Best Salomon Running Shoes for Road and Trail Reviewed

Salomon has been known in the sporting industry to be one of the best producers of outdoor accessories. Over the years they have built a great reputation by delivering only the best. Salomon Running Shoes have been worn by trail runners and hikers for decades. The reason they are so trusted across the globe is because of the attention to detail and the constant innovation we see within their shoes. 

Running and hiking on rough terrain is a completely different thing than running on a road. While Salomon offers superior shoes in both categories they by far hold the title for some of the very best trail shoes. When running a trail you need to keep your feet protected, dry, and you need to have great traction and ground feel to ensure your feet stay firmly planted under you. Salomon has been working the technology to do meet all of these needs and it shows in the amazing performance you will get no matter the pair you choose to purchase.

Last Updated: May 9, 2018
By Jami Sliger:

The recent update has added five of the newest and best that Salomon has to offer. Whether looking for something to wear on the road or on the toughest trails there is an option here for you. We have looked over and revised our criteria section to ensure we were choosing only the best of the best. We also edited our FAQ section to reflect the most relevant questions of today. Please continue to check back and we will keep you posted on what Salomon has to offer.

Featured Recommendations

Salomon Speedcross 4
  • Salomon Speedcross 4
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Precise Foothold
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Salomon Wings Flyte 2
  • Salomon Wings Flyte 2
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great On Technical Trails
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Salomon X-Mission 3
  • Salomon X-Mission 3
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 3D Grip Traction
  • Price: See Here

Whether you are running on a light trail, road, or rugged terrain there is a perfect shoe out there to meet your every need. Salomon has built their company to accommodate runners in any way they may see fit. So, finding a great pair of running shoes is not as difficult as it may have once seemed. You really can have superior traction, overall comfort, style, and extended wear all in one shoe. While there are an exorbitant amount of choices out there you can never go wrong with this brand. Again you can choose your terrain and style and they will have a shoe to meet your needs.


15 Best Salomon Running Shoes


1. Salomon Speedcross 4

The Speedcross 4 is considered to be among the most popular designs that have been made by Salomon. This recognizable design has proven to be one of the very successful shoes in the shoemaking history of Salomon and considered to be the toughest shoes (when looking at their built structure). The 4th version of the Speedcross model is very modest and has proven to be among the best footwear machines when faced with terrains that are muddy, steep also perfect for long distances. Other impressive features of the shoes are the comfortability, fit, traction and cushioning.
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With being just under 11 ounces, the Speedcross 4 can be termed to be a minimalist shoe. Though many trail runners would love a shoe weighing around 8.7 ounces, the extra weight on the Speedcross 4 has been put to very good use. The midsole has been filled with the EVA foam that is very thick. The dampening mechanism has been used on the shoe which enhances the shoe's comfortability especially when running for long distances (giving the shoes a lightweight feel). The shoe has the ability to retain the good feel and the lugs on the shoes are very soft and quite flexible hence transmitting ample information to keep the body and feet moving confidently. Though the lateral stability of the shoe cannot be said to be at its best. The shoe has a tippy feeling when someone turns sharply when running fast on a descent. This has been contributed by the shoe's height of 20mm mixed with a cut on the ankles that is low. The heel drop is 11mm giving the shoes a feel that is traditional.

Just like its predecessors, the Speedcross 4 offers a great fit that is snug which is very comfortable. The sizing of the shoe is very similar to the one of the prior model. The toe box is relatively snug something that is ideal for buyers who have feet that are both average and narrow. For buyers with wide feet might have a little problem fitting into the shoe the case worsens when the feet start to swell up. The lacing system is quick and enhances comfort, and the polarizing design has been used again. Though it’s a bit challenging to get a fit that is customizable fit by just pulling, never the less they can be worn easily and be removed. The pocket tongue is inbuilt and hence easy to store them. The laces are also very durable.

