Best Selling Shoes Reviewed for Quality & Value

For many, shoes are the icing on the cake when putting together an outfit. Just like clothing and makeup, shoes can accentuate, define, and give you killer confidence. There is no such thing as too many shoes. There are different shoes for different occasions, events, weather, and seasons. These shoes are the best of the best. Ranging from athletic sneakers seto cozy slippers, you’re sure to find a pair to fall in love with.

Last Updated: March 3, 2018
By Alice Frutis:

This update added five new shoes, which brings this list to a total of the top fifteen best selling shoes. Three shoes were replaced with more popular shoes. The criteria for selection section of this page was improved with even more helpful information about what makes a shoe a bestseller. Sources were added and the frequently asked questions section was also updated.

Shoes are essential in pretty much everybody’s daily lives. They are a method of transportation in their own way, they protect our feet from natures harsh elements, and they give us the opportunity to express our sense of style. They offer us warmth, comfort, and stability. And with so many different styles, colors, qualities, prices, sizes, and materials, the perfect pair for you could be challenging to track down.

Featured Recommendations

Converse All Star Low
  • Converse All Star Low
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Unisex design
  • Price: See Here
New Balance MX608v4
  • New Balance MX608v4
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Injection molded Eva midsole
  • Price: See Here
Crocs Classic Clog
  • Crocs Classic Clog
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Croslite material
  • Price: See Here

Different types of shoes have their own perks, such as the way cleats are designed to grip the turf, or rubber boots are designed to keep your feet from getting wet. These shoes are popular, highly rated, and designed to give you what you look for and need in a shoe. For most of us, shoes need to be affordable and stylish, but above all else, they must be comfortable. Nobody wants to be stuck in a sneaker that gives them blisters at an amusement park, or a dress shoe that pinches their toes all day at work, or a pair of slippers with a rock hard sole. As a general rule, best selling shoes are the best selling for a reason. They’re comfortable, stylish, affordable, durable, and reliable. Now having read that, imagine all those attributes and more in a single pair of shoes. Unheard of. Until now.



15 Best Selling Shoes



1. Converse All Star Low

I don’t believe I speak alone when I say Converse are by far the most comfortable, durable, and wearable shoes of this day and age. They feature an easily washable, lightweight canvas material, and a rubber sole designed for grip and traction. The shoe comes in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your personal likings. They are both durable and affordable, and quite frankly, a gift from God.
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Lightweight Canvas Upper

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low’s claim to fame was their upper canvas material, and how light it is. It makes the shoe feel less confining and more breathable. The canvas is also very easily washable, with little maintenance. They are fine to be tossed in the wash on a spin cycle. Hand washing is not necessary, although would likely keep them in better shape in the long run.

Rubber Sole

Another benefit of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low’s to add to the list is the rubber sole. It definitely aids in extending the life of the shoe, as it is very durable material that offers excellent grip and traction in all types of terrain and weather. The only downside is the white rubber soles get dirty quickly.


Not only has Converse blessed us with this all around ideal shoe, they’re also not requesting an arm and leg for it. This is one of the cheaper on the list, although the quality is right up alongside the more expensive ones. They are definitely worth the investment.
  • Very Versatile
  • Ultra Durable
  • Large variety of colors to choose from
  • Affordable compared to others on the list
  • Tailored to fit your feet
  • Non-water resistant
  • Many knock off brands

2. Crocs Classic Clog

Crocs are a staple in comfortable footwear. They are great for multiple reasons. They’re waterproof, ventilated, extremely comfortable, long wearing, and affordable. They also feature a removable back strap and synthetic soles made for comfort and ease. They are designed to be a slip on shoe. It’s really not a wonder they made the list.
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The Crocs Classic Clogs design includes small holes throughout the top and sides of the shoe to make it breathable. The ventilation system works to keep feet cool in warmer weather. This feature also helps to drain water from the shoe when walking through water and puddles, making sure water doesn’t pool in your shoe, which is uncomfortable.


These shoes are waterproof in every way, shape, and form. This makes them ideal for walks on the beach, as well as actually using them as water shoes. This also makes them super easy to clean anything off of, whether it be mud, paint, dirt, chalk, or practically any other substance under the sun. Crocs are also ultra lightweight, making them perfect for water related activities.


