Best Havaianas Reviewed for Summer

With the Summer season just at the doorstep, and if you are lucky enough to lead your life where the summers are hot, sunny, and filled with clear sky days, you will find yourself in need of one of these during the summer. They are, after all, the perfect summer footwear. Easy to use, and if you are looking for style combined with usability – this is the one for you. These shoes are so popular, that they are made in a wide variety of colors, styles types so to fit everyone’s needs and desires.

Best Havaianas-Slippers-on-a-beach-in-brasil

During the hot days that will leave your skin dark brown (hopefully) and your body – filled with much-needed vitamin D, if you live somewhere where the Winters are cold and dark, this type of shoe is a must to avoid sweating feet, overheating and discomfort for yourself in the summer swelter. The best option would be to use the Havaianas, as they are very well ventilated, light comfortable to slip in.

Last Updated: August 14, 2017
By Daniel Gonzalez:

This page was recently updated to include not only the latest and best Havaianas available but also in depth info on how to choose Havaianas and what to look for. You can also find some of the most frequently asked questions about them.

Featured Recommendations

Havaianas Slim
  • Havaianas Slim
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Rubber Sole
  • Price: See Here
Havaianas Brasil
  • Havaianas Brasil
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Price: See Here
Havaianas Logo Filete
  • Havaianas Logo Filete
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Polyvinyl Chloride Mat.
  • Price: See Here

The perfect footwear for the beach, while watering your garden or simply relaxing at a park or at your house. This shoe is also a very cheap option of you are looking for a seasonal footwear, I admit, there are some drawbacks to this kind of footwear, for example, that it will not be suitable for longer hikes or active sports, but show me a person who would not enjoy an easy day in slippers, playing ball by the water.


10 Best Havaianas


1. Havaianas Slim

A simple looking, plain show for those who likes minimalist approach. These flip flops comes in a single color but you will be able to choose a model of the color of your liking, it comes in all colors of the rainbow. It has a rubber sole and a traction outsole. They are highly durable and soft.
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Rubber sole
Most of the best flip flops in the market comes with a slip - resistant rubber sole, so does these, providing the wearer more secure movements on the beach or slippery surfaces.

Traction outsole
These slippers has a considerably good traction with the surface thanks to its traction - capable outsole made of special anti-slip rubber.

Cost and Value
The prices for these flip flops varies, depending on the size, and you can catch some great discounts from time to time. Nevertheless - spending money on Havaianas is never wasted money, as they are irreplaceable during the swelter of the summer.
  • Rubber sole
  • Anti slip outsole

You will have to break them in to avoid blisters

2. Havaianas Brasil

A classic among summer footwear, these flip flops are made for evening walks down the sandy beach during the sunset, they also look stylish with the Brazilian flag embossed in the sole and logo printed on the straps. This shoe has a sole made out of rubber that is soft and plushy, and comfortable.
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Rubber sole
The sole, as usually for the flip flops, are made out of imported rubber, they provide an easy slipping in and out of the slipper.

Textured foot bed
The textured foot bed of this slipper does offer you a very pleasant feeling for your feet as it provides comfort and stability, not allowing the feet to slip within the shoe.

Cost and Value
The price range for these slippers can be quite extensive, however, if you are looking for a classic, neutral looking, yet stylish summer flip flop, this is the one you should consider.
  • Rubber sole - provides a close grip with the ground
  • Textured foot bed will offer you great comfort
  • Soft and plush sole providing higher level of comfort

When ordering - we would suggest to take one size bigger

3. Havaianas Power

These Havaiana Power flip flops look as sporty as they sound, designed with grooves that will align with the pressure point, and wide thong straps that will allow the feet to slide in the slipper easily and secure the feet within it, you can wear these shoes during sports activities, such as biking, where it does not require you to move your feet around and pull it off the surface a lot.
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Ergonomic grooves
These lines embossed within the footbed of the slipper will ease off the pressure points in your feet, making these flip flops extra comfortable to wear all day long or during some physical activities, not that it is encouraged of course, for sports activities it is best to use proper shoes.

Perforated straps
The straps of these slippers are made quite wide, this will secure your feet within it better, not allowing them to move around in the slipper so much, they also have the brand logo embossed on them.

