10 Best Girl Sneakers Reviewed & Rated

The world of girl sneakers is a colorful bunch, development of girl sneakers calls for both form and function, all wrapped up in fanciful colors and sweet styles.

Best Girl Sneakers

Girls sneakers are generally composed of two main categories, athletic and uniform. The uniform section has many selections of shoes that are for casual wear also, like loafers and Mary Janes for instance. Athletic girls shoes are represented by a wide variety of brands. Reviews and ratings have been researched and compiled.

Last Updated: August 22, 2017
By Tracy Hung:

This “best of” list has been recently updated, best girls sneakers – the top ten list, displays brand-new data, information and in-depth explanations behind our criteria for evaluation. Common frequently asked questions sizing tips and shopping are also answered and added after the evaluation criteria.

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Based upon a variety of factors, we have created the ultimate top ten list, the best of girls sneakers. Some of the qualifiers are price, rating, review, performance, design, and brand.


10 Best Girl Sneakers


1. Converse Chuck Taylor Ox

The name Converse brings to mind basketball courts, thick soles...and a toe shell. Which is exactly what it is known for, a striking and highly recognizable profile. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, these sneakers started a look so unique - the characteristics are still knocked off till this day. Nike purchased Converse in 2003, the famous Chuck Taylor design was developed before Nike came along, remaining a Converse original. Presenting the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Ox.
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Leather Option
The standard All-Star is made with a canvas upper and trademark white thick sole. In addition to traditional styles, a variety of colors are available, 24 at last count. There is also a black leather and white leather option.

Trademark Looks, Highly Recognizable Features
The thick white outsole is pebble-textured towards the toe.The shiny white toe shell gleams with personality, adding to the Chuck Taylor’s all-star looks. Flat, white shoelaces are also a staple. The rear outsole comes complete with black pinstripes, adding sportiness to an overall casual feel.

Cost and Value
This is one of the lowest priced girls sneakers on the list. When purchasing Converse, you are receiving a shoe that won’t fall apart anytime soon, and definitely buying a piece of basketball history. With the price point where it is, it would be difficult to find a quality shoe. It has the fit of a traditional canvas shoe, this is not a heavily padded shoe. It rules in the sole department though, developed originally as a basketball shoe, it definitely provides a hefty protective layer between the asphalt and soles. Please note: the All-Star Ox is a low-top, only the mid-tops or high-tops would be recommended for light basketball-type activities.

Cute and protective toe shell

Textured outsole

Piece of US sneaker history

Amazing price point


Not much ankle support

Canvas is not heavily padded

2. Saucony Jazz

Blending festive colors, the Hook & Loop has pulled in at spot number 2. Outpaced by Converse, Saucony holds its on with the popularity of this brightly colored girls sneaker. It is designed in classic Saucony tradition, logo making it a recognizable sneaker. Saucony sounds exotic, European, perhaps a distant soccer brand. It is an American company, 115 years old, founded in Pennsylvania by a Russian immigrant.
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Fabulous Colors
The colors are sweet, pink and yellow signal femme and happy simultaneously. This gives the shoe an exuberant feel. The colors are also color-blocked, highlighting perfectly against each other. The outsole has three colors, a sporty stripe - ready for the latest dodgeball action.

Hook & Loop Handy Velcro Strap
The strap is huge, adjustable and famous. The sneaker itself is named after the useful strap, the velcro closure is wide, the size of two regular size velcro straps, bonded together- perfect for gripping. It is also adjustable, pull the Hook & Loop a little tighter for that snug fit.

Cost and Value
It is at a reasonable price point, an excellent value. What gives the Saucony so much appeal, besides the carefully stitched leather and nylon upper, is the velcro strap. By re-inventing the velcro strap, kids now have more options for comfortable sneakers. The way the velcro strap is designed gives the sneakers firm support, in addition to an adjustable fit.

Velcro closure

Classic track and field style

Leather and nylon outer

Soft heavily padded sneaker


Not ideal for thinner feet

One color option

3. Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian

Think of a glorified Croc, with a sleeker silhouette. The Made 2 Play Phibian by Stride Rite is an option for those that prefer something different besides canvas, leather or nylon. Coming in at number three for overall strength of reviews, these playground companions are extraordinarily easy to care for, comes in 25 different colors, and is a fun - extremely practical option.
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Machine Washable
This factor alone makes this girl's sneaker an annual best seller. Parents love being able to toss sneakers into the washer. Even if you prefer not to put heavy rubbery objects in washing machines, rest in comfort knowing they can be easily sprayed clean in the shower or outside patio.

