Best Running Shoes for Kids Reviewed & Rated

For parents, hunting down a running shoe that’s functional, comfortable, and affordable for their child can sometimes amount to the same kind of effort as a treasure hunt. From the toddler who’s just starting to walk to the preteen who’s just starting out in athletics, children require different aspects in footwear dependent upon the activity. With so many choices out there, how is a parent to weed out the pairs that fit all criteria equally amongst a host of options?

Last Updated: February 20, 2018
By Tierney Lloyd:

This update features 5 new pairs of shoes that have been thoroughly been researched to ensure they are the best for your child's feet. Featuring brand like New Balance and Nike, these shoes will provide your child with the most support while fitting like a glove. A criteria for evaluation as well as a FAQ section have also been added to show how these running shoes were chosen and explain what makes them so great.

Requirements for Children’s Shoes

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children’s shoes be modeled upon the bare foot. As a child’s foot develops, the primary role of a shoe should be protection from injury and infection. Therefore, a quality shoe for one so young should consider the following factors:

  • Flexibility
  • Shock absorption
  • Load distribution
  • And Elevation

Restrictive, stiff shoes need not make any parent’s list of running shoe options, as proper support and fit in a shoe are crucial to the growing feet of a child. Arch support and ankle support are also necessary to keep feet and ankles healthy.

Featured Recommendations

New Balance KJ890
  • New Balance KJ890
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 75% Synthetic, 25% Mesh
  • ABZORB heel cushioning
  • Price: See Here
Stride Rite Made 2 Play Ian
  • Stride Rite Made 2 Play Ian
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Memory foam insole
  • Price: See Here
Saucony Ride 9
  • Saucony Ride 9
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Traction pods
  • Mesh sneaker
  • Price: See Here

It’s no question that, for children under 12, there is a limited range of quality running shoe options. Parents’ best bet is to find a shoe that is of highest quality without compromising the family budget; and is a pair that affords both comfort and stability. Unfortunately, low-budget retail stores may not offer the best quality shoe. These stores may seem more favourable wallet-wise, but the cheaper alternatives will not ensure the overall health of a child’s feet. Read on to find out our top 15 running shoes for your child!



15 Best Running Shoes for Kids




1. New Balance KJ890

This shoe boasts style in its offerings of different color choices. Its lightweight design and ABZORB technology allows for comfort that is as close to that barefoot-feel.
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Comfort factor
The shoe’s design lends comfort in its padded tongue and collar, disallowing abrasion around the lower ankle and protecting the top of the foot from the lacing. During a sprint or leisurely walk, heel cushioning is provided to reduce the force of impact.

Breathable and Secure
The mesh material of the shoe upper grants breathability, while the synthetic material affords protection for the child’s foot at the toe cap and quarter. The heel is supported with a sturdier synthetic to ensure the foot is secure.

While not being the most expensive shoe out there, there is no denying the quality of this shoe! New Balance created this pair to be flexible with your child’s stride and have made wider sizes available.
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Flexible
  • Can be used in a variety of activities
  • Heel and arch support
  • Run a half size small
  • Not durable for everyday wear

2. Stride Rite Made2Play Ian

This shoe makes the list for the toddlers and preschool-aged children due to its durability and the ease with which parents can slip them onto little feet.
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Ease of Mind for Parents
Stride-Rite caters to the parents who struggle with keeping tiny feet housed within a sturdy shoe and anticipates the time it takes to slip on shoes on an unwilling wearer. These shoes are designed with a velcro hook and loop closure that’s easy enough for an independent toddler to operate themselves. Parents can be assured of their little one’s comfort in these shoes, thanks to the memory foam insoles placed in the footbeds. Not to mention, these leather-mesh shoes are built tough for the rough-and-tumble sort of child who will literally put these pair through its paces.

Washable and Fights Odours
Again, Stride-Rite anticipates another compulsion children will undoubtedly indulge: the need to jump through puddles and mud. Luckily, parents can rest easy in the knowledge that these shoes are 100% machine-washable. It also doesn’t hurt that these shoes are also constructed with an anti-microbial lining to stave off odours.

