Best Keen Shoes & Boots Reviewed for Durability

No matter the type of shoe, when one has on a Keen shoe they know that their feet are enveloped in something that is consistent, comfortable, protective, and durable. These are just the features that these shoes have; they are made to last and so, do that job relatively well. These are the most basic desires in a shoe. Regardless of all of the questions of style and class, someone wants a shoe that will provide their feet with all that they need in this regard which is the reason why Keen has so much business on their plate.

Featured Recommendations

Keen Daytona
  • Keen Daytona
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Leather/Textile
  • Easy Lacing System
  • Price: See Here
Keen Uneek
  • Keen Uneek
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Awesome Feel
  • Price: See Here
Keen Arroyo 2
  • Keen Arroyo 2
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • All Day Comfort
  • Excellent Grip
  • Price: See Here

Keen has been trusted by millions across the globe for a variety of footwear needs. Regardless of what type of shoe you need there will be an option from this brand that will suit your need. Trusting a brand of shoes can be difficult due to the lack of consistency in manufacturing when you buy Keen this is a worry you won’t have. they are focused on providing amazing shoes that will last through miles of wear.

This list is comprised of items from Keen that all have something in common; they are the best of the best. Now, keep in mind that not all of the items are of the typical “shoe” variety. There is a combination of sandals, hiking, and work boots; they all still work to give the wearer what they would need in order to thrive in whatever area it is that they are working in.


10 Best Keen Shoes


1. Keen Daytona

This sandal by Keen is very versatile. Whether you want to wear it near the beach, on a trail, or during your daily tasks, this shoe will suit you well. The Leather straps are durable and the bungee lacing system makes adjusting them a cinch. They provide all-day comfort and great support. Keen uses a variety of technologies to ensure they offer the best in a variety of footwear options.
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Water Resistant Upper
The upper of this shoe is made of Nubuck Leather. This material is naturally water resistant which makes them a great option in a variety of outdoor situations. Adding a quick spray will take them from water resistant to waterproof. This will increase the options of wear for these already versatile sandals.

Hydrophobic Mesh Lining
Keeping your feet dry will keep them free from blisters, raw, red areas, and possible fungal or bacterial growth. The Hydrophobic Mesh Lining helps keep moisture away from your feet. It also dries very quickly. Overall this will help your feet stay cool, comfortable, and dry.

Cost and Value
Keen is a leader among shoe brands and their prices reflect that. These shoes are not the most costly in our guide, however, you may need to work them into a constricted budget. They do offer long-lasting reliable wear for a variety of terrains which helps increase their value.
  • Superior Materials
  • Excellent Attention to Detail
  • Minimal Break-In Period
  • Flexible Upper
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Sole Durability

2. Keen Uneek

One of the most popular choices by Keen is the Uneek and it is certainly that. This sandal's upper is made of two types of cord for a truly one of a kind feel and fit. The laces are a bungee material for easy adjustment and it also adds to the overall fit. On top of all this, their footbed will help keep your feet comfortable during long wear. It is no wonder these shoes are loved by so many.
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Truly Breathable
When it comes to sandals we expect a certain amount of breathability. Some fall short, however, the Uneek is a step above the rest. The upper is naturally breathable and does a good job at removing moisture from the skin. The variety of space between the cord allows for better airflow keeping your feet at maximum coolness and comfort.

Obviously, the use of cord for the upper allows the top of this shoe to flex like a dream. It is not only the upper that works in your favor this way. The outsole is also made to truly bend and move with your feet. This allows your feet to maintain their natural motion and in the long run will keep your feet, legs, and back feeling better than usual.

Cost and Value
The Uneek sandals are a bit more affordable than others on our list. They may still take a bit of adjustment in your bank account. If you decide you love the style of these and purchase them, know you will get a top quality pair of shoes. Not only are they versatile on a variety of terrains and adventures they feel great and are exceptionally durable.

