Best Pumps Reviewed for Style & Class

If you ever wanted to add a classy and sophisticated look to any outfit, a nice pump is the way to go. Pumps come in all kinds of shapes, styles, colors, sizes, and heights. People have been wearing heels since the 16th century, and they have evolved to our modern heels. When it comes to heels, you can wear them for any occasion- work, school, parties, weddings, dates, or just going out with family or friends.

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Pumps add a powerful vibe to any outfit you are wearing. In addition, wearing heels elongates your legs making you look taller and make your legs look sexier. Many people wear heels to feel elegant, sexy, confident, polished, taller, beautiful, and powerful. Whenever you wear heels, you get many compliments for them looking good and because you are able to walk in them.

Last Updated: October 14, 2017
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The recent update includes the criteria and frequently asked questions with the answers. In the criteria section, the article breaks down into heel height, sizing of the pump, cost versus value, market variations, overall quality, and coloration. And, in the FAQ, there are seven questions ranging from sizing, comfort, design, and heel height. All these were included to help readers get a better understanding on what to look for in pumps.

Featured Recommendations

Dream Pairs Classy
  • Dream Pairs Classy
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Heel height: 4"
  • Price: See Here
Riverberry Gaby
  • Riverberry Gaby
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Synthetic sole
  • Price: See Here
Bella Marie Dress
  • Bella Marie Dress
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Glitter or suede
  • Price: See Here

Pumps may seem like they are expensive, but you actually can find some inexpensive cute ones. In addition, many people think heels are for people with small feet, but so many shoe companies make a variety of sizes, so everyone can own a pair. If you aren’t sure where to start, do not worry because these 10 pumps will help you out.


10 Best Pumps


1. Dream Pairs Classy Mary Jane

Dream Paris decided to do a fun twist to the classic mary jane by adding a second strap. You have a choice of over 20 color options from suede, glitter, and to vibrant colors-- the rainbow is your option. The pumps have a cushioned pad inside to make walking around more comfortable. The heels on these mary janes are four inches making it not too low, but not too high. In addition, with the thick platform it makes the heels seem longer, which makes you look taller.
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Double Strapped
One of the best aspects about these shoes is that the double straps help the shoes from sliding off. A recurring issue many heel customers face is that whenever they walk the heel of the shoes slide very easily; however, the straps are guaranteed to keep your heels in place.

Toe Room
Squished toes is not an issue with these pumps. The extra room lets your toes breath and makes the shoes comfortable to walk around in them all day. No more pinched toes!

Cost and Value
The cost of these pumps are on the cheaper end of the list, and it is a good price for such a unique looking shoe. If you are looking for a decently priced beautiful shoe, these shoes are your perfect for you.
  • Variety of colors (bright, pastel, nude, etc.)

  • Extra room

  • Adjustable buckles

  • Unique Style

  • Variety of sizes

  • Too wide for the toes
  • Too narrow on the sides

2. Bella Marie Dress Mary Jane

With these Bella Marie pumps, you can walk around wearing a fun classic mary jane. If you want to change up your look for a more exciting vibe, you can choose their glitter option or the animal print option. You can walk around comfortably with these pumps because the heel is low enough to where a person who has a harder time wearing heels can walk. The round toe lets your toes have room, so uncomfortable pinching doesn’t occur. In addition, the adjustable buckle is great, so you can find the right fit for your foot.
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Low Enough Heel to Walk for Long Periods of Time
One of the worst things is having to walk in uncomfortable heels all day or tripping and falling because heels are too high. You can wear these heels all day at work, school, or just out comfortably without having to worry about those nasty blisters and achy feet.

Great for Any Occasion
With these shoes, you literally can wear them for weddings, work, school, parties, etc. They are classy yet simple. With the four different color options and the price, you can chose a neutral color for work or school and then a vibrant or glitter color for going out!

