Best Shoelaces Reviewed & Compared

Shoelaces are arguably the unsung hero of shoes.  They help us to start our day and are usually the last thing we let go of after our day at work, school, or a return from a vacation. A constant companion to our favorite pair of shoes; by default, a faithful companion to us.  The right pair of shoelaces can help us walk with a confident stride anywhere we may venture. As such, we have prepared for you a list of the best shoelaces reviewed.

Every shoe type requires its own set of shoelaces. This requirement changes with individual usage and/or performance need. A great pair of shoes does not necessarily imply that a great pair of shoelaces comes pre-installed. With this noted, the aforementioned shoelaces covers most of the requirements needed in everyday life. Whether it’s through sports or travel, the choice in the shoe will always dictate the choice in the shoelaces. Furthermore, there are other considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right shoelaces for you.

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We've updated our list to bring you the best options for shoelaces to help keep your shoes tied tightly. Be sure to check out our top three, especially the crowd favorite Lock Laces. They are long lasting, won't come undone, and easy to use.

Lock Laces
  • Lock Laces
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Elastic No-Tie
  • One Size Fits All
  • Price: See Here
OrthoStep Round
  • OrthoStep Round
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • For Sneakers & Boots
  • Sold In Two-Packs
  • Price: See Here
Birch's Oval
  • Birch's Oval
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • One Size Fits All
  • Eliminates Lace Tying
  • Price: See Here


10 Best Shoelaces


1. Lock Laces

Lock Laces are elastic no tie shoelaces. They are created with comfort and ease of accessibility in mind. These shoelaces make it possible to take a lace-up pair of tennis shoes and turn them into a slip-on. Quick and easy installation, a modern feel and look, and a one size fits all design makes this pair of shoelaces a top choice among consumers.
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No Tie Lacing System
Take any pair of tennis shoes and convert them into a slip-on. With instructions and videos to help accompany installation, Lock Laces make it easy on the consumer for a quick transformation.

Lock Laces are stretchy; thus, they conform to your feet. Relief in pressure points is attained through added compression from the shoelaces. This results in a more comfortable experience, as you venture through your day.

Cost and Value
With quality as a leading component in structure, Lock Laces are priced with this in mind. Not overly pricey, however, Lock Laces fall into the category of average to an upper-cost range. The lifetime guarantee offered by Lock Laces makes the price well worth the investment.
  • One Size Fits All
  • Easy to Use
  • Comes With Video Instructions
  • Easy Install
  • Plenty Of Color Choices To Fit Your Style
  • May Not Be As Long-Lasting As Regular Shoelaces

2. OrthoStep Round Athletic

These shoelaces are great for hiking boots and/or athletic footwear in general. A popular choice for a sturdier tie, these shoelaces are a great alternative to OEM shoelaces with continuous issues becoming untied. With fourteen colors to choose from, consumers can style their shoes in a vast array of color selection. The correct length of shoelaces for purchase can be achieved by measuring your old shoelaces from end to end
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Thicker and Stronger
These shoelaces are thicker and stronger compared to the average shoelaces on the market. Furthermore, they remain tied; an important feature, indeed. At only ⅛” thickness, these shoelaces are not gaudy and blend well with most types of boots, tennis shoes, and sneakers.

Wide Selection of Colors
There are fourteen different colors to choose from. This gives consumers a wide variety of choice. Sold in two pairs at a time, consumers will have two sets of the same color when making their purchase.

Cost and Value
Price range is variable with these shoelaces. Length is the leading factor for price changes. The longer the length, the higher the price. This is why it is important to measure your old shoelaces from end to end, before making your purchase. Cost of purchase figures in two pairs of shoelaces.
  • A Sturdier Tie 
  • Multiple Colors 
  • Price Is Set To Length
  • Sold In Two-Packs 
  • Same Color Per Order
  • Not Very Thick

3. Xpand No Tie

These shoelaces are designed as a locking, no tie system. Unlike other shoelaces of this type (round), the Xpand no tie shoelaces are flat. This provides comfortability when converting shoes to slip-on. After initial installation, there is no need to readjust during everyday use. Works well with most types of shoes and activity. In extreme environments, these shoelaces retain their performance (i.e. extreme hot and cold).
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No Tie System
Never tie your shoelaces again. These no tie shoelaces are created with ease of access, as its central controller. There are no bulky objects to deal with in this particular no tie system. Once installed, there are no more adjustments necessary.

