Best Moon Boots Reviewed & Rated for Warmth

If you grew up or lived in a climate with warm temperatures in the 1970’s and 1980’s, you are probably not familiar with Moon Boots. Those are the decades in which this far out looking shoe first hit the market and took it by storm. Created in Italy by a man named Giancarlo Zanatta after he developed a fascination with the boots the astronauts had worn to space during the Apollo 11 mission a few years prior. The mission of the boots was to keep the feet incredibly warm and totally dry in snow, rain, etc. However, after their surge to popularity throughout the 70’s and 80’s, they were spotted on athletes, celebrities and everyone in between. Furthermore, they were worn for fashion over function, in some cases.

The Moon Boots were very durably constructed which is one reason people flocked to purchasing them. They were proven to be made of high-quality materials and construction method. Having a thin rubber outsole and cellular rubber midsole meant the boots were not as heavy as one would think upon looking at them. This was also a huge feat for the time period as the technological advances in materials and production did not exist many decades ago.

Featured Recommendations

  • Nylon
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 13-inch opening
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Price: See Here
  • Monaco
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Synthetic Upper
  • Faux Fur Collar
  • Safari
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Animal Print Uppers
  • High Gloss

Moon Boots not only were designed after one of the biggest historical events of the times, people loved the vibrant colors and different options you could get with the boots. Some had fur, some were tall, etc. You could find a pair of Moon Boots to match anything you were looking to pair it with. For the people that purchased Moon Boots for the functionality, make no mistake that their feet stayed the warmest possible in frigid climates. Moon Boots are actually rated for temperatures that plummet to -30 degree Fahrenheit.

We have selected our top 10 picks for the best rated Moon Boots. These boots were all carefully examined and reviewed. We placed them up against criteria that we thought was important when selecting this type of boot. The criteria that we used for evaluation are listed below.


 10 Best Moon Boots

1. Nylon

This is the original and most associated boot in the collection. Whenever you hear about Moon Boots, this is the classic style that pops into your head. From the rubber sole to the very tall shaft with drawstring and lace closure, you are sure to feel comfortable and supported in this style. The interior will keep your feet warm while the sole of the boot is designed for the best traction and grip with its rubber pegs to help you feel stable on any terrain.
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Wide boot opening
A generous 13-inch boot opening is what you get with this moon boot style. That makes it easy to slide your foot down into the boot even with the bulkiest of clothes on. Securely close it against your leg with the drawstring for the perfect fit.

Dual drawstring closures
Not only do you have one good closure on these boots, you get two. This will ensure that your foot is securely in place, protected against water entering, and preventing the heat from escaping the interior of the boot.

Cost and value
For classic Moon Boot styling and durability, these boots came in the middle of our price range when compared to the other boots in the category. You will be getting a highly-rated and quality boot for this price. It is a great purchase that will afford you much use, especially if you live in a climate that warrants high protection from the weather elements.
  • Nylon Outer
  • Rubber Traction Sole
  • Dual Drawstring Closures
  • Wide Boot Opening
  • Heavily Padded Lining
  • Runs Large

2. Monaco

If you are searching for a bit of variation in your typical Moon Boot style, then look no further than this style. A ring of fur encompasses the boot opening; not only will your legs be warmer at the top you will be the epitome of fashion in these boots. A lace-up secure vamp will allow you to adjust the boot to the tightness or looseness you desire. A 1-inch rubber sole will keep you secure as you tackle any terrain out in the boots. The tread pattern helps you to feel stable underfoot and less likely to slip on slick surfaces.
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D-ring lacing
The hooks that make the vamp for the laces are the durable D-ring style. Not only do they look good on the boot, they provide a tough backing for the laces as you tug them to the right tightness. They help to spread the pressure out instead of the typical circular lace guide that pulls on one part.

