of their feet or the paws of their feet will absorb the toxins into their bodies. The snow itself can also be extremely harmful to the pads of their paws. The cold can numb their paws and cause long-term nerve damage or, with a numb paw, they may unknowingly step on something that could cut their paw and cause an infection.

A dog’s paw is one of the most versatile parts of their genetic makeup and needs to be kept healthy. Their paws are shock absorbers that lessen the amount of impact their bones take. Their paws also contain a layer of skin that helps them regulate their body temperature by exuding sweat to cool them down or keep the heat in. Simply put, humans walk outside in shoes, which is a form of protective gear for their feet. Dogs need the same kind of protection when it comes to walking outside in the elements. 


10 Best Dog Boots


1. My Busy Dog Water Resistant

This dog bootie is incredibly popular for its many features. This boot was designed with dogs in mind. Unlike many other dog boots on the market, these boots are sewn together so that they will last longer compared to other boots that are simply glued. Using high-quality fabrics, they give pet owners a peace of mind that the fabric will not chafe a dog's paws.
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These booties are designed with an adventurous dog in mind. They have an anti-slip system of ridges inside so that your pet will not slip from playing in a puddle or because of their sweaty paws. These ridges also give your dog some more stability on uneven surfaces and provide some traction when they are climbing.

Having dog boots save you a lot of time and effort in cleaning up after going outside. These water-resistant boots keep your pet's feet warm and dry on their walks regardless of the weather. Without dog boots, an owner has to spend time wiping their pets' paws and ensure that their paws are clear of debris.

Cost and Value
These booties are designed for work. They will work and support the paws of your pet in any situation or circumstance they are put in. Whether it is a walk in the snow or even a hike up a mountain, these boots are going to give you the best bang for your buck. They are reliable and can withstand everyday use.



Perfect fit velcros

Weather resistant

Maximum grip insoles

Quality fabric construction


Velcro skin irritation

2. QUMY Dog Boots

QUMY boots have been popular with dog owners as their best designs are for larger dogs. Because of a misconception that little dogs are usually the ones that need boots, larger dogs tend to not have much selection. QUMY boots are reliable and fit larger dogs really well. They are designed with comfort in mind and are secure enough that you do not have to worry about them falling off on a walk.
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Easy Access
These boots are well loved for how easy they are to take off and put on. The opening is stretchable, allowing for easy wearing even for the most difficult of dogs. The seams at the opening are split and can stretch to prevent the boot from ripping when it is put on. There is also velcro straps that allow for adjustments to keep the boots on tight and prevent them from falling off.

Rugged Insoles
Despite wanting to keep the weather out of the boot, the design of the inside is just as important. These boots have rugged lines on the insoles so that it allows your pet to get as much grip and traction as they possibly can when they are climbing. While walking on flat ground, these rugged lines are also great as it prevents your pet from slipping when they get the boots wet or when they start to get sweaty paws.

Cost and Value
These QUMY boots are worth every penny spent on them. They have many features that make them extremely reliable in any weather. They are also weather resistant, which ensures that the rain or snow is kept outside of the boot. These boots are very durable and will be able to withstand the elements and being used every day.

Sewn-in soles

Anti-slip insoles

Large dog sizing

Conforms to paw

Easy adjustability


Loose on small dogs

3. Ruffwear Grip Trex

Ruffwear is a very well known brand for pet clothing. They are known for providing adventurous pets with clothing that heavily emphasizes performance. Ruffwear products are such high quality that they provide a performance guarantee. For animals that are often out exploring, it is important to invest in a dog boot that will provide them the support they need when they are walking on uneven ground.
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These dog boots have an added bonus that they are breathable. The top of the boot is made with mesh, allowing for air to circulate and flow around the paws of your pet; all while keeping all the dirt and debris out. The mesh also dries quicker than any other material, keeping the stale smell to a minimum.

All Terrain
These dog boots were created to be all-purpose. As an adventure can take a dog anywhere; it is necessary to have a boot that will be able to withstand anything. Rugged patterns are built onto the outside of the boot, allowing pets to get the most traction without slipping.

