Best Moccasins Reviewed & Rated

Elegance is a key point in every wardrobe. A great pair of Moccasins should be an option no matter your style. They are exceptionally comfortable and you would be surprised the variety in their make and style.   We know it’s not easy finding a pair that suits your every need. In fact, buying moccasins can even get to be complex and frustrating. As you probably know, these aren’t your average pair of sneakers or hang around shoes. You want to look at the way it is built, the material, and of course the style to make sure they will fit with a variety of outfits.

Picking a moccasin is no ordinary task. There are even experts dedicated to selecting them appropriately. You’ll even get in trouble if you tell an Italian their Moccasins are no big deal. This type of footwear is the kind that you want to select carefully, and match with a tog outfit for the occasion. You might get away with wearing mocs for casual occasions, but you want to have the right ones when formality comes.

Last Updated: April 16, 2018
By Jami Sliger:

Our recent update to the Best Moccasins offers 5 new options that offer features to please everyone. If you are looking for something a little more dressy try the Nature Breeze Moc Toe, it will take your style to the next level. Looking for something more durable? The Rockport Chet has a durable design that transitions well from indoors to out. In addition to adding new items, we have also re-vamped our criteria section. We wanted to give you more detail and insight as to what you should look for in a truly great Moccasin. Our last update was in the FAQ section. We looked over and revised the most important and commonly asked questions. We want to provide you with the best information so you can make a great purchase. Please continue to check in with us and will keep this guide to Moccasins current.

Featured Recommendations

Tamarac 7161 Camper Moccasin
  • Tamarac 7161 Camper Moccasin
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft Insole
  • Cushioned Collar
  • Price: See Here
Minnetonka Kilty Suede
  • Minnetonka Kilty Suede
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great Grip
  • Plush Lining
  • Price: See Here
Delli Aldo M-19231
  • Delli Aldo M-19231
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stacked Heel
  • Italian Quality
  • Price: See Here

Believe it or not, there’s actually quite a process behind making moccasins and depending on the occasion there is a lot of rhyme and reason that go into their style and overall look. The issue with leather mocs is that anyone who knows a thing or two about them can spot a bad moccasin from a mile away.

Moccasins can lack support and stability from their loose-fitting design which can cause problems for some wearers. Taking the time to look at overall construction and the materials used can save your feet from pain and possible blisters, raw areas, and general foot pain. You should take into consideration things like arch support and the environment you will be wearing them in. Will waterproofing be necessary or will you be in a cold climate where you may need a heavy sock to keep you warm? These questions are just some of the examples of what we asked ourselves when putting this guide together to ensure we offer you the best options possible.


15 Best Moccasins


1. Tamarac 7161 Camper

The Tamarac camper-style moccasin combines very good looks with utter comfort. This model is made of natural leather and features a synthetic outsole ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The plush lining makes this moccasin durable enough, providing you with a comfortable wear during every use. The inner shoe consists of a synthetic material that makes the Tamarac a sockless moccasin.
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Inner fluff
A fluffy material is placed around the inner neck of the shoe, providing even more comfort. This synthetic component is all around the inner shoe, keeping your feet warm regardless of the weather conditions.

Indoor & Outdoor
The synthetic insole is soft enough to be comfortable around the house, yet strong enough for outdoor use without any obstacles. The Tamarac performs perfectly on hard surfaces such as hardwood or tiles.

Cost and Value
Tamarac moccasins are cheaper, yet more efficient than your average moccasin. Their quality matches most of the best moccasins (excluding luxury ones), and their price definitely beats them. One of the best values of our list.
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Very comfortable
  • Supports walking
  • Synthetic outsole
  • Not Great for Long Wear

2. Minnetonka Kilty Suede

Minnetonka is one of the main moccasin manufacturers, and the Kilty suede moccasin is arguably one of their best female models. If you’re looking for a comfortable leather moccasin, with enough padding and an easy slip-on wear, this is your shoe. The hard sole allows you to wear this moccasin in and out of your house, also supporting tough surfaces. The soft suede makes this moccasin even more comfortable.
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Modern design
The Kilty moccasin has a modern plush lining with a variety of decorative elements on the upper. The suede build along the leather components come in a wide span of colors to suit every user.

