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In an era of automobiles, driving shoes have become a necessity for anyone looking for comfort and functionality during long hauls behind the wheel. These lightweight loafers are both stylish, and essential, in their shoe supporting features while driving. Considering that the shoe is what separates the driver from the gas and brake pedals, it is also essential to find a product that is not only fashionable but also maximizes control and adjustability, as to prevent any unwanted accidents.

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We've udpated our top ten list of driving shoes to bring a few new styles and brands to the forefront. Al lhave quality grip sole, flexibility, and a style element anyone will love! Be sure to check out the FAQ section for questions on why driving shoes differ from regular shoes when on the road!

According to studies, driving in high heels, sandals or even barefoot can lead to a lack of control in the car and result in crashes.  Driving shoes aren’t only phenomenally comfortable and stylish, they can also be the sole cause of a prevented collision.

Featured Recommendations

Kunsto Leather Loafer
  • Kunsto Leather Loafer
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Leather Fabric
  • Massaging Sole
  • Price: See Here
PUMA Vendano
  • PUMA Vendano
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Driver Heel
  • Non-slip Rubber
  • Price: See Here
LabatoStyle Moccasins
  • LabatoStyle Moccasins
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight
  • Detailed Stitching
  • Price: See Here

We’ve chosen the 10 best driving shoes and loafers that have features ranging from added-soles that allow effortless driving, to controlled traction support. Shoe pain should be the very last thing on your mind when driving, so we’ve also prioritized comfort as one of our main concerns when selecting these 10 best choices.

Driving shoes were Italian inventions for those who wanted extra grip when driving, while also being trendy and fashionable. These shoes we’ve chosen reflect the best of all concepts and should be on your mind the next time you shop for driving shoes.


10 Best Driving Shoes


1. Kunsto Leather Loafer

The Kunsto Leather Loafer brings together solid traction in a colorful fashion with this pair of driving shoes. Casual design, slip on styling, and a solid rubber outsole makes it a top seller at a very reasonable price. Foot massage function in the form of rubber lugs on the sole makes it great for driving or walking about town. Lightweight and breathable, it’s a pair that will surely find its way into your footwear collection.
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Massaging Sole
Not only will the grippy rubber outsole allow for ample traction, even on wet surfaces, the sole provides a massaging function as well. Rubber circular lugs help to alleviate foot fatigue and provide a massaging action with every step, so no matter if you’re driving for extended times or walking, your feet will be happy.

Design Style
Lightweight leather creates the uppers of the Kunsto Loafer, and they’re designed to be flexible as well. A side tie allows for some adjustability of fit, and hand sewn moc toe gussets add to flexible comfort and style. Available in a number of colors, and some styles with a perforated design to increase breathability, they not only function as a solid driving shoe but also look great.

Cost and Value
Extremely budget friendly, the Kunsto Leather Loafer is perfect for newer admirers of driving footwear, who prefer style along with function. It’s lightweight construction, leather uppers, and grippy massaging sole help make it a smart purchase. Perfect for walking, lounging, or heading out on the road for a Sunday drive!

Massaging Sole



Leather Uppers

Grippy Sole




Too Soft

2. PUMA Vendano

Optimized for fit and feel, the PUMA Leather Vendano is a shoe that was deeply inspired by driving shoes but can blend in almost anywhere. The Vendano is designed to fit comfortably yet look fashionable; a combination that is hard to find. Part of the PUMA Motorsports line, the Vendano also provide an excellent driving experience, allowing good grip and feel for the pedals.
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The PUMA Vendano are known for their comfort despite their professional look. These shoes won't pinch or strain your feet and are uniquely designed to withstand longer walking distances. The Vendano are easy to use, as they are slip-ons without the hassle of laces, but still, imbue a formal look.

The PUMA Vendano are very durable and can be worn practically anywhere. The shoes can even be used when playing sports such as soccer as they provide extra grip with rubber soles. The Vendano provide a "non-slip" guarantee when used for outside wear.

Cost and Value
The PUMA Vendano are dependable, long lasting shoes that are worth every penny. The exquisite design and comfort make this shoe hard to beat and although the price isn't the cheapest, you won't regret buying the PUMA Vendano at this fair price.