Breathability, foot health
It would be impossible to get smelly feet in this. Not only is the top perforated by design, it also has an “anti-stink” and anti-microbial lining.

Cost and Value
For a rubber shoe, the price point is fair. There are lower priced “rubber” shoes on the market. However, Stride Rite (an east coast brand) has a reputation for shoe-making, founded in 1919, it has a pretty long history of children’s sneakers.

Machine Washable

20 different colorways

Anti-Stink lining

Made of Imeva


Some kids might not like rubbery shoes

Can cause blisters

4. K-Swiss Classic Tennis

4. K-Swiss Classic Tennis
K-Swiss was born out of a sleepy So California enclave, based out of Westlake Village. They, along with adidas, are distinctive due to the signature striping on the side of the sneaker. The brand name logo consists of a red and blue shield constructed in diagonal stripes. Though the company was founded in California, K-Swiss, really does have Swiss roots. The developers were two brothers, from Switzerland. They were inspired by ski boots (being skiing aficionados) and created a tennis shoe that teases of a lil’ ski boot. K-Swiss revolutionized the tennis market by producing the first all-leather tennis shoe. The Classic Tennis follows the adult version, a clean and classic low-rise sneaker.
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These are versatile, simple and straight to the point. The options are either black or white. The trademark K-Swiss striping design is subtle, blending into the background smoothly.

Available in either white or black leather, the classic Tennis would also be suitable for uniform wear. Nothing beats the endurance of leather, if cared for properly - they can last a lifetime.

Cost and Value
The price point is good, this is as reasonable as a price that a leather sneaker will be. If looking for a leather sneaker that is highly rated for active play, the classic Tennis is a great value. For finicky girls, they might want sneakers that are a different motif. K-Swiss really isn’t known for cutesy graphics or punk colors. These would be great uniform shoes though, they serve double duty and are an active court sneaker option.

Sleek K-Swiss signature styling


Tonal metal eyelets

Good uniform/casual shoe


 Two colors

Only in leather

5. Asics Gel Noosa

5. Asics Gel Noosa
In traditional Asics style, the Gel Noosa’s are a triathlon shoe, designed to endure hopscotch, dodge ball and freeze tag. Available in nine striking colorways, these are a brightly colored sneaker. The word Asics was derived from a Latin phrase, however the founder is Japanese, ASICS started in Kobe, Japan and is a sneaker designed to unite the soul and body in harmony.
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Perhaps as fun as blinking sneakers, the next favorite girls sneaker would have to be a glowing one. Each of Gel Noosa’s have an embedded glow-in-the-dark print, perfect for dark visibility.

Cost and Value
Asics have quite a reputation, with a sturdy price point to match. These are mid-priced sneakers, they however Asics. These are known for being crafted with care, extraordinarily light with a sculpted, padded, comfortable footbed.

Asics brand name

Padded tongue and collar

Mesh underlays

Supportive overlays

Reinforced toe


Not the cheapest

Some parts of the design start to rub off

6. Puma Roma Basic

6. Puma Roma Basic
Available in sixteen different colorways, the Puma Roma is an engineering marvel. Two German brothers started Puma, one of their first creations were track spikes, used at the Amsterdam Olympic Games in 1928. Then they started making football (soccer) shoes, the trademark Puma emblem carries on till today.
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Ridged outsole
The outsole is heavily ridged, giving this soccer sneaker awesome gripping ability, complementing the sneaker upper. The outsole also receives points for style, there are different color layers to the outsole, in addition to the sporty stripes.

Sport classic stitching
Designed for hours of rigorous play, the Puma Roma Jr will stand the test of time. The retro touch will protect, the classic sport stitching a delicate touch.

Cost and Value
The cost is average, these are not the cheapest. They are however extremely well-made sneakers, crafted in leather, suitable for long and active wear. These factors make the Puma Roma an excellent value!

Accent contrast logo detail

Lace-up design

Wraparound sole

Retro touch

Grippy outsole


Not the cheapest

Most of the 18 styles are sold out

7. Keds Daphne

7. Keds Daphne
All little girls need of pair of Mary Janes. The Daphne T-Strap is the kiddie version of the Mary Jane, with a beefed up platform sole and adorable colorways. Keds knows their female sneakers, this is a ladies brand, designed to complement the slender nature of a feminine frame.
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Precious designs and colorways
From grey patent leather with and embroidered rosette floral detail, to a hyper polka dot version complete with bubble gum pink trim, Keds are soft, protective and crafted well.

