Best Futsal Shoes Reviewed for Comfort & Performance

You may be able to get away with playing futsal in pretty much any type of shoe, including your running shoes, but not just any shoes are ideal or will help you perform adequately. If you really want to play futsal the right way and by that, I mean comfortable at your top level, then it’s only befitting that you find the best futsal shoes that are made specifically for the sport.


Futsal is an action-packed, competitive and often physical sport; attributes that come with the necessity of speed, traction, strength, and durability in your footwear. More than that, additional factors like shoe length and width, price, design, aesthetics, materials used to make the shoes, and the manufacturer have to be duly considered by buyers in order to ensure that the futsal shoes serve the fundamental purposes of comfort, safety, and reliability.

Last Updated: May 23, 2017
By Daniel Gonzalez:

This recent update includes a revised list of 2017's highest rated Futsal shoes, including selections from Adidas, Puma and Nike. You will find shoes such as Adidas' Samba Classic, and Nike's FC247 models reviewed and rated, with price comparisons and their most notable specifications. Also included in info on how to select adequate futsal shoes, based on our research and evaluation criteria.

Featured Recommendations

Adidas Performance Samba Classic
  • Adidas Performance Samba Classic
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Die-cut EVA insole
  • Price: See Here
Puma Evospeed 4.4 LT
  • Puma Evospeed 4.4 LT
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Price: See Here
Kelme Star 360 Michelin
  • Kelme Star 360 Michelin
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Michelin advance rubber
  • Price: See Here

Then, of course, there is the extremely important consideration of playing surface. Futsal, as you probably know, is an indoor game. This means that the shoes you choose should be appropriately suited for indoor surfaces, particularly in regards to facets such as grip patterns and type of soles in your futsal shoes, along with the need to maintain the best levels of balance and accuracy when passing, shooting or simply moving the ball.

Quite a tedious process and too many complicated considerations just to get you the best futsal shoes, huh? Well, it can admittedly be a hair-tearing exercise, especially if you don’t know how and where to look. But fortunately for you, we took the liberty to do all the mind-racking research so you don’t have to.



15 Best Futsal Shoes



1. Adidas Performance Samba Classic

Featuring a full grain leather upper that is suavely fashioned with a rubber sole and the trademark three stripes on the side, the Adidas Performance Samba Classic is a perfect blend of class and comfort that suits just about anyone looking for a quality futsal shoe at an affordable price.
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Excellent Grip
Thanks to its low-profile non-marking rubber outsoles and light weight, the Samba Classic offers plenty of control and excellent grip for futsal players on any kind of indoor surface.

Because of their trendy design and comfort, the shoes can be used not only for playing futsal, but also for casual wear, where they can be worn with a pair shorts, khaki or even jeans.

Cost and Value
The Men’s Samba is definitely a great bargain and easily one of the best futsal shoes with great value for their highly-affordable price.

Stylish and trendy design

Highly durable compared to other similar products

Gum-rubber outsoles offer plenty of traction

Multipurpose—can be used as sportswear and casualwear


A bit narrow

Limited arch support

2. Adidas Performance Nemeziz Messi Tango

Adidas is a powerhouse when it comes to futsal shoes. Take your indoor game to the next level with the Adidas Performance Nemeziz Messi Tango shoe. Super lightweight with excellent traction and grip this shoe will help you perform like never before. The durable upper breaths well and provides great comfort while, the rubber sole makes maneuvering on slippery floors a breeze.
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360 Torsion Tape
Inspired by sports tape the 360 Torsion Tape gives you medial and lateral support. Sports tape is used by athletes across the globe to ensure their muscles continue to feel great. Adding that same support to your feet will keep you going longer, stronger, and you will find that you recover faster.

Dual Lock Collar
Keeping your shoes securely fastened to your feet is top priority. Sliding around in your shoes can lead to pain and possible injuries. It can also impact your game negatively. Finding a pair for Futsal shoes that offer not only a sure fit but also add to the stability of your ankles can be difficult. Adidas Performance Nemeziz Messi Tango futsal shoes will stay put on your feet and offer advanced stability with their dual lock collar system.