Synthetic Sole
The sole is composed of resistant fabrics working in combination with the outsole patterns. Thanks to this, the suede moccasin remains comfortable on any plain surface and avoids slipping.

Cost and Value
This suede moc stands around the average cost of our list. Considering it beats many other moccasins, that’s a point in their favor. Not the cheapest ones you’ll find, but guaranteed one of the best.
  • Excellent traction
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Comfortable leather
  • Plush lining
  • Durable
  • Very Long Laces

3. Delli Aldo M-19231

It’s hard to get any more stylish than Delli Aldo’s moccasins. This slip-on moc resembles the Italian style with a buckle belt, leather inner, and hand-made upper build. The inner of the shoe includes a leather insole for a much more durable wear. As for the sole, a rubber compound and a stacked heel offer nothing but elegance.
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Leather lining
With the exception of the outsole, everything about this shoe is related to leather. A leather lining keeps the structure of the shoe firm while delivering more comfort in the inner area of the moccasin.

Italian design
The stacked heel and curve lifted toe point resemble Italian quality moccasins. The tongue has two openings to the sides, ensuring you get the best fit and an easy wear. The stacked heel and lifted point reduce stress off your toe box when walking.

Cost and Value
Very accessible dressing moc. It’s hard to get a durable dressing shoe for such a low price, but Delli Aldo’s moccasin manages to deliver efficiency at an affordable price.
  • Great style
  • Hand-made upper build
  • Italian style design
  • Leather inner build
  • Stiff shoe
  • Tight sizing

4. Minnetonka Pile Lined Hardsole

4. Minnetonka Pile Lined Hardsole
Minnetonka never fails at making you look classy, even within your own house. This pile lined slipper-moc features an interesting design; the toes are whipstitched and the collar is surrounded by decorative lacing. This model includes Minnetonka’s signature inner fur approach to keep both comfort and warmth at the top during all circumstances.
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Faux Fur
The inner faux fur covering not only makes the slipper much more comfortable; it also makes it an ideal barefoot wear. The fur is also located around the neck of the shoe, maintaining all parts of your foot warm.

Synthetic Sole
A synthetic rubber outsole guarantees a firm, yet comfortable wear around all parts of the house. In fact, the hard sole design even allows you to take it outside. The comfort of a slipper, with the outsole of a moccasin combined in one element.

Cost and Value
The cost of this product meets the average price of the list. They’re not a reliable outdoor wear, but they sure meet their purpose indoors.
  • Inner fur
  • Provides warmth
  • Great barefoot experience
  • Synthetic sole
  • Super Comfortable
  • Not for hot climates
  • Delicate laces

5. L.B. Evans Atlin Terry

5. L.B. Evans Atlin Terry
If you’re looking for a multi-purpose slipper style moccasin, the Atlin Terry is your best choice. The uppers feature a leather build and a whipped toe stitching, along with some decorative elements. The rubber outsole makes this slipper-moc suitable for pretty much any plain surface, remaining in comfort wherever you are. This pair also keeps your feet warm during cold seasons, when your feet suffer the most.
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Inner Support
Terry cloth lining gives this shoe the inner structural support it needs for walking. In combination with the dense outsole, this pair becomes an adequate option for outdoor use. Additionally, memory foam makes it much more comfortable and makes barefoot use possible.

Multi-functional Slip-moc
The outsole of the moccasin is not only dense but also flexible to support outdoor use. Additionally, the simple slip-on closure and padding on the footbed make walking much simpler.

