Best Reebok Shoes Reviewed & Rated

Reebok, established in 1958 as a companion company to J.W. Foster and Sons (May 9, 2018), has provided pro athletes, casual trainers, and fashion enthusiasts with excellent footwear for generations. Furthermore, breakthrough technology in traction, comfort, and durability, Reebok delivers excellent performance and customer satisfaction.

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Check out our latest update with fresh styles and information. We also made sure our list reflects the newest and best models available with all the latest colors. Don't buy a shoe until you know what you need to!

From specially designed CrossFit shoes to sneakers engineered for all-day comfort, Reebok has something for any and every need. If you’re looking for a good pair of Reeboks but have no idea where to begin, we’ve compiled this list for your convenience.

Featured Recommendations 

Skyscape Runaround
  • Skyscape Runaround
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Super Light
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Price: See Here
  • Classic
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Machine Washable
  • Padded Interior
  • Price: See Here
  • Hayasu
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ultralite Midsole
  • Silk & Rubber Sole Construction
  • Price: See Here

Whether you crave a casual-walking shoe or an intense-training sneaker, this top 10 Reebok list will guide you to your perfect match. No matter your circumstances, Reebok has the sneaker just for you.  To top that, every pair here has the wear-ability, comfort, and looks for every day, casual use; whatever you may be doing.


10 Best Reebok Shoes


1. Skyscape Runaround

Though the phrase ‘walking on air’ is cliché, nothing describes the Skyscape Runaround walking shoe better. Although this shoe is extremely light and flexible, the interior gives great support. The super-soft, memory foam interior pillows your arches for that cloud-nine experience, without weighing your strides down. Not only is this an excellent walking shoe but the super-stretchy fabric ensures that the Skyscape Runaround walking shoe will mold to your feet perfectly.
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Super Light
Weighing only 5 oz., the Skyscape Runaround walking shoe is one of Reebok’s lightest shoes to date. The petite, weightless style makes it transportation-friendly and super easy on your feet. Marvel in all-day comfort with this airy, stylish shoe.

Flexible Exterior
The super-flexible exterior makes this shoe perfect for aching or swelling feet. Although the material is super flexible it’s, also, extremely resilient and won’t stretch out. This is a shoe that’ll change and mold to your foot day to day.

Cost and Value
The Skyscape Runaround walking shoe is one of the least expensive shoes on this list, practically making this petite sneaker a steal. Its portable-friendly design and cushioned interior make this shoe excellent for power walking and daily activity. And for such a low price, you won’t find a better walking shoe.


Flexible Exterior

Cushioned Insole with Inner Lining

2.5” Shaft Height

Memory Foam Interior


Not True to Size


2. Classic

Reebok’s Classic Sneaker; what more needs saying? This tried-and-true shoe has kept generations of feet supported and comfortable since the 1970’s. The ultra-plush foam interior keeps your feet comfortable, even during the most intense training sessions. And the Classic Sneaker’s shock-absorbing midsole keeps your feet supported and ache-free after a long day at work or in the gym. Do they feel a bit grungy after a long week? Throw those beauties in the washing machine on a gentle setting for that new, hassle-free shine.
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Machine Washable
Reebok’s Classic Sneaker is made with ultra-durable material to handle the toughest workouts and, moreover, washing machines. This sneaker was made with convenience in mind for those individuals pressed for time between work and play. Wear these sneakers anywhere with no fear of staining or scuffing. Dirt and sweat-stained shoes go in but pristine, respectably-clean sneakers come out.

Padded Interior
The foam interior makes for all-day comfort. Whether you’re on your feet all day at work or at the gym, Reebok’s padded interior cradles your arches for maximum support. Coupled with its shock-absorbing midsole, nothing will feel or protect your feet better than these Classic Sneakers.

Cost and Value
The Reebok Classic Sneaker is moderately priced and a sound investment for those who want an all-day, everyday shoe. Not only is this sneaker classically stylish and super comfortable but its low-maintenance upkeep means you’ll spend less time maintaining its stunning quality.
  • Shock-absorbing EVA Midsole
  • Machine Washable
  • Foam Interior
  • Doesn't Scuff Floors
  • Leather/Nylon Upper

Sizes Run Narrow


3. Hayasu

The last thing you want is to be at a dance class and unable to properly work out because you can't stop sliding all over the place. Reebok’s Hayasu's are made to support your feet through a wide range of movements with their TurnZone technology; making sure your focus remains spot on, even if you may slip. Quickly becoming the go-to dance shoes for those looking for stylish comfort and having a unique style with even more-unique color variations, there is a pair for everyone.
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TurnZone Technology
The outsole is made with a soft-silky rubber, perfect for safely gliding over a dance floor. There is no need to worry about slipping because a rubber turning zone insert has been added to aid in your range of motions, helping to better control the way you move.