Cost and Value
Great performance, agility, traction, and style can be yours with the Adidas Performance Nemeziz Messi Tango shoes and they won’t cost you a fortune. They carry an average price tag in the world of futsal shoes. Keep your feet and your budget comfortable when you pick up a pair and know they come from a company that really knows indoor soccer.
  • Great Cushion In the Heel
  • Perfect Fit
  • Very lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Durable Through Hard Wear
  • Must Wear with Tall Socks

3. Adidas Performance Samba Millennium

If you are looking for a lightweight futsal shoe that features a full grain leather upper with suede overlays and a nice rubber sole that guarantees comfort, then the Performance Samba Millennium is the shoe you need to go for.
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High Quality Materials
Coming in the colors of white, black and gold, the Samba Millennium is made of high-quality synthetic leather and a soft inside that provides great cushioning and admirable shock absorption, making it a trendy option for both indoor and outside usage.

Highly Durable
And just like most leather-made shoes, these classic sneakers are very durable, reportedly lasting as long as two-plus years for people who pretty-much use them on a daily basis.

Cost and Value
More notably, the Samba Millennium retails affordably in most stores, hence offering tremendous value to its users, especially if you consider how long-lasting they are.


Conveniently multipurpose

Extremely comfortable

Excellent grip on all kinds of indoor surfaces


Little arch support

4. Nike Mercurial Vapor Xi

4. Nike Mercurial Vapor Xi
Nike brand products are trusted across the globe and for a very good reason. They offer top quality yet affordable products for every athlete out there. This includes superior futsal shoes. The Nike Mercurial Vapor Xi will help you feel the ball and get under it with ease. They are also quite flexible and react well to tricky foot maneuvers.
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Horizontal Ridges
If you are looking for great ball control you need to invest in a pair of futsal shoes that allow you to really feel the ball. The horizontal ridges found on the Nike mercurial Vapor Xi make your control supreme. They also make your knowledge of where the ball is better than ever before. You will find your game going to the next level due to this ingenious feature on the Nike Mercurial Vapor Xi futsal shoes.

Low Profile Toe Box
A thick toe on your futsal shoes can inhibit your ability to really get under the ball. You may find ball tricks difficult to perform or sloppy finishes. The low profile toe box makes tricky under ball maneuvers a breeze. During practice and competition you will find more power and control with this feature of the Nike Mercurial Vapor Xi futsal shoes.

Cost and Value
Costing slightly more than others within our guide, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Xi futsal shoes give you advanced features and will help improve your game. If you need an indoor soccer shoe that will give you great feel and traction, these may be the pair for you. Still affordable for most futsal enthusiasts, you will find comfort and style in these shoes.
  • Great for Daily Wear
  • Performs Well for Beginners and Advanced Players
  • Excellent Grip
  • Color That Really Pops
  • Made Need Alternate Pair for Turf Use

5. Adidas Performance Mundial Goal

5. Adidas Performance Mundial Goal
The Performance Mundial is a highly-cushioned, full-leather sneaker that is fashioned in the trademark black and white Adidas colors. Lightweight comfort is guaranteed with the shoe’s die-cut EVA insole.
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Great Stability and Traction
Thanks to its TRAXION outsole that is blended with a posh-looking rubber sole and its max grip profile, your stability is assured when you are using these best futsal shoes on turf and hard surfaces.

Comfort and Safety
The synthetic lining on the inside, leather on the outside and thick (but lightweight) rubber sole also provide a splendid blend of comfort, solid support and protection, which greatly limits injuries when playing futsal or simply using them for casual purposes.

Cost and Value
The array of features that come with this shoe—particularly the Kangaroo leather—make the Performance Mundial a great bargain. It’s hard to find such a legendary pair in the best futsal shoes market at a similar price-range.

Always stylish

Great quality

Aesthetically appealing

Good fit straight out of the box


Limitedly durable—rarely last long

They run big

6. Nike Hypervenom NeymarX Proximo

6. Nike Hypervenom NeymarX Proximo
Purposefully built to provide explosive speed and superb playmaking skills like Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar Jr., the Hypervenom NeymarX Proximo are the indoor shoes you need to go for if you want to take your game to the next level.
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Good Fit
These boots are dynamically styled for good fit; something that is complemented with the supportive Flyknit upper that is found in most Nike SCCRX shoes.

