Best Riding Boots Reviewed & Rated for Performance

Finding the right pair of riding boots can make your time in the saddle comfortable and increase your level of protection. There are a numerous styles to choice from, the safest and most stylish of which is the Long Boot. These are made in either rubber or leather and both materials have their advantages.

Rubber riding boots can be wiped clean with minimum fuss after a long day out riding, and are also a popular choice for work in the stables. However, by far the the more superior and stylish of the two are Long boots made out of leather material.

Featured Recommendations

Ariat Windermere
  • Ariat Windermere
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft suede upper
  • Full grain leather
  • Price: See Here
Clarks Maymie Stellar
  • Clarks Maymie Stellar
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Synthetic sole
  • Memory foam
  • Price: See Here
Dublin River
  • Dublin River
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • RCS insole
  • Adjustable drawstring
  • Price: See Here

Leather lends itself well to equestrian activity and if well maintained leather riding boots can last for years.
They may take some time to break in and this can be a painful process, although once the leather softens you’ll find the boot has bend and flex in all the right places. This will customize the boot to your particular riding style.

Because leather boots are waterproof and breathable, they can be worn in either summer or winter conditions. If you keep your boots in top condition, they’ll see you through both rain and shine.

Many Long boots have the option of a zipper on the back or side of the boot. Whilst all long boots are designed to pull onto the leg, having a zipper may prove an advantage, especially if your hands are numb with cold.



10 Best Riding Boots



1. Ariat Windermere

1. Ariat Windermere
The Ariat Windermere is a riding boot that is both stylish and versatile. Made from full grain leather, it also features a suede upper that is soft to the touch and waterproof. It’s Dura tread rubber sole provides excellent traction and grips the ground well regardless of conditions. It features a stirrup friendly small heel, designed so that a rider’s foot won’t slip whilst engaged with the stirrup.
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Four Layer Rebound (4LR) technology
Ariat has always endeavoured to stay one step ahead of the competition with its technology, and this boot is no exception. Its four-layer rebound technology is designed to keep the foot stabilised for comfort that lasts all day.

Full Grain Leather
The Ariat Windermere is fashioned from full grain leather and soft suede upper, which if looked after correctly will last the rider for years to come. Both leather and suede is fully waterproof and durable for all seasons.

Cost and Value
The Ariat Windermere is not the cheapest riding boot, but what you do get is a brand with a leading reputation, and quality that is hard to beat. Riders trust Ariat, and the Windermere is a fantastic boot, which is why it has made number one on this list.
  • Full grain leather
  • Waterproof textile lining 
  • Extra grip Dura tread outsole
  • Soft suede upper
  • May run small 
  • Suede and leather make it harder to clean

2. Clarks Maymie Stellar

Clarks is not a brand you’d usually expect to find on a riding boot list. However with over 100 years of crafting fine dress shoes, Clarks have now put all of their expertise into making this riding boot that equestrians will come to love.
This boot also comes complete with an inside zipper, so regardless of how cold your hands are after a day of riding, pulling this boot on or off wont be a problem.
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Memory Foam
For superior comfort, Clarks Maymie Stellar features a midsole that is made from memory foam. This means that your foot is perfectly cushioned and comfortable for all day riding.

Artisan Design
This boot has a number of flourishes that will delight its owner, including a trio of antique style studs and fashionable accent wrap around straps across the upper neck of the boot.

Cost and Value
Clarks have excelled themselves in crafting a beautiful riding boot in cognac leather, providing comfort and protection to the rider. If style is your thing, then invest in a pair of Clarks Maymie Stellar riding boots.
  • Synthetic sole for extra durability
  • Unique flourishes
  • Non marking outsole
  • Inside zipper 
  • Chunky heel may cause a few issues in the saddle
  • May fit looser around the calf area 

3. Sam Edelman Penny

Sam Edelman has gained a well-earned reputation for making boots out of exceptional materials and producing elegant styles. Complete with a full-length zipper you can be sure that these boots will slip on and off easily, and securely fasten with a snap tab for when you’re ready to ride. Made from hardwearing Basto Crust Leather, riders can be sure of this boots quality.
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Range of styles
If you’re a non-conformist then the Sam Edelman Penny will have a style just for you. With many different colours to choose from, you’ll find a pair that is unique to you.

Wide Calf Design
Sam Edelman made the decision to go with a wider calf for this boot, meaning additional comfort for riders who have struggled to fit into traditional long boots.

