Best Shoes for Disney World Reviewed

Some people spend years planning a Disney World vacation. It is after all dubbed the “Happiest Place on Earth”. However, not protecting your feet while spending time at Disney World is a terrible mistake. The span of Disney World is 40 square miles, or about the same footprint as San Francisco. Of course, you want your money’s worth so you will try to see and do as much as possible. Well count on logging a lot of miles walked and your feet will feel the wrath. Even for an experienced Disney lover, the sheer amount of steps is sometimes mind-boggling.

Last Updated: March 21, 2018
By Tenby Lloyd:

Disney World is a fun adventure but the shoes you wear while there are super important. The list we have devised in the buyers guide below contain the top ten best shoes for Disney World. We reviewed and scored each shoe on stringent criteria. The list of the criteria we evaluated each shoe for is included below in the buyers guide. We also included a list of questions that are frequently asked regarding which shoes are the best to wear for Disney World. Our list is current and up to date.

Featured Recommendations

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop
  • Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stretch Fabric Straps
  • Padded Yoga-Mat Footbed
  • Price: See Here
Crocs Classic Clog
  • Crocs Classic Clog
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Perforated Clog
  • Lightweight Rubber
  • Price: See Here
Grasshoppers Windham
  • Grasshoppers Windham
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Removable Footbed
  • Fabric Material
  • Price: See Here

Take the steps necessary to plan for proper shoes and prevent the headache that can result from ill-fitting shoes. Not protecting your feet can cause blisters, tired legs, overall fatigue, plantar fasciitis, and other problems that can last days and weeks once your vacation is long gone.



10 Best Shoes for Disney World



1. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2

Your feet will thank you the moment you slip them into this super comfortable and amazingly supportive shoe. The Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 is made of a yoga mat for the footbed and a soft cloth for the straps that are incredibly comfortable against the skin. Easy cleaning by placing them in the washing machine. The shoe adapts to your foot for a cloud-like support.
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Yoga mat footbed
Unbelievably comfortable and soft, the footbed of the shoe is made from the same material as yoga mats. It helps to relieve stress on the feet and joints by absorbing the energy before it goes through your feet. Nice spring back and supportive feel.

Cloth straps
Making the straps out of a soft cloth material allows the feet and ankles to not be chaffed by a strap that could agitate the skin, such as vinyl. The straps have a bit of give to them so if your feet swell, the straps will stretch without feeling tight.

Cost and value
At an almost unbeatable price and one of the lowest in the category, these shoes are a must purchase item for everyone. The shoes will last a long time so buyers should feel confident in their purchase of these shoes.
  • Machine washable
  • Fabric wrapped toe insert
  • Padded footbed
  • Cloth straps
  • Odor resistant
  • Runs narrow
  • Toe piece pull out of footbed easily

2. Crocs Classic Clog

The Classic Clog by Crocs is a great shoe that offers a roomy interior with a massaging footbed. The shoes are lightweight and offer many ventilation holes to keep the feet cool. They can also help to drain water away and the shoe dries quickly. The Crocs Clog style is odor resistant and buoyant in the water meaning they float to the top of the water.
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Heel strap
Sometimes shoes that are clog style offer no support on the heel and your feet move around. The Croc Clog has a heel strap that helps securely hold the foot into place.

Croslite foam
Patented foam design by Crocs is lightweight and durable. It feels great and supportive underfoot while being easy to clean and fast drying. It feels like walking on air and provides all-day support.

Cost and value
Crocs make a very affordable product with their Classic Clog. It is definitely in the low range of most of the shoes in this category. Crocs makes a dependable product that will last for a long time. Be confident in your purchase.
  • Easy to clean
  • Ventilated pod holes
  • Massaging insole
  • Spacious interior
  • Not good for narrow feet

3. Skechers Go Walk 2

Skechers has always made quality products that look great and are very comfortable. The Go Walk 2 Slip-On is lightweight and breathable so perfect for all day long wear. Your feet are strongly supported with the Resalyte midsole that reinforces the shaft and arch support. These shoes will be great for preventing leg and foot fatigue. The shoes also dry fast as the upper is made of mesh.
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This feature will prevent the shoe from retaining odors and growing bacteria. That will help keep your feet protected against germs and harmful bacteria such as athlete's feet. The quick-dry antimicrobial insole means no time for moisture to stay trapped against the foot.

Socklike comfort
You will feel like you aren't even wearing a shoe when you wear these Skechers. The shoes are so soft and lightweight you will think you have only socks on. These shoes can be worn with or without socks for personal choice comfort.