Super Comfort
More notably, these shoes come with cushioning for great in-shoe comfort, ultra-soft leather for superior ball feel and an Authentic Nike Gear Guarantee; features that assure of you of great comfort and quality whenever you purchase the Hypervenom NeymarX Proximo.

Cost and Value
While there is no denying the great quality and dependable features on this top-rated shoe, the price seems a bit too high for ordinary buyers.

Highly durable

Super comfortable

Professionally designed with quality materials

Tailored for high performance on indoor activities


A bit expensive for some buyers

7. Puma 365 Ignite

7. Puma 365 Ignite
You can expect the unexpected with Puma brand. Built for all types of hard surfaces, the Puma 365 Ignite will help take your futsal game to the next level. Supremely breathable and lightweight these futsal shoes protect your feet in the high pressure areas. You will also get better grip and ball handling with these low profile shoes. Optimum comfort with advanced technology, make the longest practices or competitions easier.
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Ignite Midsole
The midsole of the Puma 365 Ignite will keep you comfortable and help you improve your footwork. They provide excellent energy return which keeps your legs, feet, and ankles feeling great. In addition to the great comfort of these futsal shoes, they also make difficult maneuvers easier. The ignite midsole will make turning simple without the slide that can lead to pain and injury.

Studded Rubber Outsole
Rubber is awesome for grip and traction however, not all futsal shoes use it for their outsole. It is truly superior and with the addition of studs, these rubber outsoles will give you enhanced performance with turns, starting, stopping, and ball control. Rubber grips the surface of the floor as well as the surface of the ball. This makes you move quicker and helps the ball stay where you want it, all in all this outsole with help you perform at maximum level.

Cost and Value
Puma gives a truly well rounded pair of futsal shoes for a price that is towards the top of our guide. While not horribly expensive, they may be more difficult to fit into the budget than others. Keep in mind, if you are looking for a low profile shoe that will give you superior grip and allow your feet to stay comfortable through the toughest games, then these may be the futsal shoes for you.
  • Truly Veratile
  • Exceptionally Light
  • TPU Shank for Stability
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Helps Protect From Abrasions
  • Narrow Fit
  • Cost

8. Kelme Star 360 Michelin

8. Kelme Star 360 Michelin
By combining the ingenuity of two powerful companies (Kelme and Michelin), this sneaker brings an all-rounded blend of design strengths (more so in traction and comfort) that are specifically tailored for the futsal market and indoor activities.
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Weighing in at an average of 10.4oz, the Kelme Star 360 is an ultra-lightweight that deservedly warrants the big reputation it commands in the market of indoor soccer shoes. Add the gum-rubber soles and the variety of quality materials used to make the shoe, this pair is certainly a fantastic futsal shoe option.

High Quality Soles
Courtesy of Michelin’s background in rubber technology, the Kelme Star 360 soles offer a stability that is second-to-none in the market and a flexibility that allows for use in sporting activities as well as in daily casual endeavors.

Cost and Value
With a strong build quality, nice lightweight feel, amazing traction and an overall beautiful design; it goes without saying that the Kelme Star 360 is soundly priced, if not being a great bargain compared to other best futsal shoes.

Lovely design

Great traction

Perfectly suited for indoor activities

Very light and feel comfortable


No heel and arch support

Larger than the standard measurements

9. PUMA Momentta Vulcanized Sala

9. PUMA Momentta Vulcanized Sala
With a cushioned insole, breathable mesh and synthetic leather uppers, the Momentta Vulcanized Sala is among the most comfortable indoor futsal shoes in today’s market.
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True to Puma’s global brand, the lightweight Momentta Vulcanized Sala is stylishly designed and technically endowed to function both as an indoor and outdoor shoe.

Great Grip
While the synthetic sole’s ability to provide great grip on various surface draws most raving reviews in the futsal shoe industry; most players reportedly love the fact that the shoe’s midsole is reinforced with a toe bumper, thus providing plenty of protection from unnecessary toe injuries.

Cost and Value
These sneakers are reasonably priced, particularly if you consider that they can last for over a year if well-maintained.

Beautifully designed

Non-marking gum-rubber helps in providing exceptional traction. 

