Best Foot Creams Reviewed & Rated for Foot Health

Everyone knows how uncomfortable dry and cracked feet are, and they get worse in the winter months with the cold air. We can’t be the only ones who hate the way their feet stick to the sheets at night. Regular lotion never seems to help, and you feel you’ve tried everything (pumice stones, ped eggs, foot files) to no avail. We’ve scoured the internet and found the ten best foot creams to cure those calluses and hydrate those cracks. Guaranteed there is a cream to take care of all your needs ranging from drug store (cheap but powerful) to “fancy” (a little more pricey but worth the money).

Featured Recommendations

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula
  • Neutrogena Norwegian Formula
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Glycerin concentrated
  • 17 hours
  • Price: See Here
Miracle of Aloe
  • Miracle of Aloe
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 60% Aloe vera
  • Diabetic safe
  • Price: See Here
OKeeffes for Healthy Feet
  • OKeeffes for Healthy Feet
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Most purchased
  • Softens the hardest skin
  • Price: See Here

Your feet are probably one of the most important parts of your body since without them you wouldn’t be able to walk, stand or balance. Although there are people that were born missing their extremities that have surpassed obstacles, it really does make life difficult in this world. To stay healthy and survive humans need exercise, even just walking around the block, and your feet are what help accomplish that. Treat them with love and care considering they’re where a lot of your receptors are that send signals to your brain to keep your organs working properly.


10 Best Foot Creams



1. O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet

A popular brand is O’Keeffe’s. Everyone swears by it’s working hands product but many are shocked to learn that they also sell a product for feet. Their healthy feet foot cream is best used at bedtime after bathing and exfoliating, to give them that baby soft feel. It is definitely one of the most popular for anyone with extreme dryness on their feet.
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Protective Barrier
When it comes to some foot creams, they provide the moisture you need but don’t protect your skin from further damage. Healthy feet creates a barrier around the skin to ensure that the work it’s doing under the skin goes off without a hitch and stays that way. This helps also prevent moisture loss during the day for long-lasting effects.

Several competitors dropped the ball when it came to penetrating extremely thick and hardened skin. O’Keeffe’s uses allantoin is a chemical compound found in the metabolisms of most organisms (animals, plants, bacteria) and is an extract of the comfrey plant. It’s well-known for the moisturizing effects it possesses and that it can enhance the shedding of dead skin cells. If the dead skin cells on your feet do not shed themselves properly it can cause the painful cracking that leaves sensitive layers of skin open to irritation.

Cost and Value
Most see mind blowing results, and can’t believe their eyes when they see the price. Finding a foot cream that promotes skin elasticity, hydrates, softens, and creates a barrier was considered impossible. Until now that is. The effects alone are enough to make you become obsessed, add on the fact that it’s allergen free then its a dream come true.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-greasy
  • Unscented
  • Water/glycerin based
  • Thin consistency
  • White film

2. Miracle of Aloe

Aloe, for generations aloe vera has been popular among all walks of life for the wonderful, soothing qualities it possesses. With aloe being an all-natural medicinal/healing plant it’s no wonder that this “miracle” foot cream is made up of sixty percent ultra aloe. The aloe plants harvested are also grown without the use of GMOs, another bonus since GMOs have had surprising new side effects and studies found in the last few years.
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Relieves Itching
An arch nemesis to all that have dry or cracked feet is the constant itchy feeling that no matter how much you scratch will not go away. Miracle foot cream will get rid of the itch while it heals your feet at the same time. This is great news since scratching can make the dryness worse, and produce red patches in addition to the cracks and flakes.

Great for Diabetics
If you aren’t aware, diabetics have ridiculously sensitive feet. Any changes in their feet can result in serious problems, such as neuropathy. This is nerve damage, and the nerves that control oil/moisture in your feet could stop working and lead to infection down the road. Miracle of Aloe foot cream will prevent any severe changes (calluses, cracks, peeling) without adding too much moisture (it provides just the right amount to keep balance).

Cost and Value
Get the drugstore price without actually going to the drugstore. Considering the reviews, ingredients, and promises of “overnight relief” it’s amazing how laughably affordable this foot cream is. Add on the fact the bottle is bigger than several others on this list, it’s a darn good buy because a little goes a long way.
  • Helps with foot odor
  • Diabetic safe
  • Multi-purpose (Aloe)
  • Fast acting 
  • Really thick
  • Heavy menthol scent

3. Neutrogena Norwegian

Neutrogena is one of the top grossing cosmetics brands in the industry. They range from makeup to skincare and a few other tidbits available. They’ve always been known for their quality and effectiveness with almost all skin types and try to include more with each new product they release. Their foot cream is one of their special catch all products that (should) work for anyone and everyone.
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17+ Hours
If you’re anything like us, you don’t always remember to do your nightly routine before bed. This means you need something heavy duty that’s going to last until your light bulb turns on and you go running to the bathroom. The Norwegian foot cream is advertised to moisturize for more than seventeen hours. That’s insane! And awesome sauce! Forgot to moisturize the night before? No worries, your feet will still be soft and smooth the next day.

