Best Puma Shoes Reviewed for Performance & Style

Puma athletic shoes are known throughout the world as forerunners in function and style. The brand has long stood out for its products as well as its fascinating history. In 1948 the Dassler brothers of Herzogenaurach, Germany decided to split up their company – Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik – and go their separate ways.

Best Puma Shoes- red Puma shoes

To this day, Rudolf Dassler’s Puma factory and his brother Adolf’s Adidas plant continue operations and fierce competition from their hometown.

Last Updated: January 12, 2018
By Brittney Ward:

In our latest update, we’ve added 5 new Puma shoes making the best list to a complete 15! We’ve also done some extra research to provide you with a criteria of evaluation so you can better understand why Puma shoes are a great choice for a variety of activities. There’s also a new FAQ section added just in case any last minute questions pop in your head.

Featured Recommendations

Puma Cell Riaze
  • Puma Cell Riaze
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Price: See Here
Puma Fierce Core
  • Puma Fierce Core
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lace-less high-top
  • Price: See Here
Puma Suede Classic
  • Puma Suede Classic
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Formstrip overlay
  • Price: See Here

From football on both sides of the pond to NASCAR, Puma is a prolific sportswear and athletic shoe company. Celebrity endorsers have run the gamut from Pele (in a famously clandestine deal that violated a truce between Dassler cousins) to Boris Becker to Rihanna, who was named Creative Director in 2014. Puma has been donned by olympic gold medalists as well as Korean boy bands, and its popularity shows no signs of waning as the brand adopts a more and more eclectic style.

Here, we bring you a collection that spotlights Puma versatility – in function and aesthetics.  From the classic suede to high tech knits, these beauties will take you wherever you need to go in style and top condition.


15 Best Puma Shoes


1. Puma Cell Riaze

Specifically a women’s shoe, the PUMA Cell Riaze is one of the most- and best- rated PUMA sneakers. Shock absorbing heel cushions and a breathable mesh upper make this a top pick for comfort and sporty style. The “bubble” technology in the midsole also adds an extra layer of protection for all over padding.
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Breathable Mesh Upper
PUMA has incorporated modern fashion into perfect function in this breathable mesh upper that allows feet to stay cool during the toughest workouts. It’s also flexible, which adds to the overall comfort level.

Bubble Technology Midsole
A protective and supportive cross-trainer requires stability and support. The Cell Riaze incorporates PUMA’s bubble technology along the midsole and adds extra cushioning on the heel.

Cost and Value
The Cell Riaze is moderately priced for a decent shoe. It’s durability and functionality make it a great buy, especially if you’re looking for a single shoe that you can use for a variety of workouts.
  • Breathable, flexible mesh upper
  • Comfort and Support from the bubble technology midsole
  • Great-looking shoe with stylish colors and faux-leather accents
  • Padding throughout makes a comfortable fit
  • Tend to run small
  • Not a great shoe for running

2. Puma Suede Classic

The PUMA Suede Classic lives up to its name. This style has been around for decades and it often considered the quintessential PUMA style. The Suede Classic is the essential model for PUMA’s fashion-conscious crossover from sport to streetwear. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is so popular that many fans have purchased them over and over again.
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Fashionable Suede
It’s the look of the Suede Classic that sets it apart from other casual sneakers. There are a variety of colors available and a quick change of the laces can take your pair from on-trend and contemporary to cool retro. Whatever color you choose, this sneaker will always be classic PUMA.

Comfortable for Sport and Leisure
While not meant for hard core workouts or long-distance running, the Suede Classic is sturdy and comfortable enough to fulfill many of your athletic needs. Many people will keep two pair on hand - one for their day-to-day athleisure wardrobe and another for their more active times.

Cost and Value
The Suede Classic is a moderately-priced shoe that holds its value. It won’t break the bank and the cost is well worth the reputation and reliability that come with these amazing shoes.
  • Variety of colors
  • Suede upper is comfortable and breathable
  • On-trend contemporary and retro style at the same time
  • Appropriate for athletics and casual wear.
  • Can have irregular fit
  • Not a lot of arch support

3. Puma Fierce Core

The Fierce collection is PUMA performance elevated to amazing levels of style and function. They are inspired by the movements of dance and incorporate rigid but comfortable construction to take on the most strenuous workouts. The slip-on design provides cage and mesh combinations to provide stability and support without laces.
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Pull-on construction
As the visual implies, this unique sneaker features technology that provides stability and security with overlocking mesh and cage construction. To ensure that the slipping in and out won’t compromise structural integrity, there are pull-tabs on the tongue and heel.

