10 Best Kids Socks Reviewed for Comfort

Shopping for kids socks can be an adventure. We delved into this colorful and festive category offering imaginative prints, bright colors, and fanciful designs. So, to help busy shoppers, a list of best kids socks has been compiled – the best kids socks reviewed. Not all the sock pairs available on the market are suitable. Kids socks, especially, should be durable, well-made and comfortable. Those of all shapes, ages, and sizes need socks that can stand heavy abuse, exposure, and washing.


It is important to notice the difference between athletic socks, crew socks and printed/novelty socks. The thicker cushion of a crew sock helps to pad a sensitive foot or adjust to a larger size shoe. Athletic socks are usually thinner in density and tailored in a low-cut style. Novelty socks come with an extreme aesthetic appeal, standing out from the crowd in artistic fervor and usually slightly higher priced due to supply.

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Last Updated: July 10, 2017
By Mirisa Jewell:

Criteria/FAQ information was input, as well as the top 10 list for the best kids socks. This content included; Fuirt of the Loom Low Cut Socks, Gerber Unisex Wite Terry Bootie. Covering topics like, who the best kids socks are for, and how to wash a childrens sock.

Gerber Unisex
  • Gerber Unisex
  • 4.1 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fold-Over Terry Cuff
Adidas Graphic Crew
  • Adidas Graphic Crew
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • ClimaLite Technology
Fruit of the Loom Low Cut
  • Fruit of the Loom Low Cut
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Kick-Proof Band

If shopping for the little one and looking for something less traditional, like the latest kid sock trend or perhaps a unique fabric, the world of kids socks is truly mind-boggling and has plenty to offer. For kids desiring something smile-worthy, there are 4-D socks with protruding cat ears or superhero socks complete with billowing capes attached.

The following is a list of the most commended and highest-rated socks. Each of the top ten has a distinctive feature, whether overall quality, style, innovation or price. The best options combine multiple traits. Take a peek at the socks burning up search engines across the nation, here they are, the creme de la creme, ranked in descending order:


10 Best Kids Socks


1. Fruit Of The Loom Low Cut

The Tuff n’ Comfy variety offers superior construction in a low-cut silhouette, designed to fit infant through toddler sizes and made of soft material with stretch. A band sewn into the top hem of the sock reinforces grip and prevents slouchy socks syndrome. This clever addition keeps the kids from kicking socks off. Designed for the contentment of little ones, they are created to be worn with or without shoes. In assorted colors, this sock also offers smooth toe seams and classic Fruit Of The Loom, American-made quality.
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Durable Seaming Tailored with Soft Fabric
An ultra-downy knit composed of 51% Cotton, 46% Polyester,2% Rubber and 1% Spandex, these socks are soft on the skin while holding shape over numerous washes. The stitching is solid with a good amount of stretch.

Kick-proof Elastic Banding
The ridged knitting of the cuff has enough flexibility to allow circulation and easy-wearing, built-in kick proof bands serve to keep socks on fidgety feet. This thoughtful design includes smoothed-over toe seaming, reducing irritation and allowing for long hours of comfortable wear.

Cost and Value
Ranked the highest for sheer affordability and durable construction. Recommended for a regular wash cycle, these socks require little care - material is resilient while holding color. Fruit Of The Loom socks score high reviews regularly for being the cheapest option. They are also tough and long-lasting, coming in as the most-reviewed, receiving solid scores for wearability with some reviewers commenting on convenient buying options.
  • Soft cotton/polyester blend
  • Kick proof banding prevents sock slip
  • Smooth seaming
  • Extremely affordable
  • Multi-purpose: comfortable enough to wear with or without shoes
  • Limited style and color options
  • Runs small

2. Gerber Unisex White Terry Bootie

From another company with a long-standing history comes Gerber, a children’s wear manufacturer with legendary status and a cult-like following. An intensely popular option, these white booties saves busy parents the trouble of choosing colors. This sock is done is a terry bootie style, a delightful combination of two of the most popular kids sock styles, terry fabric and the bootie design. The top folds down revealing rich terry comfort, a cotton indulgence sporting epic texture - highlighted by the fabulous bootie model.
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Cute Design and Textile Choice
The terry and bootie combo from Gerber offers the ultimate intersection of design and comfort. Kids love the feel of soft terry, also a favorite of parents being highly absorbent and easy to clean. The adorable bootie fold-over flap is a welcome alternative from the traditional anklet style.