Parents will love that this shoe completely delivers on quality and value for the price! These shoes were designed with the active toddler/preschooler in mind, and yet, are able to satisfy the parents’ need for a comfortable quality shoe for their children.
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-odour, anti-microbial
  • Designed for a thicker, wider foot
  • Durable construction
  • Stitching on velcro closure less durable
  • Runs a size smaller

3. Adidas Hyperfast 2.0 K

As the name implies, this shoe’s lightweight design will encourage your budding runner to fly on the pavement. Adidas scores highly in the cushioning department with this shoe, and continues to deliver support during a child’s stride where it’s needed most.
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Sturdy design
The shoe is made mostly of synthetic textile for the purpose of remaining light, and it’s durable outsole can withstand any sport in which your child chooses to play. The brand carries out its commitment to quality in constructing this shoe to withstand any rigorous activity.

Comfort factor
The midsole’s cushioning prevents feet from tiring during activity through even load distribution, and allows every step to feel easy and comfortable. Ankles are supported further by way of a padded tongue and collar, forming a relaxed, secure fit.

While being slightly more in price than the New Balance KJ890s, Adidas has always been known for its long standing reputation for athletic footwear. When choosing appropriate quality footwear for your child’s sport of choice, you need look no further than the Hyperfast 2.0 Ks.
  • Holds ups durably well against a variety of activities
  • Fits true to size
  • Available in different colours
  • Offers support where needed
  • Comfortable fit
  • Tends to stretch out after several wearings
  • Not meant for overpronation

4. Saucony Ride 9

4. Saucony Ride 9
For children who enjoy running, jumping, and playing, Saucony offers a shoe that is a product of researching how top athletes move. Their data has allowed for a children’s shoe that provides sole-based stability and proper cushioning.
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Design meant for running children
With a child always on the go and ready to play, the elastic strap with velcro closures help eliminate the need to struggle putting on shoes with laces. The criss-crossed elastic straps across the foot allows for a secure fit, and the non-marking rubber outsole maintains grip against most surfaces.

Durable, comfortable fit
Like the Stride Rite model, these shoes were meant for rigorous play and can withstand the force of heavy impact created during jumping and running. Tired feet will not be an issue when children sport this particular pair with a properly cushioned and comfortable midsole.

The price makes this pair affordable for any budget while still delivering a quality running shoe for growing feet. With many colour options to choose from, both parents and children alike will be happy with this shoe model.
  • Variety of kid-pleasing colours
  • Can withstand rough use
  • Also offers half-sizes and wider sizes
  • Great traction, grips most surfaces
  • Stitching may eventually loosen
  • Outsole may be inflexible for younger children

5. Nike Roshe One

5. Nike Roshe One
These shoes make their way to this list based on scoring high in the cushioning department all around. With the shoe upper comprised of mainly mesh material, breathability and comfort are the main features that recommend this shoe.
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Durability and Comfort
As already mentioned, the mesh upper along with the lightweight midsole enables the wearer to experience maximum comfort. The shoe’s exterior may lend the impression that durability may have been consigned to the wayside, but that is clearly not the case with this pair. Its design, which uses a blend of suede and textile, holds up well against normal wear and tear, while a cushioned textile collar also ensures a secure and snug fit around the ankle.

Nike offers a diverse range of colours to cater to the most discerning of tastes while at the same time sticking closely towards stylish minimalism. With the Roshe One’s no-frills style, durability, comfort, and fit are clearly at the forefront of the creative minds from Nike.

For a Nike shoe, Roshe Ones are one of the more affordable models on the market. In comparison, these shoes rate higher in price than the KJ890s, but lower than the Hyperfast 2.0 Ks.
  • True to size and fit
  • Constructed with lightweight and durable materials
  • Stylish design
  • Multiple colour choices
  • Extremely comfortable wear
  • Flimsy mesh upper
  • For some wearers, sizes run small and narrow

6. Under Armour Micro G Assert 6

6. Under Armour Micro G Assert 6
With Under Armour in the running shoe game, this pair holds its own alongside well-known brands in terms of comfort, durability, and style.
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Unique Construction
This far into the list, the Micro G Asserts differs in its shoe upper in that there is a foam layer nestled between two layers of soft, breathable mesh. Leather overlays encase the body of the upper for enduring stability.

