15 Best Kids Socks Reviewed for Comfort

Shopping for kids socks can be quite an adventure. When shopping for kids’ clothing, you need to consider things like quality and comfort; then take design into consideration as many children will have their own notion of what is acceptable for wear in public and what isn’t (even though your own opinions may differ greatly on this subject). Socks for kids offer imaginative prints, bright colors, and fanciful designs which we were more than happy to go through all of these in order to choose the best of the best – durable, well-made and comfortable.


Kids socks come in three different categories: athletic socks, crew socks and printed/novelty socks, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. The thicker cushion of a crew sock helps pad sensitive children’s feet or can prove helpful in filling up larger size shoes. Athletic socks are usually thinner in density and tailored in a low-cut style, while novelty socks come with an extreme aesthetic appeal, standing out from the crowd in artistic fervor and usually slightly higher priced due to supply.

Last Updated: March 30, 2018
By Ana Rockov:

The latest update to this article brings you five additional highest rated kids socks available for purchase online. Furthermore, a terminology section has been added to help you understand more about this type of product.

Featured Recommendations

Dani’s Choice Anime
  • Dani’s Choice Anime
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Unique Anime styles
  • Affordable
  • Price: See Here
Deluxe Non Skid Crew
  • Deluxe Non Skid Crew
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Non-slip
  • Pack of twelve available
  • Price: See Here
Prince Low Cut Athletic
  • Prince Low Cut Athletic
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Cushioned Foot
  • Arch support
  • Price: See Here

If you are shopping for a little one and are looking for something less traditional, like the latest kid sock trend or perhaps a unique fabric, the world of kids socks is truly mind-boggling and has plenty to offer. For kids desiring something smile-worthy, there are 4-D socks with protruding cat ears or superhero socks complete with billowing capes attached. The following is a list of the most commended and highest-rated socks for kids available for purchase. Each pair of socks on this list of top fifteen has a distinctive feature, whether overall quality, style, innovation or price. The best options combine multiple traits. Take your pick of the following fifteen styles of children’s socks and you can rest assured that your kid will love wearing the style you have chosen from our list of best kids socks.



15 Best Kids Socks



1. Dani’s Choice Anime Print

Offering playful and fantastical Japanese Anime-based prints, these print crews are sewn with colorful threads while designed in a chic crew style. These foot socks by Dani’s Choice feature whimsical characters that your kids are sure to recognize like Mario and Friends, Pokemon, Sailor Moon and others. Turning the Japanese Animation theme up a notch, these sleek socks offer impeccable construction in a long crew style. Each pack of socks displays five different prints, giving consumers fun socks highlighting individual characters.
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Truly Unique Prints
The category of Japanese Anime socks being a limited one, Dani expands on the idea by introducing My Cousin Totoro characters from the legendary luminary, Hayao Miyazaki. While there are some sock companies who produce Anime socks, very few feature distinctive and attractive prints conveyed on fabric.

Interesting Toe-box and Design Blueprint
The toe box is designed with the seam further back along the toe, reducing the possibility of chafing and ensuring a snug and smooth fit. The cuff portion is incredibly smooth for a crew sock, which is usually heavily ribbed. Certain Dani sock options feature 4D animal ears, stitched into the top sock cuff.

Cost and Value
Clocking in at one of the highest price points (per sock) on the list, Dani’s Anime socks are still relatively affordable when compared to similar companies offering Japanese Animated theme socks. Few companies make high-quality, Japanese Anime-themed sock packages and the ones that do all charge considerably more than Dani’s, making these an excellent choice!
  • Exceptional quality, well-made
  • Carefully stitched
  • Flexible material, thin with stretch
  • Well-placed toe seams
  • Unique images and patterns
  • Limited availability
  • Prone to shrinkage, air dry recommended

2. HzCodelo Seamless

These socks by HzCodelo are the perfect choice if your child prefers a cute design and a soft sock to wear on a daily basis. Made out of 84% Australian cotton, 12,8% Polyamide and 3,2% Spandex, these socks use eco friendly and skin friendly materials and dyes, meaning that they will work well with sensitive skin and won’t damage the environment. The five pairs of socks in this pack will be adored by any little girl who prefers to have animal friends with her throughout her day.
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Hand Linked Make
These socks have been assembled using a hand linking system which eliminates the rough swing band inside the socks which may give some children blisters or cause the discomfort. Instead, there will be a knot on each side of the seam which will be completely fine with most kids, avoiding irritation, rubbing, and discomfort.