Crocs are fairly priced, so you will definitely be getting your money’s worth. They literally last ages, and are so easy to maintain. The value of the shoe is far beyond what you will likely pay.
  • Large color variety
  • Customizable with Jibbitz
  • Breathability eliminates odor
  • Easy to wash
  • Super squishy soles
  • Not as stylish as most on list
  • Not great tread

3. New Balance MX608v4

The New Balance Training Shoe offers stability, comfort, and durability. These leather sneakers feature a lace up closure, breathable lining, a pull tab at the heel for easy slip on and convenience, a rubber non marking sole, an EVA footbed, IMEVA midsole, and ABZORB cushioning.
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EVA footbed

The EVA footbed is contoured in the arch and heel, giving it excellent support. EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam insoles are known for their density and support system. This helps to support the foot, heel, calf, and back which is a major benefit.

ABZORB cushioning

New Balances ABZORB cushioning works to eliminate heel, ankle, and back pain by dispersing forces at the point of impact, reducing shock being transferred through the shoe and into the leg. The cushioning is made up of Dupont Engage Isoprene rubber and foam materials.


These sneakers are relatively inexpensive for the amount of wear you’ll get from them. Used mainly as a walking shoe, they will last as long as you allow them to and are well worth the money.
  • Long lasting leather
  • Padded mesh tongue
  • A great deal of interior padding
  • Fits true to size
  • Shock absorption
  • Slightly stiff when new

4. Asics Gel Venture 5

4. Asics Gel Venture 5
Designed for running, this sneaker features Asics high Abrasion rubber sole, durable mesh material with overlays, Asics famous GEL cushioning system, a sole made for multi-surface traction and trails, a removable foam sockliner, and a large selection of color combinations to choose from.

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Multi-surface traction sole

This sneaker was designed with walkers, hikers, and runners in mind. Made for rugged terrain and trails, this is perfect for anyone who enjoys the woods in particular. Unlike most sneakers, Asics GEL Venture 5 has a sole with traction, yet leaves little room for loose dirt and mud to get packed in the bottom.

GEL cushioning system

Asics GEL is inserted into both the forefoot and rearfoot, which helps to “soften the blow” as your foot thuds against the ground during running exercises. GEL absorbs the strike, making not only for a more comfortable run, but also preventing potential injuries, particularly to the foot, leg, and back in the long run.


The Asics GEL Venture 5 is a tad bit pricier than previously mentioned products. Despite this, there are many athletes who swear by these sneakers. They are worth the price as they are designed for so many different things including hiking, walking, jogging, running, and long distance.
  • Large color variety
  • A fabric hook on the back for hanging purposes
  • Detachable sock liner allows the insertion of orthotics
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Sole is made of high abrasion rubber
  • Difficult to clean dust and dirt out of in between layers
  • Not very flexible

5. Ugg Ansley Moccasin

5. Ugg Ansley Moccasin
The UGG Ansley Moccasin is perfect for either stay-at-home or on-the-go comfort. This easy slide on features genuine pig leather, genuine dyed sheepskin, a molded rubber sole making these ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, water resistant Silkee suede upper, and fully lined with UGGpure wool (including the insole).

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Indoor and Outdoor sole

The moccasin rubber sole is designed for wear both inside and outside. It provides traction for outdoor terrain and weather while still being suitable for indoors without scuffing the floor. The only downside is that the rubber sole does not extend fully to the tip of the toe, causing the toe area where the leather begins and the sole ends to scuff, wearing out the leather faster than it should.

UGGpure wool

UGGpure wool is innovative as it does not actually harm the animal during the process. Essentially, the sheep is just given a haircut, making it both a renewable and sustainable resource. UGGpure wool is more economically friendly, and also cruelty free as opposed to most animal fur products.