State of the Art Technology
Under Armour developed their own cushioning system in Micro G Foam, which allows the wearer a lighter-weight shoe compared to its counterparts. Due to its relative thinness, athletes will feel that much closer to the ground and, in turn, be that much more responsive to what’s underfoot. While at the same time, feet will be energized and given that extra bounce. Anti-odour technology is built into the footbed to discourage odour-causing microbial growth.

The Micro G Assert 6s are reasonably priced for what they can do for your child’s feet. The feeling of ease and comfort in this shoe increases its value relative to its cost. While comparable in price to the Hyperfast 2.0Ks, this shoe maintains its brand’s integrity through its innovative design and technology.
  • Foam technology makes for a smooth, responsive stride
  • Anti-microbial footbed
  • Durable against rigorous activity
  • A good number of collective style options
  • There are no wider size options
  • Wearer may need to size up one size

7. Nike Free 5.0

7. Nike Free 5.0
With the Nike brand pumping out sneakers for every activity, this pair of running shoes simulates the barefoot state in its lightweight, supportive design and its performance endures against frequent use and abuse.
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Conforms to foot
The mesh upper acts as a sleeve in which the foot can slide into a sock-like fit. A dissimilar feature from most other running shoes has this shoe built with asymmetrical lacing to reduce pressure to the top of the foot while still stabilizing the midfoot area. The underfoot platform is responsible for a more natural stride due to its ultra-light flexibility, mimicking a barefoot gait.

Most parents would expect a shoe to last just long enough to get their money’s worth out of it. This shoe passes this test as it is able to last both extremes of use between the frequent walker to the competitive racer.

While the Nike Free 5.0s are a well-made pair of shoes, the cost may be off-putting at first glance in comparison to the aforementioned pairs on this list. However, the quality and ease of use in them more than makes up for the price.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • More room in the toebox
  • As close to feeling barefoot while worn
  • Keeps feet dry and cool
  • Runs narrow for those with wide-set feet
  • Runs a half-size smaller

8. ASICS Gel Contend 4

8. ASICS Gel Contend 4
This shoe upholds the ASICS brand through the company’s understanding of the needs of the just-starting-out runner. Children whose feet are still growing will experience well-designed arch support and extreme comfort wearing these shoes.
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Room for feet plus orthotics
For the wearer who requires custom orthotics within their shoes, it’s a comfort to know that the sockliner is completely removable. Even with an orthotic appliance in place, there is still enough wiggle-room within the toebox. With this much room in the shoe interior, this shoe works well with feet of varying widths.

Cushioning system
As this shoe’s name implies, there must be a gel component somewhere in its makeup. It is in fact employed in the shoe’s midsole, where the heel benefits from this silicone-based gel cushion for the purpose of creating even more shock absorption.

The Gel Contend 4s are remarkably priced well for what they can do for your child’s feet. The amount of support and comfort they deliver to the wearer creates more value for this shoe than its actual cost.
  • Supportive structure
  • Runs wide
  • Can also be used comfortably as cross-trainers
  • Great arch support
  • Handful of styles to choose from
  • For some wearers, may be too wide
  • With above-average frequency of use, reported signs of we

9. UA Micro G Speed Swift

9. UA Micro G Speed Swift
In comparison to its counterpart, the Micro G Assert 6, the Speed Swifts offer your child a minimalist design meant to boost energy and to provide that springy, bouncy feel. It makes its way lower in the list as it has almost the same features as the Assert 6s, but differs in its materials makeup.
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Comfortable for daily runs
Your child won’t complain through their daily laps in gym class with this pair of running shoes. Their design prevents chafing while providing a snug fit around the foot for better support. Its solid rubber outsole provides protection from abrasive terrain while the flex grooves built into the sole help with maintaining the natural motion of the foot during a run.

Quality materials
Under Armour’s innovative Micro G foam technology exceeds its intended purpose by providing the right amount of cushioning and support. The materials chosen for the entire shoe add up to a lightweight construction, allowing your little track stars to explode off the starting line.