Cost and Value
Not too far from the average cost of the list. But, considering it fits multiple styles and occasions, they might save you from buying two different pairs. Regardless, their quality is worth the purchase.
  • Multi-purpose shoe
  • Rubber outsole
  • Terry cloth lining
  • Memory foam
  • Thick Outsole

6. Dockers Sinclair Kiltie

6. Dockers Sinclair Kiltie
Styling and comfort are the two main features of the Dockers Sinclair Kiltie. This loafer features a very soft leather upper along with a full leather cushion footbed for utter comfort. The toes are lined with quality leather as well to ensure a durable lifetime. This pair feels like pillows on your foot, guaranteeing a comfortable use throughout whole days of wear.
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Reinforced sole
A suregrip outsole makes your moccasin experience much more functional than ever. Walk on the pavement, hardwood, concrete, and any tough surface in total comfort. Additionally, it supports the walking motion thanks to reduced sole stiffness.

All-day comfort
The smooth leather materials that compose the upper work in combination with classic tassels. Paddings located on the shoe collar and around the whole insole deliver a sensitive fit, helping you remain in comfort when going outdoors.

Cost and Value
A bit more than what people like to pay for moccasins, but not unaffordable. One thing is for sure; their durability stays true to their price tag. These are no generic shoes.
  • Super comfortable upper
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Reinforced sole
  • Walking flexibility
  • Durability of Decoration

7. Cole Haan Pinch Tassel

7. Cole Haan Pinch Tassel
The Pinch Tassel Loafer embraces the classic stacked heel design along decorative upper elements. This moccasin is perfect for daily wear, as the sole is composed by both leather and rubber; making it soft enough to comfort, yet rigid enough to walk. If you’re looking for a multi-occasion moccasin, Cole Haan’s loafer blends in perfectly on both formal and casual occasions.
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Brush-polished leather
Every leather element, from the upper build to the sock lining, is guaranteed to be not only stylish but also durable. The leather from all around the shoe is properly polished and ready to wear.

Full leather sole
The sole along with the stacked heel of the Cole Haan’s Pinch Tassel Loafer is fully composed of leather. This feature makes the pair much more adaptive to different occasions.

Cost and Value
Cole Haan products are of very high quality; thus, their price tag is considerably greater than most other elements in this list. Though, the classy fully brushed leather and style compensate for it.
  • Great polished leather
  • Classic stacked heel 
  • Daily wear moccasin
  • Comfortable
  • Stiff build
  • Rigid sole

8. Minnetonka Double Bottom

8. Minnetonka Double Bottom
Double bottom moccasins are the perfect selection for walking, driving, and outdoor use. The bottom consists of a stitched double-layer leather sole. Minnetonka’s moccasins are hand-made quality, with a build that adapts to the shape of your feet. The authentic distressed leather of this moccasin is utterly comfortable and durable, including upper laces for a greater fit.
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Suede double-sole
The sole of this shoe can’t really get any better. The application of two layers of suede on both the insole and the outsole make it very comfortable and supportive for walking.

Barefoot approach
The double-layered design makes this moccasin suitable for walking. But, it’s also a very lightweight moc. It provides a barefoot experience, and of course, can be used sockless.

Cost and Value
A bit costlier than the average moccasin, but not too expensive. Considering it includes double sole reinforcement, the durability of the moc is certainly worth the cost.
  • Good driving sole
  • Double-layered sole
  • Hand-built moccasin
  • Utter comfort
  • Not for Extensive Outdoor Wear
  • Non-protective sole

9. Minnetonka Leather Softsole

9. Minnetonka Leather Softsole
Minnetonka is a specialist at providing all kinds of moccasins with all types of soles. For this model, they’ve combined a suede leather upper with Minnetonka’s signature leather softsole. The slip-on closure makes it easy to put on and off, with laces on the upper that goes around the collar to deliver an enhanced fit.
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Cushioned insole
A suede leather cushioning on the insole makes this moccasin adequate for daily wear. The soft materials allow it to flex naturally, remaining comfortable when walking.

Suede sole
As for the outsole, the soft suede acts as a very comfy pillow for your feet. Substantial enough to walk, yet soft enough to cushion. It feels like you’re stepping on clouds when wearing these.