Faux fur collar
Keep your legs warm and stylish by sporting these boots with the faux fur collar. They add an extra layer of warmth at the top outside of the boot while being ever-trendy. It is faux fur so no animal products were used to manufacture them.

Cost and value
These boots come in the price range in the mid to upper level, especially when compared to the other ones in the category. They are an affordable option for most. They are also very stylish so they can serve as fashion and not just function. Moon Boots are known for quality and durability so you should get many instances of wear from these boots with proper care.
  • Rubber Sole
  • D-ring Lace Eyelets
  • Faux Fur Collar
  • Protective Synthetic Rand
  • Nylon Waterproof Upper
  • Hard to Get On and Off
  • No Arch Support

3. Safari

3. Safari
Perhaps you love Moon Boots for their warmth and comfortable fit for winter months, but want a little boost in style appeal. The WE Safari keeps all the great features Moon Boots have but is available in a great animal print to let your wild side out. Quite stylish with a golden shimmer at the base, lace up vamp, and leopard print shaft, you’ll attack the colder weather looking stylish and warm.
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Printed Style
Uppers on the Safari bring you to warmer climates searching for big animals on the safari range with its leopard print. Animal print gives it an urban flair and appeal, while the light gold base above the sole accents the print design. Made from synthetic material, it’s weather resistant to help keep out moisture and wetness, and easy to care for.

Warmth and Comfort
At the base of the Safari is a lugged rubber sole, perfect for gaining traction on wet surfaces or icy sidewalks and snow. D-ring lace up vamp allows for adjustable, perfect fit and helps maintain the durability of the closure. Polyurethane foam makes these incredibly warm and cushioned, so you can hit the snow without fear of cold feet.

Cost and Value
Typical of the Moon Boot brand, it’s similarly priced to other models and full of the same quality and warmth expected from exceptional snow boot technology to keep you warm and comfortable. The Safari’s unique animal print pattern sets this pair apart from the rest however, and if you’re in search of something with a bit more flair for your winter wardrobe and gear, it’s a great option to consider!

Synthetic Uppers

High Gloss Materials

Tractioned Sole

D-ring Closure

PU Foam Insulation


Can Be Tough To Get On

4. Monaco Low

4. Monaco Low
You will be getting the best of both worlds with these boots. They have a stylish fur collar but are only a mid-calf rise compared to the similar style that comes to the knee. The fur adds a trendy accent that also serves to keep your legs warm. This boot has a reinforced toe area and sides of the foot to support proper steps as it securely holds your foot in place. Finally, the traction of this boot will keep you feeling stable as you walk on many surfaces and terrains.
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Foam insulation
If you need to have your feet and legs warm at all times, this boot will make a perfect choice. It has foam insulation that helps trap the heat in your shoe so you can get out an enjoy being in the elements; instead of worrying about freezing if you have to venture out.

Full-length wraparound lacing
There is no better way to feel completely secure in your shoes other than to wrap your legs and ankle with a lacing system that encompasses the entire shaft. When you pull to adjust it won't just tighten the top, you will feel it all throughout. Same for when you loosen it for bulkier clothes.

Cost and value
While these boots are at the higher end of our price range, they fall around the same price point as many other boots in this category. You are purchasing a high-quality and stylish boot that is designed for the elements and to withstand time. Buyers will find a rugged boot that can last through many seasons with proper care. It helps to offset the higher cost knowing you are getting a versatile and stylish boot that functions to high expectations.
  • D-ring Lace Eyelets
  • Faux Fur Collar
  • Highly Tractioned Sole
  • Nylon Waterproof Upper
  • Reinforced Toe
  • Tight Ankle Area

5. Lem

5. Lem
The Lem Moon Boot has a very rugged look that will appeal to many consumers. The edgy style has a very tractioned sole to keep you secure while walking. Also underfoot, is an EVA midsole. It gives support and structure. This boot stands apart from the rest in that has a removable thermal lining. That way if your feet get too toasty you can remove the liner for a bit more cooling effect. These are also comfort rated down to -35 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Single drawstring closure
This boot still has the typical drawstring closure that is synonymous with Moon Boots. However, this style only has one drawstring. It does run the entire length of the vamp and will still allow full adjustment whether tighter or looser.