Cost and Value
On the list, these shoes are the cheapest. So, if you have an event coming up or want new shoes, but need to stay on a budget these pumps are definitely what you should buy.
  • Very affordable
  • 4 different types (glitter, suede, plain, or leopard)
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Nice packaging with extra parts
  • Variety of sizes
  • Excess glitter

  • Need to have narrow feet

3. Riverberry Gaby

Riverberry Gaby takes the classic pump and adds a fun vibe by having an assortment of colors and material. Due to the different colors and materials, these pumps are suitable for many different occasions and very suitable for a work environment. The heels on this pump are long enough to elegantly elongate your legs, but low enough to where you aren’t towering over everyone. The insole is slightly padded to add more comfort with each step that you take.
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Very Suitable for Work
Whenever you look at these pumps, they are the classic look of what you can wear to the office. However, you won’t blend in because of the sleekness that shines on each pump. People at the office will be complimenting your shoes constantly.

Variety of Colors
One of the best aspects of these pumps is that they come in 29 different colors like leather, animal, and suede. If you want to brighten up your shoe collection, you can add a pink or even a pastel blue. With all these different colors, you are sure to have pumps for every occasion.

Cost and Value
Out of the list, these shoes are reasonably priced. They aren’t the cheapest, but they aren’t the most expensive. With the price you pay, you get a shoe whose quality matches the price.
  • Padded insole

  • Sophisticated Style

  • Extra heel tips

  • Super easy to break in

  • Elongates legs

  • Packaging smells bad

  • Slippery back of heels

4. Jessica Simpson Cirrus

4. Jessica Simpson Cirrus
Jessica Simpson is known for her shoes, and she didn’t disappoint with these ankle strap pumps. You have a choice between 10 very unique and stylish colors that will catch the eyes of everyone around you. The design of the shoe is so different that you will stand out. With the adjustable buckle, you can adjust the pumps to where they feel the most comfortable on you. The heel is a decent height that you can walk around without falling down.
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High End and Fashionable
Due to the unique colors and the placement of the strap, these pumps are viewed to be more fashionable and attractive. In addition, since Jessica Simpson is the brand, many consumers see these shoes as high end and trustworthy.

Ankle Strap
The ankle straps on these pumps are great for adjusting the shoe to fit you perfectly. Also, they make it to where the shoe doesn’t slip off of the back of your feet. You will feel them firmly planted comfortable all day long.

Cost and Value
These pumps are about in the middle out of the rest in the list. You do have to spend a little bit of money, but the shoes do last a while and have many great features. While wearing the shoes, you will look like you paid more for them than you actually did.
  • Decent heel size (4 inches)
  • Vibrant colors
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Stylish
  • Pinches toes
  • Color doesn’t always match the product

5. Nine West Tatiana

5. Nine West Tatiana
With Nine West’s leather pumps, you can achieve the classic heel look. However, these shoes are not meant only for work. The shoes come with a variety of 18 different color and material choices, so you can find the right color for your right outfit. The 4 inch heel is positioned in a specific angle that elongates your legs perfectly. Due to the variety of sizes (5-12), almost anyone can find a pair that fits them.
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Variety of Colors and Material
With the color options for these pumps, you can chose a pair for work or for going out. And, if you are adventurous, you can always get the animal print or metallic print to stand out in a crowd.

Angle Positioning
The heels are positioned in a certain angle that brings more comfort while wearing the shoe. With this comfort, you can wear the shoes for hours especially if you are at work.

Cost and Value
These pumps are the most expensive on the list, but it is a popular brand. For the cost you pay, the shoe will last you a long time.
  • Classic look for work
  • Variety of sizes
  • Variety of colors
  • Leather
  • Narrow
  • Color on the photo doesn’t always match the product

6. ZooShoo Classic Closed Toe

6. ZooShoo Classic Closed Toe
ZooShoo’s kitten pumps are fun and casual. With the 23 different colors, you can choose from work attire with black and brown or a fun party attire with red and metallic silver. The heels are about 2 inches, so you can comfortably walk around work, a grocery store, school, and etc. without any issues. In addition, there is a variety of sizes from 5.5 to 11, so almost anyone can wear these shoes.
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Short Heel
With these short heels, you are able to walk around comfortably all day without having to worry that you will fall down. Not only does the short heel make a casual look, but you can even wear the heels for a more classy wardrobe.

Vegan Leather
One of the best aspects of these pumps is that are made of vegan leather. These shoes target just about everyone, and they are super safe and healthy for the environment.