While not quite comprised of the same materials as the Micro G Assert 6s, this shoe is found to be very affordable for even the most strict of budgets.
  • Fit well
  • Comfortable, springy feel
  • Stylish options
  • Delivers good traction with rubber outsole
  • Wider options not available; may need to size up for more comfortable fit
  • Reported light usage of shoes led to premature wear and tear

10. Adidas Performance Fortarun K

10. Adidas Performance Fortarun K
Last, but not least, the Fortarun Ks have the fortitude to stand up to your child’s best effort in any activity. Quality and comfort are the standards for all of Adidas running shoes, and they are upheld quite well within this particular model.
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Several features of the shoe lend itself for a more comfortable gait. The shoe upper is comprised of breathable mesh, allowing proper aeration of the foot. A cloudfoam midsole provides maximum cushioning for load bearing and shock absorption. EcoOrthoLite technology is built into the sockliner for added comfort and performance.

Traditional Adidas
The brand’s telltale three stripes along with its strategic placement of laces further promotes the fashionable sporty look that die-hard fans of the brand will adore. Kids who are Adidas fans will be proud to strut through school hallways wearing this well-known brand.

Keeping your child in style while not breaking the bank with this pair will not be a hardship. Parents will love the quality and durable construction as much as they will the price.
  • Comfortable
  • Cushioning technology allows for softer landings
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Measuring tool included to ensure accurate fit
  • Not in sizes for children under kids size 8
  • Wider sizes are not available

11. New Balance KJ990V4

11. New Balance KJ990V4
New Balance designs shoes with you in mind, and puts a lot of time and effort into ensuring you are receiving the best product possible. These running shoes will not only fit your child’s foot like a glove but they will last. Made with pigs suede and mesh, they allow for the utmost breathability, and different technologies allow for durability and comfort.
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The materials used to make a shoe are extremely important, not only do they differentiate quality, but they can be the difference between being comfortable all day and not. These running shoes are made of suede and mesh, which allows for all day soft comfort, without the worry of them rubbing and causing discomfort, and makes them very breathable so your child’s foot isn’t sweaty all day.

Your child should be able to wear their running shoes daily without the concern of them falling apart. From the classroom, to the playground and anywhere in between their shoes should perform to the best of their ability. New Balance’ Ndurance technology adds rubber compounds throughout the shoe especially in high wear areas, to enhance durability.

Cost and value
Children although not as often as toddlers, will go through shoes relatively quickly so the idea of spending a lot of money on a pair seems unnecessary however quality is extremely important. New Balance is on the higher end of prices however you are receiving a long lasting, high durability pair of shoes.
  • Pig Suede
  • Mesh Upper
  • Cool Technology
  • Rubber Outsole

Run Narrow

12. ASICS Gel-Noosa Tri 11 GS

12. ASICS Gel-Noosa Tri 11 GS
ASICS continually creates shoes that scream comfort, and support. These Gel runners are the perfect option if your child needs extra support and likes the feeling of running on clouds. The rearfoot gel cushioning ensures proper shock absorption and the seamless construction will allow for zero form of irritation or potential blisters.
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Removable Sockliner
Becoming more and more available is the option to remove the sockliner from the shoe, this allows for a tremendous amount of versatility and let’s you add in more support if needed. If your child is in need of medical orthotics, a removable sockliner is a must, and can be the difference between being able to buy a pair of shoes or not.

Gel Cushioning
The gel cushioning in the rearfoot optimizes comfort and helps to properly absorb shock leaving your kid’s foot not only comfortable but safe as well. If shock is not properly absorbed, especially while running the foot can be damaged, and at these stages while the foot is still growing, it is very important to ensure the feet are well protected.

Cost and value
Similar in price to others on the list, these ASICS gel running shoes are not the most affordable option, however if your child is in need of extra support and cushioning these are a great option and well worth the price. Made with many added in features to ensure your children's feet will be well protected all day.
  • Rubber Sole
  • Reinforced Toe Cap
  • Seamless Inner
  • Removable Sockliner
  • Gel Cushioning

Size Up for Wide Feet

13. Adidas Altarun K

13. Adidas Altarun K
These lightweight and breathable shoes are always ready for whatever your child’s day may throw at them. The mesh upper will keep your child’s foot cool, and dry while the eco friendly sockliner provides exceptional comfort and molds to your child’s foot to ensure the perfect fit.
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EcoOrthoLite Sockliner
Having these sockliners not only means great comfort because of how they mold to your feet over time, creating the ideal fit for your child but they are also environmentally friendly. Made from castor beans and thus replacing 20% of the petroleum generally used when making foams, you can feel good about supporting the environment while still providing great quality for your child.