3. Keen Arroyo 2

The Arroyo 2 is a sandal that offers a rugged design that will take you comfortably on the roughest trails. They feature a rubber toe cap and a durable outsole that will last you through long miles. The upper is made of textile paired with genuine leather for excellent durability. If taken care of these sandals will last you for years. In addition, they have a removable EVA insole and Hydrophobic mesh lining to keep you comfortable and dry no matter how long you wear them.
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Lugged Outsole
Lugged outsoles provide the best grip on a diverse group of terrains. The use of this in the Arroyo 2 will keep you on your feet in wet, slick conditions. Taking a bad fall could put you out of a lot of the activities you enjoy. Stay sure-footed when you purchase this pair by Keen.

Hybrid Design
Smash together your favorite sandal and your favorite trail shoe and you come up with the Arroyo 2. Breathable enough for wear on the hottest days yet durable enough to take you down any trail. the protective toe cap and rugged materials keep your foot protected while mesh panels help the shoe breath.

Cost and Value
When it comes to Keen shoes these are the most affordable in our guide. Not only are they extremely durable they are also very versatile. If you work and play hard these will stand up to the test of time. They will keep you firmly planted on your feet while maintaining cool, dry feet.
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • No Flop While Walking
  • Excellent for Hiking
  • Superior Fit
  • Affordable
  • Glue Issues
  • Problems with Stretching

4. Keen Chandler CNX

4. Keen Chandler CNX
Keen keeps everyone in their thoughts when creating shoes. The Chandler CNX has been built with growing feet in mind. The upper is an exceptionally flexible and breathable mesh. The outsole is made of rubber for good traction and grip. This can help avoid painful falls and possible injury. The lacing system makes them easy to take on and off but stay secure once they are on. Overall, this shoe looks good and keeps growing feet feeling great while being supported.
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Quick Drying Mesh Upper
Mesh is lightweight and flexible. In addition, this mesh is quick drying. Dry feet are happy and healthy feet. Wetness can lead to a plethora of problems for anyone's feet. Keeping growing feet in optimal condition is important and these shoes will not only look good but help keep feet healthy.

Instep Strap
This shoe features a Velcro strap that helps to support the instep. by loosening or tightening this strap you will get a more customized and secure fit. In addition, for those that don't want to keep shoes on, this strap helps secure the lacing system. This helps ensure shoes are staying on.

Cost and Value
These are actually quite affordable for shoes. However, due to the fact that they are made for growing feet, they carry quite a high price tag. They offer great durability and a smart design that will keep feet comfortable and supported correctly. It may take some wiggle in your budget but you won't be disappointed with the fit of this choice.
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Durable Wear
  • Sturdy Sole
  • Excellent All-Day Wear
  • Flexible Fit
  • Stitching Durability

5. Keen Revel 3

5. Keen Revel 3
The Revel 3 is a cold weather hiking boot that won't let you down. The rugged outsole will give you great traction while the waterproof upper will keep your feet dry and comfortable. There is a heat insulation system under your feet that are only one piece of what these boots use to keep your feet warm. They also include 200 grams of KeenWarm Insulation and a quilted collar. Overall, these boots will keep you warm and dry while still being comfortable and breathable.
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360-Degree Warmth
Wanting your entire foot to stay warm during cold temperatures should not be a big thing to ask. The Keen Revel 3 takes your wish and makes it a reality. Under your feet, you will find insulation, at the toe, insulation, and throughout the entire upper, more insulation. The secure closure keeps the heat you make inside and the liner keeps your feet dry. So not only will your feet be warm, they will also be dry.

The durable construction of this boot is not only due to the materials but the way it is put together. Strong stitching backs up superior materials. What does this mean for you? Well, the over ankle height and durable material offers structure and support to your ankles. This can help avoid injury in bad weather or on uneven terrain. In addition, the EVA insole will support and comfort your feet.

