Best Purple Shoes Reviewed & Rated

When we see the color purple our minds often associate it with a myriad of things. For example, you might envision royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition as it is most commonly associated with wealth. On the lesser known attributes list, purple can signify creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, peace, pride, and mystery. Hence, the alcoholic beverage company titled “Crown Royal” uses a deep purple hue as their main color for branding.

Featured Recommendations

Converse All Star Seasonal Ox
  • Converse All Star Seasonal Ox
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Leather Upper
  • Textured Toe Bumper
  • Price: See Here
Dr. Martens 1460
  • Dr. Martens 1460
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Rear Pull Loop
  • Generous 9-Inch Opening
  • Price: See Here
Yellow Box Jello Sandal
  • Yellow Box Jello Sandal
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Cow Suede Leather
  • Price: See Here

It is actually a little-known fact that purple is a very rare occurring thing in nature; therefore, it is considered harmonious and sacred when the color is spotted in a natural environment. Additionally, things like lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers should be revered when seen. Furthermore, the folklore behind purple being associated with wealth, nobility, royalty, etc is because those things are rare in this world; as is the color purple. Hence the relationship between the two being formed.

The category of purple shoes is a vast as the number of shades of purple. We searched through hundreds of shoes on our journey to find the top 10 best purple shoes. We have strived to have the category be broad enough with styles to accommodate many tastes for shoes. When narrowing down the enormous amount of shoes we followed tough criteria in our endeavor to narrow the field. Our criteria are very selective and therefore we can bring the top 10 purple shoes based on style, comfort, durability, price, material and more.


10 Best Purple Shoes


Converse All Star Seasonal Ox

Converse has forever been known for their trend-setting style. That is actually what put them in the eyes of fashion-conscious people everywhere. Now, this shoe takes your favorite classic style and gives a beautiful shade of purple color. Don't let the color change your opinion of the comfort inside the shoe. It is still the same softness that Converse is known for. An ultra-padded footbed and high breathability will help this shoe to quickly become your favorite for everyday wear.
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Rubber sole
The sole of this shoe will give you the best and most stable feeling underfoot. You won't have to be as concerned with slips and falls when walking on wet floors or tricky terrain. The rubber sole also adds to the durability of the shoe.

Leather upper
Most people associate Converse with being an always canvas shoe. However, not this case with this eye-catching shoe. It is a leather upper. That helps to give it a more polished look and adds to the structure of the shoe.

Cost and value
For such a well-known and reviewed shoe, this one falls at an excellent price point; especially when compared to the others in the category. This shoe has been revered for decades for dependability and craftsmanship. You will have the same standards and quality reputation that Converse has built over their lifetime. These shoes, with proper care, can last for a very long time.
  • Soft tongue and collar
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Padded cushioned footbed
  • Rubber toe guard
  • Leather upper
  • Glue separates easily from sole to upper

Dr. Martens 1460

If the gorgeous deep purple color doesn't have all eyes on your shoes, the iconic contrast stitching will. Dr. Marten's are famously recognized for the yellow contrast welt stitching that holds their boots together. These rugged combat boots feature a faux fur lining and a ribbed midsole. Your feet will be stepping in comfort as you strut along all day. While these boots may retain a bit of heat they will keep your feet, ankles, and legs protected while you are wearing them.
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Rear pull loop
Don't worry about struggling to pull these boots on your feet as you have with other tough shoes. These have a handy pull loop that will assist you in getting the feet easily into the boot. It also saves the integrity of the boot because it won't be crumpling when you attempt to put the boot on.

7-inch shaft
A generous 7-inch shaft will keep your legs and ankles secure and protected. That size is measured from the arch to the top of the shaft. It should end around mid to lower calf depending on the length of your legs.

Cost and value
While these boots are definitely at the higher end of our price range, you are getting a versatile boot that you will be able to wear for many years to come. With proper care, Dr. Martens have been highly-reviewed for durability. They are very comfortable too. As of late, many people have paired Dr. Martens with dresses and skirts. No more excuses for saying they can only be worn with pants.
  • Contrast welt stitching
  • Rubber sole
  • Heavy tread pattern
  • Real pull loop
  • Long break-in time
  • Runs narrow

Adidas Lite Racer

Adidas has been a longstanding company inside the shoe production business. Through this time they have secured their reputation at the top of the chain for durability, comfort, and style. The company was founded with integrity and they have revolutionized the footwear business. These Adidas Lite Racer W's are touted as being incredibly light on your feet while not compromising comfort or dependability. They are made from a mix of air mesh and lightweight foam. This promotes breathability and doesn't tire the legs and feet out.
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Rubber outsole
The traction this shoe provides is superb. It won't be so much that your foot sticks to the ground and causes an accident but the grippy rubber knobs will keep you walking smoothly on wet surfaces or terrains that seem unfavorable. The outsole is very squishy as well which will provide you with supreme comfort.