Greater stability in the heel
These booties feature “exaggerated” heels, which are thicker to promote increased stability. The rubber outsides also provide for greater grip.

Cost and Value
The Fierce collection is going to cost you a little more, but it’s a fair price to pay for unique looks and cutting-edge technology.
  • Solid but breathable Ariaprene upper
  • Greater stability from exaggerated heel thickness
  • Mesh and cage overlays allow for better control and stability while maintaining comfort
  • All around movement enhanced by pivot points
  • Unique style provides unrivaled aesthetics and function
  • Not true to size - they can run small and narrow
  • The Fierce may show wear sooner than other shoes

4. Puma Super Elevate

4. Puma Super Elevate
The Super Elevate is one of PUMA’s more popular running shoes. With classic PUMA styling and synthetic or leather uppers, the comfort and functionality of the Super Elevate sneakers make for a great entry level shoe.
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TPU and EVA midsole heel units
The TPU and EVA midsole heel units in the Super Elevate provide cushioning without compromising stability. The comfort throughout makes the Super Elevate great for everything from running to racquet sports.

Fashionable functionality
The smooth upper material allows for these sneakers to pass as casual on-trend fashion footwear while giving the shoe the flexibility and smoothness to perform in multiple arenas.

Cost and Value
This is a true entry level shoe with a great price point. The cost is extremely reasonable and is a great way to get introduced to the brand as well as whatever sport has inspired your purchase.
  • Flexible upper that allows for comfort, fashion, and flexibility with classic PUMA style
  • TPU and EVA heel units for comfort on the footbed
  • Great value as an entry level shoe for runners and other athletes
  • Sleek material provides a strong and smooth surface - great for cycling without cleats
  • Some feel the leather/synthetic upper is not breathable
  • Stability can weaken along the way - inserts may be advisable for flatter feet

5. Puma Classic Wedge

5. Puma Classic Wedge
A surprise in every sneaker! The PUMA Wedge is exactly what its name implies. The high top outer shell conceals a 2.5” wedge heel inside the shoe. The Wedge is available in a wide array of colors and styles and even with the elevated heel, the PUMA comfort level is still spot on.
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Wedge Heel
The PUMA Wedge gives the classic suede style a little lift while maintaining comfort. This shoe is the perfect merge of fashion and function.

Triple Padded Collar
The Suede Classic was originally celebrated as a basketball shoe. The triple padded collar on the Classic Wedge is a throwback to the original style.

Cost and Value
The Classic Wedge trends to a higher price point than the entry level styles, but for the gorgeous suede, variety of colors, and cushy comfort, these sneakers are worth the extra dimes.
  • Concealed wedge gives subtle lift
  • Classic suede uppers for breathability and comfort
  • Cushioned support even with a heel
  • Triple padded collar gives stability and style
  • Heel pull tab for easier on and off
  • Tend to run small and narrow
  • Some find the silhouette overwhelming and chunky

6. Puma Vikky

6. Puma Vikky
The PUMA Vikky is a sleeker version of the Suede Classic, with similar uppers for the “classic” style and comfort. The Vikky is the go-to for those who want the PUMA look with a more refined, narrow shape. The suede upper keeps the foot cozy and ventilated and the sole features comfort and support that will allow the Vikky to go from street to court and everywhere in between.
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Suede/Leather upper
The stylish uppers of the Vikky give comfort and ventilation as well as a variety of colors to go with every outfit. They are perfectly paired with everyday athleisure wear and sports gear.

Comfortable Sole
The Vikky is a basketball-inspired shoe that can help keep you on your feet all day. The midsole has a SoftFoam comfort insert that maintains cushioning for walking, standing, and working out.