Neoprene Bootie
Few things are more frustrating than constantly adjusting and fussing with your shoes because of irritation around your ankle. This seamless neoprene bootie provides a comfortable, snug fit and will have you dancing the night away, without any worry of painful rubbing or causing blisters.

Cost and Value
The Hayasu is a strong competitor amongst this list of shoes. Although marketed as a dance shoe, they can be worn as an everyday shoe by those who love to rock the athleisure look, making them extremely versatile, stylish, and fairly priced.
  • Removable Sockliner
  • Ultralite Midsole
  • Controlled Gait
  • Seamless Bootie
  • Snug Fit
  • Minimal Arch Support


4. Renaissance

4. Renaissance
A classic style with a slight throwback vibe, these renaissance sneakers are the epitome of Reebok and all that the brand represents. The low-cut design allows for a great range of motion at the ankles, and the thick-beveled heel adds supreme shock absorption and comfort. Available in simple shades of black and white, these are a great option for anyone looking for a clean, sleek design.
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Beveled Heel
Similar to most Classic styles, the Renaissance sneakers have a beveled heel, which adds the perfect amount of comfort. Along with adding a cushioned bed for your feet and, thus, providing better shock absorption, you are, also, given a slight lift to your foot.

Retro Branding
A classic, basic shoe in most aspects; features like the clean, stylish design with subtle branding across the shoe, are sure to make you stand out. Along will all of Reebok’s Classic styles, the iconic Union Jack is strategically placed on the side of the sneaker, giving these a timeless look.

Cost and Value
The Renaissance sneaker is a very affordable, classic option. Compared to other Reebok styles on this list, these are less versatile and would be best used for light training, or as an everyday shoe. They are priced fairly, in regards to what they can be used for.
  • Leather Upper
  • Low-cut Construction
  • Foam Sockliner
  • Padded Tongue and Collar
  • Beveled Heel
  • Narrow Toe Box


5. Zprint

5. Zprint
With a long list of amazing product features and a sleek, lightweight frame, these running shoes are a high-quality option. Using advanced 3-D technology, Reebok created a shoe that, truly, molds to your feet; thereby, giving you unwavering support throughout your entire day.
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Decoupled Midsole
A step above the others, these Zprint running shoes were developed with 3-D maps of real feet in motion; thus, allowing Reebok to have a true sense of how feet move and, therefore, creating an advanced pattern for superior support.

Unique Lug Design
The unique lug is essential for providing dynamic movement and, thus, creating an adaptive ride. Pair that with an abrasion-resistant outer rim, and you have a pair of running shoes that are made to withstand all elements and last throughout the seasons.

Cost and Value
With a slim, sleek design and exceptional features, these are a total bargain. The Zprint running shoes are a very affordable, must-have for any runner; making it easy to have a pair or two in your closet as backups.
  • Knitted Webbing at Midfoot
  • Low-cut Construction
  • 3-D Foam Midsole
  • Seamless Upper
  • Breathable Material

Size Runs Large


6. CrossFit Nano 8.0

6. CrossFit Nano 8.0
The CrossFit Nano 8.0 has a flexible; yet, stable design. Made with the needs of rope climbing in mind; as well as, overall CrossFit demands, the outsole is equipped with RopePro technology. In addition, these shoes have a forefoot cushioning midsole, a Flexweave upper, TPU heel wrap, and wide toe box. And for those minimalists out there, these shoes have a 4-millimeter drop.
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Wide Toe Box
These shoes have a wide toe box and, thereby, your toes are given ample room to splay during CrossFit training. Furthermore, the added room can help with those suffering from certain medical conditions, such as bunions and etc.

RopePro Outsole
The traction on this outsole is ideal for those who climb rope during their workouts. Combined with the Flexweave upper, these two elements work in unison, in order to give you the correct amount of both flexibility and grip.

