Best Office Shoes Reviewed & Rated for Appearance

Finding the best office shoes, to keep your feet comfortable around the office can be a very interesting thing to do. When you think about the variety in the amount of time spent standing and sitting, finding the best office shoes to wear can be hard. Whether you work 40 hours or 70, you should consider what it takes to make sure your feet are comfortable, cool, dry, and well supported, helping you feel great when you finally get home.

Recently, while having lunch with a coworker, we came to the very subject of footwear. She is tall and always wears flats, the problem for her is arch support.  A great shoe should offer great arch support. The arch of your foot is built of the tarsal and metatarsal bones, ligaments, and tendons. Your arch keeps you balanced when walking, absorbs shock, and helps you adapt to different surfaces.  Hence, this being one of the many things we looked at when putting this guide together.

Last Updated: June 9, 2018
By Himmatpreet Kaur:

We have recently updated our list to bring you the best ten office shoes available in today's market. Some old faves were lost in the process but we also brought you some newer, exciting options for your work day!

Featured Recommendations

Johnston & Murphy Shuler
  • Johnston & Murphy Shuler
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ultra stylish
  • Rated most comfortable
  • Price: See Here
ECCO Helsinki Slip-On
  • ECCO Helsinki Slip-On
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Exceptional durability
  • All day comfort
  • Price: See Here
Grasshoppers Windham
  • Grasshoppers Windham
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Casual and stylish
  • Removable insole
  • Price: See Here

I, the cost-conscious type, am also always concerned about the price and versatility of my office shoes. I have a unique style, and because you never know what the day will bring in outfits, I need a few pairs of shoes that can go with everything. Due to the amount of time I spend standing, I also need these few pairs of shoes to be super comfortable and teat my feet kindly. Knowing every day holds different challenges for our feet is essential when choosing office shoes. Take your time, and go through our 10 Best Office Shoes, making sure your next pair meet your daily needs. We have given you the best of the best and are sure you will find the features you are looking for.


10 Best Office Shoes


1. Johnston & Murphy Shuler

Since 1850, Johnston & Murphy have been leaders in the shoe industry. Trusted not only by several President's, these shoes are also worn by actors, athletes, and office workers all over the globe. Reinventing classic styles with modern technology, it's no wonder these are so common among the most sought after office shoes. Much as musicians need their instruments, office workers need their shoes, the Shuler Bicycle Toe Oxford is a great addition to any shoe collection.
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Classic Style
There is something about the bicycle toe oxford that screams class. These office shoes not only look great but are very comfortable. The leather sole and upper set off that vibe of serious business with sheepskin lining offering you a soft smooth interior. You really can't go wrong with the look of this office shoe.

Padded Heel Collar
Extra padding in the heel of the shoe make those painful days of running around the office more comfortable. Office shoes with no padding may lead to blisters and pain from walking on hard floors. Avoid the need for band-aids and extra layers of socks by wearing a shoe that offers a little extra cushion where you need it most.

Cost and Value
This shoe will take some investing if you want to add it to your collection. Coming in tied for the highest cost this shoe does give you quality, style, and classic appeal not found in every office shoe. Johnston & Murphy know shoes and these are an excellent high-quality addition to your best and most worn shoes.

2. ECCO Helsinki Slip-On

A fashionable classic for office and daily wear the ECCO Helsinki Slip-on is a must have in many wardrobes. ECCO designs shoes for everyday wear so there is no need for 15 pairs of shoes. Walking the ten blocks uptown on your daily commute can be very inconvenient, especially if you have to keep changing your shoes. The versatility and all around comfort of these office shoes will keep you walking and moving for the long hours that lay ahead.
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ECCO Freedom Fit
With a narrower instep and heal in addition to a roomy toe box, these shoes were thought up differently than others. Instead of fitting your feet at the toes causing pressure and pain, the fit of this shoe supports the foot and gives your toes room to move as they are supposed to. The ability to move your toes is essential to balance and comfort, ECCO gets this right.

Polyurethane Soles
The longest lasting soles around use polyurethane, as a result, the wearer gets two to three times the wear out of their favorite office shoes. Adding to the longevity is the fact that these soles hold their shape, making the first wear as comfortable as the last. We all want a shoe that will hold up and the ECCO Helsinki Slip-On is built with that job in mind.