Cost and Value
Speedcross 4 has been deemed to be among the expensive shoes in the trail shoe categories. Its top quality performance and build help us understand why. Even though it is costly, it is very durable and works well on rough trails, so at the end of the day, you can say the price is quite reasonable.
  • Excellent Ground Feel
  • Superior Traction
  • Perfect for Tough Terrain
  • Updated Lug Design
  • Durable Construction
  • Tall Height = Unsteadiness

2. Salomon X-Mission 3

The Mission 3 offers runners ample power and grace to run across many types of terrains with plenty of ease. The durable components present in the shoe makes sure that the feet are kept protected always from any danger. The tail sections have been optimized so that they can perform well even when the terrain unpredictable.
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Sensi-Fit Construction
Many of the buyers who bought this shoe found the sneaker to be quite comfortable. The trainer’s comfortability is largely due to the Sensi-fit construction that is in the upper section of the shoe. The construction is well fitting and makes sure that the foot is tightly wrapped and supported to ensure you get a comfortable run.

Thanks to the mesh material that is 3 D, the upper section of the Mission 3 trainer has ample breathability. The mesh makes sure that the sneaker is able to breathe despite the humidity of the running environment. The construction of the mesh helps in this, the openness of the mesh allows for air to circulate while also blocking any form of mud or debris that might enter the shoe.

Cost and Value
One of the fairly affordable shoes from Salomon, it’s averagely mid-range. The sneaker is a little overpriced, however, when you look at the versatile features that the shoe has then you will notice that it’s worth the investment. The grip of the trainer’s sole provides traction on all running surfaces, apart from that it’s capable of handling all terrain types regardless of the weather.
  • Great Airflow
  • Supreme Running Comfort
  • Superior Shock Absorption
  • Excellent on Diverse Terrain
  • Stability Issues

3. Salomon Wings Flyte 2 GTX

This second generation of the Wings Flyte GTX has so far proved to be a very reliable shoe to many runners when looking at the comfortability. Apart from that, the breathability of the shoe is also impressive, even with the presence of the waterproof membrane. The shoe has an improved grip compared to the first version while the quick lacing system permits the runner to easily and faster adjust the fit of the shoe. The arch support has also been improved with unbeatable ground feel. The presence of the overlays (Sensi-Fit) guarantees a great support. The shoes also have enhanced drainage. The Flyte 2 can be called a trail running champion specifically designed for intense outdoor training.
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Shock Absorption
The cushioned sole has a twofold thickness, and the material used is foam. This means that the cushioning is one of the best on our list and the level of shock retention of this trainer is great. Your joints and muscles will feel less and you will be able to run further with supreme comfort.

Airy Toe Box
The toe box, on the other hand, has space which allows for air to freely circulate between the toes with no limitations. This allows the feet to stay cooler and maintain their skin integrity. In addition, dry cool feet help you avoid bacterial and fungal growth.

Cost and Value
Going for an average price that is higher than most of the trainers in the same category from other brands, you can say that the price is quite high. So, while your budget may need a bit of adjustment to work these on your feet will thank you. The advanced breathability and unique features make the value of this shoe well worth the cost.
  • Good for Multiple Terrains
  • Fast Easy Adjustment
  • Cushioning in Great Positions
  • Prevents Mud Build-Up
  • Exceptional Grip
  • Great Life Expectancy
  • Sizing Runs Small
  • Upper Durability
  • Heavy

4. Salomon X-Scream 3D

4. Salomon X-Scream 3D
One of the city trail models that have been released by Salomon. This 3D model of X-Scream guarantees a runner with a fit, grip and ride that are all 3D. Well to many a 3D feel might be new and strange. Never the less, the shoes compared to other shoes in the same category it totally stands out with regards to the fit, the grip and the ride offered.
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The technology used in this option is endoFIT™ and ensures the foot has a secure fit regardless of the type of terrain one is running on. Though it’s a little challenging to use them for long distances. This 3 D shoe is a simple neutral running sneaker and on different terrains, it’s able to provide the needed traction. The design and construction are very reliable.

They are extra versatile and even the athletes with wider feet have found the Scream 3D as the best shoes for them. They not only offer a variety in size and width but also in use. They look great and are very comfortable which allows them to transition easily from your daily run to your daily life.