Cost and Value
Midrange is the cost associated with this pair of best Rebook shoes. Moreover, the cost is great when viewing the overall quality of these shoes, as they are built well and made of high-quality material. In other words, this means a great investment for the purchase price.
  • RopePro Outsole
  • Wide Toe Box; TPU Heel Wrap
  • Flexweave Upper
  • Forefoot Cushioning Midsole
  • 4mm Drop

Runs Wide


7. Classic CTM

7. Classic CTM
The Classic CTM R13 sneaker is another great work shoe, for those long hours on the job. But, with its great breathability and high-traction rubber outsole it, also, doubles as a workout shoe. The classic style of this sneaker makes it perfect for work and play, while also, making it highly fashionable. A plush interior provides all-day comfort, no matter the activities. Whether you’re out on the town or playing a game on the court, the Classic CTM R13 sneaker keeps you supported and comfortable.
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High-traction Outsole
The high-traction outsole makes this shoe dominate on any terrain. With a specially engineered rubber outsole, tackle any activity with zeal and conviction. Whether you’re biking, hiking, running, or just walking, this shoe will keep you stable and ready for anything.

Perfect Everyday Sneaker
Because of the Classic CTM R13’s great traction and durability, this shoe is perfect for all-day wear-and-tear. Wear it every day for comfort and support to the gym, or just to the mall. This shoe will hold for years while keeping your feet happy, comfortable, and supported.

Cost and Value
This shoe is on the lower end of the price range, thereby, making the Classic CTM R13 sneaker perfect for everyday use. The perforated toe box gives it great breathability while the high-traction outsole makes it great for both casual and intense usage.
  • Perforated Toe Box
  • Plush Interior and Insole
  • Rubber, High-traction Outsole
  • Leather Upper
  • Highly Breathable
  • Narrow Toe Box


8. Yourflex Train 8.0

8. Yourflex Train 8.0
The Yourflex Train 8.0 is that all-in-one training shoe which, seemingly, does it all. A raised heel gives you extra support and stability. The breathable, outer mesh regulates temperature for a comfortable experience. The shock-absorbing midsoles make training in any environment a breeze. And the Yourflex Train 8.0, also, is durable enough for everyday usage. This all-in-one training shoe has everything an athlete could ask for, and the on-trend styles make this shoe perfect for all tastes and preferences.
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Temperature Regulation
An excellent feature to have on any shoe, Yourflex Train 8.0 uses breathable mesh to regulate the temperature within the shoe. No matter if you train in summer or winter, your feet will always feel pleasant in these shoes.

Shock Absorption
The high-abrasion outsole and shock-absorbing midsoles make this shoe excellent for cardio training. Both the midsole and outsole work in tandem to evenly distribute shock all across the foot, rather than just the heel or arch. These shoes will keep you comfortable all day for all-day play.

Cost and Value
While this training Shoe is in the midrange of the price range, the high-abrasion outsole and breathable, mesh make this shoe well worth the price. Not only is this an excellent training shoe but it’s light for easy transportation; so, you can bring it anywhere. So, if you’re looking for a convenient training shoe for any season, give this shoe a try.
  • Breathable, Outer Mesh
  • Raised Heel
  • Shock-absorbing Midsole
  • Light and Durable
  • High-abrasion Outsole
  • Narrow Toe Box
  • May Need to be Broken in


9. CrossFit Lifter 2.0

9. CrossFit Lifter 2.0
Have you been searching for an all-around CrossFit shoe which can give you stability and support; as well as, the comfort desired to finish your workout? Well, the CrossFit Lifter 2.0 from Reebok is made with a POWERBAX midsole, has a flex-grooved outsole, and has dual hook-and-loop closures. Together, these technologies give you a proper and secure fit while, simultaneously, allowing you to remain comfortable, as you progress through your workout.
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Flex-grooved Outsole
The outsole is ideal to allow your feet the flexibility they need in an all-around CrossFit workout. Having a flex-groove design, they can maneuver for walking; as well as, providing ample stability for lifting.

Synthetic/Mesh Upper
The upper sits in the realm of both breathability and durability; towing the line with ease, as a CrossFit lifter shoe should. While promoting good foot health through the mesh upper, the synthetic material, also, gives your feet much-needed support for those lifts while in your CrossFit workout.

