Best Foot Spas & Massage Baths Reviewed & Rated

Imagine getting a spa treatment every day. After a long, stressful shift at work, you stumble into your home, tired and hungry, eager to get out of your shoes and off your feet. You don’t have to go anywhere; you don’t have to pay anything. All you need to do is take off your socks, dip your aching feet in warm, bubbly water, sit back and relax. A foot spa will do all the work for you, in the comfort of your home, for a fraction of the cost, you will have to cover in a real spa center.

A foot spa, or a foot bath, is essentially a small, plastic tub, specially constructed for feet. The reason these marvels of comfort have grown in popularity is the increasing prevalence of foot pain. Whether because of ill-fitting shoes, a job which requires long periods of standing and walking around, or because of sports and grueling workouts – many people suffer from aching feet on a daily basis. Feet are used often and are commonly not very cared for. As a result, many people reach for these convenient foot baths to alleviate their foot pain and help them prepare to seize another day.

While not the most complicated of devices, these spas come in all forms and sizes, from the most basic ones – where you have to heat up the water yourself – to the more advanced, with water jets, massages, foot scrubs, heating features, bubbles and much more. There is a variety of brands to consider, as well as price ranges. It can seem a bit daunting to someone who hasn’t spent much time in the world of foot-treating-machinery.

Fortunately, we have gone through hundreds of reviews of foot spas. In a bid to make your choice easier, we hand-picked only the best of the best for this list. All that is expected of you is to scroll down, enjoy the read, and in the end make an informed decision on which one you will spoil yourself with.

Inomata Bucket
  • Inomata Bucket
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Simple To Use
  • Good For Salts & Oils
  • Price: See Here
Ivation Massager
  • Ivation Massager
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Oxygenating Bubble Action
  • LED Display
  • Price: See Here
HoMedics Compact Pro
  • HoMedics Compact Pro
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Collapsable
  • Vibrating Massage
  • Price: See Here


10 Best Foot Spas


Inomata Bucket

Quite unsurprisingly by its title, this is not a foot spa, in the usual sense anyway. The Inomata Bucket is, essentially, a bucket - a plastic basin, available in many colors, that you can fill up with water and soak your feet in for as long as you like. It doesn’t get more basic than that, but it is a favorite for people who prefer not to fuss over buttons and dials and too many massaging choices to keep track of.
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Given that it has no automatic features or anything that requires power to work, you can use the Inomata Bucket literally any time, anywhere. Just fill it up with hot water, dip your feet in, grab your favorite book or turn on your favorite show, and enjoy a relaxing soak.

One of the benefits of having an uncomplicated device is that you can enhance your experience by using a wide variety of Epsom salts or essential oils available. With the power of the internet, you are sure to discover countless recipes for baths that will soften the skin of your feet, improve your mood and maybe even help you sleep better at night.

Cost and Value
While it is the product with the lowest price on our list, it’s understandable that some consumers feel like even that is too much to give on a simple bucket. However, consider the convenience of it, and how much water you’ll save when you don’t have to fill up your bathtub for your feet only. The Inomata Bucket is cheap, unfussy, and a great addition to your daily routine.
  • Easy to Carry
  • For Feet and Ankles
  • Compatible With Salts & Oils
  • Sturdy
  • Simple To Use
  • No Heating System
  • Not For Big Feet & Legs

Ivation Massager

The Ivation Massager has been specially designed to relieve sore, weary feet. Whether you’re an athlete who trains hard or a person who spends their entire workday on their feet, this multifunction foot-massaging spa is the right one for you. With it, you’ll get oxygenating bubble action, the healing power of heat, and a cool, LED display as a final, high-tech touch.
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Multiple water jets produce thousands of soothing bubbles to relieve pressure and pain in your feet and to encourage circulation. You can combine this healing feature with essential oils and turn it into veritable aromatherapy, during which your entire body and mind relax through your feet.

Heating Power
The Ivation Massager can heat water up to 122F in a matter of minutes, even if you pour it in cold or at room temperature. Adjustable heat settings help you make the most out of this bath, and customize it just the way you want it, especially to ease swelling, redness or throbbing in your feet.