The Cost and Value
The Scream 3D has a fairly steep price tag. Well, many athletes would consider this to be a little expensive compared to the other shoes in its category. Due to their versatile nature and decent durability, the investment in this shoe is well worth the time. It may mean an adjustment in your monthly budget but you will have a truly comfortable and reliable pair of running shoes.
  • Great for Directional Changes
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Good for Wet Soft Surfaces
  • Quite Responsive
  • Excellent Variety in Size/Width
  • Blister During Extended Wear
  • Heavy
  • Quite Costly

5. Salomon Sonic Aero

5. Salomon Sonic Aero
For runners looking for lightweight shoes that are very responsive then they should look for the Sonic Aero from Salomon. The shoe is considered a very reliable option for runners who want very minimal weight on their feet. The outsole has wet traction giving ample grip when running on slick surfaces. The upper section of the trainer has an open mesh that has both Endofit and Sensi-fit technologies. The shoe is specifically designed for trail and road running
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Roomy Toe Box
There is a really good roomy feeling that is offered by both the trainer’s toe box and its forefoot. This does not mean that the security or the snug fit offered by the shoe is reduced in any way. The ability to splay your toes and allow them to grip gives you better stability.

Keeps Feet Dry
Apart from being lightweight, the sonic Aero makes sure that the runner’s feet are kept odor free, very dry and very cool at all times. The 3D technology that has been used to ensure that the upper part of the trainer provides maximum breathability to the entire shoe. This combined with the sock linear which is OrthoLite, the Aero trainers offers a very comfortable, breathable and dry run even on the hottest running climates.

Cost and Value
Well, the shoes from Salomon are known to be fairly expensive, and the Sonic Aero happens to be one of the most expensive trainers from this well-known Brand. Many reviewers do agree that the high cost is attributed to the high quality of materials that are used combined with the advanced technology. While you will have to shell out more you really do get more out of this shoe. Your overall performance will improve and your feet will stay, cool, dry, and comfortable.
  • Excellent Response 
  • Springy Ride
  • Very Lightweight
  • Breathable Upper
  • Sung Comfortable Fit
  • Durability Issues
  • Not True to Size

6. Salomon Speedcross Vario

6. Salomon Speedcross Vario
The Vario model from Salomon has proven to be great trainers suitable for all types of terrain. The trainer happens to be the very second tier from Salomon under the Speedcross line. The Vario model is able to handle all the challenges that one will experience when running on a variety of trails. Offering the grip that is needed when running despite the running surface. The shoe has a stylish look and is very aggressive. The lugs present might not be similar to the ones in the Pro model, but they are able to function just as well.
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Lugged Sole
Just like the other models from Salomon molded EVA has been used in making the unit of the sole. Other components of the sole are the Interjected EVA and the Lightweight muscle. This combination makes sure that the feet remain padded during the entire run. The sole utilizes the Constant grip technology from Salomon. This means that the shoe has a friction that is more grip in order to make sure that the grip remains constant.

Salomon has worked hard to ensure that the Speedcross Vario has the best breathability while also being waterproof. The midsole of the trainer has been designed using a plastic material which is a few centimeters thick, its main purpose is to make sure that no water enters the shoe when running in wet or cold terrain. In addition, the trainer’s upper part has been micro-stripped, this is to ensure the feet are not soaked despite running in puddles or wet grass.

Cost and Value
Most of the Salomon shoes have a very similar price range. The Vario happens to be a very good trail sneaker and that’s why its cost relates to its value and its features and technology used in its construction. They are a very worthy investment and will guarantee a runner an experience that is very comfortable and healthy.
  • Military Grade Grip
  • Strong Yet Lightweight
  • Striking and Stylish
  • Ortholite Insole
  • Waterproof
  • Narrow fit

7. Salomon Sense Mantra 3

7. Salomon Sense Mantra 3
This is the third edition of the Sense Mantra. Salomon has a good track record of releasing trail trainers that are perfect for both running and for hiking. Creating a good balance between the two outdoor sporting activities has made Salomon to stand out. With the Mantra 3 the deal is even much better. It has an impressive design that has been able to effectively balance coming out as an average shoe that us neither too much nor is it too little.
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The padding of the Mantra 3 has been improved and it certainly shows. Never the less the comfortability of the shoe has been enhanced by features like in the trainer which are: the Sensi-fit technology, a toe box that is roomier and lastly the Ortholite inner sock liner. The interior padding has been done and designed effectively and to the correct amount, hence comfortable and not obtrusive

Run Use
These shoes are meant for light trails or more populated urban scenes. They have a rubber sole that will provide good durability on these types of surfaces. If you like a bit of scenic beauty but your daily routine has you running the neighborhood these may be the perfect addition to your running footwear.