Unisex Designation
Parents of multiples will delight, no longer will they have to purchase one package of socks per child. A unisex style offers convenience beyond imagination, benefitting parents with more than one child. Flattering on both genders, this terry bootie saves parents the headache of purchasing multiple sets for finicky children.

Cost and Value
Cute, stylish and well-made, it would be close to impossible to find a quality terry children’s bootie, that is also styled as a unisex option. Gerber has made these at an extremely affordable price point making this item a crowd favorite, as well as the all-around winner in style and fabric.
  • Unisex design
  • Trusted manufacturer
  • Luscious and absorbent terry blend
  • Adorable and chic bootie styling
  • Affordable price point
  • Available in just one color
  • Tendency to slip at ankle

3. Dani’s Choice Anime Print Crew

Offering playful and fantastical Japanese Anime-based prints, these print crews are sewn with colorful threads while designed in a chic crew style. These foot socks by Dani’s Choice feature whimsical characters that your kids are sure to recognize like Mario and Friends, Pokemon and Sailor Moon. Turning the Japanese Animation theme up a notch, these sleek socks offer impeccable construction in a long crew style. Each pack of socks displays five different prints, giving consumers fun socks highlighting individual characters.
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Truly Unique Prints
The category of Japanese Anime socks being a limited one, Dani expands on the idea by introducing My Cousin Totoro characters from legendary luminary, Hayao Miyazaki. There are a few sock companies produce Anime socks, few feature distinctive and attractive prints conveyed on fabric.

Interesting Toe-box and Design Blueprint
The toe box is designed with the seam further back along the toe, reducing the possibility of chafing and ensuring a snug and smooth fit. The cuff portion is incredibly smooth for a crew sock, which is usually heavily ribbed. Certain Dani sock options feature 4D animal ears, stitched into the top sock cuff.

Cost and Value
Clocking in at one of the highest price points (per sock) on the list, Dani’s Anime socks are still relatively affordable when compared to similar companies offering Japanese Animated theme socks. Few companies producing high-quality, Japanese Anime-themed sock packages; the ones that do all charge considerable more than Dani’s, making these an excellent option!
  • Exceptional quality, well-made
  • Carefully stitched
  • Flexible material, thin with stretch
  • Well-placed toe seams
  • Unique images and patterns
  • Limited availability
  • Prone to shrinkage, air dry recommended

4. Jefferies Seamless Sport Quarter

4. Jefferies Seamless Sport Quarter
Handily packaged in a set of six, these sport socks offer an alternative to the low cut style, crafted in a cotton blend material. Simply colored, the seamless athletic quarter is white with a contrast grey sole panel. The rise is slightly higher than the typical low cut kids sock offering, also slightly thicker than the average athletic sock. The ribbed heavy cuff also has stretch, promising users hours of heavy use.
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Washes Well
Earning points for wear-and-tear, kids socks by Jefferies are heavily reviewed as a great sock for overall endurance. After repeated washes and dryer spins, these socks performed extremely well, with no pilling or loss of stretch.
These socks contain nylon and spandex elastic material, fortifying a cotton and polyester base.

Thick Grip Cuff
This thicker and taller version of the slim, skinny low-rise athletic, is a welcome alternative due to heavy padding and ribbing. The higher rise off the cuff is distinctive also, typically athletic socks tend to be low-rise.