Keds namesake and styling
Keds developed the first mass-marketed canvas top sneaker, they mastered the art of the casual canvas sneaker. Their brand works especially well for girls sizes, offering a fit designed for the female foot

Cost and Value
These are at an affordable price point, you would have to scour sales racks to find a better sneaker that holds up and custom designed to be girl-lovable. Consider the ever popular Mary Jane styling, masterfully combined with a comfy and cute sneaker - Keds are the best value for a casual Mary Jane Sneaker.

Made by keds

Creative designs

Eight colorways

Velcro closure

Mary Jane style


Strap can be hard to re-insert

Glitter came off on certain versions

8. New Balance KL574

8. New Balance KL574
New Balance athletics, better known as simply - New Balance - created the next entrant, the KL574 sneaker. Although not as curvy and flashy as some of the other brands, NB has a wide fan following. A popular sneaker company, New Balance prides themselves on making all shoes in the United States, the only competitor on the list that holds the title. Known as one of the most famous sneakers in New Balance history, KL574 has a wonderful reputation. This sneaker is classified as a classic eva runner.
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Multiple Width Selections
These are available in multiple widths and colors. This is also an exclusive on the list no other entrant has multiple width selections available. This would lead to a snug fit and the ability to accommodate more foot shapes.

This model alone is available in 26 different color ways. The combination of leather, textile and synthetic - combined with vibrant color patterns, make this sneaker a fan fave.

Cost and Value
These are a mid-priced sneaker, however, you are receiving a piece of NB history - complete with an N embroidered on each side. They are a decent value, there are many competitors at this price point and quality level. Try on this particular brand and model in-store first if possible.

EVA midsole and heel

External heel counter

26 different colorways

Tonal laces

Offer a lot of support


Not the cheapest

Has a bold capital “N” on each sneaker

9. Skechers Biker II

9. Skechers Biker II
It would be difficult to create a kids sneaker list, or girls sneaker list, without including a pair of Skechers. Why? It is the tilapia of sneakers, cheaper, lower-quality and widely available. If on a limited budget, or must purchase multiples, selecting a lower-end sneaker could be an economical choice. These sneakers are ideal for uniform, when you just need a sneaker that holds up and won’t hurt feet. For junior/middle/ elementary school, especially kindergarten or preschool, there really isn't that much of a need for a high-performance sneaker. For certain extracurricular activities, purchase a specialty shoe (if required by teachers/coaches) if within budget.
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Affordable Sneaker
These are not the cheapest sneakers available, they are affordable though. Skechers is a successful and well-recognized company. Just because they are available, doesn’t equal a great purchase. Try them on in-person if possible to get feedback from the little ones, they are not tailored for ALL feet. Here is where availability is a major factor - trying on in person could lead to a confident buying decision. Showrooming is a practice whereby consumers visit in-person, for the explicit purpose of purchasing online.

Uniform Sneakers
These come complete with a non-marking outsole, meaning perfect for gym class. The rubber sole is also flexible and lightweight.

Cost and Value
The cost is on the low-end, these are a good value for school shoes. However, for the same price, the K-Swiss is made of more expensive materials and offers just as much value for the money. K-Swiss is more of a tennis shoe, the Skechers is a traditional athletic sneaker style, so it could come down to whichever style you prefer for uniform shoes.

Non-marking outsole

Flexible rubber sole

Widely available

Name recognition


Drab in appearance

Two colors

10. Champion Gusto

10. Champion Gusto
The last spot on the list goes to this Cross Trainer by Champion, the Gusto Cross Trainer. This is a mature girls sneaker, tailored with sophistication, still remaining brightly colored in two colorways. Champion rounds out the list with the Gusto, this is a sportswear engine churning out athletic apparel from New York since 1998. Currently headquartered in North Carolina, Champion is the offspring of underwear giant, Hanes.
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This sneaker comes primed for tetherball and double-dutch contests, the insole is constructed out of a conforming, yet supple and giving material - the amazing memory foam.

Lightweight design
Giving ankles lift, the Gusto Cross Trainer has a lightweight design. Supporting her through the day, the design is airy - a chief feature of this model.

Cost and Value
This shoe landed a spot on the top ten due to strength of reviews, however, it is also the youngest sneaker on the list. It has the least amount of reviews, consumer confidence in this sneaker is just ok - it needs time to develop - consumers will eventually determine if it deserves a spot on the list of girl sneaker glory.

