Best On Running Shoes Reviewed for Performance

We all want to stay in shape, but the hefty yearly prices of gyms and workout accessories can turn someone with a limited budget off. What’s free that can keep us healthy and feel good? Our bodies are like workout machines and we don’t even notice it, especially our feet. And we all know that running is one of the best ways to stay healthy. But running can be a burden if you don’t have the proper tools; that’s why you need a good pair of running shoes, that can last you a few years, and offer you an experience that makes it feels like you’re literally running on clouds.

Best On Running Shoes

On running shoes, a Swiss company, came out with one of the best inventions to make your running sessions bliss. Three-times World Duathlon Champion and winner of many Ironmans, Olivier Bernhard wanted to create a new sensation for running. He teamed up with Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann and officially created On in 2010.

Last Updated: January 18, 2018
By Brittney Ward:

The following update features 5 new On running shoes, making our best list to a top 15. We've done thorough research about this brand and all the shoes they create to provide you with a criteria of evaluation and FAQ section. With this new information, you'll be able to understand why these are the top running shoes currently on the market.

Featured Recommendations

On Cloudflow
  • On Cloudflow
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Synthetic sole
  • Mesh
  • Price: See Here
  • Middle
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Synthetic sole
  • Rubber/Synthetic
  • Price: See Here
On Cloudflyer
  • On Cloudflyer
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Mesh /Rubber /Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Price: See Here

But what was so remarkable in those running shoes that it awarded On with two winning ISPO (Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel und Sportmode)? The engineer that worked on the patented soles  (that later Bernhard would continue to improve on them) created a technology that cushions your landing and hardens your take-off. This new technology is called ‘CloudTec’ where the outsoles look like honeycomb. So if you’re ready to start running on clouds, then check out our Top 15!


15 Best On Running Shoes


1. On Cloudflow

If you're looking for a pair of On running shoes mainly for neutral road running, then you should definitely consider these Cloudflow. These shoes create a faster running output. The new mesh weaving technology brings more breathability. Like all of the On running shoes, they offer you the CloudTec honeycombs on the outsoles, making your landing and departures so much easier.
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Various Colorways
On really has thought about everything. From innovative technology to pickier clients who need their shoes to fit their ensembles. This is why the Cloudflow running shoes offer various colorways, both for men and women. Though the colors might be a bit flashy, there are far from bothersome to the eye.

Antimicrobial Treatment
Are you tired of always having to put powder in your running shoes after a run because they smell? Well, believe or not, the Cloudflow receive an antimicrobial treatment before leaving the distribution center. This means that no matter how many runs you have, the smell should always remain the same: non-smelly.

Cost and Value
With their shoes varying between $110 and $230, the Cloudflow are smack in the middle of these price ranges. You’re definitely paying for comfort and quality, which is what any runner is looking for. Let’s face it, no one likes to run while their feet are in pain
  • Wearing the Cloudflow during long periods doesn't disturb or discomfort the leg muscles
  • Visually appealing with the many colorways
  • Perfect for flat surfaces (city roads, for example)
  • Cushioning system is comfortable and responsive, as it should be
  • Perfect for those looking to purchase competition running shoes
  • Some reviewers found that rocks can easily get caught in the crevices, but are hard to remove
  • Outsoles cannot grip wet surfaces well

2. On Cloud

As per the Cloudflow, these running shoes are specifically made for competitive running on road terrain. They come with a lighter build compared to the Cloudflow, but the heel to toe drop is the same (6mm). Thankfully, these shoes are available for those with medium-size feet and those with slight wider forefeet, for both men and women. This means that you won’t feel tightened at the widest part of your foot.
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The laces on the Cloud are different than what you’d find on any other running shoes. They don’t tie, but there is a special bead that secures the lace when you find it tight enough.

Fine Sock Liners
Cloud is most famous for its ‘unmatched step-in feel’. Indeed, On updated their sock liner using a dual-density material, which makes your comfortability level higher than with any other pair of running shoes.

