Best Pointe Shoes Reviewed & Compared for Performance

Ballet dancers who have mastered the basics and are ready for advanced techniques often turn to pointe shoes to take them to the next level. They’re designed for the strongest and most skilled dancers; the toes consisting of multiple layers of fabric and cardboard held together with glue. They serve the unique function of helping dancers look even more magical on stage, making them appear light as feathers and almost ethereal. Nevertheless, it can be painful to master dancing gracefully with these shoes, which is partially why it’s so important to have the best ones available; the shoes can make or break the dancer.

Featured Recommendations

WeLove Canvas Slipper
  • WeLove Canvas Slipper
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Elastic Drawstring
  • Easy To Clean
  • Price: See Here
Kukome Pointe Shoes
  • Kukome Pointe Shoes
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Includes Gel Pads
  • Price: See Here
Smartodoors Dance Shoes
  • Smartodoors Dance Shoes
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Hard Leather Bottom
  • Toe Pads Included
  • Price: See Here

Thanks to the popularity of ballet, there are countless options from which to choose. The wrong pair can make dancing more difficult than necessary at best and possibly even injurious at worst. It’s natural to feel a lot of pressure when you’re ready to pick the pointe shoes that will allow you to take your skills soaring to new heights.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the ten best pointe shoes money can buy. They’ve all been reviewed and rated for how their quality compares to their cost, which is sure to help you make an informed choice. Read below for details.


10 Best Pointe Shoes


1. WeLove Canvas Slipper

Even a little dancing requires a lot of work and movement, so it's imperative to have a shoe that can take a lot of hits and wear while remaining aesthetically pleasing. This is such a shoe. Fashioned from canvas and leather, the shoe is flexible enough to move with you yet more than tough enough to endure dance after dance. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just learning pointe, this shoe is a great choice.
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Stay Comfortable
Thanks to the elastic strap, adjustable ties, and breathable materials, the shoe keeps your foot nice and cool while you're working up a sweat, and you can make sure that it fits correctly for your needs.

Peace of Mind
The manufacturer is so confident in the quality of the shoe that they guarantee your money back or a replacement if you're not satisfied. Nothing like knowing there's no risk to trying something new.

Cost and Value
For everything that you get with this shoe, it's amazing that it's so affordable. It's difficult to go wrong with this one.
  • Canvas and leather make shoe durable, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Elastic straps and adjustable ties let you customize fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Money-back or replacement guarantee
  • May need something firmer for actual performances

2. Kukome Pointe Shoes

Pretty and practical all in one. This shoe consists of satin and leather--the satin gives the shoe a professional appearance in addition to the durability while the leather protects it against wear and tear. It also makes sure that you're not more uncomfortable than necessary while you dance, thanks to the wonderfully soft toe pads. Overall, it's a beautiful shoe, inside and out, and the perfect accompaniment to your dance.
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Silicone Gel Pads for Comfort
It's much easier to dance pointe when your toes aren't completely suffering under your weight. The silicone toe gel pads--which are also ventilated, by the way--guarantee ease of movement.

No Slipping with These Slippers
The leather sole and toe pads work together to keep you from sliding around and losing your balance on the dance floor--a must for any serious dancer.

Cost and Value
While you couldn't call them cheap, they're certainly not expensive, either. It's a very reasonable price for such a lovely shoe.
  • Anti-slip leather sole and toe pads
  • Silicone gel toe pads protect your toes
  • Satin is tough and aesthetically appealing
  • Leather keeps the shoe strong
  • May be difficult to find the right size

3. Kukome Professional

Kukome hits another home run with this shoe. Made of satin and cellulose, the shoe is designed to be as lovely and soft as it is strong. This is partially thanks to the quality stitching as well. The manufacturer is aware of the physical strain that comes with dancing, so the shoe includes blister/gel toe pads. It's made for the dancer who's serious about doing well and looking good at the same time.
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Winning Combination
With both satin and cellulose, the shoe has a notable sheen to go along with its durability and strength.

Never Underestimate Great Stitching
The stitching of the shoe goes a long way toward holding together, despite long and intense hours of use. The materials can only do so much--what holds them together is equally important.

