Best Shoe Organizers and Storage Ideas Reviewed & Rated

Perhaps you have a shoe fetish and a closet full of shoes. Do you find it impossible to pass up on a sale and find yourself with a shoe collection that rivals a personal shoe store? Perhaps, you don’t even have that many pairs of shoes but you lack space and therefore, shoes overrun your area. Some people collect shoes for the beauty of the collection as they are a connoisseur of the industry. In fact, one study found that the addiction to buying shoes signals the prefrontal cortex in the brain that assimilates it with the collecting spot; signifying that shoes are a collector’s item whether they are always perceived that way or not.

We all have seen it or maybe it is your own closet that comes to mind. That unsightly mound of shoes that covers the floor. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 pairs of shoes or 50 pairs of shoes. If you don’t have anywhere to store them they end up scattered and sometimes damaged. That is why it is beneficial to have a storage system that can house all of your shoes. With so many options for shoe organizers and storage systems that are available, you should have no trouble finding a space-saving piece of furniture that works for you.

Featured Recommendations

Seville Classics 3-Tier Slat
  • Seville Classics 3-Tier Slat
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Exceptionally Stable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Price: See Here
Whitmor 4 Tier
  • Whitmor 4 Tier
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • White Resin/Epoxy-coated Steel
  • Easy Assembly
Misslo Over The Door
  • Misslo Over The Door
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reinforced Materials
  • Washable

There are many key elements to consider when buying a shoe organizer. First, you should go through your shoes and narrow down the collection. If you have shoes you don’t wear, are broken beyond repair, or simply don’t like anymore, get rid of them. Then, it will make it easier to see how many shoes will need to find a home in your new organizers. Secondly, consider the space you have to put an organizer in. If the organizer is too large then it is just a waste of money. It is better to need a few smaller ones than one large one that doesn’t fit right. After you have gone through these steps to find what you really need then you can select for your personal preference. If it is one that will be seen, it will need to be aesthetically pleasing. Otherwise, if that is not of concern, looks won’t matter because it will be hidden in your closet.


10 Best Shoe Organizers


1. Seville Classics 3-Tier Slat

This 3 level tier shoe system is a great addition to your home. Each of the three shelves can hold up to 30 pounds of weight when evenly distributed. That much weight can be held thanks to durable iron frame construction. It is then coated with a nice resin to give a slick finish. That coating also helps to seal the iron and prevent corrosion. If using this for shoes, you can easily store up to 9 pairs of shoes depending on the size and style. Lastly, it can be used around the home to hold other essentials while keeping with the trendy style.
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Expandable With More Units
This model is fully stackable with others of the same model. You can go as tall as you want by adding more 3-tier units. They fully interlock to provide additional stability. Also, this unit snaps together requiring no tools for full assembly.

30-pound Weight Limit
Even your heaviest of boots will store nicely on this shoe organizer. Not to mention the generous 30 pounds that can be held can come from household goods, books, clothes, etc. This multi-purpose stacking unit is one of the most versatile units while still looking much nicer than a plastic garage shelving unit.

Cost and Value
This shelving unit for shoes comes in at the middle of our price range, especially when compared to other units in the category. The unit itself is a great purchase for shoes and really many other items. It is corrosion resistant in most environments so you can plan on this shoe organizer lasting for a long time to come. Also, since it can be expanded upon, it makes a great purchase should you decide to add more to it later down the road.

Up to 9 Pairs Per Unit

30lb-capable Slat Shelves

Stack and Interlock

Espresso Finish



A bit pricey

2. Whitmor 4 Tier

2. Whitmor 4 Tier
This is a fast and easy solution for holding up to 20 pairs of your favorite footwear. It is durable; made with white resin and epoxy-coated steel. With four tiers, you don't have to worry about too much height taking up valuable room and space. In other words, this is a great space-saver and the white coloring will make those gorgeous shoes pop, as though they are on display.
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4 Tiers
The four tiers will hold up to 20 pairs of shoes. It is simple, yet elegant in its design and colorful footwear seems to pop right out of an illustration book.

No tools are required to assemble this product. Snap and go, so to speak. After it is assembled, the framing solidifies this as a rather stable rack and it should last a very long time.

Cost and Value
Comparable to others on this list, this is a cost-efficient purchase. Although simple in its design, it is not tacky. Furthermore, the white helps to showcase more colorful footwear. At the end of the day, the price point is spot on with the value; that is, you gain more value than what you are spending.