Very comfortable

Long lasting and durable

Leather professional and formal look

Racecar-inspired driving shoe that can also be worn as a sneaker

Rubber non-slip sole


Shoes are narrow and fit smaller than size

3. ECCO New Jersey

The first product on our list is the ECCO New Jersey Driving Shoes. The ECCOs are not only versatile but provide a synthetic sole that allows digging to provide maximized traction and support. Their appearance is also iconic. The fashionable leather slip-ons are a great looking shoe that will help your feet stay comfortable while behind the wheel.
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Leather Fabric
The strong leather exterior provides great durability in this driving shoe that's bound to last for many road trips and work days. For those wanting to bring attention to their shoes, the ECCOs are elegantly designed in their poised, ravishing black to look great on anyone's feet.

Freedom Fit
ECCO's new Freedom Fit feature is an addition that offers a more roomy toe box with a narrow heel. This combination allows for a better and more versatile fit that also provides a more comfortable walking experience.

Cost and Value
Although the ECCO's aren't one of the cheapest loafers on our list, the price is justified by their looks and quality. While extravagant, these shoes won't set you back and make great, easy additions to your collection.

ECCO Leather

Comfort Fibre System

Complete grained-Leather

Polyurethane Soles

DiP Technology


Fits tight for those with wider feet

4. Serene Leather Casual

4. Serene Leather Casual
Another affordable and classic driving shoe, the Serene Leather Casual loafers are a lace-up shoe that provide durability and traction in the outsole, and comfort and flexibility in the interior. The imported leather shoe is a great choice for anyone looking for a tremendously affordable shoe that provides a pleasant driving experience.
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Casual Design
Great for those that aren't looking for anything too fancy. The Serene Leather Casual driving shoes give an iconic look that's great for all occasions.

These shoes are known for their extreme comfort for a tremendously low price. The footbed has added softness while also providing an anti-slip outsole for safe and pleasurable walking.

Cost and Value
Tremendously affordable, the Serene Leather driving shoes are fantastic for everyday use and can be bought by the dozens. These shoes are great for the price but won't adequately please those looking for something luxurious.

Imported leather

Durable anti-slip outsole

Casual design

Great comfort


No arch support

5. Twisted X Driving Mocs

5. Twisted X Driving Mocs
Twisted X Driving Mocs add more than just function to their footwear design in this ankle-high boot. Moccasin comfort with a grippy sole, stylish stitching accents, and leather quality uppers make it ideal for comfort and fashion. Add to this breathable lining, washable, and antibacterial treatment, and they make for a solid new pair for driving or walking about town.
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Cowboy Comfort
Handcrafted from cowhide leather, Twisted X has been making boots and footwear for work and outdoor activities, inspired by western wear for years. The Driving Mocs keep that comfortable leather feel with a breathable mesh lining, and Cowboy Comfort SD Footbed, so you stay cozy during wear. Contrast stitching brings an aesthetically pleasing appeal to the look of these quality leather boots, and keep them true to that western styled flair.

Along with its appeal, the Twisted X Driving Mocs have an oil and slip resistant rubber outsole, allowing you to keep your foot on the pedals, or avoid slips when walking around town. A moisture-wicking XSD footbed insole helps keep you dry and is antibacterial treated to help prevent odors from building up. The insole has a patent pending stability shank, providing stability and comfort for all-day wear.

Cost and Value
At the higher end of the pricing spectrum, the Twisted X Driving Mocs have an appeal that makes them fashionable, comfortable, and a handcrafted quality to make you fall in love at first sight. Great for driving with its non-slip sole, work, or strolling about outside, they are a great investment for those looking for a unique style of shoe from high-quality craftsmanship. A solid option to consider!