Cost and Value
These pumps are in the pretty affordable range. In this list, they rank around the middle. And, for the unique quality of being eco-friendly it is a really good deal.
  • Low casual heel
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight soles for maximum comfort
  • Good for multiple occasions
  • Variety of colors
  • Runs big
  • Blister easily

7. Top Moda Platform Chunky

7. Top Moda Platform Chunky
With these Top Moda Chunky Heel Pumps, you will own a unique pair of shoes. The pumps come in 20 different colors with some being neutral colors and some being very vivid colors like teal and hot pink. The heels are 4.25 inches, so it adds some height, but since the heels are chunky you will have more balance over a stiletto. The T-strap buckle will keep your feet planted in place, so they don’t slide, as well as, you can adjust the buckle to fit your foot nicely. There is a variety of sizes ranging from 5 to 10, so a majority of people can wear them.
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Peep Toe
Peep toe shoes are fun. It lets your feet air out, so on a really hot day, you don’t have to worry about your feet sweating in closed toe shoes. Another fun thing about peep toe shoes is that you can show off painted toe nails!

Vibrant Colors
These pumps come in so many different vibrant and funky colors. If you want to add a pop of color to your outfit, these shoes are the perfect match for you. However, if you don’t like vivid color, there are still some color options for you too!

Cost and Value
With these fun shoes, the price is a great bargain. On the list, they are more on the inexpensive side, but are not the cheapest shoes.
  • Many fun vibrant colors
  • Easy to walk in because of chunky heel
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Peep hole
  • Leather
  • Too high for a novice
  • Run large

8. Forever Link Sunset Suede

8. Forever Link Sunset Suede
Forever Link’s pumps takes on the classic pump look and the casual look at the same time. With these heels, they are great for every occasion. You have an option of 8 colors to choose from- plain, vibrant, and denim. The heel is 4 inches tall, so it is comfortable height to walk around in and feel tall. The sizes run from size 5 to size 10, so there is enough variety for most people to purchase. With the round toe, it gives your toes enough wiggle room, so they do not feel pinched in the shoe.
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Suede Material
The suede/velvety material on the shoes adds a comfort, casual, yet sophisticated look to anything you wear. In addition, it is soft to the touch!

Round Toe
With the round toe look, your toes will have extra wiggle room, so you don’t feel cramped, In addition, the round toe paired with jeans, a dress, or a skirt looks great.

Cost and Value
On the list, these shoes are reasonably priced. They are on the least expensive end of the list, so you do not need a lot of extra cash hanging around. The quality of the shoes are higher than the price, so you are getting an awesome deal.
  • Velvet material
  • Color is true to online image
  • Vibrant colors
  • Elongates legs
  • Too high for novice
  • Runs large

9. Lovirs Pointed Toe

9. Lovirs Pointed Toe
These Lovirs pumps will make a statement as you walk in them because of their unique ombre colors, tall heels, and patent leather. You have an option between 21 colors ranging from ombre, vibrant, solid, and animal print. The heels on these pumps are 4.72 inches, which creates an elongated look as you walk. You have a variety of sizes (4-15), so almost everyone could potentially where these heels.
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Tall Heel
One of the best aspects of these shoes is that the heels are long. This will elongate your legs making them look sexy and you taller. So, as you are walking around, you are dressed to impressed.

Ombre Effect
The ombre color effect that you can choose from the options make these pumps stand out compared to the rest. In addition, ombre is a trending look at the moment!

Cost and Value
The Lovirs pointed toe pumps are on the higher costing side on this list. It isn’t the most expensive, but you do need some extra money. Because of the heel length and the shine that comes with these shoes, the price that you are paying matches the quality.
  • Variety of fun colors
  • Patent leather
  • Packaged nicely
  • High Quality
  • Needs more padding
  • Not true to size

10. Greatonu Slingback

10. Greatonu Slingback
These Greatonu Slingback pumps are great for any occasion. You have 14 different colors to choose from- solids, bright, glitter, and neutral. You can wear them for a long work day or even a long event. The slingback and adjustable buckle maximizes comfort by keeping the shoe in place. The heel is 1.5 inches, so you can walk around without having to worry about falling over. The shoe also comes with additional cushioning at your toes to add more comfort with every step you take.
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One of the best aspects of these pumps is the slingback with a buckle. With the slingback, it will be planted firmly on the back of your heel and won’t move all day. Since it comes with an adjustable buckle, you are able to place the shoe in the most comfortable position for you.