Cost and Value
The Vikky is a great value, allowing you to grab that second (or third!) pair when you see a color combo you just can’t pass up.
  • Leather/suede upper
  • Classic PUMA logo and styling
  • Softfoam comfort insert
  • Variety of colors
  • Good for working out and all day use
  • Narrower fit sometimes runs small
  • Low arch support

7. Puma Ignite Evoknit

7. Puma Ignite Evoknit
The name pretty much says it all - PUMA’s Evoknit technology allows the Ignite to slip on like a sock and fit like a glove. The lacing is off center for additional stability when launching off the Ignite midsole. It all fits together in a rare combination of comfort and power.
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Evoknit upper
The knitted texture makes the Ignite Evoknit fit like a powerful sock. The sides and back give extra stability and control. The knit also holds your foot solidly on the sole for vertical and side-to-side support.

Ignite midsole
The Ignite midsole is designed to respond with power to all the energy you put into it, while still providing cushioning. The Ignite midsole is great for basketball and virtually all of your cross-training needs.

Cost Value
The great tech in the Ignite Evoknit is going to cost you a little more than some of the other styles on our list, but just like the enhanced energy return from the Ignite midsole, you’ll get an amazing return on your investment with these shoes.
  • Evoknit technology for superior fit
  • Ignite midsole for enhanced energy return
  • Variety of colors
  • Removable insole
  • Comfort for extended wear
  • Tend to run small
  • Some find them chunky

8. Puma Enzo

8. Puma Enzo
Staying on PUMA’s recurring theme of function and fashion, the Enzo cross-training sneaker features exceptional cushioned insoles and construction that locks the foot for all around stability. The design is what sets this shoe apart, though. Their hold on the retro look is well-established with the Suede Classic so this Enzo propels PUMA into contemporary fashion with a clean, sleek design.
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Contemporary Design
The monochromatic coloring gives the mesh upper and rubber trim a refined, clean design. The simple lines allow for all of the functional stability you need without getting bogged down with visual bells and whistles.

IMEVA midsole
Injection molded EVA midsoles provide lightness with solid support. The Enzo can be used for your toughest workouts and your feet will be able to take the pressure with shock-absorbing Enzo.

Cost and Value
The Enzo line is a higher-performing and, therefore, higher-cost running and cross-training shoe. The simple but sturdy clamshell design adds durability and strength, though, that will allow you to get the most for your money.
  • Contemporary clam-shell monochromatic design
  • IMEVA mid-sole for strong cushioning support
  • Softfoam sockliner for comfortable inner contact
  • Efficient low-frills but contemporary on-trend look
  • Good for prolonged walking
  • Higher cost than other models
  • Not as much ankle support

9. Puma Platform Suede

9. Puma Platform Suede
Platform Suede continues in the PUMA tradition of the iconic Suede Classic, adding another contemporary twist. The Platform Suede is sneaker enthusiasts who want a little bit of 90’s grunge with their classic retro footwear.
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Trendy Design
The Platform Suede is on point for the athletic fashionista. Iconic styling in a wide array of colors gives this shoe a solid place in today’s athleisure line-up.

Extreme comfort
The basket platform is not only a great look but also provides cushioning that most 1” lifts can’t match. The lace-up front and roomy shape allows for cute comfort all day long.

Cost and Value
The Platform Suede comes with a price tag to match its lift, so if you want to collect them all you may have to save up. Its capacity to perform as your go-to casual shoe can make it worth the price.
  • Stylish iconic look combined with trendy grunge vibe
  • Comfortable platform
  • Variety of looks and finishes
  • Sturdy construction with leather uppers and synthetic throughout
  • True to size
  • Silhouette is too wide for some
  • Some users consider the shoe “clunky” in style

10. Puma Ignite Limitless

10. Puma Ignite Limitless
The Ignite energy return midsole is on this list twice: probably because PUMA has made it a go-to for outstanding athletic performance. This running sneaker combines elite running tech that doesn’t compromise on fashion with a look that will take you from the road race to the after party without having to bring an extra pair of shoes.
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Full length IGNITE foam insole
Ignite insole technology provides the high-energy rebounding that you need for ultimate athletic performance. If comfort is your concern, that responsiveness comes with superior cushioning, as well.