Cost and Value
For the price that you can get these for - they really are a bargain, sporty and enduring by the looks, and simple enough not to be considered flashy , old fashioned or childish.
  • Extremely enduring
  • Well cushioned - you could wear these around the town without any discomfort
  • Patterned sole - gives the wearers feet a light massage
  • Not true to the size - runs a size larger
  • Thong of the slipper sometimes disconnects from the sole

4. Havaianas Flash Urban

4. Havaianas Flash Urban
Not the casual beach sandal - this one is more fashionable, you prefer urban flash style? Then take a look at this. It will fit in as well in a pool party as in your best friends not so official birthday party. The shoe comes with a material of a composition polyvinyl chloride and imported rubber sole.
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Polyvinyl chloride sole
Polyvinyl chloride fabric is well known and widely used for its water resistant properties, embedded in this shoe it will ensure a long lifetime for this shoe and comfortable feeling for your feet.

Rubber sole
Lets admit it - the best property of a flip flop is its rubber soles, the secret recipe of the rubber used for this shoe will ensure that they are light as a feather and super soft.

Cost and Value
These ones will cost a little bit more than the original, simple looking flip flops, however, for this price you will not only get functional beach shoes, but also something that you could wear even if you are going out to the city with friends.
  • Flashy and stylish urban fashion look
  • Water resistant material
  • Very light and plushy
  • Size does not match the chart, running smaller
  • More expensive then majority of other flip flops

5. Havaianas Surf

5. Havaianas Surf
Style - is the word which could be used to describe these flip flops. Does not matter weather you are actually on the seaside or by the pool at your back garden - they will serve you well either way. Made with an ergonomic footbed and quickly drying straps this sandal will look well and will prove themselves to be super comfortable.
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Ergonomic footbed
The footbed is made out or ergonomic rubber that is very soft and comfortable for the feet and further reinforced with a patterned texture for a better with the shoe , the wearer will feel good walking in these the whole day.

Quickly drying straps
It is not a pleasant feeling - to be wearing flip flops with wet straps, fortunately this is not the case with these ones, as they dry quickly, allowing you to wear them the whole time.

Cost and Value
Comparing to other models on this list - they tend to fall with the highest price tag group of the flippers. However - you do get the product you were paying for, every penny of it.
  • Very comfortable for the feet
  • The traps dries fast
  • Patterned footbed - more comfortable for the feet
  • Not true to size - runs smaller

6. Havaianas Top

6. Havaianas Top
A classical flip flop with a super simple design and single color material, made out of light rubber material, specially designed by the Havaianas brand, these will fit your needs if you believe that the minimalism is the way forward. These slippers are equipped with a rubber sole, synthetic upper and a padded footbed for extra comfort.
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Rubber sole
The material used in all the Havaianas are a secret formula of rubber that keeps the sole comfortable and soft, while providing an outstanding durability allowing the sandals to last quite a while.

Synthetic upper
The upper is made out of synthetic material - this comes in handy if you would use these slippers by the water, making them resistant to the water damage and keeping them dry.

Cost and Value
These will not cost you a lot of money, they are simple by design and well looking, will last for quite a time, and therefore is a real bargain if you are looking for good summer flip flops.
  • The perfect balance of the weight between being too light or too heavy
  • Very enduring and will last a long time
  • They provide good cushioning, even considering how thin the sole is
  • The color may fade away slightly over time
  • The thong can pop out if under big pressure (however, it can be pushed back in its rightful place)

7. Havaianas High Light II

7. Havaianas High Light II
A stylish, platform type sandal for women. This would look in its right place at a beach party on a warm summer night, wear with a long dress and enjoy the surroundings from a bit higher point of view. This is a fashion sandal with a 0.75 inch platform, rubber sole and synthetic upper.
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A platform sandal
This flip flop comes with a 0.75 inch platform, this will add not only some to your height, but will also feel more comfortable for walking over small pebbles or stones, thanks to it this sandal will also look great as a fashion piece.

Rubber sole and synthetic upper
The rubber that has been used in the making of this shoe is extra soft and comfortable, the footbed is imprinted with a colorful design and provides great comfort. The synthetic upper accounts for extra comfort for your feet, keeping it safely attached to the feet.

