Best Looking Loafers Reviewed

Across the shoe buying spectrum, the true significance of comfort, professional sleek style, and easy to manage shoe-wear is relatable to all. A pair of the best looking loafers unbeatably finds itself at the top of each of these lists. Quite frankly a pair of the best loafers proves themselves to be ideal for the business person, the gardener, or those healing from a wide array of injuries especially foot, heel, and ankle injuries.

We understand shoe shopping while on the go can be exciting, yet all the while tediously time-consuming to find the perfect pair of shoes for your lifestyle and budget. Loafers can be a very smart purchase of shoes, especially if you are in a field of work that requires standing for long hours on the job such as a nurse, or line worker. We have great news for you, when it comes to shopping for a set of loafers we have researched diligently to create a list of the best loafers in today’s market according to value, price, and comfort for your specific lifestyle.

All this has been done while taking into consideration factors like; the highest standards according to customer reviews, important shoe features, and removing any confusion about the cold hard facts about loafers, discovering what truly makes the best loafer as opposed to one that is low in quality. Taking care of your feet is always very important. Choosing an exquisite pair of great looking loafers can be just the thing to add comfort to your style.

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The recent update has added five new options for the Best Looking Loafers. This includes stylish slippers like the Giorgio Brutini 17603. Also, more athletic and casual options like the Skechers Equalizer Mind Game option. We also revised our criteria and frequently asked questions sections to make sure you get the most up to date information available. Please check back and we will continue to keep you posted.

Crocs Santa Cruz
  • Crocs Santa Cruz
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Slip-Resistant Outsole
  • Contoured Insole
  • Price: See Here
Dockers Sinclair Kiltie
  • Dockers Sinclair Kiltie
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Nonslip Sole
  • Good for Long Wear
  • Price: See Here
Franco Sarto Bocca
  • Franco Sarto Bocca
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Down-Turned Toe Seam
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Price: See Here


15 Best Looking Loafers


Crocs Santa Cruz

These popular Crocs Santa Cruz Loafer are notorious for their incredible value with an affordable price attached to it. Giving high quality comfort is a critical reason these loafers become a customers go-to loafer regardless of the season, many customers ending up with a variety of colors in their closet. They provide a combination of arch support, and comfort making these the perfect loafers for outings to the beach, daily use around the house, or working in the garden. The massage beads provide the ability to withstand a long work day without having achy feet upon returning home. The canvas material allows for protection against most types of weather from light rain to the rays of the hot summer sunshine!
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Contoured insole
The most significant and notable features is the contoured comfortable insole bed that is designed to stimulate massage as you walk, this is gentle yet massages all of the right trigger points in your foot offering phenomenal blood stimulation.

Innovative material
Croslite, a unique combination of elements in Crocs shoe making designed to provide soft feeling, lightweight comfort, arch support, non-marking soles, and odor resistant shoes.

Cost and Value
The cost of these loafers is considered low to average. They offer a phenomenal value for price due to the contoured insoles, croslite material, and the usage of canvas for the upper footbed. All of which make up the perfect loafers.
  • Contoured Insole
  • Broad Variety of Colors 
  • Arch Support
  • Very Lightweight 
  • Contoured Insole
  • Canvas May Tear
  • Lacks Good Ventilation  

Dockers Sinclair Kiltie

Dockers give us ultimate comfort paired with classic style in the Sinclair Kiltie Loafer. The full-length footbed, rubber outsole, and Leather upper add to the overall comfort of this shoe. This choice is great for everyday wear. It may not be fancy enough for a professional atmosphere but around the town and in casual dress atmospheres, they are absolutely perfect.
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Classic Style
This choice offers a tassel that offers a classic feel not always seen in today's loafers. In addition, they feature moc toe stitching and beautiful stitching. These help the overall look and appeal of these shoes.

Leather Footbed
The footbed in these shoes runs the entire length of the shoe. This offers great comfort from the heel to the toe. The leather is naturally soft and durable making sure you stay comfortable even after long hours of wear.