Cost and Value
These shoes fall into the midrange of cost association. Furthermore, they are made to be multi-functional; providing you with decent flexibility for navigating the various changes you will face throughout your CrossFit routine. As such, this pair of best Reebok shoes is worth the investment.
  • Dual Hook-and-Loop Closures
  • POWERBAX Midsole
  • Flex-grooved Outsole
  • Synthetic/Mesh Upper
  • All-around CrossFit

Sizes May Run Narrow


10. Yourflex Train 9.0

10. Yourflex Train 9.0
Stability and breathability lead the forefront of these training shoes. The Reebok Yourflex 9.0 is ready to tackle your workouts with you. 3D Ultralite technology, a mesh upper, 2.75-inch shaft height, and a die-cut sockliner come equipped with this pair of shoes. Furthermore, made to give you adequate airflow and responsive flexibility, these best Reebok shoes are training-ready.
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Neoprene/Mesh Upper
Made to allow your feet to breathe; yet, remain stable during your workout, this upper is made well. If you are interested in good airflow while, also, are in need of stabilizing strength, then these shoes fit the bill, as it were.

3D Ultralite
Both the midsoles and outsoles are made with 3D Ultralite technology. This provides a lightweight environment which allows you the chance for less fatigue while training. This helps to make those 'next day training blues' a little less disheartening, as your body can recover faster from the minimal weight.

Cost and Value
At the upper end of the low range of cost association, these shoes are a great buy for those looking for a good training shoe from Reebok. Built to lower fatigue levels (related to weight within a shoe), this pair of shoes is ideal for those who might feel 'heavy-footed' after a workout, per se.

Neoprene/Mesh Upper

3D Ultralite Outsole

2.75" Shaft Height

3D Ultralight Midsole

Die-cut EVA Sockliner


Sizes May Run Small or Narrow

Reebok has been a trusted brand of athletes and workers since the early 1950’s. They innovate with new technologies, in order to keep pro-athletes in the best condition possible, with specially engineered midsoles and insoles. And for casual usage, Reebok designed super-convenient and super-comfortable footwear for a plethora of uses. Trying to hunt down your special pair of Reeboks can be a daunting task all on your own. These top 10 Reeboks are some of the best-rated and most-effective shoes for the average person. All people deserve great footwear that can do anything, from a simple jog to intense CrossFit training. Hopefully, this list helps you find that special Reebok for yourself.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Reebok Shoes


When getting ready to leave the house, your final step (usually, before grabbing your keys) is putting on your shoes. Depending on what your day consists of, it is essential to ensure your feet are secure and comfortable. Your shoe should fit like a sock but not too tight where your feet feel constrained and in pain. In order to find the perfect fit for you, you need to start with what needs and tasks this pair of shoes will be fulfilling.

  • Running : While running, your feet swell; so, it is important to have a shoe that is roomy enough to accommodate that. Running shoes should conform to the shape and size of your foot, not the other way around. Taking time to properly measure your foot will ensure the perfect fit. A shoe that is too narrow, especially in the toe box, will squeeze your toes; thereby, creating blisters and calluses. Too loose, however, and you’re more prone to ankle and knee injuries.


  • Ankle Support: Ankle support goes hand-in-hand with the fit, and should not be overlooked when selecting a shoe. Of course, more ankle support is needed for certain types, whereas others, it plays less of a factor. In runners, specifically, adequate ankle support is the difference between a satisfying run and a sprained or injured ankle. It is essential to understand the shape of your foot and how it works, as there are many types of motions.


  • Pronation: Pronation is the way the average foot moves; your heel making contact with the ground first, followed by the arch, and then the front of your foot. Pronation is the part when the arch flattens during the inward roll.


  • Underpronation: Underpronation is when the foot does not roll enough, in order to satisfy adequate impact absorption. This is, usually, seen in those with high arches.


  • Overpronation: Overpronation is the foot rolling inward, too much. Those with flat feet tend to suffer from this ailment. Both overpronation and underpronation cause a harsher impact to the ground and can result in injury; and in some cases, negative-related, long-term medical conditions are gained.


  • Arch: There are three types of arches, per se; such as high-arches, neutral-arches, and flat feet. A running shoe that offers a lot of arch support will fit comfortably for someone with a high arch but will cause unnecessary pain for a runner with flat feet. Many shoes give you the option to remove the sockliner, allowing you to insert your own medical orthotics. This is a great feature and can make a pair of shoes stand out amongst others.


  • Orthotics: Orthotics is the way to go when you suffer from underpronation or overpronation, as this can help alleviate pain and discomfort. This means your shoe will need adequate volume and spacing within, in order to accommodate the orthotic. As previously stated, some shoes have removable sockliners for this very thing; as well as, removable insoles.