Western Style


Contrast Stitching

Comfort SD Footbed



6. CIOR Quick Dry

6. CIOR Quick Dry
CIOR is the new up-and-coming brand that focuses their line of shoes to fit every part of your personal lifestyle. Their CIOR Quick Dry is the perfect shoe for walking, running, swimming, and—of course—driving. The CIOR Quick Dry have rubber soles specialized for grip while driving, as well as when doing outdoor activities. This non-slip shoe is perfect for anyone looking for an adequate driving shoe while also wanting to do out-going activities such as wind-surfing, cycling, fishing, etc. The CIOR Quick Dry is your most versatile shoe!
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Water Shoe
Not only is the textile Quick Dry sole adept for driving, it also has traction on wet surfaces and makes it the best shoe to wear for water-interacting activities such as kayaking or on the beach. The Quick Dry shoes introduce a drainage system that allows water to properly flow out of them so you can wear them all day long.

The shoes also provide an exceptional comfort with their breathable and comfortable footbed, allowing the toes to move without restraint.

Cost and Value
The affordable price of the versatile outdoor CIOR Quick Dry shoe makes it one of the best choices on our list when it comes to those looking for a driving shoe that also adapts to outdoor conditions. The functionality of the shoe — for example the drainage holes — makes this shoe an easy bargain for the low and affordable price.

QUICK DRY Water Drainage

Thick-foam Arch Support

Textile and breathable footbed



Low durability

7. LabatoStyle Moccasins

7. LabatoStyle Moccasins
LabatoStyle Leather Loafers are made of cow split leather uppers and a rubber outsole that provides superior grip. These flexible slip-on moccasins are designed with a built-in massage feature to keep your feet feeling comfortable and relaxed while you're cruising behind the wheel. If a casual and stylish low-key shoe for driving is what you are in need of then these are the shoes for you.
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Massage Feature
This leather loafer has a specially designed outsole which massages your feet while you drive to ensure that you stay comfortable for any amount of time you spend with your feet to the pedals.

Leather Outsole
Leather is resistant to abrasions, non-marking, weatherproof, and most important, has superior anti-slip properties. These factors combined with leathers ability to wick moisture away from the foot are the reason why leather is such a popular material to use when manufacturing a driving shoe.

Cost & Value
LabatoStyle offers reasonably priced driving shoes that have all kinds of unique features to offer. A built-in massage, ultra-comfortable support, and moisture wicking are all reasons to seriously consider these as your next pair of shoes for the car.
  • Massage Feature
  • Leathe Outsole
  • Cow Split Leather
  • Fashionable
  • Moisture Wicking Footbed
  • Outsole is bumpy which some may find annoying

8. Sparco Race

8. Sparco Race
Sparcos' Race driving shoe puts you in control while your feet ride in total comfort. Featuring a wide toe box and a cushioned insole. these shoes are sure to keep your feet feeling good. A comfort cell at the ball of the foot works to absorb shock while the Race driving shoes Velcro closures make for easy on and off wearability. You will also look cool in these trendy shoes thanks to their chic suede uppers paired with an aggressive design, there's no road you can't travel while wearing these shoes.
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Aggressive Design
These Sparco Race shoes feature a bold and aggressive design with Velcro closures, suede uppers, and Sparco side logos. An exciting change from the usual driving shoes, these are sure to turn heads when you drive past.

Complete with a comfort cell built-in at the ball of the foot and an ultra-cushioned insole, this is one driving shoe that is going to keep your feet feeling their best and ready to spring into action when needed.

Cost & Value
While these shoes cost a little more than some of the other options on the list they are one to consider if you are sick of the same old style of driving shoe. Wearing these bold and aggressively designed shoes lets people know who's in charge while they ride in your car.
  • Unique Style
  • Bold Design
  • Comfort Cell
  • Cushioned Insole
  • Suede Upper
  • Time consumed with on and off

9. Bruno Marc Moda Italy

9. Bruno Marc Moda Italy
The Bruno Marc Moda Italy is a beautiful shoe that is affordable for almost anyone. The vintage style is complemented by its lightweight, flexible body and its latex cushioned footbed. As a driving shoe, the Moda Italy is equipped with a rubber outsole that maximizes traction of pedals. If looking for an affordable, well-designed shoe, the Bruno Marc Moda Italy is one of the best.
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Latex Cushioning
The footbed of the Italian-based shoe is supported by strong latex cushioning. The man-made feature allows feet to comfortably fit and adapt to any style.