Mesh Upper
One of the most important features to look for in a running shoe is the amount of breathability they provide. Having a mesh upper is essential and will keep your child’s feet dry and cool regardless of what their day consists of.

Cost and value
These Adidas running shoes are very fairly priced, and surprisingly because of the name brand, one of the more affordable options on this list. With all of the features you will be receiving with this shoe they are a great, affordable option.
  • Mesh Upper
  • EcoOrthoLite Sockliner
  • Supportive Overlays
  • Rubber Cupsole

Run Quite Large

14. New Balance 680V3

14. New Balance 680V3
A traditional looking running shoe that has one goal and that is to help your child run as fast as they can. New Balance helps your child feel great all day with a well cushioned midsole and Abzorb technology that helps them outrun anyone else.
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Abzorb Midsole
The foam based cushioning allows for tremendous shock absorption by dispersing the force throughout the shoe to avoid injury or impact on specific parts of your foot and lower body. It is an important feature that is put into almost all New Balance shoes and makes them especially great for distance running.

Podiatrist Recommended
If there is one brand of shoes that always beats out the others when it comes to the proper health and protection of your feet its New Balance. They mean business when it comes to quality and creating shoes that will stand the test of time when it comes to support and comfort. Although not always the most stylish on the market they continue to perform almost like no other.

Cost and value
New Balance continually creates exceptional quality shoes that put your feet first, and ensure the utmost comfort and support. At times expensive, these running shoes prove quality doesn't always need to mean expensive. The traditional looking runners will last as long as you need them to, and deliver wear after wear.
  • Leather and Mesh
  • Rubber Sole
  • Abzorb Midsole
  • Traditional Look
  • Podiatrist recommended

Not the Most Stylish

15. Nike Downshifter 6

15. Nike Downshifter 6
These are the perfect running shoe for the active child in your family who likes to run and perform to the best of their ability. The lightweight, seamless design ensures all day comfort while the flex grooves on the sole make sure they stay on their feet and can properly grip surfaces without the worry of slipping.
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Seamless Design
One of the most uncomfortable things when running in your new shoes is when the materials start to rub and irritate the sides of your feet. If the materials are not sewn together nicely it can cause unnecessary rubbing. The seamless design of these Nike running shoes is perfect for avoiding any type of discomfort and blisters when running.

Flex Grooves
While running around outside either for fun or sport activities it is always important to ensure that you have the most traction and stability possible. The flex grooves on the sole of these running shoes ensures that you will be able to grip most surfaces and stay on your feet regardless of what you may be doing.

Cost and value
These Nike running shoes are a great option for any child that needs lightweight support and stability while still providing them with the speed they need to outrun any possible competition. They are very fairly priced, and a more affordable option on this list.
  • Flex Grooves
  • Seamless Design
  • Custom Fit
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Leather Overlays

May Show Wear Quickly

With so many running shoes on the market today, the truly discerning consumer need only concern themselves with the well-being of their children’s health without the worry of spending far too much for a pair that will only be subpar in quality.

Children under 12 will not have the same choices of running shoes as that of a 12-year-old or older, but there are choices out there. Those choices will be the kind of shoes that provide proper cushioning and support for little, but fast-growing feet.

The purpose of this list is to ease the minds of parents with the knowledge that there are affordable, high-quality choices out there; ones that can appeal to both parent and child alike with the requirements needed in a properly built running shoe. Running shoes for children should always be protective, comfortable, and most of all affordable without compromising the overall health of the child.

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Running Shoes for Kids



You would not just throw on any pair of shoes if you spent your days running around and playing, so neither should your children. Picking the right pair of running shoes for your kids is very important because of how much those shoes will go through. Your children’s day consists of constantly being on their feet, whether they are at school, gym class, playing outside for recess, or out and about with their friends. You want their feet to be comfortable and supported all day, so the first thing you should think about is fit.

The way your kids running shoe fits is extremely important, they need to fit properly. There should be approximately a fingers width between the longest toe and the front of the shoe. If you do not leave enough space their feet will feel squished and uncomfortable throughout the day, but too much space and there is cause for injury. If your child’s shoes have laces, ensure that they are properly tied up; even double knotted if need be, but not too tight.