Cost and Value
These boots provide a lot of value for a decent price. There are many features and benefits to this boot that other dog boots are unable to provide. Ruffwear is also a reliable brand who have been creating gear for pets for years. Between the brand name and guarantee, these boots are definitely going to work for your pet for years to come!

Easy to clean

Breathable mesh

Flexible, stable outsole

Secure hook-loop system

Durable, resilient material

Extreme environment protection


Possible chafing


Tender paws are protected from all kinds of surface conditions such as hot roads or salted walkways during the winter and will help to prevent any dirt tracking in the house. Velcro straps keep the boots on and they are styled with reflective lines for visibility. The shaping is ergonomic to enhance comfort and support plus the expandable closing system provide an easy on/off ability. Simple to clean, just hand wash and air dry.
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Lugged and Grooved
The outsoles of the boots have a lug and groove design. The lugs provide slip resistance and grip and the grooves give a tighter traction for all surfaces. Your dog will have better protection and control.

The waterproof ability make these dog boots made for all kinds of conditions. Hot or cold, wet or dry, and indoor or outdoor your dog can have a blast everywhere. The waterproof construction is durable and flexible with a sturdy, skid resistance.

Cost and Value
Very affordable and with three colors and four sizes to choose from. These paw boots are a great choice for active dogs who love to walk everywhere and do activities such as hiking.

Great for active dogs

Uneven, rocky terrain

Protection against cuts

Long-lasting and comfortable


Sizing runs large

Straps are frayed

5. Union Rich Outdoor Running

5. Union Rich Outdoor Running
Cool and fashionable, your dog will love to strut in these boots. Anti-skid, waterproof, and wear resistant material will provide protection and security for the paws. Very convenient, dirt and grime will be kept to a minimum and cleaning is easy, just hand wash and air dry. Velcro straps are held by nylon buckles for extra stability and adjustable comfort. Best for medium to large size dogs.
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Nylon Buckles
The buckles will provide a firm hold for the velcro straps. They’ll also help with adjustability and stabilization within the ankle area of the paw. Also, they’ll keep the straps from breaking easily.

Paw Security
The paws are a very tender area and in today’s crazy weather, all precautions must be taken to protect those precious paws. There are three features anti-skid, waterproof, and wear resistant to help secure and protect from elements such as slippage, water, leakage, and terrain roughness.

Cost and Value
Low priced in one color but five sizes. If you have a larger sized dog like a Labrador, for example, these will provide a much better fit and support compared to other boots.

Easy to clean

Adjustable straps

Stable and supportive

Secured and protective

Reduces grime and dirt


Not for small dogs

6. RoyalCare Soft Protector

6. RoyalCare Soft Protector
Protection from different surfaces your dog can walk and run on asphalt, grass, sidewalks, and even snow. The molded rubber outsoles are waterproof, sturdy, skid-resistant, and flexible and the top opening has a wide split seam for easy on/off and fit. Constructed with leather, the boots are lightweight, breathable, protective, and soft velcro straps are adjustable for a custom fit, support, and tightness.
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The slip protection is provided not only for outdoor usage for wet or snowy conditions. It also helps to protect against slippery conditions within the home. If you have hardwood floors and a dog that has trouble with it, these boots can reduce slippage to give your dog better ability.

Breathable Grid
The grid will cling and conform to your dog’s paw shape. This will provide the ankle with better protection and stability. The grid is fashionable but soft and durable and very easy to clean.

Cost and Value
Low priced but high quality with one color and five sizes available. The RoyalCare lives up to its name providing paw protection. Has a very strong focus on outside activities and conditions so if your dog loves the outdoors, these paw boots can give you the best value.

Adjustable straps

Walking and running

Hot pavement protection

Great for hardwood floors


Sizing runs small

7. Kromi Dog Boots

7. Kromi Dog Boots
The design of these boots are not only cute, they are also very well thought out. The outside has a fabric layer that keeps the boot breathable but also comes in a bright red color. The sole of this dog boot is extra thick, allowing for it to be more durable against the cold and sharp objects. Many dog owners are looking for boots that can protect their pet’s paws from the element. These Kromi shoes will do the trick.
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High Visibility
These were designed with visibility in mind, The shoe itself is a bright red, but also has yellow wording and pictures. The main visibility feature is that the velcro straps are reflecting, allowing for a much safer night walk. Not only will your pet have a properly adjusted boot, the boot will also provide an extra layer of safety when out walking.