Cost and Value
While many of the options in our guide carry a similar price tag they all offer different features. These are a bit cheaper than several other pairs but may still require a bit of wiggle room in the budget. You will have a top-quality, great running shoe if you choose these advanced shoes.
  • Simple Lacing System
  • Exceptionally Light
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Secure Fit
  • Good Road Traction
  • Narrow Feet = Toe Too Wide
  • Difficult Sizing
  • Not for Muddy/Wet Conditions

8. Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX

8. Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX
Among the very affordable shoes that have been produced by Salomon. The shoe had been initially designed to function like a trail running sneaker but then it turned out to be the best versatile option of trainers. The 3D GTX Pro is very lightweight and hence less bulky. It also has amazing durability perfect for running and hiking. The designed offers a cushioned feel that is supportive, rugged and waterproof, this is done without making the shoe any more bulky or heavy. The shoe is perfect for all outdoor activities.
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The upper material is rugged hence it as great in the area of durability and can withstand a beating for quite some time. Just like all the Salomon shoes, it has a tongue gusseted. The main function of the tongue is to connect itself to the shoes’ upper part and hence keep the debris out, especially when hiking or riding.

You will realize that the sole has a dual density of the EVA components that offer the extra cushioning you feel when you wear the shoes. This means that the trainers have the best rebound, which adds up to maximize protection from hard objects and rocks while running or hiking. The EVA component also offers stability to hikers and runners, especially those athletes who experience overpronation.

Cost and Value
With time and increased ingenuity and technology within the make of this shoe, the cost has gone up. Falling in the middle of our price ranges it can still be an investment for some. You will have an amazing shoe that has been carefully crafted to ensure you get the best run or hike possible while being supported and maintaining comfort.
  • Easy Adjustment = Customized Feel
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Excellent Toe Protection
  • Thick Base for Hard Terrain
  • Protection from water.
  • Advanced Durability
  • Not True to Size
  • Longer Break-In Period
  • Bulky Toe Box

9. Salomon Sense Ride

9. Salomon Sense Ride
This is a new model that has been introduced by Salomon. It has been marketed as the quick killer by Salomon. The shoe has impressive versatility being able to move from the gym to the cold wet terrains. The shoe has been designed to deal with the different types of trail conditions that runners face each day when running.
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Compared to the Ultra model of the Salomon Sense, the Ride has a fit that is wider with extra volume. This is welcoming, especially for the athletes who have wide feet. That’s why it has been favored by many hikers and runners. The heel is also improved compared to the other models of shoes that have been produced by Salomon in the past.

The premium material offers reliable traction despite the different running surfaces and this includes the mossy rock terrains and the loose talus ones. The outsole also used the similar design of the ultra-having a lug pattern that is trapezoidal. The lugs are flat and with an effective surface area that offers good traction on surfaces that are slick.

Cost and Value.
The price of the shoe is determined by the size, color options, width and also the features that you will find on the shoe. Despite their high price tag, the shoes have been praised by buyers to be of very high quality in terms of traction and breathability.
  • Traction on Wet/Slick Surfaces
  • Lugged Outsole
  • Versatile Use
  • Quite Breathable
  • Extended Comfortable Wear
  • Minimal Forefoot Protection
  • Heel Fit

10. Salomon X Ultra 2 GTX

10. Salomon X Ultra 2 GTX
Rugged terrain is no challenge for the X Ultra 2 GTX hiking shoe by Salomon. This option is not only waterproof but also very breathable. They also offer great stability and comfort on adventurous terrains. Choose what level you want to take it to and know these shoes will hang with you. The upper and lower materials give great durability and the heel has been improved to provide you with better stability and less heel slipping.
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Molded EVA Midsole
When you are running on rough, rugged trails the support and cushioning in the midsole of your shoe plays an integral role in stability. In addition, it impacts your overall performance and the way you feel at the end of an arduous trek. This design makes sure you transition nicely and your foot stays in place while your shoes move with you.

Gore-Tex Booties
Keeping your feet dry is a huge part of not only overall foot health but also the ability to run when you want to while feeling great. These booties breath exceptionally well and will cut down on odor build up by helping the feet stay dry and comfortable during your longest runs.