Cost and Value
The On Cloud cost a little less than the Cloudsurfer and Cloudflow. I think that what would make you choose from here would definitely be the color and style you’re looking for.
  • Flexibility because of thin material and fine sock liners
  • CloudTec responds well to all the reviewers
  • Comes in many colorways
  • Good impact protection
  • Some reviewers found that pebbles easily entered the shoe while they were running
  • Not as durable as some reviewers expected

3. On Cloudsurfer

If you're a daily runner and appreciate long workouts on neutral roads, then the Cloudsurfer would suit your lifestyle greatly.
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These running shoes are for city runners, where asphalt cover the grounds wherever you look. The Cloudsurfer outsoles have an arrow pattern that provides extra traction on that type of road, which means that there is less effort given and thus can make you run for longer periods of time.

Knitted Mesh
Because of the single-layer mesh that these running shoes have, they remain soft yet durable to last you many runs. Because the overlays are blended to the upper sole, it offers you a secure fit.

Cost and Value
These are priced at around the same value as the Cloudflow, but if you’re not looking at competitive shoes, but simply just really good running shoes, then these would be more suited for you and the use you’d be making of them.
  • A lot of cushioning
  • No pressure on knees and ankles, even during long runs
  • Secure fit
  • No need for break-in period unlike many other running shoes
  • Laces are very long and thin, and some reviewers found that they are difficult to adjust
  • Half-size smaller

4. On Cloudflyer

4. On Cloudflyer
On’s Cloudflyer features enhanced midsoles, as well as lighweight and stable outsoles. The star-crossed laces provide snugs the foot well and provide extra stability and support. The shoe is responsive to the runner and fits the wider-range of feet.
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Enhanced Midsoles
The goal of On is truly to create a running experience on the road that would feel like you’re running barefoot (or with socks on). This is why the Swiss company uses proactive elements that give you enough cushioning all the while promoting the foot’s natural movement.

The Clouflyer offers a ground-breaking Speedboard (which is a thin Pebax lining that helps the runner during his variations of speed) that’s directly attached to the outsoles, offering runners more stability without adding any weight. Seriously, how better than this can it get?

Cost and Value
The Cloudflyer are close to the top prices of theOn price ranges. For what they offer, and the slightly heavier feel they give the runners, I would have to say that On perhaps might overpriced this running shoe.
  • Generous padding
  • Good heel support
  • High quality materials and excellent craftsmanship
  • 12 “clouds” zero-gravity on the outsoles add cushioning and stability
  • Ground perception isn’t as good as the other On running shoes
  • Expensive

5. On Cloudster

5. On Cloudster
The On Cloudster is the heaviest running shoe pair in this top 5, but the reason it’s this high on our list is because of its reliability and durability. These shoes are made for endurance runs, and some reviewers even use them on marathons. They have solid arch support, with On’s usual cushioning.
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The On Cloudster’s material is a 4way-stretch fabric that offers adaptive-fit to the wearer. Because of its stretch, the fabric is able to adjust itself to the runner’s foot natural shape, allowing the foot to spread naturally and securely.

The upper on the Cloudster features the mesh-weaving coverage that offers maximum breathability. It promotes effectual air-flow, thus keep the runner’s feet cool and dry. The tongue of the shoe is perforated to give extra comfort. There is also a non-slip lining that keeps the foot secure and stable.

Cost and Value
With everything that the On Cloudster has to offer, the low price they are currently being sold at is a truly fair price (that’s because I can’t say it’s a steal!). If your budget is on the lower side, I would have to recommend these, especially if you want them to last a long time.
  • Takeoff and landing are surprisingly comfortable
  • Springy sensation (because of the CloudTec)
  • Reliable performance
  • Heel cushioning is beyond the expectations of some reviewers
  • The heaviest in the top 5 On running shoes
  • Runs large

6. On Cloudventure

6. On Cloudventure
If you like running on backroads, gravel and in forests, then the Cloudventure could be what you are looking for. These the On running shoes are made especially for trail terrains, with a daily running use.
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Because its main use would be for running in trails and uneven terrain, these shoes were made with a water-repellent 2-layer membrane upper. Not to be confused with Waterproof. Water-repellent means that water is staved off from the shoe, but if you end up jumping in puddles, water will enter the shoe. This feature is very useful if you’re a hardcore runner and don’t mind a little bit of rain.