This boot is created to resist. It has a layer that is highly resistant to rain and water. But the sole of the boot is also extremely resistant to heat, cold, and sharp objects. Having a stronger sole will prevent the rubber from melting or distorting on hot days. It will also prevent the boot from hardening when it is up against the cold.

Cost and Value
The price is slightly lower in comparison to other dog boots. This is most likely due to the brand being lesser known than other brands. However, a lesser known brand does not mean that they have compromised on any of the features. In addition to the regular expectations of a dog shoe, this shoe also ensures that the paws of your pet are protected against any salt or pesticides that are sprayed on the sidewalk and grass.





Easy on/off

Sweat resistant

High visibility velcro


Possible paw dryness

8. Xanday Breathable Mesh

8. Xanday Breathable Mesh
Made for all types of weather, the vamp is breathable with a sandwich netting construction helping to keep paws dry and cool. The outsole is wear resistant and protects from all kinds of scratches, cuts, and punctures. Constructed for all types weather, the material is high quality while lightweight and soft. Easy on and off plus fashionable to give your dog an eye-catching look. Reflective and adjustable straps and the boots are simple to clean with hand washing.
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The sandwich netting is a material that provides breathability. The netting is found in the vamp to help keep the paws cool and comfy. Since dogs sweat through their paws, the netting will also help to reduce moisture.

The velcro straps have reflective strips on them for night visibility and the construction is light and soft to the touch to help reduce any pressure or discomfort on the paws. The straps are also adjustable for custom fit and to reduce slippage.

Cost and Value
Higher priced but provides features that are similar to the other boots on the list. They come in three colors and eight sizes. So, if you are looking for such options, these paw protectors could be the best choice.

Slips on easy

Anti-slip traction

Stays on the paw

Flat, molded outsole


Twist around paw

9. Doober Waterproof

9. Doober Waterproof
These boots come in a fantastic blue color and are a mix of fabric and rubber. The fabric is a high-quality fabric that is designed to dry and be water resistant. The bottom the boot is a durable rubber sole that will save your pet from colliding with objects when they cannot stop in time. These Doober boots are exactly what people imagine dog boots to be. Cute but also does the trick!
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Drawstring Ties
Unlike most boots, the Doober dog shoes feature a drawstring system to keep the boots in place. Having a drawstring system is fantastic as it allows you to adjust the boot to the exact tightness you need in order to keep the boots secure on your pet’s feet. Simple adjust it to the designed tightness and tie a knot. This will prevent your dog from flinging the boot off!

Protection Against Bacteria
These boots have a thick rubber lining that will help your pet keep dirt and debris away from their paws. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, there are many things that can hurt the pads at the bottom of your pet’s paw. Aside from sharp objects, a major concern is bacteria or viruses that can make their way into your pet’s bloodstream or digestive system. These boots have a thick rubber sole that prevents attraction of bacteria and can also protect against sharp objections

Cost and Value
Compared to other boots, these are on the more affordable side. They are recommended for indoors due to their stylish appearance. However, they are made of materials that can withstand being outdoors as well. These dog boots are reliable and can be used on a day to day basis. These boots provide a lot of value at a very low cost.

Adjustable fit


Velcro or drawstring

Waterproof materials


Sizing runs small

10. Ultra Paws Cozy Traction

10. Ultra Paws Cozy Traction
Constructed to give greater traction for the indoors and surfaces that are slippery and only light outdoor activity is allowed, The material is a fleece that is breathable and soft plus it has a water repellency coat. There is a foam comfort pad in the back side of the boot and a torque strap closure. The outsole is a dipped natural rubber to provide flexibility.
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Torque Strap Closure
The closure is a hook and loop design. This provides great adjustability and gives your dog extra stability. There will be less shifting and twisting of the dog boot.

Foam Comfort Pad
Just like an uncomfortable heel can cause discomfort in a human’s foot, an uncomfortable backside in the dog boot can do the same. The comfort pad provides support and a soft grip to help hold everything in place during movement.