Flat Strings
A lot of the other no tie systems have round shoelaces. With these flat shoelaces made from elastic, however, there is an added bonus of comfortability. The zero-memory material provides a snugger effect than traditional round shoelaces of this same type.

Cost and Value
Compared to other no tie shoelace systems, the price range is higher than most. With a one-size fit all package, trimming shoelaces is a requirement for smaller feet. When considering that you will never tie your shoes again, however, the price is not too high.
  • Eliminate Lace Tying
  • Flat Design Alternative
  • 44 Color Choices
  • One Size Fits All
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Not For All Shoes
  • Not Removable/Reusable

4. Miscly Round Laces

4. Miscly Round Laces
These Miscly shoelaces are 5/32” thick; a sign of great strength. These shoelaces are a wonderful replacement for work boots, hiking boots, sneakers, and tennis shoes. Made from polyester, the weave design creates a nice appearance for vast types of shoes. The fabric, also, provides a stretchy quality to these shoelaces. As such, the fear of stiffness and possible breakage of shoelaces is non-existent.
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High-Quality Weave
The weave design creates a suitable environment for longer-lasting and a strong set of shoelaces. With the weave effect, the right mix of elegance and practicality is sported when wearing these shoelaces.

5 Lengths to Choose from and 3 Pairs, Oh My!
There are five lengths (27 inches, 36 inches, 45 inches, 54 inches, 63 inches) to choose from. This makes it easy to find the right length of shoelaces you might be looking for. But why stop there? You, also, get three pairs for each purchase.

Cost and Value
Cost efficiency is great with these shoelaces. For each purchase, the consumer gains three pairs of shoelaces. The price range set is centered around the five different lengths available. Comparable to other shoelaces on the market, this is a great economical choice.

5 Lengths Available

6 Color Choices

3 Pairs Per Purchase

5/32" Thickness Gives Strength

Remains Tied In Place


One Size Fits All Unavailable

Not A Flat Lace Alternative

5. Birch's Oval Shoelaces

5. Birch's Oval Shoelaces
These shoelaces are semi-round, oval in shape. This makes these shoelaces unique when compared to the industry standard of round or flat design. They are made from polyester and are packaged as a single pair upon purchase. There are four separate lengths to choose from, and a vast array of twenty-seven colors for your styling desires. Overall, BIRCH’s Oval Shoelaces are a testament to both style and practicality.
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There is no shortage of style with these shoelaces. Twenty-seven colors and a unique oval shape bring personality to your shoes. With tones ranging from calm and inviting to bright and vibrant, these shoelaces will complement your own personal style.

These shoelaces are designed with polyester fabric. There are a give and no break aspect to this type of material. This helps to ensure longevity. Four size differences allow the opportunity for purchasing the right shoelaces; per length requirement.

Cost and Value
The price range for these shoelaces is low to low; that is, even at the high-end of the price spectrum, the cost is well under budget. These are great shoelaces to add personality to your footwear. The ability to do so makes this an amazing purchase for stylistic reasons.
  • Twenty-Seven Color Options
  • Polyester Material
  • ¼” Thickness
  • Four Available Lengths
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Aglet Durability Issues

6. OrthoStep Flat Athletic

6. OrthoStep Flat Athletic
These OrthoStep shoelaces are of the same high-quality standard expected from OrthoStep. The flat design makes them ideal for boots, shoes, and sneakers. There are seventeen assortment colors, and ships with two pairs of shoelaces per purchase. The correct length is achieved by pre-measuring your old shoelaces from end-to-end. Finally, strength is gained by the weave design utilized by OrthoStep.
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Flat, Weave Design
The flat look is very popular. Combine this with a 5/16” width weave pattern, and the resulting formula yields a modern setting with the practicality of everyday use. The material stays tied; a must have for any pair of shoelaces.

Color Assortment
There is a generous color list to choose from. With seventeen colors at your disposal, the choice is up to you. Will it be dark, neutral, or vibrant and exciting? Each individual color does have a length associated with it; that is, some colors may not be available for certain lengths. Be sure to check before ordering.

