Best No Tie Shoelaces Reviewed & Rated

You may have noticed some people wearing unique-looking laces in their athletic shoes. They often look like a bungee cord fastened with a locking clamp. These handy devices are no-tie shoelaces and they have been around for several years. They let you turn your traditional lace-up shoes into a slip-on. Most are easy to install so you can adjust the tension of the lacing and then just slide your feet into your shoe without having to adjust and tie every time.  

Runners have been using this type of laces for years to help avoid having to tie laces during a race. Plus triathletes use this kind of lacing because they can pre-set the tension to save time. This is a big win when transitioning between legs of the competition. And you can also find no tie laces for hiking boots and work boots to keep them snug and secure when you are active.

Last Updated: June 19, 2018
By Himmatpreet Kaur:

In our most recent update we have taken a fresh look at no-tie laces. We have replaced two previous offerings with more current, better-rated no-ties, and we have updated our criteria section and reviewed our frequently asked questions section as well, to ensure that we consistently bring you the most current information available.

Featured Recommendations

Lock Laces
  • Lock Laces
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stretch Fit Comfort
  • Price: See Here
  • Xpand
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Flat Zero Memory Elastic
  • Price: See Here
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great for sensitive feet
  • Price: See Here

Moms love no tie shoelaces because it saves time when trying to get out the door in the morning. Younger children can put on their own shoes without help and get them on the right track to being independent. Plus older children who don’t want to tie their shoes or just wiggle their foot into an already tied shoe like these no-tie shoelaces for the simplicity.

People with mobility issues, or those who just don’t like tying and re-tying shoes, can benefit from no-tie laces too. Once you replace your traditional laces with no-tie laces, you are good to go. No more struggling to tie your shoes. Just slip them on and you are set.

There are several styles and brands of no-tie shoelaces on the market today. This list gives you some of the top rated and highly reviewed choices so you can find the ones that work for you.  


10 Best No Tie Shoelaces


1. Lock Laces

Lock Laces are a round, elastic no tie shoelace that eliminates the need for tying and re-tying your shoes. These come with a sturdy locking clamp to keep the laces in place once you have them installed. Plus they are designed so you can cut off the extra length once you are happy with the tension on the laces. They are water resistant so no worries about soggy laces or damage due to wet conditions.
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Easy to Install
It’s a snap to install Lock Laces into your athletic, casual or other kinds of lace-up shoes or boots. Once you have replaced your old laces with Lock Laces, adjust the tension to give you a comfortable, long-lasting fit.

Lock Laces come in several colors to coordinate with your shoes. The locking clamp blends in with the color of the laces for a uniform look. Plus they offer a special camo set of no-tie laces for boots.

Cost and Value
These no tie laces from Lock Laces are a good value for the top rated product on this list. They are in the medium to high price range for the product reviewed. When you are looking for lots of colors to choose from and great performance, Lock Laces are a good buy.
  • Adjustable tension 
  • Convert shoes to slip on 
  • Great customer service 
  • Snip off the excess length 
  • Coordinating lock clamp
  • End clip may fall off

2. Xpand

These no tie laces are flat and look more like traditional laces. They use a patented Lace Anchor to keep the laces in place. Instead of tying the laces, the anchor goes in the top eyelet to give you a secure fit. You can install the laces with the lace anchor on the outside of the shoe or inside of the shoe.
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Variety of Colors
The Xpand no tie laces come in a variety of colors to complement any shoe. They also give you the option to choose laces with a reflective material. This lets you be better seen at night and in low-light conditions.

Video Instructions
Xpand laces are easy to install and come with a link that has a video to help you install your new no tie laces.

