Best Flamingo Shoes Reviewed For A Pop Of Pink

You don’t have to live in Florida to appreciate flamingos and their beauty. These bright and colorful pink birds roam freely in many tropical climates and people equate flamingos with warmth and happiness. An interesting fact to know is that their bright pink color comes from beta-carotene they get from eating crustaceans and plankton. Sadly, at one point in American history around 1900, these leggy birds were almost completely wiped out. They were massively hunted for their meat, feathers, and skin. Unfortunately, they have yet to fully rebound to the adequate population they once were. However, they are only labeled as “least concern” on the endangered species list.

What is it about these charming birds that make people flock to clothing and accessories that use flamingos in their design? The lanky bird has been seen on clothing items for years. Designers were quick to catch on to consumers love for happy clothing or clothing designs that transformed their moods. Consumers are more likely to purchase items that create a joyful feeling when they see it than something that is drab and boring. Thus, the Flamingo became a staple, much like a pineapple or hibiscus plants have been in the past waves of fashion.


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Vans Authentic
  • Vans Authentic
  • 4.9 out of 5
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  • Metal Eyelets
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Price: See Here
  • JIASUQI Aqua
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stretchy Material
  • Smooth Neck Design
  • Price: See Here
Capelli New York Flamingo Faux
  • Capelli New York Flamingo Faux
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • Molded Body
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Price: See Here


It is only natural after seeing such success with flamingo inspired clothing for footwear designers to incorporate the majestic bird into the styles they were creating. If you check any fashion catwalk footwear for the summer lineup, you will most definitely find at least something flamingo-inspired. We created a list of the top 10 styles you can find to accessorize your summer wardrobe while you relax and enjoy those long summer days or to wear in the middle of winter when you can only dream of tropical landscapes because all you see outside your window is snow and bleakness.


Top 10 Flamingo Shoes


1. Vans Authentic

For more than 5 decades Vans has been a well-known and extremely loved footwear brand. Anyone and everyone has seen or worn something that this company has put out. They originated from a surfing culture that is synonymous with Southern California. It all started with a basic design they called "Authentic" and hence the style still being around today. This is their most popular and iconic design. Now you can get this option in fun prints, such as the flamingo design. It will still have all of the attributes that made it a favorite through more than 50 years.
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Waffle Weave Sole
Vans style is as iconic as the waffle weave sole pattern every pair of shoes has. They have not designed another sole pattern, so this is the full monty. The belief is, that the waffle weave helps sort debris away from the sole to provide better traction and grip; since they were created for skateboarders originally.

Metal Eyelets
The eyelets are reinforced with metal on these shoes. This assists in the preservation of the upper since it could have the tendency to rip otherwise. The metal gives leverage when you tighten the laces.

Cost and Value
Unbelievably, for the investment and also for these being the top choice in this category, these shoes are a very good buy. They have one of the lowest prices in the price range. For a product from such a reputable company, you can get everything that makes this brand iconic, such as the unbeatable comfort, for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay.

Synthetic canvas upper

Reinforced metal eyelets

Lace-up vamp

Thickly padded sole


Ankle collar not padded



While you would think to only wear this in the water or on the sandy shores of the beach, you are completely incorrect. Many people find this choice very comfortable. That is thanks to the design being a lightweight material, extremely flexible and quick-drying. They can quickly become a top choice for simple and easy footwear.
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Rubber Sole
While this is a very flexible item, the sole is still made from rubber. It helps you to have good traction and is rated very slip-resistant. You can walk confidently on most surfaces whether wet or dry but still use caution as a backup.

Lightweight Upper
The upper is made from a soft lightweight material. It will dry quickly. Also, the material allows the upper to stretch and return to original shape. That makes it easy to slide on and off since you can open the shoe wider with ease.

Cost and Value
These are at a great price point. You would not expect to pay so little for this option. The item has many characteristics that make it a good choice to wear on many different occasions. You can easily sport them from the grocery store to the beach and everywhere in between. They are quite versatile and very comfortable.