Cost and Value
Sam Edelman has produced a long riding boot that is the epitome of affordable luxury. Fine styles and luxurious comfort mean that these boots will take pride of place amongst your equestrian inventory.
  • Wide calf
  • Zipper which runs down the back of the boot
  • Basto crust leather 
  • Variety of colours and styles
  • Zipper may catch and break if used forcefully
  • May be narrow in the ankles

4. Justin Roper

4. Justin Roper
Justin Roper started making boots for the equestrian market back in 1879, serving cowboys who passed through his hometown of Spanish Fort in Texas. Ever since, Justin Roper boots have carried the spirit of the West, and have been the choice of hardworking cowboys across America. Customers can therefore expect quality and ruggedness, with traditional cowboy styles to match.
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Grain Leather
Justin Roper carried the traditions of Western America in his heart, so it’s natural that these boots stay close to its roots and are fashioned from the finest grain leather.

Pull Handles
These boots features two pull handles that are stitched into the upper shaft of the boot, making these Justin Roper’s a simple proposition to pull on and off.

Cost and Value
There are a number of different styles to choose from, whether your preference is black or dark tanned, Justin Roper has you covered. Look after them and you’ll be guaranteed a hardwearing, stylish and comfortable pair of boots for years to come.
  • J Flex for superior comfort
  • Waterproofed Grain leather 
  • Dual pull handles 
  • Leather sole, designed to be broken in for a customised fit
  • May come up loose in the heel
  • Can be very stiff when bought brand new

5. Dublin River

5. Dublin River
Dublin River boots is a long equestrian boot packed with features. They’re made from waterproof material and feature a HBR waterproof membrane to 160mm; designed to keep your feet warm, dry and well protected. They come in two different styles of two-tone colours, or if you prefer to keep things uniform there is an all black variety too.
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Elastic Gusset
These boots have an elastic gusset at the inside upper calf area, and also feature a drawstring at the top of the boot so you can be sure of an adjustable, snug fit.

RCS Insole
The Dublin River boot features a unique Rider Comfort System (RCS) this means that moisture on the foot is controlled through it’s advanced lining technology, with a superior cushioning layer for comfort.

Cost and Value
A fully waterproofed boot, The Dublin River is a choice worth investing in. It’s RCS insole is designed for all day comfort, meaning riders can be sure of a boot that wont let them down.
  • Made from leather 
  • RCS insole 
  • Adjustable drawstring
  • Different styles to choose from
  • May be too roomy 
  • Will require maintenance and regular care 

6. Enzo Angiolini Gregie

6. Enzo Angiolini Gregie
Enzo Angiolini has produced a long riding boot with a unique modern style for the fashion conscious. Enzo are also well known for producing comfortable boots, these are made from genuine leather which will protect your feet and legs, provide superior comfort and look simply fabulous. With two colours to choose from, you will find a style to suit you.
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Synthetic Sole
This boot features a man made synthetic sole, which means long lasting traction. This is certainly an advantage when coming off the saddle, minimising the risk of slippage.

Classic Style
The Enzo Angiolini is a classic, simple style of long riding boot, with a sturdy leather design that will fit firmly to your leg. It has a zip closure, ensuring ease of use in pulling on and off your foot.

Cost and Value
Enzo is a company that is recognised for it’s elegant and unique style of riding boots. Their boots are comfortable too, which means value for money for those looking to invest in a fashionable pair of equestrian boots.
  • Synthetic sole for extra grip
  • Made from leather which is waterproof
  • Two different colours
  • Zip closure
  • Larger styled heel may get caught in the stirrup
  • Advertised as grey but may come up more of a brown

7. Frye Melissa Button 2

7. Frye Melissa Button 2
Frye was founded back in 1863 in America, with the idea to create leather goods with iconic styling, using top quality materials and the finest in craftsmanship. Those original principles still carry true to this day. These equestrian long boots are made from a hardwearing leather material that is vintage in looks, and feature a handy pull on design.
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Signature Button
This riding boot features an updated version of Frye’s signature button that sits at the top of the shaft just below the top line, for a tailored original look.

Numerous Styles
One of the great things about this boot is that it comes in over eight different colours, so that you can be sure you’ll find a style which suites your unique taste.