The the On Cloudventure’s outsoles have a micro-engineered grip rubber that allows the runner to move around easily, no matter the surface of the ground. There are various sized nodes, providing extra grasp on uneven roads and thus making your run a more agreeable sport and adventure.

Cost and Value
The Cloudventure is close to the top-range in pricing, but the fact that they can used on uneven terrains and that they are water-repellent makes a good deal out of the price.
  • Water-repellent
  • Protective toe cap
  • Cushioning of underfoot thanks to lightweight foam
  • Outsoles designed to keep the running fully in control, no matter the surface ground
  • Expensive
  • Fully waterproof upper would have been even better

7. On Cloudrush

7. On Cloudrush
If you’re more of a runner that focuses on speed and low mileage, then the the On Cloudrush are what you’re probably looking for. They replace the discontinued Cloudracer (but still available somewhere online).
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Cloud Pods
Compared to the other the On running shoes, the Cloudrush offer the runners 18 cloud pods, adding extra cushioning and comfort. These pods collapse and compress when the runner hits the ground with his foot, giving more responsiveness to each step.

Sole unit
On’s Cloudrush’s sole is really thin yet firm and nimble. It’s made out of high-grade EVA CloudTec that is built for speed, as well as Speedboard, helping the runner while he changes speed.

Cost and Value
These On running shoes are on the lower price range of the Swiss company. Sadly, its durability is to be questioned compared to its compatriots.
  • Shorter track runners will appreciate its light weight
  • Sleek design
  • Extra flexible for more comfort
  • Innovative heel structure
  • Speedboard paired with EVA CloudTec
  • Not made for long runs
  • Durability concerns because of the makeup of the shoe

8. On Cloudventure Peak

8. On Cloudventure Peak
These On Cloudventure Peak are made for trail and daily running. With a neutral arch support and a heel to toe drop of 6mm, these running shoes offer you support and stability, no matter the road you decide to take. With its stylish look, tough built, almost perfect grip and admirable durability, these running shoes are made to last.
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Tape Reinforcements
On decided to reinforce their Cloudventure Peak with nearly weightless tape, adding more structure to the upper of the shoe. They are very light and provide more protection to the runner’s feet while they run.

Rubber Toe Cap
Because these shoes are made to be taken off-road, On has thought about guarding the runner’s toes with rubber toe caps, adding extra protection against rocks and ground irregularities while running.

Cost and Value
Its price is higher than the Cloudflyer and Cloudsurfer, but less than the Cloudventure. If you want to save a few bucks while still buying quality for trail running, the Cloudventure Peak is a must-have.
  • Lighter than the On Cloudventure
  • No break-in period needed
  • A lot of reviewers confirmed that they never got blisters with these shoes
  • Snug fit, perfect for trail running
  • Good for marathons
  • Sizing can be a little confusing with these shoes – some reviewers found them narrower and others found them wider than shown sizes
  • Not water-repellent like the On Cloudventure

9. On Cloudracer 2

9. On Cloudracer 2
Yes, these shoes are discontinued, but still available on Amazon, and this is why they’re still on the list. They are part of the best On running shoes because of its sleek design for speed running on regular roads. If you want to focus on competitive running, then get yourself a pair of Cloudracer before they’re all gone.
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Low to the Ground
Because the soles are lower than the rest of its compatriots, the On Cloudracer 2 makes the runner feel like he is running barefoot.

No Stitching
This is a really important feature of this shoe, as the stitching often adds unnecessary weight to a shoe, thus lowering your performances. The fact that there are no stitching makes the mesh-weaving of the upper even more flexible, light and softer.