UGG’s in general are fairly expensive, due to the real animal furs and skins, so the price of these slippers shouldn’t be overly alarming. Many people have trouble justifying spending such large sums of money on a slipper, but those who have spent it have nothing but good things to say about it.
  • Decent color selection, although most are neutrals
  • Decorative UGG stitching
  • UGGpure wool lining and insole
  • Easy slip on design
  • Perfect amount of insole padding
  • Sizing runs small
  • Fur can become matted down quickly

6. Nike Air Force 1

6. Nike Air Force 1
Originally designed as a basketball shoe, the Nike Air Force 1’s have become a popular sneaker for off the court as well. They were also the first basketball shoe to use Nike Air Technology. Featuring both leather and synthetic materials, a rubber sole, padding around the collar, pivot points in the forefoot and heel to ensure a smooth transition every turn, and a non marking rubber sole to promote traction.
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Collar padding

The sneakers collar is padded to guarantee a comfortable, snug fit, as well as to prevent feet from sliding within the shoe, and to prevent them from sliding out of the shoe. The padding around the collar also works to eliminate those irritating blisters and chafing against the heel.

Nike Air Technology

The famous Nike Air Technology was first used and tested in this sneaker, specifically designed for basketball athletes. Sneakers with this feature have a flexible, yet tough and sturdy bag containing pressurized air located in the forefoot, midsole, or both. This technology reduces the weight of the shoe, adds versatility, and gives the shoe a type of cushioning, softening the blow to your body on hard impact movements.


Being one of the top three most expensive shoes on this list, it is a bit of a splurge. Now a day it seems more people are throwing away lavish amounts of money on these just as a fashion shoe. If purchased for the intended purpose, basketball, the shoes are fairly priced and run on average with other basketball shoes.
  • Good arch support
  • Can be worn comfortably all day
  • Many color options
  • Available in many stores
  • Best selling athletic shoe of all time
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Not true to color

7. Adidas Superstar

7. Adidas Superstar
This classic sneaker, originally designed for basketball, debuted in 1969 and has really made a comeback in recent years. Adidas Superstar shoes offer a full grain leather upper, ankle support, a textile lining, Adidas classic rubber shell toe, the Adidas logo on both the heel and tongue, and includes the famous 3 stripe design. The Superstars come in a large variety of colors and patterns, so finding one to suit to your preferences won’t be hard.
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Ankle support

The sneakers offer ankle support through padding on the back of the heel. The cushion between your heel and the stiff leather upper prevents blisters, rubbing, and chafing which leads to discomfort. Although padded, the heel is still stiff offering support to the ankle.

Full Grain Leather

Adidas Superstars bless us with full grain leather, which is the best quality leather available. Unsanded hides still have rough patches, which gives the fibre strength and durability. This makes the shoe last longer and stay in prime condition. It also makes makes them look really nice.


The Adidas Superstars are really not overly pricey. They are one of the cheaper on the list, although in my opinion one of the highest quality and durability. For what they’re worth, it’s a steal of a deal. Plus they carry larger kids sizes, which just so happen to be substantially cheaper than adults.
  • Decent price point
  • Appealing design
  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • Kids sizes run quite large
  • Specific designs and patterns can be tricky to locate

8. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop

8. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop
Sanuk’s Yoga Sling 2 flip-flop combines comfort with convenience in an aesthetically pleasing package. This flip-flop’s fabric straps are stretchy and soft, so they are gentle on your skin. This shoe’s synthetic sole offers some traction, but where it really excels is in its cushioning! Sanuk used their Happy U rubber sponge outsole to reduce the forcefulness of each step.
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Yoga Mat Footbed
To provide you with a cushioned, comfortable step, Sanuk developed a footbed modeled after yoga mats and used it in their Yoga Sling 2 flip-flop. It is soft and responsive.

Washing Machine Safe
For your convenience, Sanuk’s Yoga Sling 2 is easy to clean. The fabric upper and synthetic outsole are made with materials that are safe to wash in the washing machine.