Regardless of the shoe type or activity you will be performing while wearing them, at the end of the day, you will be left with sore feet; or even worse, injury if the fit is not a priority. Though less performance-driven shoes, like walking shoes, are more forgiving when it comes to the importance of fit, over time the lack of a good fit will catch up to you. Dance, exercise, or running shoes must have an overall snug fit in all areas, especially the midsole. This area provides a lot of stability to your foot while performing; so, anything less than perfectly comfortable will not do.


What comes to mind when you think of an athletic shoe, or one used for leisurely walks around the neighborhood? Are style and appearance at the forefront of your mind when choosing what shoe will best suit your needs? You never want to have to swap one for the other. Why can’t a good athletic, supportive shoe, also, be stylish and be bound to land you compliments?

Shoes are the final touch to any outfit, and regardless of what you may be doing, everyone likes to look good. Looking good, in turn, should always make you feel good. Reebok not only offers shoes that fit anyone’s needs (where support and performance are concerned), but they, also, all have different stylish looks. Some factors that affect appearance are:

  • Lightweight, narrow shoes:  give the appearance of a smaller foot.


  • Chunky, thick-heeled sneakers: can appear bulky; and in some cases, give the illusion of a bigger foot.



Generally, running shoes have a wide selection of designs and colors which help you to stand out and add a pop of color to your, maybe, more-simple workout clothes. Neon colors and reflective detailing are, also, a great added feature; especially, if you prefer running in the early morning or evenings. This can help you to stay visible and safe while still looking fun and stylish.

Few things beat the look of a brand new pair of sneakers (fresh out of the box, never worn, never scuffed, and perfectly bright white, as it were). It is hard to beat the classic white sneaker, as it offers the perfect athleisure look while still being wearable for long periods at a time. Due to their bright white color, however, they may need to be replaced more often than others; but they still rank high among most-popular sneaker colors.

The brand’s logo is, generally, always placed somewhere on the shoe; not only does this help the brand be easily identified but it adds a subtly stylish look to the shoe, as well. Reebok, for instance, has the classic red triangle that distinguishes them from the other brands, and it is always strategically placed somewhere on the shoe, seamlessly.

Grip & Traction

There are many things you can control throughout your day. Some things that can be relatively unpredictable, however, are the weather and the conditions in which terrains will be. Rain doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying a long, rewarding run, but it does mean that safety precautions are now a priority, with the biggest precaution being a shoe that has the proper outsoles, in order to keep you securely on your feet and prevent slipping.

The grip isn’t only important for runners, it’s important for anyone wearing shoes throughout the day, as we all have a risk of slipping at some point. The last thing on your mind while sweating through your Zumba workout, should be the risk of slipping and losing traction.  Whether heading off to the gym or going for a run, being secure in the knowledge that your shoes will keep you upright and safe should be a given, and a priority.

It is important to maintain traction on your shoes, and there are many ways to do so. Intentionally scuffing the outsoles and getting them a little more worn-in, will take a new silky-smooth outsole and turn it into one that can withstand obstacles. At the end of the day, when discussing a style such as sneakers, they do not need to have the same amount of grip and traction provided with something like a winter boot, per se. Boots, generally, have rubber lug outsoles which are great for snow and slippery terrains, but can add unnecessary weight to a sneaker; and in almost every case, is not needed.

You do not want to go about your day feeling as though you could slip at any moment and you, also, do not want to have to change your shoes because of a sudden change in weather or environment. Having specific shoes for various activities is a must; however, many shoes can double as uses for many things. Running shoes, for instance, can be worn for day-to-day running around and/or other low-key activities. Likewise, work shoes can double as great walking shoes. Any activity, however, where you may possibly be dealing with slippery or rocky terrain, requires a specific outsole with the right amount of traction and grip.

The amount of traction, you need on a shoe, comes down to what you will be using it for. Because a shoe has an outsole with little-to-no grip, does not mean it doesn’t perform well or isn’t the right shoe for you. Knowing your needs and, therefore, choosing a shoe based on them, will leave you happy and injury-free.


Nobody wants to slip their foot into heavy shoes and then have to spend the day walking about. Lightweight shoes not only look sleeker but they, generally, mean less impact and less possible injuries to your feet. When looking for a lightweight shoe, it is important to keep a few things in mind: first and foremost, what kind of midsole does it have?

