10 Best Dress Shoes for Men & Women Reviewed

It’s been said; the first things people notice about you are the shoes you are wearing, which emphasizes the importance of shoes in our overall appearance. There are different kinds of shoes for different occasions, as a matter of fact, the type of shoes you put on depends heavily on the event you are attending.

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There are shoes for formal events, casual events, sports activities, and even for indoor purposes. You might be forgiven for what you choose to wear inside your home, and the shoes worn to casual events may be ignored, but the shoes you use with corporate wears and formal events must be of very high standard.

Last Updated: May 20, 2017
by Daniel Gonzalez :

The latest update to this page contains the best-rated dress shoes of 2017. Some of these shoes include brands such as Bostonian, Dockers, and Clarks that are confirmed perfect for formal events. Also included is the criteria we used to evaluate the best dress shoes, and some frequently asked questions about them.

Featured Recommendations

Ecco Helsinki Cap-Toe Oxford
  • Ecco Helsinki Cap-Toe Oxford
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Breathable Moisture-Absorbent Lining
  • Price: See Here
Bostonian Bolton Slip On
  • Bostonian Bolton Slip On
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Double-Needle Stitching
  • Price: See Here
Adams Mary Jane High Heel
  • Adams Mary Jane High Heel
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Vegan Fabric
  • Price: See Here

Most people wish to get quality footwear that also looks great, but selection can be a major problem since not everyone knows the factors needing to be considered. The main aim of this write-up is to enlighten every stylish man and woman out there on how to select the best dress shoes. Tips for comfort, durability, affordability advantages and disadvantages will be highlighted below so that we can all get a great picture of the ideal dress shoes for those big occasions you prioritize.


10 Best Dress Shoes


1. Ecco Helsinki Cap-Toe Oxford

This shoe features a sock lining which absorbs moisture and makes feet not only dry but also odor free all day long. Its comfort fiber system and insole covered with leather offers cushioned support.
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The leather of this classic cap-toe style pair of shoes is of very rich material. The shoe is also watertight sealed at the upper part because a rubber-made outsole was melted onto this part.

These shoes are made with quality imported leather materials and outsole to offer users a long lasting comfort and durability, with its removable leather covered insole and direct injected one-component polyurethane outsole with shock point for traction.

Cost or Value
The price of the shoe is a little bit on the high side, but it is relatively affordable when you consider its durability, the shoe is a guarantee for money well spent.
  • The leather linings offer breathability, thereby effectively preventing shoe odors.
  • The shoes are of high-quality materials, and they look magnificent and offer an excellent level of comfort and style at the same time.
  • The support provided by the shoes is another factor focused on by buyers.
  • According to many users, the shoes are very durable.

Some users complained that the shoe lacks height in the toe area and suggest there should be a sub sole construction that provides extra cushion comfort.

2. Bostonian Bolton Slip On

The shoe comes with a conventional but sleek design. It has a sneaker-like design and polished leather that makes it proper for casual outings, while it is still being sharp enough for formal/office use.
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Comfort/Stability: This multipurpose slip-on shoe with an upper region of full-grain leather and subtle stitching will give you a perfect signature fashion look. Its padded collar and elastic goring will guarantee you total comfort on a daily basis.
Quality/Durability: The shoe is made with imported genuine leather, a synthetic sole and leather loafer feature with double needle stitching and square toe.
Cost or Value: The price of the shoe is quite affordable and reasonable when you consider its durability and technology, you would be glad you bought this shoe.
  • Great value for money, with its lightweight feature that guarantees long-lasting comfort and durability.
  • Fits perfectly like a glove to a hand, they offer great mobility and breathing for the legs. They are available in black and brown color variants.
  • The shoes are light in weight, and this is important for people who work on the walk for long hours.
  • The shoes have a simple but very beautiful appearance.
  • The soles are thin and rock hard, and the only padding is a fragile foam that provides little to no shock absorption.

3. Dockers Moritz Wingtip Oxford

The shoe comes with an updated classic wingtip style with supple burnished leather to give you great comfort and flexibility. The Dockers brand is the quintessential source for casual, authentic and stylish apparel.
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The shoes are tailored to offer great cushion and comfort to the feet. You can never get tired wearing them all day long.

The Dockers wingtip shoe is made with imported leather, rubber sole and it features a brogue-perforated seam and blind-eyelet lacing.

Cost or Value
The shoe is quite affordable and relatively on the cheap side when you consider its features and functions.
  • A pretty beautiful wingtip design shoe, the insole contains a cushion piece to give comfort and breathability.
  • The design and technology used in making these shoes make it look super cute, the quality of the leather allows it hold up fantastically and last for a while.

There were complaints about this shoe wearing out easily and fast after a few use/wear.