Cost and Value
An average cost for a quality product. Definitely not a bad purchase, as the leather is guaranteed to be quality one and durable.
  • Comfortable Leather softsole
  • Easy slip-on wear
  • Supportive Lacing
  • Cushioned insole
  • Indoor Use Only

10. Gucci Leather Horsebit

10. Gucci Leather Horsebit
Moccasin style loafers can hardly get any classier than Gucci’s brushed leather loafers. Italians are arguably the best at making moccasins, which is why this shoe features such as complete design. The leather upper and sole make a firm structure and a very fashionable design. If you’re a lover of Italian moccasin talent, this Gucci design is for you.
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Brushed Leather
The polished leather design is unquestionably Italian authentic. The classy leather moccasin needs no socks to wear them; they offer a barefoot slipper-like feeling with great comfort.

You can rock this pair of moccasins with a wide variety of dressing codes. The leather build is presentable for both formal events and occasional outdoor use. You can use them with jeans, shorts, and dress pants.

Cost and Value
When it comes to luxury brands like Gucci, you know two things for sure; their products are luxurious, and so are their price tags. Unquestionably the costliest element of our list, and the most luxurious as well.
  • Brushed leather
  • Italian quality
  • Extremely classy
  • Barefoot slip-on design
  • Great Style
  • Luxury cost
  • No color variety

11. Antheron Tassel Walker

11. Antheron Tassel Walker
Antheron offers a moc that is made with growing feet in mind. Want to spread your love of these shoes with your young family? These shoes are designed with a roomy toe area. They also feature a soft sole which gives ultimate comfort and breathability. The classic design goes with a variety of outfits and the simple Velcro closure make these shoes a breeze to take on and off your little one.
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Breathable Sole
Keeping feet dry is essential to the overall health of our feet. Moisture leads to a variety of problems including heat rash, blisters, and rubbed painful areas. The soft breathable sole in these cute mocs increases airflow and dryness. In addition, they are very flexible, which is great for growing feet.

Wide Toe Area
When feet are developing it is important that the toes have room to splay and grip. Our feet naturally do this and we retain it as we grow older. It promotes balance and stability. The area for toes in these shoes is wide and will allow growing feet to move the way they need to which ensures proper foot formation and function.

Cost and Value
These are an exceptionally affordable pair of shoes. Within our guide, we see a scale and this is at the bottom of it. We need to consider the fact that these are made for very small feet and in that sense, they cost a bit more than others. Any budget will be able to afford these adorable shoes and they will be easy to deal with while not taking a bite out of the bank.
  • High Quality Material
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Secure Closure
  • Fit True to Size
  • Great Price
  • Slippery Bottom

12. UGG Dakota

12. UGG Dakota
UGG brand shoes are known for ultimate comfort and a unique sense of style. Some love the look and others not so much. The UGG Dakota is lined with the infamous UGG Pure Wool. The outer is soft and supple suede leather that looks as good as it feels. In addition, they offer a molded rubber outsole that will give you good traction and grip indoors as well as out. The classic look and stitching make this a preferred style of the UGG brand.
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Suede Leather Upper
UGG has taken the time to make the upper of this moc water resistant and ridiculously soft. If you spend the time to maintain it, this upper will last quite some time all while looking and feeling great.

Molded Rubber Outsole
The sole of this shoe is part of what makes it great for indoor and outdoor use. In addition to the water-resistant upper, the outsole is made of rubber. Naturally, water will not penetrate rubber which is great if you intend on wearing these outside. The outsole will also give you better grip and traction than other mocs within our guide.

Cost and Value
UGG brand shoes have become a commonly known name and a powerhouse in the shoe market. With that comes an increase in price. These will cost you quite a bit and you may have to adjust your budget if you decide these are the must-have moccasins of the year. They do offer superior comfort, great durability, and the option of wearing them inside and out. These reasons help make the price a little less shocking.
  • Fast Break In Period
  • Superior Comfort
  • Good With or Without Socks
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Great Variety in Color
  • Sizing Runs Small
  • Stitching Issues

13. Nature Breeze Moc Toe

13. Nature Breeze Moc Toe
Nature Breeze gives us a moccasin that stands in a class by itself. These exceptionally fashionable knee-high boots sport several rows of fringe that will suite the biggest fashionista. The stitching and look of these boots scream moccasin. In addition, they offer a cushioned footbed and non-skid sole. Thus, you get comfort and security in one. There is also a feature seen in this choice that you don't often find, they are 100% Vegan. No animal products were used to produce these which make them a great buy for everyone.
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Wedge Heel
This boot offers a wedge heel which is easier to walk on than a high heel. They also give added support and comfort to the wearer. Heels have common pressure points that cause many people problems, wearing a wedge gives better structure and more support. You will be able to wear these all day and have no worries about uncomfortable feet.