Cost and Value
For a summer sandal, considering how well it would look on you, the price you can get these for is really not the problem, they will also last you quite a while, considering the Havaiana brand.
  • Higher platform for stylish look
  • A perfect density sole, as stated by some customers, not too soft or hard
  • Not slippery
  • Not true to size - runs a size smaller
  • Some may find the straps not the most comfortable ones for this model

8. Havaianas Urban Basic

8. Havaianas Urban Basic
This basic summer flip flop with urban - like design will be your best mate during the summer, allowing you to look casually laid back and all ready for summer, even if you want to wear them only around the house. Comes in 4 different colors, made out of synthetic fabric and featured with a rice pattern foot bed.
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Synthetic footbed
The synthetic fabric that has been used to make these standard Havaianas flip flops ensures that your feet feels light and that they will last for you for more than one season.

Variety of colors
Why limit yourself with only one pair, when you can have two or more, each in different color, tailor your summer flip flop to your mood and enjoy life!

Cost and Value
A bit more on the higher end on the price table, but they are designed to last a while and will make you look sharp and prepared for the summer, so the cost at which you can have these shoes really does make up for the dollars spent.
  • Synthetic sole meaning they are light
  • Cushioned foot bed
  • Textured rice pattern
  • Some say that the support for the feet is not enough
  • Runs a little bit narrow

9. Havaianas Trend

9. Havaianas Trend
If you are looking for a trendy flip flop for the summer - look no further, you got what you were looking for. This flip flop features a synthetic, imported material and synthetic sole and sleek thong straps with embossed logo on them. Along with cushioned footbed these makes the top 10 list of the best Havaianas for this summer.
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Syntehtic sole
Talk about one of the most important features or aspects of the product. You can be specific. This should be 30 words and should be about the most important thing about the product the reader should know about.

Cushioned footbed
One of the most important aspects of any shoe is the comfort it can provide, with the cushioned footbed in these flip flops the level of comfort is more than satisfactory, and will allow you to walk around in these the whole day.

Cost and Value
At the lowest end of the price table these flip flops definitely will be worth the money you spend for them, a great summer deal!
  • An endless variety of colors
  • Soft foot bed and great cushioning
  • Runs smaller by one size approximately

10. Havaianas Logo Filete

10. Havaianas Logo Filete
Last, but hardly the least, shoe on this list - its simple design and the great quality of the maker has set a path for all the Havaianas to be considered one of the best flip flop shoes in the market, this model is great thanks to its simple, yet stylish looks, the polyvinyl chloride material that it is made of and the rubber sole of the shoe.
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Polyvinyl chloride
The polyvinyl chloride material that has been used in the making of these shoes will ensure that they do not get wet, so you can wear them at the bool, at the beach or anywhere else where, otherwise, water could ruin the day for your feet.

Rubber sole
Wear these at your gym, by the pool or anywhere wet, really, they will keep a close grip with the surface, so you can feel safe in them. They also have a nicely patterned footbed for extra comfort.

Cost and Value
Although at the high end of the price list these flip flops, however, does ensure the proper quality of the Havaianas and, if you are looking for quality product, these shoes will be well worth the cost.
  • Simple, yet stylish design
  • Water resistant
  • Rubber sole for extra safety on wet surfaces
  • Well cushioned and comfortable
  • A bit more expensive than others in the category
  • Not true to the size - runs a bit smaller

How to Choose Havaianas

As you can see – although flip flop sandals might be considered a simple shoe for some, they do come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to go from simple, casual style flip flops that are only intended to serve its direct purpose – to protect your feet, to eye-catching, colored and stylish piece of accessory that can be worn at the beach as well as at your friend’s birthday and will complement the clothes you are wearing, your attitude sometimes, and maybe even your patriotic feelings towards your country.

Best Havaianas-how to choose

Havaiana flip flops are considered as one of the best slippers on the market thanks to its high quality and manufacturers attention to details. They are the perfect choice for your summer vacation allowing you to enjoy summer with comfort and style that no other shoe can provide. The best thing about them – you can express your personality at some level here – choose your favorite color and type and wear them with pride.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Havaianas


When picking out our list of the best Havaianas, there were some important factors that were looked at. These factors play an important role in determining the consumer’s preference of the Havaianas footwear. These factors will also help future buyers in determining the best Havaianas flip flops for them to buy.