Heel overlay
A heel overlay not only protects the shoe and reinforces it but it helps to keep your heel secure and stable when you are walking. This will not only promote proper step pattern which can alleviate aches and pains but will also prevent possible injury since you are landing correctly on your heel.

Cost and value
This shoe falls right in the middle of our price range. It is at a price point that should comfortably fit into any budget and will quickly become a favorite shoe. It is a versatile shoe that can be used for gym purposes or running errands. Therefore, you are sure to get plenty of opportunities to wear them. They won't just be shoes that you stuff in your closet and wonder why you paid for them in the first place.
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight air mesh
  • Cloud foam-sock liner
  • Injected EVA midsole
  • Footbed pulls out easily
  • Runs big

Dreamcity Water

Dreamcity Water
Dreamcity might not be a shoe company you are particularly familiar with but their shoes are usually crowd pleasers. They have great reviews for comfort, style, and durability. These particular shoes are made from a lightweight air mesh upper and rubber sole. The sole is very slip-resistant and can help prevent injuries on wet surfaces as well as tricky terrains such as gravel or dirt. Furthermore, the shoe is quick-drying so should it get wet you won't be trudging around in wet shoes for long. This is thanks to the light air mesh composition.
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ComfortDry sockliner
Not only does the liner cushion your foot in superb ways but you will find it feels like a sock on your foot the way it hugs your foot. It helps to create a cooler and drier environment for your foot. That prevents problems such as athlete's feet and bacteria growth.

Water grip outsole
If you are a person that has some stability issues when trekking on wet floors or surfaces that can become slick with dirt or sand, then you will love how the grip on the bottom of the sole feels when walking. It will help you to feel confident with each step as it grabs and secures against the floor.

Cost and value
These Dreamcity shoes fall into the category at the lower to mid-price range. You will be very pleased with your purchase as these shoes are stylish enough to wear for everyday adventures and can handle some lighter exercises such as long walks. They are extremely comfortable and you will enjoy putting them on your feet. Buyers that purchase these shoes will get plenty of usage out of them.
  • Back heel pull loop
  • Solyte midsole
  • ComforDry sockliner
  • Open mesh upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Runs large
  • Runs wide

Yellow Box Jello Sandal

Yellow Box Jello Sandal
Yellow Box shoes are a young and hip company that is taking the fashion world by storm. They are a leader for young and contemporary styles. Their styles make the perfect option for people on the go that seek a shoe to keep up with their living habits. These trendy sandals or flip-flops make a perfect shoe as it can withstand the pressure with lots of walking. The footbed is a thick cow suede made to absorb the impact of each step before it hits your foot.
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Memory foam
The footbed of the shoe is a strong memory foam that is very spongelike. It will absorb the impact from your step strike and prevents the negative energy from transferring into your foot. It also lessens the blows that your joints and bones take.

Non-slip outsole
You can rest assured that this shoe will assist you every step of the way. You won't have to be so concerned when you see a wet floor or some other sort of surface that looks difficult to walk on. It is just enough traction to keep you from falling while it doesn't cause you to "stick" when walking.

Cost and value
This sandal is a great buy and value. For this reason, we have also named it our Best Value in the category. The shoe is one of the lowest in the price range and is a great value. It is a very comfortable sandal and will become a favorite in your wardrobe. It is also just dressy enough to even wear for fancier events, thus making your usage of the shoe even more.
  • Soft toe thong
  • Comfort footbed
  • Non-slip rubber outsole
  • Sparkly thong strap
  • Not good for rain or cold
  • Dye stains bottom of foot

Vans Old Skool Classic

Vans Old Skool Classic
Vans has been making iconic shoes for decades. However, their trendy style was not always planned to be the phenomenon they are. At first, they were designed with skaters in mind. However, the flew to popularity amongst regular people quickly. Now the style is a classic favorite that has fans buying again and again. The purple version of the Old Skool Classic is so cool, everyone will want to know all about these Vans.
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Padded tongue
Having a shoe with a padded tongue gives the top of your foot cushion against the laces. It also keeps the skin from being chafed by a tight fabric and constraints being against it all day. Lastly, the padding continues around the collar of the shoe. This is the portion that hugs underneath your ankle and heel. The padded collar helps to keep ankle secure and prevent possible ankle rolls.