Cost and Value
Carrying an average price tag, these will fit into most budgets. With increased wearing options and a classic design, you will find the value increasing with every use. If you are looking for something versatile and comfortable this may be the one for you.
  • Comfortable For Long Hours
  • Great For Casual Wear
  • Little Break In Time
  • Non-Slip Sole
  • Durable Upper
  • Stretch Easily

Franco Sarto Bocca

These are comfortable, beautifully designed classic styled loafers created to enhance your daily work performance and mobility during wear. These high quality loafers give the extra support needed for those important meetings at the office in comfort and style. They will feel as though you are wearing a regular sneaker, but the style proves to be dressier and classier than that. They are casual and also very professional, making this an ideal shoe for business, or daily wear. The best part of all is that the leather is high quality providing that important lasting comfort. These are simply the best loafers, and a valued purchase you can stand firm in.
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Snug Fit
These loafers are snug to around the foot, creating a sense of protection and hugging shoe around the entire foot, with a roomy toe box they feel as though you are wearing a comfortable sneaker. This allows you the momentum needed to move quickly and efficiently.

Conforming insole
The foot bed and insole of these loafers conform to your feet overtime, with a short break in period of about two weeks, they may feel extra tight to slip into but trust that over time you will have a shoe that is perfect to slip in or out of, as the break in of this shoe provides a nice adjustment in the amount of give and softening needed, but not becoming to lax or stretched out.

Cost and Value
Typically the cost for a pair of classy Franco Sarto' affordable and average, while the value is high you know this is a great purchase. They are considered timeless by many, you may find yourself in these shoes for up to six years with lasting quality and comfort. They are designed with leather and imported for your satisfaction of usage. An incredibly sturdy rubber heel that measures 1.25" means you can have them on your feet daily without easy wear and tear.
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Lasting Comfort
  • Soft Professional Color
  • Snug Fit
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Longer Break In Time
  • Sizing Runs Small

Cole Haan Tassel

Cole Haan Tassel
Designed by America's premium luxury brand of nearly 80 years, these loafers are designed for stylish comfort using top quality materials such as hand sewn authentic leather. Made with the best materials and a fully leather sock insert you may find these loafer to be comfortable with bare feet, which makes the best loafer! Created by a company that offers resoling for their shoes along with keeping designs consistent, wearing this style of shoe for twenty plus years is desired by customers. These loafers are hand-antiqued brush off leather, very suitable for anything from casual to formal wear.
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Hand antiqued real leather is a statement in itself, for this to occur a company must have employees on hand that polish each shoe coating with color, polish, and care to create a unique shoe each time. This company designed these loafers with dignity and pride.

These loafers run true to size, it is not unheard of for a pair of loafers to run small, large or any size in between at this point, good sizing is what creates the best loafer. This aspect is especially helpful when ordering online.

Cost and Value
The cost of these loafers are high, in turn the value is also very high. They have been created to be the best loafers, that are durable, classy in design, and made with an authentic approach from a top notch well known company. Satisfaction is a guarantee.
  • Easy To Clean
  • Shoe Design Stays Consistent 
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Long Lasting Leather
  • Professional Work Shoe
  • Outsole And Heel Wear Down Rapidly
  • Lack Of Arch Support

Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole Reaction
Upon the making of this great loafer, it was kept in mind that a true loafer is valued by its ability or lack of to slip on or off with ease and comfort, with special features for slipping on this hits the top of the list for ease of gliding onto your foot. These loafers have a nice mix between a vibrant and soft color mixture. As fashionable work shoes, and everyday wear from dancing, sprints, and even a game of soccer can be done in these loafers. They are designed with a soft rubber sole that adds a comfortable bounce as you walk, making your day as lively as your shoe experience
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Everyday comfort
Loafers that can be worn daily throughout any experience is considered great loafer. The soft rubber outsole provides comfort unlike most other loafers.

Easy slip on/off
Made with dual elastic goring bands and a padded upper collar they ensure an easy transition from slip on to slip off, as well as room for the foot to move while you walk.