Cost and Value
Running at a slightly higher price point than the top three on this list, Jeffries is a healthy and practical alternative for consumers looking to try different brands at a reasonable cost. For kids bothered by toe seaming, the seamless design makes it the most affordable choice available - a better-than-average quality option.
  • Innovative seamless styling
  • Washes well, high durability
  • Not too expensive, affordable
  • Higher ribbed cuff
  • Thick fabric with stretch
  • Sizing is off, runs large
  • Limited color options

5. Browning Hosiery Merino Wool

5. Browning Hosiery Merino Wool
Created by Browning Hosiery, these socks are a traditional crew done in a comfy and itch-free wool blend. Available in two shades, they feature a high ribbed cuff with color blocking accents throughout. Perfect for keeping those tiny toes warm on frozen winter days, Browning offers fine Wool at a reasonable price point. Featuring a graphic insignia on the side of each sock, Browning Hosiery wool socks come complete with built-in features such as arch support, for added comfort.
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Fine Wool Blend
The quality of the wool blend is distinctive, composed of Merino Wool. Itchiness of wool being an ever-present concern, this sock is perfect for kids, truly a comfortable blend of threads.

An Affordable Wool Sock
Traditionally wool socks tend to be quite pricey; at a little over a seven dollars a pair, these cold weather socks are definitely at a high price point. Overall, they are still worth it, beating out several competitors offering sub-standard items at higher price points.

Cost and Value
Compared to an affordable, traditional sock and outpacing the price of all socks on the list, these wool-blend socks are the most expensive. They are a comfortable wool-blend though; companies have a really hard time manufacturing a quality wool sock, that is affordable and comfortable - they are usually itchy in varying degrees. Browning Hosiery succeeds in overall quality, making these soft and wearable - an excellent value for the money. The Merino Wool is luxurious and soft to the touch.
  • Super thick
  • Quality wool fabric
  • Arch support panel
  • Unisex styling
  • Comfortable itch-free Acrylic, Wool, Nylon and Spandex blend
  • Limited color options
  • Pronounced/exposed toe seam

6. TeeHee Stripes Cotton Short Crew

6. TeeHee Stripes Cotton Short Crew
TeeHee, a smaller company compared to others on the list, ranks high in the best kid sock category by artfully blending the best of children’s prints and sock features. Beautifully done in subtle shades, TeeHee socks combine ruffles, polka dots, and stripes - fulfilling every girl's dream. These are a shorter crew option, featuring a thinner density fabric with slip-proof embellishments. TeeHee is a widely-reviewed brand, with a reputation as a sock requiring little maintenance.
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Super Creative Tailoring
Perfectly blending children’s favorite patterns of circles and stripes these socks are sure to be a hit. A ruffle delicately sandwiched between polka and stripes equals a delicious, adorably designed sock.

Non-skid Lettering
The smaller sizes of this fashion sock offer non-slip bubbling in the form of lettering, perfect for the safety of little ones. The rubber-soled grips improve traction and reduce slippage.

Cost and Value
For the price, it would be hard to find socks that combine the three elements of stripes, polka dot, and ruffle. TeeHee delivers a girl trifecta, wondrously tailored, sporting an optimal fit with quality detailing.
  • Good fit
  • Imaginatively designed
  • Durability, machine washable
  • Easy-to-coordinate color pattern
  • No-slip bottom grips
  • Runs small
  • Shrinkage Issues

7. Gold Toe Athletic Quarter

7. Gold Toe Athletic Quarter
Coming in at a respectable number seven is Gold Toe, a long-standing company known for well-made sock products. These are the athletic version, thinner in density than a crew, built with extraordinary stretch and smooth feel to the touch. A true low-cut athletic sock, Gold Toe quarters come in two different designs and is composed of ribbed accents flanked with colored highlights.
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Designed By a Reputable Sock Maker
Gold Toe is the United States third largest producer of socks, making quality Menswear since 1934. With a solid reputation based on durable material and caliber stitching, these socks hold true to Gold Toe standards, stylized in a sporty twist.

Ultimate Athletic Ankle Styling
Composed of 80% Polyester, 18% Cotton, and 2% Spandex, these athletic socks sit perfectly near the ankle. The cuff grips well and is of medium weight, offering the perfect fit for active days.