Cost and Value
Mid-price and comes in eight sizes. What makes the Ultra Paws unique is that they are constructed for use indoors. Not made for outdoor activities in mind. This is a great option for cold, winter days and you want to keep paws warm and comfy.

True to fit paw

Strong paw grip

Supportive for injuries

Turnover and twist free


Plastic hook breaks off

Many people want what is best for their pet. Often times it is the lack of experience or knowledge that cause incorrect or uneducated decisions. Our pets rely on us and it is up to us to ensure we take preventative measures to protect them and keep them safe. Despite the unassuming look of a dog boot, there is a lot of technology and thought that goes into each and every design. Whether your dog is an explorer, or whether they simply go out for walks; every dog benefits from a pair of shoes. Apart from using their feet to walk, a dog has multiple uses for the bottom of their feet. It is a part of their body which takes care of a lot of things. From body heat to balancing, a lot of health issues can be diagnosed by looking at the pads of their feet. Being outside, there are lots of things that could become dangerous for the bottom of a dog’s feet. Things such as sharp objects, road salt, and other chemicals can cause adverse reactions in your dog and they can become sick. Dog boots may look a little silly, but they go a long way in protecting a beloved family member.


Criteria For Evaluating the Best Dog Boots

Boots for your dog during the winter is a must. Apart from protecting your dog’s paws from the cold, it has many other benefits. Some of these benefits include preventing injury, giving them more traction in the slippery conditions, and keeping them dry. A direct benefit for you is that you do not have to clean up after your dog when you’re done playing outside. Simply slip off the boots and off your pup goes!


A good, durable boot for your dog is important. These are the shoes they will be running and jumping in. It is important that what is selected will not fall apart. Similar to humans, we need shoes that are dependable and will get the job done. The idea of purchasing a pair of boots for your dog is to protect their feet.

Durability can mean many things, such as how long can they be used before another pair needs to be purchased. A good quality pair should last you at least two years. They should be able to withstand day to day use and not crumble. Daily use is also that is something that is subjected to the lifestyle of the pet and owner. Daily use can be something as simple as a walk to the park, or around the city. It could also mean hiking, swimming, and other activities each day. Depending on how you use them, they will either last a little longer or have a slightly shorter lifespan. Regardless of how you use them, it is important to choose a quality dog boot as this is something the owners rely on to protect their pet.

Another thing that would be considered in the durability factor is how thick the rubber sole is. It’s a common assumption that the thicker the sole, the better. In fact, it is not. A thin rubber sole may be stronger and more durable than a thick rubber sole. This is because the thin rubber sole will provide the flexibility that a thick rubber one may not. Flexibility is important because the rubber needs to withstand the pressure of a dog’s weight and it also needs to be able to bend and adjust to the gait of a dog. A thick piece of rubber may be too rigid and unable to adapt to the way your dog uses them. If the rubber is unable to bend and flex, there is a chance the rubber may crack or come apart where the fabric and rubber meet.

  • The dog boot should be long-lasting and constructed to withstand all kinds of activities, conditions and help get the job done. They must not fall apart easily and must protect the paws.
  • Durability includes not only how long the boots last but their usage as well. Most should last at least two years but you need to think about the activities that will be conducted while wearing them. Will it be simple, casual walking or highly active movements such as hiking or jogging?
  • Pay attention to the outsole and its thickness. A thinner outsole can provide better durability plus flexibility. It’s imperative that paws have flexibility as it gives great grip and can withstand any weight pressure and blend in with the gait.


Many dog owners struggle with finding a boot that will be comfortable for their dog. It would make it a lot easier if our dogs could tell us exactly what was uncomfortable, but unfortunately, until a translating device is invented, owners are stuck guessing whether the boot is right.

The ideal boot is something that can be worn in the garden, around the city, and on adventures. However, not many boots will fit all the expected criteria. As a result, the general rule is that the dog boot needs to be flexible enough that it is not causing discomfort while your dog is using it, and it is also durable and strong enough to support your dog on uneven terrain.