Cost and Value
These shoes are worth more than what they cost and should be a must in your wardrobe if you're looking for something that can pair up with anything casual. And for once, the resale is close to the retail price.
  • Low to the ground compared to other On shoes
  • More stability thanks to the Speedboard
  • Craftsmanship quality is remarkable
  • Perfect for speed work on races
  • No stitching, thus making it lighter than other comparative running shoes
  • A bit narrow
  • Expensive

10. On Cloudventure Midtop

10. On Cloudventure Midtop
Similar to the On Cloudventure, the Cloudventure Midtop is made for daily runs on trails, and they’re water-repellent. The only difference is their height: On added an extra cushioned inch in height to rest no higher than the runner’s ankle. They are 10 grams heavier than the Cloudventure (because of the additional upper’s height). The only thing if you want your shoes to match your outfits is that the Cloudventure Midtop only has one colorway for men (green and grey), and one colorway for women (mulberry and grey).
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I mean, what’s not to like about this awesome feature? No matter the temperature, rain (to a certain point) or shine, you get to have the chance to experience an enjoyable run without having your feet soaked. I’ll repeat myself, but the water-repellent feature is not to be confused with waterproof.

Removable Sock Liner
On decided to add a removable sock liner to their Cloudventure Midtop to create more support and comfort for the runner. The sock liners have also been treated with an antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria from settling in the shoe (they’re the ones that end up making your shoes stink).

Cost and Value
The On Cloudventure Midtop is usually the same price as the Cloudventure. What could make you hesitate between both models would be if you need extra support around your ankle or not. If you do, then the Cloudventure Midtop should go on your consideration list.
  • Breathable thanks to the mesh
  • Quality material
  • Flexible soles
  • Higher mudguard at the back of the shoe
  • One colorway for men only
  • One colorway for women only

11. On Cloudrunner

11. On Cloudrunner
Whether you're running on or off track, these are the running shoes you'll want to have to maximize your performance and keep your feet safe. The Cloudrunner features the typical running shoe style with a modern twist. The shoes come with high profile cushions on the bottom of the rubber outsole to helps absorb shock and provide traction. Also created with a padded tongue, collar and midsole, these shoes were created to provide ultimate comfort during your hardest workouts.
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Convenient Lace Closure
Having loose laces during any activity can be very dangerous; this is why On makes their shoes with laces that are so easy to use, all you have to do is pull them to tighten. No longer do you have to spend time tying your laces or risking an injury, these short and simple laces are the perfect feature for any serious runner.

Shock Absorbing
Running on solid terrain can have negative impacts on your feet. On makes their running shoes with traction building, high-profile cushions on the bottom of the outsoles to help absorb shock and ease pressure on your feet. The 15 cushions provided will help make your runs feel lighter and more pleasant while providing your feet with all the security they need.

Cost and Value
Like most of their running shoes, these are more towards the pricey side. However, since these shoes are an older model, you'll be able to find them for lower costs compared to all the rest of the On shoes. Don't worry though, they're still great running shoes made with high-quality value. We only add the best to our lists.
  • Easy lace closure
  • Outsole cushions
  • Shock absorbing
  • Provides traction
  • Padded tongue and collar

Older model, over a year old

12. On Cloudcruiser

12. On Cloudcruiser
These running shoes are perfect for long-distance and high-impact runners. Created with breathable, lightweight mesh and synthetic layers, these comfortable running shoes also provide a minimal and modern sense of style for both men and women. The inside of the shoes are created with breathable linings and removable foam insoles, great for keeping your feet dry and cool. As always, you can also expect these running shoes to come with easy lace closure and high-profile outsole cushioning.
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Removable Insoles
This is a great feature that can save runners from bad smelling feet and help their shoes last longer. When you work hard your feet sweat and it can be absorbed over time inside the insoles of the shoe. Removable insoles are perfect because you can take them out any time and wash them for a clean fresh feel. This helps to keep bacteria away and provide your feet with the proper care they need.