Cost and Value
This Sanuk flip-flop can be found in the low-to-middle price range. Its wide variety of lovely colors schemes combined with its comfort and convenience features make it a great buy!
  • Yoga Mat Footbed
  • Washing Machine Safe
  • Stretchy Fabric Straps
  • Happy U Rubber Sponge Outsole
  • Synthetic Sole
  • 39 Gorgeous Color Schemes
  • Not dryer safe
  • Only comes in narrow sizes

9. Clarks Breeze Sea Flip-Flop

9. Clarks Breeze Sea Flip-Flop
The Clarks Breeze Sea flip-flop comes in a variety of color schemes and offers customizability which is not commonly found in flip-flops. This flip-flop bears a lightweight, synthetic sole for comfort and traction. The midsole stripe adds a flare of color as well as added comfort. To top it all off, this popular flip-flop comes with a hook-and-loop buckle closure.
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Adjustable Fabric Thong Strap
This flip-flop comes with an adjustable thong strap so you can customize the fit. For added comfort, the thong strap is made of fabric rather than a firm synthetic material.

18 Stunning Color Schemes
This stylish Clarks flip-flop is available in eighteen stunning color schemes, so you’re certain to find the perfect single color or color combination to suit your style and any outfit.

Cost and Value
As it is situated in the lower-middle price range, the Clarks Breeze Sea flip-flop offers cost-effective, stylish comfort for a decent price. It’s a great deal for an amazing flip-flop!
  • Adjustable Fabric Thong Strap
  • 18 Stunning Color Schemes
  • Lightweight Synthetic Sole
  • Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • Midsole Stripe
  • Floral Print Footbed
  • Poor arch support
  • Only comes in narrow sizes

10. Skechers Sport Afterburn

10. Skechers Sport Afterburn
The Skechers Sport Afterburn comes in subdued and neutral colors, so it won’t make a huge statement when you go on your evening run, but it comes with a number of great features to make the shoe more comfortable. The upper is a combination of breathable mesh with supportive overlays. The collar and tongue are padded to reduce painful rubbing.
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Leather and Synthetic Supportive Overlays
Breathable mesh uppers can be fragile and aren’t very supportive. The leather and synthetic material overlays help protect the mesh and your feet. These sturdy overlays also support your feet.

Cushioned Mesh Tongue
Unlike some other athletic shoes, the Skechers Sport Afterburn comes with a cushioned mesh tongue, which combines shock-absorbing cushioning with breathability features to regulate the temperature inside this athletic shoe.

Cost and Value
This excellent athletic shoe is available in the low-to-middle price range. Its numerous breathability features will help you run comfortably with little risk for blisters, smelly odors, and foot fungi.
  • Leather and Synthetic Supportive Overlays
  • Cushioned Mesh Tongue
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Ventilating Perforations
  • Memory Foam Insole
  • Padded Collar
  • Fabric Lining
  • Soles may come loose
  • Soles are firm

11. RockDove House Slippers

11. RockDove House Slippers
These lovely RockDove house slippers offer premium comfort for a great price. The multilayered insole and anti-skid rubber sole are just two of the great features this house slipper has to offer. The entire house slipper is lined with a plush cotton lining which will keep your feet warm. This cotton and spandex house slipper is also washing machine safe.
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Multilayered Insole
These house slippers are equipped with a triple-layer insole. The first layer is made of responsive high-density memory foam followed by a support layer and a layer of EVA foam.

Anti-Skid Rubber Sole
The anti-skid rubber sole on these house slippers provides extra traction so you can use them for quick trips outside and won’t slip easily on slick surfaces in your home.

Cost and Value
These plush house slippers are very affordable and can be found in the low price range. These warm, soft slippers provide ample cushioning, which makes them a great buy.
  • Multilayered Insole
  • Anti-Skid Rubber Sole
  • Cotton-and-Spandex Upper
  • Slip-On
  • Open Back
  • Machine Washable
  • Plush Cotton Lining
  • Inconsistent sizing
  • May become smelly

12. Capezio Daisy 205

12. Capezio Daisy 205
The Capezio Daisy 205 ballet flat is a beginner ballet flat for toddlers and small children. It comes with a number of great features, including moisture-resistant leather and the availability of wide sizes. This flat’s elastic drawstring won’t come loose and get lost in the shoe but still serves its purpose to adjust the fit of the shoe as needed.
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The Capezio Daisy 205 is an all-leather ballet flat that has been pretreated to be moisture-resistant, so a little water won’t ruin your child’s shoe and they can dance comfortably.