Cost and Value
The Xpand laces are one of the highest priced no tie laces of the product reviewed. They are a good buy when you are looking for flat no tie laces for different sizes for kids vs adult shoes.
  • Zero memory flat elastic
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Turns lace-up shoes to slip-ons
  • Easy installation
  • Outstanding performance 
  • May be large for some eyelets

3. Qi No Tie

No tie laces from Qi are designed to be easy to use. The round, bungee-style laces are easy to install and adjust. Their one-button locking system keeps laces in place during your daily activities. Plus they work for kids shoes too. The 48-inch laces can be trimmed to fit any size. And they stretch to 60 inches so you can set the tension easier than traditional laces.
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Work for Everyone
Kids, teens, athletes, seniors, and people with special needs can easily use these no tie laces. Even if you are just tired of adjusting and tying your traditional laces, Qi laces will work for you. Once they are installed and adjusted, just slip on your shoes without having to tie them. The tension stays consistent, or you can adjust it as needed throughout the day.

Easy to Install
These laces are easy to install in your shoes that use traditional laces. Like most no tie laces, you will replace your traditional laces with the Qi laces, then adjust the tension and secure them with the locking clamp. You can also trim the extra length and secure them with the clip.

Cost and Value
The Qi no tie laces are a good buy for multi-packs in traditional colors. They are in the medium to low price range for the products reviewed.
  • Easy to install
  • Simple instructions
  • Value pack savings
  • One-button lock
  • Quickly adjust tension
  • Some experience limited durability

4. Laceez

4. Laceez
The Laceez no tie laces are flat and made of spandex and nylon. Give these a look if you want a more traditional shoelace with the benefits of a no tie lace. A specially designed aglet keeps the laces in place after you have installed them.
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Easy to Install and Adjust
The people at Laceez want to make every shoe a slip on AND make you look great too. These no tie laces install just like regular laces. Plus they look like regular laces too. And the familiar, flat design lets you adjust the tension with ease.

Kids, Women and Men Sizes
These no tie laces are available in different sizes to get you the perfect fit for your shoe. Choose a Laceez pair of laces in one of three sizes. They also come in lots of colors for the kids so they can pick their favorite.

Cost and Value
As one of the higher priced items on this list, they are a good value for flat no tie laces. And if you are looking for kids laces, they offer a multi-pack for a little less than if you buy them individually.
  • Flat design 
  • All day comfort
  • Great for kids
  • Stays in place
  • Some say these run small

5. Aktivx

5. Aktivx
These no tie laces are designed primarily for athletic shoes. You can quickly install these laces into your shoes. The strong, round bungee-like laces keep your shoe snug on your feet. The matching proprietary lock makes these laces easy to adjust. A non-slip lace clip keeps the laces from bouncing around while you move.
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Consistent Fit
Aktivx no tie laces give you a more uniform fit than traditional laces. They are designed to reduce pressure points and are excellent for sensitive feet. You can easily adjust these laces to just the right fit to keep your feet comfortable.

Look Great
These laces come in several colors to complement your shoes. Their strong, sleek design complements your athletic footwear. The matching lock and lace clip look great on your shoes while keeping them snug on your feet.

Cost and Value
These laces are a good buy for athletic shoes when you want a variety of colors. They are in the medium price range for the list of products reviewed.
  • Save time 
  • Non-slip lace clip
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Flexible, uniform fit
  • Water resistant
  • Lock may slip

6. Qi Kicks

6. Qi Kicks
These flat, no tie laces are made of stretchy silicone rubber. In the Kicks set of no tie laces, you get an individual ‘tie’ for each set of eyelets. These laces are great for all ages, and they come in sets made for kids shoes or adult shoes. With several colors to choose from, you can pick the right one for your shoes.
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Long Lasting Comfort
Designed to fit each set of eyelets, these silicone no tie laces stretch to keep your shoes snug on your feet. Kicks no tie laces help keep the kids shoes on their feet during playtime. All without the need to constantly re-tie traditional shoe laces.

Sizes for Kids and Adults
These no tie laces come in sets for kids and adults. The kids sets have two sets of 6 for shoes with fewer eyelets. Adults sets come in two sets of 8. And the variety of colors coordinate with your traditional laced footwear.