Modern Materials
Fitting right in with the current trends and styles, the mesh and synthetic overlays create a minimal and highly attractive shoe design. The colors of the materials blend well and highlight all areas of the shoe. The materials are lightly layered and breathable so you don't have to sacrifice fashion for function with this brand.

Cost and Value
As usual, these running shoes are higher priced. One thing to consider with this brand is that the shoes are made with advanced technology and high-quality materials so no matter how much you spend, you'll always get your money's worth. The value is great with these shoes and you can expect them to last a long time.
  • Mesh and synthetic overlays
  • Easy lace closure
  • Removable foam insole
  • High-impact
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • May be stiff during beginning use
  • Need to break in

13. On Cloudventure Waterproof

13. On Cloudventure Waterproof
If you loved the original Cloudventure, you'll be very happy to know they've now created them to be fully waterproof and windproof. No longer to you have to let off-road trails stop you from enjoying a run, these shoes will stay protected through it all. These running shoes are not chemically coated so you don't have to worry about them losing their waterproof abilities over time. The quality materials used to make the newer version of the Cloudventure are flexible breathable and lightweight. It is one of the top rated waterproof shoes currently on the market.
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This is the ultimate feature for die-hard runners and professional athletes. Don't let rain, water or off-road terrains stop you from what you love doing most. These waterproof shoes will help keep your feet dry during all your exercises, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Not Chemically Coated
Most other shoes and clothing that claim to be waterproof are really just chemically coated. These running shoes, from top to bottom were created to be durable, waterproof and windproof, not just the outer layer. Not using chemicals also creates the shoe to be of high-quality and long-lasting durability. The materials used to repel the water are also highly comfortable, cushioning and lightweight.

Cost and Value
These shoes will definitely make a dent in your wallet but it's truly worth every penny. These are not cheaply made shoes that promise something they can't deliver. These are quality-made, honest and reliable waterproof shoes that will protect your feet through all types of weather and activities. No other company can offer what On is offering here.
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Durable
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Lightweight

Expensive price

14. On Cloudflash

14. On Cloudflash
Looking for a sleek, lightweight and low-cut running shoe? Look no further, the Cloudflash is perfect for all serious runners. This simple style is flashy, bright and still provides all the needed support and comfort from inside to out. Taking the classic style of the soccer cleats, they've added their signature outsole cushioning and easy lace closure to create the ultimate running shoe. It's no wonder why it's called the Cloudflash, your feet will feel light and comfortable while you're speeding around the track.
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Lightweight and Fast
These shoes are perfect for both sprinters and long-distance runners. The lightweight style and materials focus more on creating protection and forming around the foot while still providing cushion in all the areas that count. Once you start running, you'll barely feel like your wearing shoes. The lightweight feel helps you to move faster and at ease with your own body.

Soccer Style
Soccer shoes were made to be a strong yet thin barrier around the foot to help protect from injuries while also allowing the athlete to run at full speed and performance. Well, just like soccer shoes, these running shoes do just the same thing, minus the spikey cleats. Those were replaced with cushioning outsoles to help absorb pressure on a variety of tracks and terrain.

Cost and Value
It probably isn't a surprise by now, but these shoes are on the expensive side. Created for the professional runner or runners who want to maximize their full speed, the cost will be completely worth it once you see how long these shoes will last and how high-quality made they are.
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Forms around the foot
  • Maximizes performance in speed
  • Easy lace closure
  • Soccer-like appearance
  • Expensive price
  • May be stiff with first use

15. On Cloud X

15. On Cloud X
Lightweight, strong and fully cushioned, this running shoe will redefine your views of comfort and proper fit. Dual sock liners, new materials and a seamless tongue provide ultimate comfort to the foot on the inside of the shoe. The redefined thin ankle cushion forms lightly around the foot without rubbing and still keeps its grip. In your feet tend to get towards the hot side when running, these shoes are a perfect choice. The high-quality mesh uppers are durable, flexible and extremely breathable.
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Full Cushion and Support
During long, strenuous activities, it's important to have support and cushion where it counts to keep your feet at ease. From the inside to out, these shoes were made for comfort. The high-profile cushioned outsoles, padded ankles and tongue work together to ease pressure and friction during your movements.