Wide Fit
Unlike many ballet flats for children, the Capezio Daisy 205 comes in wide and narrow sizes. If your child has wide feet, then this is the ballet flat for them.

Cost and Value
This sleek and durable leather ballet flat by Capezio can be found in the low-to-middle price range, which makes the Daisy 205 model quite affordable for a beginner ballet flat.
  • Moisture-Resistant
  • Wide Fit
  • Bar-Tacked Elastic Drawstring
  • Suede Outsole
  • Silk I.D. Tag
  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Strap may snap

13. DC Court Graffik

13. DC Court Graffik
DC’s Court Graffik skate shoe is a very popular skater shoe. Its traction and cushioned paneling provide extra support and protection for your vulnerable feet. The leather upper provides an extra layer of support and protection against scrapes and falls, but DC included vent holes to improve breathability. It also has a lightweight mesh tongue with some cushioning built in.
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Pill Pattern Tread
The pill pattern on the tread of these skate shoes provides extra traction and grip so you can ride your board with confidence. It is also good for slick floors.

Cushioned Paneling
To provide your feet with extra protection and shock-absorption when you are both on and off the skateboard, DC’s Court Graffick skate shoes have cushioned panels built into the upper.

Cost and Value
These popular skater shoes can be found in the middle price range and they’re well worth the price tag, as they provide traction and cushioning for your comfort and safety.
  • Pill Pattern Tread
  • Cushioned Paneling
  • Leather Upper
  • Vent Holes
  • Rubber Sole
  • Lightweight Mesh Tongue
  • Sole may come loose
  • Little cushioning in the footbed

14. Zhuanglin Quick Drying

14. Zhuanglin Quick Drying
There is much to love about this best-selling shoe from the mesh upper which allows for quick drying and temperature management to the special Water Grip outsole designed to give you great traction under the water. Its special outsole is also built with flex grooves to allow it to bend naturally with your foot, which adds another layer of comfort.
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Solyte Midsole
Bringing comfort to water shoes, Zhuanglin’s Quick Drying Water Shoes has a responsive midsole unit which cushions and supports your feet. The Solyte midsole is durable and sure to last.

ComforDry Sockliner
The luxurious ComforDry sockliner which is used in Zhuanglin’s Quick Drying Water Shoes is a cushioned footbed which effortlessly wicks moisture away to help your feet and shoes dry quickly.

Cost and Value
These quick-drying water shoes are very affordable and comfortable. They come with ample cushioning to protect your feet from painful impacts and they come in a variety of lovely colors.
  • Solyte Midsole
  • ComforDry Sockliner
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • RB/EVA Outsole
  • Midfoot Webbing
  • Flex Grooves
  • Outsole catches debris
  • Not washing machine safe

15. Anna Dana-20 Classic

15. Anna Dana-20 Classic
The Anna Dana-20 Classic Ballerina Flat is simple in design, as is typical for ballet flats, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. These lovely flats come in twenty-three colors and patterns to suit anyone’s style. The low heel and lightly cushioned insole provide comfort and the soft lining acts as a thin barrier between your feet and the firm upper.
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Zip Closure
These classic ballet flats come with a twist: a zip-up closure. This allows the opening to be larger than in other ballet flats, making it easier to put them on.

Synthetic Upper
These flats come in synthetic suede and synthetic nubuck styles, which gives you the style of a suede leather shoe without the guilt of killing an animal to make it.

Cost and Value
You can find these classic ballet flats in the low-to-middle price range, which makes them incredibly affordable. These stylish ballet flats are comfortable and come in a variety of colors.
  • Zip Closure
  • Synthetic Upper
  • 23 Lovely Colors and Patterns
  • Soft Lining
  • Elastic Crossing Straps
  • Lightly Cushioned Insole
  • Only available in standard width
  • Synthetic upper is firm

 These shoes all have different styles, features, and purposes. They range from running sneakers designed for athletes to basketball sneakers worn by icons, and everything from a casual shoe to a cozy slipper in between. While many are designed for athletic use, they can be used for just about any occasion. Many double as an athletic shoe and a casual shoe, giving you countless clothing options to pair them with. They are versatile, and made to walk with you. Many offer arch support, while still looking fashionable. Multiple shoes on the list feature EVA foot beds, Nike Air-Sole technology, and IMEVA insoles. They offer top quality material, making sure that your sneakers will last to their full potential. One thing all of these shoes have in common, is their top notch ratings and reviews. What are you waiting for? Pick up a pair that suits your lifestyle needs now!