Cost and Value
For an affordable price, you receive quality workmanship from a time-honored company. The Gold Toe quarter rates as an excellent value for the money, serving up classic designs in tasteful styles.
  • Well-made, soft fabric composition
  • Reinforced arch
  • Reputable company
  • Perfect athletic sock thickness
  • Perfect athletic sock height
  • Kids might not like color options

8. Under Armour Crew

8. Under Armour Crew
One of the newer companies on the list, the crew sock by Under Armour provides state-of the art options and technology incorporated into the classic crew style. This sock receives high honors for innovative measures, smart fabric and preventative features that fight embarrassing foot odor. Offered in one style and two different shades, these are a super crew, plain in appearance yet wielding exceptional sock power.
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Armour Block Design
Exclusive to Under Armour comes advanced sock technology, with a system built-in that speeds the perspiration evaporation process. Featuring the Signature Moisture Transport System, liquids are whisked away forever, thanks to accelerated drying action. This prevents the growth of odoriferous bacteria.

Armour Stretch Design
Another Under Armour feature is the flexibility and fit of the fabric. Soft yet incredibly stretchy, this 71% Cotton, 17% Nylon, 3% Polyester, 1% Spandex weave is built for comfort and renders a streamlined fit.

Cost and Value
Though slightly more expensive then fellow contender Hanes Crew Classic, the Armour Crew offers options that the Hanes Crew simply does not have. Though Hanes wins points for overall affordability, Under Armour is a current and competitive namesake with modern recognition while remaining competitively priced. Cleanly styled, it is a notable contender in the kids crew sock category, loaded with advanced sock technology.

Fits Well, snug and sculpted

  • Classic Styling
  • Recognized Brand
  • Softness and stretch, Armour Stretch
  • Anti-odor material, Armour Block design
  • Limited color availability (plain black and white)

9. Adidas Graphic Crew

9. Adidas Graphic Crew
The sportiest of all crew socks, this entrant from Adidas offers contemporary styling with striking racer stripes. This is the sleekest of crew socks, a true sock hybrid offering the lightness of an athletic sock with the length of a crew. A cult favorite, Adidas gives the Graphic Crew added name recognition. Available in six different shades composed of an innovative fabric blend, this is the only sock on the list offering natural latex, in addition to spandex.
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Massive Brand Popularity
An athletic dynasty, Adidas has a reputation as a premier athletic wear company, the Graphic Crew, is no exception. Adidas is a storied moniker, founded during the aftermath of a brotherly fight; the two brothers went their separate ways post-argument, one founded Puma, the other Adidas.

Quality of Construction
Soft with a supernatural stretch, Adidas uses 96% Polyester, 2% Spandex and 2% Natural Latex woven together with revolutionary technology. Adidas engineered ClimateLite technology, a space-age fabric allowing for maximum breathability and dryness.

Cost and Value
At a price point somewhere in between low and medium, the Adidas Graphic Crew is an excellent option thanks to design elements alone. There just isn’t any other crew sock, no other contender, that embodies the best traits of a traditional athletic sock while keeping the length and fabric associated with crew socks.
  • Well-respected athletic company
  • Hybrid of both crew and athletic styles
  • Sleek styling with signature Adidas stripes
  • Fairly affordable
  • Tailored fit and cutting-edge fabric
  • Sizing can be complicated

10. Luvable Friends No-Show

10. Luvable Friends No-Show
A casual ankle sock, the No-Show Stripe by Luvable Friends earns a spot on the list thanks to heavy buyer popularity. Widely reviewed with positive comments, these machine washable socks offer stretch, softness and comfort. In six different coloring options, the patterns are unique while remaining timeless. This low-cut sock is thin and soft, suited for shoppers searching for affordable, long-wear, sporty kids sock options.
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Creative fabric patterns
Luvable Friends is a kidswear company, their socks are imaginative - a design perennially voted as customer favorite, resembles a tiny little sneaker, complete with laces. Stripes are incorporated in fanciful fashion, bright green chevron stripes adorn nontraditional places, like the heel and toe panels.

Adorable girl-centric designs
Shopping for a little girl can be an involved process, finding socks that are cute AND well-made is difficult. No-show Stripes are a wonderful option, incorporating ruffles, Mary Jane styling, and ballet slippers into one blissful style.