New Mesh Upper
Everyone loves the look of the mesh overlays on their shoes but the right kinds of mesh are also beneficial to the health of your feet. The new mesh uppers used in these running shoes are made to be strong and durable yet lightweight and breathable. The material forms better around the foot, adds support and avoids suffocation in the shoes.

Cost and Value
Yes, these last shoes are expensive too. Mostly this is because it's a very new style and the materials used in creation are higher quality and aid in the shoes long-lasting life. Again, it's an investment any serious runner will eventually be very thankful for.
  • Seamless tongue
  • Redefined ankle cushion
  • New mesh upper
  • High-profile outsole cushioning
  • Lightweight

Expensive price

No matter what kind of running you do or what kind of runner you are, On has what you need. From performance running shoes to trail ones, from racing shoes to performance and active, the Swiss company came out with a technology that really makes it seem like you’re running on clouds. Almost all of the models come with many colorways, making it possible for you to fit your clothes to your shoes (or vice versa), but the most important thing is to feel comfortable, stable, and have enough support to make running the best sport ever.

Criteria for Evaluation

Comfort and Cushion

A very simple yet extremely relevant feature, no matter what kind of shoes you’re wearing, you want to make sure your feet stay comfortable in them. We all have our own styles and preferences; some prefer thin, lightweight materials, others prefer thick padding and supports. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it here from On.

Running can be especially hard on the feet due to types of terrain and long, strenuous movements. On works hard to create all-around comfortable shoes that ease pressure and allow for fluid movements. Their patented CloudTec cushioning used on the inside of all their shoes helps to transition your feet from soft, light movements to firm rough terrain. This allows the runner to feel natural in his/her strides without having to constantly correct their movements to the feel of the shoe.

You never want to feel your shoes rubbing or pushing around your ankles and feet. On has designed their shoes so that your feet can feel like their moving on clouds. The tongue of the shoe is lightly padded and created with clean cut seams that help to avoid irritation upon contact. Also avoiding the chance for blisters, On shoes are designed to form perfectly around the ankle and come with extra cushioning on the back insides.

You may not think of it at first but part of being comfortable in your shoes also has to do with the shape and fit. You don’t want tight or too loose shoes, your feet need to fit comfortably while staying stable and allowing for ease of movement. On knows how important this is for runners which is why each shoe is carefully designed to form around the foot no matter what kind of running you may be doing.

Comfort doesn’t stop there, On even works on the bottoms of the shoes to keep your movements steady. Their high-profile cushioning works with the rubber outsoles to create proper shock absorption and ease of pressure. On understands how each step can be a heavy blow to the foot which is why they’ve worked so hard to create an original design that’s not only unique but is extremely functional as well.


Proper Traction

For those who like to run off-track into the nature or on unpacked dirt roads, traction is a key factor of your ability to move. Traction is always important no matter what type of terrain you’re on but it’s especially important when running in areas that you may potentially get injured at. Wet, rocky and loose gravel are just a few examples of terrain that are needing reliable shoes.

Luckily for all of us, each On running shoe is specially designed for different types of movement and terrain. This allows runners to find specific shoes for whatever types of running they may be doing.

All of On’s shoes are designed with multiple high-profile cushions on the bottom of the rubber outsoles. As mentioned before, these cushions help to absorb shock and pressure that would normally cause damage or pain to the feet. They’re also great for providing that grip needed for fast movements.

The rubber material provides a smooth yet non-slip grip against any hard surface, especially flat surfaces like concrete, tracks and indoor surfaces. The round edges of the cushioning is what makes them great for outdoor use. If you’re running on uneven tracks or rocky roads, the shoes will form to the terrain.

On has even gone to the lengths of creating a fully waterproof shoe for those who run in wet weather or terrain near water. At first this may sound like it’s just for the outside of the shoe, but all-around, even the bottom is waterproof. This is just another way On comes up with innovative ways to meet the needs of people. Since the bottom of the shoes are waterproof, that creates extra traction and grip even on the wettest tracks.