Secure Heel Fit
The Y designed heel on these socks ensures that the foot is covered correctly, placing the heel at the desired place and avoiding discomfort that may appear when a pair of socks slips from their place. Your child can wear these with sneakers, boots, and even more formal styles of shoes, and they will look good and feel good with any footwear.

Cost and Value
These socks cost about the same as the average kid's sock on this list. They come in a pack of five which gives you not only plenty of styling options but is also handy because it can get you from one laundry day to the other without running out of socks in between. The downside of these socks, however, is that kids with very sensitive feet will not appreciate the threads that can be felt on the inside of these, so if you know you have a very sensitive or picky kid, you may want to skip these.
  • Cute, novelty design
  • Skin and eco friendly materials and dyes used
  • Come in a pack of five different designs
  • Average price
  • Will stay on feet due to Y shaped heel
  • Not completely seamless as advertised
  • Better suited for girls than boys

3. Deluxe Non Skid Crew

These cute socks for toddlers and little boys come in packs of six or twelve, and are perfect for little guys who just love running around the house without slippers or shoes. They feature beautiful designs with cars, helicopters, fire trucks or animals, paired with red, yellow, blue, green and gray colors, all of which will bring some happiness into your everyday life. Featuring a standard crew height, these socks are made out of a medium thickness material, making them a great choice for all seasons.
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Grippy Soles
As a parent, you will love these socks because of the non-slip soles they have, enabling your little tyke to run around anywhere, including tile, hardwood floors and other slick surfaces. You will be calmer, knowing that your little one is protected against slips and falls, and they will definitely enjoy the extra grip their new favorite socks provide them.

Durable Make
These socks are 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and will prove to stand the test of time, even with aggressive wear, machine washing and drying. Not having these socks become torn or deformed after a few wears means that they are an excellent investment, especially if you get the bigger pack which gives you 12 pairs of socks to wear on a daily basis.

Cost and Value
Whichever pack of these socks you opt for, they will provide you with great versatility, style, comfort and durability. The pack of twelve is our favorite as it gives you just the right number so that you always have a clean pair of cute and grippy socks that are just waiting to be worn by an active little child.
  • Durable make
  • Will do great with machine washing and drying
  • Non-slip sole
  • 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • Appropriate for all seasons
  • No girls style available
  • Tight cuff

4. Jefferies Fashion Crew

4. Jefferies Fashion Crew
Jefferies socks are a great choice for the entire family if it is high quality and fun design you want. These fashion crew socks are made for kids who appreciate fun patterns, ruffles and pretty colors that will brighten even the rainiest of days. These socks are made out of premium cotton, blended with polyester and spandex to ensure they retain their shape even after numerous wears and washes. They are comfortable and provide just the right amount of stretch to give your child a secure but unrestrictive fit.
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Knit In Pattern
The pattern on these socks is knit in, using the best quality yarns available, and making a high density sock with more stitches per inch than most other socks on the market. What this ensures is a longer durability that will stand the test of school, play and everyday wear.

Trusted Seller
This product is sold by Amazon.com which means you can rest assured you will receive the product and quality you paid for, with considerably less chance for defect products, disappointments and counterfeit items.

Cost and Value
Coming in a pack of six, these socks are an excellent choice due to the price which is just around average for this type of novelty socks. They’ll make your kid happy with the fun colors and shapes, while you will appreciate the durability and quality of the make, resting assured that you won’t have to throw these out after a few washes.
  • Knit in pattern
  • Won’t lose color or shape with washes
  • Come in a package of 6
  • Average price
  • Fun, scalloped top
  • Run small
  • May shrink depending on temperature of wash

5. Tandi Novelty Cats Crew

5. Tandi Novelty Cats Crew
These novelty socks by Tandi are the perfect gift for anyone who is in love with kittens, and simply cannot go through their day without a cute pair of ears and some cat paw prints. With five beautiful colors coming in a pack, your girl will love wearing these to school regardless of the season, as these can be worn both in cold and warm weather. Using high quality cotton mixed with lycra for added stretch, these are breathable and will retain their shape even after several washes.
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Flat Toe Seam
These socks are an excellent choice even for those girls with more sensitive feet, seeing that they feature a boneless toe seam which is more suitable for kids who find this part of regular socks to be too rough on their skin. With these socks by Tandi you can avoid chafing, rubbing and blisters while still looking great.

Available for Moms as Well
You can get these socks in various sizes, including adult sizes for your teens or even for yourself. This is great if, like us, you feel that kids often get to have all the fun when it comes to cute designs and comfy clothing.