Environmentally Friendly
Using man-made materials for this entire shoe is something many of us love. 100% Vegan, you don't have to worry about animals being harmed when you wear these boots. Nature Breeze's brand stands by the fact that products should be Eco-friendly. We respect this in their brand and love the example it sets.

Cost and Value
These exceptionally fashionable boots fall to the middle of our price range. Giving you a great pair of boots that can be worn for a variety of occasions. They won't break the bank and most budgets will be able to afford to add these beautiful mocs to their collection.
  • Very Stylish
  • Versatile Wear
  • Side Zipper
  • Great price
  • 100% Vegan
  • Sizing Issues

14. Soda Dahlia

14. Soda Dahlia
The Soda Dahlia is a stylish wedge style bootie with the classic moccasin stitching, fringe, and look. Easy on and easy off these boots rock a side zipper. The wedge design adds to the overall comfort. In addition to all of this, if you add a waterproofing you will be able to wear these boots in any season comfortably. The durable design and low height offer stability and added comfort compared to higher heights.
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Side Zipper
Many boots can be very difficult to take on and off and even more difficult to fit your leggings or jeans in. The zipper closure is not only secure and easy to handle you will be able to slip them on with ease. In addition, the color really pops and adds to the overall look of these moc boots.

Low Wedge Heel
The heel of this boot is a slight wedge. It adds a little bit of height which helps lengthen the leg. More importantly, the low height adds to the stability of the shoe. You can wear this comfortably for long hours and have comfortable supported feet.

Cost and Value
These boots are fashionable and very comfortable. The classic moccasin style paired with an updated low wedge heal at a price anyone can afford. If you need a great pair of moccasins at a budget price, this is the boot for you.
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great fit
  • Unique Style
  • Superior Stitching
  • Casual Yet Dressy
  • Slippery

15. Rockport Chet

15. Rockport Chet
Rockport has been making superior quality shoes for centuries. Trusted by millions, this brand has delivered again with the Chet moccasin. The attention to detail is obvious when you look at his shoes stitching. Exceptional durability and comfort can be found due to the memory foam insole and the TPR slip resistant outsole. These are truly dependable indoors as well as out.
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Thermoplastic Rubber Outsole
Thermoplastic rubber, better known as TPR, gives these mocs great traction and grip. Often you are lacking in this area while wearing your favorite pair, which means they don't transition well unless you are just going to grab the mail. In the Rockport Chet, you can wear these comfortably anywhere you go. It is important to note, these are slip resistant also which helps keep you safe in a variety of situations.

Memory Foam Insole
The use of memory foam is an excellent addition to these mocs. This material will conform to your feet and make you feel as if you were walking on a could. Take comfort to the next level when you decide to make these your own.

Cost and Value
Falling to the middle of our price range, the Rockport Chet is an excellent addition to any moc lover's collection. The hand stitching makes them very durable and the attention to detail is shown throughout. You will not be disappointed and you won't break the bank if you choose Rockport.
  • Excellent Traction
  • Top Quality Materials
  • Hand Stitched
  • Warm Lining
  • Exceptional Comfort
  • Stellar Price
  • Not Waterproof

In conclusion, unless you’re looking for moccasin slippers, moccasins are a delicate topic. No matter how good-looking they are, they simply might not be ideal for every occasion. You might own the best pair of sandals available in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’ll wear them for the gym, right? So, make sure you think about your event and if mocs will be appropriate or not. Overall they are a great casual shoe that is awesome for many occasions. We also feel they are a must-have for every shoe collection out there.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Moccasins

Criteria Best Moccasins

Type of Sole

Depending on the type of moccasin you’re looking for, you want to make sure the sole features some things. Not all mocs are meant for the same purpose, thus the soles should be designed accordingly. At first sight, this factor doesn’t seem too relevant to the functionality of a moccasin. In fact, some people don’t know their outsoles should have a specific design according to their use.