Cost and Value
When you think about the protection and comfort these trail shoes offer the cost doesn't seem so high. This option falls towards the middle of our guide and allows the wearer long use of them without worry of damaged uppers or poorly constructed materials. They will last with you through varied terrain and hold up well through it all.
  • No Break-In Period
  • Excellent for Long Miles
  • No Blisters
  • Can Take Serious Use
  • Wide Toe Box
  • Very Long Laces

11. Salomon X Ultra Prime

11. Salomon X Ultra Prime
Technical trails are no match for these hiking shoes. Passion has helped shape these shoes for a lightweight durable ride that will keep you feeling great even through extended use. The rubber outsole gives great grip and traction while the synthetic upper breaths easily and is simple to care for. They will assure your feet stay comfortable and dry while supporting your feet in the most critical areas.
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Traditional Laces
Sometimes going a traditional route with lacing is a better option. Some find other lacing systems to stretch and wear out, in addition to mechanisms breaking. Traditional lacing will allow you to tighten and loosen your shoes without too much worry that how you set them is going to change as you start to run or climb a wild trail. Add a double knot and you are sure to feel secure that your shoes are going to stay right where you want them.

Pull Loop
Most runners tend to tie their shoes quite tightly. This can make pulling them on and off more difficult and time-consuming. With the addition of a pull loop on the back of the shoe, you will be able to slide in and out of them easier. Regardless of how tight you tie your shoes, it doesn't have to be impossible to take them on and off.

Cost and Value
The cost of this choice runs in the middle of the pack. They are not as flashy with features as others in our guide and that is probably what makes them more affordable than several others. When you don't need all the bells and whistles these shoes can be just what you have been looking for at a cost not as difficult to absorb.
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent for Daily Wear
  • Easy to Care For
  • Durable Yet Grippy Sole
  • Less Bulk
  • Sizing Runs Small

12. Salomon XR Shift

12. Salomon XR Shift
If you need an affordable shoe with features galore, look towards the XR shift. This trail running shoe offers a rubber bottom for excellent grip and fabric/synthetic upper for great flexibility and breathability. In addition, they offer innovative traction technology that aids in the overall grip. Your toes will be protected and they are sure to stay comfortable as several of this shoe's features revolve around comfort.
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SensiFit + SensiFlex
If a shoe fit could be smart, this one would be the leader of its class. The SensiFit technology allows the wearer to adjust the lacing easily and the overall fit will mold to your feet. The SensFlex Technology allows the shoe to move and bend with your every movement. This choice will feel as if they were made just for you.

TPU Toe Cap
When you are zooming along the trail the last thing you want is to injure your toes. This can put a fast stop to your adventure. The Thermo Plastic toe cap will protect your toes from sticks, rocks, and other debris that may try to work its way into the front of your shoe.

Cost and Value
One of the most affordable pairs of Salomon shoes in our guide with advanced technology and a variety of features it's hard to imagine why the cost is so reasonable. They truly will stand with you through tough courses and are built to breathe and last. Most budgets will absorb their cost easily and give you a seriously solid shoe.
  • Excellent Price
  • Accurate Sizing
  • Great Heel Cup
  • Flashy Design
  • Good for Daily Use
  • Durability of Upper

13. Salomon Sense Ride

13. Salomon Sense Ride
These are one of the most advanced shoes that Salomon offers. The Sense Ride gives you superior grip with the Contagrip outsole which works as well wet surfaces as it does on dry. They also use Salomon Vibe technology which gives this shoe excellent rebound giving the energy you put in back to you. In addition to all of this, they also give you a customized feel and offer your feet pretty good protection while on the trail.
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Endo Fit
Finding a shoe that feels like it has been customized to your foot can be a difficult thing with all the variety of shapes and sizes. The Endo Fit system wraps your foot in a sock-like sleeve. It offers support to the areas that need it the most.

Ortholite Foam
The use of Ortholite Foam keeps the area where your foot is dry and cool. Overall foot health relies on a dry environment. It helps avoid bacterial and fungal growth. In addition, it allows you to keep your skin integrity at it optimum level which keeps you running whenever you decide you want to.