Cost and Value
This option carries a heavy price tag. It may be difficult for some bank accounts to absorb this type of cost. When in true need of a warm option that will keep you supported and comfortable you should know there are few better. If you can add these to your footwear collection you will not be let down and you will have a pair of boots to last season after season.
  • Perfect Toe Box
  • Not Too Hot
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Less Clunky than Others
  • Quite flexible
  • Costly
  • Little Arch Support

6. Keen Durand

6. Keen Durand
The Durand is a waterproof mid hiking boot that has comfort and support in mind. With Keen's waterproofing membrane your boots will have better breathability with no worry of moisture getting inside. They also offer a footbed that is made to contour to your feet, giving you better support and a higher level of comfort during wear. In addition, they have added a heel cup for lockdown support. This ensures top-level performance, less slippage, and higher comfort.
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Anatomical Design
From your toes to your heels these boots will keep you supported and exceptionally comfortable. They will provide you with excellent arch support and support for heavy heel strikes. The rest of the footbed is made to hug and contour to your particular feet. This gives them a customized feel that is not often found.

Keen uses technology at its finest in the category of waterproofing. The Keen.Dry membrane allows vapor to escape the boot but won't allow moisture to penetrate it. This will allow the boot to wick moisture away from your feet and get it out of the boot ensure dry comfortable feet no matter how long you wear them.

Cost and Value
This option falls towards the top of our guide when it comes to cost. However, when you look at the overall value it is understandable why their price tag is so heavy. Exceptionally durable in cold climates with excellent fit and breathability don't come cheap. In addition, they give us total support and a customized feel. These boots are certainly worth their higher cost.
  • Wide Toe Box
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for Long Wear
  • Great in Punishing Conditions
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Eyelets Ruin Laces

7. Keen Voyageur

7. Keen Voyageur
The Voyageur will suit you well on the trail or through everyday life. Offering exceptional comfort features, a lugged outsole for superior grip and traction, and patented technologies this shoe fits the Keen brand perfectly. Pull-on loops at the heel and tongue allow you to put these on and take them off with ease. The upper is a mixture of Leather and Mesh, making them durable, breathable, and flexible. All-in-all this shoe is an excellent addition to any person looking for a low-top, outdoor shoe.
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4mm Lugs
The lugs on this shoe face a variety of angles giving you excellent bite into a variety of surfaces. No matter how your foot falls you can rest assured these will help keep you balanced and on your feet. The length, as well as placement of these lugs, keep you planted firmly on your feet on various terrains.

EVA Footbed
The dual density EVA footbed is very comfortable and will mold to your feet as you wear them. In addition, it is removable. If you wear a custom orthotic or find that your insoles are wearing down, simply remove and replace them. This will save you time and money over the life of this shoe.

Cost and Value
Keen brand shoes are pricey but these are one of the more affordable pairs. You still may need to make some adjustments to your budget but it will be less than many other pairs in our guide. They do offer exceptional comfort and are very versatile throughout your life. Most importantly they will help you maintain your grip and traction on slick surfaces.
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Variety in Styles
  • Sturdy Tread
  • Supportive Fit
  • No Break-In Period
  • Insole Wears Quickly

8. Keen Utility Detroit

8. Keen Utility Detroit
Looking for a steel toe work boot? Look no further, the Keen Utility Detroit work boot is tough and can handle whatever you have to dish out. The outsole is oil resistant and slip resistant setting a worry of slips at ease. When it comes to waterproofing these have it to the max. You will find a new definition of what is truly waterproof. These boots will work hard no matter what you do and help keep you comfortable and supported through long hours.
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Asymetrical Toe
One of the biggest problems with steel-toe boots is the fact they are shaped in such a way that they dig into the big toe. This can lead to skin damage and possible infection. The Asymmetrical design of the toe will keep them from rubbing your toes and keep you comfortable.

Reflective Webbing
When visibility is important you will surely appreciate the reflective webbing on the Keen Utility Detroit boots. Wheather wearing them on a walk at night or in a dimly lit work environment you will find added protection and increased visibility with this feature.