Cost and Value
The cost for these loafers are low with the value being great. The shoe will provide probably the best comfort out of any of the loafers on this list, and are great for casual outings. They are well worth the money for those who are active in their daily life.
  • Soft Comfortable Outsole
  • Padded Collar
  • Fashionable
  • Easy to Slip On And Off
  • Affordable Price
  • The Outsole Wears Rapidly

Giorgio Brutini 17603

Giorgio Brutini 17603
Quality, fashion, and a unique flair are what you get when you purchase the Giorgio Brutini 17603 loafers. These are best suited to your house and offer a velvet upper that provides optimal comfort and feel. Pay attention to the details when you look at this choice, fine embroidery, and flawless craftsmanship are two of the things you may notice. The flexible outsole and cushioned insole pair together and make sure your feet and legs feel wonderful no matter how long you wear them.
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Embroidered Velvet Upper
When thinking of the lap of luxury and the shoes that go along with it, this style is what many of us think of. Soft Velvet with intricate detailing gives this shoe an appeal we don't find in many others. Cold winter nights or breezy comfortable afternoons will be made more comfortable when you sport a pair of these.

Cushioned Insole
The cushioning inside this loafer is sure to please. It will help absorb shock and allow you to wear them for a quick trip to the mailbox. In addition, they offer good support compared to others of this style. Keeping your feet feeling great is important, especially when trying to relax, this insole will help you accomplish total comfort.

Cost and Value
Buying these luxurious loafers will cost you a bit more than others. Unique design and superior stitching offer durability and a look that is sure to get noticed. When looking for something to wear at home that offers comfort and flair these may be your perfect choice.
  • Smart Look
  • Exceptional Comfort
  • Attention To Small Details
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Great Around The House
  • Narrow Fit

Skechers Equalizer Mind Game

Skechers Equalizer Mind Game
Innovation and comfort are synonymous with the Skechers name. Their Equalizer Mind Game Loafers give you a casual, comfortable, flexible, and versatile shoe you are sure to fall in love with. A memory foam insole cushions your feet from hard damaging impact and will conform to your foot, giving this shoe a customized feel. In addition, the synthetic sole offers advanced flexibility, meaning these shoes will really move with you.
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Leather + Textile Upper
This combination of materials gives you a strong and breathable shoe that will move with you. Leather offers great durability, keeping these shoes part of your collection longer. In addition, the textile pieces give you better airflow which helps to keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable.

Flexible Sole
A stiff-soled shoe can be uncomfortable, especially if you work and play long hours. The extremely flexible sole on this shoe will keep your feet feeling better no matter the situation. It will bend and flex with your foot as you move and that can not be said for all options in the world of loafers.

Cost and Value
Skechers brand is trusted not only for comfort but for great prices. If you choose this option you won't have to make a big adjustment to your budget. These fall in the more affordable end of our price guide and many will be pleased to add this to your closet.
  • Great Casual Style
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding Comfort
  • Consistant Sizing
  • Wide Toe Box
  • Durability Issues

Ferro Aldo Fashion

Ferro Aldo Fashion
These loafers are made in such a way that they are great for any special occasion such as weddings or special event dinners. They are dressy and provide comfort. The detailed craftsmanship of the outsole makes them a unique one of a kind classic dress shoe that is unforgettable by many for its appearance, as a special occasion loafer you can expect to be delighted time and time again when you pull these loafers out of your closet for that special night.
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These are crafted with a unique upper top-stitch, they are great for fancy events, and special occasions. If you look at their design it a cross between a classic and vintage styled plaid shoe.

Footbed comfort
While walking in these loafers you won’t have an issue with insole comfort as these are easily compared to a Dr.Scholl's insole, allowing you to sensation floating on air while walking.