4. Deer Stags Wingtip Oxford

The shoes look very sophisticated and handsome; the ace boy’s wingtip is a stylish alternative to everyday shoes. Day-long comfort of the feet is guaranteed because of the presence of a direct outsole which is light in weight and EVA insole socks.
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The shoes are human made, with imported leather and synthetic sole to give you a long-lasting comfort and style anytime any day.

A perfect dress shoe that fits well and looks incredibly classy. Very high end it and offers excellent quality and long lasting durability.

Cost or Value
The cost of this shoe is on the small side; doesn’t cost much and definitely worth the price.
  • The shoe features an adjustable laced-up closure and a simple care simulated upper leather part.
  • The shoe features a lightweight, direct inject polyurethane outsole with a soft, tight mesh lining.
  • There were complaints from some users about the shoe looking more plastic like and a size bigger than expected.

5. Clarks Tilden Walk Oxford

This Oxford Tilden Walk leather shoe made by Clarks which is a light but stable shoe. It is a lovely and great dress shoe that keeps feet looking sharp from 9-to-5 (and beyond). These shoes are so narrow at the ball and toe of the foot, and they don't break in wider. It is of excellent craftsmanship with no imperfections, and it is ideal for formal or semi-formal (office) occasions.
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The expandable slit on the upper (Breathable leather uppers) makes it easy to fit even large foot and very comfortable compared to other dress shoes.

It has a synthetic sole, finely ribbed rubber dress sole for comfort and traction which makes it the best out of all dress shoes.

Cost or Value
It is a very cheap dress shoe in comparison with other dress shoes as the price range is average. It maintains its value for as long as possible.
  • It has breathable leather uppers that make it fit
  • It also has an elastic side gore for the snug yet flexible fit.
  • Its synthetic sole brings more comfort and durability.
  • There are complaints about the shoes been too narrow and are too long and also crease across the foot.

6. Bostonian Ipswich Lace-Up Oxford

This pair of shoes is a square toe oxford shoe which is made in the USA or imported with blind eyelets and low stacked heel that measures approximately 1.25 and 12 x 8 x 4 inches dimension that weigh 4 pounds.
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This laced up shoe has an exceptional comfort details that augment the sharp look of this classic oxford from Boston.

It is made of a synthetic and rubber sole with flexlite style. It is very comfortable and almost no break in.

Cost or Value
This pair costs well above average, it is a bit costly compare to other shoes but affordable for classy men who desire great comfort. It has a lower price available on select options and also has a free return on some sizes and colors.
  • These shoes are relatively cheap compared to other shoes.
  • It is super comfortable and nice looking.
  • This item is not eligible for international shipping and lack of breath-ability which makes people sweat after wearing it for hours.
  • The soles wear out within 3-4 months.

7. Adams Mary Jane High Heel

This amazing pair of heels is a 100% vegan fabric that has a heel height of 3.5 and very perfect for parties, weddings, and other important events. If you want your legs to appear longer in denim jeans or even maxi dresses, these cute round-toe block heels are the ideal pair for you. They easily add few inches to your frame.
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Comfort/Stability: This classy pair is rightly designed for taking assured and confident steps, and this is as a result of its slim sole feature which makes the heel height ideally balanced with other parts of the shoe design.
Quality/Durability: - Each pair is carefully handcrafted to bring you comfort and versatility to match your every outfit, it is relaxed fit with a refined look.
Cost or Value: The price is lower than average. It is a bit higher than the middle range and free return on some sizes and color.
  • Classic design that is sure to compliment every modern woman’s wardrobe.
  • It is eco-friendly.

The shoe feels tight at the heel area according to some users

8. Jena Dress Pump

This is a superb and impressive piece of footwear for the ladies to complement their elegant dress sense. This shoe is made of a mesh upper part with a pointy-capped toe, and an adjustable buckle at ankle strap, also with a quality outsole and the heel height is about 3cm and it is available in different sizes and colors.
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This adorable and lovely shoe is a breathable piece of footwear that offers the users comfort and also it is made in a way that fits the legs to give stability.

This shoe is made from a high-quality synthetic material and of a beautiful synthetic sole which together gives the user a long lasting reliability and durability when using the shoe.

Cost or Value
The price of this very fashionable shoe is of an average and reasonable rate for the comfort, quality, and benefits it offers for users.
  • The shoe is made of a mesh synthetic material that allows air flow through.
  • A buckle at the ankle that is comfortable and adjustable.
  • A shoe made to fit entirely on the feet and doesn’t hurt.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to carry when worn.
  • The heel is made a little bit high.
  • They are not full enough.