For instance, the sole on a driving moccasin is completely different from a plain moccasin. Driving moccasins should include patterns on the outsole that provide a good grasp of the pedals. While may already have gripping patterns, smooth outsoles are still likely to slip on them. Outsole patterns, on the other hand, guarantee a much better contact with the pedals. These patterns should be just dense enough to grasp the pedals, and shouldn’t stand out too much.

best moccasins-sole

For an indoor moccasin, things are completely different. When you’re walking around your house, you want a sole that goes soft but dense. The main quality of a slipper-moc is the comfort; if the sole fails to comfort, then it’s no good for indoor use. Look for something light, but substantial enough to walk around your home. Double-bottom soles are good choices for indoor uses, especially on surfaces like hardwood.

Dressing moccasins usually don’t have any kind of patterns on the outsole. They’re meant for formal occasions, and thus should look as elegant as possible. The soles of the best dressing moccasins are generally made of leather and rubber. When polishing their dressing shoes, most users also polish their soles–especially when it features fine leather.

Regardless of the type of moccasin, you’re wearing, you’ll want some flexibility and walking support. We’re not talking about running-shoe-level flexibility, you want just enough to walk comfortably. At the end of the day, you don’t want to over-flex your steps when wearing mocs, or you’ll end up with a caked upper.

Many Mocs Best Moccasins

Leather Quality

Anyone who has owned at least 2 pairs of moccasins and dressing shoes can instantly note the difference between cheap leather and a quality one. Though, this doesn’t mean you have to wear the most exclusive Italian leathers on your feet. You just want to make sure your feet don’t look like they’re wrapped in plastic.

Full-grain leather is the top-quality cut of leather used for the best moccasins. It’s arguably the classiest material for moccasins, and trust us, there’s a huge visual difference between that and non-authentic leather. Suede, on the other hand, is made from the interior split of a leather hide and can look and feel great.

Don’t get us wrong though–you don’t have to wear full-grain leather, nor does that make suede a low-quality material. In fact, there’s quality suede just like there’s cheap suede. Though more commonly used for casual occasions, suede can also fit a dress occasion. Each kind of leather varies in quality, regardless of its type. The choice of your look is really up to you and each style has pros and cons.

There exist multiple types of leather used when making mocs among other types of shoes. Let’s take a look at the most commonly used leather for this type of shoe and what it adds to it.

  • Cowhide –
    This is the most commonly used material for this type of shoe. It is typically processed with multiple treatments coving a variety of issues such as waterproofing and stain resistance. Full-grain Cowhide leather is exceptionally durable and will stick with you through the toughest situations.
  • Moose Hide –
    This type of material is softer and more flexible than other types of moc uppers. Often showing natural scarring these offer a look that is unmatched by others in it’s class. The excellent feel and natural look are other reasons people truly love moccasins made of Moose Hide.
  • Deerskin –
    This is arguably the most comfortable leather for moccasins. Deerskin is known for its utter softness, used a lot around the inner side of the shoe. Deerskin should also display natural marks on the leather, similar to that of moosehide.
  • Sheepskin –
    Sheepskin is rarely used as the main material for a moccasin build, though there are some cases. The good thing about sheepskin is that wool fur is very hard to beat when it comes to comfort. Though, wool isn’t enough to provide structure to a moccasin. That’s why it’s used in combination with leather. Wool is usually used as fur around the moccasin’s collar and the inner side of the shoe.

Moccasins are usually judged by the quality of the leather they’re made of. Aging and care also take a part in the state of leather. Though you can still tell apart an old authentic piece of leather from a new fake one, the difference is clearer by giving maintenance to your moccasins. We recommend leather-specific cleaning products for this process, following our shoe cleaning guide.