Cost and Value
Almost all great office shoes come with a bigger price tag than other shoes due to the quality and superior comfort. These slip-on are quite pricey but will give you such long use that they end up paying for themselves. The initial investment is pretty high, the result is a great looking pair of shoes for years to come, that offer style and comfort.
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Large Toe Box
  • Fits to Heel and Arch
  • No Break In Period
  • Long Lasting Comfort
  • May Be Too Narrow at the Heel
  • Runs Small
  • Price

3. Converse CT All Star

One of the most iconic shoes in the industry, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has been a crowd favorite for decades. Maybe this isn't what you go to when thinking of great and versatile office shoes. The same great style in as many colors as you can imagine, the Chuck Taylor is sure to draw attention at the office. Spice up your favorite look with something unique and know they will always be in style and give you the comfort you expect from the Converse brand.
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Anyone Can Wear
Typically men's shoes are men's shoes and women's are women's, however, the All-Star fits either just fine. A style that goes with men's apparel, as well as women's, is almost never found. Taking your street shoes to the office is usually unacceptable but for anyone in love with Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, this won't be the case. A great pair of office shoes and a great pair of everyday shoes is why people all over the globe are wearing these cool shoes.

Molds to the Foot
Contrary to popular belief, the comfort of the shoe is not the only thing that keeps your feet feeling great. Too much support can lead to weak feet, causing pain and even possible injuries. It's especially important to keep your feet strong, these office shoe mold to your feet, basically customizing the sole to you as they are broken in. This form helps your foot move naturally and keeps your feet strong and feeling great.

Cost and Value
This legend of a shoe is the best value in our guide, hence the reason so many people are out there buying them. The original style these office shoes offer and the strong feet they give you from the office to a cocktail, and back home for the night, is something you can easily fit in the budget. You will love these shoes if you give them the chance and find yourself buying a pair for every outfit.
  • Receive What You Expect
  • Classic Must Have for Great Price
  • Customizeable Colors
  • Made for Everyone
  • Durability Issues
  • Unisex Sizing

4. Grasshoppers Windham

4. Grasshoppers Windham
This boat shoe inspired flat is a fantastic choice for the more casual office. Comfortable, stylish with a removable footbed, it is a breathable shoe that you can wear all day long without killing your feet. The synthetic sole will provide great traction on most surfaces including carpet and hardwood.
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Casual style
If you work in an office that is a little more casual, these boat shoe-inspired flats are a good choice. They are dressy enough to look great but casual enough to pair with jeans. They will provide you with a solid style to wear all day.

Removable footbed
The footbed in this Windham is removable so if you need to, you can insert your own custom insole or orthotic to add a personalized level of comfort to your day at work.

Cost and Value
These are the least expensive shoes on our list and a great value for such a comfortable, stylish little flat. The removable footbed ensures that the shoe is ready for your insert and the boat shoe style is a classic that does not go out of stylish.
  • Fabric upper
  • Synthetic sole
  • Boat-shoe style
  • Casual yet stylish
  • Removable footbed
  • Sizes run narrow

5. Skechers Flex Advantage

5. Skechers Flex Advantage
This loafer is perfect for those who want a well-padded shoe with good traction and slip-resistance for work. You will appreciate the slip-on ease in a shoe that is professional enough for almost all office dress codes.
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Skechers comfort
Skechers makes comfortable shoes for a reasonable price. This Advantage is an example of their skill with a padded collar, elastic goring for slip-on comfort and a memory foam insole for extra cushioning. You can work all sorts of overtime in this shoe.

Slip-resistant sole
Some offices are not ideally located in a high-rise building. Some offices are atop factories, behind restaurants, and in other locations that can have sticky, slippery floors and walkways. These shoes will provide excellent slip-resistance and traction wherever your office is located.

Cost and Value
These shoes are on the lower end of the range for the shoes on our list. They are a value given their comfort, office-ready appearance and their excellent grip and traction.