Cost and Value
As far as cost is concerned, the Ivation Massager sits comfortably in the middle range. It comes with free extras, such as a brush and a pedicure attachment, and it offers nothing but the most advanced of functions to soothe your aches. With its modern design and calming blue color, it is truly a foot bath worth its price.
  • Good For Oils & Salts
  • LED Display
  • Free Brush
  • Acupressure Pedicure Attachments
  • Good For Feet & Ankles
  • Heavy When Full
  • No Wheels

HoMedics Compact Pro Spa

While at a first glance similar - or even identical - to most of its peers, commonly found on the market, the Compact Pro has a few special characteristics which set it apart from the rest. Most notably the ability to collapse down for easy storage.
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ACU-NODE Surface
The bottom of the surface was created with small raised nodes that can help release pain and tension as your slide your feet back and forth.

Vibration Massage
You can easily plug in the Compact Pro to give you a vibrating message to your aching feet. Use along with the soothing heat and your feet will be in heaven.

Cost and Value
With all the extras it provides, the Compact Pro is not your average foot spa, though you could never tell that by its price. For relatively little money you will be getting the full package, plus the bonus of actually saving on your power bill, as this model spa has a great energy saving program.
  • ACU-NODE Bottom
  • Collapsible
  • Vibrating Massage
  • Not As Many Features As Others

Footmate System

Footmate System
Don’t worry, we’ve noticed - it’s not exactly a standard spa, is it? Rather, it’s more of a foot brush. You may be skeptical, but the Footmate System has been endorsed by The American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine. It is especially helpful to those who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, back pain, for tired caregivers and pregnant women - all groups of people who are advised not to use a standard model.
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The wide gentle inner brush massages your soles, while the stiff outer bristles smooth your skin and calluses, improving circulation. The bristles are contoured, providing a stimulating massage for the bottom and the sides of your feet.

The Footmate System is not just about massage and relaxation, it is also about proper foot care. It leaves feet thoroughly cleaned and conditioned, including the often overlooked areas between the toes.

Cost and Value
While not really a foot bath, at this price, the Footmate System is a steal. If you’re a person who has trouble moving around or bending over, who suffers from scratchy, calloused feet and would like to get proper care without coughing up extra cash for spa treatments every so often, then this foot brush is definitely for you.
  • Comes With A Rejuvenating Gel
  • For Diabetics
  • For People With Limited Mobility
  • Helps With Dry Feet
  • Doctor Approved
  • Not For Sensitive Feet
  • Not For Textured Shower Floors


The first thing you will notice in the NURSAL All In One is its modern, minimalistic appearance. It is easy to use, without any embellishments that will have you scratching your head over the manual. Aside from the heating system, the oxygen bubble therapy, and a LED display, this one has a unique roller design and digital controls for a fully customizable soak.
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Mini Rollers
The NURSAL All In One comes with a staggering eleven mini rollers at the bottom of its basin. They are not motorized, but you will not be disappointed with the kneading massage they provide. After all, their design is based on the principles of human engineering, and they fit most feet sizes.

High Quality Plastic
When you’re playing with heat, it is important that the product is made of high-quality materials which can withstand such high temperatures. The NURSAL All In One ensures high-temperature resistance, as well as aging resistance and multi-insulation protection.

Cost and Value
The NURSAL All In One is anything but expensive, falling in the low-to-mid range of cost. However, it does not come with any additional attachments or functions. While the mini rollers are certainly useful, there may be models out there with more options available at a lower price point.
  • Medicine Box
  • Speed Heating
  • Digital Controls
  • Oxygen Bubbles
  • Unique Rollers
  • Wonky Thermostat
  • Rollers Not Automatic

Guisee All In One

Guisee All In One
Inspired by ancient Tai Chi masters, the Guisee All In One is a symbol of both luxurious relaxation and traditional oriental medicine. With its acupressure points, it is a balm not only for your feet but for your entire body as well. This foot spa is outfitted with a heating system which keeps the water temperature constant, a self-draining mechanism, and you will be pleasantly surprised with how little noise it produces.
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Acupuncture Points
These points are specially designed to concentrate on the areas of your feet which are connected to other parts of your body, smoothing the meridians (according to traditional Chinese medicine) for an easier flow of life-energy, known as qi. They help improve your metabolism and release harmful toxins from your body.

The Guisee All in One is easy to transport with the four casters at the bottom and a built-in draining system helps you empty it in only a couple of easy steps over your sink.