Each footwear needs to be of the perfect size so that the wearer can be able to achieve the needed comfortability. These Brazilian flip flops have an original size and it’s good that a buyer understands the size guide of the flip flops. When you shop for the sandals you will notice that they have a standard 3 sizes which is inserted in them. The standard sizes of the sandals are American sizes, European sizes and of course the Brazilian sizes. This is very important since most buyers will be making online purchases, the sizes are applicable to both adults (men and women) and also kids. But for those making physical purchases then they can just try the sandals on when they are at the store and make sure they have a snug fit. Check on the straps of the sandals to make sure they give you a flexible fit. It is important to note that most of the flip flops from Havaianas and other manufacturers are made in what is considered whole sizes. In case your size is in between then you can look at the Havaianas recommendations on whether to pick a size that is up or down depending on your foot size.

Materials Used in the Making

Best Havaianas-Slippers-wooden sandals

The material used in making the flip flops plays an important role in the usage of the shoes and also its durability. The construction of the flip flop is normally used to determine the surface on which the shoes will be worn. Remember the different models of the flip flops are used on different terrains and so it’s advisable for one to consult effectively on the type of terrain they will be wearing their flip flops on before making any purchase. What this simply means is that the sandals that are softer are perfect for indoor use while those that have been crafted using materials that are very durable can be worn for outdoor use. The most common material used in making the flip flops is normally rubber. This happens to be the common construction used by Havaianas and other flip flop manufacturers in the world. Why is rubber the most preferred material? This is because it offers great elasticity and has an amazing cushioning effect. The rubber material is also known to have anti slip qualities, hence the perfect for street and beach wear. However, there is one disadvantage of using rubber, especially the natural rubber. This is because the natural is susceptible to crystallization, this happens when they are introduced to excess stress. Finally, the rubber causes cracks which occur along the outsole of the shoe and its foot bed. The other material which is commonly used is foam. Foam is also preferred as it has very comfortable properties, they are also ideal for very long wear because of the additional support and comfort. The Havaianas flip flops have a construction that includes the EVA compound (which can be rubber or foam). The compound is constructed in a way that it provides maximum support to the feet and resistance to rough terrain when walking. Flip flops with molded foot beds are constructed with EVA or foam/ rubber compounds that compresses while simultaneously offering resistance and support. The foot beds have adapting features which recall the shape of the wearer’s foot, which in turn creates a similar mold of the foot hence the needed extra support during hiking.

But then there are other materials that are also used in making the flip flops that a buyer should look out for when shopping for a new pair of flip flops. These materials are:

Plastic: a durable material and more appropriate for simple designs. The plastic sandals are the best for those looking for a basic style. In order to get a model that is long lasting, polymer plastics and EVA are normally combined with rubber, hence get a more durable and strong design.

Leather: on some unique cases, leather can be used. Leather combined with other fabrics ensure that the flip flop is long lasting. If the foot strap has been crafted using leather/ Nubuck combined with nylon polyurethane, then they have the ability to keep the structure, offer maximum comfort and be durable.

The Fit

Best Havaianas-Slippers-fit

When shopping for a new pair of flip flop, then it is very important that you get the perfect fit. There is a general thumb rule that is normally applied when checking the fit of your flip flops. First pick a style that will allow you to see almost ½ inch. That size should be of the flip flop’s sole around your feet. It’s important that you get a good fit since it will reduce any chances of getting injured (though flip lops offer minimal protection) and also make sure you are comfortable. There are a few tips and pointers that will make sure you have the best fit of your Havaianas flip flop.

The Toe Box: when you wear the flip flop it’s crucial that you take into consideration how far your foot slides as you walk, most of the time the foot will slide down to the toe post’s position when you walk. Take note that some designs of the flip flops might look like they fit your foot’s length especially when you are standing. But then when you walk this might not be the case, as the toes will be sliding up against your toe post. In order to get the best fit, keep of any models that will make your feet hang over the footwear’s sides. Whenever your foot slips when walking, then it means you no longer have the benefits of good cushioning and heel stability.

The Strap: ideally, the whole strap ought to be in very close contact with your foot so as to attain efficient distribution of the stress that is generated by the weight of the body. In order to achieve maximum stability, make sure the strap firmly wraps around your foot (make sure it’s not too tight or too loose). Even though some models will have back straps, especially the kids’ models, hence offering extra support to the feet.