Removeable thermal lining
Moon Boots are known for keeping your feet extremely warm. That is exactly what you need in very cold climates. However, if you like just the style of the Moon Boots and don't necessarily need them for warmth, you have the option to remove the thermal lining of this pair of boots. You can cool your feet off by removing it and still looking stylish.

Cost and value
These boots fall within our price range on the higher end when compared to other boots in the category. Don't let that deter you from purchasing. The boots are still highly durable and everything you would expect from the always popular Moon Boots. You are going to get a strong boot that can be worn in very low temperatures and if you need not as much heat retention, you can remove the liner which gives more wear time. The boots will last you through many seasons to help offset the cost upfront.
  • Removable Thermal Liner
  • Lace-up Vamp
  • Tractioned Sole
  • Comfort Down to -35 Degrees
  • Single Drawstring 

6. Vienna Felt

6. Vienna Felt
If you prefer some more texture to your Moon Boots that the original look, the Vienna Felt will deliver a luxe feel and appeal to your tastes, but keeps the classic looking design in the forefront. Uppers consist of both textile and synthetic materials to keep the boot weather-resistant, while a plush felt lining helps provide warming insulation, and a great foot feel.
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Textured Appeal
The Vienna Felt uses a variety of materials in the design of the uppers of the boot, from waterproof nylon, to synthetic felt, to create a modernized look. Nylon runs from the toe up the tongue and around the sides to the heel, helping to protect you from water near the boot’s base. Synthetic felt lines the shaft of the boot and collar, giving it a rich textured look, and soft feel.

Traction and Comfort
Similar to other Moon Boots, the Vienna Felt has a cushioned footbed to pad your steps during wear, and sturdy rubber outsole. A synthetic sole bases the boot, and has a lugged pattern to help maintain traction and grip. D-ring lace up lets you adjust the tightness and fit of the boot.

Cost and Value
Averagely priced compared to other models of Moon Boots, it’s a great option for those that prefer something with a bit of texture. Combining felt with waterproof nylon makes the Vienna Felt great for braving snow or sleet so you can get to the next evening outing with friends while still looking stylish. Consider this an option for your next Moon Boot!

Waterproof Nylon

Felt Upper Material

Felt Lining

Rubber Outsole

Synthetic Tractioned Sole


Run Small

7. Butter

7. Butter
Perhaps a shiny synthetic boot isn’t quite your style, and you prefer something with a polished, warm, but softer look and feel. The Butter Moon Boot is a perfect option to consider, with its soft suede uppers and puffy soft lining. With amazing comfort features found in the footbed and midsole, you’ll have a cozy in-boot feel, and TecniTherm Insulation to help keep you warm during wear.
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Soft Suede
As the name suggests, the soft suede uppers of the Butter give them a luxe feel, and softer caramel look and appeal. D-ring lace up vamp keeps you firmly in place with adjustable fit to your liking. Collar tie closure also lets you close the top of the boot should you choose, to keep any unwanted snow or wetness from creeping inside. Beautifully designed, you can wear this out with just about any outfit to brave the weather in warm, fashionable style.

Comfort Tech
Inside the butter, your feet will be pampered with a drop-in footbed, created to be anatomically correct and provide a superb in boot feel. TecniTherm Insulation provides a cozy warmth to battle to cold outside. Rubber lugged sole provides ample traction on wet surfaces. Combine these aspects together, and the Butter will have you strolling through snow or cold throughout the day without getting cold feet.