Cost and Value
The cost of these truly advanced shoes is quite high. They are more expensive than many others in our guide. They will keep you comfortable for long hours and they will respond better than almost any. If you can fit these into your budget you won't be disappointed.
  • Very Stable
  • Supportive EVA Heelcup
  • Breathable Air Mesh Upper
  • QuickLace System
  • Excellent Performance
  • Quite Costly

14. Salomon Ellipse GTX

14. Salomon Ellipse GTX
This fast drying options will suit you well on muddy, wet terrains. With advanced fit features and the assurance that your feet will stay dry, these are a great choice for people that have little regard for the weather. The rubber sole paired with the textile, leather and synthetic upper give it advanced durability. In addition to this, they offer all-day comfort no matter how far you decide to go.
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Low Height
The lower height of this option allows for greater motion and flex in the foot and ankle. This allows you to transition on varied terrains easily. When paired with the excellent traction you will see how these shoes help your overall performance. Increased maneuverability will be shown the first time you take these for a run.

The asymmetrical SensiFlex found in this shoe will allow a huge variety of feet to be cradled and comfortable, even during extended wear. This technology moves and forms to your specific foot giving an overall feeling of true customization. Built to accommodate a wide range of widths and shapes this shoe can make the hardest fit seem like a breeze.

Cost and Value
The cost of this shoe falls in the lower middle end of prices within this guide. True fit and a customized feel make it surprising how affordable they are. With advanced features like this shoe offers it could cost substantially more. You really get a good value when investing in this option by Salomon.
  • Abraision Resistant Lining
  • Excellent for Long Wear
  • Great Range of Motion
  • Lightweight Design
  • Top-Quality Materials
  • Narrow Arch

15. Salomon S Lab Speed 2

15. Salomon S Lab Speed 2
Want to know what zooming down the trail at ridiculous speed feels like without worrying about face planting the ground? Take a look at the S Lap Speed 2 Trail Running shoes. You will get light support and excellent rebound due to the EndoFit system. In addition, you will not have to worry about long laces tripping you up because of a convenient pocket that you can tuck them into. The Premium Contagrip outsole gives you amazing grip and traction in wet, muddy, or mossy situations.
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Textile Lining
The lining of this shoe feels awesome. Sometimes this type of shoe solely focuses on performance and not overall feel. This is not what we see here. The textile lining is soft and comfortable and does a good job of wicking moisture away and keeping your feet dry, cool, and in optimal Condition.

Fast Pace = No Problem
Finding a trail running shoe that can keep you firmly on your feet while running at your top speed can be difficult. The faster you are the less time your shoe has to respond to the situation you put it in. This choice will leave your worries behind. The advanced technology gives it an amazing response rate and allows you to test yourself in the category of speed.

Cost and Value
When looking at a performance shoe like this it is only natural that it carries a fairly high price tag. Many budgets will need to make room for them and some may not be able to afford them at all but if you can you will find out what speed really feels like. Don't worry about slipping or injury when you decide to add these to your current footwear collection.
  • On the Go Adjustments
  • Improved Feedback
  • Exceptionally Light
  • Great on Tough Terrain
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Trail Use Only
  • Very Costly

Salomon is still committed to their consumer brand slogan of “Freedom, Action, and Sports”. They have decided to focus on protection, comfort, and breathability in an effort to give runners the perfect footwear to allow them to traverse uneven terrains. Consumers have complained that the brand still has a limited variety of shoe models, but Salomon is working on expanding their collection of trainers so as to meet their consumer demand. Never the less, Salomon has proven itself in producing among the top shoes that are used for road and trail running, as well as hiking in any condition. If you already don’t have a pair, check out our top 10 list and go grab yourself a pair of Salomon trainers.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Salomon Running Shoes

Criteria best salomon running shoes

Road Vs. Trail

Because trail running involves dynamics in which road running is absent, such as rocks, uneven terrain, and even snakes or sharp sticks, trail running shoes are designed and built much differently.