Back heel pull tab

Smooth neck/collar

Extremely versatile

Fast-drying material


Toe seam rips

3. Teva Hurricane 3

3. Teva Hurricane 3
Teva is another shoe brand that is widely known as a top producer in the footwear industry. For many years they have built their brand based on integrity and quality of products. Many of their consumers are customers for life because the consensus is, there are no shoes quite as comfortable and durable as Teva makes. They are all extremely versatile and can be work in the water, at the beach, as well as everyday use. The shoes are so comfortable, too. They make your feet feel good.
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Tractioned Footbed
Some shoes get wet and you have to worry about sliding off of the shoe because the footbed becomes slick when wet. Not Teva. They design the footbed of this style to have channels to funnel the water away and also to provide grip under your foot.

Adjustable Straps
You get 3 adjustable straps on this style. That is great because you can really customize the fit. Plus if you are wearing them in something like a river, you can tighten them down to make sure they don't get yanked off your feet. Lastly, adjustability helps you to feel your best when wearing any product.

Cost and Value
These come in the lower end of the middle part of our price range. That is a great value for a product if you are just looking at investment alone. However, these sandals are going to last a long time as they are known to be extremely durable. Even though they are an open design, it is not uncommon to see individuals wear socks with them so they can wear them in cooler times.

Nice sole traction

Padded straps

Multiple adjustable straps

Contoured footbed


Short straps

4. Crocs Kadee II

4. Crocs Kadee II
When Crocs burst onto the fashion scene many years ago they only had one style and most people thought they were ugly. However, once consumers gave them a chance and saw the awesome benefits these spongy options provided them in terms of fewer aches and pains, they quickly rose to stardom. Since then, the company has opened their style horizon to include some very cute and always-dependable new styles. For example, the flip flop style that the Kadee II represents. Everyone loves a flip flop. Add in the lightweight feeling of a Croc and you have a home run in the footwear department.
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Iconic Comfort
The patented Crocs Crosslite foam is used in the construction of all of their styles. This is how their products are insanely lightweight and durable. It is almost impossible to destroy the sole of them. It also helps the sole to feel incredibly soft, supportive and cushioned.

It is no surprise the lightweight foam style of these is completely waterproof. You can wear them in the rain, ocean, pool, lake, etc. and it will not tear them up or cause them to fade. They also float so should they come off your foot, they will quickly rise to the top of the water.

Cost and Value
These are at the lower end of our price range. They are very affordable and can easily squeeze into any budget. The only downside to them is that they are open flip flops. If you live somewhere that does get cold, you can't wear them until it warms back up. However, they should last many warm seasons for a long time of enjoyment.

Soft toe piece

Textured massaging footbed

Good traction sole


Floats in water


Not suitable for cold

5. Lazy Paws Flamingo

5. Lazy Paws Flamingo
Just looking at these will remind you of why flamingos are so cute and look great when worn on clothing items. These are super soft and extremely fluffy. Once you slide your foot into these slippers you will immediately fall in love with how soft and cushiony they are. These are stuffed all around so your foot feels completely engulfed in softness. Also, they are lined so it makes sliding your foot in and out easy; add that to the wide-opening collar for ultimate accessibility.
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Padded Footbed
Some slippers have nothing but a flimsy sole between your foot and the ground. These, on the other hand, have a nice and thickly padded footbed. It will cushion and cradle your foot making it as soft as a pillow under your foot since it is also shock absorbing.

Non-Skid Soles
These soles have the rubber dots all over the bottom sole to help you keep your traction. However, we still advise you to use caution when walking as these are not the same as what other hard-soled options offer.

Cost and Value
While these may be just slippers and you might think you won't get much use from them, this is simply not true. Many medical journals and doctors advise to only wear slippers inside and around your house to prevent the spread of germs from your outside shoes. Wearing these slippers around your house every day can boost the health of your home while helping to preserve your floors and carpets.

Plush upper

Anti-slip bottom

Thick padded interior

Lined interior


Hard to clean

6. Tidewater Boardwalk

6. Tidewater Boardwalk
Out of all the choices in the category, this is one of the more traditional looks. It has the beautiful aviary creature on the strap portion only. If you are looking to venture into the world of flamingo wearing, then this might be a great option for you to start with. It is also a good choice for someone looking to add a small pop of eclectic appeal instead of full-on pink flamingos. The shoe is highly-rated for comfort thanks to the thick sole so you can rock it all day with ease and no pain.
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Comfort Flex Straps
These straps are thicker than some other choices. They also are made from a very flexible and soft synthetic material. This will prevent them from cutting into your skin or chaffing your feet. They will lay nicely on your foot and flow around the shape of it.