Low Heel
With these low casual heels, you will be able to do anything with ease. You will look casual, but classy at the same time. It is the right amount of height to add length to your legs as well.

Cost and Value
These pumps are in the affordable range. On this list, they are basically right in the middle of prices. For a low heel shoe, the price is very reasonable.
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Firmly stays on back of heel
  • Peep hole
  • Low casual heel
  • Variety of colors and material
  • Squeaky heels
  • Pinches toes

Pumps are a great way to feel powerful and dress up an outfit. Heels come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. You can have a different type of style for every occasion- work, school, events, parties, weddings, and even just going out. Most people who do not wear heels are worried about comfort and being able to walk in heels; however, many types of pumps come with extra cushion to maximize comfort, and you can wear a lower heel, so you do not fall over. Whenever you wear pumps, you will grab the attention from everyone around you. Do not be afraid to go out and try different pumps!


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Pumps


Pumps are considered to be the staple item in a lady’s wardrobe. These simple yet classic footwears are boosters to any outfit. They can be worn with a cocktail dress or a pair of rugged jeans, this means they are very versatile. Like stilettos having a pair of good pumps will immediately slim down one figure, bringing the illusion of sexy long legs. Our buying good looked at the best pumps in the market, but then it’s imperative that we take you through the criteria we sued in picking out the pumps. This will not only make you more informed of the best factors to take into consideration when shopping for your next pair of pumps. Even though at the end of the day it will narrow down to one’s personal preference and their endurance level (comfort). Though ladies who are always wearing heels have no problem wearing an 8 inch shoe. However the good thing with pumps is that they come in a variety of heel heights, so one can go for the one that they are most comfortable with. Despite of your dress code, be it, office, smart casual or flashy glam a pair of pumps will definitely overwhelm your look.
Below are some of the metrics we looked at when picking out the best pumps.

The Height of the Heel

Truth be told, most ladies adore a few extra inches on the heel. But then what many forget is that, they may have the glamorous look but then if you are not prepared and well experienced then the story will be different. The adventure of higher heels comes with a risk of getting blisters, bunions and not to mention an embarrassing wobbly walk (that is if you don’t fall flat on your face). The good thing with pumps is that they come in a variety of heels, so you have the freedom to pick a 1 inch heel or a 7 inch heel. That’s why it’s crucial for one to know their limits when purchasing a new pair of pumps. For first time buyers, it’s advisable to keep off pumps that have very high heels. You can start by going for a pair of pumps that have kitten heels and they must be of high quality. The other option for first timers would be to start with low heel wedges. After getting the low heel pumps you should allow your feet to adjust and get used to the shape of the pump’s sole. Wear the shoes in the house for like 15 minutes and check the reaction of your feet to the shoes. Let your feet be fully comfortable in the pumps before deciding to wear them the whole day.

Sizing of the Pump

With pumps it’s very crucial that you have the correct size. The sizing of this classic footwear will determine how graceful your walk will be and also the comfortability of the shoes. When you have loose fitting pumps then your shoes will always be slipping on and off, a very tight fit will make your feet feel suffocated and very painful, both these types of fits will give you very uncomfortable. Though many of us might be tempted to shop online for their pumps, since there are plenty of affordable pumps there, it’s good to make sure that that the sizing is correct at all times. But still an online platform isn’t the best place to shop for a pair of pumps, if you can make a physical purchase then do it. This is because many brands have their own customized sizing systems that they use when making their pumps. That’s why, despite the presence of a size chart many buyers still have problems with sizing when they make online purchases. And that’s where the return policy comes in handy.

Cost Versus Value

Any good pairs of shoes that are durable are always a good investment to the buyer. Having a pair of classic pumps that have been well-constructed will definitely be a woman’s best of investment in footwear. For maximum durability the shoes will need to be taken good care and hence they will remain high quality. Remember that designer shoes doesn’t mean high quality at the end of the day, and sometimes it can be hard to judge the durability of the high fashion designer shoes since most of the ladies who buy have like 100 pairs more and might wear those particular pumps once in 2 years. Go for something that will last you many years. Pumps are normally considered to be the preferred women’s dress shoes and that’s why high quality fabric is very important when determining the value of a classic pair of pumps. High quality and synthetic fabrics will guarantee you comfortability and ample breathability. Remember that cheaper fabrics and construction equals a short life span on your pumps. That’s why don’t shy away from spending your money on high quality and durable pair of classic pumps. This means despite frequent use, the pumps will still be durable. Never the less, there are buyers who might be looking for trendy and the most recent style of pumps in town, then she doesn’t need to focus so much on the durability as much. This means that the comfortable and stylish pumps can be purchased and still be replaced immediately when a new style or design of the pumps is released. Remember, everyone’s personal taste is different, but then when it comes to durability, everyone wants high quality shoes.