Cost and Value
It's not the most inexpensive shoe, but it's not really expensive, either. The price is just right, really, for a shoe of this quality.
  • Fashioned from satin and cellulose, so it's soft yet tough
  • Lots of toe support
  • Very pretty appearance
  • Ribbons let you adjust tightness
  • May be difficult to break in

4. MichaelWu Girls Dance Shoe

4. MichaelWu Girls Dance Shoe
Satin, leather, ribbons, and toe pads--what more could you possibly need in a great pointe shoe? This one has it all. Here's a shoe that can withstand hours of wear, due to the leather and satin, and the toe pads keep you from damaging your foot to the point that dancing becomes too painful to do. On top of that, their shine and graceful construction make them look very professional.
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Thank You, Silicone!
The toe pads are made out of silicone gel, known for keeping your toes from getting smashed against the dance floor more than necessary. That makes the shoe excellent for foot health and overall comfort.

The Trusty Two
As always, the combination of satin and leather guarantees durability, flexibility, and aesthetic pleasure.

Cost and Value
The shoe costs a little more money than you may want to spend, but the reason why the price is higher than other pointe shoes is because it's one of the best kinds available. The quality commands the price.
  • Satin and leather keep the shoe strong, flexible, and pretty
  • Ribbons let you adjust fit
  • Silicone gel toe box keeps your toes safe from harm
  • Quality stitching keeps the shoe together
  • May be difficult to find the right size for you
  • More expensive than most pointe shoes

5. Capezio Turning Pointe 55

5. Capezio Turning Pointe 55
As the old saying goes, less is more, and this shoe exemplifies that wisdom. Consisting of a leather toe box and a strap to cover your heel, it simplifies the idea behind a pointe shoe, keeping your foot feeling free and cool instead of cramped or sweaty. Furthermore, it's designed to conform perfectly to your foot to allow you to move in the way that feels best to you as a dancer. It's a unique shoe for sure, but definitely worth a look.
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No Complications
With only a strap for the heel, you don't have to worry so much about your foot getting hot and uncomfortable or trying to adjust the way it fits. It covers the most important part--your toe--and lets the rest of your foot remain free.

Customized Fit
The manufacturer has worked hard to create a shoe that will mold itself to your foot while keeping your toe box nice and round. That makes it not only fun to wear but guaranteed to make your foot look good while you dance.

Cost and Value
There's a small price range to consider for this shoe, and it remains fairly reasonable at both its highest and lowest points. The remarkable construction isn't overshadowed by a remarkable price.
  • Heel strap keeps your foot cool and eliminates worry about fit
  • Round toe is aesthetically pleasing
  • Designed to conform to your foot
  • Made entirely of leather, ensuring durability and strength
  • Sizes may run a bit small

6. Wendy Wu Pink Ballet

6. Wendy Wu Pink Ballet
Featuring a beautiful blend of satin and canvas, this shiny shoe a wonderful choice for someone looking for something inexpensive but still high-quality. Not only do they look amazing, but they've been tested and found to be capable of enduring plenty of wear on the dance floor. Even better, they're ready to go as soon as you get them--minimal breaking in required. The shoe is made specifically with serious dancers in mind, so if that describes you, take a look.
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Sturdy Satin
Combined with the canvas, the satin construction allows the shoe to be flexible, breathable, and durable all at once, not to mention it's what gives the shoe its attractive sheen.

Easy to Break In
The shoe hardly requires any time to feel comfortable and natural around your foot. You can practically take it out of the box, put it on, and pretend that you've had it for months.

Cost and Value
This manufacturer prides itself specifically on making inexpensive shoes with all the quality of more expensive ones, and they certainly deliver on that promise with this shoe. Worth a shot.
  • Satin and canvas construction is strong and visually appealing
  • Ribbons allow you to adjust fit
  • Ready to go; hardly any need to break it in
  • Should be easy to get the right size
  • Cheap price for great quality
  • Best for beginners, not really for seasoned dancers

7. Capezio 176 Contempora

7. Capezio 176 Contempora
Once again taking advantage of the benefits of fusing satin with leather, this shoe is cute, tough, and ready to make dancing as easy as possible. Although it's fairly soft and includes a good toe box, you have the option of using gel inserts if necessary. That's just another way that this shoe is flexible enough to work for dancers at any level of pointe, whether they're practicing or performing.
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Easily to Customize Soles
Since you can use gel inserts, the shoe is wonderful choice for dancers with any kind of arch or other orthopedic concerns. No dancer has to go without quality simply because the shape of their feet.