Italian Style
From the roots of driving shoes, the Bruno Marc Moda Italy has embraced its origin and developed the best type of driving shoe; an Italian one. The sleek and beautiful style will draw anyone's attention to the added vamp and detailed stitching, as well as the classic moccasin toe design.

Cost and Value
As one of the most affordable on our list, the Bruno Marc Moda Italy driving shoes aren't perfect. They are not excessively durable and any type of wear outside of casual and driving could damage them. Despite that, these shoes can be easily replaced with another affordable and stylish pair because of their fair value and price.

Italian style

Latex cushion

Lightweight and flexible

Added stitching vamp

Classic Moccasin Toe



Lacks durability

10. VanciLin Slip-on Loafer

10. VanciLin Slip-on Loafer
High-quality leather creates the uppers of the VanciLin Slip-on Loafer, handmade, soft, and stylish. And in addition to the comfort features packed in this pair of loafers, it’s made to be breathable and flexible, for all-day wear. Easy to slip on and off, it also keeps a square toe for some added style, and a moc-top design which makes them suitable for work or driving. With a number of color options to select, you can find several to match any attire!
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Breathable fine leather allows the Slip-on Loafer to keep you cool during the day, and with some style options available, additional perforations add to that quality. The moc-toe stitching gives a sophisticated appearance to the design of the loafer, which makes them ideal for work attire, or a night out. Square toe structure gives an element of classic style, and with a number of colors of leather, some combining suede with fine leather, you’re sure to find one that stands out.

Grip and Comfort
Along the sole of the VanciLin is a flexible, and durable rugged sole. With some element of massaging that can be felt with each step, it’s also deeply grooved to allow flexibility, but sticky enough that you won’t slip. Great for walking or driving in any kind of condition! A comfort footbed lines the entirety of the loafer’s length, so you’ll be staying cushioned all day long.

Cost and Value
Another budget-friendly option on our list, the VanciLin Slip-on Loafer is a stylish option for driving or work, combined into a casual structured footwear, sure to keep you comfortable all day long. With its variety of color options and textures, you can find one that suits your individual tastes, and not break the bank. Grippy sole helps keep you maintain stability, and flexibility allows for comfortable walking and fit.




Leather Material



Run Narrow



In conclusion, there are many competitive choices that offer both style and functionality in driving shoes. It is absolutely imperative that you find a shoe that not only matches your fashion needs but also offers traction and control behind the wheel to prevent motor accidents; a good driving shoe can mean the difference. Our list offers the best choices that range from affordable to luxurious, from prioritization in feet pain prevention to water drainage. The bottom line, however, is that you can’t go wrong with any of the choices on our best driving shoes list.

Criteria Used To Evaluate The Best Driving Shoes


The sole of a driving shoe is one of the most important components and is what allows the driver added control. Traditionally, a driving shoe will have rubber bullets at the back end along with rubber gripping on the sole which gives the driver a better pedal grip. There are a few other features to consider when searching for your next pair of car shoes…

  • Split-Sole
    Split sole shoes are made with a two-section sole instead of a single piece which covers the whole bottom of the shoe. The advantage to a split sole is that it offers better flexibility and allows the wearer to feel more in touch with the surface below their feet, this is why a split sole is an excellent addition to any driving shoe.
  • Extended Sole
    A proper driving shoe needs to have a sole which extends from the bottom of the shoe all the way around to the heel. This type of extended sole gives the wearer more grip and control.
  • Grip
    The grip is one of the most important features a driving shoe can offer which is why the sole of your shoe is so important. Soles with rubber traction pads or rubber pellets are an excellent option because rubber offers superior grip when compared to other sole materials.


One factor that can be offputting when it comes to wearing shoes that are solely for driving in is that you will have to change your shoes everytime you get in and out of the car. This is why it’s so important that your shoes be easy enough to change into. Moccasins and loafers tend to be the best style of shoe for the car because you can literally slip them on and off. These style of shoes are also good at staying put so you won’t have to worry about them falling off your foot just because they don’t have a traditional closure system.