Waffle outsole
The sole of the shoe has Vans unique and iconic waffle pattern sole. This will help you to feel confident when walking as it provides excellent grip. Not forgetting to mention it is quite the conversation starter as it looks appealing and eye-catching.

Cost and value
For such a cool and iconic shoe, the price of these is fabulous. Typically, with this name brand and quality of the shoe, consumers expect to pay much more. These fall right in the middle of our price range. Therefore, it makes these shoes affordable for almost anyone. You will be very surprised with the durability and comfort of these shoes. The Vans Old Skool might become your new daily wearing shoe since you won't want to take them off your feet.
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Non-slip sole
  • Lace-up vamp
  • Ultra-soft liner
  • Vintage canvas upper
  • Not as breathable as others
  • Feels clunky

TOMS Lurex

TOMS Lurex
Just about any shoe list, you find will include at least one Tom's shoe style. Tom's shoes always rank highly because they are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Tom's, even though a newer company by other longevity standards, have built a rock-solid foundation on their reputation. The Lurex Woven is true Tom's styling but a pop of vibrant color. The typical canvas upper atop a cloud-like sole is what makes this shoe a strong contender for any "Best of" list.
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Antimicrobial sockliner
The one thing that can cause a shoe to deteriorate without anyone noticing is the interior breeding grounds for bacteria. You don't see it but it happens when the shoe is not properly dried out in between wearings should your feet get wet or sweaty. The antimicrobial liner will help bacteria from forming and therefore eventually ruining the shoe. The bonus is it cuts down on any stench that could result from the bacteria.

Removable insole
The one caveat to Tom's shoes is, if you have a thick foot these are sometimes not capable of handling your foot. However, the removable insole gives a tad bit more room when taken out. Also, you can use your own inserts should you prefer to take the standard ones out.

Cost and value
Tom's are a strong contender but their prices hardly reflect the popularity. These shoes fall right into the middle of our price range, especially when compared to others in the category with it. They are affordable and worth the purchase as Tom's shoes are known to last for years with proper care.
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Removable insole
  • EVA rubber outsole
  • Stretch elastic on vamp
  • Narrow toe box
  • Flips off foot easily

Badgley Mischka Kiara

Badgley Mischka Kiara
There are not any more names more associated with fashion and pizzaz than Badgley Mischka. Anyone that sees the creations that are born from that designer has to recognize the beauty in them. These Kiara high heel shoes are breathtaking. To be a true high heel, you would assume these are terribly uncomfortable. However, that is not true. They have a soft leather lining and very padded footbed. The shoe itself is sturdy so the only thing missing is your catwalk. These shoes will immediately elicit the wow factor when you wear them out. They can make even the fanciest of dresses stand in the shadows.
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Peep-toe platform
While the heel is a tall 4.75-inches, the 1-inch platform offsets the rise. It is casually hidden so it still gives the illusion of a stiletto but not as much arch on the foot. Add in a peep-toe design and you will look fashionably gorgeous for any event you are attending.

Leather sole
The leather most definitely adds a touch of luxury to this shoe. It is sophisticated and refined. However, it is important to mention that leather can become slick when it gets wet or worn down. Use caution when walking in these shoes.
  • Peep-toe platform
  • Comfort footbed
  • Soft lining
  • Wrapped stiletto heel
  • Sole gets slick when wet

Getmorebeauty Marty Janes

Getmorebeauty Marty Janes
The gorgeous shoes are from a company that is not a widely known as some other in the category. However, they are rated nicely for comfort and style. They feature a very tall heel but is offset from a platform. They also have a thicker heel that can make walking in them easier than a true stiletto. These are the perfect shoes to fit for many occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, or even with jeans for a dressy casual look. They are very versatile.
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Thicker heel
The heel of this shoe is thicker than a stiletto but not as bulky as a platform shoe. You will still look foxy while not feeling as insecure when walking. These make a great alternative to stilettos especially for people that are insecure or have pain when walking in stiletto shoes.