Cost and Value
Price-wise, this model is borderline high cost, but not over the top, especially considering everything that it offers. You’re not only getting a standard foot spa with all the usual features but also your very own acupuncture station to improve your overall health and well-being.
  • Infrared Light
  • Self-draining
  • Up to Men’s Size 18
  • Quiet
  • Acupuncture Massage
  • Slow Heating

Goplus Foot Spa

Goplus Foot Spa
Even though it doesn’t say in its name, this is a foot spa sports an all-in-one system, including but not limited to heat therapy, oxygen bubble massage, and adjustable temperature controls. A top control panel allows quick and easy access to all functions. All you need to do is pour in some water, sink into your most comfortable armchair and finally unwind after a long and stressful day.
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PTC Heating Semiconductor
This quality heating system guarantees fast water heating, maintaining a constant temperature throughout use and multi-insulation protection. With it you won’t have to worry about playing with water around electrical power - the double overheating protection will make you safe and secure during your own personal foot relaxation.

Temperature controls
With this bath, you can not only enjoy one temperature level but three. At 95F heating therapy is activated, at 110F your feet will be gently massaged by bubbles, and at 118F you can go for the red light irradiation, which improves your blood circulation and eases muscle tension.

Cost and Value
As far as the price goes, the Goplus Foot Spa is firmly in the low range. Is it perfect? No, but it is equipped with all the necessary features for a well-rounded home foot spa oasis, and it will not break your wallet in the process.
  • Red Anti-Aging Light
  • Wheels For Transport
  • Secure Heating System
  • Bubbles
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Instructions Not Clear

Soozier Foot Bath

Soozier Foot Bath
The Soozier Foot Bath has all the necessary features for a nice, solid foot soak. Not only does it offer consistent controlled heating, soothing bubbles, massage rollers and various controls - for easy handling of the temperature, bubbles, and rollers - it is also smaller in design, making it unexpectedly easy to transport and store whenever and wherever you like.
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Dual Thermostat
With the Soozier Foot Bath, you need not worry if the water will grow cold. The dual thermostat feature is there - along with the PTC heating element and the bath cover - to ensure that you get a constant temperature of 118F for an unwavering level of foot warmth throughout your bath.

Compact Design
While other designs aim for bigger sizes for bigger feet, the Soozier Foot Bath is smaller, making it effortlessly easy for you to take it with you anywhere you feel like having a foot bath. Its compact size also means it is perfect for storing under the bed, in your car, or any corner where it won’t get in the way.

Cost and Value
The Soozier Foot Bath is ideal for you if you’re not looking for anything fancy or complicated; just a regular foot spa which meets all your relaxing needs without over the top gadgets or confusing controls, for a relatively low price.
  • Manual Roller Massage
  • Pumice Stone
  • Fully Covered Insulation
  • Compact Size
  • Digital Display
  • Not For Large Feet
  • Rollers Not Automatic

Giantex All In One

Giantex All In One
With its extensive massaging options, a digital display with simple functions, a remote control for maximum convenience and a heating system which allows you to adjust water temperature levels from 95F up to 118F, the Giantex All In One certainly - as its name says - has it all. It is equipped with many features but isn’t over-complicated to use, and it is bound to meet all your foot bath needs.
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Massager Design
When it comes to massage options, if you’ve thought of it, the Giantex All in One probably has it. Four motorized massage rollers, hot-water waves, vibration massage, precision acupuncture points massage - the Giantex All in One is here to promote blood circulation, improve metabolism and relieve fatigue.

The Giantex All-in-One has four wheels and a removable carrying handle for easy transport and storage. A small hole between the edge of the top cover and the wall of the basin makes draining water a breeze.

Cost and Value
It is undeniable that this model is costly, especially compared to others on our list. It does offer a wide variety of features and options, but the truth is that there might be better choices out there, for a lower price.
  • Easily Transportable
  • Remote Controlled
  • Adjustable Water Temperature
  • Massage Rollers
  • For Everyday Use
  • Expensive
  • Uncomfortable Massagers

LuxorWare Foot Spa

LuxorWare Foot Spa
With its very name suggesting luxury, the LuxorWare truly is a high-end foot spa. It is unique with its interchangeable roller plates, a waterfall option, as well as the fact that it is quite tall, accommodating not only feet but ankles and calves as well. Say goodbye to aching legs and stiff joints - the LuxorWare is here to take care of you in style and splendor.
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Interchangeable Rollers
What sets LuxorWare apart from the rest of the products on our list is that the roller plates on the bottom of the basin can be swapped. The unit comes with two types of plates - automatic massage rollers, and a tai-chi style massage plate. It solely depends on your mood and preference which one you’d like to use.