Cost and Value
The price range for this two-pack pair of shoelaces is average. This purchase is budget-friendly when considering you are purchasing two-pairs of shoelaces; not just one. The material is not cheaply made and should last a long time under normal conditions.
  • Flat, 5/16” Width
  • Weave Pattern
  • Does Not Stretch 
  • Two-Pair Packaging
  • Wide Color Variety
  • Knots Stay Tied
  • Limited Sizes Depending On Color

7. BCB Wear Flat Laces

7. BCB Wear Flat Laces
The BCB Wear Flat Shoelaces are ideal for sports footwear. Anything from baseball to golf, these shoelaces will stay snug and remain tied. With nineteen different colors, there is a high chance you will find the perfect colors to match your favorite team. The woven fabric is tight; ensuring longevity and strength. This is the reason these shoelaces are considered classic in athletic design.
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Flat and Tightly Woven Fabric
When it comes to athletic footwear, the quality of shoelaces can be the difference in a game-changing play or an embarrassing timeout to stop and tie your shoelaces. These shoelaces do not disappoint in their ability to remain tied.

Nineteen Various Colors
Team colors are important when considering your favorite sports team. With nineteen vibrant colors in the pool, there are plenty of shades to choose from. Everything from bright purple to a light pink can be found within this color registry.

Cost and Value
The price range for these shoelaces remains on the low side. They are a budget-friendly buy, and they still maintain quality integrity in both strength and longevity; dependent on normal use. The 5/16” width helps to bolster support and hold your footwear snuggly.
  • 5/16” Width
  • Tightly Woven Fabric
  • Large Color Variety
  • Four Different Lengths 
  • Remains Tied
  • Solidly Wrapped Aglets
  • Must Pre-Measure Old Shoelaces

8. OrthoStep Round Dress Thin

8. OrthoStep Round Dress Thin
These shoelaces are created with shoes in mind. There are five colors and ten different sizes to choose from. Pre-measuring your old shoelaces from end-to-end is recommended prior to purchase. The nylon makeup of the shoelaces ensures that the knot sticks; a recipe for remaining tied throughout the day. As an additional bonus, your order ships with two pairs.
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Thin Round
These shoelaces are 3/32” in thickness. They are thin and sleek. With the round design, they will always look their best, as there will be no twisting. These shoelaces can be a great replacement and/or alternative to your current shoelaces.

Ten Sizes
There are ten different lengths to choose from. This helps to gain a closer approximation to the length you will find after your pre-measurement. When pre-measuring, be sure to measure your old shoelaces from end-to-end to help with the purchase.

Cost and Value
The price for this particular set of shoelaces falls between the mid to upper price range. When considering the purchase price contains two pairs of shoelaces, however, the price then becomes more budget friendly. Also, the quality is high for these shoelaces. As such, the purchase price is well worth the investment.
  • Thin Tound. 3/32” Thickness
  • 10 Size Lengths Available
  • Does Not Twist
  • Remains Tied
  • Two Pairs
  • Few Color Options
  • Pricier Than Others

9. Miscly Boot Laces

9. Miscly Boot Laces
These boot shoelaces are made to last. With two inner nylon cords in conjunction with an outer weave, these shoelaces will yield strength. This is important when considering various types of actions (climbing, scaling, and etc.). These shoelaces are created for use in boots, work boots, and hiking boots. They come with a complete replacement guarantee if they ever break.
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The round design prevents these shoelaces from twisting. This, also, helps with maintaining the integrity of the two inner cords inside of the outer nylon weave. This is a case where shape matters.

Replacement Guarantee
If your shoelaces should ever break, there is a full replacement guarantee for free. This is confidence at its finest and Miscly standing strong behind their product. This guarantee makes the price well worth the investment.

Cost and Value
The cost for these shoelaces is on the high side. As previously mentioned, however, the free replacement guarantee offered by Miscly (should these shoelaces ever break) is worth its weight in gold. The guarantee alone is worth the purchase price.
  • Extra Durable Polyester Weave
  • 3/16" Diameter
  • Four Lengths to Choose From
  • Tough Nylon Inner Core
  • Free Replacement Guarantee
  • Expensive For The Quality

10. OrthoStep Waxed Dress

10. OrthoStep Waxed Dress
This two-pair pack comes with four laces that are approximately 3/32” in thickness. There are fifteen various colors to choose from. The high-quality waxed material specifically targets dress shoes. Comparable to original shoelaces in dress shoes upon purchase, these are great replacement strings. The OrthoStep waxed material provides a quality standard in conjunction with strength and prestige.
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Braided Waxed
These shoelaces are designed as braided wax. The braids give strength to the thin makeup of the shoelaces. The wax helps to ensure minimal friction; thus, providing longer life to the shoelaces.