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Selling Shoes


  All of the shoes on this list are extremely popular. In fact, I think it would be difficult to leave the house without seeing at least one of the above pairs of shoes on your journey. All popular for different reasons, these shoes are everywhere. You stumble upon them on Instagram, through advertisements, in-store, online, and virtually anywhere else. When deciding on best list, popularity is a significant factor, because, for some, brand and looks are the most critical aspect.



These shoes are the best selling for a reason, and that is based on what customers like and don’t like. Customer satisfaction is a crucial factor when deciding on the best selling shoe. The internet is a goldmine for reviews on absolutely everything, whether that be shoes, cars, clothes, food, or anything else for that matter. A shoes ratings can ultimately decide if that shoe is the best selling or not. What customers think of a shoe is the reputation that shoe has. All of the shoes on this list are only from the very best ratings and reviews. These are the shoes that shocked customers with comfort, durability, value, and style.



These shoes offer value. Some people get hyped over the thought of a particular pair of shoes based on what everyone else is wearing. But these are the shoes everyone is wearing, and the ones that offer excellent value. Value is based on the quality, durability, affordability, comfortability, and style of the shoe.

So, what makes the shoes on this list so very popular? There are some areas that shoes can excel in which makes people get excited about them. There are safety features such as cushioning, support, stability, traction, and flexibility which make many of the shoes on this list super popular. There are other features which factor into making a shoe a best seller, as well. Comfort features which are commonly found in top rated shoes include features that provide added benefits to boost the wearer’s comfort, such as temperature management, customizability, and convenience. Most of the shoes on this list boast temperature managing features! The most popular shoes are also cost-effective, meaning the shoes are durable and provide enough features to offset their cost. Finally, the shoes which sell the best are stylish and fashionable.


Safety Features

Safety is a significant factor to consider when you are buying a shoe, but even if you aren’t a shoe expert you likely look for shoes which provide many of these safety features. You know what works and what doesn’t work for your feet from years of experience with shoes – we all wear them, after all! One of the first things you think about is how the shoe feels when you put it on, which sounds like a comfort feature, but many safety features also increase how comfortable the shoe is for your foot!

Not all feet are built the same, just like no two people are the same. As such, everyone has different needs. Some people need more cushioning to offset their naturally heavy footstrikes. Others require stabilization features to reduce overpronation and protect their feet from injuries and falls.

Safety features are important to consider when you are buying shoes for a specific purpose, such as taking a beach vacation, running a marathon, or walking around the office all day. There are hazards in each of these situations and, fortunately, there are shoes designed for each of these situations.

First and foremost, shoes are a protective barrier between your feet and the outside world. As such, the top shoes provide many of the safety features listed here.

  • Cushioning
    Cushioning is a safety feature. Yes, cushioning provides comfort, but that’s not all it does. Cushioning adds an extra layer of protection between your feet and the outside world. Cushioning also includes shock-absorption, which reduces the impact of walking, running or dancing on your feet.
    Force is generated from each impact between your foot and the ground. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that each action will have an equal and opposite reaction. When you walk or run, you are pressing down on the ground. As the ground doesn’t sink with every step you take, unless you’re in sand or something similar, the ground is pressing back up against your foot. The force generated by your foot pressing down on the ground has to go somewhere, so when the ground below you doesn’t shift, you can propel yourself forward. However, there is a by-product of each footstrike: shock. Shock travels from your foot up to your ankles, shins, and all the way up to your back! Over time, this can become painful and cause real damage to your ankles, legs, and spine.
    Cushioning strategically placed in areas of the shoe in the right amount can prevent serious injury, which is why many of the shoes featured have ample cushioning in them.
  • Padding
    Some of the shoes on this list have padding on the tongue, collar, and in the walls of the upper to create a sort of soft packaging to protect your feet from painful bumps. Think of it like this: when you order something fragile online, it is shipped in styrofoam or bubble wrap. The same concept applies to your feet inside your shoes.