As a dog owner, we have to pay attention to how the dog is wearing the dog boot. If it is too loose, the dog may not like it as it may feel like they no longer have control over their paws. If it is too tight, it may cut off circulation or chafe and rub their feet raw. Overall, it is important to see if the rubber sole will bend and is softer inside the boot compared to the outside. If the rubber is the same hardness inside and out, there may be a chance for your dog to develop blisters or have their skin rubbed off. Alternatively, if the rubber is the same softness outside and in, there is a chance the rubber outside will wear quickly and require you to purchase a new shoe. Ideally, we are looking for a slightly softer inner sole and a thicker, more tough rubber on the outside. This will allow the dog to have a lower degree of impact on their bones and also protect their paw pads at the same time.

  • Boots for dogs should provide comfort for all kinds of settings and terrains; flexible but strong.
  • Fit plays a significant role in comfort. Too loose can make the dog feel as if they have no paw control but too tight can cause chaffing, rubbing, and circulation cut-off. Also, the rubber outsole needs to be balanced. Too stiff will cause blisters and too soft will wear quickly. Insole should be soft and the outsole should be a bit tougher to reduce impact and increase support.


When people think traction, they tend to think only of the traction required to get a grip on something. However, inner traction and outer traction both need to be considered for dog boots. Apart from protecting your dog’s paws, one would hope that they are able to walk in the dog boots without slipping. So it is important to ensure that the dog boot you are choosing does not have a smooth bottom. Most dog shoes have ridges, bumps, or lines on the bottom of the dog boot. This allows for the dogs to get a better grip on the surfaces that may be icy, rocky, or wet. Some of the more popular brands of dog boots have chosen to come out with a pair of dog boots that have raised crosshairs on the bottom. These bottoms give the ultimate grip as there are marks going in all directions, preventing your dog from sliding along with the pattern on the bottom of their boot. When the weather is harsh outside, it is very important that your dog can rely on their boots to protect them and allow them to maneuver the roads.

Dogs also require the inside of the boot to give them traction and grip. Because their paws are where they sweat to cool themselves down, there is a chance of condensation building up inside the shoe. When this happens, the inside of the dog boot becomes slippery and makes it incredibly hard for the dog to get a proper grip. Many of the more reliable brands have markings inside the dog boot, allowing for the dog to get a grip properly. If the dog is unable to grip the inside of their dog boot, it is irrelevant whether they can utilize the outside for traction or not. Ideally, the boot should have either a ventilation system that keeps the dog’s paws cool and dry or have a system of ridges and bumps inside, allowing for a dog to get a good grip. The ability to grip and gain traction from the inside of the shoe is important especially on uneven surfaces or while your dog is climbing as they may slip and hurt themselves if they fail to grip the soles on the inside.

  • There needs to be inner and outer traction and traction is more than just grip. Traction can provide paw protection and anti-slippage and anti-skidding.
  • The traction should be a combination of bumps, grooves, lines, and ridges. More advanced traction on dog boots will have mini-cross hairs to give multi-directional grip on surfaces such as icy, rain, snow or wet.
  • Since paws are where dogs sweat, the inside of the boots should have traction too. The insole traction should at least have inside markings plus there should be a ventilation system to help reduce any sweat build-up and in return, reduce even more slippage. Ridges and bumps inside will help the paws to grip better.



It is important for the dog boot to give your dog stability in everything they do. An unstable boot could cause your dog to lose their footing and slip. Another common injury from an unstable boot is a sprained ankle. Stability is one of those things that you cannot really tell from the way a dog wears it until they actually use it. This is because stability is something that is hard to describe. When a person purchases a boot, they can feel how sturdy the inside of the boot is. Unfortunately, a dog cannot communicate whether the boot feels study or not. The only way we can tell a dog boot may be more sturdy is the materials used to create the boot itself. If the boot is mainly made with elastic, there is a chance that the elastic will wear out with use and time.

For stability, it is best to purchase dog boots that have an adjustable velcro strap. The velcro strap will ensure that even if the boot stretches, it can be adjusted again to create a snug fit on your dog’s paws. The idea is to have the boot fit properly on the dog’s paw so that it doesn’t slip or trip them. The velcro strap will also support the dog shoe and keep the dog shoe in place. It will also keep the boot tighter and straighter, ensuring that the dog is not making unnecessary adjustments to the way they walk, which would potentially cause discomfort or an injury.