Cost and Value
Similar to other models, the Butter Moon Boot is a great option for those who want a luxe look and softer feel to their boot. Wrapping your feet in soft suede uppers, and superior insulation, the Butter will keep you warm all day long and into the evening hours, perfect for that après ski you’ve been dreaming of. Beautifully designed and well constructed, it makes a great winter Moon Boot with a classy sophisticated feel.

TecniTherm Insulation

Suede Uppers

Anatomical Footbed

Collar Tie Closure

D-ring Lace Up


Easily Scuffs

Lining Durability

8. Vega Lux

8. Vega Lux
Not your typical style of Moon Boot, the Vega Lux still has a strong look that will make heads turn when you wear them. They can be described as a mix between a boot and a hi-top sneaker. Whether you are walking down the street with jeans or trekking through the snow, you will be sure to have comfort and warmth on your feet. The upper is made from neoprene and synthetic to give you a bit more flexibility than the nylon that is traditionally used in Moon Boots.
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Lightly cushioned footbed
The lightly padded footbed of this boot will give you a bit more cradling effect than a shoe without it. If you are looking for a soft step this boot will provide that. The footbed is the last layer of protection your foot has against shock when stepping.

Polyester textile lining
The lining of this boot is made from a lightweight polyester blend material. It will still keep your foot warm but it is more breathable than some of the other boots in the category that have a heavier lining inside them.

Cost and value
The price of this stylish boot is a great price point. It falls at the lower end of our price range when compared to other boots in the category. This boot is a great value because you still get all of the great benefits of a Moon Boot but a more versatile look comes with this boot. That means you could possibly get more use from this boot than some of the others in the category.
  • Neoprene and Synthetic Upper
  • Front and Back Pull Loops
  • TR Rubber Outsole
  • Breathable Lining
  • Runs Smaller

9. Pulse Mid

9. Pulse Mid
The mid-calf rise of the shaft on these boots sets them apart from traditional Moon Boots styling that most associate the boot for. These are a great choice if you are looking for a shorter and more spunky looking style all while keeping your feet warm. These are made from suede which is also contrary to the traditional nylon used in Moon Boots. The shaft opening is a fairly wide and accommodating on these which makes them slide on and off with ease. You will also see the typical drawstring closure on the vamp and collar of the boot.
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Suede upper
Suede gives the boots a little more flexibility than some other Moon Boots. Suede also makes a good fabric to keep your feet and legs warm. The only downside to a suede upper is without preventative treatment it is not a water durable as some of the other fabrics used in Moon Boots.

Lower shaft
If you are searching for a boot with a lower shaft height, this makes a great choice. It hits about mid-calf which makes it more flexible than the taller boots. Also, it gives the boot a trendy new take on a classic style.

Cost and value
These boots come in our price range at the upper level. Don't let that alarm you, however. These boots are very versatile and will make a fashion statement. It also gives you more opportunity to wear them if you aren't looking for just the heat retention option in a boot. You will find plenty of reasons to get the use of these boots even if the price is a bit higher than the others in the category.
  • Lace-up Vamp
  • D-ring Hooks
  • Strong Sole Traction
  • Lower Shaft Height
  • Runs Narrow

10. Montana III

10. Montana III
The Montana III is one of the brands more rugged looking boots, made for function and simplistic design that delivers warmth and traction in the snow. Leather uppers replace the brands usual shinier synthetic materials, and still keeps you dry and insulated. Durable for wear and tear in winter weather, leather has been water-repellent treated so you can brave that knee high deep snow. A simple side zip closure replaces the regular lace up vamp, making them easy to get on and get outside.
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Rugged Leather
The Montana III was crafted from beautiful top grain leather, oiled and treated to be water-repellent so you can keep your daily life moving in the snow and ice. Durable against abrasions, scuffing or simply every day wear and tear, this boot will stand up to whatever task you need it to do. A side zip closure allows ease of access, and will stay put with a button snap tab at the zipper top.