Cost and value
The shoes place in the midrange of pricing compared to other shoes in the category. Skechers for years has built a name that is known for dependable and comfortable shoes. The shoes you purchase will be made to last so you can feel confident in the price you are paying.
  • Ortholite footbed for support
  • Odor resistant lining
  • High-traction sole
  • Flexible fabric material
  • Stitching frays easily
  • Tight across foot

4. ASICS Gel Nimbus 18

4. ASICS Gel Nimbus 18
Asics are legendary for a supportive and comfortable walking shoe. The Gel Nimbus ranks high for both characteristics as well as for being durable. The shoe gives a responsive and flexible step each time thanks to a FluidRide midsole that quickly absorbs impact and helps the feet from feeling the fatigue. This shoe will be perfect for walking the many miles at Disney World with its mesh upper. It will help your feet stay dry and comfortable.
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Gel cushioning system
Two strategic placements of a gel cushioning system in the rearfoot and forefoot mean this shoe is made to take the impacts. Those gel spots will absorb the force from your steps and prevent the energy from going into your legs, keeping your feet comfortable all day.

Reinforced arch
The arch of the foot must be properly supported in order for the whole foot and step process to be correct. If the arch is not supported correctly, over time the bones of the arch can break down and eventually collapse causing long-term problems. The arch of this shoe is reinforced in the midsole and shaft to ensure your arch is cradled nicely.

Cost and value
While the Asics Nimbus is higher priced than some other shoes, it is a versatile shoe that can be worn every day thus giving buyers more value for their purchase. These shoes will outlast your week at Disney and many miles after that.
  • Rubber sole
  • Reinforced arch support system
  • Forefront and rearfront gel cushion
  • Mesh upper
  • Small toe box
  • More narrow than previous versions

5. Grasshoppers Windham

5. Grasshoppers Windham
A stylish and lightweight alternative to a walking shoe for Disney World. The Grasshoppers Windham is a soft and flexible slip-on that is made of canvas. It provides ultimate breathability and coolness to the shoe. The inner sole is very padded and gives a responsive cushioning to the foot. A nice tread on the sole means you don't have to worry about slipping as they are similar to boat shoes with their traction.
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Moisture wicking
A shoe that promises to whisk away excess moisture is top notch. It will help the foot feel dry even if you are sweating. It also dries fast should the shoe get wet from the outside. This also helps cut down on the chance of bacteria growing inside the shoe.

Padded collar
Sometimes shoes that are canvas have the tendency to cut into the ankles. These are heavily padded around the collar and the tongue to prevent this from happening as well as it adds more support to the ankle and across the arch of the foot.

Cost and value
These shoes are an excellent value and at the lower end of the price range. They are also highly reviewed for comfort and durability. Buyers can be happy with their purchase as the shoes were made to last a long time while looking good and supporting the foot.
  • Elastic pieces at tongue for stretch
  • Canvas fabric upper
  • Quick drying
  • Strong traction sole 
  • Fabric could rip easily
  • Runs narrow

6. Skechers Go Walk Pizazz

6. Skechers Go Walk Pizazz
Skechers has put athletic walking flip-flops on the map with these shoes. They are so soft and comfortable while being responsive and cushioning. The flip-flops are lightweight and dry quickly should they get wet. They are good for walking long distances and on wet floors. They are made with a strong midsole that cradles the foot and absorbs the impacts from walking.
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Rubber sole
This is not a big deal for walking shoes, however, the entire sole is made of rubber. That means great cushioning as well as quick drying. The rubber is also easy to clean so you can keep your shoes looking new for longer.

High traction sole area
The soles of the shoe are made with multidirectional facets that help keep your foot stabilized no matter what surface you are walking on. Feel confident in your steps if around water and preventing accidental falls and injury due to slipping on the floor.

Cost and value
The Skechers Go Walk Flip-Flops are a great value for the price. The shoes are in the middle of the price range but still within a budget that almost anyone can afford. The shoes were made to last a long time so the price shouldn't' be a concern; you will get the wear out of them as they are good for everyday wear also.
  • Washable
  • Fabric comfort strap
  • Resalyte foam construction
  • Odor resistant sole
  • Flexible GO-pillars
  • Runs small
  • Fabric strap frays easily

7. Brooks Glycerin 14

7. Brooks Glycerin 14
Brooks has been a top shoe company for decades because they make quality products that last. Also, their shoes are super comfortable and support the feet in the correct ways without being too rigid and unwearable. The Brooks Glycerin 14 is a popular update to previous versions. These shoes have an update midsole design and a more comfortable cushioned sole to help protect feet from absorbing negative energy from impact.
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Interior hidden cage
A built-in flexible cage helps keep the foot in proper position to promote optimal step health and prevent overpronation. The shoe is still highly flexible but the cage helps feet feel secure.