9. Bruno Marc New York

This footwear is a nicely made smooth classic brogue wingtip lace leather lined perforated dress shoe. Because of its sleekness, it makes it a perfect fit for business outings. It is made from high-quality leather, soft leather lining a very nicely cut non-skid sole. It is readily made available in different colors and sizes.
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This shoe is a classic piece for men because it offers breathability due to the perforated leather dress and also comfort because of its soft leather cushion footbed lining on the inside.

The leather material of this classic shoe is of high-quality man-made material, and the wooden heel and non-skid outsole provide flexibility thus allowing durability for this shoe.

Cost or Value
No regrets buying this shoe because its price range is reasonably and averagely cheap when compared to its value like the quality, comfort durability it gives the user.
  • This shoe is of perforated leather dress that allows airflow and at the same time providing shelter for the feet.
  • A perfect choice for business outings.
  • The lace for this shoe provides secure hold up for the shoe.
  • Available in classic colors to suit your dress.
  • There is emanating gasoline odor coming from inside the shoes.
  • It’s not a comfortable wear for summer outings.

10. Dockers Agent Slip-On

This is an adorable male agent slip-on produced by Dockers to fit your exclusive dress sense. This fabulous footwear is a nicely cut well-styled overlay quality leather upper part that shows the masculinity of the shoe with a soft cushion latex footbed, a well-padded collar to protect the ankle and a synthetic sole with heel measure of about 2cm.
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The upper part of this Dockers slip on loafers made from a synthetic Leather and also with soft cushion latex footbed that then provides the users with the comfort and stability.

This shoe is very dependable due to its synthetic rubber sole that allows the individual to be confident of using for an extended period.

Cost or Value
An excellent choice to add to your cart of footwears because the price is reasonable and in the average range.
  • A nice footwear that comes with a reasonable price.
  • This shoe is a perfect fit for business outings.
  • A good looking shoe on the feet with excellent fit when worn.
  • These shoes are too big and bogus on the feet
  • These shoes make the feet sweaty when worn for long.

How to Choose the Best Dress Shoes

If you constantly find it difficult to get a matching shoe for your formal wear, we have just made it easy for you. All the decisions you need to make on selecting the best shoes for the ideal occasions are only a click away. You can simply weigh the advantages and shortcomings of each shoe and know what to expect from the product you choose.

best dress shoes-Shoes on display

You must always be at your best for every occasion, which is why you should ensure your shoes are second to none at all time. Without wasting too much time, carefully go through our neatly organized list and pick one of the top products.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Dress Shoes



best dress shoes-designs

When you get past looking for a shoe that gives you all of the cushioning you desire, the right fit you want, and nice slip resistance, it then seems like a fair time to pay attention to style. We know these shoes aren’t called dress shoes for no reason. We wear them so they look good when we’re wearing our fancy clothes, or when we’re trying to show up to work looking professional for our companies that we work for.

Obviously finding the best design can be a subjective endeavor, but certain features do seem to stand out well when you look at them. A shoe designed with leather might be an appealing option for one’s professional look. Leather gives a dress shoe a very smooth and somewhat shiny look to it. If you’re not a fan of leather you might like the look of textile or synthetic material which can be equally eye catching for your footwear. A shoe that’s square toed is also a nice option that can give you a unique look that stands out for your outings apart from those who wear the typical shoes that are curve toed.

Some of the best looking dress shoes have some nicely crafted lacing or seaming, so do pay attention for that as well. If you consider all of these possible style options, you’re likely to look nice in the option you choose as your professional and fancy footwear.



best dress shoes-comfort

We all know dress shoes aren’t exactly the most comfortable shoes to wear in the world, so it’s crucial to find something that gives our feet some comfort when we have to wear them. For men, they have to deal with the discomfort of shoes feeling tight on their feet. For women, let’s not even get started on how uncomfortable high heels can be for you all to walk around in. We all want to look professional in professional settings or stylish during evening affairs, but we should also be able to do that comfortably as well.

One of the great things you can find in a dress shoe to give you a soft feel on your foot is a shock-absorbing cushioned footbed. These can reduce pain in the foot and also collaterally reduce pain that develops in the lower body whether it’s ankle pain, knee pain, leg pain, or lower back pain. The shock absorbing cushion will help you to feel less stress on your feet with the steps that you take. Other features you can look out for that can add to your comfort is if the dress shoe features a synthetic sole or if it features a rubber dress sole.

Some dress shoes also have an orthotic sock inside them known as the S.U.P.R.O. sock. These are designed to hold up your foot with it’s soft padding and give you more shock absorption in your steps. For a more cushiony feel in your shoe, you can also keep an eye out to see if the collar is padded as well. You can be standing and walking on your feet for long periods in dress shoes if you look carefully to find the right footwear with comforting attributes.