Turquoise lime color palette

Grey pink jersey

Tonal laces

Breathable fabric

Memory foam insole


Two color styles

Model of sneaker reputation - is still young

How to Choose Sneakers for Girls

Girls can be a particular bunch, if you’re lucky, you might be shopping for a child that doesn’t have a preference yet, a toddler perhaps. For the sneaker sizes covered above, they range from toddler, kids, up until early teen sizes. Even if she isn’t super choosy, perhaps one is shopping for specific purpose sneakers, a specialty sneaker if you will. Suitable options for walking, running, tennis – as well as school – are provided.

Best Girl Sneakers - girl wearing converse all star shoes

Sometimes, if purchasing a brand for the first time, it is highly advisable to perform a try-on first at a brick-and-mortar location. Certain purchases, like kids sneakers, are suited for the in-person shopping experience. Each brand is different, each model of the same sneaker brand varies also. Usually, for adult shopping, we can stick with one size. Girls sneakers are different.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Girl Sneakers


The criteria used to evaluate ideal girls sneakers candidates available online involved careful consideration of a few integral sneaker elements, criteria used to evaluate and compile the top ten list. Girls sneakers, along with other children’s sizes, are in a distinct category among best online shoes that are reviewed. Kids feet are in constant motion, not just from their squirmy nature, their feet are constantly growing. This can make sneaker buying for children a somewhat challenging adventure.

The shoes that were just a half an inch too large last month – will be rendered unwearable and too tight the next month – sending parents scurrying to stores or hitting the internet searching for the best girls sneakers options.

Shopping strategy/motivation:

Best Girl Sneakers -shopping

Most of the time, consumers do online research for their own shoe purchases, every now and then wives and girlfriends across the nation scour the internet for shoes for their loved ones. This is where girls sneakers and all kids shoes reviewed are unique, ALL of their shoes are being selected by someone else. This presents an audience of two parties when choosing the best girls sneakers, shoe companies attempt to please both child and parent, so do we! Yes, at the end of the day, the parent/guardian has the ultimate say in purchasing, however, kids are extremely passionate and can form bonds with inanimate objects on first sight. Kids shoes, especially girls sneakers, are designed to entice the little ones – this leads us to the next criteria, outward appeal.

Design of Sneaker/Outward Aesthetic:

Best Girl Sneakers - appeal

Girls Sneakers is the only category of shoes reviewed so far, articles that review competing brands of shoes to help empower consumers to make educated buying decisions, where the emphasis on looks is a definite selling factor. I always rank looks pretty low, they are pure trimmings in most cases. Not a super heavily-weighted criteria usually….in the case of best girls sneakers, they can sway the entire purchase decision.

There are a few shoe categories, where function and performance are not weighed as heavily, like wedding shoes and girls sneakers.

Color played a part….so did the theme or “motif” of the shoe, mary jane in ballerina pink or Hello Kitty graphic sneakers for example.

Details like this, really make a difference in many girls sneakers purchases! There are many competitively priced options that are festively decorated and dripping with charm – consumers have a wide assortment of styles, designers and girls sneakers to choose from. Shoppers will choose a sneaker that they think the child will like or most of the time will bring the child along for the sneaker fitting and selection.

Fit of the sneaker


This is the most important, the way the sneaker is built, the types of material used will determine how close the fit is. More than adult sneakers, kids sneakers should be monitored to ensure a non-chaffing fit. The child’s foot is in a continuous cycle of growth, the spurts will happen without notice, overnight you could face a new shoe….or clothing purchase.


Best Girl Sneakers - hole

The second factor, heavily-weighted criteria for the best girls sneaker list, is the performance of the sneaker. Sure, it might be cute…but will it withstand sessions at the playground, volumes of dirt and germs, with added amounts of occasional rough treatment? They’d better! All of the best girls sneakers on the list were affordably priced, had cute elements of girl appeal, and an army of online supporters vouching their support for the endurance of selected girls sneakers.

The only two exceptions were the options for school, included for the parents shopping for kids public/private school codes, they didn’t have as much traditional aesthetic appeal, however, ranked high for affordability and quality.

Feedback from Wear Testers

Best Girl Sneakers - thumbs up

As mentioned previously, consumer past/repeat purchases and reviews posted by some that were just familiar with the brand or model, all accessible online reviews were taken into account when formulating this list. We made sure to include the most popular designs and vendors from across the internet, styles and manufacturers available from multiple sites, to empower girls sneakers shoppers to make a sound buying decision. Online reviews were never more pivotal, only parents/guardians/kids shoes shoppers can share their stories of anguish or joy  – about the wild adventure of girls sneaker shopping.