No matter where you choose to run or what weather you may be in, On running shoes will provide the grip and support needed to run at top performance.

Types of Running

Running is just the generic category which is used to classify all types of running. From long-distance to sprinting or uphill climbs, you’ll want to make sure that the running shoes you’re wearing can handle everything you’re putting them through.

While generic running shoes are okay for those who go for the occasional jog or as just beginners in running, intermediate and professional runners are going to want to invest in footwear that’s specific to enhancing their performance.

For sprinters, each step is meant to be fast and efficient, but the intense speed can increase the pressure between the track and your feet. These heavy steps can be intense and harsh on the foot. On creates shoes with high-profile cushioning to ease the pressure created in each fast-flowing step.

Regular joggers or runners often run in parks, on sidewalks or man-made tracks. For this type of running, cushion and support is usually the first feature people look towards. The cushion on the inside of the shoe also helps to ease pressure but mainly creates a form fit that works with the runners movements.

Long-distance runners also prefer extra cushion to help stop their feet from getting tired but another important feature for that type of running is a lightweight feel. You need cushion but you don’t want to feel like you’re dragging around weights because of your shoes. The lightweight cushioning provides all the support needed while still allowing the runner to move flexibly.

Specifying the types of running you’re going to be doing is a great start from choosing the right shoes. No matter where or how you run, On running shoes is here to provide constant support and comfort needed to achieve success.


Innovative Designs

On is a leading footwear company specialized in running shoes. Their constant main focus is to deliver the most efficient styles with the most advanced, reliable features. The design of the shoe is important because it’s the first thing that catches the eye, but On goes even farther than that to provide quality care for all their users.

When you look at any On running shoe, you’ll notice that the style is something you’ve probably never seen before. Their custom high-profile chains of cushion provide extra support to the bottom of the shoe, but is also an innovative design that is changing the way we view running shoes.

This design is fresh and unique, something that helps the brand to stand out for its originality in style. The rounded patterns can be viewed from the sides of the shoe during wear. This helps to spice up the original look of the running shoe to make it more modern and futuristic.

While their designs may seem relevant in fashion, they’re also extremely relevant in proper foot health. The designs used in the creation of their shoes serve multiple purposes. Mostly, they’re made to provide support and ease pressure built up on the feet.

On never stops trying to create new styles. They even created a way to lace your shoes without ever having to tie them. This company takes current problems for runners and is constantly creating solutions in their footwear to allow the runner to focus more of their own abilities. With the amazing products they’ve already delivered so far, it’ll be exciting to see what else this innovative company can create.


Long-term Reliability

On running shoes tend to be pretty pricey no matter what what type of shoe you choose to buy. When spending a decent amount of money on any item, you want to make sure that it’s going to last and that you’re getting your full value of the purchase.

On’s reasoning for high-priced running shoes is actually very valid. Their dedication to only using high-quality materials and innovative shoe technology is what makes the shoes worth their price value. When you purchase a pair of shoes from On, you can expect that they’re going to last you a long time.

The materials and shoe design work together to create strong, durable shoes that can hold up in a variety of events. From running races on a track, to morning neighborhood runs on the concrete and cross country runs on off-road dirt trails, On running shoes always delivers the highest quality footwear to assure the success in your performance.

Features like their easy lace closure, rubber outsoles and CloudTec cushioning are all reasons why On running shoes are on top of the market. Reliability has more to do with just lasting a long time, it also has to do with providing the most efficient styles and quality features. Features is what On running shoes is all about.

Overall, On works very hard to create an all-around reliable shoe for all types of runners. The lightweight comfort provided helps to ease the flow of movement while, providing stability and support. Cushion is important to have in your shoes but too much can weigh down your feet and affect your performance. It’s all areas like that that On is specialized in. They’re constantly creating new innovative ways to solve everyday concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can regular shoes be worn as running shoes?