The foot bed and Insole: crucial in achieving the needed stability and preventing callusing. In order for this to happen then the edge of your flip flops must have a distance ranging from 1 to 1 1/2 cm, this distance is from the foot’s ball. Then the insole of the flip flop must also be designed in a way that it’s very close with the sole of the foot. Though you will find some soles that have been specifically designed for people who high arched feet and also for those who have feet that are flat-footed. In order to attain extra support and comfortability then its best you go for the foam foot beds. Also, there is a certain degree of shock absorption and good support, but this is achieved from the foot molded or countered foot beds. These foot beds have been specifically designed so that they can be able to shape themselves into the fit of your feet. These types of flip flops make sure that there is proper joint and bone alignment.

Which part of your foot will the Sandals be rubbing?

Best Havaianas-Slippers-womans feet

Nearly all the sandals in the market are designed in a way that only the top part of the foot is in contact with the feet, this is usually the straps. But then many of us have experienced the constant rubbing of skin that is usually done by flip flops which sometimes can cause very painful blisters. That’s why it’s advisable that when picking your next pair of sandals you look for a pair that is more open since these ones will be more comfortable and have less instances of rubbing against the skin on your feet. The other tip would be to go for straps that are wider since they do not only offer extra support (especially for kids) but also the large surface area helps in holding the shoes in place minus excess rubbing.

How flexible do you want your sandals to be?

Best Havaianas-Slippers-flexibility

Sandals, when are still new, tend to have soles that are very stiff. The soles are made so that they can offer maximum protection to your feet. Most of the time our feet can get injured buy uneven terrains and rocks that might be in our foot path. Apart from that the soles determine how flexible your flip flops will be. The soles are also designed to make the straps of the sandals to pull more on the upper section of your feet. This can cause excess rubbing and ultimately blisters. This means that the sandals you pick should be able to offer you maximum stability, hence permit your feet to naturally bend when walking. All these should be achieved without interfering with the protection that is offered at the bottom part of your foot.

Check the cushioning

Best Havaianas-Slippers-cushioning

Simple sandals, like the flip flops, will most of the tie have very simple soles that might include only hard rubber. These types of soles are normally very easy to find and are quite affordable. Also they are easy to put on. The only challenge with these types of flip flops is that they are not ideal for walking very long distances. That’s why they need to have the correct amount of cushioning so that the feet to get fatigued after walking long distances, as this will make the whole walking very painful and uncomfortable. Those buyers who might have foot pains or any foot ailments should definitely make sure that the flip flop they buy has maximum cushioning and support so as to avoid any chances of experiencing pain when walking.

Do you want your toes exposed or not?

Best Havaianas-Slippers-toes

Many buyers have the privilege of picking sandals that either cover up their toes entirely or those that cover the toes partially. This is totally determined by personal preference and also on the type of terrain you will be walking on. Those who want to opt for the sandals that are open toed should make sure that their feet and toes have been groomed properly. Those who want closed sandals have the privilege of having extra protection on their toes.

What Activities will you be wearing the sandals for?

Best Havaianas-Slippers-activities

We have different models of flip flops made by Havaianas and all these flip flops have been made to be worn on particular activities. Make sure you know what activity you will be wearing your sandals for, as this will help you in picking the best flip flops for your feet. If you want sandals perfect for muddy terrain or the beach, then it’s best to go for flip flops that have solid rubber. This is because the foot wear can easily be washed. While sandals that are enclosed offer comfort and still allow free air movement between the wearer’s toes. You will also find athletic sandals that are perfect for rugged terrains and long distance walks. In order to get the perfect sandal, it’s good to know the different categories of flip flops depending on the activity you will be taking part in or the terrain you will be walking on.

Most of the times you will find that sandals are more referred to as beach foot wear. Since they are more comfortable and are the pair of footwear that can switch from the beach to the streets very easily. However, if you look at the more recent models you will find additional technical features which make flip flops ideal wear for rougher terrains and even hiking.

Regardless of the style, you may pick, it is very important that you get the correct fit of your ideal model. Whatever style you choose, it is important to achieve a correct fit, and a model that has the perfect materials. Below are some of the categories of flip flops.