Wool Warmth
Inside the Montana III is a soft, warm synthetic wool lining, sure to help keep you insulated when out in the cold winter wind and snow. The base of the boot boasts a rubber lugged sole, and double-stitched welt to keep out wetness, and keep your traction on slippery surfaces. PE foot bed provides soft foot feel, while midsole helps keep you comfortable and insulated all day long.

Cost and Value
More expensive than some other boots from the brand, the Montana III was made to last with it’s rugged, durable leather uppers, and functional capabilities. Well worth the initial investment, this boot will long outlast the seasons of wear and tear outside, and will surely keep you warm throughout. A solid option for those who need a serious functional boot to consider!

Rugged Leather Uppers

Synthetic Wool Lining

Rugged Sole

Easy Access and Fit


Can Feel Stiff

As you can see the design of these boots make them a hot commodity for people in cold climates. Again, they are on the popularity rise for fashion reasons. Many designers are looking to add a bit of flare or special touches to distinguish their shoes from the others. However, they are all trying to stick as closely as they can to the original design, as that is what makes the moon boot. Furthermore, if they stray too far from the original shoe, they risk losing the functionality of the boot.


Criteria Used for Evaluating the Best Moon Boots

Grip and Traction

If you live in a specific environment and you watch your weather daily, you might assume you can trust the weather report. If the meteorologist is not saying rain or snow, most people trust what they are told. However, you are getting dressed and they are calling for a good chance of snow or rain. You grab your moon boots to put on your feet. You want to know and trust that you will be able to safely and securely walk in these shoes.

Now is not the time to worry about the traction and grip that the boots will afford you when wearing them on ominous terrains and in hazardous weather conditions. That is why we have evaluated the boots on this list before they were ranked. If the boots did not perform well on the traction rating, they were eliminated. This is not to say that any pair of shoes will give you 100% stability on ice, snow, etc. However, we think the grip these 10 boots provide will assuage any fears you might have of walking on a slick surface.

The boots on our list are all excellent choice for a range of terrains. You can face snow, concrete, sand, gravel, dirt, carpet, and more while safely stepping around. This is good to know for events such as hiking or simply walking around a sandy area.

So what exactly makes a shoe considered to have good grip and traction? For starters, the type of sole is the main characteristic. Typically, categories of shoes would have rubber lugs on one type and a thick tread on the other, etc. For this category since we are only ranking Moon Boots, we will talk about the sole of the boot. A Moon Boot has a sole that is made from rubber. The bottom of the sole on close inspection consists of different heights. The actual sole has round rubberized “pegs” that help elevate the foot above whatever terrain you are on, such a dirt. The pegs dig down into the surface and help your foot to grip as you are stepping.

Aside from the round rubber pegs, you can see the next elevation of the boot has a layer that holds the rubber pegs. It is a cutout pattern that adds more depth off of the actual solid boot-sized sole. Again, that will help to push debris or dirt out more flat so you can grip easily when walking. Finally, the portion of the sole that is the whole boot bottom. It is a durable rubber that will withstand many steps. The sole is strong and will support your foot and balance out your weight with each step.


You may not think about the weight of a shoe as you are used to wearing sneakers or flip-flops, etc. However, when you examine a Moon Boot, you will see that there is some added weight involved in manufacturing a heavy boot such as this one. While technological advances in recent years have allowed designers to build much more efficient shoes at a lighter weight, there is only so much weight you can shave off without interfering with the integrity of the boot. Most consumers are willing to adjust to a few ounces when it comes to heavy-duty protection but no one wants to feel as if they are dragging cinder blocks around on their foot at the end of the wearing time of shoes; whether that is one hour or nine hours. There comes a tipping point where buyers will not purchase a shoe, regardless of the protection and advantages it offers if the shoe is too heavy. That bulk can create other problems such as leg and foot fatigue. This will overall lower the happiness quotient that consumers search for.