Support and Stability

Many people need stability shoes, or shoes which provide motion control to prevent over or under pronation. Some shoes sacrifice cushioning for support features, but many come with ample cushioning and support. Support and stability features encourage normal pronation and promote natural foot motion. Support and stability features reduce the wearer’s risk of rolling a foot or ankle.

  • Overlays
    Many of the best selling athletic shoes on this list come with leather or synthetic overlays. These overlays serve a purpose other than making your shoes look cool. Overlays are used to provide support in shoes which are made of mesh or fabric uppers, which provide little support on their own.
  • Air Pockets
    Overlays aren’t the only way that shoes provide support in their uppers. Thin air pockets are sometimes added to the walls of the upper to provide light cushioning. Air pockets are usually used in the sole of the shoe, though. Air pockets provide responsive cushioning in the area they are placed in, such as the heel or under the arch.
  • Outsole Material & Technologies
    Most of the shoes come with rubber or synthetic outsoles, which as we discussed earlier, provide great shock-absorption. Rubber or synthetic outsoles also offer support, as they are firmer than a fabric or suede bottom. These outsoles are often enhanced with stabilization and support technologies placed in different areas of the outsole.



Traction is a significant factor in maintaining your safety when it comes to shoes. Without good traction, you could slip and fall, which can be a minor inconvenience or could result in a severe injury. That’s why the shoes have unique and effective outsoles designed to grip the ground and provide excellent traction on any surface. Traction is better when the shoe has a rubber or synthetic outsole, which is why crepe and leather outsole shoes are less popular.


All of the shoes on this list have some degree of flexibility. Think of a pencil. A pencil is rigid, as it’s made of wood. If you put enough pressure on the pencil trying to bend it, it will eventually snap in half. Now imagine a bone. Bones aren’t meant to bend; joints allow us to bend our legs, arms, and fingers. Imagine putting immense pressure on a bone. It will eventually snap, too, won’t it? Placing your feet in inflexible, rigid prisons will increase your risk for injury, as they won’t be able to bend and flex naturally.

  • Flexible Outsoles
    These shoes have flexible outsoles. Rubber and synthetic outsoles can be firm, but they can also provide some flexibility, depending on the composition and modifications that are made to them by the shoe manufacturer. Outsoles often have flex grooves or cuts in the outsole that allow the sole to bend more freely.
  • Flexible Uppers
    They come with uppers that are flexible, too. These uppers are often made with meshes and softer fabrics to allow the upper to stretch and flex with your foot’s natural movements.
  • Flexible Closures
    Most of the shoes on this list are either slip-on or lace-up shoes. They come with elastic closures, which are popular because the opening of the shoe can be stretched and opened wider to allow the foot to slide in quickly and then the shoe can be closed around the foot to provide a comfortable, secure fit.

Temperature Management

Temperature management is a common comfort feature found. These features help keep your feet warm, or they help keep them cool in warm weather, depending on the type of weather the shoe is designed for. Most of the shoes on this list have cooling features, but a few also have warming features, such as warm linings.

  • Perforations
    To provide ample support, many manufacturers opt to use leather or rigid synthetic materials in their shoes. However, leather and other firm materials can be hot and stuffy, which can result in the development of odors from foot sweat. These manufacturers opt to use perforations which are strategically placed to improve airflow and ventilation.
  • Mesh Uppers
    To provide ample flexibility and effective temperature management, many come with meshes incorporated into their uppers. Mesh uppers allow more airflow than other upper materials, which keeps your feet cool and dry.
  • Moisture-Wicking
    Moisture-wicking materials used in shoes help to cool and dry your feet by increasing airflow and pushing moisture away from the foot. Some of the shoes on this list use this feature as well as breathable meshes.
  • Water Resistance
    Water resistance keeps your feet dry and comfortable in any season, as long as you don’t wholly submerge your feet in the water. This also keeps your feet warmer in the winter, as cold water won’t seep into the shoes as easily to cool your feet.
  • Warm Linings
    Some linings are cotton while others are faux fur. Either way, they come with warm linings to keep your feet warm and comfortable.
  • Odor Development Prevention
    Temperature-regulating features also prevent the development of odors, which means many of the shoes on this list also have odor development resistance so scents born from sweaty feet won’t stick as easily to your shoes.