Cost and Value
These socks come in a pack of five at an average price for this type of product. They offer a nice design and durability, which makes them a perfect purchase for your child, or even as a gift. We especially appreciate that they are seamless, however, there is threading inside the sock where the cat faces and paws are on the outside - something that parents with kids who have sensory issues will definitely want to skip.
  • Pack of five bright colors
  • Available in children’s and adult sizes
  • No seams
  • Comfortable elastic cuff
  • Y shaped heel
  • Threading inside the socks
  • No boy’s version available

6. Gold Toe Athletic Quarter

6. Gold Toe Athletic Quarter
Right in the middle of our top 15 list of best kids socks is Gold Toe, a long-standing company known for well-made sock products. These are the athletic version, thinner in density than a crew, built with extraordinary stretch and smooth feel to the touch. A true low-cut athletic sock, Gold Toe quarters come in two different designs and are composed of ribbed accents flanked with colored highlights.
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Designed By a Reputable Sock Maker
Gold Toe is the United States third largest producer of socks, making quality Menswear since 1934. With a solid reputation based on durable material and caliber stitching, these socks hold true to Gold Toe standards, stylized in a sporty twist.

Ultimate Athletic Ankle Styling
Composed of 80% Polyester, 18% Cotton, and 2% Spandex, these athletic socks sit perfectly near the ankle. The cuff grips well and is of medium weight, offering the perfect fit for active days.

Cost and Value
For an affordable price, you receive quality workmanship from a time-honored company. The Gold Toe quarter rates as an excellent value for the money, serving up classic designs in tasteful styles.
  • Well-made, soft fabric composition
  • Reinforced arch
  • Reputable company
  • Perfect athletic sock thickness
  • Perfect athletic sock height
  • Kids might not like color options
  • Run small

7. Jefferies Tech Sport Low Cut

7. Jefferies Tech Sport Low Cut
This is another pair of children’s socks by Jefferies, and this time, it’s a pack of athletic socks that are perfect for wearing with sneakers, to sports practice, to the playground, or just everyday wear around the house. These socks for little boys come in six different colors, and are an affordable option if you’re looking for low-cut athletic socks that will stay in place even after the roughest of activities.
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Half Cushion and Arch Support
These athletic socks for boys offer cushioning and arch support that were made to provide a greater level of comfort even with long wear. The arch support will prevent fatigue and can aid all day wear without sacrificing the soft comfort your kid has come to expect from their favorite pair of socks.

Secure Fit
While these socks feature minimal seams, and a breathable mesh top material, the upper has a reinforced band that will keep these on securely, without allowing them to slip off mid play. Despite the reinforcement, these will still not compromise comfort, as they will not cut into your child’s leg, and provide plenty of stretch and elasticity.

Cost and Value
These socks are some of the most affordable on our top fifteen list, and a welcome surprise is that they will outlast almost any other sock you will ever find. Some parents have even reported these to have lasted over two years without any holes in them! That’s impressive!
  • Extremely durable
  • Affordable price
  • Half cushion and breathable upper
  • Arch support to prevent fatigue
  • Comfortable fit with no bulky seams
  • May shrink a size in the wash
  • Not seamless

8. Prince Low Cut Athletic

8. Prince Low Cut Athletic
These low-cut athletic socks by Prince have been made to provide your boy with a premium comfort fit while playing running, playing or doing sports. They come in different color combinations ranging from black to grey to white, and each feature some fun pops of color to make pairing easier and to give your kid some versatility. The packs of six come at an excellent price that is affordable and gives you a pair of socks your kid will actually want to wear.
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Breathable Materials
These socks use a lightweight polyester blend coupled with mesh that allows your child's foot to breathe even when partaking in strenuous activities including sports and rough play. This will not only help the prevention of odors but will allow the feet to dry more quickly after having worked up a sweat.

These are another pair of cushioned athletic socks which not only make any pair of shoes more comfortable to wear, but allow your kid to play and run more without having to suffer any unnecessary pain. The arch support gives soft pressure, preventing fatigue, and keeping the entire sock in its place without bunching or moving around inside your child’s shoes.

Cost and Value
These socks are the most affordable item on our list of best socks for kids, and you will not make a mistake in purchasing these if you have an athletic boy who loves to be on the move. They are soft, comfortable and durable, so the low price is just an added bonus.
  • Most affordable on this list
  • Variety of colors available
  • Pack of six
  • Cushioned foot
  • Arch support
  • Quite thin compared to other athletic socks
  • A lot of loose thread on the inside of the sock

9. TeeHee Stripes

9. TeeHee Stripes
TeeHee, a smaller company compared to others on the list, ranks high in the best kid sock category by artfully blending the best of children’s prints and sock features. Beautifully done in subtle shades, TeeHee socks combine ruffles, polka dots, and stripes - fulfilling every child's dream. These are a shorter crew option, featuring a thinner density fabric with slip-proof embellishments. TeeHee is a widely-reviewed brand, with a reputation as a sock requiring little maintenance.
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Super Creative Tailoring
Perfectly blending children’s favorite patterns of circles and stripes these socks are sure to be a hit. A ruffle delicately sandwiched between polka and stripes equals a delicious, adorably designed sock.