Flip Flops for the Beach:

They are designed to be water resistant. They are not like the normal flip flops instead they are designed so that they can offer maximum comfort despite the uneven terrain on the beach. When shopping for beach flip flops make sure you go for the simple designs that have crafted using plastic or rubber. Havaianas are known to have some of the best beach flip flops in the market. They are able to offer arch support and their technical models for beach wear have durable EVA soles that have maximum durability. They are also very comfortable to the feet.

Flip Flops for Strolling:

This ideal for buyers who want something that they can wear both at the beach and in the street without having to carry any additional pair of flip flops. When going for flip flops that are ideal for strolling it is better to opt for those that have a fabric or leather construction. However the traditional flip flops worn at the beach tend to have additional bedding, they also have embellishment in case you want to move from the sandy beaches to a shop on the street or bar on the beach side. Havaianas has very stylish flip flops that have synthetic constructions, their soles are able to offer maximum shock absorption, hence play an important role in diffusing the pressure. In this category, it’s highly recommended that when buying a new pair you get a size down.

Flip Flops for Adventure:

They are made so that they can survive in more rough terrains, though they are not recommended for simple trekking. They are technical and offer maximum support and protection to the feet especially when walking on rugged terrain. They also offer traction for those taking part in light hiking. They have rubber soles that are sturdy and molded hence their stiffness and amazing durability. Apart from that, these flip flops have been crafted hence they are water resistant, though it’s best to opt for the models that are water draining and have the open toe designs as they will be able to navigate streams and rivers easily. These types of flip flops have contoured foot beds and also have the ability to anatomically mold the foot’s shape. That’s why for those planning to use their flip flops during hiking its good they get a pair that have a foot bed which can effectively adapt to the foot’s shape, especially the height of the arch, so that it can offer the needed support to the feet.



Frequently Asked Questions

When shopping for flip flops, especially the Havaianas many buyers are always faced with many dilemmas and questions. In this part of our buying guide, we have compiled some of the common questions that many buyers are normally faced with when shopping for flip flops, also we have included detailed answers to the questions so that buyers a given a clear guide.

Q. What are some of the materials that are used in making flip flops and how effective is each material?

A. When looking at flip flops the materials in making the construction plays an important role. Many of the modern models have been made from a broad range of fabrics and materials. These materials are both synthetic and natural. Many manufacturers use the materials, but then the main factor that determines the material being sued in making a flip flop is the how a buyer intends to use the flip flop. Flip flops that have a softer construction are ideal for indoor usage, while the harder materials fit more perfectly on outdoor wear. Apart from that, these materials have distinctive properties and features which make them stand out and suitable for specific situations.

Below are some of the materials that are used in making flip flops:

The Rubber Construction: these types of flip flops have become very popular and most preferred by many buyers because they have amazing elasticity, great anti slipping features and improved cushioning effect. These properties and features make the rubber flip flops ideal for many purposes, they are able to fit in for both outdoor and indoor usage. Their versatility makes them a very common footwear in many households. However, the natural rubber has a big disadvantage since it suffers from crystallization. This happens when the rubber is put under excess stress. This ultimately causes cracks on the flip flops, especially the soles.

The Foam Construction: these flip flops from Havaianas are much softer compared to the ones that are made from rubber, however, they have the same features as the flip flops that have rubber construction. They are very comfortable to use, hence, the best foot wear for a simple stroll in your neighborhood or just indoors. The foam material is preferred due to its great softness the only challenge is that the excess softness is not able to offer enough protection when walking on terrain that is a little rugged, especially on coarse sand or gravel.

Flip flops made from Plastic: They are the most durable of all the types of flip flops in the market. The plastic construction is the best fabric since its bale to mold into the different types of shapes, sizes and designs. Manufactures who like using print designs will always opt for the plastic fabric since prints on plastic last longer compared to prints on rubber or foam. When looking at the flip side of the flip flops, the plastic construction has a stiffer feeling than the other two constructions, this proves to be a challenge to this construction as it gets uncomfortable when worn for long durations.

Leather Flip flops: They are most preferred by men because they are very stylish and also provide the needed comfort. They offer the smart casual dress code. They are also ideal for those people who want flip flops, but then they are environmentally conscious can opt for the flip flops that are made from artificial leather models or designs. The leather designed flip flops are perfect, but then they need occasional conditioning and polishing as this will make them to last longer.