6. Rockport Leader 2 Bike Oxford

6. Rockport Leader 2 Bike Oxford
Merging the comfort of your favorite sneakers with the style of your best dress or casual shoe, Rockport is one of the most noteworthy in the top makers of today's office shoes. Rockport stand with you in mind, they say it's not about them and it's not about the shoes, but all about the wearer. Keeping up with today's technology and their own innovations the Rockport Leader 2 Bike Oxford is the ultimate choice.
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Moisture Resistant Lining
We all know that sweaty feet are the worst. They smell bad and not to mention may lead to bacteria and fungal growth or even painful blisters. None of these things are what we want in our office shoes, yet it is often what we get. The DEWIX lining in this Oxford wicks away sweat keeping your feet cool and comfortable, consequently also reducing odor.

Full Grain Leather
I recently spent an extensive amount of time talking about shoe cleaners. As a result, I have found is that it can be a very arduous task. This shoe is made of Full Grain Leather, which is simple to take care of. Finding a shoe that is easy to clean and has all-around superior quality is difficult, however, you will give yourself just that when buying the Rockport Leader 2 Bike Oxford.

Cost and Value
The middle of the road cost of this excellent pair of office shoes give you the same advantages as higher priced shoes from a top ranking brand. The versatility and comfort the Rockport shoe gives are one of a kind and you know you are buying quality that will last through the years. Add a pair to your wardrobe and find that you love them as much as everyone else!
  • Easy to Dress Up or Down
  • No Break-In Time
  • Trusted Brand
  • Exceptionally Light Weight
  • Spacious Toe Box
  • Little Arch Support

7. L'Artiste Wondrous

7. L'Artiste Wondrous
These unique pump style booties are a great choice for the office. They feature hand-painted leather details, goring for a comfortable fit, and a leather, padded insole. The shoe has a stacked heel which is stable and comfortable as well. A great choice for your creative expression and your equally creative office attire.
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Unique style
These shoes have a very unique appearance that features hand-painted leather pieces, a decorative button, and stitching along the vamp that adds a Bohemian look to the shoe. These will pair nicely with a pair of jeans but also with dresses, slacks or skirts for the office.

All day comfort
The bootie comes with a padded leather insole for comfort underfoot and elastic goring that ensure a comfortable, not too tight, fit. A leather pieced heel and rubber sole provides shock absorption and cushioning for great comfort in a moderate heel.

Cost and Value
This shoe falls into the mid-range in terms of price. This represents a great value for a durable heel that you can wear day after day at work. Its unique, expressive style will be eye-catching and turn this shoe into one of your faves.
  • Rubber sole
  • Rounded toe
  • Hand painted leather
  • Padded insole
  • Unique style
  • Button may come off

8. Clarks Stinson Hi Chukka

8. Clarks Stinson Hi Chukka
Clarks shoes are known for superior comfort, style, and technology. In addition to almost 200 years of shoe making, they are the shoe experts that offer iconic footwear. If you are looking for cushion, support, waterproofing, grip and overall good foot hygiene, look no further. The Clarks Stinson Hi Chukka Boot is one of our favorite office shoes in this guide. As a result, happy feet, happy you.
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Classic Wallabee Style
This boot fits all types of wardrobes. The leather upper looks great with slacks as well as the jeans you get to wear on casual friday. These timelessly styled office shoes are easy to care for and can be counted on all year round. No matter your style or color preference the Stinson Hi Chukka Boot is sure to look great and keep you comfortable, when wearing them daily.

Advanced Technology Cushioning
Supporting how the foot naturally works, this shoe is exceptionally comfortable. Dual density cushioning is precisely placed to reduce stress on your feet. This shoe will stand up to the longest days and keep you up for the longer, more fun evening ahead.

Cost and Value
These office shoes come from an exceptionally trusted and innovative brand. That probably has you thinking it is going to cost a fortune to get a pair. However, this is not the case. The Stinson Hi Chukka Boot is one of the most affordable pair of shoes in our guide. This is not the result of poor quality, in addition to being made of top quality materials it is also one of the most worn shoes in offices today.