Non-skid Lettering
The smaller sizes of this fashion sock offer non-slip bubbling in the form of lettering, perfect for the safety of little ones. The rubber-soled grips improve traction and reduce slippage.

Cost and Value
For the price, it would be hard to find socks that combine the three elements of stripes, polka dot, and ruffle. TeeHee delivers a girl trifecta, wondrously tailored, sporting an optimal fit with quality detailing.
  • Good fit
  • Imaginatively designed
  • Durability, machine washable
  • Easy-to-coordinate color pattern
  • No-slip bottom grips
  • Runs small
  • Shrinkage Issues

10. Jefferies Seamless Sport

10. Jefferies Seamless Sport
Handily packaged in a set of six, these sport socks crafted in a cotton blend material offer an alternative to low cut styles. Simply colored, the seamless athletic quarter is white with a contrast grey sole panel. The rise is slightly higher than that found in typical low cut kids socks, and the item is overall slightly thicker than the average athletic sock. The ribbed, heavy cuff offers plenty of stretch, promising users hours of heavy use.
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Washes Well
Earning points for wear-and-tear, kids socks by Jefferies are heavily reviewed as a great sock for overall endurance. After repeated washes and dryer spins, these socks performed extremely well, with no pilling or loss of stretch. These socks contain nylon and spandex elastic material, fortifying a cotton and polyester base.

Thick Grip Cuff
This thicker and taller version of the slim, skinny low-rise athletic, is a welcome alternative due to its heavy padding and ribbing. The higher rise off the cuff is distinctive seeing that most athletic socks tend to be low-rise.

Cost and Value
Running at a slightly higher price point than other items on this list, Jeffries is a healthy and practical alternative for consumers looking to try different brands at a reasonable cost. For kids bothered by toe seaming, the seamless design makes it the most affordable choice available - a better-than-average quality option.
  • Innovative seamless styling
  • Washes well, high durability
  • Not too expensive, affordable
  • Higher ribbed cuff
  • Thick fabric with stretch
  • Sizing is off, runs large
  • Limited color options

11. Adidas Graphic Crew

11. Adidas Graphic Crew
The sportiest of all crew socks, this entrant from Adidas offers contemporary styling with striking racer stripes. This is the sleekest of crew socks, a true sock hybrid offering the lightness of an athletic sock with the length of a crew. A cult favorite, Adidas gives the Graphic Crew added name recognition. Available in six different shades composed of an innovative fabric blend, this is the only sock on the list offering natural latex, in addition to spandex.
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Massive Brand Popularity
An athletic dynasty, Adidas has a reputation as a premier athletic wear company, the Graphic Crew, is no exception. Adidas is a storied moniker, founded during the aftermath of a brotherly fight; the two brothers went their separate ways post-argument, one founded Puma, the other Adidas.

Quality of Construction
Soft with a supernatural stretch, Adidas uses 96% Polyester, 2% Spandex and 2% Natural Latex woven together with revolutionary technology. Adidas engineered ClimateLite technology, a space-age fabric allowing for maximum breathability and dryness.

Cost and Value
At a price point somewhere in between low and medium, the Adidas Graphic Crew is an excellent option thanks to design elements alone. There just isn’t any other crew sock, no other contender, that embodies the best traits of a traditional athletic sock while keeping the length and fabric associated with crew socks.
  • Well-respected athletic company
  • Hybrid of both crew and athletic styles
  • Sleek styling with signature Adidas stripes
  • Fairly affordable
  • Tailored fit and cutting-edge fabric
  • Sizing can be complicated
  • Users report holes developing after a few washes

12. Luvable Friends No-Show

12. Luvable Friends No-Show
A casual ankle sock, the No-Show Stripe by Luvable Friends earns a spot on the list thanks to heavy buyer popularity. Widely reviewed with positive comments, these machine washable socks offer stretch, softness and comfort. In six different coloring options, the patterns are unique while remaining timeless. This low-cut sock is thin and soft, suited for shoppers searching for affordable, long-wear, sporty kids sock options.
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Creative fabric patterns
Luvable Friends is a kidswear company, their socks are imaginative - a design perennially voted as a customer favorite, resembles a tiny little sneaker, complete with laces. Stripes are incorporated in fanciful fashion, bright green chevron stripes adorn nontraditional places, like the heel and toe panels.