Fabric Flip flops: the fabric flip flops can be made using different fabrics. Compared to the other materials the canvass of fabric materials is known to make flip flops that cause very minimal stress when worn. These types of flip flops also provide maximum comfort. They are best for indoors use. That’s why it’s most preferred by many hotels, which use them as complementary gestures to their guests.

Q. I can’t seem to get the correct fitting for my flip flops each time I make a purchase. Is there a way that I can get the correct fitting?

A. Buying a pair of flip flops is not the same process as buying a new pair of shoes. There are several important metrics that should be taken into consideration when shopping for a new pair of flip flops apart from the measurement of the buyer’s foot size. When all these factors are taken into consideration then it will help in making sure you get the best fit and also your flip flops are more durable and also reduce any chances of getting injuries when you wear the sandals.
Wearing poorly fitting flip flops increase chances of one developing joint pain, torn ligaments, shin splints and many other orthopedic conditions. Below is a set of guidelines that will indeed be helpful in making sure your next purchase of flip flops are right fitting.

Look at your Toes: All the flip flops have a different design compared to the normal shoes they have a different design that is not very rigid. This means they have the ability to expand when they are worn more often. In order to prevent any form of injuries, it’s important to make sure that the entire foot fits inside the sandals, without bending any toes. Given special attention to your small toe and your big toe (especially where the vamp that is Y shaped hinges on). This will lessen the rubbing and reduce any form of blisters. Your toes shouldn’t be crunched up when you wear the footwear.

Check the upper section of your foot: Check the vamp and make sure it is in contact with your foot as this will make sure that the stress generated from the weight of the body is evenly distributed on the foot. A good strategy that will guarantee that the vamp is securely wrapped around the top section of the foot, hence offers maximum stability when one is walking. If a vamp loosely fits this means there are high chances of the wearers suffering from serious injuries in case they slip when walking or fall (scenarios in which the foot slides sideways when walking). That’s why many buyers go for flip flops that offer extra stability by having back straps so that they have added support and protection.

The Sole of your flip flop: The sole of the foot wear plays an important role when checking the correct fit. Look at the rear edge of the sole and make sure the distance from the foot’s ball is ranging from 1 to 1 ½ centimeters. This will make sure that maximum stability is achieved hence minimal chances of callusing. Because of this, the inner sole (the section of the sole where the foot normally rests on) must be in contact with the foot’s sole fully. It’s because of this that many manufacturers have decided to come up with designs that are customized to suit people who either have high arched or flat feet.

Q. Is it ok to drive when you are wearing your flip flops?

A. Yes, you can drive when you have the flip flops on, however, it’s not a good idea. This is because most of the sandals are backless and hence this means there is a great possibility of your footwear slipping off your feet, worse cases can be the shoes getting stuck under the pedals of your car (either the gas pedal or the brake pedal). Its recommend that you’re driving shoes must be secure and sturdy. It’s just like the way ladies are discouraged from driving when wearing stilettos. Having flip flops can be a little more assuming, however, the danger will always be there.

Q. How much should I spend on a good pair of flip flops?

A. It’s obvious that many of us want high-quality products (especially with footwear) but are very hesitant when it comes to spending. This gets harder when you know there is a cheaper model that can serve the same purpose, many would rather buy an affordable flip flop that get a more costly one. However, when shopping for foot wears it’s good to look for comfort, durability, stability, and fit, and even if these features come at a higher price a buyer should not hesitate to spend the extra dollar and get a good pair of shoes. Most of the times shoes that offer the best arch support tend to be a little more costly compared to the others. But then flip flops cannot be considered to be expensive shoes, and there for you can have the privilege of even getting many reliable pairs that offer the best arch support to your feet.

Q. When is the right time for me to replace my flip flops?

A. Well, flip flops should be treated like any other shoes, when looking at how often you should get a new pair, this can be guided by personal preference since they are not very expensive. The general guideline is that you should replace your flip flops after a few months. When your sandals have a little tear and wear then you can fix that, but then when they no longer feel comfortable or offer a snug fit, then you should get rid of them ( this normally occurs when the straps and the soles are really worn out).

Q. Is it important to check where I will be going when I wear my flip flops?

A. Flip flops are very comfortable, but then they offer very minimal protection (sometimes even no protection) to your feet. When you will be walking on rugged terrain that may include glass pieces, or any other debris on the side walk, then it’s highly recommended that you make sure you are extra cautious of your walking environment and can even cover your feet.


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