Up to 20 Pairs Compatible

9" x 35.75" x 18.75"

Easy Assembly

White Resin/Epoxy-coated Steel



Not ideal for stilettos

3. Seville Classics 3-Tier

This 3-tier shoe rack system has one advantage over most of the others in the category like it. Not only can you store your shoes completely flat, this racks on this one are adjustable. If you prefer to have your shoes stored at a slant, this one can adjust quickly and easily. The shelves themselves are made from a strong wire mesh that prevents the shoes from falling through the cracks. You can store up to 9 pairs of shoes and up to 30 pounds per tier, making this an extremely durable shoe organizer. Lastly, you can use this for more than shoes making it a multipurpose piece of furniture. Quickly organize things in your garage or toy room with these shelves.
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Corrosion Resistance
The iron used to construct the shoe rack is coated with a platinum epoxy finish. Therefore, it is fairly corrosion resistant in dry environments. This will extend the life of your shoe holder.

Can Add To It
You can add to these shelving units as they are compatible with each other. You can stack this with other 3-tier shelving units. They easily interlock to create a tall tower to give you even more room for shoes. As well, these are great for other items aside from just shoes.

Cost & Value
This organizer is affordable for many people but it is a bit more costly in regard to our price point. With stackable and interlocking options it is sure to meet a variety of needs. Holding nine pairs of shoes to start is awesome and hopefully, help you get your closet organized.
  • Slanted or Flat Racks
  • Wire Mesh
  • Screw-in Leveling Feet
  • 26.5” W x 12.1” D x 19.1” H
  • Expandable
  • Short space between racks

4. SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Tower

4. SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Tower
This shoe organizer is made from heavy-duty construction that will fully support up to 50 pairs of shoes! It is made from strong iron pipes and high-quality PP connectors. The waterproof, non-woven fabric tiers make a strong support to your shoes. The organizer itself is easy to put together by simply snapping into place. What's more, this holders offers a few configurations to customize to your needs.
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If you need a larger space between shelves to store tall items such as boots, you can simply leave out a tiered shelf. Additionally, you can assemble this unit in sets of 5 or 3 to accommodate your space. This also makes it smaller in height so a shorter person or child can still take full advantage of this unit.

Massive Space
This holder can shelve up to 50 pairs of shoes. That is enough to organize even the most avid shoe collector. Also, with proper spacing and weight distribution, you could use this shelving unit to hold more things than shoes. It is a versatile piece that can be put to good use.

Cost and Value
This model of shoe organizer comes in the middle to upper portion of our affordability range. You are, however, getting a very durable and high-quality piece of furniture. You can store a massive amount of shoes. Therefore, there is not a need to expand on this wone with other units. Also, it can be configured in a few different ways so you can rearrange as needed. It is worth the cost as you can also use the unit for other items besides shoes. The versatility and multi-purpose uses are great for it.
  • Strong Iron Construction
  • Waterproof Non-woven Tier
  • Different Configurations Available
  • 39 3/8 "L x 11 3/8"W x 68 7/8"H 
  • Plastic connectors break easily

5. Home Complete 8-Tier Tower

5. Home Complete 8-Tier Tower
This stylish 8-tier shoe organizer will seamlessly blend with your closet. Furthermore, should you choose to integrate it into your entryway or mudroom, it will make a nice storage option. The 8-tiers are a heavy-duty polymer plastic that easily snaps together with no tools. No frustration involved in the setup of this shoe organizer. You can include all 8 tiers at the beginning or add to it as you need. It is a simple task to add more shelves as you go. This makes a very versatile organization system that easily works in the garage, office, kitchen and more.
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The shoe holder holds up to 48 pairs of shoes! That is a great space-saving option for those with little storage space. It also can hold a plethora of other items as long as the weight is evenly distributed across the tiers. Since the storage is tall rather than wide it saves space inside the home area as well.

Assemble with Ease
The polymer plastic rods and pieces snap easily into place. The directions are clear to follow. Moreover, you don't need any tools so you can just open the box, assemble, and use immediately. Also, use as many tiers as you need and add to it as you go.