Glycerin-rich Formula
Don’t let the word glycerin scare you, it's a naturally occuring compound. There’s no color and is non-toxic, and is a wonderful lubricant. It’s the perfect ingredient for anyone who is sensitive to skincare products. Glycerin draws moisture from your body to slow drying and evaporation while the cream repairs and revives your poor feet.

Cost and Value
Neutrogena isn’t cheap but it isn’t expensive either, it’s more in the middle ground somewhere. Although you can’t complain about their prices since their products are at the top of the list for effectiveness. Whether it’s their foot cream or face cream you know what you’re getting when you buy, and that’s quality.
  • Mild scent
  • One use improves skin
  • Non-greasy
  • Silky

No effect if used before shower

4. Gold Bond Triple Action

4. Gold Bond Triple Action
Who doesn’t know Gold Bond? Anytime you ask someone to recommend a good lotion or cream they will tell you Gold Bond. Why? Well, because it works of course. Gold Bond has been around since 1908 (long time) and they have healing creams down pat. What’s better? You can go buy it at almost any grocery store!
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It’s pretty common for those of us with cracked/dry feet to experience the uncomfortable heat they can emanate. The triple action foot cream quells the heat and gives immediate comfort to the user. What a relief right? No more hot, red feet just from walking around (and good riddance to the sweat that comes with it).

No Special Directions
Many other creams on this list usually have complicated “before use” directions, or have none listed and then they don’t work because you “didn’t do it right” (how are we supposed to do it right when we don’t know what is right?). Anyway, with Gold Bond you can just put it on whenever if you’re feeling dry or rough. No sitting in your bathroom with a pumice stone, file, and exfoliant for results. Just pop open your triple action and you’re good to go.

Cost and Value
Another thing to love about Gold Bond is that they provide outstanding products at shockingly low prices! You’ll feel amazing after just one use, and even though you’re directed to basically slather it on it’s no problem since you’re not shelling out hundreds of dollars every time you need more!
  • Non-greasy
  • Fast acting
  • Mild scent
  • Cools 
  • Not all-natural

5. Burt's Bees Coconut

5. Burt's Bees Coconut
Literally everyone knows Burt’s Bees and has at least one product of theirs they absolutely adore. Their foot cream will sweep you off your feet (see what we did there?) with its rosemary and peppermint extracts to refresh and cleanse your thirsty skin. Although the main ingredient is coconut oil, and as we all know, coconut oil is one of the best products to revive dead skin.
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Melts into Skin
When you squeeze this cream out of the bottle it seems pretty solid, but once you start to lather it onto your feet it melts like butter and absorbs right in. Many other foot creams will sit on top and moisturize the outside but Burt’s Bees moisturizes more than that. Your feet will drink it in like water on a hot summer day.

Easy How-To
Many of the other creams don’t go in depth of how to use it, they just tell you to apply a small amount or large amount. Burt’s goes into detail on how to achieve the best results with their foot cream, which you can check out on their website.

Cost and Value
When you go to places like WalMart, Walgreens, or CVS they have an entire Burt’s Bees section with several of their products. You can always be comforted by their cheap prices compared to competitors. It’s basically a steal considering their products are made from some of the best ingredients available like olive fruit oil, oat kernel flour, and quillaja bark extract.
  • Mild scent
  • Tingles
  • Natural ingredients
  • Solid at room temp 
  • Salve
  • Greasy

6. Eucerin Advanced

6. Eucerin Advanced
Hooray, another popular drugstore brand! Eucerin has been known for the moisture it provides to skin like the first rain of the season. It’s always been recommended by doctors and dermatologists alike because it works so well for different people and problems. The formula in their advanced repair foot cream is patented (fancy huh?) and uses alpha hydroxy acids that hydrate the skin like no other.
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Fragrance Free
For many of us, heavy perfumed fragrances really give us a headache (or in other cases migraines) and we’re happy to report that this Eucerin cream is fragrance free for the comfort of all users. No more smelling like an old lady who took a bath in her floral perfume! People might say “It’s just for your feet though, why is it a big deal?” obviously they don’t know that scent lingers on your hands after applying no matter how many times you wash.

100 Years
Woah! Eucerin has been around for over one hundred years, paving the path for skincare. Nowadays they are recognized and trusted as one of the top brands to give life back to your skin. The formula has been clinically proven to exfoliate and hydrate for smoother feet before the two week mark of daily use. After a test, 95% of patients saw a noticeable improvement in the timeframe.