Proper Fit

best dress shoes-proper fit

In addition to the importance of a dress shoe having comfort in them through cushioning, it’s very important for a dress shoe to be a good fit on you. Dress shoes that are a bad fit can be really painful for you. One example many of us are familiar with is the pain we can feel in our toes. To help combat that, find a dress shoe that gives you a roomy toe box. A roomy toe box will allow your toes to stretch out as much as you want them to so you’re not painfully walking on them curled up or compressed. Another feature that can combat compressed toes is the square toe dress shoe, as opposed to the typical curved toe dress shoe. It gives some room in the toe area of the footwear somewhat equivalent to a regular sneaker. You’ll be feeling much less tightness on your toes.

As mentioned in the cushioning section, tightness can be a problem in dress shoes that can cause a lot of discomfort to your feet. Find something with an elastic side gore. It’ll give flexibility on the sides of your shoe that’ll give you more ability for your feet to move in your footwear, and feel much less tightness. Some dress shoes also have an elastic gore on the entry parts of a shoe that make it easier for you to slip your feet inside as well. These features can help you to look stylish and maintain some flexibility for your feet to not feel like they’re being restricted in your shoe.


Slip Resistance

best dress shoes-slip resistant

Dress shoes are definitely not designed for anyone to go running in a 100 meter dash. You try to do that and you probably might fall within the first 10 meters. Walking in them alone can be difficult sometimes. It’s critical your footwear has the necessary traction to be able to resist any potential slipping that can cause ankle injuries or worse. One thing that can give you that beneficial resistance is a shoe that has rubber soles. Rubber soles will give you good traction that’ll help you avoid slipping on slick or wet surfaces.

A TPR outsole is another thing you can look out for to give you some great traction in your steps. All of this good traction you can get from these features also has the added benefit of making your shoe durable so you can wear these to work daily or out to a fancy dinner often. You’ll feel stability in your steps that will keep any potential slipping and falling as the last thing that’s on your mind. For anyone that chooses to opt for wearing heels as evening wear, your best bet is to avoid shoes that are really high at the heel so you can have an easier walking in them without slipping and falling.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can dress shoes be worn with jeans?

A: Yes, they can be worn with jeans if you pick the right style jeans and the right style shoes. It doesn’t look the best to wear dress shoes with baggy jeans. Style experts suggest it’s best to wear jeans that have a nice tight fit on you and the pants leg doesn’t extend too far over the shoe. For the style of the dress shoe, it’s good to go with a dark colored dress shoe to create a nicer look, and it’s also suggested that it’s nice to go with a more casual looking dress shoe.

Q: How often should I polish my dress shoes?

A: The first thing you need to do is find a good cream polish that can make your footwear shine like the first day you bought them. After you get the cream polish, how much you polish your shoes is up to your own conclusion. Some people polish their shoes after every time that they wear them. Other people polish their shoes when they see that they’re starting to look less shiny. However often you choose to polish your footwear, make sure that you do polish them on a regular basis so that you can keep them looking good. Check out our tutorial on how to clean plus polish shoes.

Q: Should I replace the soles of my dress shoes?

A: Dress shoe experts say you should replace the soles of your dress shoes if they start to feel uncomfortable for you when you walk in them. The way you get your soles replaced is you find a cobbler. Cobblers specialize in all kinds of shoe work such as replacing soles. If you can find a good cobbler that can fix up the soles of your footwear at a decent price, you’ll potentially save yourself some money having to purchase new dress shoes. If you need to make simple repairs to the soles, here’s a comprehensive guide.

Q: How can I take care of my dress shoes?

A: Apart from polishing and knowing when to replace soles, you should also strongly consider purchasing yourself a shoe tree. I know what you’re thinking, what is a shoe tree? A shoe tree is an object that goes inside of your shoe and helps to preserve the shape and the size of the shoe. When you wear dress shoes regularly, creases and bends can begin to show up over time, so you want to have that protection against that. Pine shoe trees, in particular, can be helpful in keeping a bad odor out of your shoe. One other thing you might consider is using a waterproofing agent to protect against your leather cracking if your dress shoe happens to be leather.

Q: What’s an easy way to put my foot in a dress shoe?

A: It definitely can be a pain at times having to pull really hard with your fingers to get your feet to slip into tight dress shoes. There are fortunately two options that can make this an easier time for you the next time you’re putting on your footwear. One option is you can opt for a dress shoe that has a padded collar. Padded collars are a bit softer and perhaps will give you an easier time putting your feet inside. The best option that could probably help you is buying a shoe horn. The shoe horn keeps the shoe open for you and your heel can just slide right in on the smooth surface.


If you’re forming blisters from inadequate footwear, check out how to treat them.

If corns and calluses are a problem, see this guide.