Adorable Designs
Shopping for a little one can be an involved process, finding socks that are cute AND well-made is difficult. No-show Stripes are a wonderful option, incorporating ruffles, Mary Jane styling, and ballet slippers into one blissful style.

Cost and Value
Luvable friends cost more than most of the lower-priced socks on the list, ranking among the highest here on the top ten. However, there simply isn’t another contender that has extraordinary designs comparable to this, socks that look like laced sneakers, ballet shoes, and Mary Janes. Most, if any, are usually done in a crew or knee-high style, these are appropriately designed as an anklet.
  • Creative and fun designs
  • Soft machine washable fabric
  • Durable construction
  • Right amount of stretch
  • Highly-rated among return buyers
  • Packaging is inconsistent
  • Different colors than advertised

13. Hanes Classic Crew

13. Hanes Classic Crew
This is a simple and classic package of crew socks that will make your life easier as a parent. Made for boys, but can be worn by girls as well, these crew socks are white with a gray toe and heel, and you will be able to easily pair them up after doing laundry, saving precious time that you would otherwise spend on finding the pair of each sock. Made in a cotton blend, these offer softness and elasticity and fit true to size.
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Well Proportioned
The Classic Crew socks by Hanes are a parents favorite seeing that they feature the same thickness throughout, and are well proportioned to provide the best combination of comfort, breathability, and ease of maintenance.

Hold Up Well With Washing
These socks will hold their own with machine washes and tumble drying, but may not be the best choice if you are a mother of a very active boy. If this is a case, you may want to opt for an athletic sock that offers more thickness and durability.

Cost and Value
Depending on size, you can get a pair of six Hanes Classic Crew socks for quite a steal from Amazon. As they offer a good fit and easy pairing, we can recommend these as a good everyday sock, both for boys and girls, however, you may want to go with something a bit more sturdy if you’ve got rambunctious kids.
  • Simple design
  • Easily paired after washing
  • Soft materials
  • Not too wide like other boys’ socks
  • Pack of six
  • Not made for aggressive use
  • Not 100% cotton as stated on Amazon

14. Under Armour Crew

14. Under Armour Crew
In the last few years, Under Armour has become a synonym for quality and high performance, so it comes as no surprise that this crew sock provides state-of-the-art options and technology incorporated into the classic crew style. This sock receives high honors for innovative measures, smart fabric and preventative features that fight embarrassing foot odor. Offered in one style and two different shades, these are a super crew, plain in appearance yet wielding exceptional sock power.
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Armour Block Design
Exclusive to Under Armour comes advanced sock technology, with a system built-in that speeds the perspiration evaporation process. Featuring the Signature Moisture Transport System, liquids are whisked away forever, thanks to accelerated drying action. This prevents the growth of odoriferous bacteria.

Armour Stretch Design
Another Under Armour feature is the flexibility and fit of the fabric. Soft yet incredibly stretchy, this 71% Cotton, 17% Nylon, 3% Polyester, 1% Spandex weave is built for comfort and renders a streamlined fit.

Cost and Value
Though slightly more expensive then fellow contender Hanes Crew Classic, the Armour Crew offers options that the Hanes Crew simply does not have. Though Hanes wins points for overall affordability, Under Armour is a current and competitive namesake with modern recognition while remaining competitively priced. Cleanly styled, it is a notable contender in the kids crew sock category, loaded with advanced sock technology.
  • Fits Well, snug and sculpted
  • Classic Styling
  • Recognized Brand
  • Softness and stretch, Armour Stretch
  • Anti-odor material, Armour Block design
  • Limited color availability (plain black and white)
  • Complicated sizing system

15. Gerber Terry Bootie

15. Gerber Terry Bootie
Gerber is a company with a long-standing history, having attained legendary status and a cult-like following as a children’s wear manufacturer. An intensely popular option, these white booties save busy parents the trouble of choosing colors. This sock is done in a terry bootie style, and represents a delightful combination of two of the most popular kids sock styles - those made out of terry fabric and the bootie design. The top folds down revealing rich terry comfort, a cotton indulgence sporting epic texture - highlighted by the fabulous bootie model.
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Cute Design and Textile Choice
The terry and bootie combo from Gerber offers the ultimate combination of design and comfort. Kids love the feel of soft terry, which is also a favorite of parents seeing that it is highly absorbent and easy to clean. The adorable bootie fold-over flap is a welcome alternative from the traditional anklet style.