Buy to Fit
With these shoelaces, the consumer can save money by purchasing only the length they need. By pre-measuring your old shoelaces from end-to-end, you are ensured that you only pay for the length desired.

Cost and Value
Price ranges are based on length needed. At the high-end of the price spectrum, these shoelaces are still budget friendly. After considering the quality standard these shoelaces are manufactured with, the price range is an excellent buy.
  • 3/32” Thickness
  • Perfect For Dress Shoes
  • Knots Hold Well
  • High-Quality Wax Braiding
  • Dress Shoes Only

Firstly, practicality seems to top the list when pondering over these other considerations. Tying versus no tie is definite players in the shoelaces struggle. If accepting the tie route, then the shoelaces remaining tied becomes the most important player. Secondly, a style is something to consider. If the shoes are heading to a party; a vibrant and colorful pair of shoelaces may be most desirable. If those same shoes are headed to a more somber environment, then a darker set of shoelaces might be the best thing. Finally, at the end of the day, the proper shoelaces are going to be about you. What is it that you want to achieve with your shoelaces? Once this question is answered, then the choice becomes quite simple. After that, it’s all about the fun part; shopping.


Criteria for Evaluating the Best Shoelaces

polka dot best shoelaces

Important Aspects

Finding the best shoelaces is all about understanding the footwear you are placing them in, the job you expect from them in way of performance, and if there are fashion attributes associated with any of these. For example, round and sturdy shoelaces might be better for boots; whereas, sneakers might be best suited with a flat pair of shoelaces. Some people prefer a loose fit in their footwear. In this case, shoelaces that loosen over time might not be that big of a deal. For runners, however, jogging out of a pair of shoes is not an ideal setting.

Ability to remain tied 

Not all shoelaces remain tied, and some may even worsen over time. Although waxed shoelaces are easier to tie and remain tied in the beginning, waxed shoelaces have a tendency to not hold the knot very well over time. This is due to the waxed shoelaces becoming greasy at the point of where the knot is made. By following the proper care techniques and instructions from the manufacturer, these types of frustrations can be avoided and/or minimized. This applies to all types of shoelaces.

    • Shoelaces that are too long: Shoelaces that are too long can drag along the surface where you are walking. It is only a step away when the bottom of your footwear grabs hold of laces that are too long. When this happens, the knot will be released; thus, the act of walking becomes the knot’s arch enemy. To prevent this, make certain there is no excess length. In addition to your shoelaces becoming untied, excess length can cause tripping. This preventive measure will help to minimize the untying of your shoelaces; as well as, accidental tripping which can cause serious physical harm.


    • Shoelaces that are too short: With shoelaces that are too short, the knot you are trying to achieve may become impossible to make. Removing the shoelaces from the top-tier eyelets to gain the length needed to create your knot should be avoided. The number of eyelets in your footwear is there for a reason other than visual aesthetics. More than likely, the eyelets have been placed there to ensure proper footwear safety. This means all eyelets should be laced through.


  • Proper implementation of knots: The standard bow tie knot comes in two varieties (granny and square knot). The correct version of this knot is the square knot; albeit, the two look very similar in nature. This is why we have taken the liberty to explain this in more detail within the Frequently Asked Questions section.


There are stylish accessories (bling to adorn your shoelaces for appearance-only purposes) and practical accessories (covers to help protect shoelaces and lace locks for no tie systems).

  • Shoelace Covers: Shoelace covers are objects that are placed over the shoelaces to prevent untying. Shoelace covers are heavily implemented in sports; such as wrestling, soccer, and football. There are work-related versions of shoelace covers. These covers do more than prevent untying. They, also, are there to help resist against heat and/or accidental falling of debris upon the footwear. Some spandex/rubber-types can be used as a means to create a water-resistant environment for your shoelaces. Shoelace covers can be a powerful ally in both preventing your shoelaces from becoming accidentally untied and helping to minimize any undesired wear and tear.