Cost and Value
The cost of these loafers are low-cost affordable. For a nice pair of dress loafers, that can be worn on any special occasion you will find yourself with good reason upon making this purchase. They offer a unique style of a classic dress loafer. With comfort like a Dr.Scholls footbed you will be pleased buying these best loafers.
  • Unique Top-Stitch Design
  • True To Size
  • Does Not Crease Easily
  • Lightweight Dress Shoe
  • Distasteful Smell
  • Not Everyday Shoes

Journey West Vintage

Journey West Vintage
With a loafer as fit and fly as this one, and the unique design and embroidery on the surface it is hard to pass these by without purchasing. Journey West put a lot of thought into these loafers with high quality rubber sole and truly genuine leather insoles, topped with a velvet to slip your foot into. These shoes are fantastic for casual parties, and home life. They are comfy and stylish making them one of the best loafers available on our list.
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Perhaps the most elegant featured loafer on our list they are made out of beautiful red velvety material, this leaves you feeling like royalty while slipping them on your feet.

This loafer is pressed at the toe front with an elegant vintage embroidered design. This is so unique that it was the only pair like it that we found while researching. Style is high class for these fancy loafers.

Cost and Value
These loafers are a smart downright good buy, they are in the range of average and for the quality of material they are produced from, comfortable fit, and beautiful design they are well worth the asking price.
  • True To Size
  • Comfortable Out Of The Box
  • Soft Velvet
  • Conversation Starters
  • Durable Rubber Sole
  • Narrow Fit

Clarks Keesha

Clarks Keesha
From Clarks Artisan Collection, the Keesha looks as great as it feels. Clarks brand is known for it's exceptional designs and durability of wear in their shoes. The durable outsole makes them great for all seasons. In addition, the footbed is removable which allows you to add a custom insert or preferred insole. Whether you find yourself on your daily commute or headed out to dinner with friends, these shoes will fit your every situation with comfort and style.
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Removable Ortholite Footbed
Clarks' use of the Ortholite Footbed offers your feet comfort and support. This material helps absorb shock and keep you feeling great. In addition, if you have a preferred or custom insert you can remove the Ortholite Footbed and replace it with your own. This gives you a truly customized feel and a shoe you will love.

One Inch Heel
Many of the loafers in our guide don't offer any sort of heel. The addition of a one-inch heel helps keep your pants dry on rainy days and helps to elongate the leg. It is firm and supportive due to it's design and adds to the overall appeal of the shoe.

Cost and Value
The cost of these shoes is a bit steep compared to some of the others in our guide. If you choose to make the investment you will realize their great durability and build add to their overall value. Clarks pays attention to the tiny details and ensures a pair of shoes that you will truly love.
  • Comfortable All Day Wear
  • Forgiving Material
  • Dress Up or Dress Down
  • Top-Quality Design
  • Very Stable
  • May Need Stretched


Shopping for a pair of loafers in today’s shoe market can be immensely detailed. That is why the creation of this list of the top loafers can be so helpful in your journey. Here we have stated some of the main concerns when purchasing your next pair of loafers, and we have kept your best interest in mind. The top concerns have pushed us towards comfort levels, the ability to slip on and off with ease, and also the asking price reflecting what the actual value is for the shoe. In hopes of helping you ease into your next purchase of the best loafers for your lifestyle, we have included a wide range of styles, comfort levels, and the ideal usage for each of the top loafers on the market today! Old classics with new looks can keep you looking great and keep your feet, legs, and back feeling great too.

Criteria Used for Evaluating the Best Loafers

Criteria Best Looking Loafers


We’ve highlighted some of the highest quality and best-loved loafers out there, and considered a variety of new styles, alongside classic loafers. But when it comes to choosing a pair, what should you look for? Let’s talk a little bit about how to evaluate loafers, and choose a pair that suits your needs.

When looking for fashion inspiration, you’ll see people of varying degrees of style wearing loafers, with all different ensembles. Some of these individuals may stick with the business look, while others may be wearing their loafers with jeans. Here, we’ll talk about some essential criteria that you should consider when you’re ready to start shopping for a pair.

First, let’s start by discussing what a loafer is. Although there are many legends about how loafers came to be, we find the most compelling and believable tale to be that the loafer originated as an English house shoe, and later underwent a metamorphosis when it became an American trend. As a result, there are several specific styles of loafer we’ll discuss.