Extra Thick Sole
If you need serious padding because you hate walking on skimpy soles, this is a great choice for you. The sole is a generous size and thickness so it will cushion and cradle your foot nicely. It will also be a great blocker of the impact when you take each step.

Cost and Value
These flip flops are creeping up towards the higher end of our price range. They are a very nice and supportive option, however. When warmer weather hits you can wear these every day as they are somewhat simplistic compared to the other products in the category. You will be able to sport these when going almost everywhere.

Padded toe strap

Good traction sole

Comfort straps

Odor resistant


Not for thick feet

7. Capelli New York Flamingo Faux

Capelli is not as well-known of a brand as some of the others on the list. However, their shoes are well-loved by many consumers. Just looking at these slides and you can see between the ease of getting them on and off and the superb sole comfort, your feet will be surrounded with cushioning and stability. The edges of these soles are offset just enough to curve upwards. They help your feet feel secure as the footbed could get a little slick when wet.
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Contoured Toe Section
The toe portion of the footbed has a ridged line. This helps keep your foot from sliding back and forth; it also braces the toes. The line is hardly noticeable unless looking at it up close.

Molded Footbed
The footbed has a slight offset to wrap the footbed around your foot. It is also contoured towards the shape of typical feet so you have a great arch support; along with strong metatarsal support.

Cost and Value
These are actually the Best Value in the category. With that being said, they are at one of the lowest price points in the category but their overall features make them a great choice. These are going to last a long time as they are very durable. Even just touching the sole, one can see how strong it is. The shoe will keep you comfortable and can even be worn in the rain as it is waterproof.

Faux leather

Easy to clean

Padded toe section

Molded footbed


Strap rubs skin

8. InterestPrint Running with Flamingos

8. InterestPrint Running with Flamingos
If you are not an exercise person, perhaps these products will change your mind. They are so motivational. Aside from that, they have many aspects that make them super comfortable. When you are stepping or running in these, you will feel the very responsive sole and footbed. They work seamlessly together to prevent energy from being absorbed; giving you a supported step mile after mile.
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Flywire Upper
This characteristic helps to give this option its 3D shape. It also maintains the durability and integrity of the shoe. Finally, it surrounds your foot and makes your feet feel secure as you are pounding the pavement.

Anti-Heat Regulation
Is there anything worse than exercising and having hot feet? These shoes will help prevent the heat build-up inside the shoe. They have air holes scattered around the upper as well as interwoven technology in the material to prevent the heat in the first place.

Cost and Value
Not surprisingly, for an attractive piece that is completely versatile, the price tag reflects those characteristics. It is one of the higher priced shoes in the category. However, without a doubt, this is one option you can wear all year. It is an enclosed style and it is lightweight. That means you can wear it during the winter or the summer. This shoe will stay with you for many miles as it is highly-rated for durability.

Lace-up vamp

EVA sole/midsole

Ergonomic foot curve

Versatile style


Runs narrow

Short toe box

9. InterestPrint Flamingo

9. InterestPrint Flamingo
These cute loafers exude style and comfort at the same time. It is a wonderful slip-on option that can carry you to work, out for dinner, and to run errands on the weekend. They are also highly-reviewed as they can be worn year round. You will want to sport them a lot because they are extremely comfortable and lightweight. The flamingo pattern is not too much to be an eyesore but instead makes these a great fashion purchase.
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Canvas Upper
The canvas used in this upper is super lightweight and very comfortable against your skin. Canvas is known to be durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, canvas dries easily should it get wet in the rain or in puddles.

Rubber Sole
Using rubber for the sole composition immediately reinforces an entire shoe. Rubber is very durable and also a great shock absorbing layer. When the sole is thin, such as in this pair, the sole composition is important.

Cost and Value
These are in the upper portion of our price range. They are still affordable to most budgets. However, the cost might be higher initially but you can definitely wear these shoes every day or at least a few times a week. They are enclosed so it won't matter about the temperatures or the weather elements. You will be able to wear these for many events and from everything to work to running errands. They will give you the usage from them.