The importance of wearing the proper socks with running shoes is huge. First and foremost they must stay up throughout the day, otherwise blisters and irritation will occur. Ankle socks are great if you do not want your socks to show with perhaps shorts, or cropped pants but they must be high enough that the ankles are protected from the shoe, so no rubbing occurs. The thickness of the sock is up to you and your child and depends on things like how they will affect the fit of the shoe such as making them too tight.

It is recommended to look at more neutral shoes rather than ones with corrective support, unless your child has a foot condition where they are in need of extra support. Wearing running shoes that are neutral allow for kids feet to grow and develop however they naturally should, without something that could potentially change how their foot lays. If your child is in need of extra support like potential medical orthotics, ensure that the shoes sockliner is removable and can properly accommodate it, without changing the fit of the shoe.

Not buying the proper fitting shoe can lead to many serious issues:

  • Blisters
  • Ankle injuries
  • Bunions
  • Pinched nerves
  • Ingrown nails

Your child should experience immediate comfort when putting on their new pair of running shoes. Unlike other types of shoes, runners should have little to absolutely no break-in period and should feel comfortable and ready to run in straight out of the box. If your child is complaining of something not feeling right, or the shoe being too stiff, it is not the correct fit and should be exchanged for either a different size or a new shoe altogether. They will not feel better with time, and even if they were too, why be uncomfortable for any period of time if it’s not necessary.



Running outdoors, indoors and anywhere they can, children have so much energy that they need to get out throughout the day and giving them the proper shoe to do that in is essential. Really access how your child runs, where they are running and the amount of other activities they will be doing while wearing their running shoes. There is a big difference between regular tennis shoes and sneaker and running shoes, and taking the time to ensure you are getting the right shoe to fit your child’s needs is very important.

The first thing to decide on is what material you are looking for, and which one will hold up the best over time, considering how they will be worn. The most popular, durable yet breathable materials are leather, suede and canvas and they all provide your child with something different.

  • Leather –  One of the most durable materials but does not allow for the most air flow
  • Canvas – Easy to clean, affordable and vegan
  • Suede – Not as durable as leather yet sofer to the touch

Your child may like the sleek look of a leather upper, however because of the way our feet move when we run, that part of the shoe tends to crease, especially with a material like leather. Whereas mesh is much more flexible and can easily bend with your feet without showing any signs of wear.

As the warmer, summer months approach it is especially important to buy shoes that wick away moisture because it the long run, it will preserve the longevity of their shoes. The more feet tend to sweat in shoes, the more moisture that seeps into the insole, cause bacteria to grow and odor to increase. Avoid that at all costs necessary but buying the material that fits your kids lifestyle.

If you find your children’s shoes are always getting dirty and muddy, prevent that by spraying them with a protectant, this can in turn act as a barrier against water making them last even longer. If they are already dirty, materials like leather are convenient because you should be able to wipe away the dirt with a damp cloth, whereas canvas can be a little bit trickier at removing the stain rather than rubbing it around.

The option to machine wash the shoes is a big bonus, and can make everyone’s life a lot easier, as well as maintain the look of the shoes. Your child’s running shoes will probably be going through a lot throughout the day, from potential scuffs, to just the weight of your child stomping down on them, so take the time to go through a few pairs of shoes until you find the pair than can really hold up against your child’s busy life.


When you start your search for childrens running shoes you may not realize how many important factors go into picking the perfect pair, from fit to support and everything in between, these will more than likely be your childs go-to shoes throughout the week and therefore should be the most comfortable. Breathability is key where comfort is concerned because it can mean the difference between hot sweaty and potentially smelly feet, and nice dry and cool feet.

Kids are always on the go, and have more energy than adults can dream of, so it is important to differentiate what it is we need in shoes, and what our children need. You do not want your child coming home after a busy day, and taking off their shoes only to find their feet stink. Taking the time to find the proper running shoe material for their needs will change that, and will make them feel confident and comfortable.

Finding breathable running shoes should be pretty easy, because most brands realize the significance it has on children’s feet, however less expensive brands may use cheaper materials resulting in a shoe that offers zero airflow, and that is the last thing your child needs. So what materials are the most breathable?

  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Canvas

Materials that are synthetic (which is common) do not allow feet to properly breathe and can cause serious issues down the line, aside from just very smelly feet. When it comes to running shoes, your child is most likely running and sweating in them, so a pair that does not wick away moisture is a big no no. Aside from not allowing air to flow, synthetic materials can also restrict the foots movement and not allow them to splay out the way they naturally should.