Cost and Value
With its vintage style and original antique metal hardware decorating the shoe, there’s a lot to love about these long riding boots. Tailored looks and leather craftsmanship makes these a fine investment for your money.
  • Leather lined for comfort 
  • Over eight different styles 
  • Unique antique silver hardware decoration 
  • Newly updated signature Frye button
  • Leather design may scratch easily
  • The fit around the ankle may be too slim line

8. Tommy Hilfiger Sunny

8. Tommy Hilfiger Sunny
These are a beautiful looking long boot, made from faux leather and a soft to the touch suede upper. Tommy Hilfiger knows how to produce an elegant boot which feels great in the saddle. These boots have a side zipper for easy access, ensuring the foot slips in and out of the boot with ease. The man made outsole is durable and the traction is hard wearing.
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Designer Looks
The first thing you notice about these long riding boots is how good they look. With a mix of suede and leather materials, elegance and quality are assured in this top quality boot from the house of Hilfiger

Rounded Toe
The rounded toe makes it easier for the rider to slip into the stirrups, whilst the short heel ensures that the rider’s foot fits securely in the stirrup, minimising the opportunity for slippage.

Cost and Value
Surprisingly good value for a designer brand, these long riding boots exude style and great looks. The two-tone style means that these boots will stand out for all the right reasons. A worthy addition to your equestrian collection.
  • Leather and Suede materials 
  • The zip is located on the inside of the boot 
  • Stylish buckle at the top of the shaft 
  • Synthetic outsole for rugged and reliable traction
  • Can be a tight fit in the calf area
  • Suede and leather will both require individual care and attention

9. Cole Haan Hayes

9. Cole Haan Hayes
Cole Haan has the reputation of being one of America’s top luxury brands. One look at these gorgeous long riding boots and you can see why. They have a tall, elegant shaft with a simple buckle around the back of the ankle area, with an adjustable fit. Crafted from smooth waterproof leather, these are beautiful in their simplicity.
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Pull Loop
Pulling on and off boots can be a real chore, especially if you’re tired or your hands are numb with cold after a day out riding. These feature a pull loop at the back of the boot, making it just that bit easier to get these beauties on and off.

Fine Leather Material
These boots are made from a soft leather material, which are snug to the fit, but as the boot ages as the leather softens further, it’ll flex and give in all the right places providing you with a customized fit.

Cost and Value
Certainly not the cheapest pair of boots on the list. But with bags of style and an elegance which make these a great investment. Look after them and they’ll take care of you for years to come.
  • Functional zipper 
  • Pull loop
  • Lined fabric
  • Simple, elegant looks
  • Buckle at the back of the boot may snag 
  • Leather materials may require plenty of maintenance 

10. Mountain Horse Sovereign

10. Mountain Horse Sovereign
These long riding boots feature a Spanish cut top, and lacing across the front of the foot for a customized fit. The leather lining is premium selected for its comfort and durability. The leather uppers are hardwearing, lustrous and full grain. These have a buffed up shine and finish, which will make you the envy of your riding friends.
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Heels Down Position
These long riding boots feature MH Prolaze Stretch-Flex notch that makes for an easier heels down position, which will feel considerably softer.

Custom Fit
There is a hidden and hardwearing piece of elastic that runs along the inside of the back of the shaft area, and provides a superior customized fit for the rider.

Cost and Value
Packed with features, including a ripple zone in the outsole for more responsive grip, these are a pricy shoe which more then justifies it’s price tag with great looks, top notch materials, and technology to give any rider an edge against the competition.
  • Durable zipper 
  • High Density outsole 
  • Full grain leather 
  • ShockX uniquely cushioning foot bed
  • May come up big with a wide fit 
  • Leather material may take some time to break in

Riding boots can be an expensive investment, which is why it is important to keep them in top condition; look after them and they’ll look after you.

Leather riding boots will need to be cleaned and conditioned using suitable leather products. If you’re using polish for the first time, ensure you test it first on a discreet area on the boot to make sure the colour matches.
Synthetic or Rubber riding boots are much easier to maintain, and can be cleaned with a cloth and water, or if necessary, a mild detergent.

When your boots are not being worn, ensure you keep them upright with a boot shaper if possible. This is especially important with leather boots, which may lose their shape if neglected. If you’re not using your long boots for an extended period of time, say a season or longer, ensure the boot is thoroughly cleaned, then lay the pair flat inside of a dust bag or similar. Once again the use of a boot shaper will help to keep its shape.

The riding boots featured on this list are all of quality craftsmanship, carefully selected for their comfort, style and protection. Ariat tops the list, not least because their boots boost cutting edge technology, support and comfort. For this reason their brand has won trust across the world, and is our choice for the best riding shoe available on the market.



Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Riding Boots


There are a number of things one must consider when it comes to choosing a good pair of horse riding boots.