Variations in the Market

Just like any other type of shoes, the pumps have several variations that you will find in the market. It’s good to understand the different types of variations so as to know which one suits you best. The different variations guarantee different level of styles and durability, and they are solely determined by the personal preference of the buyer.

Below are the pump variations that are available for ladies:

Closed Toe Pumps: this design fully covers the toes, like the normal shoes. It’s the oldest and most basic design of all times. Literally all the brands in the world have this design in one of the ladies pumps collection. They are also ideal as dress shoes and can be worn on literally all occasions. When buying them, it’s important to make sure there is enough room in the toe box to prevent any form or scrunching up on the toes.

Peep Toe Pumps: a little different from the first design, it allows the public to have a peak at the ladies’ toes. The opening on the toe box tends to be small and allows the visibility of only three toenails. He gap on the pumps enhances free air movement between the toes and hence the foot can breathe easily. The design is a no go zone for people who have big toes as they will have a very ugly look when worn and big toes peep. Also, it demands for the lady to make sure her toe nails are well groomed to have a classic look.

Ankle strap Pump: it can a peep toe or a closed design, the only difference is that it has a strap on the ankle. This design is perfect for someone who is looking for extra support from the foot. They prevent the foot from slipping when walking, the strap also enhances the fit of the pumps. The straps vary in number and thickness depending on the brand and design being used. Since the straps tend to draw attention to these types of pumps are not recommended for ladies with large ankles.

There are other styles, but then they are just a mix of the above three and vary depending on the designers’ creativity. Due to style and fashion trends you will also find the toe box having different shapes from the round shaped, box shaped to the legendary pointed toe box. This means that one can have a variety of different styles of pumps in their wardrobe.

The Overall Quality

Every pump on the market has been created differently. It’s very true that you will find a very big difference in the quality of the pumps depending on the brand. That’s why it’s very essential as a buyer that you are able to spot a high quality pump and hence invest in it. When looking at the quality of a pair of pumps there are shoe parts, or rather factors that are used to gauge the quality of a pair of pumps.

These factors are:

The sole of the pumps: take note of the construction used in attaching the sole to the pump. The sole can either be glued to the shoe or just stitched, sometimes both might be used to enhance the durability of the shoe. If the sole is glued check for any space that might be at the edges as these are the places where the sole will start peeling off. For the stitched soles make sure the stitching is very secure and the stitches have been evenly done. At the end of the day your sole must be seamless.

The heel of the pumps: the heel is an important part of any footwear. For pumps make sure that the heel has an additional layer made of rubber. The importance of the extra layer is that it will prevent any form slippage hence walking will be much easier and comfortable. Of course you will bump into pumps that don’t have the rubber fabric and hence no any form of grip. These pair of shoes are dangerous and it’s difficult to walk when wearing these pairs of pumps.

The Pumps’ Lining: the lining should be given plenty of attention. Most of the high quality foot wears the insole has a lining that is made of pure leather. The lining tends to cover the inner section of the whole shoe. And no synthetic fabric used is making the lining. Shoes that have the lining located at the bottom but the sides has no lining, might prove to be uncomfortable to walk in. Leather is perfect for lining since it’s a natural fabric and hence will be able to absorb any form of moisture and also permit the foot to effectively breathe. The synthetic fabrics are not able to absorb any form of moisture and might be a little uncomfortable.

The materials used in making the pumps: on top of the list of the best fabric is leather, but then we also have other vegan options that are just as good. The market also has synthetic fabrics that are also being embraced by many brands and manufacturers. Fabrics like nylon or plastic should be avoided since they get very uncomfortable after being worn a few times and are not durable.