Plush transition zone
The shoe has an extra supportive and cushioned response zone. That means the shoe takes the impact of each step and transitions the energy throughout the sole of the shoe instead of the energy going into the legs for the body and joints to absorb.

Cost and value
Brooks shoes are not at the low end of the price range as they have a loyal brand following. However, their products are high-quality and you can feel confident that the shoes you purchase will last for many years. The shoes will also be great for support and keeping your feet comfortable.
  • Mesh upper
  • Reinforced sole for arch support
  • 3D fit overlays for structure and support
  • Blown rubber sole
  • Glue comes apart at sole easily
  • Traction is very rigid

8. Saucony Triumph ISO

8. Saucony Triumph ISO
Saucony is a brand that has been built with decades of great products and dependable trust. This shoe is highly reviewed for comfort and support, two things you will definitely need while walking around Disney World. The shoes have improved support zones and reinforcements in the correct part of the midsole to provide stability and a soft step every time. This shoe is highly absorbent of the energy expended with each step to keep it from jarring your ankles and knees.
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Tri-flex outsole
When looking for a flexible walking shoe, look no further than this shoe with its multizone flex system that ensures the shoe moves with the foot instead of just moving the foot.

Heel landing zone
To ensure proper step and roll through which prevents fatigue and injury to the joints, the EverRun landing zone has been constructed in the heel. It helps the heel land correctly every time thus ensuring a smooth step and walk. It is made for the distance.

Cost and value
The Saucony Triumph is at the highest range of prices. More importantly, the shoe will last a long time though. Saucony shoes have always been made with the highest standards and their products are dependable and comfortable.
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Socklike fit for comfort
  • PWRGRID+ cushioning
  • Rubber sole
  • Narrow toe box
  • Mesh rips easily on upper

9. Mizuno Wave Rider 18

9. Mizuno Wave Rider 18
Mizuno makes high-quality shoes. They are hand-crafted and built to tough standards. They are known to last for very long periods of time. This shoe, in particular, has a molded foam insole for high comfort and support as well as a strong shaft that runs through the shoe. This helps support the arch and metatarsals of the foot. Finally, this shoe is ultra lightweight for a barely there feeling.
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Not many shoes are manmade in this day of technology and machinery. These shoes stand for a higher degree of quality because they are manmade. The shoes go through rigorous testing to make sure they meet the standards set forth by Mizuno.

Mesh upper
For a highly breathable shoe that is going to keep feet cool and dry quickly look no further than the Mizuno Wave Rider. The shoe has great airflow which helps feet to stay dry even if sweating.

Cost and value
At the upper point and more expensive than most of the other shoes in the category the Wave Riders are still a great purchase as they make a wonderful everyday shoe. They will keep your feet comfortable at Disney World while walking but you can still wear them when you are home for exercise or just running errands. You will get a high value even if the cost is higher than some other shoes.
  • Manmade
  • Vegan
  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • Molded foam insole
  • Runs narrow at front 
  • Heel is too wide and not supportive

10. FitFlop Lulu

10. FitFlop Lulu
The FitFlop is a nicely engineered flip-flop where nothing is unnoticed. The lining of the strap is leather for a soft feel against the skin. The sole is a sturdy slip-resistant rubber that is also easy to clean. The shoe itself has been shown to promote optimal foot health by getting the APMA Seal of Acceptance. The midsole has an anti-wobble technology to make anyone that wears the FitFlop feel secure while walking.
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Arch contour
The seamless integration of the arch contour means the footbed of the shoe is going to cradle the foot and support the arch. Proper arch support is a must for overall good foot health and to prevent the arch from collapsing.

Slip-resistant outsole
Some people worry about flip-flops as being slick. However, FitFlops are designed with that in mind so they have a strong slip-resistant tractioned sole that helps prevent slips on wet surfaces or any other rough terrain.