The main characteristics that mark a loafer are:

  • A low fit beneath the ankle
  • No laces or fastening mechanism
  • Little to no heel
  • Minimal decoration
  • Sole constructed separately from the shoe

Within the loafer family, there are several styles, each suited to a different look and occasion.

The Penny Loafer :
The penny loafer is arguably the most versatile style of loafer marked by the strip of leather across the vamp (upper front of the shoe). It can be dressed up, or down, and runs the spectrum from a polished casual look to business casual. These can be paired with chinos, jeans, or a tailored short.

The Belgian Loafer:
A lesser-known style of the loafer, the Belgian is constructed by a specific process in which the shoes are sewn inside out. Like the penny loafer, these shoes are ideal to polish off a smart, casual look, such as a button down or polo shirt.

The Tassel Loafer:
While the simple elegance of the loafer is in part due to the lack of ornamentation, there are two loafer styles with a single embellishment to them; one of those is the tassel loafer. With this style, a decorative tassel is attached to the top vamp of the shoe. This style of loafer is designed with a more rounded toe. The tassel loafer is an ideal choice for a dressy casual look, such as paired with a blazer.

The Horsebit Loafer:
The horsebit style of loafer is the most formal style here, originally created by Gucci. Although the casual nature of the shoe means they’re not suitable for, say, a black-tie event, they’ll easily complement dressy and business attire. Make sure the ornamentation of the shoe is subdued and elegant, never gaudy.

Modern twists include canvas slippers, athletic styles, patterned, shearling styles, and even heeled loafers. Since they are an incredibly versatile shoe, the style is entirely a matter of preference and lifestyle. Choose the loafer that works the best for you!

If you’re going for a classic look, keep a few guidelines in mind. The loafer should be worn with clothes that have a fairly tailored fit. Loafers intended for more formal purposes should have a low heel, and high vamp, meaning the front of the shoe comes relatively far up the foot.

Best-Loafers-material up close


The classic loafer is generally made of leather or suede, in a neutral color, with minimal embellishment. However, rules were made to be broken, and now, loafers come in every variation, and in many different materials.

While leather and suede are the classic materials, and always good choices, there are many other choices available. Athletic loafers offer breathability, while materials like canvas and fabric are flexible and casual. In a life full of choices you really just need to consider your surrounding and the type of situation you may find yourself in. There are now a pair of loafers for any and all situations, if these are your favorite type of shoes now is certainly a great time to be a fan.

  • Leather:
    Most commonly seen in this style of shoe is the Leather upper. It is known for it’s durability and classy look. One of the downsides to a Leather upper is the amount of care it takes to keep your shoes in great condition and looking sharp. If you are willing to put in the time you can never go wrong with a genuine Leather Loafer.
  • Suede:
    Also quite common in the world of loafers, is a Suede upper. This type usually offers a more casual vibe but can also be dressed up quite easily. The matte finish is very appealing to the eye and the softness is something everyone loves. Caring for Suede is also more tedious than other varieties and should be taken into consideration before purchase.
  • Athletic: seriously on the go people
    This is a rather broad area when it comes to upper material.  Athletic shoe brands offer loafers made in a variety of synthetic materials. These are popular with that prefer the look of a loafer. They are usually easy to maintain and don’t require much in regards to care. It is important to note, if you work in an industry where things tend to get a bit messy, this can be a great choice for fashionable footwear that will stand up to tough use.
  • Canvas or Fabric: 
    A canvas upper is going to look much more casual than any referenced so far. Perfect for a day on the beach or a family get together, this upper offers great breathability and flexibility. Caring for these is simple. They do lack durability and won’t be appropriate for dressy occasions, however, they can be a great addition to any wardrobe.

The material of the lining of the shoe should also be considered.