Adjustable strap
To add more security to the shoe feeling as if it is on your foot, there is an adjustable strap. You can loosen or tighten as needed. Furthermore, you can feel more securely able to walk without fear that your foot will come off of the shoe the wrong way.

Cost and value
These shoes come in the middle of the price range for shoes in the category. They are a great buy as they are extremely versatile. They will look nice for many different events and with numerous styles. You can easily wear them with jeans, skirts, leggings, and more. That makes the value of the shoes high.
  • Adjustable strap
  • Vamp connecting strap
  • Thicker heel
  • Hidden platform
  • Runs narrow
  • Lace overlay picks easily

Aerosoles Fashionista

Aerosoles Fashionista
The popularity of ballet flats in recent years has risen sharply and not just for ballerinas. Consumers love this style of shoe for the versatility and comfort. Ballet flats are a shoe that can be worn with virtually anything. It looks great with jeans, leggings, shorts, dresses and more. They are lightweight too. These are made from leather which gives them a bit more structure than some other materials. Lastly, they are from Aerosoles; a company widely known for durable, lightweight, and comfortable shoes. Aerosoles are always highly-acclaimed for many of their great features.
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Memory foam insole
This isn't just regular memory foam, the insoles on this ballet flat are double padded, which makes every step very comfortable. The double padding helps to insulate the sole so that it prevents the foot from feeling like it is hitting the bare ground. The soles are generally very thin on this category of shoes; therefore, it is important to cushion the insole as much as possible.

Sueded sock liner
Nothing will feel as comfortable as these shoes. They have a suede sock liner that is will wrap your foot in comfort. The suede is ultra soft an very comfortable. It will also keep your feet warm on those chilly days.

Cost and value
These shoes are definitely on the more expensive side of the category. However, you are getting a shoe that can literally be worn every day if you so choose. These shoes pair nicely with all types of clothing. That means you can get many uses from these ballet flats.
  • Leather upper
  • Double padded insole
  • Synthetic sole
  • Sueded sockliner
  • Flops off foot easily

We hope that the shoes encompassed in our list are able to be matched with your style. There are not many other shoes with a solid base color that packs quite the punch as purple shoes do. Make no mistake, you will look regal and elegant in any of these shoes; even a simple athletic sneaker is taken up a notch when you purchase the purple hue. The next time you are searching for something different for an everyday shoe or to match that special occasion outfit you won’t have to look any further than this list of purple-hued shoes. Plus, you will have interesting facts to share about why the color is considered so harmoniously with other emotions.

It has been shown that purple can uplift one’s spirits while calming the mind and nerves. Interestingly, purple symbolizes many unique things around the globe. For example, in Thailand, it is worn by widows to mourn the death of their husband in hopes that it will renew their spirit and give the strength to move forward. In America, the color is symbolic of the Purple Heart Medal as it represents courage. It is given to those brave men and women that are wounded while serving in the armed forces. In Egyptian culture, it denotes virtue and faith.

For the realm of fashion, and more importantly shoes, designers lean towards purple to catch the eyes of buyers. The psychological connotation that consumers feel when seeing the color translates into more purchases; therefore more sales for companies. Aside from all of these interesting facts, purple is just a gorgeous color. It graces runways for the sheer wow factor it causes.

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Purple Shoes

The main thing to examine when looking for a pair of purple shoes is the style. What do you need the shoes for? Will they become an everyday shoe you want to sport when out and about on the regular? Or are they for a special occasion outfit and you perhaps will only wear them one or two times. Questions like those will determine what sort of style you will want to purchase.


  • Athletic – These are types of shoes that most people wear for exercise or gym facility purposes. As of late, they have become a staple in daily wear thanks to a rise in the popularity of gym wear for everyday life. You will see individuals wearing athletic sneakers to go to the store, running errands, and yes, in the gym while exercising. They have a traditional look with the thick rubber soles, mesh or leather upper, and laces. Purple athletic shoes will add pizzazz to your workout routine and could possibly make running errands not so tedious. Or so we could hope.


  • Casual – Casual sneakers are more low key than athletic sneakers. You see many styles and types of these shoes as they are convenient and comfortable. They are designed for aesthetics not so much purpose in terms of mimicking traditional athletic shoes. While so may opt to wear these in the gym, it is not the best suggestion as they are not designed to support your body like it requires during a workout. Shoes in this manner can be associated with a preppy look. They make a great choice for everything from work to school, young and old alike.