  • Midsoles come in many shapes and sizes and vary in weight, significantly; depending on the type of shoe and the type of support your feet need. Midsoles are one of, if not the most important, part of your shoe; which is why shoes with little-to-no cushioning in the midsole require the buyer to add in insoles.


  • Although insoles seem like an easy thing to insert into shoes if need be, that isn’t always the case. If the option of a removable sockliner isn’t given, it can make fitting certain insoles (mainly, medical orthotics), extremely difficult; as well as, giving the shoe a much more bulky look and feel.


It is not only the weight of the shoe that can be a factor but the weight of the person wearing them, as well. With each step you take, your entire body weight is being pressed down into the shoe, and that force can become even more intense, especially during an activity that involves running. If you feel like the impact is too much on not only your shoes but your feet, as well, adding in extra cushioning (for better shock absorption) is a great idea.

Reebok takes pride in their shoes and, therefore, has shoes that have different midsoles with various different levels of cushioning and support. One of the most popular types of midsoles is EVA foam; a combination of two different plastics that are then ‘’foamed’ to create a soft, spongy feel.

Lightweight shoes make your feet more breathable, and mesh uppers and materials are a big factor in that. Synthetic materials are the most lightweight and make for great running shoes. Having little to nothing weigh down your feet, allows for you to soar while running. Although some runners need added support and, therefore, their shoes can end up heavier. Adding in orthotics or built-up heels will aid in reducing pain and potential injury but, in turn, will make for heavy shoes; and where you add in support, you lose in speed. Additionally, you can raise fatigue levels, as well.

Boots and other shoes used to protect your feet from conditions and terrain, need to be properly insulated and well designed to provide sufficient warmth and traction. Features like rubber lugs and thick insoles are great, but they add a large amount of weight to the shoe.  Sneakers, dance shoes, or running shoes need to be lightweight to best perform.

FAQ Best Reebok Shoes


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Should I size up?
A: Completely dependent on the shoe, itself, and the fit you are looking for. The best rule of thumb, no pun intended; is to measure the top of your longest toe to the tip of the shoe – it should be your thumb’s width. Running shoes should, generally, be quite snug while not being constraining. Walking shoes, because you are less reliant on them to keep your foot firmly in place, can be a little bit more spacious.


Q: What is the perfect amount of cushioning?
A: Most shoes will have a well-cushioned midsole inside. However, just because a shoe is foamier and more cushioned, does not mean that it will provide you, specifically, a better experience. Your arch type can play a large role in what midsole is right for you. If you have a high arch, it is harder for you to absorb shock, especially during physical activities like running. Therefore, a shoe built for high arches is best. If not, an orthotic may be necessary.


Q: Is there a break-in period?
A: Some shoes may glide on your feet and feel comfortable and ready for a long day of errands, or a morning at the gym, instantly; while others, can cause a painful blister two seconds in. The break-in period for shoes is always different from person to person; as well as, shoe to shoe. With any stiffer shoe, like tight leather, there will be a period of time where you may experience slight discomfort, although it should not last long.


Q: Which materials are water resistant?
A: Most materials are water-resistant; or can at least, be made that way with the help of sprays. The leather is the most and, therefore, usually, the most-popular choice in shoes; especially, if they are ones you will be wearing outdoors in any weather condition. The leather is, also, a great option for cleaning, as most stains and spills are easy to wash off, unlike certain materials like canvas that may soak up a spill. Most synthetic materials are, usually, made to keep your feet dry for short periods of water exposure but shouldn’t be heavily relied upon in a lot of rain.


Q: Is a removable sock-liner important?
A: For anyone needing to insert their own medical orthotics, or insoles, absolutely. Without the option to remove the insole, it makes it very difficult and sometimes next to impossible, to insert your own. The shoe, then, becomes too bulky and may not properly have enough space to fit your feet. If you do not need any extra support or cushioning in your shoe, this is a non-important feature for you.


Q: Will my feet be comfortable after a long day?
A: There are a few factors that come into play: if the shoe properly fits your foot, offers the correct amount of support, and is well cushioned, you should get home from a long day, be able to kick off your shoes and be rest assured that you’ll be pain-free. If for any reason, you are experiencing pain, it is important to figure out what the cause could be. Being on your feet all day in a shoe that is not well cushioned and not absorbing shock, correctly, is going to leave your feet aching. That is not, necessarily, meaning the shoe is bad. It could be that it just isn’t the proper fit and style for you, personally.


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