  • Your dog is active and therefore, stability is a top priority. Destabilization in a dog boot can cause injuries such as a sprained ankle.
  • The materials used in construction can help to determine if there is stability or not. For example, elastic material will usually result in less stability but since dog boots can’t be too tough or tight, the material is usually softer.
  • Velcro straps will determine stability the best. Most velcro straps are adjustable and that helps to create a custom fit helping to keep the dog boot straight in place. Also, a lot of the velcro straps have a hook system that can give an even tighter and stabilizing fit.


The right size dog boot is crucial for your dog. It is incredibly uncomfortable for them to be walking in the incorrectly sized boot. Similar to people, if we were wearing too large shoes, we would trip. If they were too small, the shoes would be too tight on our feet.

Choosing the right size can be stressful and frustrating. Depending on how the company measures the shoe size, the dog boots they manufacture may be a little big or a little small. As the industry grows, companies have tried to come up with a universal way to measure a dog’s feet. Most companies now use one of two ways.

  • The first way is to measure a shoe size based on the weight of the dog. This way is not very reliable as it is a generalized average that the company is using to make their dog boots. They are assuming that at certain weights or ages, there is an average size that the paw will be. This means if your dog is smaller compared to the other dogs of their breed, your dog boots may end up being too big. Another issue that arises from measuring dog boots this way is that every animal is different. Your pet could be larger or smaller than the average, the feet could be bigger or smaller than the average, and even the shape of the pads may differ, thus making it difficult to purchase the right size.
  • Another way that companies are using to measure their dog boots is from the bottom of the paw’s pad to the tip of the longest toenail. This way is more accurate as they are measured and not taking an average. However, there are also problems that may occur when a dog’s paw is measured this way. Depending on how long their toenail is, the boot may not fit properly. Also, depending on how fidgety your dog is, the measurement you make may not be as accurate as you want it to be.

Despite how the different ways of measuring sound inaccurate, there are a few things that can help you choose the right size dog boot. The first thing is that when the dog boot is put on, it should be snug around the ankle. The ankle area should slide into the shoe comfortably with a little bit of space to move. This is so that when your dog walks, the ankle has enough room to adjust and compensate for your dog’s gait while maintaining support for your dog.

The second thing that is important to consider is how much space is around the toe area. Because dog’s paws have toes that are close together, it is important to leave some space for the toes to spread out. If the dog boot fits perfectly around the dog’s paw, you may consider getting something slightly larger. This is because the dog’s paws need a little more space when they are walking and putting pressure on their feet. A way to make sure it is the right size is to put the dog boot on your dog’s feet and lightly press around the area of the toes. If there is some room for the toes to wiggle and move from side to side, it should be a good fit.

A final thing to keep in mind that the dog boot needs to give the dog support while walking but be flexible enough that they can move comfortably in them. Most dogs are uncomfortable and don’t really enjoy shoes. As a result, you will notice an awkward gait on the first few walks. If it is the right sized dog boot, your dog will be able to adapt to the shoe and wear it comfortably. Before you know it, your dog will walk in the shoes as if they have been wearing it all their life!


Weather Proof

It is very important for a dog boot to be able to ventilate quickly or have a design that can withstand the elements. A wet dog boot is never something anyone wants to deal with. Not only are they soggy and feel terrible, they also smell really bad. A quick way to deal with it is to throw the dog boot into the wash and hope the smell leaves. However, a dog going on an adventure with a wet inner sole is a dangerous idea. Because of the damp, dark, and warm environment, the dog’s paws can cultivate a lot of harmful bacteria that may hurt your dog. As mentioned, a dog’s paws connect to the body in many of the ways. If any of these bacterias are absorbed through the skin, there is potential that your dog can become ill. There is also another chance that the bacteria can be ingested by your dog, which may amount to a very expensive vet bill.

Some boots are made of high-quality mesh that can ventilate the boot and dry quickly. This is an ideal type of dog boot as even if it gets wet, it will dry quickly. It also allows airflow to go through the shoe and dry your dog’s paws, thus eliminating the chance of a bacterial growth.