Waterfall Feature
Enjoy a splash of water with the waterfall feature, which sprays water up to your calves to simulate surfing effects. This type of massage - from your toes all the way up to your calves - helps with poor blood circulation and promotes better blood flow.

Cost and Value
The LuxorWare does come at a higher price than most of the units on this list. However, investing in it might not be a bad idea, since you are getting everything you would with a normal foot spa, but also additional massage options and the benefit of relieving tension not only in your feet but in your legs as well.
  • Water Jets
  • Interchangeable Massage Plates
  • Waterfall Massage
  • Electric Shock Proof
  • Deep Basin
  • High Cost
  • Not Easily Transportable

As you can see, choosing a proper spa is no easy feat. Over time and with growing demand these devices have become quite elaborate in design and functionality. It can take a while to sort through all the options. What is important to keep in mind, however, are your own needs, and your budget.

Are you an athlete who requires a foot massager? Are your feet plagued by tough calluses and in dire need of some taking care of? Would you like a pedicure with your soak? Exfoliation? Or just something simple and straightforward, without any added gizmos? There is a right foot bath out there for everyone.

Usually, more features equal to a higher price, but if you feel like you don’t need more than the basics, there’s no reason you should throw money at high-end, luxury models. So take a deep breath, consider everything you’ve read just now, go out there and get yourself your own personal spa oasis.


Criteria For Evaluating the Best Foot Spas


Ease of Use

  • Size: While most spas can accommodate feet sizes up to men’s 13 or 14, it is essential to check the device’s capacity before purchase. You should be able to submerge your feet in the tub so the water comes up to your ankles. If you can’t do that without overflowing it is too small for you.
  • Depth: You should also take into account the depth of the basin. Shallow basins may not work for you, especially if you’re suffering from leg pain, for which a taller tub would be a better idea.
  • Portability: As far as portability goes, bear in mind that most spas are bulky and difficult to transport, especially when filled with water. If you’re expecting to move your foot bath around, or even travel with it, try looking at those which have their own mobile carrying units. Or those which are light enough that you can carry yourself, empty or not.
  • Access and Storage: Lastly, you should also think of one more detail, which is where you will store your it when it’s not in use, and how much space you can allocate for it in your home. Don’t forget that spas need a power outlet. You should consider where you’ll be using it, where the nearest outlet is, and if the cord is long enough to reach it.

It will only give you a headache if you finally receive your eagerly-awaited spa unit and find out that it’s crammed with buttons and dials and instructions which might as well be written in a foreign language. No one wants a confusing machine that they can’t even turn on without consulting the manual, so definitely look for a foot spa which is straightforward and simple, intuitive to use.

  • Programs: There are spas with preset programs, usually 2 to 3, which allow you to customize your bath for whatever you’re in the mood for in that moment. The only thing required of you would be to push a button and kick back for a fully personalized experience.
  • Controls: While admittedly a first world problem, it is annoying when you have just started to unwind when your feet are warm and the tension has just started to ebb away – when you realize you need to turn on a massaging program. Or a jet system. Or the bubbles. Or do anything that requires you to bend over, fiddle with the controls and lose some of the serenity you’ve just started to enjoy.
    This is where foot spas with toe-touch controls come in handy. You don’t need to reach over to do anything – just click the buttons or move the switches with your fingers and problem solved.
    You could even go a step further and invest in a foot bath with a remote control. As easy as changing channels on TV, you can adjust the heat level, bubbles, or massage intensity without sacrificing your comfort.
  • Cleaning: All the stress relief from having your own foot spa might as well count for nothing if it will be an absolute pain to clean. As a rule, and by way of logic, spas which have a contoured, textured foot basin are more difficult to clean, since there are hidden nooks and corners where fungi and bacteria can proliferate. For easy, no-fuss cleaning, you should choose models with smooth edges and less hidden crevices.
    There are also baths with self-draining systems, which make it infinitely easier to drain and store them quickly.