Color happens to be one of the factors that can totally cloud a ladies’ judgment when it comes to shoes. It’s true that a good pair of pumps is not only supposed to be classic but also durable. But color is very important when you considered that the shoe color ought to blend with a particular dress in mind or rather more than 60% of your wardrobe. The right color will be able to complement the whole outfit. There is nothing as crazy as investing a lot of money to buy a pair of pumps and the colors totally clash with your entire wardrobe. The safest colors that are known to be very versatile, are black and nude colors. These two colors have been known to blend with nearly every outfit. Black and nude colors are good starters for a pair of pumps. An extra point for the nude pumps is that they make the legs look longer. So what about the other colors? Many pumps in the market have been using textured fabrics that have prints or bright colors so as to have a more modern style. For the highly fashionable lady these colorful pumps will be a great asset to their wardrobe, since they are very trendy and stylish. But then when making an investment in pumps it’s good to picture how long you will be wearing the shoes. Also the color can be limited to the environment one will be wearing the pumps in. For instance exotic colors might come out as inappropriate when worn to work.



Frequently Asked Questions

It’s true that ladies tend to have a close relationship with their shoes, and when shopping for a new pair they will have their friends to answer the many questions that will always arise about the shoes. Below we have a list of some of the questions that are frequently asked when buyers shop for pumps.

Q. I plan on buying a new pair of pumps to wear to a dinner that will last the whole night, is there a test I can do to determine how comfortable the shoes will be the whole night?

A. It’s obvious that comfort is very important. There is a big difference between fitting a pair of pumps in the stores and having them on for more than six hours (walking and standing). The simplest test is to make sure that you make a physical purchase of the shoes. At the shoes, after trying the shoes, walk around and see how comfortable you feel, have the shoes on for a few minutes. Remember to fit the shoes in the afternoon when the feet are at their largest size. Your left foot is not identical to your right foot, meaning make sure both your feet feel comfortable and roomy enough, even if there is a slight pinch, don’t pick those pumps. Stand for a few minutes, walk around the store, and check if you can wriggle your toes and also lift your toes. If the heels of your feet don’t slip out a little this means that they are stuck and hence the size is too small. Which means you will definitely have blisters. For those who are not used to heels, you can be wearing the heels in the house for like 30 minutes’ walk around until your feet get used to the pumps and also hasten the breaking in process of the pumps. Then inquire about the fabric used in making the pumps from the seller. A background check on customer reviews on the shoes can also help. This will give you an idea of whether to opt for a half size large or small.

Q. Can I break in a pair of new classic pumps I just bought?

A. If you love shopping for shoes like I do, then you must have had this experience more than once. Where you buy your favorite pumps, the fit was perfect at the shop, but when you get at home they fit is a little tight. It’s not because you got the wrong size, but the cause may be your feet have enlarged a little. So how do you manage to wear these new pumps comfortably? Of course, there is a DIY procedure for you to enlarge the pumps at home without spoiling them. What you need to have is some water, and a few zip-lock bags. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Fill the zip-lock bags with clean water.
  2. Then insert the water filled bags into your pumps.
  3. Push them till they fully fill the pumps’ toe box.
  4. Put the shoes in the freezer.
  5. Leave them till the water in the bags turns into ice (this should be for a minimum of 3 hours).

What’s the science behind this? Well the water inside the bags will expand as they turn into ice, hence forcing the shoes to also expand. Hence the pumps will slightly enlarge. Take the shoe out and using a paper towel, wipe them dry. Leave them to be at room temperature before trying them on again. The pumps will have a loose feel like you have been wearing them for many years. You can repeat the process till the pumps are comfortable to walk in.

Q. I am lost on which design to pick, a peep toe, a covered toe or a strap pump?

A. You might be tempted to cover less of your legs with your footwear, especially if you have really beautiful toes and feet. And it is also super cute when those legs are displayed and its summer time. It’s advisable that your pumps should have a certain amount of coverage on the top part. The guiding principle for all shoes when it comes to coverage is that: the less coverage a shoe has on the upper section, the more uncomfortable that the shoe will be. Most people think that only the height and the thickness of the heel contribute to uncomfortability of a pair of pumps. When you have thick ankle straps then you have additional support and your foot is firmly secured on the shoes, hence no friction when walking, no pain or pressure. Go for a full coverage is you can.

Q. I always buy my pair of heels a size larger, but then it doesn’t always work all the time, is there a guide on how large the size should be, especially with pumps?