Other boots are made of a waterproof material which guarantees that your dog’s feet stay warm and dry. These types of dog boots are great as they keep the elements out and ensure that your dog’s paws are not damaged by the cold or ice. The downfall of these dog boots is that you have to be careful that you are selecting a reliable and trustable brand of dog boots. Some of the dog boots that are mass manufactured have a flaw where water can seep in between the waterproof fabrics and the rubber sole of your dog boot. This will not only result in creating a good environment for bacteria, too much water inside the dog boot may also mean your pet has a greater chance of slipping.

  • Such material needs to be able to reduce or block out any elements that will cause any condensation or wetness.
  • Elements from the weather that seep into the dog boots can cause odors and bacteria and the bacteria can cause inflammation or worse in your dog’s paws. In addition, the material for weatherproofing should also be ventilated. A ventilated system will keep air flow throughout the paws helping to reduce element build-up.


Ideally, a dog boot should be as lightweight as possible. Dogs tend to do a lot of running and jumping. If the boot is heavy, it will tire them out easily. When a dog is tired, mistakes such as tripping on their feet, slipping, or sliding may occur. Heavy boots will drain the energy out of a dog very quickly. The heaviness will also make it incredibly uncomfortable for the dog to wear. A sign that the dog boots are too heavy is when the dog wears it a few times and stops wearing them. This is because the boots are heavy and uncomfortable enough they recognize that the boot is putting a strain on their muscles when they use them. Another way to identify if the dog boot is too heavy is that they may not be willing to walk when they wear them, or when you see your dog lifting their feet higher than normal. Because the dog boots feel heavy to them, they will overcompensate by lifting their feet up higher thinking that will adjust the heavy load they are carrying.

Dogs are sensitive to what they wear. People usually don’t want to wear a large, clunky, and heavy boot. Dogs are the same and prefer something light. As a result, the lighter the boot, the better. This will allow your dog to last longer on strenuous adventures and allow for a shorter adjustment period when they initially put them on.

  • The boots for your dogs should be very lightweight as your dog is going to be active in them.
  • If the boot is too heavy, it will drain energy and make it hard for the dog to properly move in the boots. Heavy dog boots also make it uncomfortable for the paws and the dog will overcompensate in their walk tiring them out quicker than usual. One way to tell that the boot is too heavy is that your dog will wear them for a short time and no more after that.




Dog boots are made of various different materials. Some are more popular than others. You may have to try a few pairs made of different materials before you find one that suits your pet.

One of the oldest but most popular materials used is plastic. The reason for its popularity is that compared to other materials, plastic keeps the dog’s feet most dry. Unfortunately because plastic is not as flexible of a material, sizing problems may arise. Because plastic is more rigid, it makes securing the dog boot onto your pet quite difficult. Some of the best-designed velcro or drawstring systems still have difficulty keeping the dog boot on your dog. As a result, dog boots tend to get lost easily, thus requiring you to purchase replacements often. Due to the lack of bending properties in plastic, when you are securing the dog boot onto your pet, it tends to feel tight because the plastic takes up a lot of room. In reality, the dog boot may be much looser than you expect.   

Another type of fabric used to make a dog boot is leather. Genuine leather lasts a long time and is extremely durable. Over the years, people have created synthetic leather, which unfortunately does not last as long. If you are able to find a pair of dog boots that are made of real leather, they will last a very long time. The leather is strong enough to support your dog’s legs, all while protecting the bottom of their feet. Leather is a great material as it is also very flexible and a very tough type of material to rip. Our early ancestors also relied a lot on leather. Hunting dogs also relied on leather dog shoes as the leather on the bottom is double layered, which makes the bottom of the sole virtually impenetrable. When a dog is on a hunt, it is crucial that the dog boot does not fall apart as they are going at speeds which normally do not. Because of how fast they are going, something small that may normally not hurt them can have the potential to do large damage to their pads. As a result, leather was one of the “go to” choices back in the nineteenth century.

Alternatively, if you purchase a pair of synthetic leather dog boots, they will not last very long. This is because they are not able to withstand as many cuts and uses on uneven surfaces. They will work well on flat ground, however, if your dog is an explorer, then these boots will not be something they can rely on. Synthetic leather damages quite easily compared to genuine leather.