Keeping a Strong Tradition
Borrowing from conventional dancer wisdom, the shoe is made from satin and leather, telling you that it's built to last using the best knowledge available for pointe shoe technology.

Cost and Value
It comes with a fairly wide pride range. The lowest is reasonable, but the highest would certainly make a sizable dent in your wallet. They could still make an excellent investment, though.
  • Satin and leather combination makes the shoe attractive and tough
  • Cute, dainty appearance
  • Room for a gel insert
  • Easy to break in
  • Runs very large, so it could be tricky to find the right size for you

8. Smartodoors Dance Shoes

8. Smartodoors Dance Shoes
Throw together some satin, leather, and gel toe pads, and what do you get? This shoe, that's what. Built to breathe and move perfectly with you, the shoe has grit equal to its beauty. The gel toe pads also serve to save your toes from unnecessary injury, allowing you to dance free of concerns. Thanks to the leather sole, there's a very small chance that you would trip or slip on the floor, either. This shoe simply exudes classic professionalism.
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Soft Toe Pads
Because they're made out of gel, the toe pads are fully prepared to provide some cushion for your toes, a must if you're going to be on them the whole time you're dancing, as pointe demands.

Sweet and Strong
Once again, satin and leather prove that they're a match made in heaven. Due to this combination of materials, the shoe is truly hardy while maintaining a delicate appearance.

Cost and Value
The shoe commands a pretty average cost for a pointe shoe, so it's certainly doable for just about any budget or experience level.
  • Satin and leather materials guarantee toughness and beauty
  • Gel toe pads to keep your toes safe
  • Leather sole keeps you from slipping and sliding too much
  • Comes with ribbon
  • Good price
  • Have to sew the ribbon into the shoe yourself
  • Cannot be put in a washing machine

9. Bloch European Balance

9. Bloch European Balance
This shoe is all about the fit. Yes, it looks beautiful as well--the satin and expert stitching take care of its attractiveness--but the fit is what really sets this shoe apart. With an innovative toe box and the option to use elastic to adjust the fit, the shoe is more than ready to impress you with how snug and safe your foot will feel inside it.
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Tapered Toe Box
Toe boxes are a given in pointe shoes, but this shoe has a tapered one. It encourages your toes to settle more securely into the box, helping you dance without being distracted by pain or discomfort.

Follows Your Curves
The shoe is built to take into account the natural arches and other curves that are found in most feet, further helping the fit to be as pleasantly snug as possible.

Cost and Value
The shoe is definitely a bit spendy, but it's not exorbitant, especially considering how excellent the shoe is.
  • Tapered toe box keeps your toe safe
  • Curves in all the right places for your foot
  • Firmness improves weight distribution and reduces risk of injury
  • Very visually appealing
  • A bit expensive
  • Ribbons and elastic must be bought separately

10. Roymall Performance PABC

10. Roymall Performance PABC
Satin on the outside, suede on the inside, this shoe is built and ready for dancing hard. The materials used in their construction suggest that they will last a long time, but they also have the beauty you would expect from professional shoes. Although they might be most useful for beginners in pointe, more advanced dancers may also appreciate them.
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Suede and Satin
Two of the best materials that could possibly be used for pointe shoes went into this shoe, so you already know that it will be as durable and flexible as possible.

Something a Little Extra
As if the shoe itself wasn't enough, it also comes with a free bag in which you can carry it. Basically, you get two good products with one simple click.

Cost and Value
The shoe offers a lot of convenience for a single price, and it's not even a particularly high price, so this could be a great deal.
  • Suede and satin assure strength, flexibility, and charm
  • Comes with a free bag
  • Inexpensive
  • You can put in your own inserts
  • Doesn't come with toe pads
  • Might be difficult to find the right size for you

Great pointe dancers need great practice. Great practice needs great pointe shoes. Great pointe shoes are constructed with the best materials for dancers–such as satin, canvas, and/or leather–and should have toe boxes or the option to add them yourself. All of the pointe shoes in this list are great choices for anyone who dreams of becoming a great dancer. They’re reliable, well-built, comfortable, and visually appealing.

If you’re ready to take your dancing to new heights, any of the shoes on this list can get you there. Don’t be afraid to try something new–and take a new pair of shoes with you.