Lined collar

Rubber outsole

Classic suede interior

Breathable upper


Narrow toe box

10. Biion Flamingo

10. Biion Flamingo
While these may not resemble what you expect from typical golf shoes, they have many characteristics that might make them your favorite pair to sport around for more than just golf. They are very lightweight and extremely breathable. If you are a sufferer of hot feet, these may be a great option for you. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and can withstand many weather elements including sunshine and rain.
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Footwear that has anti-microbial properties are a lifesaver. This will prevent the germs from breeding inside the shoe. That is going to add to the lifespan of the product and it will hopefully keep your foot from contracting the germs.

Hextra-Grip Technology
Hextra-grip has to do with the traction on the bottom of the sole. It will help keep you upright during your swing and if you are just out running errands. The hextra-grip technology is solely used on Biion shoes.

Cost and Value
You might get a sticker shock when you see the price for these, but don't stress too much about it. They are a great choice for the category. Not just for golf days but you can wear these all around and for no particular reason. They are easy to clean and lightweight so you can wear them and not have to worry about what the weather for the day holds. You can also wear them all year so that will give you plenty of wear time.

Breathable airholes

Traction grip sole

Easy to clean

Shock-absorbing innersole


Tight across toes


Now that you have seen the top choices for the category, it probably makes your decision of which is the best to purchase even harder. They are all oh so stylish. After buying a pair of these, you could book your beach vacation and go visit these beautiful creatures in person. Some zoos even have them, too, if you can’t quite make it to a tropical location.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Flamingo Shoes


When we made our in-depth and comprehensive list, we evaluated dozens of shoes. Each item was thoroughly critiqued by a rigorous set of criteria. From there we ranked them in order that you see above.


If you are going to buy anything with this aviary creature on it, you are trying to get noticed. Some of the choices we have had huge bird designs. Others have smaller but still noticeable pink spots, whether it was the whole bird or just a portion of its face. While it may be thought that the larger the print the more you will see of the main attraction, however, this might not always be the case. Sometimes the products itself is eye-catching enough to turn heads because of a feature it might have or the reason the person is wearing it. For example, you sport a flip flop in frigid temps during the middle of winter to run into the grocery store. Regardless of how large the flamingo is, you are going to be looked at; you could possibly build Frosty the Snowman in the parking lot but you chose to wear your “summer dreams” flips flops out just wishing you could be on a beach somewhere. Heads everywhere are going to turn because that is not the typical footwear one imagines another individual wearing in extreme cold. Another example could be that you purchase a pair of athletic shoes to wear for a marathon you are running. Whatever the rest of the crazy outfit is that you are choosing to run in, albeit a pink tutu and knee-high socks, your footwear choice will garner more looks than anything else probably.

In discussing the choices that don’t have as vibrant of a bird shouting at you from the material, there simply could not have been enough room to put a full-size rendering. There are a few flip flops and sandal options that this is the case for. For example, when you buy this style of footwear, you can expect that much of the foot will be exposed as there is not a lot of surface space. That is the reasoning for buying something like a sandal. As a designer, you would be hard-pressed to stick a huge flamingo on that product somewhere since the entire upper is either straps or a thong toe piece.

Traction and Grip

There are individuals that are afflicted with being clumsy by nature. Some walk around as graceful as ballerinas and others trip over the air they walk through. While there is no rhyme or reason as to who gets dealt the agility card in the deck of life, for those consumers that are not swift on their feet, they need shoes that will help them to stay upright. This is where grip and traction that you find on a sole is so vitally important. Even if you are not clumsy the integrity of a sole adds to the durability of the shoe overall. Unless you are wanting minimalist footwear, you will want something that has a good sole attached to it. The sole starts out new and clean. After much walking, you can see that it breaks down as time goes on. All you have to do is check out a good athletic pair from a runner. The sole will have very worn spots on it. Once the sole begins to decompose, you start to jeopardize the entire product. The fit won’t be the same and you might find you begin to suffer from aches and pains that originally did not bother you. The item no longer protects and supports your foot the way that it should.

Traction and grip are two different but similar concepts. Traction is the ability of the shoe to not slide out from in under you. The grip is the ability of the shoe to stick to the ground. They inevitably need to work together to provide the overall optimal results. When looking at a sole to see what sort of grip and traction it is going to provide we examine the tread pattern for starters. The tread pattern of a sole is much like a tread pattern you would find on a car. The thicker the tread the better stability you will have. Some footwear have absolutely no tread or it is non-existent because it is so small; typically high heels or dress shoes. On the other hand, things such as construction work boots or hiking boots will generally have tread that can range in the 3/4-inch to 1-inch range, making it substantial. Then, everything else falls in the middle.