Cost and value
The FitFlop comes in the middle of the price range. It will be a good investment because the shoe can be worn on many different occasions aside from just Disney World. The company is known for dependable and durable products that last. Buyers will get good quality products for the purchase.
  • Leather upper strap
  • Microwobbleboard midsole
  • Cleans easily since it's mostly rubber
  • Seamless reinforced arch support
  • Odor resistant
  • Toe piece can irritate the skin
  • No side foot or hell support


The list we compiled consisted of a wide variety of shoes so everyone can find a shoe to their personal liking. We included clogs, flip-flops, and athletic shoes to give a good assortment. Disney World is huge and you will be doing more walking and standing than you have ever done in your life at any given time. Pair that with the heat and the crowds and it can be a bit overwhelming. Make sure you are taking the precautions for the best fitting shoe as well as overall health while at Disney World. Take home good memories, not blisters and overly sore feet.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Shoes for Disney World


When faced with the daunting task of being on your feet all day and walking many miles a day, the biggest priority is finding a shoe with the highest comfort level possible. Many people that go to Disney World are not used to walking that far every day and it will wear your legs, feet, and entire body out. Picking a shoe that has a very padded sole and extra cushioning is at the top of the list of desires.

You would not wear high heels or cowboy boots to Disney World as your feet would hurt within minutes of setting out on your adventure for the day. Some people prefer to wear flip-flops versus athletic shoes and that is okay. Some people feel more uncomfortable in shoes that surround the feet instead of letting the foot spread where it may. Also, some people have feet that sweat in sneakers so they choose to wear something like Crocs instead. Whatever is going to make your feet the most comfortable is the shoe style that you should buy.  

If you aren’t used to wearing sneakers and go purchase a pair JUST to wear at Disney World that will be a mistake. First, your feet might retaliate and just not feel good. It would be expensive to have to purchase a matching pair of your beloved flip-flops that you left at home because everyone said wear sneakers. Secondly, purchasing any new pair of shoes the day before your journey starts won’t give the shoe adequate time to break in and get acclimated to your foot and your foot time to get acclimated to the new shoes, even if it is the same as a shoe you previously have purchased. Make sure to purchase shoes a few weeks in advance and give them time to see if they are comfortable on a daily basis before you plan to wear them for many miles a day during your vacation. Nothing will ruin a trip faster than blisters on your feet. You won’t be able to possibly even walk if you get blisters on your heel or toes the first day at the parks.        


Supportive shoes, no matter the style, are the second highest priority to find when researching shoes for Disney World. Certain individuals prefer to have flip-flops as opposed to sneakers. As long as the flip-flop has a very good sole and construction, it should be fine to wear flip-flops. Many brands of flip-flops through the years have observed consumers desire to have an everyday wearing flip-flop and have thoroughly redesigned them to not just be for the beach or pool.

Most flip-flops can be purchased in styles that have very thick, gel footbeds for support and comfort. Be careful to watch for blisters on the soles of your feet as sometimes the friction of the foot sliding around on the sole will cause them. Again, nothing ruins a vacation to Disney World more than if you cannot walk as a result of a blister forming on the foot. One other caution regarding flip-flops is water being trapped between the skin and the sole of the flip-flop, especially if going on one of the many water features and attractions Disney World has. This can cause athlete’s feet as well as blisters. Keep feet dry when not in a water area. Carry napkins in your pocket if you think getting to a bathroom is not going to be convenient to dry your feet at.    

Breathability/Heat Retention

Disney World is hot due to the location and the thousands of square feet of surface area that is concrete and asphalt, two massive heat conductors. Your feet will be standing on the pavement scrunched against thousands of people and their body heat. Your feet will get hot!! It is wise to find shoes that are made of a very breathable material such as mesh if you are looking for tennis shoes. Try to avoid leather as it usually not considered one of the breathable materials. However, leather will keep your feet drier than a mesh shoe, if you are trying to avoid being in wet tennis shoes from a water attraction. Don’t let flip-flops fool you because they are open and you think they will let all of the heat out. Sometimes, flip-flops because of the sole material, will be major heat retainers and they will burn your feet up.  Usually, ones made from certain foams will be ok for not trapping heat.


Traction is important when selecting a shoe for Disney World. You will find yourself walking on many different surfaces, some could have water on them and some might not. Bathrooms, carpeting, concrete, etc. all have different textures and falling while at the Happiest Place on Earth, won’t make you a happy camper. You could end up in the hospital with a broken body part.

Some of the rides will have water aspects. Having a shoe with at least some traction pattern will possibly prevent a fall and injury. You do not need a high traction as if you were going to be in the snow and ice but it is best to find a shoe with a tread design that will not make the sole of the shoe slick.  It is a good idea to test the shoe out on different surfaces and in different weather elements before going to Disney World. Make sure that you are confident in walking on slick floors and water before your trip.