  • Heating system: Not all foot spas have the heating option. The most basic ones require you to boil or heat up the water yourself before getting a chance to dip your feet in. More advanced models can maintain previously manually heated water at a constant, lukewarm temperature.
    But for the least amount of hassle, for uninterrupted relaxation – where you won’t have to get up in the middle of your soak to add more hot water – you should consider looking into the more elaborate spas. They can not only heat the water themselves, after you pour in cold or room temperature water, and maintain that level of warmth throughout your enjoyment. Some of them also have varying levels of heat settings. You just splash some water in and switch the  spa on, without a moment of concern whether it will get cold before you finish your treatment.
  • Bubbles: Bubbles are often incorporated into foot baths as a great way to relax muscles. This might be a good choice for you if your feet aren’t particularly ticklish, and you enjoy a gentle, tingling massage. You should remember, however, not to use foaming soap in combination with the bubble feature. It may agitate the water and create excess foam.
  • Jets: For a more intense massage, there is the option of hydro jets, not unlike those you find in a Jacuzzi. They can be rolling or rotating or over the top of your feet or from the sides or really in any form you can think of, and are a welcome addition if you’re looking for the additional release of tension.
  • Vibration and massage: Many foot baths are equipped with special nodes and rollers in the basin to massage the bottoms of your feet. Like everything, these range from pretty simple ones – where you yourself roll your feet back and forth over the massaging nodes – to more automated features, such as vibrating functions. The most advanced ones come in the form of percussion motion and intensity levels which you can adjust to your liking.
  • Attachments: We all like bonus gadgets, like children in a toy shop, always looking for interesting things to play with. However, models which come with additional attachments are only as good as how much you’ll actually be using those attachments.

The most common choice is foot spas with a Pedi center. These usually include attachments positioned above the level of water in the basin, such as:

  • Pumice stone:  When superheated lava and water mix and harden, pumice is created.  It’s the perfect king of abrasive tool, porous and light, to help remove dry skin.
  • Brushes: From those with soft bristles for a gentle massage to harder ones for exfoliating the skin and removing calluses, foot bath models can offer an assortment of various brushes for enhancing your spa experience.
  • Nail clippers: These detachable extras will most likely drive up the price of the gadget. The number of the attachments should never overpower the quality of the machine itself. But if you’re looking for a full salon experience, and love to give yourself pedicures regularly, this is the right option for you.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I clean and maintain my foot spa?
A: The first step would be to drain the water from the spa. Then thoroughly clean the basin with soap and disinfectant after every use. Never skip a cleaning, especially if more than one person is using the spa.

Q: Regarding my health, am I even allowed to use a foot spa?
A: There are certain medical conditions which make it inadvisable to use this machine. These include diabetes, blood circulation disorders and open or healing sores on the feet. Additionally, pregnant women should also refrain from using them as well. If you have any qualms about soaking your feet in the spa, consult your doctor or medical professional beforehand.

Q: Can I use salts or oils with my foot spa?
A: Depends on the machine. Make sure to read the instructions and manuals carefully before you decide to pour in any of these and potentially ruin your new foot bath. It would also be a good idea to check if you’re allergic to essential oils. However, if your machine is compatible with salts and oils and you’re not allergic, definitely scour the internet for some amazing DIY recipes for all-natural foot soaks!

Q: Is there a foot bath that can help with pain in my calves and legs as well as my feet?
A: There are three different heights available on the market when it comes to basins. Most common are the spas which soak only the feet. Then there are slightly deeper tubs which have room for the ankles as well. The deepest – or tallest – models will allow you to soak in water up to your calves. This might help alleviate the pain, but a foot bath cannot replace medical help if it’s a serious problem!

Q: What is an ionic detox foot bath?
A: This type of foot bath has been a fad these past few years, as some spas claim they can remove toxins and pollutants from your body through your feet. Supposedly, the water changes color based on which organs have been cleansed. This miraculous bath can cost a small fortune for a one-time session.
We do advise caution and common sense when approaching the ionic detox foot bath. There are spas which promote a true detox foot bath, which explain that the water doesn’t change color because of the toxins, but because of the reaction between the salts used and the water. If you’re interested in this treatment, make sure to do extensive research. Try to find a spa which won’t take your money for an ineffective foot bath with a trendy name.


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