Cost and Value
Luvable friends cost more than most of the lower-priced socks on the list, ranking among the highest here on the top ten. Weighing in at $1.80 per sock, when the average durable sock comes in between $.50 to $1.00, this is a fairly pricey sock package. However, there simply isn’t another contender that has extraordinary designs comparable to this, socks that look like laced sneakers, ballet shoes, and Mary Janes. Most, if any, are usually done in a crew or knee-high style, these are appropriately designed as an anklet.
  • Creative and fun designs
  • Soft machine washable fabric
  • Durable construction
  • Right amount of stretch
  • Highly-rated among return buyers

Packaging is inconsistent, different colors than advertised


What you Should Know

Overall, depending on the shopping mode that you are in – budget, gift, celebration or reckless abandon, there are dozens of solid kids socks choices.

For shoppers interested in price and looking to make a quick purchase, which doesn’t require much contrast and comparison, the basic and bargain Fruit of the Loom Low Cut Socks receives nods for all-around Best Value. It is hard to beat such a cheaply priced sock that is durable and wearable.

Best Kids Socks- Kid wearing socks

Besides endurance and fabric softness, an ideal child’s sock retains the ability to withstand washes keeping shape, texture, and color. Imagine a long school day, a few recesses, and gym class – followed by after school activities, home, and dinner. Kids socks face the ultimate in wear-and-tear. Kids socks should be designed with superior materials, so they can protect and comfort the foot while allowing for breathability. The best sock manufacturers design kids socks with wearability in mind, suitable for use inside of shoes, as well as without shoes.


How to Choose the Best Socks for Kids

Besides choosing between a regular sock or designer sock, shopping for socks contains quite a few variables, we cover all of those here in an effort to bring you the latest in kid sock fashion. We have created the ultimate consumer guide, empowering you to make the most educated sock purchase.

Some of the factors that are main criteria in our evaluation process are overall performance (maintains shape after wash), color retention, the fabric used, design (texture and elasticity), brand (reputation), and price.


Criteria for Evaluation


Reputable Brands & Highly Praised Socks

Best Kids Socks- Fruit of the loom socks

The brand name could play into your sock selection. Chances are, if they were produced by a reputable under garment manufacturer, most of the time – they will be of decent overall quality. Socks, like with anything else, you should expect to get what you pay for. Sock sales occur frequently, try to purchase in advance, usually, an event requiring a certain sock isn’t a last-minute surprise affair. In regards to manufacturers, an effort was made to highlight smaller labels. On the flip side, there are several small lesser-known companies that produce quality well-made socks, that, you won’t even be able to find in your local drivable shopping vicinity of 150 miles. Just because a company is larger, doesn’t always mean they have the best product, chances are, they have a competitive product. Not necessarily the best all-around! Give the smaller companies a chance, large companies were small also, a long time ago.


Shape after wash

Best Kids Socks- washing socks

Maintenance of the sock, sensitivity of the sock to washing is a ginormous factor – it’s actually make or break. No one likes a shrinking sock, that will almost ensure the destruction of a repeat customer purchase probability. The reviews of kids socks that held up well overall were analyzed, compared to reviews displaying horrific photographs of shrunken socks, we have weeded out the winners, making the proper kids sock selection process easy. Yes, they can still be squeezed on after they shrink, however, this is the kids socks section though, this is the one time manufacturers should use fabrics that can accommodate a growing foot.


Color after wash

Best Kids Socks-Colorful kid socks

This was also an important consideration, bleeding fabrics are not tolerated in kids clothes and garments. The sheer amount of stain removal that is performed on children’s active wear, of all types, requires a sturdy fabric. Hence, any decorative fabrics that bleed or gorgeous socks that fade, are not acceptable – are not on this list. With all of the companies producing socks for kids, to have a non-competitive kid sock offering that bleeds is a company that does not deserve customer loyalty. Thankfully, all of the socks tested were colorfast. Most parents and caregivers are strapped for time and cash. Having an inferior product that self-destructs and stains surrounding material, is not acceptable.


Quality of Fabric, Softness

Best Kids Socks-Colorful socks

Being that socks are designed for sweaty areas, most of the time, the fabric selections are pretty simple. There are only so many materials that can stand up to a wash dry and repeated stain treatments with harsh cleaning agents. Cotton is used most of the time, some have other materials added for softness and stretch, like nylon and rayon. How soft the material is against the skin is a huge evaluation criterion, ranking just as high as price.