  • Combat- While not necessarily needed for combat in war, the popular design has stood the test of trend time and is loved for many reasons. Some people like the warmth they provide. Others enjoy them for their protection while working, etc. The combat boot is rugged but still stylish. It can be worn with jeans, dresses, and more. It is a great choice for people that need a boot for any reason. Having a purple combat boot will most definitely make you stand out as combat boots in general catch the eyes of everyone.


  • Cowboy- Cowboy boots aren’t just worn by cowboys. They are loved and adored by country music fans, rustic photographers, and more. They are a great choice for boots if you need them for style or functionality. They can be considered a work boot. However, they are generally intricately designed and most people would choose not to wear them solely for work. Cowboy boots are a great choice if you are looking for a boot to keep your feet warm and/or protected.


  • Dress – Dress boots are boots that could be worn for more fancy occasions such as dinner parties and weddings. They could also easily be worn to work and not look like a sore thumb sticking out. Dress boots typically will have a nicer sheen to them. For women, you will find them in many varying heel heights, such as flat all the way to 6-inches. For men, the basic flat will do. Also, shaft height will be greatly varying. Some boots are ankle boots and hit right at the ankle. Some other boots come up to past your knee level. Those pair great with dresses or skirts. However, most people find the lower to mid-calf rise the perfect height to be dressy and still comfortable.


  • Flip-Flops- Almost everyone owns at least one pair of flip-flops. They are probably a close tie with sneakers as everyone’s favorite shoe. They are open so your feet can breathe and go with any type of clothing you want to pair them with; dresses, shorts, jeans, khakis, etc. Flip-flops have the generalization of being casual shoes. However, with just the right outfit you could most certainly raise that standard some.


  • Sandals – The difference between a sandal and a flip-flop is the toe strap. A flip-flop is considered a sandal but a sandal is not the same as a flip-flop. Sandals can have any range of straps to secure the foot into place inside the shoe. A flip-flop has the traditional “Y” strap that goes over the foot and in between the big and second toes. Sandals are also considered to be more dressy overall than a flip-flop. Sandals are also accepted in more places, such as work or church, to be appropriate attire over flip-flops.

High heels:

  • Stilleto – What a gorgeous style of shoe. Add a purple flair, even better! Stilleto heels are either completely loved or miserably hated by females around the globe. If you love them, you not only love the way they look. You are a huge fan of how they make your legs look, how wonderful they make your posture, or how well they develop your leg muscles when you walk in them. If you hate them, you find the heels too hard or too uncomfortable to wear. A stiletto is defined as a shoe with a very thin stiletto spike to walk on under the heel. Some stiletto shoes have heights topping 6-inches! It is proper to wear very comfortable stilettos if you are going to wear a heel that tall.


  • Wedge – Wedges are loved and adored by almost anyone that wears a pair. They are easy to put on and they are relatively comfortable to walk around in. You can get the benefit of the high heel in terms of posture and a leg workout, all without the worrisome walk in stilettos that takes much practice to get the hang of. Wedges are usually highly acclaimed for being comfortable after wearing all-day wear.


  • Pump – A classic pump is most recognized by a lower and thicker heel than a stiletto. The shaft is not so tall and usually hovers around the 1″-3″ mark for height. These type of heels a great alternative to those that still want to be dressed up but not comfortable wearing high heels. The pump allows you to feel more secure when walking.


  • Ballet flat – These grew to popularity as a fashion shoe over the past 10 years. They are a nice break from cramping high heels as they are flat and allow for proper splaying of the bones. Ballet flats are considered dressy or casual depending on what you have them paired with outfit wise. They are a good choice for people that do not feel comfortable walking in high heels.


  • Mules – Mules are another great alternative to high heels. The mule is popular amongst young and old, men and women alike. Usually, mules have a very good sole traction that prevents slipping. These are a popular choice among nurses and other professionals that require stability.


After you have picked a shoe based on the style that you require the next biggest criteria milestone to evaluate is the comfortableness of the shoes. There are a few things that help to evaluate how comfortable a shoe is going to be.

First, the flexibility. Depending on the type of shoe you get will also determine the flexibility of the shoe. A high heel is not going to move in the same manner an athletic shoe will. Otherwise, most other shoes should provide high flexibility upon wearing. Even considering tall boots, the shaft of the boot should move freely with the leg. It should not hinder and resist the natural motion. This will cause the legs and feet to tire prematurely. It also creates an unpleasant wearing experience.