Cost and Value
In particular, this shoe organizer is in the middle of our price range. It is a great buy for the price and has high reviews for durability. Your purchase should last a long time just so long as it is not overweighted and treated with care. The reinforced plastic shelving can hold a wide amount of items with ease. It makes a great and functional piece to add to any room for extra storage without taking up a large amount of space.
  • Spaced Bar Slat Racks
  • Expandable Unit
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Plastic bends if overweighted

6. Whitmor Rolling Tower

6. Whitmor Rolling Tower
While this thing looks like a bakers rack more than a shoe holder it is actually a fantastic piece and addition to any closet. The rack has 10 tiers and can hold around 50 pairs of shoes, depending on the size and dimensions of the shoes you are storing. The bars on the rack are all non-slip coated which means your shoes will stay in place when you set them on the rack. You can easily maneuver this rack around your closet or your house since it sits atop rolling wheels. Once you find the perfect current spot for your rack you can simply lock the wheels so you don't worry about it rolling away.
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Easy Assembly
This shoe organizer may look daunting to assemble. However, it is exactly the opposite. It is so easy that the manufacturer does not even require tools. Quick snap together construction does not mean the quality is lacking either. It is very strong and durable.

Optional Wheels
The unit can be built as a stationary piece that sits on the floor. Or if you crave flexibility and the ability to move your shoe rack you can easily attach the wheels and move it to its new location. When you are satisfied with where it is at, simply lock the wheels in place to prevent the cart from rolling unnecessarily.

Cost and Value
Shoe organizers like this one you would expect to be very expensive. In fact, it is in the middle of our price range. This makes it an excellent choice for shoe organizers when compared to the others in the category if going by affordability alone. The shoe rack is a generous size so you won't need to buy additional units to build on to this one. It is a durable construction so you won't have to worry about it falling apart the minute you place your shoes on it.
  • Heavy-duty Metal Construction
  • Stationary or Mobile
  • Holds a Wide Assortment
  • 14.625"W x 36.5"L x 59.5"H
  • No surface/open slats

7. SONGMICS Covered Cabinet

7. SONGMICS Covered Cabinet
Looking to have a shoe organizer that has a cover so you can store your items out of sight? The 10 tier system from SONGMICS is the perfect solution for you. You can store up to 45 pairs of shoes on the 10 racks. Of course, this will depend on the size and width of the shoes. Also, this storage system is easy to remove tiers if you are looking for more height for tall items such as boots. Load your shoes into it, drop the cover, keep the shoes out of sight and protected from dust since they are sealed off.
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Ability to Cover
This is one of the few in the category on our list that has the drop down cover. That is a nice feature because it lets you not only protect your shoes/items from dust and debris but it stores everything nicely out of sight.

Optional Functionality
The shoe organizer here has tiers that you can customize to your needs. If you need taller space, you can easily leave a tier out to accommodate boots or anything that requires more height.

Cost and Value
With this one having many features and the cover it is at the higher end of our price range. It is still affordable for most budgets, however. You are getting a high-quality item that is rated nicely for durability and overall. It can be used for many different purposes and will keep your items clean and hidden. You can also use it for more than just shoes. Therefore, it makes a good purchase overall.

Non-woven Fabric

Steel Tubing

PP Plastic Connectors

10 Tiers

Easy to Assemble


A bit pricey

8. MISSLO Over The Door

8. MISSLO Over The Door
This over the door shoe hanger is a great choice for those that need to organize a decent amount of shoes in not a lot of space. The clear pockets are see through so you can see the shoes you have inside the pockets. The pockets are also very roomy and can accommodate most size shoes. The hardware you need to secure this holder to the door is included. There is no actual assembly required. It is very easy to use immediately out of the box. It also folds easily for taking when you when you travel. The shoe organizer is versatile too as you can store a number of objects from legos to craft supplies; not just shoes.
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Roomy Pockets
The generous pocket size makes this organizer a good choice for men or women's shoes. Each pocket measures 7.8"H x 5.4"W x up to 2" depth allowing you to store so many of your shoes or crafts, etc.

Reinforced Fabrics
The mesh itself is breathable and the pockets are washable. That is a great thing if you need to clean your organizer. Also, the fabric is made from a durable non-woven material that is strong. If you don't overweigh the pockets and the organizer in general, you should have no trouble with the pockets not ripping.