On-trend street styling
The Ignite Limitless is designed to add the flavor of streetwear to your athletic performance shoes. The silhouette is clean but sharp, in monochromatic color schemes that keep the shoe modern and snazzy while incorporating high tech running and training features.

Cost and Value
The Ignite Limitless is on the higher end of the cost spectrum. If you’re a serious athlete or just serious about your fashion footwear it will undoubtedly give you a high return on your investment.
  • Ignite insole technology for bounce and cushioning
  • Lightweight with sturdy structure
  • Designed for cross-training and running
  • Heightened design for streetwear style and performance
  • Upper mesh with cage overlay provides excellent fit
  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Some discomfort with extended wear or lengthy runs

11. Puma Tazon 6 FM

11. Puma Tazon 6 FM
Featuring a sleek and edgy style for both men and women, these Puma running shoes will provide you all the comfort you need during your long workouts. The signature EVA heel pod and Eco OrthoLite insoles combine together to absorb shock during movement and ease tension in the foot. Multilayered quality fabrics and streamlined silhouettes make for a simply modern yet classic appeal. Coming in a couple different color combinations, these are a great pair of neutral shoes that can match with any outfit.
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Eco OrthoLite Insoles
This type of insole is great for athletes, especially runners who are constantly working their feet. Eco OrthoLite insoles are breathable and lightweight, and cushioning all at the same time. The material it’s created with helps to wick away moisture so your feet can stay cool and dry.

EVA Heel Pod
During movement, if you don't have the right shoes your heels can really feel the weight of the surface which can cause pain and lead to future physical injuries. The EVA heel pod was specially designed to help absorb the shock and impact created during running. Your heel will stay cushioned on the inside while the shoe takes the damage away for you.

Cost and Value
Actual price varies depending on shoe size and color choice. Overall however, these shoes are priced on the higher side for what they offer. The cost seems to reflect the brand name style more than the functional features.

Sleek, modern appeal

Moisture managing

Comfortable insoles

Shock absorbing

Neutral colors


Can be expensive depending on shoe preferences

12. Puma OSU NM

12. Puma OSU NM
These shoes may look a little funky at first sight, however once you feel the flexibility and mobility this shoe provides, you’ll never want to take them off. Designed for cross training, these laceless shoes come equipped with synthetic suede straps layered in mesh that secure the foot in place while also being flexible enough for all types of movements. The bottom of the shoes are made with a carbon/rubber combination with small cut grooves throughout the sides; this helps again with flexibility and movement, allowing the shoe to bend with your foot.
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You can't go wrong with this feature! Now you’ll never have to trip over untied laces or spend the time to tie them every time you wear them. With the hook and loop closure, you can simply slip on the shoes, buckle them up and head straight out for your activities.

Versatile and Flexible
Both the top and bottom of the shoe were designed to move with the movement of your foot. The multiple straps provided at the top create security yet flexibility while the slits at the bottom of the soles able the shoe to bend. This feature is great for runners, climbers, parkour and many more.

Cost and Value
These shoes are towards the higher side, yet for their value they are very well priced. These shoes are very versatile and are made to last a long time so the initial investment is definitely worth it.


Hook and loop closure


Eco OrthoLite insoles

100% Vegan


Sizes may run small

13. Puma Roma

13. Puma Roma
This simple yet sleek design is a Puma classic; if you're a true fan of this brand you’ll recognize these shoes right away. This retro sneaker features signature formstrips on the sides of the shoe, which creates the main focal point of the design. The sawtooth outside soles of the shoes are great for traction and providing grip. Coming with a padded tongue and arch support, these shoes are able to provide constant comfort during all types of movement.
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Sawtooth Outsoles
Most regular sneakers aren't as functional as these ones. The sawtooth outsoles create ultimate grip, great for traction and all types of terrain. Whether climbing, running or walking you won't have to worry about your shoes making you trip. These textured soles are also a great way to prevent injuries and slip ups.

Complete Comfort
They may not look like it, but these shoes are very comfortable. Combining get a variety of features like a padded tongue, arch support, cushioned mid soles and and sawtooth outsoles, these shoes were made to help keep your feet as ease.