Second, the sole of the shoe plays a huge factor in judging the comfort level of a shoe. Believe it or not, the sole is the main portion of the shoe that protects your foot the most. If it is an athletic shoe or similar, then you should have many layers that add to the overall comfort of the shoe. There is an outsole, a midsole, an inner sole, and a footbed. They all work together to provide a squishy and reactive foot portion. The sole is also the last line of defense in keeping negative energy when stepping from entering into the feet, ankles, legs, and other joints.

The outsole is a good indicator of comfort but not in the way you would expect. Instead of it being a physical comfort you feel, a good sole makes you feel secure. No one wants to walk on a shoe that they feel unsteady on or can slide easily on. A good sole should have tread patterns that encourage proper stepping.


Third and last, the material. This portion of criteria is a larger section to cover as material encompasses many different textures.

  • Leather – Leather is a material that is very durable. In fact, it has been used for hundreds of years for the same reason. Before simple production methods of today and also when materials were not as easy to come by, leather was used because of its unmatched durability, warmth, and waterproofing capabilities. You won’t have to worry if you get stuck out in a rainstorm wearing leather shoes. For the same reasons, leather is still widely and popularly used today. It makes a very strong and durable shoe. Leather is also preferred by many because it is easy to clean. Finally, many people prefer leather for the sheer look of it compared to mesh or other materials. On the other hand, leather is warmer than some other materials. Additionally, if you tend to have “hotter” feet than you might want to reconsider leather as a choice for shoe material and pick something that has less heat retention.
  • Canvas- Shoes that are made from canvas have an easy-breezy appeal to them. You immediately think of warm summer nights and wearing these shoes. Canvas shoes are lightweight and look good with many different styles of clothing. Canvas is generally easy to clean and can last a long time when properly cared for. Canvas promotes good breathability and airflow. Therefore your feet will stay cooler inside than shoes than some other materials.
  • Suede- Suede shoes aren’t just sung about. Suede is a somewhat popular choice for shoe material because of the wow factor it provides shoe designers. Suede is also a flexible material so if you are looking for a flexible and sharp looking shoe, this might be your winner. Suede does run on the hotter side as it does not breathe easily and retains heat.
  • Mesh- This is a material that is widely popular and used in many shoes. Mesh is bendable and makes for a great material in sneakers. Mesh is also very breathable and promotes good airflow. It is also a quick-drying fabric so should it get wet it will dry in just a short time.

Durability and Affordability

Even if you find the perfect style of shoe and it has all the comfort characteristics you are searching for, ultimately, for most people, it comes down to affordability. Everyone has a price threshold based on their individual budget. If a shoe is out of the price range they are looking at, consumers will not buy that shoe. They will move on to the next runner-up and go through the other criteria again. We searched through hundreds of shoes and the last criteria we narrowed it down by was the price. It is important to include a wide variety of shoes in a shopping budget that almost anyone can afford. Even if that means they have to save for a few weeks to purchase their favorite pair.

Affordability is a two-fold street. A shoe can be affordable but if it doesn’t last then that is not a smart purchase either. Having to replace one pair of shoes every three months is no smarter financially than just buying a more expensive pair in the beginning. This is not to say that because a shoe is lower-priced it is not durable. We scoured reviews from many different sources concerning the durability and longevity of the particular shoe. If it was not highly-revered for durability it did not make it to the final list.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I love purple shoes but what do I wear them with?
A: You could wear purple shoes with anything. Really our shoes can be the accessory or they can be the statement. As long as you aren’t timid about wearing purple shoes with anything, then go for it. More people will be impressed with the purple shoes than disappointed it doesn’t necessarily match your clothes.

Q: Can guys wear purple shoes?
A: Absolutely! The top 10 shoes we compiled above is just the surface of the pile of purple shoes. You can pick a pair to match on a broad basis or a pair to wear for a special occasion. Either way, go for it!

Q: How do I know which pair of shoes I should purchase for me?
A: That is a matter of personal preference. Do you need it for one certain thing? Or are you looking to add a pop of color to your daily shoe collection? There are many different styles in our top 10 list so you should have no trouble narrowing down a few perfect pairs for your needs.

Q: Will the purple stain my feet?
A: Some shoes do have the tendency to leak dye out onto the foot. This is more true for sandals and shoes that get wet repeatedly. It is best to read our reviews of the particular shoe. However, even if that ever does happen to you, it should clean up easily.

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