Cost and Value
This particular organizer from MissLo is a great buy. It is one of the lowest prices in the category. Therefore, it makes it a good purchase overall. You can use this for shoes, crafts, kids toys, bathroom items and more. It is a very versatile holder. Not to mention, you can take it with you when you travel which gives you even more bang for your buck.
  • Clear Pockets
  • Reinforced Materials
  • Washable
  • 56 1/2"L x 22 1/3"W
  • Pocket:  5 2/5"W x 7 4/5"L
  • Can rip if overweighted

9. SONGMICS 7 Tier Cabinet

9. SONGMICS 7 Tier Cabinet
Made from steel tubing and a non-woven mesh fabric, this holder is stylish and sturdy. It holds up to 36 pairs of shoes. If you don't want to use it for just shoes, you can use it for other items. It is very sturdy and durable. Package your shoes the correct way and evenly distribute the weight. You can also remove tiers if you need to store tall items. You can also drop the cover to securely protect your shoes from dust as well to store your items out of sight.
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If you don't want to use the shelves as they are, you can leave shelves out to customize your storage space. It gives you the chance to store tall items such as boots whereas some others in the category are non-customizable.

Easy to Assemble
This shoe organizer is easy to assemble. No tools are required. You simply snap the pieces together and start stacking your shoes. Ever connector is included in the box for you to build the full unit.

Cost and Value
This unit is at the middle point of our price range. It is a great value for all of the many uses it provides and the ability to safely store your shoes away from dust and debris. It is sturdy and durable. You can use it in many places throughout your house.
  • Covered
  • Customizable
  • Space-saving
  • Assemble in Minutes
  • Plastic connectors break

10. SONGMICS 5 Tier

10. SONGMICS 5 Tier
This is a great space-saver; storing up to 25 pairs of footwear. Furthermore, it is made with iron pipe construction and will last for years to come. Snap-together assembly helps you to quickly put it into use. In addition, this product is stackable; allowing you to store up to 50 pairs. At a little over 3 feet in width, most closets will kindly accommodate this.
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This is made with iron pipes and plastic connectors. In addition, you can stack this into a ten-tier setup or split it up for a two-tier/three-tier design.

No tools are required to build this. Snap assembly makes things easy and quick. We do recommend, however, taking care with the plastic connectors, as they will not be as durable as the pipes themselves.

Cost and Value
This runs at the upper end of cost association. Made with iron pipes, this should last quite a while and for years to come. Furthermore, with the ability to stack and reduce the setup as needed, this rack becomes more pleasing for the purchase price.

Iron Pipe Construction

Up to 25 Pairs of Footwear

39 3/8"L x 11 1/8"W x 36 1/4"H

Snap Assembly



A bit pricey

Now that you have seen the top 10 list for shoe organizers, you simply need to find one that fits your needs and you like the best. The criteria we used to evaluate the shoe organizers can be seen below. There were hundreds of choices we searched through in order to find the best. We narrowed that initial selection down by tough standards. From there we organized them base on space, affordability, durability, and more.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Shoe Organizers


When examining the space you plan to use the shoe organizer it is super important to consider the dimensions of the space and the dimensions of the shoe organizer. You might have only a small space and therefore only need one organizer. However, you could need more than one but will need to plan accordingly for you to have a system that fits. That will also play a role in the characteristics you search for when buying. For example, if you need one for in under your bed, it is more than likely going to need room to accommodate wheels.

Next, these shoe organizers are available in many different shapes and sizes. Companies make them tall, short, square, tiered, etc. There really is not a shortage of options when it comes to the shapes. For your particular space, it is important to see what will fit best. Do you need a tall and skinny one that probably only holds one shoe per row? On the other hand, is your space wide enough to hold an organizer that might only be 3-4 shelves but wide enough to squeeze 6 plus pairs of shoes per tier.

If you so happen to be a person that wears a larger size of shoe, it is very imperative that you take notice of the depth of these organizers. It really will not be purposeful if your shoes hang off of the edge and fall off of the organizer because your compartment is too small. Make sure when you measure your shoe length you account for around one extra inch for the depth of the organizer compartment or shelf.

The last dimension worth mentioning is the height. This is the height between the two shelves, compartments, racks, etc. If you are looking for a shoe organizer that is going to be tall enough and spacious enough to accommodate tall boots, heels, tall hi-top sneakers, etc, you absolutely must measure the space from the top to the bottom that holds to the shoe.

Basket Best Shoe Organizers

Quantity of Shoes

There are simple shoe organizers that hold just a few pairs of shoes. If you need more, you can get ones that hold up to 50 pairs of shoes. Plus anything in between. However, should you be the ultimate shoe collector, you can get more than one so long as the space you have is adequate. Examining your shoe collection is the best place to start and count how many slots you will need to hold all or almost all of your shoes. This will also be the perfect time to purge your closet of unwanted or damaged shoes.

From there get a shoe count. It is also a good suggestion to break the shoes into categories. Here is how you can determine what type of system will work best.