9. Sam Edelman Felicia

9. Sam Edelman Felicia
The exclusive selection you get when buying Sam Edelman brand office shoes is one of top trends and latest fashion. This iconic brand gives you timeless choices for all of life's pleasures. The Felicia is your everyday ballet flat rather than one you wore once and lost in your closet because they were so uncomfortable. These office shoes go with everything from trousers to skirts, which seems like just the thing we need.
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Flexible Elastic Fit
I have bought fifteen poor fitting pairs of ballet flat office shoes, same for most of my fellow office gal pals. Part of the problem is my feet are not the same size at the end of the day as compared to the beginning. If I sit at my desk all day my puffy feet need room to grow. The side elastic of the Falicia is so comfortable and keeps these office shoes fitting nicely all day.

Superior Padding
The second problem with ballet flats is that they are just so flat. If you have any arch to your feet you need something to help support your working feet. Yet, too much padding can push your feet out of your flats or make them tight and uncomfortable. Therefore, we give this shoe a gold star, there is just the right amount of padding to support your step but not take up to much room in the shoe.

Cost and Value
This office shoe is a must-have for your everyday wardrobe at a price that won't make you raise an eyebrow. This mid-priced flat is so versatile and comfortable you may find yourself buying several pairs in different colors. I am personally very happy with these shoes and I'm sure you will be too!
  • Comfortable Like Slippers
  • Extra Detail for Better Look
  • They Dress Up and Down
  • Perfect Fit
  • No Caged Foot Feeling
  • Not True to Size
  • Stiff Toe

10. Vionic Agile Kia

10. Vionic Agile Kia
This is a very comfortable shoe for a more casual office environment. It is a supportive slip-on with a durable sole and an orthotic insole that comes out to host your own if need be. It is a flexible shoe that is firm at the same time. Great for those with foot problems who need to move around at work during the day.
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Orthotic design
This shoe is designed to support and cushion your feet for a day of work. Featuring a textile-covered orthotic insert that is podiatrist designed and made of EVA, it is also removable so that you can use your own insert or orthotic.

Lightweight upper
This shoe features a lot of comfort technology and a durable sole but it has a lightweight mesh, synthetic upper to reduce the weight on your foot. It also allows your foot to breath, which keeps your feet cool and dry.

Cost and Value
These shoes are priced in the mid-range of the list but worth every penny for the comfort they provide. If you have foot pain, you’ll appreciate the supportive sole and cushion that this shoe gives you. You’ll also appreciate the orthotic insert in the Agile Kea.
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Rubber sole
  • EVA orthotic insert
  • Flexible outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Upper not very durable

Office shoes can be found in so many varieties, it is hard to weed out the good from the bad. Finding one that simultaneously gives you comfort and support in addition to looking great with a variety of outfits may seem impossible but keep in mind they do exist. This guide offers some of the best in their class as well as giving you a variety in look, usability, and style.  Rather than spending hours in a shoe store trying on shoe after shoe, read what we have to say and make a great choice for extended wear.

Most importantly, look at what you need to fill in the gap of your shoe collection. Decide on a style that fits in your budget.  Also, no personal opinion is equally important and should be taken into consideration when picking your ultimate pair of office shoes.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Office Shoes

Space For Your Toes

We understand that all feet are different and therefore all need something different when it comes to space for your toes. Making sure the toes can move as they would when going barefoot is essential to keeping your feet comfortable and keeping you stable. Your toes naturally grip and spread to make sure you are balanced, in addition, it helps keep your feet strong and comfortable. Finding a shoe that fits all toes and feet correctly is unquestionably impossible. We decided to find a great pair of office shoes for all the feet of the world. Whether narrow or wide size does matter.

A narrow toe box for a person with wide feet is sure to cause problems. The first thing to remember is if it feels uncomfortable in the beginning it may for the rest of its time with you. Having a shoe that presses on your toes can cause painful ingrown toenails as well as bunions and blisters. This can turn an office shoe winner into a loser very quickly. Making sure there is room for your feet to move from the start is of the utmost importance when looking for comfort and great care of your feet.

A wide toe box for a person with narrow feet can cause completely different problems. You may not suffer from ingrown toenails but you will have problems with your feet moving around too much in your shoes. Office shoes need to stay in place in addition to keeping your feet cool and comfy. Hence the reason you don’t want your feet sliding around in your shoes. A shoe that slides is one that does not support correctly. As I have said, keeping your feet happy and support will keep you walking through your days like a breeze.