EVA insole helps in providing added comfort on hard surfaces

The synthetic materials and rubber design allow for great stability and control


The shoe runs a bit tight and narrow

Delicate because of the synthetics

10. Diadora Cattura

10. Diadora Cattura
Built with growing feet in mind, the Diadora Cattura futsal shoes are comfortable and durable for multi use wear. The gum rubber outsole gives great traction and is durable for those that are rough on shoes. These futsal shoes are made in the USA and are super soft. From the padded collar around the ankle and the EVA insole these shoes are made for comfort and performance.
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EVA Foam Insole
The Diadora Cattura futsal shoes give great comfort with the use of the EVA Foam Insole. Not only does this type of insole give you great comfort it also gives you great support. EVA Insoles also provide superior shock absorption and distribution. Keeping shock away from your feet, muscles and joints ensure you will feel great at the end of a long practice or game.

Versatile Wear
Changing your shoes when you get to your practice area can be annoying, especially if you find you are running late. The versatile wear of the Diadora Cattura futsal shoes enable you to wear your practice shoes right to the gym. The polyurethane upper and rubber outsole will keep your feet dry and clean up easily to make sure that gym floors stay clean and dry. The ability to wear your practice shoes in the street and vice versa is a wonderful feature in any futsal shoes.

Cost and Value
One of the most affordable pairs of futsal shoes in our guide will give you comfort and versatility not found so easily in other pairs. The Diadora Cattura futsal shoes are great for beginners and those who are really tough on their shoes. If you are looking for a pair that keep growing feet in mind and know what it takes to stand up to difficult practices and games, these may be the shoes you have been looking for!
  • Perfect Fit 
  • No Break In Period
  • Superior Price
  • Very Sturdy
  • Great for All Indoor Surfaces
  • Sizing Runs Small

11. Diadora Capitano LT

11. Diadora Capitano LT
Diadora has been offering athletes excellent products across the globe for decades. Trusted for durability, comfort, intuition, and style Diadora continues to impress with their Capitano LT futsal shoes. The leather upper offers great durability as well as awesome style for your next indoor game. The Italian craftsmanship is reliable and proven to give an amazing fit that stays comfortable. Focusing your attention on your feet can really improve your game, Diadora thinks so too. As a result, they give us the Diadora Capitano LT futsal shoes.
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Full Grain Leather Upper
Futsal enthusiasts will tell you this sport is tough on your shoes. While mesh breaths better it is also much less durable. The full grain leather upper on the Diadora Capitano LT futsal shoes is not only durable, they are easy to clean and look great with anything you decide to wear for practice. In addition, leather forms to your feet giving you a superior fit and increased level of comfort.

EVA Insole
Diadora believes athletes need a truly comfortable yet responsive pair of futsal shoes. EVA Insoles decrease the shock felt by the wearer and disperses impact keeping your lower body feeling great. When you play hard it can become painful and possibly have you sitting out for a few days. A great pair of futsal shoes paired with the EVA insole will ensure you are participating everyday.

Cost and Value
An above average pair of futsal shoes for an average price is what you get when you invest in the Diadora Capitano Lts. Superior comfort and durability with a style everyone will love does not have to come with a hefty price tag. You can be achieve great performance with superior grip and that customized feel you have been looking for without the worry of what it will do to your next month’s budget.
  • Great for Futsal and Everyday Wear
  • High Quality Material
  • Excellent for Wider Feet
  • Experienced Craftsmanship
  • Good Padding
  • Poor Fit for Narrow Feet

12. Adidas Ace Tango

12. Adidas Ace Tango
Adidas is driven to impress with their athletic gear and it shows with the Adidas Ace Tango futsal shoes. Made for use on turf, these shoes will give you amazing stability, control, and support for the toughest practices and most difficult match ups. The upper of these futsal shoes is made for a supremely customized fit and improved ball control. They also sport a rubber sole that is built for grip and traction making those fancy foot skills easier to perform.
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Control Feel Upper
Reach a comfort level never before reached with the soft, breathable, and lightweight upper used in the Adidas Ace Tango futsal shoes. The texture of the synthetic material provides superior ball control and touch. Adidas’ use of technology to not only keep you cool and comfortable but also to improve your overall game is awesome. In addition to all of this they also fit like a glove. The soft, flexible material moves with your feet and will feel like these futsal shoes were made just for you.