One area that has allowed for a weight reduction is the sole. Previous shoes only had the option of using a dense and heavy rubber. New advancements, however, incorporate a blown rubber which is not as dense. Another alternative designers have turned to in recent years is EVA composure of the sole. EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate. This adds to the overall quality of the shoe in two ways. It is a lighter weight and more durable material which adds to the life of the shoe.

Since Moon Boots have the same design as their predecessors, there is not much deviation in the material for this particular category. When we discuss other shoe categories, there are other ways in which manufacturers can cut the weight but this particular style of boots have to have this material for the warmth they supply. If you spread the material thinner you sacrifice the heat retention, which again in other shoes you do not want; however, this type of shoe is made for it. Furthermore, if you change the material you risk the heat retention capability also.


When consumers begin to research Moon Boots, they are typically looking to buy a boot that can be worn for fashion. However, more often than not, they are looking for a boot that offers a specific type of protection. Protecting their feet from the elements is the number one reason buyers look towards these boots. Usually, they are residing in a climate that has a lot of snow, ice, rain, and/or cold. These boots built a reputation for keeping feet warm in even the harshest of conditions.

In this manner, Moon Boots are built with layers and materials that are conducive to protection. For example, the sole of the boot it fairly thick when compared to other types of boots. Not only does this help with traction and grip, but a thick sole cushions the foot. The sole is the last layer that prevents negative energy transfer from the ground to your joints in the legs and foot. By making the boot with a thick sole, it prevents a good amount of shock from being absorbed by your body. That also allows a comfortable step when you strike the ground. Finally, the think sole also protects against sharp objects stabbing through the sole and injuring your foot. For instance, walking on a snow covered trail you might not see the twigs and sticks you are stepping around. The sole can divert a stick from jabbing through the bottom and maiming the skin.

Next, Moon Boots offer reinforcements around the sides of the foot, the toe and the heel. This particular reinforcement design helps to strengthen the foot because it prevents the foot from splaying too much. Splaying is another way to describe the way in which the foot spreads out when standing. Oversplaying can cause injury to the foot. Reinforced sides also encourage the foot to land properly; thereby preventing injuries such as ankle rolls or twisted knees. As for the toe reinforcement, this keeps you from stubbing your toe and possibly breaking your toe. The toe of these boots is made in the same manner that the toes of work boots are made in, just not to the degree of work boots.

Finally, the shaft of the boot can be described as the portion of the boot above your ankle. This can be of varying heights depending on the boot. The shaft protects the shin and strengthens the boot protection overall. The shaft of a Moon Boot is comparable to bubble wrap. This boot surrounds your leg like bubble wrap surrounds your valuables when packing or mailing important items. Furthermore, it adds a comfort level to the boot; it is not too rigid whereby you cannot easily move and bend. However, it does provide adequate support and warmth.


Seekers of the Moon Boot are looking for a boot that can be worn in all weather elements. This would absolutely have to include protection from water, rain, and snow. Nothing is more miserable than getting all of your items on to journey out into the rain or snow, only to discover after a few minutes your shoes are not waterproof. If you happen to be in the snow, not only are your feet wet, they are now freezing. The boot is trapping the cold and wet against your skin. This can cause a plethora of skin problems from a rash to frostbite. It is paramount to find a pair of boots that offer complete waterproof capabilities if you are going to be wearing the boots in the elements.

Completely waterproofing boots comes down to an outer layer of protection and/or an inner layer of protection. Let’s start with the outer layer and its role in keeping your feet dry. The outer portion of the shoe is the first defense of water blocking. Some designers prefer one piece of material to be used as this lessens the chance for water to get in. Most materials that are used will be leather, synthetic, nylon, etc. It would be rare to find a boot upper that is made from mesh. Mesh is made to be breathable, hence openness. Using a more durable material such as leather is ideal for a lot of shoe companies because leather has been used for hundreds of years for warmth and protection. Advances in production allow leather to be completely waterproof. However, Moon Boots generally use nylon. Nylon is a great defense against water and wetness. It is one of the highest rated on the scale of waterproof capabilities.