Cost and Value
Sizing and colors change the pricing again with this one. Overall they're a great pair of shoes but it's understandable to not want to make a dent in your wallet just for some sneakers. When picking the most basic options, the pricing seems very reasonable and worth the cost.

Comes in a variety of colors

Provides grip and traction

Classic design

Padded tongue

Arch support


Shoes tend to be narrow, may need to order a size up to compensate

14. Puma Carson

14. Puma Carson
This running shoe has a wonderful minimalist yet retro style. Coming in a variety of colors, these shoes feature a signature formstrip and an all-over lightweight mesh design. EVA insole foam cushioning, EverRide cushioned outsoles and EverTrack abrasion rubber all combine together to create maximum comfort and long lasting durability. These in-style running shoes were made for the track and will last a long time.
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All-over Mesh Design
This type of design is very lightweight and flexible which is great for athletes and especially runners. The material is breathable and adds simple texture to the outer appearance of the shoe. This type of fabric is more new-aged and is currently still very popular.

Brand-specific Features
EverRide and EverTrack technology combine together to form a highly sturdy support system that provides comfort, cushion and durability. EVA provides lightweight cushioning in the inside of the shoe while Eco OrthoLite liners create extra comfort, breathability and moisture control. All of these features were made specifically to make Puma shoes a top quality brand.

Cost and Value
These running shoes sit in the similar price category as the rest; not cheap but not really expensive either. These shoes are created with quality that's made to last and is overall good buy.

Padded tongue

Durable soles

Comfortable cushioning

All-over mesh design

Comes in a variety of colors


Sizes may run small

15. Puma Sky 2 High Mono NBK

15. Puma Sky 2 High Mono NBK
A great high-top sneaker for men of all ages. Featuring a lace up front with double Velcro straps for extra support, these shoes will stay secured around your foot during any movement. Coming with a padded tongue and collar, you won't have to worry about these high-tops rubbing against your ankles. Leather material and Puma’s signature formstrip make for a very modern sleek style. These shoes are great for basketball or also just for style.
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Velcro Straps
This throwback style is great for high-top sneakers, not just for style but also for extra security and support. The double straps come with an easy to use hook and loop system that when used, covers the top of laces and helps keep them from becoming loose. Also adjustable, these Velcro straps can form around any size ankle.

High-top style
This style is fairly classic and versatile, working well with a variety of clothing styles. Mostly used for basketball, these type of shoes work really well for protecting your ankles and creating stability. You’ll also be able to show off your long sock style.

Cost and Value
Getting a little ‘up there’ for pricing, these shoes can be kind of costly. Made to last however, the value of the shoes are of good quality and over time you'll get your money's worth.


Double Velcro straps

Padded tongue and collar


Protects ankles


May sit too high over the ankle for some

The top fifteen Puma shoes are a varied bunch, to say the least. Puma has been a leader in athletic footwear for decades and tradition is thriving with cutting-edge style and performance. There is a shoe for just about every budget, style, activity, and taste and the variety just keeps growing. Puma will be a frontrunner in the world of streetwear, athletic performance wear, and modern athleisure for a long time to come.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Puma Shoes

Cushion and Comfort


No matter what type of movements you make throughout your day, you want to make sure that your feet stay comfortable. Wearing shoes with proper cushion and support is proven to prevent injuries and health concerns like blisters, athlete’s foot, sprained ankles and calluses.

Having cushioned insoles built in your shoes is a great way to keep the pressure off the ball and heel areas of your foot, helping to evenly distribute weight as you move. Puma makes sure to create all their shoes with just the right amount of cushion to provide you with all these features. If you’re someone who spends long days on their feet, you’ll be very thankful for this.

Arch support is a feature you should always look for when purchasing a pair of shoes. Flat feet can create other severe health concerns in the future, so now that we have the proper knowledge it’s best to just prevent these issues from happening altogether. Puma shoes are all created with cushioned arch support built into the insoles. This feature also goes back to helping evenly distribute the weight in your feet and keeps your feet more relaxed so you can stay active for longer periods of time.