Another fabric that can be considered for a dog boot is nylon. Although nylon has a bad reputation, it is in quite a lot of our own clothes and items as well. There is a common misconception that nylon will melt when you put it into the drier. However, the newer model of dog boots have an upgraded nylon fabric that will not melt. Nylon is a great fabric as it keeps the wind out and keeps your dog’s paws warm. Unfortunately, it is not a great insulating material. As a result, many people purchase a pair of dog boots made of polar fleece. The polar fleece dog boots often serve as liners that are put on first before the nylon dog boots are put over them. Polar fleece and nylon are a great combination as polar fleece is extremely insulating and keeps your dog’s feet warm for hours. However, it has no waterproofing properties whatsoever. As a result, polar fleece and Nylon are always recommended as a pair together. The nylon will keep the wind and water out while the polar fleece will keep the heat in. These boots are great because they usually come with a velcro strap that ensures they fit properly on your dog’s paws. The velcro allows you to adjust it to exactly to the circumference of your dog’s feet, thus eliminating the chance of a lost boot.

  • There are different materials to use in dog boots and all come with their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Plastic is a popular choice as it keeps paws the driest but the material is the most rigid, lacking in flexibility. Genuine leather is another popular material because it’s tough, reliable, and supportive but can be harder to breathe. Nylon is also used in dog boots and the type of nylon used is an anti-melt nylon and will keep water and wind out but has poor insulation.
  • Polar fleece is a special mostly used for indoor booties and sometimes nylon and fleece is combined.
  • Synthetic leather should be avoided as it wears and tears very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How Can I Find The Size Of Dog Boots Do I Need?
A: The size may vary depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers base their sizing on weight. Depending on where on the weight chart your dog is, they will recommend a size that is an average size which should fit most dogs in that weight category. Other companies will do the sizing based on the length of the paw. These companies measure the length of the dog paw from the base of the bottom pad all the way to the top of the longest toenail. This way of sizing allows for a more accurate shoe size

Q: How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Comfortable In The Dog Boot?
A: Despite not being able to speak, most dogs are able to convey to their owners if the new boot is uncomfortable. Granted, they will take some time to get used to the dog boot, but if they are a comfortable pair of dog shoes, your dog will thank you. It is a general rule of thumb, that when purchasing a dog boot, the boot should fit snugly. There should be a little bit of wiggle room around the toes so that when you press down lightly on the shoe, you can feel the toes move from side to side. The shoes should also not be so tight that they chafe against the pads of the dog’s paws.  

Q: Are Dog Boots Necessary?
A: Of course they are! They protect your dog’s paws in various ways. Dog boots are beneficial to an adventurous dog as it offers more traction and stability when your pet is climbing or walking on uneven surfaces. For dogs that prefer a quiet walk in the garden or around the block, shoes are important as well as it protects them from sharp objects. Because we cannot control what is on the ground, boots are an important way we can protect them from cuts and infections. As an added bonus, it also shortens the cleanup time after a walk as the dog boots can be slid off and washed.

Q: How Can I Prevent My Dog From Flinging A Shoe Off?
A: Usually the reason a dog can kick a dog boot off, is because the boot is not on their foot securely. Many times, this is because we are not tying them tight enough. Most times, the dog boot is looser than they appear. This is because the dog’s feet have a lot of fur. The fur translates to a lot of extra wiggle room and when they feel the wiggle room, they naturally want to kick it off. To prevent this, a great purchase would be an additional velcro strap to make the dog boot tighter. As velcro is flexible and can be tightened to exactly where you want it, thus making for a tighter shoe.

Q: Will Dog Boots Make It Harder For My Dog To Walk?
A: Absolutely not! In fact, they will help your dog walk longer distances without tiring as easily. Dog boots give your dog a much more comfortable walk in many ways. Firstly, the dog boot keeps the temperature a constant inside the boot, thus allowing your dog to spend less energy regulating their body temperature. Secondly, dog boots allow for more grip and traction, which means less energy used to climb and jump. Finally, most dog boots have a softer rubber inner sole. The softer sole will minimize the impact done on your dog’s muscles and bones. This will allow them to tire out less and maintain their energy levels for a longer adventure.


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