Total Control Outsole
Not only does the upper help you feel the ball and give you added control, the outsole will give you total control over your game. Built for speed junkies, these futsal shoes will give you serious control and grip on slippery turf surfaces. You will see how the rubber nubbed outsole provides deep grip and better strides. Slide through the tightest defenses with ease when you try the Adidas Ace Tango futsal shoes.

Cost and Value
Falling into the mid-range of pricing, Adidas offers a truly great pair of futsal shoes. There is a reason Adidas is a leader among athletic apparel, shoes, and gear, quality products at affordable prices. We work hard for the money we earn and expect a product that is going to last and perform to our specific standards. The Ace Tango futsal shoes are a perfect example of how Adidas keeps everyone in mind.
  • No Risk of Losing Your Shoe at Practice or Games
  • Hold Feet Securely In Place
  • Reliable Brand + Great Price
  • Customized Feel
  • Enhances Ball Control
  • Tifficult to Take On and Off

13. Nike HypervenomX Phelon 3

13. Nike HypervenomX Phelon 3
If scoring goals is what you do best take your kick and make it even better with the Nike HypervenomX Phelon 3 futsal shoes. These indoor shoes are built to contour to your foot making them move with you. The all over texture of these futsal shoes will give you ultimate control. Their traction and grip help you fly across artificial fields leaving everyone else lagging behind. Bring your best and bring a pair of futsal shoes that will make you even better when you try the newest edition of the Phelon line.
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Flywire Cables
Fast paced games and fancy footwork require you to have a pair of shoes that really stay in place. Tying shoes too tightly to keep them on can lead to pain, reduced circulation, and possible injuries. The Flywire Cables in the laces of the Nike HypervenomX Phelon 3 futsal shoes give you a secure fit without the added pressure. This advanced feature is not often found and is something we truly love about these futsal shoes.

Dynamic Fit Collar
The dynamic fit collar gives you a comfortable, soft, and secure closure around the ankle. The collar hugs with the comfort of a sock. Security and comfort never looked so good. This type of collar paired with the flywire cable system makes these futsal shoes a favorite across the globe. Give yourself advanced features and supreme comforts when you gives these shoes a try.

Cost and Value
When looking for ultimate performance, comfort, breathability, and control you can look towards the Nike HypervenomX Phelon 3 futsal shoes. These advanced features will cost you more than most others within this guide. If you are serious about futsal and want to take your indoor game to the highest level, these may be the futsal shoes for you. Making room in your budget will make your game soar, attack the goal with confidence when you invest in a pair.
  • Superior Fit and Feel
  • Increased Ball Control
  • Anatomical Design
  • Exceptionally Breathable
  • Innovative Technology
  • Cost
  • Sizing Runs Small

14. Adidas SpeedTrick

14. Adidas SpeedTrick
Adidas has been a frontrunner in our guide because they offer truly great futsal shoes. The Adidas SpeedTrick futsal shoes may be one of their very best. With features like a micro perforated leather upper and slim rubber outsole these futsal shoes are lightweight and flexible. They also offer increased breathability and softness for cool comfortable feet. Part of their Hunting Series, you will prey on the competition with these truly superior shoes.
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Micro Perforated Synthetic Leather
Exceptionally soft and breathable the Adidas SpeedTrick futsal shoes fit and feel like a dream. You will truly feel the ball and have great control. The use of synthetic leather makes these futsal shoes very lightweight and super easy to clean. The Micro Perforation lets them breath keeping your feet cool and dry during the hottest practices or games. Keeping your feet dry is crucial to overall foot health and the advanced breathability of these futsal shoes will keep your feet dry longer.

Slim Rubber Outsole
Part of the ability to really get under the ball is a slim design, like what we see with the Adidas SpeedTrick futsal shoes. Not only will you find getting under the ball easier you will likely notice increased response and flexibility with these shoes. The rubber outsole gives you superior grip and traction while the slim design keeps them light and lets them move with you. Keep your game tight and thread the needle with the awesome design in these futsal shoes.