When the concept of owning a pair of shoes that were strictly for driving first appeared, one of the main selling points was that these shoes were stylish and were meant to give the wearer an air of distinction. The same is true, to some extent, today. No one wants to look ridiculous in their car shoes which is why style was a contributing factor to the selection of shoes on this list.


The type of materials used in the manufacturing of a pair of shoes for driving is very important to their overall performance. There are certain materials that will work much better for driving than others…

  • Leather/Suede
    Materials like leather and suede are popular choices due to their ability to conform to the foot while still allowing for proper airflow.  Another worthy feature leather offers is that it’s lightweight and it’s best used to line the shoe as opposed to heavy materials that block air circulation. Inadequate airflow and ventilation can lead to sweaty feet, which are the last thing you want while you’re driving. Moisture causes your feet to become slippery and to slide around in your shoe and that means that you have less control and grip.
    Suede is a good material for the outsole or lining as it is soft, breathable, and lightweight. Suede does not wick moisture away from the foot quite as well as leather does, which makes it less appealing for a lining material.
  • Rubber
    Rubber is also one of the most common materials found on a driving shoe and for a good reason. Rubber is highly resistant to abrasion, has incredible anti-slip properties, and retains its shape well. These are important features to consider while making the decision of whether or not to purchase a particular pair of shoes.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where should I wear my driving shoes?

A: It is recommended to only wear your driving shoes while you are actually driving. This is mostly due to the fact that driving shoes are designed with a thin sole to allow the wearer better feel of the pedals, which can cause your feet to feel tired and achy if they’re worn outside of the car.

However, there are some styles of driving shoes which are more adaptable and can be worn for everyday outings as well as while you drive. This is a more convenient option as it eliminates the need for changing in and out of your shoes.

Q: What is the most important aspect of a driving shoe?

A:  The heels and sole of a driving shoe are definitely two of the most important aspects to examine when making your selection of shoe. If the sole is too thick you will have trouble feeling the pedals which will impede your judgment and reaction time. Soles that are too wide can also pose a problem because the width can cause you to accidentally hit the wrong pedal, or both pedals at the same time.  

You also want to ensure that the heel of your driving shoes has the right amount of grip in order for you to feel secure and in control of your vehicle. The sole should also be as light as possible so they don’t weigh your foot down when you need to operate with agility to be prepared at all times.

Q: It’s a hassle having to change shoes, can’t I wear high-heels while I drive?

A: Safety should always be prioritized while driving and high-heels simply aren’t a safe or practical shoe to drive in. High heeled shoes are more likely to catch on or block you from making proper contact with the pedals which prevents you from feeling the brakes, having an awareness to driving speeds, as well as your ability to react in the case of an emergency.

Q: Can’t I just take my shoes off and drive barefoot?

A: Driving barefoot may seem like a good idea because it certainly gives you a good feeling of the pedals but it is not advisable. Driving without shoes leaves your feet vulnerable to injury and also offers little in the way of grip which is an extremely important component of driving safely. Wearing shoes while you drive also gives you added pressure while operating the pedals which can mean the difference between stopping on a dime or getting into an accident because you were unable to brake fast enough.

Q: Can’t I just wear any old pair of loafers I have lying around?

A: You could, but it wouldn’t be the best idea. Shoes made specifically for driving have added features that assist you in driving safely. Things like; special grip and split-soles, or extra-comfortable inserts to prevent your feet from feeling fatigued and sore while you’re behind the wheel.

Q: Should I wear socks with my driving shoes?

A: It’s really up to you, however, it is probably best to go barefoot with your driving shoes. This is true for two reasons, one; wearing socks detracts from the level of feeling you have and lessens the positive benefits gained by wearing driving shoes in the first place, two; the style of shoes worn for driving usually don’t look too good when worn with socks.

If you absolutely must wear socks with your driving shoes, opt for a thin, fine pair that will still allow the most natural feeling and awareness. Also, consider wearing a pair of socks with rubber or anti-slip pads on the underside so your feet won’t move around too much in your shoes.

Lastly, for style considerations, try to wear low socks or invisible ones. These will look better with a loafer, or moccasin as they will mostly be invisible with your shoes on.


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