Versatility with Different Outfits

In today’s society everything is very expensive and unless you are part of the rich, the real world says you need a set of office shoes that can go with several things. Whether you love your plain black that goes with all your clothes or you like your clothes black and need a colorful shoe, the ability to wear them with a variety of tops and bottoms is generally good practice. Everyone wants to save money and have something to show for it for years to come.

Some believe you need a pair of shoes for every day of the week. Consequently, you will be spending a lot of your hard earned money to do this. Finding a shoe that goes with everything is, for the most part, impossible. No one has everything in their closet looking exactly the same, hence the need for a couple of good pairs of office shoes that will round out your wardrobe and give you at least a few options.  Don’t break the bank by buying 10 pairs of shoes when you can accomplish a stunning look with a few essential and versatile pairs.

Arch Support

Having support for your arches is undeniably important. While we don’t want to make our feet weak by giving to much support we also want our office shoes to offer support. Most of us kick our shoes off when we walk in the house at night which, in fact, helps keep our feet strong. If you work exceptionally long hours at the office try finding a shoe that leaves room for your foot to do some of the work.

If over the years you have worn a pair of shoes that were comfortable forever due to the immense amount of cushioning and support you have probably caused your feet to become week. How would you know this is happening? Due to the fact that your once most comfortable shoes have been replaced by the same pair and they no longer feel comfortable. Many would blame this on the manufacturer however, this is rarely the case. Over time our feet get used to the support around them and if not well maintained our feet lose their strength. Despite the fact that you think you are doing right by your feet in buying a super supportive shoe, you are really causing your feet harm in the long run.

Make sure to find a shoe that gives mid-level support to keep you comfortable and walking during all those long days in the office. Too much cushion is bad and too little is also bad. Not enough cushion will be just as painful in the long run, we don’t want a stiff shoe with no support that has our high arched feet bearing stress fractures. In closing, finding a great office shoe will give you the support you need without the weakness that comes from over padding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does heel size really matter?
A: Yes, heel size really does matter. In considering how great you are going to look in your new pair of heels you also need to stop and think about ankle stability and comfort. In addition to making your feet happy it is important to safety that you do not wear a heel that is too high, especially when trekking around the office. Keeping your heel under 3 inches is essential and under 2.5 is preferred. This will offer you stability and continue to make your feet comfortable and strong for the hours of standing and walking yet to come.

Q: Is it ok to wear my office shoes on my daily commute?
A: This is a question with a difficult answer. If you have a shoe that is exceptionally comfortable and has proven itself to accommodate different terrains, go ahead and wear them for your commute. However, be aware that using your favorite office shoes for the daily walk with decrease the longevity of wear due to pounding the pavement. A rubber sole is great for shock absorption while walking, however, a heel may not be so well suited.  Instead of just jumping in and trying them for your daily commute, give your new office shoes a spin at work and see how they feel before deciding to wear them 12 blocks uptown.

Q: Why do my shoes keep slipping around on my feet? I bought the right size.
A: Slipping shoes can be caused by a number of issues. As a result of wearing a heel that does not have an ankle strap, you may have your feet slipping in and out of your shoes. Another thought is about the toe box If your toes are moving to free you will have that slipping feeling due to too much movement. The last thing may be office shoes that are simply too wide for your narrow feet. Make sure to read reviews on how the shoe actually fits to guarantee that the slip stops and your feet are yet again happy and comfortable.

Q: I walk, on average, 5 miles a day at work, what are the best office shoes to keep up with me?
A: This amount of walking in an office will indeed require a shoe that is durable and can keep your feet comfortable. You want a shoe that molds to your feet and preferably one with a rubber sole. The sole will absorb shock as well as give some added cushion. Furthermore, a sole that will form to your feet increases the strength of your foot and will allow you to keep up with all the laps around the office.

Q: Why do great office shoes carry such a high price tag?
A: At first, we thought the very same thing. Wow, office shoes are expensive. Upon further investigation, we have found that there really are high-quality office shoes out there that won’t break the bank. The first thing to remember is that if you spend a little more you will get a more durable and more comfortable shoe. Office shoes that last for years are some of my favorites, hence paying a little more today ensures that next year you won’t have to make another investment. So, what looks expensive now can pay for itself in the years of wear, reducing the need to spend more to buy new ones.

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