A good boot must be sturdy with a small heel. This will help to protect your feet if they get stepped on. It should also prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup should you be unfortunate enough to fall off your horse.

This is why sandals, canvas sneakers and flip flops have no place in Equastrian activities, the protection they provide for your feet is simply inadequet.
You’ll have to be eagled eyed too, as some high street brands will market high heeled boots as riding boots, so check the size of the heel and if you suspect it is too big, leave them on the shelf.

There are different varieties of horse riding boots available, which style you choose depends on the discipline you would like to compete in. It’s therefore well worth researching the dressage required for each discipline before you compete.

The two main types of riding boots are the full length and ankle boots, which are also known as jodhpur boots.


Long (or field) Riding boots

There are two traditional types of Long boots, these are Dress boots, and Field boots.

Dress boots are generally worn in horse shows, show jumping and formal fox hunting. They are an elegant plain boot without lacing at the ankle, and are generally stiffer. They are traditionally black in colour, and a recent fashion trend is for dress boots to sit higher on the outside of the knee.

Field boots feature lacing at the front which aids in flexibility and movement. This means that the rider is more comfortable, and able to bend at the ankle. Because of this, field boots are worn in all types of riding.
The majority of Field boots are black, however brown is acceptable.

You may also find Hunt boots or Top boots in the Long Boot section, these are like dress boots with the addition of a cuff at the top.

The other popular type of riding boots are the short paddock or Jodhpur boots.
These allow closer contact between the riders legs and the side of the horse. Some riders prefer the long boot for the added protection on the leg as riders may experience chaffing whilst wearing Jodhpurs. One way around this is for riders to wear gaiters, which also give the appearance of long boots.

These type of boots offer protect to your legs and ankles, which you may find useful if you fall off your horse! The lower leg protection also prevents irritation as the riders can rub up against the horses saddle.

Some Long riding boots come with a steel toe cap for added protection. Whilst this would keep your toes safe from an unplanned stomp from a horses hoof, they can add considerable extra weight to the boot. Long boots can be made from a variety of materials. The two most popular are leather and rubber.

Both leather and rubber Long riding boots can be pulled over the leg and onto the foot. Some also have a zip to make this process easier, which can be really useful if you’ve been riding outside all day and your hands are numb from cold.


Leather Boots

Leather has always been seen as the most prestigious material for a riding boot. It is also sturdy, hardwearing and waterproof; all the qualities required for outdoor riding. Leather will become supple over time, providing the right amount of give in areas that require added flexibility in accordance with your riding style.
It may take some time to break in your leather boots, be cautious of the tips you may read online of how to speed up this process. One such tip was to wear them in the bath and then after until dry. Personally, I’d rather not wear an expensive pair of boots in the bath to test this theory, and I wouldn’t recommend you try either. Not least because my dear wife might think I’ve lost the plot, and secondly I might not be allowed back in the house with damp smelling feet.
You might therefore have to put up with the rub until the leather eases up and softens. If the blisters get too severe, try applying plasters on the affected areas. You may experience a lot of pain in the process of breaking your boots in, but in the long run it’ll be worth the agony when you have a fully customized pair of long riding boots.

Cleaning Leather Boots

Caring for your leather riding boots will prolong their life and keep your boots looking good.

There are four steps in this process – clean, condition, polish, weatherproof.

Clean with a small shoe brush that wont scratch the leather, if you need to remove mud then plain old water works well and wont damage your boot. Once the boot is dry shine with a cotton cloth.
Condition the boot to soften the leather, it’ll also moisturize the boot and stop the leather from drying out and cracking. A sponge is best for this process, rubbing small amounts into the leather until the whole boot is covered. Leather can only absorb so much, so after a few minutes wipe away any excess conditioner.

Polish the boot with a soft cloth, allowing it to dry. Once done, buff with another cloth or brush until you see a shine in the leather. If it is a new boot, apply the polish in a small, inconspicuous area and make sure that the color matches the boot. Some polishes contain toxic chemicals so ensure you’re in a well ventilated area, wearing gloves.

Weatherproofing your boot will prolong its life, protecting against the elements such as rain and snow. There are many different types of weatherproofing products and it’s important to research whats out there because some products may affect the boots appearance. If this is important to you, use a spray as it will provide an invisible barrier between your boot and the elements. Rubber riding boots are generally considered an inexpensive alternative to leather boots.