Cost and Value
These laces are a good value for your money when you are looking for flat laces. And you get the chance to mix and match colors for a fun look.
  • Waterproof, non-toxic material
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Money back guarantee
  • Ends of the laces fit between the shoe and the tongue
  • Works in any shoe with traditional laces
  • Some say difficult to install

7. Speedlaces iBungee

7. Speedlaces iBungee
The iBungee stretch laces are the round, bungee-type of no tie laces. They help you get the perfect, uniform tension on your laces to avoid sore spots and blisters on your feet. They are easy to install and adjust to get a comfortable fit for your unique feet.
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Offers Several Lengths
Unlike most no tie laces, iBungee stretch laces come in several lengths so you can choose what works best for your pair of shoes. With lengths up to 42”, you’ll find just the right length from lo-cut shoes to high-tops.

Easy to Use
Installation of these no tie laces works just like traditional laces. Once they are installed, spend some time getting the right tension to make sure you have a comfortable fit for all of your daily activities.

Cost and Value
iBungee Stretch laces are a good value for the price. They are on the lower end of the price range for this review. They come in enough colors to swap into your favorite shoe and look great.
  • Maintains tension
  • Flexible for all activities
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Convenient for easy-on/easy-off
  • No clip to hold the ends secure

8. Diagonal One

8. Diagonal One
These elastic silicone shoelaces come in packs of 16 suitable for a single pair of shoes. They are easy to install and removable for reuse. Kids will love the bright colors of the laces, including a rainbow set. Easy to use for anyone from kids to people who may struggle with lace ties. Unlike lockdown no tie laces, these laces provide a flexible fit.
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Strong Grip
Made of silicone, the laces can take a lot of tension before “popping up”. They are very easy to mount into a pair of shoes to convert them into slip-ons for many uses from casual ease to cycling and hiking.

One set fits most
The no tie laces are designed with an average adult foot in mind. However, by using the first six laces, they are suitable for kids’ shoes and the whole set will fit large sizes up to XL. They do come with a 30-day money back guarantee as well.

Cost and Value
These laces are comparable with the other laces on the list. However, given that they are reusable in more than one pair of shoes, they do represent a very good value. We love the variety of colors they come in and the ease of installing the laces.
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • One size fits most
  • Flexible fit
  • Strong grip
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Heads of laces may irritate
  • For shoes with padded tongues

9. Sport2People

9. Sport2People
These bungee-like no tie laces are made of a strong elastic material for durability. The Sport2People laces are easy to install and adjust to the tension you need. A strong lacing system and locking clamp keep your laces adjusted through your daily activities. And the lace clip keeps your laces from bouncing after you have trimmed them to fit your shoe.
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Easy to Install and Adjust
These no tie laces are easy to install and adjust. Just replace your traditional laces with these Sports2People no tie laces. Then adjust the tension just like you would with traditional laces. The elastic material and locking clip keeps them in place so you can skip adjusting and tying your laces every time you put on your shoes.

Reflective Material
The Sports2People no tie laces come in several colors to coordinate with your shoes. They also have a few offerings made of reflective material so you can be seen in lower light conditions.

Cost and Value
These no tie laces are a good value for the price. As one of the lower priced shoelaces in this list, you can try no tie laces without spending too much money.
  • Offers reflective laces 
  • Strong elastic material
  • Excellent customer service and warranty
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Some experience limited durability

10. Stout Gears

10. Stout Gears
These no tie laces are simple to install and reflective for safety. If you run in the early morning hours, like I do, you know how important it is to be seen in the low light. They can be taken apart and used in another pair of shoes as well and come in a variety of colors to complement your shoes.
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Environmentally friendly
The laces are dyed with a non-toxic dye that is organic and not harmful to the environment. They will not fade, so you can be sure they will match (or contrast!) your shoes over the long-term.

The easy to use lock is made from strong stainless-steel springs which will not rust or wear down easily. The lock is easy for anyone to use from children to those who might struggle with button locks or traditional shoelaces.

Cost and Value
These laces are priced comparably to the other laces in this list. They are a good value especially because they can be reused. They are easy to use and secure, environmentally-friendly and fade proof. Plusses all around.

As you can see from this list, there are many styles and colors of no tie laces on the market today. While there are other no tie laces available, these represent a list of highly rated products with several options and good values. Now that you know more about no tie laces and how convenient they are for everyone,  you can think about how this type of shoelace can make your day to day routine a little easier.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best No Tie Shoelaces

There are many brands and types of no tie laces on the market today. You can find them made of elastic, silicone, nylon, lycra and other materials. Plus you will find a huge variety of colors, patterns, and styles. But what should you look for when shopping for a no tie shoelace?