  • Stylish Bling: Charms are a popular addition to your shoelaces. With charms, you can sport your favorite team or declare your affection for your first love. The best charms lay flat underneath and do not cause any discomfort. They, also, do not compromise the integrity of the footwear being tied.


  • Lace Locks: Lace locks are an alternative to tying, altogether. They, generally, work by placing the foot inside of the footwear prior to installation. The lace lock system is then put into the footwear. Once complete, most lace lock systems do not require any more adjustments to be made.


Aglets are the hard crimped pieces at each end of the shoelace. Plastic aglets have a tendency to sometimes peel apart or slip off. Metal aglets, on the other hand, are a lot more studier; not to mention, they are pleasing to the eye.

  • Aglet repair: There are aglet kits available to help repair an otherwise good pair of shoelaces. Installation is, usually, straightforward and is accompanied by instructions.

chucks best shoelaces

    • Coloring:Contrasting colors will provide excitement and can be considered loud. Blending colors will tone down the attention given to your footwear. Some shoelaces do not have many coloring options. Also, those that do may not have all colors available in all sizes.


    • Cording: Some shoelaces are equipped with an inner-cord structure. This is, usually, surrounded by either a weave or braid pattern. Shoelaces of this type are stronger and can endure more stress than those with no inner-cord.


    • No Tie vs. Tie: There are shoelace kits which can help eliminate tying altogether (a.k.a.  No Tie Shoelace Systems). These systems can be a great idea for children, or even for those who don’t want to tie their shoelaces, anymore. They are widely popular in a fashion sense, as well.



There are shoelaces with a one-size fit all design to them. Others may have a lot of choices to help the consumer gain a closer approximation to their needs. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to measure your old shoelaces from end-to-end before making a purchase.

  • Pre-Measure Method: Remove your old shoelaces completely. From end-to-end measure the distance. If your shoelaces were too long, subtract that amount of length, accordingly. If, however, your shoelaces were too short, add the missing amount, accordingly. This is the length you will need when ordering your new shoelaces.


  • Eyelet Method: Maybe, you do not have a pair of shoelaces in your footwear at all. Do not worry. There is still a way to find out the length of shoelaces you will need. By counting the eyelets in your footwear, you can gain a close approximation to the length of shoelaces you need to order. Other factors to consider is the distance between eyelets and the size of the footwear. Please be mindful this method is only an approximation. Below is listed the eyelet method for dress shoes, athletic shoes, hiking boots, and work boots.

Dress Shoes (Eyelet Method):

Hole Pairs (Eyelet Hole Pairs ) Single Shoelace Length 
1 – 2 21 Inches
2 – 3 24 Inches
3 27 Inches
3 – 4 30 Inches
4 – 5 36 Inches
5 40 Inches
5 – 6 45 Inches
6 – 7 54 Inches
7 – 8 63 Inches
8 – 9 72 Inches
9 – 10 84 Inches

Athletic Shoes, Hiking Boots, & Work Boots (Eyelet Method):

 Hole Pairs (Eyelet Hole Pairs) Single Shoelace Length 
2 – 3 27 Inches
3 – 4 30 Inches
4 – 5 36 Inches
5 – 6 40 Inches
5 – 6 45 Inches
6 – 7 54 Inches
7 – 8 60 to 63 Inches
8 – 9 72 Inches
9 – 10 81 to 90 Inches
10 – 11 100 to 108 Inches
11 – 12 120 Inches
12 & up 160 Inches
  • Strength: Strength is achieved from the structuring; as well as, the material makeup of the shoelaces. Kevlar-based shoelaces will be much stronger than cotton shoelaces. Also, cotton shoelaces with parachute cording in the middle (wrapped with either weave or braid pattern outer layer) will be stronger than cotton shoelaces without inner-cording.


  • Types: There are various types of shoelaces. There are nylon, cotton, leather, polyester, kevlar, hemp, mixes of the former, and synthetic mixes. Nylon will not be stretchy, but cotton will. Nylon has a sticky factor; as such, nylon is likely to remain tied. Flat leather, not so much.