Unisex Designation
Parents of more than one child will delight, as they will no longer have to purchase a package of socks per child. A unisex style offers convenience, simplicity and is budget saving. Flattering on both genders, this terry bootie will allow parents to use the same item for both girls and boys, ensuring an easier and quicker dressing process every morning.

Cost and Value
Cute, stylish and well-made, it would be close to impossible to find a quality terry children’s bootie, that is also styled as a unisex option. Gerber has made these at an extremely affordable price point making this item a crowd favorite, as well as the all-around winner in style and fabric.
  • Unisex design
  • Trusted manufacturer
  • Luscious and absorbent terry blend
  • Adorable and chic bootie styling
  • Affordable price point
  • Available in just one color
  • Tendency to slip at ankle


Overall, when choosing socks for kids, whether it’s for your own, or as a gift, it is important to first consider functionality and whether the child who will be wearing these socks has any unique preferences. While some kids will be more than happy to wear whatever you give them, others may prove to be pickier about comfort, color or style. As kids grow fast and are not exactly known for being kind to their clothing, it is a good idea to invest a couple of dollars more if that gets you considerably more durability. On the other hand, if your child has sensory issues, you may need to invest a little bit more, as seamless kids socks are more difficult to find, and will usually be more expensive. Luckily, whichever model you opt for from our top 15 list, you will definitely not make a mistake as these are some of the highest rated and most reviewed socks for kids available for purchase, and have been selected based on comfort, durability, and price. For more information on how to make your choice, as well as on how to ensure maximum lifespan, prevent shrinkage and shape loss, read the Criteria for Evaluation and Frequently Asked Questions section of this article, or consult the Terminology section for easily accessible information regarding industry-specific wording.

Best Kids Socks- Kid wearing socks

Criteria for Evaluation

Choosing between regular and designer socks is not the only variable you need to consider when shopping for children’s hosiery. Socks worn by your kids need to be able to endure a long school day, a few recesses, gym class, then a few after-school activities, home play, and dinner. This schedule will test the durability of any item of clothing, and your kid’s socks need to be made out of superior materials in order to provide both comfort and breathability. The best socks on the market will be suitable for both indoor uses without shoes, as well for wear with any type of footwear.

The factors which you need to consider before making your purchase include overall performance, color retention, materials used, design, durability, and value. The following paragraphs will cover all of these, giving you plenty of information so you can make your best-educated purchase.



Best Kids Socks- Fruit of the loom socks

It is possible that the brand of a garment may be a considerable factor when making a choice when selecting items for your next purchase. Chances are, if a pair of socks were produced by a reputable undergarment manufacturer, you will connect this to overall quality that is of a higher standard. With socks, just like with anything else, you expect to receive quality that is directly related to the price you paid, but very often, smaller manufacturers will be able to provide a better garment than those who mass produce; usually manufactured in overseas factories where quality control is not as high as you would expect from a well-known, popular brand. While our best list includes both reputable companies, as well as smaller, lesser-known manufacturers, it is important to note a few things that you might find useful before making your next purchase.

First and foremost, big brand names will often overcharge, based on reputation, packaging, and simply because they can. It is a well-known fact that people are willing to shell out considerably more if they think they are getting a superior product, but this doesn’t mean that you should disregard other manufacturers that may even be giving you better quality and a better price, but have not yet gained in popularity. Under Armour, whose product you can find on this list is a great example – just a few years ago, this was a small company which focused on athletic undergarments, while today, they are not just a leader in the sportswear field, but even more, have gained the reputation of a driven brand that is in the process of expansion and that is slowly becoming a household name.

The other thing you need to consider when making a choice of brand is whether the tag is really relevant for the specific product you are in the market for. While certain brands may have a reputation for producing items of a high quality, it is very likely that socks are not their main focus. Thus, you should consider whether a brand such as Jefferies Socks, for example, may offer you more quality than a sportswear magnate who is selling socks in addition to hundreds of other products they put their logo on.


Ease of Maintenance

Best Kids Socks- washing socks

Just like any other item of clothing worn by a kid, socks can get quite messy. We are not going to go ahead and evoke the images and associations you may already have in mind when you think dirty socks, but we are going to say that kids need clothes that can be easily washed and kept clean, regardless of what body part they have the function of covering and protecting. One of the most important criteria a pair of socks you purchase for a kid need to meet is that they need to be appropriate for a hot machine wash. Being suitable for tumble drying is an added plus, especially as this garment is more often worn in winter when it’s so much more complicated to get clothing to dry, particularly so if you live in a cold climate. Unfortunately, not all socks will do well in this category, so that’s why there are two things we wanted to pay special attention to when making our selection of fifteen best socks for kids.