Colored Best Moccasins

Occasions & Settings

Not every moccasin is meant for every dress code and occasion. There’s a moment to wear those super-comfy soft sole moccasins, and there’s a moment to wear elegant loafer moccasins. We’re not saying elegant moccasins shouldn’t be comfortable–just that they won’t be like pillows to your feet, which is the case of soft sole moccasins.

  • Formal Moccasins –
    These usually have a stacked heel; though this is not always the case. Additionally, not all stacked heel moccasins are meant for formal occasions. The formality or ideal occasion for a moccasin is determined by multiple elements, not just one. From the leather arrangement to the quality of the leather, the design, and the style are all elements that have an impact.
  • Casual Moccasins –
    Typically, these expose more skin of the foot, while formal ones usually go up to the ankle. Decorative elements such as laces on the upper build are generally signals of casual wear. Though, like we said, many other elements can make it a formal one even with decorative elements present.
  • Multi-Use –
    There’s also a variation of moccasins that are suitable for multiple occasions. Their elements adapt to whatever you’re wearing, as long as the colors are right. For instance, a pair of moccasins can sit well with shorts just like it would with dressing pants. On this case, it’s your dressing code that determines the aspect of the moccasin rather than its features. Multi-occasion mocs just adapt to what you’re wearing, in most cases.

Green Best Moccasins

Stitching and Design

Though the stitching is not something many users appreciate, it often marks the difference between a quality moccasin and a soon-to-be-trashed one. Machines are better than humans in many aspects, but there’s nothing like a proper hand-stitched moccasin when it comes to elegant wear.

Ultra-polished full-grain leather will be of no use if it comes right off the sole due to poor stitching. You’d normally think that the stitching of your moc is something hard to notice. But in reality, it’s quite visible for anyone who knows what they’re dealing with. This is why it’s important to deal with professionals for any kind of modifications or fixes on your favorite pair.

Regardless, stitching is quite an open topic. There’s not an exact list of steps to stitch a leather moccasin; because there are plenty. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a specific one which is the best, they’re simply different. Some manufacturers prefer the double toebox stitch, some prefer the whipstitch, and there’s the simple stitch too. They may look very different from one another, but at the end of the day, they will all hold your shoes together.

However, stitching should always go hand in hand with the design of the moccasin. Just like watches and suits, there are different styles of mocs. These styles often represent certain regions and have specific characteristics that represent them. One of these features is the stitching style. Italian moccasins, for example, tend to be more open around the upper area and traditionally use the slip-on closure. French ones, on the other hand, traditionally go ankle-high and use a lace closure. Once again, it’s not a matter of quality, but rather a matter of taste. Both French-style and Italian-style moccasins can meet the same quality if the materials and other elements are right.

best moccasins-fashion and style

Style / Fashion

What’s a moccasin without style? It’s pretty much the same as a running shoe without flexibility. If you’ve ever owned a pair of sneakers, and chances are you have, you know how bad of a statement that is.

Well, style is to a moccasin-like flexibility is to a running shoe; crucial. Let’s face it; the main purpose of this kind of shoe is not comfort, and certainly not performance. Though you keep comfort in consideration, you get a moccasin because it’s stylish as can be. If they lack style why would anyone be getting them in the first place?

The element that has the most impact on how stylish is a moccasin, is unquestionably the leather. We mentioned that moccasins are judged by the quality of their leather. Well, it ultimately comes down to that. Though, more expensive leather doesn’t necessarily translate to greater style. Once again, both occasion and taste play a vital role in the styling of a moccasin.

Regardless of taste, occasion, and type of moccasin, there are some things you want to avoid when looking for moccasins. Over-decorated designs are one of those things. It’s fine to have some ornamenting on your mocs; some fake laces on the top, whipstitching, collar fur, etc. However, too much of it takes the formality away. Even if your Moccasin is not a formal one, you don’t want to have a bunch of strips and things hanging off like your feet were Christmas trees.