However, wearing rubber can come with it’s advantages. During bad weather you may not want to damage your prized leather boots, so Rubber styles are perfect for these occasions. If they get muddy they can be easily be wiped clean, and provide excellent protection against all of the elements. They’re also great to wear when cleaning the stables. Many riders will make a quick change to rubber boots to avoid damaging their more expensive leather boot.

If you’re just getting into horse riding and equestrian sports, then rubber riding boots might be your best option. They share many of the same qualities as leather riding boots, but without the huge price tag. It will give you something to look toward if you decide that equestrian activity is for you.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the best horse riding boots brand?
A: A good pair of riders boots are an essential part of any equestrian’s inventory.
There are a number of very fine brands on the market, most of which are covered on the top ten listed above.
Ariat is probably the most known and respected brand. Their boots are designed to keep the rider comfortable and protected during long days on horse back.

A number of designer brands have also entered the market, Tommy Hilfiger have a range which look great and provide all of the features you’d expect from a fine riding boot.
There are also some unexpected choices available too, such as Clarks Maymie Stellar riding boot. Clark brings their experience of crafting excellent shoes and have a made boot which sit’s amongst some of the best riding boots to have emerged in recent years.

Q: What are the best winter riding boots?
A: A good pair of riding boots will keep your feet and legs warm, have excellent waterproofing, and be safe whilst in the saddle.
There are many different types of insulation, from modern linings such as neoprene and thermolite, to traditional types of insulation such as wool and cotton. It’s really down to you as the rider to decide which is the most comfortable.
All long riding boots can be pulled off the foot, but if you think you’ll be riding on particularly cold days then choosing a winter riding boot which has a zip running down the side could be useful, especially if your hands are numb with cold.
Choosing the best pair of winter riding boots really is down to preference, but I would recommend you look at Ariat’s Bromont Pro H2O for an excellent boot, from a brand you can rely on.

Q: What are the best horse riding boots for trail riding?

A: A good trail boot is designed to keep you comfortable for hours in the saddle. They are also a great choice of footwear for when you’re in the barn mucking out and carrying out other chores.
They’re rugged, and much shorter then traditional long boots, offering feet and ankle protection only.
Although trail boots aren’t reviewed on this article, it’s a popular question to ask, and therefore I will do my best to answer!
There are certain things you should look for when selecting a trail boot. Pay attention to the manufacurers information on the outsole. You’ll may need rubber which is highly resistant to manure and acidic waste. The Ariat Terrain leather boot has a rubber outsole which lasts up to four times longer than traditional outsoles and so comes highly recommended.
The Justin Chukka also has an excellent trail shoe, with maximum comfort in mind and a thermal plastic rubber outsole.

Q: What are the best cowboy boots for horseback riding?

A: There are some standard features to look out for when selecting a great cowboy boot.
Make sure that the boot has a pointed toe. This isn’t a fashion thing, it’s so that a riders foot can easily slide into a stirrup. In order for the foot to sit securely in the stirrup, cowboy boots generally have a higher heel, designed so that a riders foot doesn’t slip through the stirrup on long rides. Cowboy boots will also have a tall shaft, this will keep feet and legs protected from thorns, prickly bushes and barbwire.
The vast majority of cowboy boots are made from leather, this is in order to keep feet protected when they bump against the stirrups, and prevent legs from irritation as they rub against the stirrup straps.
Incase you were wondering what the straps were at the top of the boot, these help to pull the boot on the foot more easily, but they are also designed to be loose enough that if a rider falls from his horse with his foot still in the stirrup, the boot will slide off the foot easily.
There are a number of brands which sell great cowboy and cowgirl boots. Have a look at Ariat Legend or Heritage range to start.

Q: What are the most popular riding boots?

A: There are a number of brands claiming to be the most popular and to be fair to their claim, most of these brands do make riding boots which have excellent features. It would therefore be down to personal preference as to which pair of boots are best for you and your riding style.
If you are looking for a good place to start, check out the range by Ariat. They are hard to beat because of the superior technology and performance that come with every pair.

Q: What are the most comfortable tall riding boots?
A: If you’re purchasing a new pair of long riding boots, don’t be put off if you find them really uncomfortable at first. This is normal, and they will need to be broken in. Expect to get rubs and blisters around the back of your knees and ankles! But fear not. Over time your boots will start to soften and loosen, in all the places where there is pressure. Because of this, you will eventually experience a customized fit, with flex and give in all the right places.
You’ll go through this process with all of your leather tall boots and it can be a pain (literally) but stick with it, and it’ll pay off in due course.


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