Running shoes should almost always have a mesh upper as well, this will allow for air to flow throughout the shoe and keep your child’s feet feeling nice and cool, especially during warmer months. Although there are leather uppers as well, these tend to be quite a bit stiffer, they will stretch after time if you’re patient, but with children, whose feet are continuing to grow, you may not have the time to wait, so mesh is the best option. Not only will mesh allow for breathability but it also is softer and will allow your kids feet to easily move around.



Kids running shoes should be comparable to adults in the sense that they offer the right amount of support and fit just right. This is the prime stage in their life where their feet are growing and developing so you want to make sure they are wearing the correct footwear that will ensure everything develops as it should. Sending your child off to school in slip on shoes or rain boots is fine, but depending on what their day will be consisting of, a pair of shoes that are made to support your child’s feet during physical activities are important to have on hand, to change into.

The amount of support and type of runner they need will vary throughout their childhood, depending on the activities they take part in. If they are for everyday running around, basic cushioning, shock absorbency and ankle support is fine, however if they are getting involved in sports or track and field you need to look into more of a quality shoe. This shoe should really perform when it comes to shock absorption and good heel stability which will keep the ankle in place, and prevent injuries.

Proper cushioning goes hand in hand with support and is very important, so the midsole should be good quality. A cupsole is common with kids shoes, but they are cheap and do not offer a comfortable platform for your feet to rest on, especially while you run. Foam midsoles will offer the most amount of comfort and will best help to absorb shock.

Although you may think the more supportive the shoe the better that is not always the case with children. When it comes to shopping for yourself, and other adults extreme support can be a must-have because of your age and the possible injuries you will be prone to. Children are still growing, and having running shoes that do not allow their feet to properly splay out can damage them long term.

Buying shoes for your children can be fun, there are so many brand creating different stylish and fun shoes everyday, however when it comes to running shoes, try to not keep style at the forefront of your mind, and more important qualities there instead. The second you start browsing for shoes your child is going to be drawn to certain ones, based on color, design and style and although running shoes can be both cute and supportive, that isn’t always the case, and the priority should always be fit and support.

There should be a good amount of traction on the bottom of the shoe, such as flex grooves to ensure stability. If the soles of the shoe are slippery they are almost utterly useless to be worn as running shoes because your child will be slipping and falling all over the place. The amount of grip and traction will vary depending on the type of running shoe you buy; for instance trail shoes, but the smallest bit will make a large difference in how confident your child feels running around on different surfaces.


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Q: How often should I buy new running shoes?

A: You should be buying quality shoes that last for years, the problem with that though is that your children’s feet are growing at a much faster rate. Depending on their age, you should be checking the fit of their shoes around every 6 months to ensure they still fit comfortably and their toes are not starting to get squished at the front of the shoe.

Q: Is flexibility important?

A: Flexibility is important and the soles should bend and move with your kids feet as they run. As they get older the amount of flexibility they need or want in a shoe will change, depending on the activities the shoes will be used for or the type of running they do. While they are young though, and their feet are still developing a soft, flexible shoe and sole is best.

Q: How tight should the laces be tied?

A: The laces should be tight snug, but not so much so that they are squeezing your foot. There are a lot of nerves and tendons on the top of your feet where the laces lay and you do not want to damage those in any way, especially with children’s feet that are not fully developed. Lace the running shoes to the top eyelet and securely fasten them ensuring they feel comfortable yet snug.

Q: How many pairs of running shoes does my child need?

A: Depending on how often your child wears runners, and if they play sports or activities that require them to have different levels of support or possibly cleats on the soles, two pairs is ideal. You want them to be able to switch between the two if one for instance is dirty or not as supportive as the other pair. Keep in mind every 6 months or so you will most likely need to purchase a new pair for your child, so too many pairs on hand at once can be a waste of money.

Q: Is traction important?

A: Yes traction is important in running shoes, the amount however that your child will need is completely dependant on their use of the shoes. If they run track for instance, then proper grip on the bottom of their shoes is going to improve their performance significantly, but for running around on the playground it is not a necessary feature. Take the time to determine the exact shoe your child needs.


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