While the bottom of your foot is being protected it’s also important that the areas around the shoe are cushioned as well. One big problem people commonly have with shoes is that they rub against their ankles and create blisters. This is why Puma creates their shoes with padding around the insides of the ankle areas. They also give the tongue of the shoe some extra padding as well so all around your feet can feel at ease and less constricted.

The type of cushion used in the shoe is very important. While some shoes may feel plush and comfortable during the first wear, you may tend to find that your feet sweat more and because of this, they smell. Puma makes sure to create their cushioned insoles and inside linings with materials that do just the opposite.


Moisture Control

Puma uses a special brand of cushioned insoles called Eco OrthoLite. This is currently one of the best insoles on the market that really works all around to keep your foot comfortable, dry and cool.

You may have heard of OrthoLite insoles before as many popular shoes companies are starting to use this type of material. Eco OrthoLite is a more environmentally friendly version of the original insole. If your someone who cares for the environment and wants to reduce your carbon footprint, Puma shoes is something you can feel good about wearing.

Using the same open cell foam technology as the original, these insoles are created to allow the foot to breathe inside the shoe. Proper air flow and circulation allows the foot to cool down and helps keeps moisture from staying stagnant in your shoes.

When sweat encompasses the foot like that, more problems can occur than just smelly feet. Wet feet makes your skin softer and therefore more vulnerable to blisters and other injuries. Not only that, but your sweat contains bacteria and when your feet aren’t able to breathe the bacteria starts the spread and trust us, nobody wants that.

The breathability features go hand in hand with the moisture controlling technology. The materials used in the insoles help to absorb the moisture away from the foot while the air circulation helps to filter it out and keep it dry. This creates an overall comfortable feel inside the shoe and allows for you to work harder and keep reaching your goals.




Everyone wants the shoes they love to last forever, or at least a really long time right? It’s always frustrating or sad when you’ve only worn a pair of shoes a couple times before they start showing wear or damage. Then you have to spend more money on new shoes and the cycle just seems to repeat itself.

Puma truly understands the value of a quality shoe and works hard to create shoes with durable materials. From inside to out, these shoes were made to last a long time and continuously provide support and comfort throughout their use.

The Eco OrthoLite insoles used on the inside of the shoes are made to keep their form and shape so they won’t wear down to the shape of your foot. While on the outside, special rubber material is used to create the bottom base and heel of the shoe. The rubber is resilient and helps to absorb shock from heavy movements on hard surfaces.

Puma shoes that are made specifically for running and soccer, which are both hard sports on the feet, seem to have the most durability of them all. The materials used on the outside are expected to get dirty which is why Puma uses materials that won’t get ruined from a little dirt or mud and can also be cleaned

Even the stitching is done well on these shoes. The seams are very clean cut with no loose ends and the materials are able to stay fully intact because of this. Overall the durability of Puma shoes is a top reason why the brand is so successful. You can truly get your money’s worth when you’re buying from this brand.


Trending Styles

Puma creates a wide variety of styles which makes them a great brand for all genders and a large group of ages. If you’re looking for classic, retro, minimalist or modern styles, you can expect to find them all here.

The original shoes that helped the launch the brand over 65 years ago are still being used as models to create newer updates of your favorite classics. If your heart is set on those original styles you’ll be happy to know that Puma still keeps them alive.

If you’re more into current colorful retro styles, Puma has those too. You can find styles like these mostly in their specific running section. Puma is constantly using innovative technology to keep styles current. The mesh layers they use in their shoes are a great example of a newer fabric that adds color and is a highly trendy style.

While Puma has some wonderful color selections, you can also find simple, sleek styles great for the everyday minimalist. Most of the classic designs stay in neutral color options which allows them to be easily paired with many different styles of clothing.

Puma is constantly creating new styles and updating their originals. No matter what type of shoe you’re looking for, you can always expect Puma to have all the latest in trending styles.

Types of Use


Puma has created multiple shoe lines for a variety of sports including, running, training, football, soccer, golf and motorsports. Each activity works the body and feet in different ways; Puma understands that it’s important to create quality features that enhance the user’s abilities in each type of activity.

Puma has created a very large selection of running shoes to choose from. Whether you’re running long distance, short sprints, on hard tracks or rough terrain, Puma has made a shoe for all types of running exercises. Made with Eco OrthoLite insoles and comfortable padding, these type of shoes were specially made to keep your feet cool and at ease.