Cost and Value
These fall to the middle of our price range and may not be affordable with every budget. If you need an awesome and comfortable pair of steel-toed boots for work these are a great investment. They will offer you comfort and durability for an extended period of time and you won't have to worry about uncomfortable or painful toes.
  • Excellent Grip
  • Removable EVA Footbed
  • Natural Odor Protection
  • Advanced Comfort Technology
  • Exceptionally Breathable
  • Sole Durability

9. Keen Targhee 2

9. Keen Targhee 2
The second edition in the Targhee line offers a low profile and secure fit that many love. This boot is waterproof and features a lugged, rubber outsole with rubber toe cap. Pulling on this mid-level boot is a cinch with the pull tab located at the back of the boot. The lining is made of breathable leather which helps the overall durability of this shoe.
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Extended Opening
Wider calves and thick socks can be a real problem when looking for a mid-height boot. The extended opening will help alleviate this problem. Easy to fit, however you like, this opening will be appreciated when what used to be a struggle is no longer a care at all.

Contoured Heel
When your heel slides around in your boot it can lead to a number of problems. You could suffer from injuring your ankle to slipping and falling. The contoured heel in this boot will cradle your foot and help keep you secure. The lockdown feel will ensure you peace of mind no matter the adventure you find yourself on.

Cost and Value
When it comes to Keen boots these are more affordable than many. If you are looking at top quality shoes you probably won't find a better deal. They are durable and comfortable. They will keep your feet dry and protected while being easy to put on and take off. Your budget is worth adjusting to add these to your collection.
  • Excellent for Extended Wear
  • Great for Various Terrains
  • Short Break-In Time
  • Good Support
  • Superior Grip
  • Heel wear Quickly

10. Keen Gypsum

10. Keen Gypsum
If stability is what you are looking for than the Keen Gypsum may be the best shoe for you. Excellent on a variety of terrains you can wear this shoe just about anywhere you see fit. They are also quite lightweight which we don't always see in a waterproof option. For a hiking shoe, they offer good breathability. In addition to all of this, they feature a protective toe cap and secure fit laces.
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The Gypsum line exudes stability. It starts with the Keen.zorb strobel board. This is a foam layer that gives you an instant broken-in feeling. Then there is the TPU Shank. This type of shank stabilizes the foot as it moves, offering exceptional support and stability. It finishes with the S3 Heel Support. Helping to lock your heel down you will see what true stability feels like when wearing this option from Keen.

Toe Cap
While many Keen shoes offer the rubber toe cap, it is such a good feature we want to mention it on this option. When you find yourself on the trail you never know what you may run into. Keeping your feet protected is extremely important and when wearing a Keen with this feature you won't have to worry about it.

Cost and Value
When it comes to Keen shoes you don't find them with this many features at such an affordable price. Falling to the lower end of our price range, anyone who makes the investment won't be disappointed. While keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable you will know they are also going to hang with you through life's most difficult situations.
  • Good Arch Support
  • Keeps Feet Dry
  • Excellent Shock Dispersment
  • Superior Detailing
  • Lightweight
  • Sizing Runs Large

Keen has a variety of shoes; from their sandals to their boots, each and every one of them has a feature that isn’t offered by many other brands. They somehow manage to incorporate a sense of unique class into their shoes that just isn’t found in various other shoes. The shoes on this list just take the best out of all of Keen’s shoes and put them in list format. Things like the unique sense of style provided by the Uneek sandal and the extremely high level of durability found in the Targhee makes these shoes of the top tier when it comes to Keen brand shoes.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Keen Shoes

Criteria Best Keen Shoes

Keen Technology

When we started to research the best Keen shoes we asked ourselves what is it that makes these the best of their brand? While they offer superior comfort and high levels of durability, these things can be found in tons of shoes on the market. So, what is it that really makes Keen stand in a class of its own? The technology.

Their technology ranges depending on the shoe and the intended use of it. What you see in their sandals is not what you will see in their work boots. When taking this into consideration we took each style and looked at what they have to offer and why it is important for the person purchasing it. Here is what we have found.