Cost and Value
Although not as cheap as a couple other brands, Eucerin still doesn’t break the bank. Phew. Especially since after one use you’ll be crawling back to the store to stock up in case they ever decide to stop making it (fingers crossed that never happens). Also, since everyone is different, if it doesn’t work for you than no loss to your bank account.
  • Natural
  • Gentle
  • Fast absorbing
  • Non-greasy
  • Pharmacist recommended
  • Packaging may vary
  • Runny

7. Curel Foot Therapy

7. Curel Foot Therapy
You really can’t go wrong with a brand that’s recommended by tattoo artists (if you didn’t know, fresh tattoos become extremely dried out and cracked). Curel is popular and well-known for its moisturizing abilities from head to toe. Whether you’re just using lotion or a specialized formula, like their foot therapy cream.
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2 Nights
Right on the bottle it says that after 2 nights it completely hydrates and softens your dry feet for the relief you so utterly crave. Perfect for when you have less than a week before summer and your feet are in no way sandal ready. People will be asking you all season how your feet look and feel so wonderful, you might not want to give up your secret that it’s a drugstore brand so they will be in awe forever.

Absorbs Quickly
The foot therapy cream is a bit different from other creams on the market, rather than sitting on top your skin and absorbing overnight it absorbs almost right away and deeply penetrates the skin cells in your feet all night. Although we would still recommend to wear some spa socks overtop to keep all that moisture locked in for best results. The improvement will be so shocking you won’t believe it at first.

Cost and Value
Looking to save your money but still get awesome results? You’ve found the right product then, considering Curel has always always been affordable for the everyday man/woman without giving up the promise that their products work 100%. It’s hard to beat a couple bucks and when you’re in a hurry you don’t want to wait for an expensive tube to come in the mail, so you can just run to the nearest Walgreens for this.
  • 24 hour hydration
  • Coconut milk
  • Vitamin E
  • Clean and fresh
  • Affordable
  • Heavy scent
  • Slightly runny

8. L'Occitane Shea Butter

8. L'Occitane Shea Butter
We’re pretty sure everyone loves shea butter, the smell and the feeling of it on your skin is like heaven. The foot cream by L’Occitane is 15% shea butter! (Do you have sparkles in your eyes too?) Can it get better? Yes, it can. With mint for cooling properties and arnica extract for inflammatory, it’s a bottle of skin nourishing perfection.
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Made in France
France, the center of the beauty world. They are the largest producer when it comes to cosmetics of all kinds (i.e. perfume and skin care). Just seeing the “Made in France” stamp on packaging makes us excited. French companies launch new innovative products every year in demand to consumers wanting faster, better results from products (like this shea butter foot cream). This ensures they remain the top producer in the cosmetics industry.

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavare (Latin for lavender) has always been known for its amazing abilities like pain relief, enhancement of blood circulation and treatment of respiratory health. It also smells wonderful, the scent washes over you like a relaxing shower. When you’re feet are cracking horribly it can be painful, the oils in L'Occitane foot cream help ease this pain to give you the relief you’ve been searching for.

Cost and Value
Please remember that anything made in France will be more expensive than anything you’ll find at the drugstore down the street, because ya know, it’s France. Although surprisingly enough this foot cream really doesn’t cost much more than some of the popular American brands available, but remember that France always produces absolute quality whereas the USA brand can be hit and miss. So go for it and treat yourself to the benefits of L’Occitane.
  • Smells of lavender
  • Non-greasy feel
  • Rejuvenates
  • Healing properties 
  • Slick
  • Poor shipping packaging

9. AHAVA Mineral

9. AHAVA Mineral
Pretty sure we all know that avocado is like totally in because of all the benefits it has when it’s consumed or used as an ingredient in beauty products. It’s one of the main ingredients in the foot cream made by AHAVA, and also uses Dead Sea minerals to prevent further cracking of your heels. It’s recommended to use every morning and every night for best results.
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Jojoba Oil
In history, jojoba oil was used on open wounds by Native Americans due to its healing properties. Today, it’s used for things like acne, chapped skin, and regrowth of hair. It is also found in many cosmetic products because of the softening capability it has. AHAVA uses it as one of the top listed ingredients in their mineral cream to enhance the healing of your split skin.

Dermatologist Tested
What everyone wants to hear is that the products they’re using on their skin is tested and approved by dermatologists (skin doctors). This specific foot cream was tested and approved as allergy free, GMO free, and petroleum free. It also is PETA certified for being cruelty free and vegan, so if you’re worried about animal products you can take a breath of relief about AHAVA.