Care Instructions/Handling

Best Girl Sneakers -care

Depending on the age of the girl, the parent/guardian could still be doing most of the shoe fastening and unfastening. At ALL girls ages, the parent/caregiver will be cleaning, checking to see if all buckles/straps are operating okay and assisting with taking them off and on. One of the sneakers made the list because they are machine washable as well as rubbery, soft and comfortable. This was a nod to parents who are constantly making sure the little feet are always protected and clean, a machine washable sneaker could be a helpful and time-saving purchase selection, which also incorporates a playful color scheme to suit the taste of the young one.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I determine if the sneaker fits okay?

A: A simple rule of thumb, if all other reliable measuring options have failed, is to ensure that there is enough room by using your finger. The sneakers shouldn’t be TOO big, this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy sneakers that are a larger size, just don’t let them wear the larger sizes until they can fit them adequately. To determine a rough fit, about a finger’s width of room, combining empty space at the heel and toes. Kids grow fast, a couple sizes within a couple months is not a rare occurrence.

Q: What are some girls sneakers shopping tips?

A: As touched upon above, if you see a super cute style, in a size larger and on sale for instance, go ahead and purchase it, don’t let them wear a too large sneaker yet, of course (see FAQ below). Your child will eventually grow into them, you won’t have to worry about fit as much, if it is from a brand or manufacturer that you are familiar with. If you can manage to get the exact same style that your child really likes, just in a larger size, that could be a sound method of shopping. She won’t notice the transition as much to next size up, if it is identical to a favorite current pair that she absolutely adores! Purchase larger sizes of the childs favorite style if possible.

Q: What are some of the latest novelty girls sneakers designs?

A: In addition to the traditional graphic cartoon sneakers that many of us recognize, there are glowing sneakers, LED light up sneakers, roller-skate sneakers and furry sneakers. The LED Light up sneakers are a recent entrant on the market, featuring a outsole festooned entirely with blinking – LED lights! Many of these are fairly well-made, offering many consumers a fun – and enlightening experience.

Q: For younger kids and toddlers, what are some signs that a shoe is too small?

A: Look for physical gestures or signs of discomfort such as redness or abrasions. If the child is still too young to effectively communicate sneaker pain, monitor closely for clues. Common signs are if the toddler, takes the shoes on or off, frequently and consistently. Check for a disruption in walking patterns! An ill-fitting or uncomfortable sneaker can cause the child to trip or fall. These can be signs that they shoes may be tough to maneuver in or are just plain uncomfortable.

Q: What are some common girls/kids foot health conditions?

A: There are several foot conditions that can affect children’s feet in terms of growth. Clubfoot, is an extremely common birth defect. Intoeing, this is also known as pigeon-toed, can be outgrown before the second year. Out toeing is when the feet tilt inwards.

Q: Does a stiffer sneaker make a good girls sneaker?

A: Not necessarily, go softer when you can, breaking in an hard and inflexible sneaker is an uncomfortable time. Stiffer usually connotes strong material, meant to endure. There is nothing wrong with “built to last” type of construction, however, when it comes to the breaking-in period you can avoid it by purchasing a sneaker that doesn’t require a break-in. Growing feet are well-suited to a lighter weight and softer, supple sneaker.

Q: Should I go with Lace-ups or Velcro?

A: The speed at which your child learns to handle two pieces of string is not necessarily a sign of intelligence. Meaning, purchasing Velcro or slip-on sneakers does not mean they are lazy or lacking “lace-up” skills. Most parents will purchase a minimum of +50 shoes for the child during an average shopping/raising period of 18 years.

Don’t feel pressured to purchase a lace-up over Velcro because of shame or perception, buy the one that is within your price point, comfortable and well-made. And as cute as possible 🙂

Eighteen years is plenty of time to work in a few lace-up sneaker options. Purchase the option that is suitable for you and the little one. Many sneakers have an easier and simplified lace option now, the laces are made of a easier to handle material, and they come partially “embedded”, so the whole maneuvering act of traditional cotton sneaker laces isn’t necessary..

However, don’t let societal stigma influence Velcro versus laces. Saving a few minutes, whenever your child’s laces come undone, by purchasing Velcro sneakers, seems worth it to me. End the nightmare of double knotting your child’s sneakers, in order to prevent them from coming undone. Avoid watching your child streak down the sidewalk and trip on their loose laces. The convenience of Velcro can save time and avoid headaches.

Really want the little one to practice with laces? Tying and untying is a wonderful opportunity to teach and interact with kids. Consider an indoor comfy slipper with simple laces, then the child can practice typing clean laces at home, over and over, without being rushed out the door on the way to the park or school. They can practice on their “home” sneakers while wearing or not, at their and your leisure! This gives plenty of time for teaching moments, they get to master the skill, everyone wins.


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