  • Do you need an over-the-door holder that has sections for each shoe?
  • Would a rack system be better as your shoe sizes are varied and require more than a uniform pocket?

It goes without saying that now is also a good time to think about expansion in the future for when you do buy more shoes.

  • How much space will you have left over in your designated area?
  • Should you go ahead and buy additional organizers?

Having a clear plan now makes it easier to keep the space cleaned and prepared for more shoes in the future.


You have your new product and then it’s the usually dreaded part of buying something that needs to be put together. Some people have no trouble and can put an item together faster than a track car races a lap. That is an awesome skill to have. They might not even need directions as things just cognitively click for them. Looking at something on paper immediately pops out at them and they can see the pieces broken apart. From there, their brain quickly and efficiently replicates what their brain saw just moments earlier.

On the other hand, there is everyone else. These are the people that fret over trying to assemble something. They are the ones that read the instructions once over before assembling even begins. That is ok too!  From the once over, you need time to get your tools and parts organized. Then, it is time to start with step 1.  The same steps that took the speed assembler 5 minutes to put together may take other individuals 45 minutes or more. Consumers can get frustrated if something does not come together with ease. Chances are if it is too complicated the piece might never get assembled, sent back, or trashed. That is not beneficial.

What’s more important than the time is the quality once it is put together. Once fully assembled, it is important to have a finished product that is going to withstand the weight and not collapse because a screw was put in incorrectly. We examined the ease of assembly as not everyone has the skills required to quickly and efficiently look at a manual and have it all figured out. If the shoe organizer required too many steps or didn’t have enough information provided regarding assemble, it did not make it to the list.

Sturdiness, Quality, and Material Composition

When consumers research any new product to purchase they are going to be largely concerned with the quality of a product. The same is exactly true for a shoe organizer. Part of the factors that make it a high degree of quality is the sturdiness of the shoe organizer.

Once fully assembled is the shoe holder going to withstand daily use, the weight from numerous pairs of shoes, the seams of the sewn pockets are strong, etc? These are all valid questions that one must ask when researching a product so you can avoid a short lifespan of the organizer. This concern also comes down to the type of organizer. Examining traits for a cloth holder that hangs over the door will be different than the traits that a metal rack system would be examined by.

  • Cloth- When looking at cloth or fabric organizers we want to examine the materials used to make them. Are they a strong material or one that is known to rip easily. Typically, these type of holders is made of plastic, vinyl, mesh, etc. From there, it is important to observe how the pockets are attached to the main holder. Are the seams strong if they are sewn together? How about if they are glued? Does the glue seem firm when you gently tug on the individual shoe holder? Lastly, how about the pocket itself. Is it made from a thick vinyl or plastic that will keep it from ripping when putting the shoes in and out? Those are all super important questions to ask regarding a cloth shoe organizer. In rating the shoe organizers we put on this list, they are all highly-reviewed for durability.
  • Metal- In some aspects a shoe organizer that is made from metal or aluminum is easily thought to be more durable than a cloth on. While that may or may not be true, it is important to analyze the metal shoe racks durability based on their own set of questions and standards. For example, the metal, does it seem sturdy? Is it easy to bend? Is it one solid piece from end to end or does it have an adjustable aspect? Even though the adjustable feature is nice, it can sometimes lessen the durability of the bars as they are then two separate pieces instead of one solid one. Lastly, it important to examine the end pieces. This is where the brunt of the stabilization falls. If the end pieces seem flimsy or not put together well, that will, in turn, affect the overall durability.
  • Plastic- Plastic is usually known as a very durable material. When plastic is used in a shoe organizer it could be used in an over-the-door model or a floor model. The plastic needs to be strong enough to not rip with repeated use in the hanging version. Also, important to note, concerning the rack type model, making sure the plastic is rigid enough to not bend when the shoes are sat upon it is a huge consideration.

Some of the shoe organizers that are available are a combination of one or more of these materials. Some are metal but have a cloth covering. Others could be mostly plastic but have metal ends. There really is not a “correct” composure for what makes the best shoe organizers. It has to do with your personal needs and what type works for your situation the best. Each material used has its pros and cons. Some of the cons to consider is the fact that racks will take substantially more floor space than an over-the-door model. However, over-the-door models make more noise as the door is constantly moving. Plus the shoes can beat and bang into the door they are on, thus causing wear and tear on your door. A few of the rack style holders have only two bars that make the “surface” for the shoes to rest on. This can be good if you are sticking multiple height shoes in the racks. However, if you are small-footed you will have to make sure your shoes will fit securely on the two bars and do not fall through as the heel and toe area will be the only portion resting on a platform.