The most important feature of a moccasin’s aspect is the state of the leather. There’s a huge difference between old, caked leather mocs and ones that are constantly polished and cared. Cleaning your moccasin is important, as it’s no ordinary shoe. At the end of the day, leather is similar to ours except it has been treated.

It’s important to consistently clean and polish leather moccasins. If the leather never gets hydrated or treated, it will start to develop notable degrading signs. You want to treat them at least once every month, depending on the use you give them.

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Walking Comfort

As we mentioned before, comfort isn’t necessarily the most important aspect of a moccasin. But, that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice all comfort to look good. A proper moccasin should allow you to walk naturally without any disturbances. For this, it should feature some flexibility on the sole. The leather is generally never a problem when it comes to flexibility; authentic leather (or quality synthetic one) will flex as you need it.

The hardness of the sole also determines your ability to walk. Though, this feature ultimately depends on the type of moc and the surface you’re using them on. For instance, a soft-soled slipper-moc is as comfortable as you’ll be able to get. But, the softer you go, the less protection you’ll have on your feet. That being said, ultra-soft soles might not be your best shot at hard floors.

The materials that compose the soles also have an impact on your walking comfortability. Moccasin soles are generally always made of rubber, leather, or a combination of both. These materials have no flexibility issues, allowing you to walk naturally without bothering your feet. They’re also good materials for all-day wear.

Keep in mind that leather, just like skin, grows softer as it matures. Repeated wear softens them out making them more comfortable, but they don’t look as rigid as new ones, of course. Moccasins are generally stiff during the first uses, especially full-grain leather ones. This doesn’t mean they fit is wrong, you just need to give some time to the leather.

FAQ Best Moccasins

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who makes the best moccasins?
A: Though Italy is very famous for their treatment and design with leather, other European countries also make splendid moccasins. Additionally, Canada and the U.S. are also known for great moccasin work. This type of shoe is popular among many which means there are many great brands out there that offer high-quality mocs. Personal preference plays a big role in deciding which pair is the best.

Q: How often should I clean my moccasins?
A: The answer to this question really depends on the material of your mocs. In addition, how much you wear them and where you wear them will play their part. If your shoes are made of leather and they are not worn often you may only need to clean them once a month. On the other hand, if you wear them frequently you may need to do it weekly. Keeping Leather goods clean will not only make them look good but it will prolong the wear you will get out of them.

Q: Are loafers moccasins?
A: Some people claim they are and some don’t. By the very traditional definition of moccasin, loafers aren’t mocs. However, in the modern day fashion world, they are considered moccasins by most people.

Q: What is a double-bottom moccasin?
A: It’s basically a moccasin that features a second layer of material on the sole. This serves both comfort and protection purposes. It can be two layers of leather, two layers of rubber, or a combination of both. This also adds to the longevity of use because of increased durability.

Q: When should I wear moccasins?
A: There are moccasins for every occasion, from casual ones to wear with jeans, shorts, and regular wear to formal dressing moccasins. Casual ones are usually suitable for everyday wear. Really the choice is up to you when to wear your mocs. Keep in mind if they have not been waterproofed and the weather goes south you may end up with wet feet and ruined shoes. You may also find your feet uncomfortable if wearing them for an extended period of time due to the lack of support.

Q: Are synthetic moccasins are good as leather ones?
A: Synthetic leathers are regarded by some as unauthentic, and thus inferior. However, synthetic materials can be as good as leather. They’re specially synthesized for that, after all. In addition, synthetic leather is easier to clean and maintain. If you are looking for a shoe that doesn’t need a lot of care a synthetic leather might be just for you.

Q: How often should I replace my moccasins?
A: Leather moccasins are very durable, though it all comes down to the use you give them. You should replace them once the leather is visually degraded when it has lost all its rigidness and structure. If you find that your once comfortable mocs are not so comfortable this is also a good sign it’s time to replace them. Lastly, if you notice splitting seams or extensive wearing of the sole you may want to consider buying a new pair. Keep in mind, if your shoes are made of genuine leather, then correct care of the material will extend the life of your shoes exponentially.


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