  • Leather –This type of lining is breathable and will stretch a bit to fit your foot.
  • Memory Foam: Many loafers now are made with memory foam, which also molds to the wearer’s foot over time, creating a custom fit.
  • Microfiber: Moisture-wicking microfiber is sometimes used in loafer lining and can be a great option for those concerned about sweat or odor. Again, assess what you’ll be asking of your footwear. If you’re more active, for example, breathability might be a top concern.

best loafers-style

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between a loafer and a moccasin?
A: Moccasins are indeed very similar to loafers. Both are low-cut shoes which slip on and off with ease, and which are traditionally made of leather or suede. However, moccasins are definitely a casual shoe, while a loafer can fall anywhere on the spectrum. Moccasins also have a tendency toward embellishment, while loafers are prized for their restrained elegance.

A traditional moccasin does not include a separate sole; rather, the sole of the shoe is the same leather or suede used for the rest of it. A loafer, on the other hand, has a substantial sole which is constructed separately.

Q: Are Italian loafers preferable to American-made loafers?
A: Not necessarily. While Italian leather is generally high quality and luxurious, Italian loafers can be too delicate for many American men’s suits. The loafer should balance the outfit, complementing it, while not being overwhelmed. An American loafer is often a heavier shoe which can achieve this perfect balance.

Q: How do you fit a loafer?
A: There’s nothing quite as bad as an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Loafers, in particular, are made to be a comfortable shoe, which still looks nice enough for a range of occasions. Most loafers will have some degree of the arch, so if you are flat-footed or require a high arch, look for loafers made with those considerations in mind. Keep in mind also that the material the shoe is made of can dictate whether the fit stays the same, or relaxes a bit as it’s worn.

When shopping, choose a loafer with a standard fit, neither tight nor loose. They should be relatively easy to slip on and off, and not require the use of a shoehorn or other assistance. However, they should also be snug enough as not to slip around and cause blistering or rubbing.

Q: What’s the most versatile loafer to own?
A: This depends entirely on one’s personal style and the occasions which you need the loafer for. However, if you’re at a complete loss as to what your first loafer purchase should be, a leather loafer in a neutral color such as brown or black is a solid choice.

For one with a casual lifestyle, a brown suede is solid summer or spring staple.

Q: How do you style a loafer?
A: A Loafer’s value lies largely in how well it transitions. It’s the perfect shoe to wear to the office, and then out afterward…without feeling like you’re still at the office. With the range of styles and the incredible versatility of the shoe, a pair of loafers are the chameleons of the shoe world. They can be paired with a suit, jeans, chinos, or even a skirt or dress.

In the summer, a suede pair can be worn without socks for a smart, casual look akin to that of boat shoes. The most casual loafers are great paired with shorts, for that carefree summer look.

Dress socks will take a nice pair of leather loafers to a business-appropriate level. If you’re new to loafers, a neutral pair in black or brown will serve you well. A demure sock is the best choice for a traditional setting, while a whimsical sock can add interest, in the right situation.  When you’re comfortable with choosing and styling loafers, a bold color or pattern can set off a classic outfit.

Q: Are loafers ideal for walking?
A: A loafer can be a great walking shoe if it fits well and is broken in. Many loafer enthusiasts report excellent traction and cushioning in their shoes, making them a great choice for situations that require standing or walking, but where style is still a factor. Most brands of loafer have a removable sole, which can be removed to customize the shoe’s fit for the wearer.

Q: How do you clean and maintain a loafer?
A: Proper care of your loafer will depend on the type and material of the shoe. Leather shoes should be conditioned and polished to make the most of their lifespan. Leather cleaners should be used sparingly, as they can dry out the leather.

Canvas or cloth loafers are often washable and quick-drying. When purchasing, be sure to check the material and care requirements so that you commit to a shoe that’s manageable for you.

If you’re buying leather loafers, do yourself a favor: walk past those flimsy leathers, and spend a little more. Quality leather isn’t cheap, but when properly cared for, it can last decades. When you’re buying a classic loafer, it’s an investment. Regardless of the style you choose, a high-quality loafer is timeless and stylish and can carry you through many different situations.



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