From here you have the inner layer of protection. This is the second line of defense in keeping your feet and legs totally dry while wearing boots. In other shoes and boots, there is a chance that the water will make it past the first layer and infiltrate the boot. This is where the second layer of protection comes in handy. Most shoes when you put them on your foot you don’t realize they even have a second layer as it is built into the lining of the boot. The Moon Boot has an added layer that is sewn into the shoe lining that acts as a lining also. The lining not only prevents water from entering the boot, it serves as a soft material against the leg.

Heat Retention

When you are looking for a boot that will keep you warm in the elements you want a shoe or boot that is rated high for heat retention. That is the exact opposite that most people look for in a shoe. Most consumers search for shoes that are highly-breathable or promote good airflow. However, when searching for a boot that you will be wearing in harsh conditions such as the cold, wind, rain, and snow, you will absolutely want a boot that will keep your foot warm.

What exactly should you look for in a boot rated for high heat retention? To begin with, you should examine the closure system of the boot. In other words, what closes the boot off from the cold and rain after you slide your foot into it? Do you have velcro, snaps, buckles, or laces? None are really superior to the others just so long as you can fully seal the opening of the boot. Any gap in the closure or the sealing will allow water to penetrate and wet the feet.

Another caveat to the sealing system is not only preventing what gets in but restricting what escapes from inside the shoe. In terms of heat retention, you want a boot that seals properly to hold the heat inside the boot. If the heat is escaping you risk having cold feet which can, in turn, make your whole body cold. It is a widely known fact that most body heat is lost through the feet and head. In extreme weather conditions, it is vitally important to keep your body heat as you lower your chance of frostbite, hypothermia, numbness in the extremities, appendage loss, etc. Moon Boots are highly respected for their ability to keep body heat exactly where it should be, inside the body.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are Moon Boots used for?
A: Moon Boots can be used for many different situations. However, they are most predominantly known for their abilities to keep the feet warm and dry in adverse conditions. They make a perfect choice for those that live in very snowy and cold conditions as they are waterproof and keep the feet very warm. Also, some people choose to wear them strictly for their fashion and comfort appeal. They make a great choice for almost anyone.

Q: What do Moon Boots do?
A: Moon Boots are made to keep the feet and legs warm and dry. They make a good choice for people that work or live in the extreme cold and/or rain and snow. Moon Boots are perfectly designed for these conditions.

Q: Are there certain clothing items to wear with Moon Boots?
A: You can wear Moon Boots with anything. The fashion trend as of late is to wear them with leggings, assuming you are not in a very cold climate. However, they look great with jeans, shorts, skirts, tights, and dresses. There really is nothing you could dress them with and the Moon Boots wouldn’t go perfectly with the outfit.

Q: Is the lace closure enough for a Moon Boot?
A: Just so long as you tie the laces tight, you should not have any problems from a lace closure. In fact, this is a great remedy as you can loosen and tighten the boot depending on the clothing you have under it. Some other closure systems do not allow for that much flexibility.

Q: How do I clean my Moon Boots?
A: First things first, do not attempt to wash your Moon Boots in the washing machine. It is recommended that you only spot clean your boots with a rag and soapy water. As with any product, it is best advised to test a small inconspicuous area before you attempt to clean the entire boot or an area that can be seen easily. Use cool water and never any bleach.

Q: What weather temperature ratings are Moon Boots good for?
A: Moon Boots are rated to about -30 degrees Fahrenheit. This is what makes them a perfect choice for so many conditions. You can also comfortably wear them in weather that is under 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit; depending on your personal preferences.

Q: Will Moon Boots keep my feet dry?
A: Yes! Moon Boots are waterproof and will keep your feet totally dry when you are out in the elements. This will not only help with water but your heat retention. Most importantly, these boots will protect your feet from things such as hypothermia and frostbite as well.


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