Let’s face it, people have a certain price point in mind when they begin to investigate a certain product, whether it be a new house or a shoe rack organizer. The second facet of this is, they tend to stick closer to budget on small item purchases than much larger items. In this manner, affordability places a huge part in the decision a consumer makes when buying a shoe holder.

Consumers are not looking to spend an enormous amount on free-standing shoe organizers. The price point must be competently related to the cost of a remodel project. If the shoe organizers creep past a certain point, some consumers might be more tempted to remodel their closet to accommodate the shoes versus purchasing a simple shoe organizer or many. Another theory on this, a shoe organizer is deemed a luxury and not a necessity. Therefore, if it gets out of the budgeted range, most people will not buy them. That threshold is important to understand when we ranked our top 10 choices. We kept affordability in mind and a set price range when we started to narrow our choices down.

FAQ Best Shoe Organizer


There are times when physical limitations may dictate what kind of organizer to purchase. After all, what good is a footwear organizer if you cannot utilize it as you need to? To be physically challenged is hard enough in itself, but to realize that the world is not more accommodating in this area, can be downright frustrating. Here, we do care about what it means to have physical limitations, and as such, we have a few tips in mind.

For example, if you struggle with arthritis, then carrying a 7-tier floor model may not be the best solution; especially, if said model has 25 pairs of clogs or boots on it, per se. Try and go for a floor model with wheels on it. In this, if the organizer needs to be relocated, it will be much easier and you won’t have to dread the task of moving it quite as much.

Also, if bending over seems too tough on its own, then a floor model is probably out of the question; in that, the bottom rows will likely never be used. And if they are, then the footwear may become rarely worn. We suggest a hangar version or over-the-door model in cases such as these.

Consider the difficulties of cleaning, as well. Is it easier to wipe and dust, or throw something in the washing machine? For those who may struggle with cleaning maintenance, a machine-washable version of an organizer could be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

At the end of the day, choosing an organizer to fit into your lifestyle is the perfect solution for you. Not only will your life become better for it, but you can actually sit back and enjoy your new purchase of a stellar organizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of shoe organizer do I need to buy?
A: That is going to be determined mostly by personal preference and what suits your individual needs. If you are a person that does not have a lot of floor space, then you might benefit more from either a hanging system, an over-the-door system, or a tall and skinny floor version. Conversely, if you have a lot of floor space but it is solely covered by a shoe pile, you could greatly benefit from either a wide and short or tall and skinny rack system. Again, it comes down to your preferences and requirements for your amount of shoes.

Q: How do I determine the appropriate size for the shoe organizer I need?
A: You should measure the area you have designated for the shoe organizer. This can be done with a simple tape measure and there are three dimensions you are going to measure, the length, the width, and the height. Make sure when you are shopping for the one that will fit your space the best, to buy under or as close to your measurements as you can. Try to avoid going over the size because then you will have to make room for it which can be a challenge in itself.

Q: What if they don’t have one that matches the number of shoes I have?
A: It would be pretty rare to match the exact number of shoes you have to a shoe holder. In this case, you can do a few different things. One, you can buy one that holds less and eliminate shoes you don’t wear as often or are old. If you still have excess, store those neatly outside the organizer. Secondly, you can buy one that holds more than your shoe amount just so long as it doesn’t exceed the space you have set aside in size guidelines. Lastly, you can buy small ones and buy more than one. One caveat is to make sure they are stackable or you have enough room on the floor/door to store more than one.

Q: I think I have too many shoes, what can I do about this?
A: Interestingly enough, some reports claim that the average person owns 21 pairs of shoes. However, we know that they are some that own many, many more than that. However, if you evaluated your closet and you have broken shoes or shoes where the soles are literally worn out on, what is stopping you from getting rid of them? The best part about organizing your shoes it that it gives the perfect reason and time to weed through your shoes. If you can afford to not resell the gently used ones that no longer bring you happiness, consider donating to a women’s shelter that helps women get back on their feet after adversity; or to a man’s refuge that helps young gentlemen on the job hunt from less than stellar backgrounds. It will do your soul good to see those shoe soles making strides in some deserving person’s life.

Q: Are metal shoe organizers really better than the cloth versions?
A: As with anything that is compared side by side, there are pros and cons to each style. Suffice it to say, some may prefer one style over the other. However, this is another decision that comes down to your personal style and preference when compared to key characteristics you need.

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