Cost and Value
It’s amazing the quality of shoe you get when you purchase these futsal shoes, especially considering they are one of the most affordable pairs in our guide. Adidas truly wants everyone to have exceptional footwear and that includes your indoor soccer shoes. Take your game to new levels and find out what a game changer these futsal shoes can be when you invest a small amount to add them to your collection
  • Exceptional Fit
  • Great Breathability
  • Excellent Shock Absorption
  • Very Responsive
  • Improves Footwork
  • Awesome Price
  • Longer Break In Time

15. Tiebao Indoor Soccer Shoes

15. Tiebao Indoor Soccer Shoes
Tiebao brand has been drawing more and more attention to themselves lately by producing high quality, truly affordable apparel, shoes, and gear for some time. Their futsal shoes are not only pleasing to the eye they also offer great features like a natural rubber sole that is flexible and gives great traction and increases your footwork potential. They also resist wear and will keep your feet firmly planted under you, where they belong. You can secure the laces and rest assured you won’t trip on a lace that becomes untied in the middle of a big game. Comfortable and unique the Tiebao Indoor Soccer Shoes are truly affordable and a great addition to your collection.
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Durable Construction
Tough sports require tough shoes. We all hate putting money into a product just to find it can’t stand up to the challenge of practices and games several nights a week. The PVC upper paired with the rubber outsole makes these futsal shoes ready to hang with you through your greatest challenges on the field during practice and competition. They will perform great on all hard surfaces as well as turf.

Octopus Nail Design
Grip like you won’t believe is what you get with the octopus nail design on the outsole of the Tiebao Indoor Soccer Shoes. This unique design makes maneuvering through tight defensive walls simple. You will also find great power retention and reaction with this type of outsole design.

Cost and Value
Tiebao is becoming widely known for great products at even greater prices. One of the most affordable futsal shoes in our guide not only offers superior comfort and durability but also traction and grip that are on a whole other level. If you are looking for an exceptionally affordable pair of futsal shoes that will hang with you these may be the pair you have been looking for.
  • Excellent Fit
  • Good Response
  • Superior Price
  • Increased Traction
  • Lasts Through Tough Use
  • Sizing Runs Large

At the end of the day, all that matters is ensuring that you are comfortable with the best futsal shoes you choose and you feel good about wearing them. And, of course, if you are the type of buyer who would want to use the shoes for more than just playing futsal, then kindly remember to choose from the multipurpose shoe options that we’ve reviewed above.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Futsal Shoes


best-futsal-shoes-how to-choose-the-best


If you’re a consistent user of sports shoes, you’ll know that there’s a constant race among manufacturers to deliver the lightest shoe. Sure, an extra ounce on your shoe might not seem like it would affect your performance. However, we can guarantee that keeping your futsal shoe light does improve performance. At the end of the day, manufacturers do it for a reason.

By delivering a weightless build, futsal shoes deliver much more sensitivity and touch. This makes the contact with the ball much more thorough and natural. The weight of your shoe can be your friend, just as much as it can become your enemy.  Lightweight shoes keep your muscles, bones, and joints feeling great throughout your practices and games.

Not all material is created equal. Futsal shoes are tricky, as they have to be steady enough to deal with a harder ball, yet light enough to deliver an acceptable aerobic performance.  Let’s take a moment and look at what material you want to look for and what you should avoid when looking for a great pair of futsal shoes.

Look For
  • Thick Soles
  • Too Much Cushioning
  • Stiff Synthetic Uppers
  • Be Careful When Choosing Leather It Can Add Weight
  • Bulky Toe Area
  • Over All Size is That of a Normal Athletic Shoe




Just like in many other sports, the outsole is arguably the most important part of a futsal shoe. Every single aerobic activity targets a different type of motion and surfaces; thus, the outsoles should be specially created for their specific target. In the case of futsal performance, we’re looking at hardwood surfaces or concrete in recreational circumstances, or possibly turf depending on your practice location. By being adapted to a specific surface, all features of the outsole are adapted towards it.

Regardless of the sport, outsoles must deliver basic qualities such as stability and grip. However, futsal-specific footwear takes more than just that. Criteria such as grip, flexibility, and durability are key for a futsal outsole. Without them, you would be performing on slippery, stiff, and loose shoes. Everything in futsal, from acceleration, to change of direction and stability, will depend on the quality of the outsole. Rubber is commonly used as it is superior to others in the form of grip. There are a variety of patterns and they can impact your performance differently. You may have to try a couple before you find what suits you best.