A. While some shoes may have enough support and cushion to be worn as running shoes, most unfortunately do not. When choosing the proper clothing and equipment for any physical activity it’s important to consider the factors and elements of your exercise. For running, a lot of pressure can be put on the feet depending on the distance and types of terrain. The more your feet move, the more they sweat too. Overall, it’s important to find a shoe that’s specific for the conditions of your exercise. In this case, for running, it’s always much better for the health and protection of your feet to choose running specific shoes.

Q. What makes On running shoes better than other brands?

A. On designs all their shoes specifically for needs of all types of runners. Their team is technologically advanced and are always working hard to create the most relevant footwear on the market. If On finds materials or styles that work better than previous models they’ve made, they’ll replace the shoes for better upgrades that overall makes a better, more reliable shoe. On keeps things simple; they only have a select amount of designs that focus on specific needs so finding the perfect shoe doesn’t take large amounts of time to search for. Overall, you can expect this brand to only deliver the most top quality shoes to help better your running experiences.

Q. How do the shoelaces work with On running shoes?

A. First, the best thing about On shoelaces is that you’ll never have to spend time tying them or worrying about them coming undone. The laces are made with a thick, stretchy material. All you have to do is pull the edges and the laces will tighten around your foot at an even balance. This type of shoelace is actually better in general because the shoe is evenly tightened to form around the foot, helping to secure it in place.

Q. Does On carry their styles of shoes for both men and women?

A. Yes! Their versatile shoe designs can be enjoyed by both men and women. Any style that you can find from On, you’ll be guaranteed to find it for both genders. Even though the style is unisex, On still likes to separate the shoes as men and women’s feet are slightly different for each other. Women tend to have more narrow, small feet while men typically have larger more wide feet. On has made sure to keep their same styles but slightly change the shape to form better around each individual’s foot.

Q. What types of weather can On running shoes be worn in?

A. On’s running shoes have been created for all types of weather and terrain. They have different shoes based on the different needs of runners. For those who like to run off trail in rocky, muddy terrain, On has created a shoe for that. If your area is wet and rainy, On has created a waterproof shoe to keep your shoes and feet dry. From concrete pavements to gravel or man made tracks, On has created a shoe that can meet all your specific needs.

Q. What is the price range of On running shoes?

A. The only downside about On running shoes is that they’re not for those who are on a tight budget. Most of their shoes range from an average middle cost to fairly high prices. The pricing of the shoes represents the quality of the materials and the design. While cheaper shoes may seem to work great at first, you’ll notice that they wear and damage much easier than a running shoe that originally costs more money. Every purchase with On is like an initial investment towards long-lasting comfort and support so overall, it’s better pay more at first.

Q. Can On running shoes be worn for everyday use, not just exercise?

A. Yes. If you’re someone who spends long days on their feet, works a standing or physically active job, these shoes can be a great solution for tired feet. The cushion and padding provided in the shoes can help to ease pressure and tension in the heel and ball areas of the foot. The material the shoes are made with are also highly breathable and flexible, so for those moving around quite often, these shoes are a good choice for keeping your feet cool and dry.

Q. What kinds of styles can I expect to see from On?

A. On specializes only in running shoes for both men and women. You can expect to find unisex, minimal and modern designs in their footwear. Their materials are sleek and lightweight, never bulky or sticking out. Since On likes to keep their shoes light, you can always expect to find low-cut styles, never boots or high-tops. On is constantly working to keep their designs current so if there’s a new trending style coming out, you can expect On to create a shoe with those trends.

Q. How long do On running shoes tend to last?

A. Since the brand only uses the most high-quality materials in their footwear, these shoes are extremely strong and durable giving them a longer life than other running shoes. You can expect to get at least one year out of these running shoes, multiple if the shoes are properly taken care of and aren’t worn for heavy use. After about 500 miles, it’s been said that replacing your shoes may be a good idea. Since On creates their foam insoles to be removable, your able wash the material and replenish the freshness. The high-profile outsole cushioning is also made to be strong and not wear down so overall, you can push the limit and keep these shoes for a long time.


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