The first of these is how they perform when being washed. Most clothing will shrink when washed at higher temperatures, but as a parent, you may find that you simply need to use hotter water as some stains are more difficult to get out than others. Another thing to consider is that most bacteria will not be killed off unless you use a washing temperature of 60 degrees Celsius or higher. What happens with most items when washed at such high temperatures is that they lose their shape. While some lose their elasticity and thus become unsuitable for use as they refuse to stay on the feet, others will shrink even up to several sizes. When making your choice, you need to consider how much a pair of socks will shrink when washed – is this just 1 or 2%, or is it considerably more? If your child is between sizes, we would recommend sizing up in order to avoid having a pair (or a whole pack) of socks that are too small to be comfortably worn.

The other thing you need to pay attention to is color retention. Some makers use low-quality materials, knits, and colors that will easily fade or even become warped when washed even in cold water. That’s why it is important to know that the pair of socks you choose to purchase for a kid won’t bleed or fade after one wash – this will ensure easier laundry days and will be helpful in avoiding disappointment when a favorite pair of socks stops looking like what they were originally supposed to resemble. Also, note that this quality of dye and knit can also reflect on your child’s sensitive skin reaction to the fabric makers use to produce the socks. Some children have skin that is more sensitive than others, which means that choosing socks dyed in eco-friendly and non-toxic colors is imperative for anyone shopping for childrenswear.


Materials Used

Best Kids Socks-Colorful kid socks

There are quite a few things a pair of socks needs to achieve, and a lot of these depend on the materials used in the production process. A perfect pair of socks will be breathable, elastic, soft, won’t lose their shape, won’t feel too tight or too loose, will wick moisture away from the skin and will help prevent the overgrowth of bacteria and won’t develop odors. In addition, they will be seamless, with as few bumps and rough patches as possible, and will be strong enough to stand up to the test of all-day wear without developing any holes in them.

When shopping for children’s socks, most people will want a fabric that is natural and soft. Cotton, terry cloth, and wool are all excellent options, but more often than not, they do not possess all the properties we mentioned above. The most important of these is elasticity, which is crucial for a pair of socks that will provide enough stretch so that they actually stay in place, and don’t slide down or bunch up around certain areas. Manufacturers will usually add a small percentage of synthetic fabrics to the material blends used in socks, and these include nylon, polyester, spandex, and acrylic.

  • Nylon is a great choice for elasticity, but its main downside is the fact that does not only promote perspiration, but it also retains moisture close to the skin, which is not a good thing, especially when considering that your kid will be wearing a pair of socks throughout the day which will most probably include strenuous activities such as running and playing.
  • Polyester is very similar to nylon – not only is it elastic, but it is also durable, and can take quite a beating. What it does well with is moisture, as it won’t retain as much perspiration as nylon, and will provide you or your child with a more breathable garment that will dry more easily.
  • Acrylic resembles wool and is an excellent choice for the colder months when you need some added warmth. It will also do well at sports practice as it does quite a good job at wicking away moisture from the body so that your child does not end up with foot odor or a skin rash or even infection.
  • Finally, there is spandex, elastane or lycra, which manufacturers will add because of their extreme elasticity. You will find that most cotton socks have some percentage of these materials, otherwise, they would be extremely difficult to put on, and would probably not even stay on without the added stretch.

Another thing that you need to consider when looking at materials is the number of seams and exposed thread that will be in contact with your child’s foot. Children have skin that is more sensitive to the touch than that of adults and will often feel heightened discomfort from tags, seams, and scratchy fabrics. That’s why you need to make sure that the product you purchase doesn’t hurt them or make them uncomfortable. Some manufacturers make seamless socks that have no bands, bumps or exposed threading, and for kids with sensitivity issues, these are often the only option. For other children, it is still important that you take softness and comfort into consideration. Look for socks that don’t have rough seams on the toe part in order to prevent rubbing or even blisters, and try to find products that won’t be too tight around the calves, as this can cut off circulation and cause marks to appear on your child’s skin.



Best Kids Socks-Colorful socks

Kids are a tough crowd to shop for, and you will find that providing them with clothing that is colorful, comfy and fun will do much better than sensible, monochrome options that adults may prefer to look professional and presentable. A perfect pair of socks will tick all the boxes not just for you as a parent (durability, price, ease of maintenance) but also for your kid who might find that a pair of cat ears is much more important than how well their socks wash on high temperatures. All the products on our list have been chosen so as to meet the highest design standards, and include both novelty socks with fun designs and happy colors, as well as those more classic models that will be suitable for wear on more serious occasions such as formal events or schools with a stricter dress code.