  • Trail –
    For sharp rocks, you will usually have more overlays and less mesh on a trail runner. Less mesh also helps keep out water that may be present on trails.  Dirt is much different than concrete and makes for a much different requirement in the outsole profile of the shoe. Goretex or waterproofing liners are heavy, why use them on the road when you won’t encounter mud or have a high risk of submerging your feet accidentally. Overall, trails are much less forgiving and typically much rougher than running on a road, and your shoe will need to compensate for that to give you the best experience possible.
  • Road –
    Road running provides zero need for extra protection so shoes can be made with large portions of mesh on the uppers. Another factor that comes into play is the actual surface you are running on. You need as much airflow as possible for your feet when running especially when on a hot road in the summer. Keeping your road shoe light and airy will allow your feet to stay in better condition. Salomon is one of the greatest when it comes to trail footwear, and they have included features in their running shoes that make them one of the best in the running universe. See below.
  • Traction for Dirt or Multi-Terrain –
    To be able to take on the trails when it gets rough, Salomon uses lugged outsole profiles on their shoes that are perfect for grabbing traction and biting the ground on dirt, mud, or snow. Some have a much more aggressive outsole profile than others, but all will share the same general purpose, which is to grip the ground. You will also see the multi-terrain shoes that the outsole lugs are shaved off, or are less pronounced to allow for a blended transition between street and off-road terrain.

Rough Best Salomon Running shoes

Resistance and Protection

Of course, out on the trail, you will run into a variety of items that may try to work their way into your shoe. this does not only mean water protection but you also need to watch out for:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Mud
  • Leaves
  • Twigs
  • Bug

Thankfully, Salomon features some of the best debris resistant features of all trail running shoes. They also have the slickest and most highly effective waterproofing in modern footwear, Gore-Tex. To further seal off the inner side of your running shoes, Salomon also includes built-in gaiters in some of their shoes, such as the Snowcross and S/Lab X/A Alpine models. Be aware that these features render any normal weather running or sunny day sessions out of the question. Waterproofing and sealing a shoe greatly hinders a shoes ability to regulate inside temperatures. The lack of airflow will lead to higher temperatures, which then leads to excessive sweating. Sweat will not be able to escape as easily and may lead to blistering and a build-up of germs.

  • Extra Protection & Durability –
    Proper protection for the trails may come in many forms. You will typically see shoes with toe bumpers, and thick overlays in order to protect from any obstructions on the trail. Because trail runners are beat up much more than road running shoes, to last as long they need to be built up with more layers or thicker, stronger materials. This means you will also have heavier shoes. They are some minimalist type trail running shoes, but they are more for city parks or highly maintained trails. If you take not the not-so-beaten path, don’t skimp on protection. Chances are you will fair much better out there with a little bit more weight.
  • Shock Protection & Cushioning –
    Inside the shoe, you will need more padding and should have an insole that is both supportive and cushioned. The midsole should also lend its hand in the comfort department. Some trail running shoes will be made with larger midsoles of EVA material which is very cushion-like and also absorbs shock very well. This means constant impact or stepping over rocks and the uneven ground won’t go straight to your feet.

Fall Best Salomon Running Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Salomon running shoes made only for trail running?
A: Salomon makes shoes with trail running in mind, but have shoes with multi-terrain (on and off road) capabilities. Most of their shoes are perfect for certain types of trail, and others fair well on the flat road. They are a truly versatile brand that tries to keep every type of runner in mind.

Q: What is Alpine trail running, and how is it different from normal trail running?
A: Alpine is in reference to the mountain range known as the Alps. Shoes for Alpine conditions will need to bear the pressure of rocky, snowy, and even icy conditions. These conditions are not found on normal trails, therefore, they require a specific type of shoe if you have any hope of running them and staying on your feet.

Q: What type of lacing method do Salomon trail running shoes incorporate?
A: Some Salomon running shoes have a lock lace triathlon style system which is usually coupled with a tuck-away pouch. They have other speed lacing systems too. If a regular lacing system is something you prefer, don’t worry Salomon has that too. Pretty much what you want is what they have in the category of laces.

Q: What is Gore-Tex and why should I get a shoe with it?
A:  Gore-tex (GTX) is the most breathable, yet waterproof material known to hikers, trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts of all types. GTX is the industry standard in the US for waterproof material for outdoor wear whether it’s incorporated directly into the shoe, or as a bootie (inner lining).

Q: Is it ok to wear my trail running shoes for a jog around the neighborhood?
No, you really should not wear your trail shoes while running on asphalt. Due to the fact many trail shoes are heavily lugged on the outsole, you will find running on pavement to be difficult. You will not be able to grip the ground because the shoe will not be able to dig into the surface. If you plan on running on the road you would invest in a great pair of road running shoes. Salomon offers some top varieties as do many other great running shoe brands.

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