Designed with texture, stretch abilities

Best Kids Socks- stretchy socks

They could be the softest socks in the world. They could be an excellent bargain, priced at an affordable everyday price. But, perhaps, they slouch around the ankles. The design of the sock, how well it does what it was created to do – is carefully measured and evaluated. Form failure is a huge design flaw affecting value and quality. A kids sock cannot be a quality made item if it slouches, unless it was designed that way. No one wants to wear an ill-fitting sock!


Balanced Price

Best Kids Socks-sock prices

This is one of the main criteria,  everything else about kids socks, all other attributes – pale to the evaluation criteria of the price of the sock. Fortunately, kids socks are a highly competitive sector, the consumer has a vast array of options to purchase at totally affordable and reasonable prices.



Q: What are the top brands: Who makes the best kids socks?

A: The two most recognizable major adult undergarment manufacturers make acceptable and affordable socks, Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. GoldToe, another reputable manufacturer, has a tradition of socks. Adidas and Nike also offer competitively priced kids sock options.These are the companies that are often frequented for school sock purchases. The popularity of these brands stems from days where people would shop for brand names in person, these two brands were always affordable, one step above low-quality or the cheapest shelf pick. These days, we no longer have to scour shelves at Target or Walmart (though I still do every now and then), there are countless companies that you may not recognize, offering competitively priced, well-crafted socks. There is really no need to stick with the labels that you recognize from childhood, visibility does not equate a superior product. Certain websites carry smaller labels, offering such well-made products, they often have a passionate fan following. There are numerous small labels that produce soft, comfortable and kid-popular socks.

Q: Sock Types: Who are kids socks for?

A: Kids socks are designed to fit a certain size, usually they are produced in one of two mediums, for pure function or aesthetic appeal. The price of fashion socks or novelty kids socks has decreased dramatically over the years, so many “Frozen” and “Minion” (for example) merchandise are pumped out each year, one can often purchase novelty socks for the same price as a casual sock. Regular white cotton socks are simple in design and fabric. A sports sock would have added padding and enhanced moisture wicking. The cut could also differ in an athletic sock. A fashion or novelty sock could have any combination of elements, the main purpose being to represent a trend, brand or image.

Q: What is the best way to wash kids socks?

A: Following the manufacturer’s instructions or use the same washing procedures that you would for your towels. The thing with socks is that they are an item that many prefer tumble-dried. The process of any heat in a tumble dry will affect the condition of the sock in the long run. Either the fabric or elastane component will become ruptured, a simple cold wash and air dry or hang dry will suffice. For those that want that freshly laundered texture only a dryer can provide, go ahead and dry them in a clothes dryer. They should hold up still, for a good two years if not between two and five years, of regular use and washing.

Q: What are the best socks for kids?

A: There has been an explosion in low-cut socks for kids, many children actually prefer this style and ask for it specifically. Kids can either not care about socks or be extremely particular and only wear a certain type of sock. The latter is rare though. The best kids sock is what you can afford, if there are several good options within your price point, then you can be almost guaranteed a good sock for the money. Purchase based on occasion, soccer socks, winter socks, dress socks or gift socks. Review the buying options that suit your desired attributes and select the brand producing the socks you desire.

Q: Can I use regular kids socks without shoes?

A: Yes! Several manufacturers advertise this useful component, right along with all of the other features of the sock. Some socks are thick and quilted with layers, so the added protection feels more like a slipper sock. As parents/guardians know, most of the time a kids shoe size is slightly off, tending to buy shoes that are bigger than the present foot size, in anticipation of the next size. Or, socks are commonly used indoors or to break in new shoes before actual wear. In either case, they are helpful to pad the lining of a barely-too-big shoe. Also, when the child runs outdoors without putting their shoes on, these socks can be helpful – even inside of the house, as slippers, a protective layer on little feet.


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Here is our guide to fighting Athlete’s foot.

We also have an in depth tutorial on how to prevent and treat blisters.



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