The grip has to do with the texture of the sole. You might not be able to see it with your bare eyes or you have to get extremely close to see any grip. The theory is for it to be hidden into the sole material. The grit and texture are what helps the sole to stick to the ground regardless of what surface you place it on. You hopefully will find shoes that can stand on dirt, sand, wet concrete, and anything else that is typically assumed as hazardous.


When you can wear a chosen item on your feet at any time of the year that is a great value. However, there are some parts of the world where it has severe temperature changes, depending on the season. We included in our list shoes that you can wear all year no matter the weather. We also had to include some choices that are seasonal to certain individuals. However, there are two sides to that coin. Perhaps you live in a moderately temperate climate and only need “warm” shoes for a few weeks during the year. Conversely, those in colder regions might only need flip flops or sandals for a just a few short weeks out of the year when temperatures rise high enough to bare some skin.

Hopefully, the range of products is vast enough that everyone will be able to find something that will work whether the temps plummet or they skyrocket and the pool is the only acceptable place to be. Or perhaps you are that brave soul that will sport sandals in the ice and snow just to make a fashion statement or don’t care for your feet to get hot and sweaty in closed shoes while strutting down the boardwalk by the seaside.


Ultimately, the footwear choice always comes down to style. You can search high and low through hundreds of options. However, the style or look of the shoe is what you are going to purchase based on. In this category, like we said before, we have included a vast assortment of styles in hopes that everyone can be satisfied.

  • Loafer- This is an all-around great option. Loafers can be completely casual or they can accentuate a dressier outfit with no problems, even if they do have flamingos on them. Loafers are usually slide-on style shoes. They do not generally have laces or ties. Finally, they have a more tapered toe area but are not quite classified as pointed-toe. When sporting a loafer you can wear them to work or out with friends for drinks and dancing. The style is also suitable for impressing that first date when you show up at the door. Last, but not least, they can handle the look for weddings and fancier affairs should you be brave enough to sport them there.
  • Flip flops- These might be a favorite amongst everyone. They have a cool and laid-back style. You can wear them to the grocery store, the beach, and with everything from dresses to blue jeans. Flip flops are a perfect compliment to your wardrobe. Some people are so brazen and have a love for this staple that they wear toe socks to be able to wear this design in the winter or colder months. This style is usually characterized by a toe or thong piece that goes in the middle of the big and second toes. From there, the straps go across the top of the foot towards the outside and inside of the sole. The straps are attached somewhere at the back portion of the sole, depending on how the design is laid out.
  • Sandal/Slide- Each of these has similar and different characteristics. For starters, they can both be casual or dressy. They have a top strap portion that holds it on your foot. From there they can have numerous more straps or buckles etc. These make a great option, depending on their style, for weddings, work, casual, and church. That really will come down to a judgement call by you on whether it is appropriate for the reasoning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will flamingo shoes make me taller, since the bird has long legs?
A: Perhaps! It depends on what style you decide to purchase. They have definitely been designers create stilettos and wedges with flamingos on them. Some of the choices we have, do give you an ever so soft lift in height as well.

Q: I have never owned anything with this print, what does it go with?
A: Honestly, most of these styles can go with anything really. If you want to rock your shoes with a dress or pajamas, there is no one stopping you. Don’t worry about what other people think, just do what makes you happy. The print is so fun and the bird is so beautiful that anyone that sees the ones on your feet won’t be able to keep a smile hidden.

Q: What is the obsession with this pattern?
A: Flamingos took off to be a huge hit in the late 1950’s when a product creator had a mixup in the factory and created a pink flamingo yard ornament. From there, the popularity shot out all through middle-income families and the trend has stuck around. This bird has been on so much more than just shoes. You can find it on everything from sheets to undergarments to home decor. They are not just a Florida or tropical thing. Also, the birds are very pretty and you can’t help but be drawn to their exotic appeal. The same is true for clothing and footwear.

Q: Does it need to be summertime or warm weather for me to wear this flashy style?
A: Absolutely not! Some people dream of being in warm weather when they are cold and snowy. Let your choice of bright flamingo print transform your mind and put you on beach time. However, if you choose an open shoe style, just make sure you protect your exposed skin if it is chilly outside.


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