A. Pumps are supposed to bring that feeling of a modern woman who is empowered. What many women don’t know is that their shoe size never stays the same as the year progresses. Just like the body changes constantly, so does the feet swell and hence go up half size or a size larger with time. Pumps always look sexy and incredible, but then it doesn’t mean they also have to hurt ones’ feet. There is a size guide chart that is used to guide women when buying a pair of pumps, the chart has been guided by the height of the heel.

  • For pumps of 2 inches to 3.5 inches pick 1/2 a size large.
  • For pumps of 4 inches to 6 inches pick 1 size large.
  • Above 6 inches, then pick 1 ½ size large.

The trick was thought of with the idea of feet swelling naturally as the day progresses (with constant walking and standing). When this is combined with high pumps that are uncomfortable, then you will be nursing bunions and blisters by mid-morning. Picking a larger size gives ample room for your feet to swell, though it’s good to make sure that the size is not too big that the pumps are always slipping off when you are walking hurriedly. Though gel insoles can correct the issue of having a size that is a little large.

Q. What is the most appropriate heel height for my next pair of pumps?

A. Picture yourself walking into a meeting and your pumps are sky rocket high. Just as color is important so is the height of your heel. Not only is the high heel very uncomfortable it will definitely be inappropriate. Check whether the pumps will blend well with your profession. For office wear go for pumps that are low heeled or mid heels. Higher heels will be more suitable for a dinner worn together with a cocktail dress or an evening gown. The other factor is to look at how experienced are you when it comes to walking in high heels and then check how comfortable can you walk in high heels. High heels come with an ungainly stride that many people will find unattractive and very embarrassing. In order to know the best heel height for you, practice walking with different pumps that have different heel heights till you find one that you can naturally walk in without any form of struggle.

Q. How do I go about making a purchase of my first pair of classic pumps?

A. Buying classic pumps isn’t rocket science, the shoes are available in department stores, malls, shoes boutiques and not to mention the many online stores. But then it’s not that easy there are a few guidelines that are important to follow when shopping for your new pair of pumps. First of all you should make sure that you have measured your feet before buying the shoes. This can be done in most of the shoe stores, but for an online purchase you will have to do it on your own at home. The next thing would be to look at the size chart that your preferred brand or designer has. It’s very important that you make sure the conversion of the sizes is done correctly so that you don’t order the wrong shoe size. If you are visiting the shoe store, then do it in the late afternoon since at this time your feet will be at their largest size and this will be your true foot size. For an online purchase go through the reviews from previous buyers, this will give you a clue on whether the shoes do fit true to their size. The reviews will also mention any problem that the shoes might have.
Despite of where you have bought your shoes, it’s advisable to walk around when wearing the shoes. Make sure the surface is very clean (just incase you have to return the shoes), make sure the feel is very comfortable. There should be no form of tripping or slips that might be caused by poor traction. Online stores will offer you a wider variety of classic pumps both in styles and brands.

Q. I have large ankles and short legs, which is the best design of classic pumps that I should buy?

A. The body size determines the type of shoes you will wear, especially when a lady is shopping for a pair of new classic pumps. One’s body size must be very comfortable in the shoe and that’s why the design of the shoe is very important. Below is a simplified guide for ladies to use when shopping for heels:

  • Ladies with large ankles: keep off strappy pumps as they will make your ankles have a wider look and hence draw unnecessary attention to your feet. The best designs to go for would be a sling back or the fully covered pump. This will not attract any attention to your instead they will create an illusion of longer legs.
  • Ladies with short legs: t strap pumps will make your already short legs look shorter, they also have the creepy ability to make ones’ feet have a wider look. Ankle straps also aren’t a good idea. Your best deal would be the pumps that are open toed. Nude pumps will also do your feet justice by giving them a longer silhouette look that is lean.
  • Ladies looking for their legs to have a longer look: first option would be the pointed toe pumps, as they look higher than they actually are. The only challenge with this design of pumps is that they can be very uncomfortable at times especially for people with wider feet. Have them on only for a short period of time. No need to suffer in order to have a killer look.
  • Ladies with wide feet: look for pumps that have a rounded toe box with a vintage look. They will prove to be the most comfortable shoes and will also make your feet be seen to be smaller.

Make sure to keep your pumps looking brand new.


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