Customizability & Convenience

Great shoes are customizable and convenient to wear. Many on this list have one or more of the following customizability or convenience features built in to make them stand out even more.

  • Removable inserts
    New Balance is a manufacturer that provides removable inserts in all of their shoes, but some other manufacturers do, as well. Removable inserts allow the wearer to use a custom orthotic insole to meet their cushioning and support needs if the insert that came in the shoe doesn’t quite match them.
  • Pull Tabs
    Many of the shoes on this list come with pull tabs to make them easier to pull on. Shoes which are easier to put on are more comfortable to use and more convenient for the wearer. Pull tabs are a favorite feature.
  • Slip-On
    Many on this list are slip-on. Many of them are slip-on walking shoes, sandals, or slippers. This makes them convenient and comfortable to wear, as slip-on shoes are often flexible.


The price of a shoe can sometimes be a deal breaker. That’s part of the reason why shoe manufacturers invest time and energy into creating cost-effective technologies to incorporate into their shoes to make them durable, long-lived, versatile, and inexpensive. 

  • Durability & Longevity
    Shoes usually last more than a few months, because shoes that are going to fall apart after a few months of use aren’t worth the investment of more than a few dollars. Leather and synthetic overlays can be used to make the shoes more durable without sacrificing flexibility. Firm leather or synthetic uppers provide durability and support.
  • Versatility
    Great footwear can be used for more than one activity. Walking and running shoes, for example, can be used in some casual sports. Stylish athletic shoes could be used in informal work environments. Best selling sandals can be used in casual and semi-formal settings. The more situations you can use the shoe in, the more value it offers for the price.
  • Maintenance
    Good shoes are easy to maintain and clean. They don’t require a lot of expensive shoe treatments or time-consuming upkeep. Shoes that need a lot of effort, time and money to maintain don’t sell as well as shoes which are easier and cost less to keep.


  • Removable inserts
    As mentioned earlier, removable inserts in a shoe make it customizable, but that’s not the only bonus to removable inserts. Removable inserts increase the longevity of the shoe, which is why some come with removable inserts.
  • Cost
    A hefty price tag can be a dealbreaker for people on a budget. That’s why many can be found in the low-to-middle price range. They’re affordable, and if they are priced a little higher than others, then they offer many features to make the shoes worth the extra investment.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the best selling shoe brand?

A: The answer is Nike, and for good reason. Nike offers customers durable, comfortable, stylish footwear for every type of occasion. Ranging from sandals made for beach days, to running sneakers built for track and field, Nike has a shoe for everyone.

Q: What is the best selling shoe in America?

A: As of September 21, 2017, the top shoe in the United States of America is the Nike Tanjun. Most assume Nike’s best shoe is any one of the Air Jordan’s but this is not the case. The Nike Tanjun sneaker is beyond comfortable, well ventilated, affordable,  flexible, and ultra lightweight while still offering a decent amount of support.

Q: What is the most sold basketball shoe?

A: The best selling basketball shoe of all time is the Nike Air Jordan 3’s. Despite their high price tag, this shoe has spent more time in the NBA than Lebron James. It is highly recommended for basketball, and many professionals vouch for them.

Q: What is the best selling running shoe?

A: The best selling running shoe is Nike Free RN. Deciding on a good pair of running shoes can be complicated with so many factors to consider. It is an important decision though, your shoes can make or break your workout. These shoes offer everything you could need in a running sneaker, including stability, balance, durability, and are lightweight.

Q: What is the best selling walking shoe?

A: The best selling walking shoe is the ASICS Gel Quickwalk 3. This shoe offers breathability to eliminate odor buildup, a formed insole and features an AHAR rubber outsole for long lasting durability and comfort.

Q: Which best selling brands are the most comfortable?

A: Clarks, Skechers, Crocs, and New Balance are the most comfortable brands. They provide ample cushioning and support and require little maintenance.

Q: What is the most common shoe size?

A: For women, size six is the best selling. On the other hand, the men’s best seller is a size ten.


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