Improper grip can lead to serious injury if you find yourself on a newly waxed floor you want to make sure your futsal shoes keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Slipping can take you out of the game for weeks or sometimes even longer. Making sure you choose the right grip for your practice and game day locations is crucial to ensuring you get to continue enjoying futsal.



We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, flexibility is an element that is important in all athletic shoes. A totally stiff outsole is by no means acceptable in sports as dynamic as futsal and can lead to sore feet and pain. Some people think that flexibility is something needed just at the forefoot, where the foot naturally bends while running. The truth is that the outsole needs flexibility just as much as the upper build does.

If the outsole does not flex, the running motion will be affected in both performance and comfort. The foot naturally bends on both the forefoot and the underfoot, thus the outsole should flex accordingly. A futsal shoe that has a material or mesh upper is going to move with you easily where you may need to give leather some time to break in before you see it’s true flex potential.

Flexibility on the outsole is important to diminish impact too. Most sportsmen are unaware of the effect that flexibility has upon shock absorption and may not realize how important it is. If the outsole is totally stiff, the flat impact will cause much more stress and pressure on joints and muscles. A flexible outsole will help keep pressure away from your feet and ensure you feel great for the next day’s practice.

best-futsal-shoes-boy shooting for a goal

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a futsal shoe?

A: Futsal is more commonly referred to as indoor soccer. Whether during practices on rainy days, fields that are being prepped for the season, or you have joined an indoor soccer league you will want to invest in a great pair of futsal shoes. They help improve your game by offering advanced features promoting grip, ball control, and touch. If you are falling in love with futsal or it has been a favorite past time for years know the right shoe can really make or break your game.

Q: Can I wear the same Futsal Shoes in the gym and on our turf practice field?

A: The answer to this question depends on the type of futsal shoes you are wearing. Gym floors can be slippery from frequent waxing and certain grips are great for that type of surface. When playing on turf you are going to want something that digs in a bit more to make sure you are getting the best power transfer throughout your game. Some futsal shoes are able to do this because they incorporate a nubby outsole that transitions well from hard surfaces to the turf. If you wear a shoe with a smoother bottom you may want to invest in a separate pair of turf shoes.

Q: How should my futsal shoes fit?

A: Futsal is a fast-paced, ground pounding, hard-hitting, game that requires a shoe that will stay put and move with you. You want your futsal shoes to be secure but not causing any areas of your feet to feel pinched. Pinched skin can lead to bruising and painful blisters which may take you out of the game.

You do want your futsal shoes to be snug because shoes that are too loose can cause just as many problems as shoes that are too tight. If your shoes are sliding around on your feet you may twist an ankle or have raw rubbed areas on your heels. Sliding will also impact your game negatively, due to less control and stability.

Your perfect fit will feel like your futsal shoe is giving your foot a hug. Secure around the ankle with a lacing or closure system that keeps it securely in place is ideal. The width should also be snug but not tight. If your shoes truly fit your feet you will show improved performance and you will have an easier time performing the tricky maneuvers sometimes found in challenging futsal games.

Q: Can I wear my futsal shoes for other sports?

A: Yes, often times you will see athletes wear their futsal shoes for other activities such as running and weightlifting. This is because they offer such superior grip and tend to be very lightweight.

We do not often get to use a specialty shoe for other activities. When you do get the chance you should take full advantage, it not only saves you money but also helps break in those stiffer starting shoes. The ability to use your futsal shoes for varying activities is a convenience not often found but very much appreciated.

Q: Can I wear my indoor soccer shoes outdoors?

A: This, of course, depends on the type of futsal shoes you are wearing. You may find yourself transitioning from the hard, wooden, gym floors to concrete. If this is the case your futsal shoes may transition very nicely. On the other hand, if you are going from those same wood floors to a muddy field you may have a more difficult time.

Typically, if you are playing on turf and wearing spikes you will be fine to wear them in a field or muddy surface. If you are not wearing spikes and playing on soft ground you may want to reconsider and invest in a different pair of outdoor futsal shoes. It is important to note, depending on the type of upper your futsal shoe offers, a muddy field may also lead to very wet and uncomfortable feet. Keep an eye on conditions and use your best judgment, just be careful as slips can lead to serious injury that could permanently remove you from one of your favorite games


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