As with anything, think about how they are being used. If you are purchasing the laces for yourself, can you easily install traditional shoelaces? Or do you have difficulty getting traditional laces through the eyelets? Maybe you lack strength in your hands and need something that stays tight but doesn’t require too much strength to open and close the locking clamp.

Also, think about what conditions your no tie laces will need to withstand. Will you wear them on a calm walk on city streets in a gym? Or are you looking for no tie laces for your hiking boots that need to be tough enough to handle mud, water, or snow?

If you are buying for small children, you may be looking for a set of no tie laces that are extremely durable. No tie laces that are long-lasting enough to move to the next set of a child’s shoe could also be something important to you when buying these handy items.

Here are a few of the considerations that are important when looking for no tie shoelaces. You may also have a few of your own when you think about who will be using the laces.


Important Considerations

  • Easy Installation –
    The ease of turning your no tie laces into a pair of slip-on loses its appeal when you are frustrated by installing those laces. Carefully read the description to see if the manufacturer gives any information about whether the laces work better for a specific type of shoe. And most no tie shoes provide pictures of how the laces go through the eyelets. Also, check the shoes you plan to use with the no tie laces. If the eyelets are small, look for a pair of laces that will easily fit through the eyelet.
  • Many Sizes-
    Some no tie laces come it sets of pre-cut silicone or elastic pieces that are installed one piece to a pair of eyelets. For this type of shoelaces, you can often choose between a set with fewer pieces for kids shoes compared to adult shoes.
    If you are looking at the one-piece elastic type of no tie laces, the standard size should work for most athletic and casual shoes. There are a few brands that offer longer laces for boots. If you need a longer length, check the specifications to make sure you get what you need before you buy.
  • Durability –
    Everyone has different needs and uses for their no tie laces. And everyone puts wear and tear on their shoes a little differently. If you are someone who gently wears your shoes, durability may not be your top deciding factor when choosing a set of no tie laces. However, if your shoes (or your kids’ shoes) have to withstand rough conditions, durability may be more important to you than another factor.
  • Stays In Place –
    No tie laces should stay adjusted and in place after you get them installed. You may need to adjust the laces a few times after you install them to get just the right fit. But once they are adjusted, they should stay locked in place. Look for no tie laces that retain their memory and won’t stretch out after a few wearings.
    On the types of no tie laces with a locking clamp, look for a sturdy design. If the spring is too loose, the clamp on your no tie laces will slip. A sturdy clamp with a strong spring will keep your laces adjusted where you want them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best type of material for no tie laces?
A: There are many types of materials for no tie laces. The highest rated and most popular laces are made of a stretchy elastic that maintains its original tension. These laces can be round or flat depending on the look you want. The other most popular highly-rated material is a silicone rubber. These have the same properties as the elastic no tie laces but are made of a durable rubber material.

Q: Can I reuse a set of no tie laces?
A: Some brands advertise that you can remove the laces from one pair of shoes and use them in another pair. Others specify they are guaranteed for use in one pair of shoes. It may be possible to reuse the laces in another pair of shoes. However, a warranty may not be honored if they are used in multiple pairs of shoes.

Also, consider the type of no tie laces that you are buying. If you are using a style that has several pieces that are installed in a set of eyelets, they may not be removable and usable in the next set of shoes.

Q: Who should use no tie laces?
A: Anyone! No tie laces were originally designed for runners and for athletic shoes. However, people with arthritis or difficulty tying and untying shoes appreciate no tie laces. Kids who haven’t learned to tie their shoes appreciate being able to put on their shoes without help. And so do their moms. And teens and adults who don’t like to bother with tying shoes enjoy the convenience of easy-on / easy-off footwear.

Q: Do no ties come in any size?
A: No, some are meant for 8 holed shoes, some are not very long and some are long enough you could make gladiator sandals out of them.  Always check how long the ties are before you purchase them to avoid disappointment.


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