Sandals – 

  • Hydrophobic Lining –
    This is a mesh lining used in many of Keen’s products. It helps remove moisture from the foot and repels it away. With the exceptional breathability of their sandals, this provides dry feet even in extremely sweaty conditions.
  • Metatomical Footbed –
    Seen in options like the Uneek, the footbed of their shoes that offer this technology provide a superior fit and better comfort than many on the market today. The metatomical footbed provides excellent arch support and shapes to the natural curves of your feet.
  • Torsion Stability ESS Shank – 
    The Torsion Stability ESS Shank is not only seen in sandals like the Arroyo II, but also in boots like the Targhee 2. What does this do for you exactly? Well, it provides flexibility through the toe and stiffness through the arch.  This allows your feet to move naturally while maintaining a high level of support and structure. When walking or running on multi-level terrains this feature will help you keep your balance and avoid rolling an ankle.

Trail Boots and Shoes – 

  • Keen.Dry – 
    When it comes to waterproofing Keen certainly knows what they are doing. Wet feet on the trail can lead to a ton of problems for your health and comfort. Keen.Dry is a membrane that coats the shoe. It allows moisture to evaporate from the inside but it does not allow moisture to penetrate it from the outside. This helps to maintain constant dryness and optimal foot health.
  • Keen.Zorb Strobel – 
    Keen.Zorb is a foam padding that is used from the toe to the heel in many keen shoes and boots. It offers exceptional shock absorption and impact distribution. You will feel as if this footbed is hugging your feet.
  • Anatomical Steel Toe – 
    The anatomical, or foot-shaped, design in Keen’s steel toe options is something you won’t find everywhere and that you won’t sacrifice once you wear them. Most steel caps protect your toes but at the expense of rubbing discomfort. Because Keen shapes the to cap like a foot naturally curves you won’t have any of that pesky, uncomfortable rubbing.
  •  Keen.Protect – 
    This feature is the rubberized toe we see on many different options within our guide.  When on a work site or an excursion through a dense forest you don’t want something pushing through the toe of your shoe. This could lead to serious injury. The to cap reinforces the shoe or boot to ensure your feet stay protected, regardless of what you find yourself up against.

Waterproofing – 

  • Keen uses naturally water-resistant materials like Nubuck Leather and then adds their waterproof membrane. This ensures water stays out and moisture can still evaporate. Rubber outsoles also help in overall waterproofing ability. It is important to note, some of their shoes offer a mesh panel that will give better breathability but still keep water out of the interior of the shoe. If you find that over time your waterproofing is lacking, a quick waterproofing spray will make it as good as new.

Lugged Outsoles – 

  • Finding yourself in slippery conditions or on varied soft trail surfaces is not uncommon. The use of lugged outsoles will allow your shoes or boots to bite into the surface you are crossing and ensure you stay on your feet. Superior grip and traction are needed for the overall safety of any adventure.  Lugged outsoles will make sure this happens helping you enjoy your adventure and stay safe while on it.

FAQ Best Keen Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all Keen shoes waterproof?
A: No, because Keen offers a huge variety of shoes not all of them are waterproof. While they do offer many models that are waterproof like the Utility Detroit work boot and the Durand, they also offer running shoes and sandals that are most certainly not. If you are unsure if they are or not, check out the product descriptions and reviews for a simple answer.

Q: These shoes are awfully pricey, do they come with any sort of warranty?
A: This is an excellent question, no one wants to spend their hard earned money on a product that is pricey and then just falls apart. All of Keen’s shoes are backed by a one year 100%  guarantee.  If you find a defect in the shoe’s design or a flaw in the material simply contact the company and they will make it right.

Q: Can I wear my orthotics with this brand?
A: Keen offers everything from sandals to work boots that will allow you to use your custom orthotics with ease. Any shoe they offer that has a removable footbed will allow you to easily slide it out and insert your own. Becuase of the roomy toe box and overall fit you won’t have to worry about how your orthotic will fit.

Q: My favorite summer sandals from Keen are filthy, Help!
A: While with many brands this would be a death sentence for your favorite sandals, with Keen it is not. You will want to check the care instructions for your particular model, however, Keen sandals that offer a synthetic leather or Polyester upper are machine washable. Simply throw them in on a gentle setting, use mild detergent, and cold water. Afterward, let them air dry and you will be good to go. It is important to note, genuine leather may need to be cared for differently and putting shoes in the washer without confirming it is ok may ruin them.


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