Drying Capability

As mentioned before, there are many rides and water features at Disney World. Shoes that trap moisture can cause blisters. If you plan on visiting any of the rides or areas such as the overhead misters, make sure your shoes will not trap water. It will be very uncomfortable to walk around all day in soaking wet shoes. Materials that are lightweight and mesh will dry the fastest once wet. Leather might not get as wet as mesh but will be hotter on your feet overall. Flip-flops are a good option for drying fast, depending on the sole material. If the flip-flop is a high-density foam, which is great for arch support and comfort, but terrible once it gets wet. It could also make your shoes stick to the floor and could result in a fall so be careful if you are wearing a very padded flip-flop.


As mentioned numerous times, the material of a shoe is very important to whether it is suitable for Disney World or not. Leather is going to be supportive of the foot and ankles but will retain heat. It will not get as wet as other materials. Mesh, while a mid-range support shoe as mesh does have more flexibility, it will also be more breathable and keep your feet from feeling as hot.  However, once they are wet, they will take a bit to dry. Flip-flops are made from many varying materials such as memory foam, gel, plastic, vinyl etc. Further, they will possibly dry faster than other shoes unless the sole is an absorbent material and it holds the water like a sponge.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much walking will I be doing at Disney World?
A: It has been researched the average person could walk between 12 and 14 miles in one day at Disney World. Multiply that by the typical 5 to 7 days that a person visits Disney and that is a lot of steps. However, for a person that typically works a desk job and is not very physically active, Disney World is like a marathon. That is why very supportive shoes are highly recommended.

Q: How much standing will I be doing at Disney World?
A: Some of the ride lines at Disney World can be up to a three-hour wait. There are no chairs to sit in while waiting. Even if you are lucky to spot a bench or wall around the parks, they are prime real estate and get taken as quickly as the last person gets up. Plan on standing the majority of your day.

Q: How supportive of a shoe do I need for Disney World?
A: It is recommended to get very supportive shoes as your feet will take a workout while there.  It is not a bad idea to even purchase extra inserts for your shoes that have massaging properties.  That will really only work with sneakers though so if you plan to wear flip-flops get ones with gel or a squishy material that will absorb the stress the ground puts on your feet.

Q: What are the best shoes for Disney World in the winter?
A: Disney World in the winter will be a bit colder than other times of the year.  However, it is still going to not be snowing or really raining as December is the drier part of the year there. Any of our recommendations for shoes will be perfect as they all suit a varying degree of temperatures and weather conditions.

Q: What shoes are the best for Disney World in the summer?
A: Disney World in the summer will be very hot. You will want to select a shoe that is cool and breathable. You will probably get wet on the rides and the overhead misters so it is advisable to pick a shoe that will not hold water and dries quickly.

Q: How many pairs of shoes should I take to Disney World?
A: We recommend taking at least two pairs of shoes for a week-long trip to Disney World. This gives you a chance to rotate shoes day by day and should you not find a pair as comfortable, you will not be left without any other options for shoes. Also, if a pair gets wet at night you won’t have to put on damp shoes the very next early morning if they did not get dried overnight.

Q: I want to wear dress shoes one day for a character dinner and look like a princess.  Is this a good idea?
A: If you are bringing a backpack and can pack sneakers and a change of clothes that is a fine idea. However, we do not recommend you wear high heels or uncomfortable dress shoes if you cannot change out of them. Character dinners are very fun but it is not advisable to dress like a princess for the sake of your feet.

Q: Are flip-flop okay for shoes for Disney World?
A: Many people find flip-flops very comfortable for daily wear. Some of the shoes on our list are flip-flops. We do not recommend you purchase cheap dollar store flip-flops and expect your feet to hold up while there. You will not have good support. The shoes we have selected will provide the best support for the many miles you will be walking.

Q: Are sandals a good idea for Disney World?
A: As with any other shoe it is a personal preference. Sandals are a great idea for shoes to wear at Disney World as they can be supportive, breathable, and dry fast. However stay away from ones that are vinyl as they tend to make the feet hot. Also, if your feet sweat easily or swell easily, we advise you to pick simple designs and not ones with many straps.

Q: Should I buy leather tennis shoes for Disney World?
A: Leather is a good choice if you need a very firm and supportive shoe. Leather will not be as breathable as a mesh material but it will prevent your feet from getting soaked should you be near a water ride or cooling overhead mister. Leather has a tendency to make the feet hot so we recommend a good moisture-wicking sock.

Q: Will my shoes get wet at Disney World?
A: It depends on what you are looking for in terms of rides and attractions. There are most definitely rides that you will get wet on. Furthermore, there are overhead misters to keep you cool while walking around. If you do not want your feet to get wet simply avoid these rides.  However, the rain might be another factor to consider. Disney World, especially in the warmer months, is known for rain outbreaks.

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