Durability and Value

Best Kids Socks- stretchy socks

Last but not least, it is important that we mention two of the most important factors for choosing a winner pair of socks for your kid to wear. As you already know very well, children do not hold the reputation of being gentle on their clothing, and you need to invest in items that will stand the test of rough play, barefoot prancing around the house, sports practice, after-school activities, and any other activity your child might think of performing wearing nothing on their feet but a pair of socks.

Socks that get holes in them after just one wear, or after a few washes can be frustrating and a source of embarrassment for your child, while you will feel that you have spent your hard earned money on a product that was not worth the investment. All of the items on our top fifteen list have been tested for durability, and the pros and cons should give you an idea of the lifespan you can expect of each of these items. While you may find that those which last longer have a higher price tag, the difference is usually just a couple of dollars, while the added time you get to use them can range up to a year or two.

When it comes to shopping for children’s socks, our suggestion is to do this by purchasing packs, as they will usually cost considerably less when bought in larger numbers. Almost all items on our list come in packs of five, six or twelve, which will not only provide you with a few saved dollars but also will allow you to finish your intended shopping faster and with less hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How should I wash kids socks?
A: The procedure for washing kids socks is the same as for any other pair of socks. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and always wash them with similar colors to prevent staining other garments. Some socks will have to be washed at higher temperatures due to being too stained or having developed odors. In these cases, you can wash them the same way you would wash your towels. Otherwise, you can put them in the washer with the rest of your similarly colored clothes, and they’ll be okay.

Q: Can I tumble dry socks?
A: Sure, but as with all other clothing, this will shorten the lifespan of your kid’s socks. High temperatures in dryers may break down the elastic fibers in the sock material, making them lose their shape or speeding up their deterioration process. However, a quality pair of socks should not show signs of wear after a few washes, and you should be able to get at least a few months to a year of use out of any pair of socks that haven’t suffered mechanical damage such as tearing that happened outside the washing process.

Q: What material socks should I buy for my kid?
A: Your best bet is to go with a cotton blend that includes a small percentage of elastic fabrics (spandex or lycra) so as to ensure a good fit. If you have a child who is highly athletic and needs something to wear to sports practice, you may also want to look for materials that have moisture wicking properties such as polyester or acrylic. Babies and toddlers with more sensitive skin may prefer to wear socks that are made out of softer fabrics, such as the Gerber terry cloth bootie.

Q: What are the best kids socks?
A: This is a really tough question to answer, as most kids prefer different things. However, a general rule of thumb would be to go with socks that are made out of cotton, with some stretch, and that have as little seams and scratchy parts in the inside as possible, so as to avoid your child feeling any discomfort while wearing them.

Q: What are the best socks for toddlers?
A: Toddlers and small children will need something that will keep them warm, cushioned and that will help them safely explore the world around them. A great option to have is a non-slip bottom, which will allow your little one to run around the house without fear of slipping and hurting themselves. You may also want to look into seamless socks, as well as those made out of softer fabrics and with plenty of stretch to allow for growing feet.

Q: How long should a pair of socks last?
A: This is something that is quite individual, as all kids wear their clothes differently. However, a quality pair of socks, with regular washing, drying, and proper care should be able to last you at least one year. Of course, there will be tears that happen when they are caught on something, but generally speaking, a pair of socks that will come apart after just a few wears or washes is not a good investment, even though the initial price may look cheaper in the beginning.


  • Cuff – the sock cuff is the most upper part of the sock that will keep the garment securely on your leg. Some socks have a reinforced sock with added elastic for added security.
  • Y heel – this is the type of stitch which can be found in some socks. Its main purpose is to give a more contoured fit of the sock and to allow for a better grip without slouches or bunching of material. A Y heel is most likely to be found in low cut socks that need added grip to stay on.
  • Seamless – seamless socks are made without any seams on the inside which could cause rubbing or discomfort for some people who have sensitive skin or sensory issues. The most common parts of the sock to give people trouble are toe seams, as well as the cuff.
  • Crew sock – these are socks with a higher leg that will usually rise to mid-calf. They are most often done with a ribbed leg, but can also be found in other variations.
  • Athletic sock – made for use during sports and gym sessions, the most important feature of this type of garment is moisture management, in addition to lowering friction levels and cushioning.
  • Novelty sock – colorful and design-oriented socks made for children and adults, often made for special occasions, such as Christmas, etc.


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