If you’re a golfer, you’ll want to check out Cobra Golf, a brand created by Puma specifically designed to provide all the comfort, support and traction needed for amateur, intermediate and professional golfers. Puma also creates their own golf shoes from their personal brand too. It doesn’t matter which one you buy from, they’re both made from the same creators so you can expect the same levels of quality.

Many professional soccer athletes wear Puma during training and performing. Some of their soccer cleats may seem expensive at first, however if you’re serious succeeding in your sport you’ll want to make this investment. These shoes are specially designed to be lightweight yet have enough grip and traction to keep your movements fluid.

Puma’s shoe designs allow the user to be more specific about the types of needs for each activity. Once you can specify what the use for the shoe is, you’ll be able to find a match much easier than you would with other shoe brands.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What makes Puma a brand worth choosing?

A. For over 65 years, Puma has been a world leading sports brand dedicated to creating only the most current styles of footwear, apparel and accessories. Puma offers sport-specific designs in a variety of categories including golf, soccer, running, football and motorsports. They also make sneakers for everyday wear as well. Created with only the most innovative technology, these high quality shoes are made for comfort and long-term reliability. Puma has worked hard to create a positive brand reputation and has earned the right to be recognized as a top brand in today’s current industry. Even Olympic winning athletes like Usain Bolt wear Puma brand shoes.

Q. Are Puma shoes made for both men and women?

A. Yes. While most shoes in their collection are labeled by gender, there is still both styles for men and women. If you can find one shoe style you like and it says ‘mens’ in the title, you can usually always guarantee to find them in ‘womens’ as well. Sizes of feet are commonly assessed by gender as women tend to have smaller, more narrow feet while men typically have wider, larger feet.

Q. Are these shoes only made for athletes?

A. While most shoes created by this brand are made for specific sports and physical activities, the versatile styling and cushioned comfort enable them to also work well as everyday shoes. Some Puma shoes also feature more minimal designs and colors which is great if you’re just looking for a new pair of sneakers. The sportstyle line by Puma is the best choice for finding less sport-specific shoes and features the most current styles in fashion.

Q. What methods of care should I use to keep my Puma shoes clean?

A. First things first, never put any of them in the washing machine or dryer; this can shrink the shoes or damage the outer materials. Keep your shoes away from areas of high heat like radiators or space heaters. Depending on the type of material used on the shoes, you’ll need to use certain methods of cleaning to remove dirt or stains. With leather, canvas,nylon and synthetic leather, you can use mild soap and cold water with a washcloth to clean the surface then leave out to air dry. Make sure to never fully immerse in water or use any chemicals or bleach for cleaning. For suede, a specifically designed suede brush can be used to lightly scrub the dirt out; never clean with any liquids.

Q. Does Puma offer customization on their shoes?

A. At this current moment Puma does not offer any personalization. On the bright side, all shoes usually come in multiple color options so finding colors that fit your kind of aesthetic is very easy. There are many designs and fabrics used in the creation of these shoes to where the option for customization is simply replaced with a higher number of styles. With Puma constantly coming up with new ideas for shoes, deciding which one is your favorite is actually the hardest part; you’ll thank them for not complicating things.

Q. Where are Puma shoes made?

A. This in an international brand that distributes its products in more than 120 different countries. There are over 100 suppliers from that number sourced from Asia so you’re most likely to get a pair of shoes created from overseas. Their established headquarters is actually located in Germany. If you’re purchasing shoes from Puma online in the U.S, you may receive them from the same country as there is 3 distributors located here. Puma factories are widespread throughout the globe so it’s easier to ship products with the least amount of distance.

Q. What does the price range look like with this brand?

A. Prices all vary depending on styles, sizes and colors. Overall the brands pricing ranges from average middle-higher cost values. You can find some cheaper styles that offer less features or designs but these are better for everyday wear, not athletic performance. Puma’s running and other sports shoes come with special features that help to optimize the users capabilities, making them of a higher price value. The cost of these shoes are worth every penny though, you won’t be disappointed when purchasing a pair.


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