Cost and Value
We can’t speak for you but a lot of people like to spend more for quality assurance, and you get that with AHAVA mineral. With two choices in bottle size you can spend “less” or “more” although you’ll probably save money with the bigger bottle in the long run because (hopefully) it will last longer. Considering the quality and the ingredients used it is a very good buy.
  • Neutral scent
  • Daily use
  • All-day nourishment
  • Paraben free
  • Mineral rich
  • Watery
  • Lightly moisturizing

10. Soap & Glory Heel Genius

10. Soap & Glory Heel Genius
Made by Soap & Glory, Heel Genius foot cream is one of those “girly” products you would find combing the aisle in Ulta and Sephora. If the cute bottle doesn’t have you sold already then the fact that it works wonders on your feet (making them high heel/sandal perfect) will convince you. Massage your tootsies before bed and slip some cotton spa socks on to moisturize overnight, do this nightly and before you know it you’ll have lovely and soft feet.
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One Night
Everywhere you look Heel Genius is claimed to work miracles in one single night., With nightly use it keeps rough, thirsty skin at bay. Can’t believe it? Go ahead and give it a try, you’ll wake up in the morning absolutely amazed at the difference in your footpads. Although, you can’t just use it once and expect your skin to stay this way. Skin care (especially for feet) is needed daily as a part of your routine to keep you healthy and radiant.

“Better than a Pedicure”
Not looking to spend money at a salon every week or so for a pedicure? Soap & Glory claims that their product is better than a pedicure, and the raving reviews have us agreeing with them! We don’t just want smooth feet because they’re pretty, it’s also to keep them happy (when your feet are happy you’re happy). Using Heel Genius actually rejuvenates the skin rather than stripping it off to start over like many pedicures do as well.

Cost and Value
It may seem as though you’re spending a bit for a not-so-big bottle, but a little of Heel Genius will go a long way. Also, it smells really pretty unlike many foot creams that have that medicine smell to them. The ingredients have been chosen to work together in harmony to achieve the supple skin we all crave.
  • Overnight
  • Rich
  • Lasts a long time
  • Not greasy
  • Perfume scent strong
  • Does not rid of calluses

Always remember that having good foot health means good health for the rest of your body as well. Pick the foot cream that would be best for your foot type (cracked, dry, flaky, itchy) and you’ll see the astonishing results for yourself. Rehydrate your paws and you’ll feel so much better, guaranteed. It also wouldn’t hurt to stop being embarrassed about the state of your feet! People will ooo and ahh in wonder at the soft and silky skin on your soles.

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Foot Creams

Healing Properties

Those huge fissures on your heels are a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, if left unattended and not taken care of properly infections are going to happen. All of these foot creams have the ability to help heal the cracks and prevent the possibility of nerve damage and disease. Cracks can be stopped in their tracks (rhyme) if you take care of your feet on a regular basis.



Some people really enjoy the heavy perfume smell in their skin care products but others are extremely sensitive to fragrance. There are many options available to cater to both sides of the spectrum, like fragrance-free, menthol, perfume, floral. Whatever floats your boat, there’s a foot cream for you.



Nowadays it seems almost everyone is allergic to something, whether it be a food product, some kind of plant (hay fever yuck), or medicine. A lot of creams used in skin care rely heavily on plant extracts (lavender for example) for the best results. Some make sure to use kinds that have been proven allergen free and others don’t follow the same route. You can find either on the list just make sure to read the fine print and ingredients to ensure you don’t swell up like a balloon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you achieve the best results?
It’s been tried and tested that to achieve ultimate effect follow this step-by-step process:

  1. Exfoliate
  2. File away what dead skin is left
  3. Apply the cream
  4. Pull on a pair of cotton socks
  5. Go to bed

You’ll wake up with soft, baby feet in the morning.

Q. Is there a difference between regular and diabetic foot cream?
Some foot creams aren’t recommended for use by diabetics because the ingredients would be too harsh for their sensitive skin. Although nowadays more companies are jumping on board to make their “regular” creams diabetic friendly.

Q. Will using foot cream keep my athlete’s foot from coming back?
Technically, yes. Not because of the cream itself but because good skin health will prevent the growth of fungus, the leading cause in athlete’s foot.

Q. What are the leading causes of cracked and dry feet?
Actually, the skin on our feet is naturally dry, it just becomes worse in certain conditions. Cracked feet happen when the skin becomes too dry and can’t regenerate new skin cells. Causes of cracked feet are:

  1. Excessively hot showers/baths
  2. Eczema or psoriasis
  3. Cold weather
  4. Aging
  5. Time spent in the sun
  6. Improper fitting shoes

Q. Should I see my doctor about my dry/cracked feet?
We always recommend telling your doctor about anything going on with your body that would not be considered “normal” because there could always be some sort of underlying condition that might jeopardize your health.

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