  • Weave or Braid: Each pattern can result in a different shape. A braided pair of shoelaces is likely to result in a round shape (rope-like). Weaving is used to retaining the flatter shape.

asics best shoelaces

Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: How do I measure to get the right length before making a purchase?
A: Remove the old shoelaces and measure from end-to-end. Add or subtract as necessary to calculate your length. If the shoelaces are too long, subtract. If they are too short, add. Keep in mind a little extra length will give you wiggle room. Laces that are too short can be difficult to tie, however too long can become annoying and even a trip hazard.

Q: What is an aglet?
A: An aglet is the hard part at the end of a shoelace. Metal aglets are the sturdiest. When an aglet is removed, the shoelace will sometimes begin fraying. They also use plastic and other materials to cover the end of a shoelace to keep it from fraying.

Q: Is round better than flat for shoelaces?
A: One is not better than the other. The answer to this question resides in the type of footwear the shoelaces will be placed in. For boots, round shoelaces are the norm. For sneakers, flat shoelaces are the norm. There is even a third shape, oval. Flat shoelaces can become twisted; whereas, round shoelaces do not. Dependent on the material type, round shoelaces can loosen around the foot over time. Flat shoelaces tend to not do this. The oval shoelace is a cross-breed between the two. It does not, however, imply that it takes the best of both worlds to make a super shoelace.

Q: What is the difference between wax and non-wax shoelaces, and what is wax for?
A: Wax shoelaces provide less friction in the eyelets than non-wax varieties. The benefit to this is longevity with the shoelace. The downside is there can be times when the shoelace might experience slippage in the knot and/or around the foot area. Also, waxed shoelaces can become ‘greasy’ over time.

Q: Why do my shoelaces become untied?
A: Shoelace tie failure occurs during the walking motion. It is the combination of the impact of the shoe against a surface, the swinging motion (foot leaving the surface and swinging forward), and the placement back down upon the surface (Christopher, D; Gregg, C; O’Reilly, O.). The type of knot, also, plays an important part. There is a strong versus weak version of the bow tie knot. The square knot is much stronger than the granny knot.

Q: How do I ensure I have the right type of knot when I tie my shoes?
A: The square knot is the correct version of the bow tie knot. Once you have tied your shoes, examine how the knot lays upon your foot. If it lays perpendicular in its natural form, you have the square knot version. This is the correct version of the bow tie knot. If the knot, however, lays down parallel to your foot it is the weaker version (granny knot). To correct this, simply reverse the final wrap around when you tie your shoes. Muscle memory may make this reverse looping feel a bit off, but over time it will begin to feel as though you have been doing it your whole life. Furthermore, your shoes will remain tied much longer than before.

Q: Are there other ways to lace or tie my shoes?
A: Yes, there are. Dependent on the number of eyelets available, the various ways to tie shoelaces and/or thread them through the eyelets can jump astronomically. Different does not necessarily mean better, or safer. For intense and/or extreme working environments, consult with an athletic trainer or equipment manager before changing the way you lace up your shoes. This will help determine the safest possible lacing for you. Some lacing patterns are strictly visual and may not meet the requirements for footwear safety.

Q: Is there a way I can clean my shoelaces efficiently?
A: Yes, absolutely!

  • Method 1 – Machine wash (non-leather)
  1. Remove shoelaces from footwear.
  2. Place in a washing machine set to gentle cycle; separate from any other clothing and/or items.
  3. Let hang dry.
  • Method 2 – Hand wash (non-leather)
  1. Get two plastic containers (cup-size) with lids. Fill one with cold water and one teaspoon of detergent. Place shoelaces in the container, close lid, shake and let stand for five to ten minutes.
  2. While your shoelaces are soaking, place warm water in the second container. This will be your rinse cup.
  3. After soaking is complete, pull out your shoelaces and lay them flat on a hard surface. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub them clean (both sides). Be careful around aglet areas.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 3 as necessary.
  5. Place shoelaces in the second container. Put the lid on and remove all detergent by shaking vigorously. You may need to pour out the old water and refill with fresh water several times.
  6. Pinch and hang dry. This is achieved by pinching at the location underneath the aglet (not on the aglet). Move down the length of the shoelace and stop prior to the next aglet. This is to ensure no accidental removal of an aglet can occur. Finally, let hang dry.
  • Leather and leather-based shoelaces.
  1. There are different treatments with leather-based shoelaces from the manufacturer; as such, due to the risk of dry-rotting, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.


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